Speculation Ranking the OT, PT, and ST

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    Someone else who thinks TPM is the best of the Prequels? I like it.
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    1. the complete Willow saga
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    I love how we are ranking movies that don't even exist on paper yet.

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    Exactly like I have it ranked, except I would reverse 5 and 6.

    It is hard to ever match the classics of Empire or Hope, but Sith was a noble attempt that got it right ( know some passionately disagree, but that is an opinion-based argument that is a little tired at this point; a lot of fans, critics, and show-biz people love it, others hate it, such is life). Hope was a wild advancement in a lot of things about movie making, which makes it untouchable in a way; I watched it when it came out, and there was just nothing else even close to being like it. Empire was a better movie overall though, as the dialogue and acting were improved, and the dark tale was more riveting.

    As far as the new movies, I think they will take on a different quality; special effects have come a long way since Sith, and there is a lot of great talent out there chomping at the bit to write/direct/act in a Star Wars movie. I'm sure some will be better than others, but I am optimistic.
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    Um, yeah...kinda hard to rank them without any information given about the ST.

    As of right now, the OT will always be the best. I will say this, however - if they get the Big Three back in some capacity, the ST will be ahead of the PT, no questions asked.
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    how am I supposed to rank three movies that aren't released yet?
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    Well, since we seem to be ranking the movies now, here's my list:

    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Revenge of the Sith
    3. Star Wars A New Hope
    4. Attack of the Clones
    5. The Phantom Menace
    6. Return of the Jedi
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    Your comprehension skillz just got Snookie'd:
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    That's why you don't go to a bar without Ben Kenobi.
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    It is hard to say at this point....however, the OT definitely outranks the PT. The hardcore fan in me is definitely hoping that the ST restores the former glory of Star Wars as a franchise. So in essence, I would love to see the ST at least rival or equal the OT. Although, in the end the OT will always be first for me due to the wonder that I associated with those films when I first saw them at the age of 3.