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RE: November Parades in Waukesha County...

Discussion in 'Milwaukee, WI' started by swtrilogy, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. swtrilogy

    swtrilogy Jedi Youngling

    Aug 3, 2005
    You spent the money, took the time and made the costume, now here is your chance to get out and wear it.


    Here is the info on the up coming parades in Waukesha County.

    City of Waukesha is on November 20th at 4pm with a line up time of 3pm. After FilmCon.

    Menomonee Falls is on November 27th at 4pm with a line up time of 3pm.

    I am having people over to my house (in Waukesha) this Friday @7:30 to meet and to start working on ideas for the float. I have some ideas but would love to hear any suggestions people have. Saturday is also an option during the day and I am open to the time as long as I know you are coming.

    *I will also be attending the Book Club Meeting at Leslie?s on the 16th!!!

    Please PM or just email me at with questions or for directions to my house.

    So far I have gotten the use of a flat bed tow truck to put the float on. I also have our local droid builder from Celebration 2 & 3 on board. He is planning on bringing his Episode 1 C-3PO and R2 units as well as a Yoda. A friend of mine is donating his generator for the parades as I would love to play Star Wars Music and possibly incorporate some lights into the float. I also have some wood we can use.

    We still need a simple but loud sound system to play a CD on. The theme for the Waukesha Parade is Christmas or Story Book. I was thinking it would look great if we put together two very large books. The first one would be the Story of Star Wars The Phantom Menace with the Droid builders R2 & 3PO on the inside (or cover) and the other one the Story of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back with his Yoda on Dagobah. I want to incorporate dry ice for this one to give it that smokey eerie look. I also would like to do a very small section of Death Star Walls to help hide the music system.

    May the Force be with You!!!

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