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V.C, CA Re: Honoring Chanel on her Bday

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by GentleBant, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. GentleBant

    GentleBant Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 21, 1999
    I know several people here met her or may have an interest in this, so with permission to cut and paste this from the FF Admin board, here goes:

    "Greetings CRs and Admins of Fan Force,
    As you all know by now, SF Fan Force lost someone very special October 25th, 2003. Slowly but surely we at SF Fan Force are recovering from that lost as I'm sure a lot of you still are as well. Chanel Vanecek was the first CR of the SF Fan Force that I now represent in this forum. She loved the Star Wars community and I know this community loved her in return. She was apart of nearly every SW club in California and even participated in Fan Forces that were out of the range of even the hardest of the hardcore SW fan, which shows how dedicated she was. In the end she united all of us in a way never thought possible.

    Next month would have been Chanel's 24th birthday come February 7th. Her mother Eva had told us that Chanel had mentioned to her that if she were to pass, that she would have wanted her friends and family to have celebrate her life and not mourn her death. As Chanel was a close friend to so many of us here we intend to honor this the best way possible.

    As the Representative of SF Fan Fan Force I now formally invite the CRs of all the Fan Forces of California and beyond to a birthday celebration for Chanel on Feb. 7th, @5pm in SF (actual venue to be determined by the end of this weekend). This will be a informal dinner as well as a discussion for what we believe will be the biggest SW event/gathering of SW fandom since C2 during an evening of WonderCon weekend (April 30th-May 2nd).

    We intend to make this a SW Unity Celebration in Chanel's honor for the community that she loved, and in a sense, even gave her life for. For we were also her spirit to continue, to be active, and live to the fullest each day. Nothing made her most happy than being with the people she could share Star Wars with, and more so nothing made her more proud to see people come together in the love and spirit that is the Force that is Star Wars. More over now, the Unifying Force that has brought us all a bit closer together as of late, is Chanel.

    So please let us know if you or other representatives of your respective Fan Forces can come to this birthday celebration. For those can not come to this birthday celebration but wish to know about the SW Unity Celebration during WonderCon weekend please let me know and I shall keep you all posted for further developments... Thank you all for your time. I will post more details soon!"[/blockquote]

    (Originally posted by the SFFF CR, Jedi_Tenken)

    If you have comments or would like me to convey anything, please let me know.
  2. Keiran_Horn

    Keiran_Horn Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 9, 2002
    YES! I was going to bring this over from the SFFF boards myself, but I didn't know if it would be overstepping my bounds, as it were...

    So, obviously, I want to go, so I will be working on getting travel and hotel quotes, get back in the groove of the CC thingy again. :)
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