Star Wars Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story

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    Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story.

    Game Summary

    This is a RPG based on an elite fighter squadron carrying out missions for the Sith Empire. Players will be playing fighter pilots and support personnel based out of a Sith Fighter Carrier within the universe of the Sith Trials RPG.

    Galaxy summary
    In a tumultuous galaxy with the Empire of the Hand veiled in secrecy moving to secure its foothold and continue its influence on the System of Zakuul. Along with the presently scattered but still ever present Imperial Remnant, lingering Alliance, and emerging First Order forces seeking to carve up to galaxy further in their own influence. These grandiose visions of Admirals, Senators, Emperors, and Lords and Ladies dominates the starscape. Moving to shape the galaxy, history, and even the fabrics of time in their vision. Such endeavors needing resources, personnel, and information.

    Victories are needed. So, others are tasked…

    Called upon to carry out the missions. Build the empires and turn the cogs that need be turned. All the while the under currents of the galaxy through new expansion and discovered systems, isolated cultures, pirates, cults, crime syndicates, and all manner of factions are ever present.

    As such, do the actions of an individual in a sea of storms affect the course of things?

    Just as a ripple spreads out when a single pebble is dropped in the water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects.


    The expanse of the galaxy offers an adventure like no other, while they build their temples and empires. We will live, fight, and throttle the brightest stars, so that we may gaze upon them in our final moments of glorious joy. Knowing we are the stars. We are the pulse of existence.

    Those at the halter of our reins have forgotten…

    We live on the wings of our own course.
    They have forgotten the feeling of the wind in their hair…
    The taste of a lover’s lips…
    A toast among friends.
    The embrace of brothers and sisters in ARMS.
    We will live where they do not. On the edge. On the wings of our own salvation.

    Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.
    — Neil Armstrong

    The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing, and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? — it is the same the angels breathe.
    - Mark Twain
    Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things. Knows not the livid loneliness of fear… Nor mountain heights, where bitter joy can hear the sound of wings.
    — Amelia Earhart
    Take possession of the air, submit the elements, penetrate the last redoubts of nature, make space retreat, make death retreat.
    — Romain Rolland
    Why always staring into the light?
    If I don't hide inside the darkness….. You'll be compromised…
    But sometimes….
    You will fly with me again… without falling, without falling.
    ….Sometimes. You will find me there again… without mourning, without mourning.
    Sometimes. You will fly with me again… without falling, without falling.
    - Lacuna Coil


    How to Join
    See the LINK for the resource thread below, create a character sheet using the template found within the Resource Thread, and PM it to QueenSabe7 and dragonsith13 for approval. We will discuss entry ranks and integration into story lines as necessary.

    Character Deaths
    Choices in game to have consequences, whether positive or negative is determined by how you write and play the game. In the event, that you have put yourself in a position that where death seems inevitable, discussion with the GMs may be initiated for explanation. While we want to foster a good enjoyable game for all, the reality is that of you make poor choices you will suffer the consequences. We hope this is the exception and not the rule, but the possibility of death for characters is ever present and should be a good reminder of good player writing and practices. Player may find themselves severely injured or out of action while recovering as necessary as alternatives.

    Game Notes

    The Resource Thread has a wealth of game knowledge including notes on character sheets and creation, as well as NPC info and game settings. If something is not covered in the Resource Threads, please PM the GMs for further info.

    Game Rules

    1. All posts must be TOS-friendly.

    2. While characters are held within the ranks of the overall Sith Empire, rank in the Empire nor rank in the game is not directly related to the game and visa versa. Confused? Essentially your rank in either has no bearing in either the game or the Empire.

    3. The GM team reserves the right to alter or disregard any post and/or remove any player or character from the game due to godmoding, disobeying instructions, or behavioral concerns. If you feel the need for speed! You better be a darn good writer.

    4. Still reading? Ok HOT SHOT! The GM team retains final decision on all story-related decisions for all characters within the framework of the game. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour an 8-inch square pan. In a large saucepan, melt 1/2 cup butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs, and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat in 1/3 cup cocoa, 1/2 cup flour, salt, and baking powder. Spread batter into prepared pan. Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not overcook. To Make Frosting: Combine 3 tablespoons softened butter, 3 tablespoons cocoa, honey, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1 cup confectioners' sugar. Stir until smooth. Frost brownies while they are still warm. By submitting a character sheet you agree that the GMs may resolve your character's story any way they see fit - but the GMs make no claim to the character as intellectual property and claim no exclusivity in the character's use with regards to other games. Blood samples will be required as necessary upon request.

    5. The main objectives are to have fun, and to tell a compelling story. This game is not a competition, save with ourselves. Be courteous to your fellow players and mindful of their experience. And oh yes… don’t get killed.

    6. Challenge yourself to improve. The GM team is here as a resource - consult on anything you're unsure about and ask as many questions as you need to. Take note of the good and bad habits of other players. Don’t pick your nose! OR stare at people. Its rude…

    7. When creating a character. Do not be stupid and create Baron Fel or Wedge Antilles... be original! Show us your creative mind and show us something new and a dynamic we haven’t seen. Most importantly draw ideas from all over the SCI-FI landscape. Remember that this RPG takes place within the Universe and context of the New Sith Trials, however it is not directly bound nor does it affect the NST directly. There may be potential crossovers in the future, but we are operating independently. So feel free to draw on many influences and be creative when creating your character and writing.

    8. Players may play more than one character during the RPG if approved by the GAMEMASTERS, the normal Character approval process stands for such.
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    Forward into the unknown...

    We are so happy you have joined us, you will see our opening post below with two arcs for the various characters that have joined. Please PM either Queensabe7 or myself (dragonsith13) if you have any questions at all! You will notice I have attached callsigns and Flight designations to dialogue as a bit of a marker. I am hoping this or something similar can help to clearly designate what I know is going to be a lot of communication heavy role-playing. I will designate some ‘ooc:’ remarks as we get up to speed

    Example being … ‘Come right’ (Bogel-Two)

    ‘Dialogue’ (Callsign- number in squadron)

    I will designate some ‘ooc:’ remarks as we get up to speed, again if you have questions feel free to PM the GMs. Have fun enjoy and we are always open to suggestions and criticism!

    ~Good hunting Reapers.


    Fero’s Song ~ Outer Rim
    Captain’s Quarters ~ 1145 GST

    The armed guard at the door of the Captain’s Quarters snapped to attention, toggling his communicator and opening a channel. “Captain. Commander Varden is here to see you.”

    “Send him in.” (Captain)

    “Yes sir.” The guard toggled the door which promptly opened, saluting the commander as he walked past him.

    The Captain’s quarters was among some of the nicer of the Fero’s Song, aside from the diplomatic suite which at the request of the Admirals’ was to be maintained in the highest manner. The area was currently dimly lit, with a case of model ships offset on one of the walls. A neatly made bed and a desk in the foreground facing the cabin’s door, which CAG now came through. Captain Gael Petrasona was seated at the desk, a holographic projection upon a table that seemed to be playing out a fleet simulation.

    “You wanted to see me sir?” (CAG-Lead) CAG came in front of the desk at attention; chest forward, head up, eyes focused straight ahead, arms down at his sides.

    ‘Yes Commander. At-ease.” (Captain) The Captain took a pull from a cigar in his mouth and set it in a black ash tray. CAG took an at-ease position, looking down at the Captain seated before him.

    “I am sorry to do this to you CAG, but I need your group spun up ASAP for another hop.”

    “Of course sir, it’s what we do. Sir,” CAG replied with a confident and stern voice addressing his superior officer, his Captain whom he respected i the utmost. Despite being tired, fatigued, as he would not show it. CAG knew his group was worn, but as he said… it was what they were here to do.

    “That’s why it’s your group CAG,” (Captain) the Captain responded confidently, exuding his confidence in CAG’s abilities as well as his squadron’s.

    There was a pause as the Captain put down the datapad he had been looking over.

    “I cannot emphasize enough the delicate nature of this hop Commander. For not only the mission, but also for… you.”

    CAG spoke inquisitively regarding the Captain’s last statement.

    “Commander, your squadron took a beating during the Cloudflare Operation, including the Sydownian pursuit fleet. You pissed off the Von Sydow Royal Family, and the King was executed the next day.”

    “We accomplished the mission sir,” CAG stated plainly, remaining respectful but clearly slightly angered by the news as the Captain continued.

    “Commander Tor’s squadron took a fraction of the casualties in pilots and craft that your squadron did.” The Captain brought up the facts of the mission, knowing that CAG would not appreciate the summary put forth. The summary that he had to report on to his CAG.

    “With all due respect Captain. Commander Tor was playing clean up after the battle was won.” CAG spoke with anger, his voice raised as much as it could without showing disrespect to his Captain.

    “DAMMIT SHALE!” The Captain shouted, pounding his fist slightly on the desk. “I know!” The Captain exhaled, regaining his own composure. He clearly took issue and showed his frustration in agreeance with the Commander but this was his job. This was his ship.

    “If it weren’t for you half of those freighters filled with supplies and artifacts would not be flying to New Moraband.” The Captain paused, straightening back up in his chair, regaining a more stern and direct commanding tone. “Hell this ship wouldn’t be here were it not for your squadron and you.”

    The Captain grabbed his cigar, taking a long puff of it.

    “But that’s not how the higher-ups see it.”

    He leaned over placing the cigar back down in the onyx tray before continuing.

    “Commander Tor is breathing down my neck! Technically you are his superior CAG, but you know he has the support of the Vice Admiral and you know who also!” The Captain spoke of the last individual in a darker, mysterious tone and CAG knew exactly whom the Captain was referring to.

    “I can only hold the hounds back for so long, Shale.” The Captain was sympathetic to his best leader and most trusted crew member. “Get your pilots together. Brief them and get the flight done.” The Captain’s words were direct and now sternly serious, imparting that there was nothing more to discuss.

    The mission and situation was as it was.

    CAG’s expression was bordering on fuming as the Commander kept his composure but his anger was clearly evident. There was a slight twitch in his neck as he stared at the Captain.

    Gael Petrasona returned his gaze to his datapad for a second, his eyes rising slightly to stare at the Commander, clearly noting the Commander’s distaste for the whole situation.

    “Is there a problem, Commander?” (Captain)

    “No Sir.” (CAG-Lead) CAG snapped to attention as he responded to the Captain’s inquiry.

    “Get it done.” The Captain came up fully from his datapad, reiterating the point.

    “Dismissed, Commander.”

    “Yes SIR.” CAG sounded off before stepping back and pivoting away in form, exiting the Captain’s quarters.


    Fero’s Song ~ Main hangar 1
    Port Launch ~ 1737 GST

    “I purchased that bottle four days ago and have not had a nip of it Commander…” (Joker-Two) Joker sounded despondent as he walked in step with CAG, down one of the main launch and recovery gangways. Rows of TIE fighters hung ready for launch as flight crews disconnected fueling hoses and made final pre-flight ground checks. CAG could understand his second-in-command’s frustration; they were used to doubles, triples and even more when required. As the Captain had said, it was why they were chosen. Despite such, it still never took the sting away from the long shifts followed by turnaround flights. A nearby TIE Defender was being lifted back into its cradle as its pilot exited and was making his way down the gangway as well. Tor.

    CAG, Joker, and Tor all caught sight of each other at the same time as the latter removed his helmet, his glowing eyes meeting CAG’s. “Commander, Sir. Good hunting... Sir.” Commander Tor’s tone was goading yet reserved, combining with his already menacingly raspy alien voice. Indicative of the chiding and disdainful rivalry between the two. CAG followed up with a simple acknowledgement of the squadron leader with a “Commander” of his own addressed at Tor, whom they passed on the way to their ships.

    Edge of the Unknown Regions ~
    Surveyed system: Delta 65a-45791
    Present time 1938 GST

    The system’s sun peered around the edges of the planet, casting its light on it and a nearby moon in orbit. Flight lead CAG sat in the cockpit of a modified TIE Interceptor, the standard bearer for their squadron. With increased power generators, giving better performance and speed than the standard. Along with strengthened shields and dual missile launchers, their current load out of concussion missiles, 4 total, and the standard quad laser configuration. The older hull of the Interceptor provided a modified platform that rivaled some of the more advanced fighters. Though even in its standard config few could match the interceptor in maneuverability.

    The hum of the engines droned on despite the silence of space, vibrating through the hull of the ship and down to the seat he sat in. He was flanked by two additional fighters in formation to his port and starboard.

    The sun glared for a moment in their forward viewports as they came about on a designated course. CAG eased off the twin sticks to level off, the other fighters in formation adjusting to match.

    “This is the NAV point,” (Joker-Two) the voice of a second pilot chimed in, direct in his statement which proclaimed their position. A quick grunt of surprise and disbelief was audible over the channel as from the comm the sound of his breath coming through his nostrils spoke volumes.

    “This system is not even officially charted. An initial survey on the books, but nothing more. Planetary scans from scout ships indicates a few minor mining colonies and unspecified groupings of machinery and craft. Readouts from scouting team show tundra like environment, near freezing temperatures. Harsh.” (TWO – Joker)

    The flight lead looked over at a display to his starboard side that was bringing up system info, much of which had been clearly and repeatedly gone over prior to the mission. Still, the inflight updates afforded a chance to review and adapt if necessary. Toggling the display and bringing up additional intel, he scanned and looked it over as he held one of the flight sticks steady with his left hand. Touching the screen and swiping for more information.

    “Remember the pirate brief report,” (CAG-Lead) CAG responded as they circled the NAV point, reminding the group and alluding to what they should all be aware of despite the quiet dark of space before them. Both the other pilots in their own manner “snapped to”, regaining focus from the lulled drum of space they had been hovering in for almost an hour at the behest of their flight lead.

    "So where is our freighter? Nothing yet from the surface.” (Joker-Two)

    “Probably finishing up a card game… which is what we should be doing.” (Bogle-Twelve) The voice of a male pilot came across on the comm to offer the sarcastic comment, the pilot in the vanguard flight’s formation.

    “Rendezvous is still on, we are still within the arrival time.” (CAG-Lead)

    “They are never on time!” (Joker-Two)

    “Stay tight, keep comms to a minimum.” (CAG-Lead)

    Time seemed to move at a slow pace as within a cockpit every second was an eternity. The trio of fighters kept their formation, circling the NAV point under half power though the silence was broken as Joker came across the comm.

    “CAG, I’ve got a signal on sensors approaching from the planet surface.”

    “Standby.” (Joker-Two) Joker took a moment to dial in his fighter’s sensors as more information about the contact came in and was displayed on his HUD and corresponding displays in his cockpit.

    “BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Damorian Manufacturing.” (Joker-Two)

    The trio was already turning as the flight lead began to bring his fighter about in the direction of the contact now on his display.

    'Course 230, coming up from the surface.' (Bogel-Twelve) The other member of the flight chiming in and confirming as he too saw the sensor information. Instinctively all three of the pilots were entering the course in their own computers and adjusting while marking their flight path and adjusting for intercept.

    “Whoever this is they picked the slowest damn freighter possible.” (Joker-Two)

    The freighter finally emerged from the planetary atmosphere having attained the proper exit velocity and angle, its course bringing it in line with the first NAV point. The trio of TIE Interceptors were quickly closing the distance even at half speed as they came closer into visual range.

    “Got some visible damage on the freighter, looks like they had to fight their way out.” (Joker-Two)

    “Not a good sign.” (CAG-Lead)

    The flight group was coming about after performing a flyby of the freighter.

    “Vessel registry checks out. Confirmed that is our ship.” (Joker-Two)

    “Anything on comms from them?” (CAG-Lead)

    “Nothing. Static. I will try to dial in more.” (Joker-Two) As the trio of fighters passed by, Joker was leaning forward in the cockpit, pressing himself up against the cockpit glass as much as he could in his straps in attempt to survey the freighter.

    “Communications relay. Aft looks damaged. I am getting only bits and pieces… but it’s our mark!” (Joker-Two)

    The freighter was showing damage but continuing on its course as planned as Joker chimed in confirming such. “They are holding course to the jump point.” (Joker-Two) The fighters rolling back and over the top of the freighter to view the damage sited.

    “ETA to jump point 5 minutes 17 seconds.” (Two-Joker) Chimed in as their flight, screamed past the fighter even at half throttle.

    The flight was finishing their turn when the threat alarms in all of their cockpits lit up. Several contacts were emerging out of hyperspace.

    As an Assault Frigate dropped out of hyperspace, almost on-top of the freighter. Bearing down on the freighter.

    A corvette and multiple fighters were massed in formation having just come out of hyperspace as well. It would be only a few moments until they gained their bearings as their posture was already aggressive.

    “CAG, I do not think those are pirates. Just saying.” (Joker-Two)

    “Form up, come left.” (CAG-Lead) CAG's commands were

    CAG throttled up and rolled the craft as the flight group matched the maneuver.

    “Unidentified Frigate, this is Commander Varden, Reaper Squadron. State your intentions.” (CAG-Lead)

    ‘CAG, I have multiple sensor pings, they are scanning us and the freighter.’ (Joker-Two) There was a pause as the sensor data was interpreted and tactical interpretations made.

    “Multiple contacts… Fighters. Squadron strength.” (Joker-two) Joker quickly toggled the threats and transmitted the data to the flights displays showing a mix of Cloakshape and X-wing class fighters.

    [-------------Transmission ---- Threat information to all craft: -------------]

    With that the flash of laser fire flying through space in their direction.

    “Joker. ETA of the freighter to jump point?” (CAG-Lead)

    “4 minutes 37 seconds,” (Joker-Two) Joker responded with a crisp and on-point response as he matched the maneuvers of the flight lead with precision, continuing to gather sensor information and hostile craft information.

    4 minutes and 37 seconds… an eternity, in a fight, CAG thought to himself as he pulled the dual sticks to the right completing a throttle up turn that brought them back facing the Frigate, corvette, and fighters. The trio of threats beginning to circle the target freighter. Before them the flash of heavy laser fire from the Frigate was already taking shots at the freighter attempting to zero in and pummel it with heavy fire, the corvette was powering up in throttle… quickly gaining speed on the freighter in an attempt to cut it off from its intended hyperspace jump point, and the mass of fighters moved with speed forward arcing into a high turn preparing for an attack run on the freighter.

    “Call in Reaper flight, Joker.” (CAG)


    OOC: Your characters are organized into two additional groups, feel free to follow a flow of jumping in from hyperdrive and forming up on your flight lead. CAG will be giving out more specific orders and assignments as soon as everyone is jumped in and formed up. Much of this game is going to depend on you ad libbing and executing maneuvers. (just make sure you calculate and convince us that it is a sound maneuver, attack, or defense.. Or you may be hearing more than laser pangs on your shields and hull… you might hear nothing… which means you had to eject and are floating in the dead of space because the GMs dealt you damage and blew you up.

    OOC: In case you missed… Flying modified Tie Interceptors. Expect slightly better performance and speed than the standard. With strengthened shields and dual missile launchers. (current load out of concussion missiles 4 total. Standard quad laser configuration. Hyperdrives.


    @QueenSabe7 (group lead)
    @Quinlan Vos


    @Mostlymad (group lead)
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    Fero’s Song ~ Main hangar 1
    Port Launch ~ 1134 GST

    ‘What the kriff are you doing to my fighter?’ The clapping boots of an Ensign seemingly on a mission to find out who was underneath his fighter, unscheduled, came to a stop against one of the secondary hanger floors. The sound of clanging tools, torches, and all other manner of tools heard throughout the hanger as a team of technicians and engineers worked to keep the Sith Fighters at the highest operational readiness. The Ensign an ‘Officer’ nearly fresh out of the Academy stood looming staring at a pair of ragged boots and dark brown coveralls, stained and dirty as only the lower half of his body was visible from under an engine that had been removed, lowered, and racked near the floor for easier access. The larger TIE fighter looming above, secured and in a maintenance rack.

    ‘I said…. what the KRIFF are you doing to my fighter?’ A nearby technician whom had previously been away for the moment gathering parts as instructed, slowed his walk as not to interrupt the ‘Officer’. Still holding a small case of wrapped parts and a calibration tool, that he had been instructed to retrieve. Despite attempting to remain at a short distance, Technician Dorien was not immune from the quote, unquote… ‘fiery’ wrath of the Ensign, whom soon recognized his presence and turned. Whirling and taking a step towards him. ‘You there!’ The Ensign coming up with a snide, attempting to be authoritative tone. ‘This craft is supposed to be ready at 1325 hours for operations!’

    The Ensign couldn’t have been more than 22 Galactic standard years old. Looked like he had not shaved a day in his life, and had a distinct wet behind the ears look, that would not rub out with the most powerful buffer they had in the bay. He was really sold on this powerplay of being an ‘Officer’ though.

    ‘Who authorized this?’ The Ensign just stood there as if waiting for a profound answer from the Technician who was just doing his job.

    ‘I authorized it.’ A booming confident voice from behind, answered his impatient question. While not towering, standing at a solid six foot two inches, Senior Chief Engineer Dexter Mora, seemed to dwarf the pilot. ‘What can I do for you… SIR’ Senior Chief, was wiping his hands covered in fluid with a cloth, the boots and coveralls seen from before halfway under the engine belonging to him as he stood next to it. Lighting a cigarette in dangerous close proximity to the fighter, but seeming not to care one iota. The sarcasm and indifference to the ‘Officer’ upon the last utterance of the word ‘sir’ was clearly stated by the Chief.

    The Ensign gulped for breath as he stood, now facing the Chief, whom technically he outranked, but could not seem to find the courage now to speak up.

    ‘Starboard engine’s main cooling line had a leak. Had to drop the whole rig, to get to the frakking mother.’ Drawing a deep drag of the cigarette, while continuing. ‘Had to pull the main and secondary’s, just to replace it.’

    ‘I-IIII-I expect…’ The Ensign’s voice cracked as he stammered. Trying to compose himself. ‘I expect this …. The man could not even finish his statement. To which the Senior Chief respectfully finished it for him.

    ‘…craft ready by 1325 hours for flight.’ Dex nodded in agreement sarcastically.

    ‘We got that part SIR.’

    ‘1325 it will be!’ The Chief took another long drag of the cigarette, blowing smoke out into the Ensign’s face. Offering a half salute.

    Cooling lines are replaced, as we would not want you to end up spread across the system in little pieces, because of a cooling leak. SIR.’

    ‘G-Good. Carry on…’

    Seeing that the Ensign had no idea who he was.. not that it mattered. Just for the own deck peckers benefit he introduced himself.

    ‘Chief. Senior Chief.’

    ‘SIR.’ Dex enunciated as he took a last drag of the now spent cigarette and pressed it against his coveralls dousing it out and flicking it at the feet of the Ensign.

    The Ensign stepped back nearly tripping on a line, as he stumbled backwards a few steps. His eyes meeting Technician Dorien’s, though too embarrassed to keep eye contact and he slunk away trying to walk as fast as he could and maintain some semblance of composure. The Chief turned to Dorien, offering a slight smile of amusement at the scene.

    ‘Come on, lets get this engine back in for The Ensign and his important mission.’ Senior Chief sarcastically.

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    IC: Merton Dorien

    “You there!” the ensign snapped at Dorien who was returning with a crate of parts and tools held at waist level in two hands. “This craft is supposed to be ready at 1325 hours for operations!”

    Darien blinked in confusion. “We’re fix-“ but he was cut off before he could manage another word.

    Over the next couple of minutes he was witness to a proper dressing down of the ensign by Senior Chief Mora. At last the young officer flounced out of the hangar.

    “Come on, let’s get this engine back in for the ensign and his important mission,” said the Senior Chief, grinning.

    “Yes sir,” Dorien chuckled, setting the crate down and kneeling to unwrap the parts inside. “It’s a good thing he didn’t try to fly this death trap. What’s with the cooling lines on these new models, anyway? Seems like they’re cracking after every flight. It’s amazing they even make it back to the hangar.”

    TAG: dragonsith13

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    IC: Razek Lome, Reaper 20
    Exiting Hyperpace
    -A Few Hours later after the Attack-

    Razek's TIE Interceptor zoomed through space at lightspeed, he was fascinated that the modified TIE was equipped with a hyperdrive. Normally all the fighters he had flown in the past were your standard, run of the mill class with generally handling. So let alone having a hyperdrive, maneuverability, repulsors, weapons and flight capabilities in this one were definitely an upgrade. Though he shouldn't have been surprised, he was apart of an elite flight squad. So they would receive the top of the line in what the Empire providing them.

    With the flight navigation system on auto, Raz took the first bit of time to review the situation he was flying into, and then to pass the time play vitual pazaak from his datapad off the holonet. "Blast! Red again? I'm just a couple hands away from winning the pot! He said through his flight helmet. "Hope I don't bomb out this bad in the fight." As fate would have it, his navigation computer chimmed in and flashed on readings.

    -Approaching Destination-
    -Estimated Arrival: 30 seconds-

    Raz set his datapad aside and began quick diagnostics check of all the readings of the TIE Interceptor, all green. Targeting and weapon systems were primed and ready. Reports showed that as soon they reached the confirmed location, Reaper Squadron would be clear to engage once his flight lead, Breaker, would form him and Storm into attack formation. Ten seconds, Raz switched his readings over to prepared for his exit.

    Five seconds...four...three...two...

    The steady stream of space came to a quick halt, and with a boom, Razzle's fighter was within rangle. About several hundred meters ahead he saw New Moraband, and pulling just in the planet's forefront was a cluster of ships with several fighters buzzing around their vicinity.

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    IC: Robert Highman, "Breaker" Reaper 12
    Exiting Hyperspace

    Alarms blared within the modified TIE Interceptor as the craft prepared to drop from hyperspace. The annoyance apparent to the pilot as he forcefully flicked off the Master alarm. "Shud up ya frak'n needle prick machine with your fancy flashing and squakin' instrument panel," Robert spat venomously at the ship he piloted. I sure do miss the ease and simplicity of my Fort. Look at this, he pushed the stick right and left jerking the Interceptor accordingly, can't even touch the joystick without her buckin' all o'er da damn place.

    Huffing in annoyance he checked his scanners for the rest of his flight. Ebon Flight. He knew why he was put in charge, Fraggin' Navy Vac-heads! The nerve! Giving me two disabled pilots! I ot'a put all their balls in a vice for this! His scanner pinged just then and the IFF response reported R20 as being just port of his bow. Raz, he sneered to himself as he thought of the other human pilot in his flight. "Scarface!" he barked at Raz. Frag'n scarred complexion always making me shudder, he bristled as a chill went down his spine. Not waiting for a response, "Where the hell is Sprinkles?!" Sprinkles, because that damn pompous Kaleesh is always referring to himself as Storm. I mean it was that or Toast. He didn't care if he was breaking protocol using his own made up callsigns over the radio. The way he figured it, If these Navy Vac-heads aren't going to recognize my Army rank, than to hell with them and what they they think they should be called.

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    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele - Reaper 21
    Exiting Hyperspace Like Everybody Else

    Yet another modified TIE fighter drops in just behind the first two, hanging back on purpose. Storm isn't one for taking spotlights, preferring to stick to the background, though he will come to the forefront when it is necessary. In this case, he has a snarky old man taking point, so he is content to let an elder do...elderly stuff. He isn't much bothered by the less-than-dignified callsign Breaker uses to refer to him. He has his own wisecracks to harass him with when the opportunity arises.

    "I am right behind you, Windbreaker," he replies calmly, "Which is, I fear, more daring than being in front of you. I should get a medal for putting myself in the line of fire from your tailpipe. Nevertheless, Captain, flying with you is bound to be a real gas. Now that you know where the hell I am, what the hell is your plan?"

    Storm's respectful upbringing is not quite as intact as the average Kaleesh. He can hold his own in a wiseacre contest, but he does it with little if any emotion. His face is set every bit as much as the mask that hides it. No doubt, Breaker will have a few choice words for him later, but he couldn't care less. Robert "Breaker" Highman isn't the only veteran in the field.

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  8. Mostlymad

    Mostlymad Jedi Knight star 3

    May 12, 2017
    IC: Robert Highman, "Breaker" Reaper 12
    Awaiting Orders

    “Eh? What’d ya say Sprinkles? You broke up and all I heard was garbled,” CWO Highman lied while letting the Kaleesh stew a moment. Pays to act old sometimes. He didn’t key off the mic on purpose. “Nevermind, I’m sure it wasn’t important anyway. Pick up your long range scanning. Let’s see what SCAB’s dropped us into, over.” Within his helmet he smiled at his callsign for the CAG. Any immediate responses were squashed as Breaker keyed the mic, overpowering his flight, “Anyone catch wind of NOGAS and the rest of Tampon Flight?” Where was that blasted Crimson flight and their know-it-all leader anyway?

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  9. Kaleesh-Cyborg

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele - Reaper 21
    Following Orders

    "Scab? No thanks, boss, I do not need to hear about your personal afflictions," Storm replies, flipping switches on his control panel with very little concern as he is ordered to check scanners, "You really should see a medic though if it is that bad. Could be something that will eventually kill you if we are lucky. Heh. On that note, forget my suggestion to see a medic."

    He doesn't care if Breaker really can hear him or not. He can keep the snark going for this entire mission, no problem. His reptilian eyes fix on his scanner screens, waiting for an indication that there is some action coming down the pipeline. A hint of a smirk twitches across his features under his mask as Breaker makes the comment involving "wind". Oh, yes. That old fart had heard his cracks loud and clear. He just gave that much away.

    "The wind is only with you, sir. I've got nothing," he reports, "Only dead space. Kind of like the dead space between the ears of your other wingman. Raspberry, you alive over there?"

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  10. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Arturo "Ghost" Alvarez - Reaper 22
    Exiting Hyperspace

    Arturo jumped out of hyperspace with a look of absolute glee on his face. He loved taking his modified TIE out whenever he could, and he jumped at every opportunity he could to get out and fly. Wether it be missions like the one he was currently on or simple test flights, he always milked every last second of time he had in his baby. "Im going to have to get around to naming you soon, sweetheart," he told the craft.

    Ghost looked around him and checked his scanners. He noticed that all members of Ebon squad were accounted for, yet he was the first Crimson fighter to arrive. He made a mental note to tease his squadmates about their slowness later, even though this was nothing near a race. The young pilot began to change his comm's channels in order to communicate with Ebon squad to let them know of his arrival.

    "Ebon flight, this is Reaper 22, Callsign "Ghost" of Crimson flight. I am awaiting my flight leader and another Crimson flight cadet to arrive. They must be taking their time to get here or something. Over!"

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  11. Isley_27

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    Dec 22, 2016
    IC: Razek Lome, Razzle, Reaper 20

    Razzle couldn't help but chuckle at the old man, off comms. He positioned his TIE to Breaker's nine o'clock when he heard the Kaleesh.

    "Yeah, I'm little sour. Can you believe I was close to winning two thousand credits in a pazaak game on the way here? And it seems like the old man's in a charming mood."

    "Nothing on scanners on my end, nothing but the fiasco going on in front of us."
    Their TIEs throttled and roared through the vast space. He switched his scanners, "Looks like a Maruader, Cloak, and several X-wings. And the lovely defenseless Freighter." Razzle turned his attention to their group lead.

    "Breaker your the expert here, why do think someone would set up a raid to jump a freighter? Must be some serious payload they got hauled inside." As Razzle said this he heard Ghost report from Crimson's group.

    "Welcome to party! The old man was just talking about you guys."

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  12. Kaleesh-Cyborg

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele - Reaper 21

    The Kaleesh rolls his eyes as Razzle says something about winning credits. He can never understand human creatures and their obsession with wealth. But to each his own. He looks down as his scanner blips, alerting him to the entrance of a lone member of the Crimson Tide or whatever they call themselves.

    "Perky little blighter," he mutters, "Must be young blood in the air tonight. Better watch out there, Breaker. You might have trouble keeping up." He scoffs lightly at Razzle's comment about their squad leader being charming. "Now that is just rude, Raspberry. Calling our fearless leader old. I feel compelled to correct you. He is ancient. Older than Tattooine dirt."

    His eyes shift to the latest fighter to join their little "party" and he flips another switch to push his scans even further. Still no sign of any other Crimson fighters exiting hyperspace.

    "You haunting all by yourself tonight, Casper?" he asks the one who calls himself Ghost, "Where is the rest of your squad?"

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  13. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Arturo "Ghost" Alvarez - Reaper 22

    Arturo chuckled when he heard the responses from the Ebon crew. The Kaleesh's comment only reinforced his thinking that the crew had been waiting a while, as when "Storm" grew impatient, he tended to begin to tease other pilots in the most sarcastic manner one could manage. That's one of the reasons why Arturo enjoyed being around him, as it always gave him something to laugh about. Laughter was, after all, what had made him so popular with his crew and at the academy. Arturo answered Razzle with his own little joke: "The old man? You mean Breaker made it here without having a heart attack along the way? How long does he have left to live now? 2 years? Maybe 1? And Storm, I must have lost them in the asteroid belt. You know how overly cautious they are!"

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  14. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 Chosen One star 6

    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Zinara Carrick - “Gypsy”, Reaper 7
    Edge of the Unknown Regions - Exiting Hyperspace

    “Kriffing typical,” Lieutenant Commander Zinara Carrick snapped to herself, the streaks of hyperspace casting the cockpit she was nestled within in a ghostly blue glow.

    She glared at every inch of it with open distaste.

    The perpetually scowling brunette was currently piloting some random, fancied- up TIE interceptor, the improvements of which hardly impressed her or lessened her irritation. Sure she was comfortable here – hell, she was comfortable in most variants of the TIE - but none offered the safety of home like her personal ship, Ignis. Any chance she had to fly her pride and joy, and even when she was told “no”, she did.

    But not this time.

    Called in to handle unexpected complications during a routine escort assignment and the vessel she moved the best in had been refused to her! Honestly, the nerve her superiors had at the most inconvenient times. And of course this had been one of the few instances she had not been able to subvert authority and get her way. Zinara, or “Zin” as she preferred, was not a happy pilot.

    “Fragging piece of junk,” she continued muttering, using far too much force than was necessary to silence the proximity alarm sounding off from the navi computer, signalling she had arrived at the designated coordinates. Taking a steadying breath, she reined in her temper and settled into an intense focus that came like second nature to her; all that mattered just then was her ship and the space around it. With a familiar lurch that she felt deep in her belly, Zin dropped her temporary ship back into real time, swearing loudly as the scene she was tasked to handle revealed itself.

    Several enemy craft of obviously hostile intent were targeting a wounded freighter that should’ve been under the protection of the Empire. Her dark eyes swept over the lumbering ship, damage apparent in several sections, and then followed its trajectory and the unknown craft that was moving to block its path. Add in a squadron of fighters that were racing in on her and her team’s position and they had themselves an outright battle.

    A smile stretched across her mouth and her hands tightened over the ship’s controls. This should be fun, she mused.

    Not allowing another moment to simply stare and not take action, she quickly noted several Reapers pinging in on her scanners, her earpiece already flooded with chiding remarks and useless chatter. She rolled her eyes.

    “Quit your yapping, flyboys and let’s figure this fragging mess out!” she commanded into the mic just below her chin. Refusing to designate herself by callsign – Gypsy – or squadron number, if any of them didn’t know who spoke to them then they would have to figure it the kriff out themselves. “Crimson flight, form up on me and keep your eyes peeled!”

    Switching to a different frequency, Zin then hailed CAG directly.

    “Need some help, sir?” she asked rather casually considering the circumstances, her tone bordering on amused. That grin of hers grew wider as the anticipation of an impending fight truly took hold.

    Now, she was beginning to feel better.

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  15. Kaleesh-Cyborg

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele
    Reaper 21

    Storm's ears perk as the female voice crackles through his comlink. Her reputation precedes her, so he doesn't need any introductions to figure out who she is. While he respects her as much as he does any male in the field, he will also regard her with as much smart remarks as he does his male comrades when the opportunity arises.

    "Did you get lost?" he asks, "What took you so long? We were just making friendly conversation while waiting for you to grace us with your presence. Just a minute. Let me make sure my gas cloud of a commanding officer has heard you. I've got a bad ear, but neither of his are any good. You getting this Windbreaker? Your guest star has arrived. Awaiting orders, sir...or are you sleeping at the control panel again?"

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  16. dragonsith13

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    Apr 3, 2005

    Edge of the Unknown Regions ~
    Surveyed system: Delta 65a-45791
    Present time 1940 GST

    ~Opening Salvo~

    The chatter over comms, was always met with a furrowed brow from CAG, but it was expected. CAG did not even bother to tell them to knock it off currently as he was too busy avoiding turbolaser fire and coming out of a turn with the lead flight. It had took them all long enough to come out of hyperspace, even their jump points were off… that would be gone over extensively in the post briefing once back aboard the Fero’s Song. Sloppy. 'Need some help sir?’ Gypsy - Seven) CAG heard the casual sarcastic response come over comms. From underneath his flight helmet a slight pull of amusement formed that was quickly replaced with a steady focus.

    ‘Form up!’ (CAG-Lead) The command came over comms stern and serious, now was the time to focus addressing the whole of Reaper Flight. CAG adjusted in his seat as he finished the turn and came to a heading poised to place them in between the freighter and the frigate.

    ‘Crimson Flight intercept the fighters.’ (CAG-Lead) Expecting Gypsy and her flight to revel in the idea of taking on what was now a 4-1 ratio not in their favor.

    ‘Ebon Flight disable that corvette and clear the flight path for the fighter, don’t let it cut its hyperspace jump point off.’ (CAG-Lead) It was no coincidence that CAG tasked the first bombing run to Breaker’s flight.

    The fight was unfolding. A full squadron of X-wings moved to intercept them all, Crimson had their task of them. The Cloakshape fighters lining up a intercepting moved against Lead flight. While the speedy and maneuverable Marauder corvette, was already close to catching up to the freighter. If the corvette was able to slow the freighter down the frigate would be able to pummel it with its heavy cannons and disable it easily. They could not afford to have that occur.

    CAG rolled his TIE back to the left/port quickly angling his sightline and lining up one of the lead cloakshape fighters. There had been no response from the original hail he sent to the frigate. Not that he expected much of a reply, given their already overly aggressive posture form the onset. Still certain rules of engagement warranted the formality, which of course was null and void now. Joker and Bogel both flanked him and with that, the opening return slavo was sent. CAG depress the trigger the quad lasers of his TIE interceptor opening up with a blaze of green laser cannon fire. The lead hostile Cloakshape fighter never had a chance. Resilient, but lumbering it took the brunt of the salvo, as Joker and Bogel equally picker their own targets and opened up simultaneously. A trio of fireballs erupted into the vacuum of space, feeding off of the expelled fuel and mutations only to be quickly extinguished by its cold vacuum moments later. The whole of lead flight each simultaneously took evasive turns, changing their vector and evading the eruption of red laser fire from the broad formation of Cloakshapes, despite the initial return salvo the remaining Cloakshape fighters soon all broke in various directions, nine of them remaining in total as they took evasive maneuvers, obviously startled by the precision of the TIE’s which had almost effortlessly targeted them and obliterated three of them, despite their initial thoughts of charging through them with their numbers - evident by their formation that had attempted to do so previously. Struggling to keep up with the speed and agility of the TIEs the Cloakshapes began to reform into groups. CAG looked down towards his sensor screen, notating the positions of the rest of Reaper FLight as they had their orders and were set to engage.


    @QueenSabe7 (group lead)
    @Quinlan Vos


    @Mostlymad (group lead)

    Crimson - take out the X-Wings currently 12 fighters (full squadron descending upon all of us)
    Ebon - disable or destroy that corvette.

    If you have questions about what you are allowed to do PM me. Otherwise have some fun and make things go BANG. Remember your responses and how your formulate your tactics and maneuvers DO have an effect on your efficiency and also overall lives.
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  17. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001

    Senior Chief Dex Moria
    Fero’s Song ~ Main Hangar 1 ~ Port Launch ~ Secondary Maintenance Bay 2012 GST

    “Luckily the main cooling line on this one shows intact. Flow and pressure steady… all good,” Dex stated, a slight edge to his gruff voice.

    It was frustrating; they were scrapping for parts already and only a few months into this recent deployment. He was a bit relieved they would not have to replace this one’s line… yet. He did not like leaving his fighter jocks unprepared or ill-equipped, as much of a bunch of slack jawed nerf-herders that they were. It was his team and his responsibility to keep them flying. “You are right… about your assessment… this seems like the only one that wasn’t cracked.”

    Dex cycled the lines one more time to double check. Same result: pressure steady, flow was good.

    The fighter, for all intents and purposes, was not damaged. Systems checked out, engine priming and startup all green and nominal. Coolant flow and fluid circulations all perfect. One after another the systems statuses were ok and mostly cosmetic, this one referring to a TIE Interceptor of Reaper Squadron. A few replacement reader and processing cards in the cockpit on non-essential systems and it was flyable.

    Senior Chief Moria climbed out of the cockpit and down to the hanger deck. The TIEs in this bay were undergoing inspection, repair, and maintenance and were not racked like the other TIEs, as those TIEs were mission ready and assumed instantly flyable. The ones that Dex and Merton Dorien now attended to, as part of this cycle’s last few fighters to look over, were set free. Some on jacks, some suspended via repulsor lifts, some tethered to maintenance anchors above. Regardless they were all secure and easier to perform maintenance on.

    Senior Chief came about to face technician Dorien whom was holding a datapad. The screen showed the current TIE that they had been assessing, schematics and system information as well as maintenance notes and alerts all on his screen.

    “Replace Two PCI cards, rear heater and secondary sensors,” he instructed while producing a cigarette from a pocket. Lighting it and taking a long, much needed drag, he appraised the kid with a smirk. He was keeping up, something Dex appreciated so much as he hated repeating himself. Exhaling, he rested the filtered end of the cigarette between his lips and reached for a dirty rag to wipe his hands off with before continuing.

    “Also replace primary throttle stick bushings.” The pilot had complained about it sticking slightly when throttling up and Dex had found one of the bushings to be dry-rotted. It was in desperate need of replacement which should easily resolve the issue.

    “And I still want a visual inspection of this one’s cooling lines, set at 560 flight hours.” Referencing his previous comment to Dorien while he was in the TIE’s cockpit earlier, he then took another drag of the cigarette, thinking on what was left to be done. They had gone over a dozen craft so far, but close to the end Dex pressed onto the last two. Both of the TIEs were anchored with ladders going up to each cockpit. Both were badly damaged; flyable, but in need of extensive repair.

    “Take that one, I've got this one,” Dex motioned to the second TIE awaiting their inspection and assessment, smoke trailing with his hand’s movement. He would allow Dorien to do the assessment himself while he did the other. Unexpected perhaps, normally he inspected each craft personally, and he still would. But the kid had been attentive and a quick learner ever since he had come aboard, even if it had only been a few days. He had made an impression, a good one, and this would give him a chance to sit in the cockpit of one of the craft he knew so much about. Savoring one last hit of his cigarette, he stamped it out beneath a boot and set off without another word.

    A few minutes later, Dex had settled into the cockpit of his chosen TIE. He plugged in his datapad to the main port, instantly beginning to download system diagnostic data and assuming Dorien would be doing the same. The motions were so automatic to him that he moved without much thought, having done the same thing too many times to count at this point. Waiting a moment while the system synced up, he gazed around the cockpit, staring emotionlessly at the dark stains that covered a good portion of every surface; blood. Running his calloused fingers over the seat by one of his legs, burnt pieces of flightsuit seemed to be fused there as well as onto sections of the controls. He allowed himself the briefest moment to dwell on the pilot that has last occupied this craft, whose literal blood and guts had been given in the name of the Empire, but that was it. The moment passed. After all, this was nothing he hadn’t seen before; not a tragedy, but your sworn duty as a member of the fleet.

    Across the way technician Dorien would have little choice, settling into a similar scene aboard his vessel. From his vantage point, he would note the entire front viewport of the TIE that Dex occupied was cracked with several panes of glass gone, the remaining others splattered in blood. Both craft had come in under automatic docking procedures, assisted by tractor beams after communications where lost upon their emergence from hyperspace. Funerals for both pilots were scheduled for 0900 hours the next day.

    “It’s part of the job,” the Senior Chief’s voice crackled over Dorien’s comm-link. His message to the young technician was neither cold nor chiding, simply meaning to be mildly reassuring. However, it was expected that things like this be put out of their minds. They had a job to do.

    Dex was not above the lowest of items to be done, and this one certainly had to be. As the diagnostics ran he took out a rag, not sanitary in the least, and began to wipe down one of the panels smeared with crimson. It was symbolic more than anything; they had sanitation crews for this sort of thing. Still… the men, women, and assorted beings that flew these hunks of metal were his charge and responsibility, even the ones that outranked him.

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    Flight Cadet Vess Jansen
    Fero’s Song ~ Main Hangar 1 ~ Port Launch ~ Secondary Maintenance Bay 2020 GST

    It was pretty clear this was the ship. Serial and craft designator matched up.

    “This is you, Cadet,” the junior deck officer cited plainly as he referenced the craft looming large before them both. With that he turned on his heels and walked back the way they had come, leaving the newly arrived Cadet Vess Jansen on the hanger floor by herself. Her initial briefing had been swift, barely allowing time to place her bags within her assigned quarters though that wouldn’t be an issue right then.

    Directly in front of her, racked and in a maintenance bay, undergoing ‘assessment’ – as the junior deck officer had put it – was her new fighter. Cadet Jansen, clothed in a semi-formal service uniform, would easily spot the ladder up to the cockpit only a few paces away. Opposite her ship, she would see another TIE and a man within; by the looks of him, a ‘maintenance rat’, conducting diagnostics and wiping down the consoles.

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  18. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    IC: Arturo "Ghost" Alvarez - Reaper 22

    Arturo could barely contain his excitement when he heard the orders given by CAG. He always enjoyed doing battle through the air, and his prodigical skills in the cockpit gave him an unfair advantage over most he went up against. He didn't want to come off as cocky to the rest of the squad, though, so he was content to hang in the back. He knew that he could beat almost everything he went up against if needed, but he didn't want his crew to not like him. He was always more than happy to "share" with his flight-mates, though, especially with as much respect as he felt for his flight leader. He grabbed his joystick and maneuvered over behind Gypsy, prepared to follow her into battle with the small fleet of twelve that hung ahead of them.

    "Flanking on your left, Gypsy. You give the orders, and then we can let the fun begin!"

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  19. Darth Kronos

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    Jan 2, 2016
    IC: Vess Jansen - Reaper 19 - Space, near the Fero's Song

    A small TIE Striker slowly flew through the dark, vast, emptiness of space. Within it was a young woman named Vess Jansen, a reclusive yet cynical pilot who had just been transferred from her dead end position in the Unknown Regions. A fact that made her extremely happy. Her superior, a 'man' by the name of Pev Dalton, was an all around unlikeable piece of garbage; a person who saw others as beneath him, as tools instead of people. Their lives were meaningless to him. Needless to say, when a servant of Dalton had arrived to her quarters to deliver that message, she almost jumped with joy. She was to be transferred to a mysterious (to her, anyway) pilot group that called themselves Reaper Squadron. That was all she knew. She didn't have time to read the specific details.

    Now she was here: within the Outer Rim and heading to a new chapter in her life. She allowed herself to relax, fully sitting back in her pilot's chair as he looked at her surroundings. There was certainly the black nothingness, but that was not all that was to be seen. Multiple colors of glowing starlight - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple - lit the scene around her, creating an image that was beautiful to her. Each color spread in a streak of glittering light as they overlapped each other. Oh, how she wished she brought her photographer.

    These moments, the softer and quieter ones, were the only good aspects of piloting, in her opinion. Most of the time it was tedious and annoying, especially in her line of work. Risk of death skyrocketed every time she entered her fighter, and she wanted no part of it. In her eyes, it only increased the likelihood of never seeing her sister again.

    At that thought, she pulled out a photograph from her inside jacket pocket. On it was Vess and her little sister, Tessa, smiling while at an amusement park. Vess took a moment to smile to herself. She Stoll remembered that day. It had been Tessa's birthday, and Vess had decided to treat her sister. That amusement park was something Tessa had always wanted to visit, but she never got the chance to. Vess still remembered her excited face when she realized where they were going.

    Vess slipped the photograph back in her jacket pocket and took control of her fighter. The cruiser she was supposed to enter was fully visible now, and the enormity of it astounded her. She had only previously worked on small, out-of-way bases no one who was worth anything knew about. This was something else.

    She slowly flew into one of the hangars - because there was more than one - and softly landed her fighter. Stepping out, holding her helmet between her arm and body, she hopped onto the pristine floor without waiting for a worker to give her a ladder.

    She stood there awkwardly and awaited instructions.

    Fero's Song, Main Hangar One, One Day Later

    Vess's excitement and intrigue disappeared as soon as she learned the details of this group. After changing into a semi-formal service uniform (she kept her jacket on), a young deck officer showed up. He was barely older than she was. . Apparently, from what she could guess, she had been assigned a new fighter, likely because she was a last minute addition to the group, and they weren't sure if she had her own vessel. Either that, or they did it just because they felt like it. Probably the latter.

    More annoying than that though was the fact that she had to create her own code name, as if this group was that important. She had gotten this information from a datapad a different worker had given her earlier. On that datapad was a place to write her code name. She gave it very little thought and wrote down "Zip." Zip because she was known for her speed. It was why she flew the TIE Striker.

    She looked upward for the deck officer, but he was already gone. She annoyingly sighed. Opposite her new ship was a man sitting inside his own TIE. Directionless, she walked toward him. She didn't normally do this, but she felt she had no choice.

    "Hey... where're you heading off to?"

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  20. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    IC: Merton Dorien

    “Replace two PCI Cards,” Dex had stated, puffing on a cigarette. “Rear heater and secondary sensors.”

    Dorien said nothing, only nodded and tick-tacked a note on his datapad. The instruction was a fairly standard one - that’s not what he was writing down. No, instead he was noting the average deviation in cooling efficiency due to all these faulty lines, and the percentage of fighters likely to suffer burned out throttle servomotors as a result. He had an ulterior motive, of course. He could repair servomotors quite easily himself, but they were so cheap for the empire to replace that it was more affordable to throw them out than spend technician time on repairing the broken ones. None of this would matter at all except that Dorien needed those servos for a particular... passion project of sorts.

    “Also replace primary throttle stick bushings,” the senior chief started again, and Dorien responded. “Yes sir,” he put the data pad away finally before the chief rattled off a few other instructions.

    With a sigh, Dorien climbed into the cockpit of the fighter to which Dex had assigned him, and plugged in his diagnostic pad to get started.

    This thing was worse for wear. The viewport was cracked in several places, sweared in blood including one semi-distinct handprint. Whatever had happened to the pilot hadn’t been nice.

    Glancing back down to see a scrolling wall of text on the datapad, Dorien’s nose wrinkled and twitched with a familiar smell before he could make any sense of it. It was almost like something was... burning. Then he felt it.

    “Kriffkriffkriff!” he exclaimed, and did the best he could to get his backside out of the pilot seat where a bundle of clipped live wires had left a scorch mark on his trousers. Twisting in the seat, he finally managed to grab the edge of the cockpit and make it to his hands and knees where he was safely clear of the sparking wires.

    “It’s part of the job,” senior chief’s voice came over the comm.

    ‘Y-yeah...’ Dorien thought, rubbing his hip where he was still smarting from the jolt he’d gotten. “Hey...” he heard another voice, this time coming from the ground. He peeked over the edge of the cockpit to see a young woman looking up at him. “Where’re you heading off to?”

    “Nowhere. Not in this thing, anyway. Damned hunk of junk just about burned a hole in me. Hey,” he paused, “since you’re standing around, hand me that by your foot there,” he gestured to a multitool sitting atop his toolbox, one he hadn’t anticipated needing before this little wiring issue.

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  21. dragonsith13

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Ebon Flight Update ~ Tracking and Intercepting the hostile Marauder Corvette

    A trio flight of X-wings had broken off from main fighter thrust after launching from an auxiliary hangar on the frigate. They moved quickly to intercept Ebon flight, who was nearly close to intercepting the Marauder Corvette tracking and poised to pounce on the target freighter. A few long-range laser shots flew by the TIE interceptors of Ebon flight but with limited accuracy. The X-Wings merely wasted their energy currently and mistakenly announcing their presence. Reapers 12 and 20 broke off from the formation in unison arcing up and twisting back towards the trio of X-wings that had engaged them, as Reaper 21 ‘Storm” continued to track the Marauder Corvette that had cut across the bow of the bulk freighter. An opening salvo of laser cannons from its two wing-tip mounted cannons impacted the shields. Reaper 21 had the sole responsibility of bringing down the corvette while his wing mates screened and dealt with the fighters on their tails.

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  22. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    Combo: Crimson Flight (Eliminating X-Wing Squadron)

    Zin had tapped back into the main comm channel just in time to hear that twit of a pilot offer up some unwanted snark. She bit her lower lip and took a breath before formulating a retort, a tactic she utilized to keep from snapping and saying something… untoward. It was also part of the conditions of her position.

    ‘Think first, speak second. Your temper is a tool that should be controlled and utilized, otherwise it becomes a great weakness,’ her Captain had told her several times over. At first she had rolled her eyes and scoffed at the old man, but after some time and as she grew to respect him, she had actually come to understand what he had meant. With another deep breath she released her anger, choosing to forgo a response.

    Though it didn’t stop her mind from picturing her fist connecting with her fellow pilot’s jaw…

    “Form up!” came the bark of CAG in her ear causing her to straighten in her seat. “Crimson Flight intercept the fighters.”

    “Yes sir,” Zin drawled, triggering a few controls before regaining a firm grip on the steering yolk. She checked her scanners as well as physically sweeping her gaze over the breadth of the TIE viewport, acknowledging the presence of her two flight-mates. She quickly noted “Devil” swinging in off to her right without a word – must be the silent type, which was fine by her – and “Ghost” posting opposite.

    "Flanking on your left, Gypsy. You give the orders, and then we can let the fun begin!"

    She smirked, the enthusiasm of the young man coming through the comms plain as day. She was curious to see how he would handle himself in the midst of sudden chaos. “There are a dozen of these fragging creeps, boys… 4 for each of us. Split off and take them out!”

    At that, she accelerated forward into the fray, the squadron of enemy fighters charging at the trio of Interceptors like an infestation of bugs.

    Arturo admired that about his squad leader. She had no fear whatsoever. After a few quick calculations, Arturo swung his TIE around to face the oncoming charge of X-Wings. He quickly shifted his shield to full forward and accelerated like a bat out of hell, aiming straight for the lead fighter.

    The young pilot loved playing chicken when he was in the academy. He loved the mayhem it caused, and the panic usually left the odds largely in his favor. As he approached the squadron, he dialed up to maximum speed, spinning to avoid direct shots while letting his shields eat up the rest of the awry lasers. To an outside observer, "Ghost" would have looked absolutely insane, but he was in full control of the craft and even comfortable.

    The mad charge straight at the center of the pack of X-Wings had the desired effects. The fighters scattered, losing their formation and making them almost into sitting ducks. He fired a few shots at the nearest ship, disabling the left engine and sending it careening out of battle.

    One down, eleven to go, Alvarez thought with a smirk, and he then turned the TIE completely around, readjusted his shields for complete protection, and zoomed back towards the fray.

    Meanwhile, Zin had easily gunned down a pair of the enemy craft, maneuvering her fighter below the bulk of the assault to directly target the stragglers that had broken formation. The brief explosions that resulted in her precise targeting drove a spike of grim satisfaction through the pilot and she flashed a smile, quickly bringing her ship around to focus on the next.

    Her keen gaze found Devil as he chased down one of his own quarries, but she was quickly distracted from his progress as an alarm suddenly began to wail in the tiny cockpit. She knew its meaning straight away, the obnoxious noise signaling that she had someone on her tail, the enemy vessel’s targeting systems attempting to lock on for a kill shot.

    “Ghost! I’ve got a stalker!” she directed to her fellow Reaper, the order that he assist her plain in her tone. Assuming he would do his job, Zin began evasive maneuvers that sent her TIE on a path of spins, zigzags, and loops, narrowly avoiding the streaks of deadly bolts the whizzed by her on both sides.

    Arturo saw they X-Wing beginning to pursue Gypsy a few moments before her message came through comms and was already throttling towards the pursuer. Zin’s fancy maneuvering had totally distracted the fighter, making him entirely unaware of his surroundings until he was blasted to pieces from the side by the young pilot.

    Ghost then rocketed to the right, firing two more bolts with uncanny accuracy to destroy another X-Wing. He grinned with malice, and the corkscrewed towards two more ships with a look of controlled insanity. He enjoyed sharing kills, but when it got to the heat of the moment, he couldn’t bear to back off of two helpless enemies.

    Zin could feel the sweat matting her hair beneath her helmet and she quickly blinked a droplet or two away from her eyes, letting out a sigh of relief once Ghost had destroyed her pursuer. Ceasing her erratic spinning, the pilot righted herself and steadied out. She hadn’t been worried of course, only annoyed that she couldn’t focus on upping her kill count when someone else was trying to do the same to her.

    “Fragging fantastic, boys. Glad to see you both are capable of more than just running your mouths,” she called over the comm to her squad mates, gritting her teeth as she successfully blasted one more enemy craft into space dust. Devil had done more than his share, she was now able to note, glancing at her scanners to see him continue wipe their foes off the map. There were only two left and she decided to let the kid have them. He deserved the extra fun.

    “Ghost, do your worst,” she instructed before hailing her CAG directly. “Keep the commands coming, sir. We’re starving over here. What next?”

    “As you wish, M’lady,” Arturo replied, an evil grin beginning to spread across his usually cheerful features. He broke off to his right, feigning a retreat from the two remaining fighters. They bit, both turning to follow him in a side-by-side flight formation. That would be their fatal mistake.

    Arturo made sure both were in correct positioning behind him, calculated some angles inside his head quickly, and made his move. He reversed his thrusters suddenly, and the X-wings shot by him. He lined up his shot, and fired one bolt at the lower right wing of the left fighter.

    The wing exploded, sending the fighter spinning to his right, directly into his partner. The mayhem happened with such suddenness that neither pilot had a chance to react, and both were blown into space dust. Ghost turned tail and returned back to Gypsy, awaiting new instructions from the CAG.

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  23. Kaleesh-Cyborg

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele
    Reaper 21

    The Kaleesh pilot has no problem carrying the responsibility of bringing down the Marauder. He thrives on this type of adrenaline. As his wing mates break away and fall back out of his view, he narrows his amber eyes at the Marauder vessel. It might be fun to play with this one a bit before he blasts it into forgotten galactic history. He levels up behind the corvette and accelerates his thrusters, bracing himself for what he is about to do. Instead of opening fire on the backside of the corvette, he tips the angled panels of his interceptor down and rams the Marauder from behind, a move that should tip the backend up and point the nose down, effectively robbing the pilot of control for a time. Kaleesh rarely rely on subtleties in a fight and Storm is no exception.

    After ramming the corvette and undoubtedly startling the pilot inside, he reverses his thrusters and backs off, jostling the corvette some more with his sudden retreat. He then he satisfies the itch in his finger by activating his laser cannons. The pilot will still be too busy trying to correct the vessel in the wake of the rear-ending, which should buy Storm some time to really batter it before it can take evasive action. Continuing to fire as he stays in reverse, he waits for the pilot to get his or her head on straight and try to flee. He will gladly give chase. That is the fun of flying an interceptor. He can shadow an enemy and track their every move with ridiculous speed, driving the prey to panic and make a fatal mistake. He eagerly awaits this moment and he has no intentions of letting up on the firepower either.

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    Mar 23, 2001

    IC: Senior Chief Dex Mora
    Main Hangar One, Fero’s Song

    Standing at his terminal console in the hangar, a deck officer of no particular importance quickly downloaded a priority message he had received to the datapad he clutched in his shaky hands. This was a command directly from the Captain after all, the first he was charged with relaying to its intended recipients. So, yes… he was a bit nervous.

    Wiping the gathered sweat from his brow, the young man finished up by encrypting his device and hurrying on his way. He would not be blamed for slow response times.

    In what felt like hours but was actually no time at all, his wide gate had taken him across the hangar floor to a pair of TIEs that looked to be destroyed beyond repair, but he noted a familiar man steadily working on one from within the cockpit. Why waste the time? he pondered briefly before honing in on the female standing on the floor below; she was looking up at the second craft and to a technician that had leaned out of a broken viewport to converse with her.

    “Cadet Jansen,” the officer spoke as he approached her hastily, interrupting without any qualms and ignoring the man above. “I need you spun up and departed ASAP! Briefing en route.” His tone was urgent and cut right to the chase, knowing now was not the time for formalities. He pushed the encrypted datapad out towards her with both hands, the device able to be unlocked with her thumbprint as it was for her eyes only. Not even the man who had ferried the correspondence knew its content, he was simply the messenger.

    “Senior Chief?” he then called up to the first ruined spacecraft and the man attempting pointless repairs. The officer looked back to Cadet Jansen while pointing a finger at where his eyes had just been. He will prep a transport for you.”

    Dex had already heard the conversation of course, as he knew everything that occurred on his deck. Leaning out of the top of the fighter’s cockpit, arms crossed and listening, it was almost entirely unspoken as the Senior Chief acknowledged the change in plans.

    “Sir,” Dex responded with a nod, an unlit cigarette resting between his lips. That was all that needed to be said, he knew the drill like the back of his own hand. Watching the deck officer spin on his heels and march off, the Senior Chief looked the newcomer over without much interest, turning his gaze to Merton Dorien before speaking. “Let’s get moving then, kid. Always some new **** to deal with around here.”

    Lighting his cigarette, Dex took one long drag before putting it out below his boot and beginning to climb down from his TIE. This new chick needed to fly, and what else was his job other than to give his pilots their wings?

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Ebon Flight Update ~ Engaging the hostile Marauder Corvette

    Taking the lead in Ebon flight ‘Reaper 21’ had surged forward under the cover from his wing-mates, with full force attacking the corvette that had begun to head off the freighter. The larger craft is surprisingly sent slightly off course, from it being rammed from behind. The nose dips slightly, but not enough to cause it to break off from its intended course. The move was bold, though the mass of the corvette is too much to be changed by a light fighter. However the close proximity of the Sith fighter and the barrage of laser cannon fire from the four tip mounter cannons pours into the corvette at very close range, bypassing the shields slightly and causing one of its engines to erupt causing significant hull damage. The subsequent explosion was enough to alter the corvettes course, such was battle a bit of luck at times needed and welcomed. The remaining members of Ebon flight were still busy fighting off advancing fighters, keeping ‘Storm’ free to assault the corvette. The corvette continued to try to cut the freighter off from reaching the jump point, as the still yet unidentified Assault Cruiser was closing the distance.

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