TOR rare lightsaber color crystals

Discussion in 'Games' started by QuiWanKenJin, Jan 2, 2012.

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    The official forums are overun with traffic and not user friendly, so I decided to move my queries here. Query: according to Darth Hater there are rare lightsaber color crystals in Tor like there were in Kotor, his sites list colors like cyan, viridian, silver, among others including black crystals. Since Tor, like Kotor 2 is a random loot system, would anyone know where to look for crystals like these? I was thinking Ilum, but according to what I read Ilum crystals are exclusivly green and blue. Anyone know? [face_praying]
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    A lot of the rare color crystals are either world boss drops(White/silver-need confirm on silver, white is confirmed), or end-game hard mode flashpoint/raid drops as schematics for an artificier(Magenta, Cyan).

    Also, check out the in-game lvl 50 Vendors(PvP and otherwise). Most of the lvl 50 weapons come with rare crystals, such as the Black/Blue.

    Do not have a list of what's where on me though.
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    Alderaan World Boss I believe is the white crystal. I expect I'll be playing that guy an awful lot to get it.
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