Star Wars Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story

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    Stormaktstiden "Storm" Passchendaele
    Ebon Flight - Reaper 21

    Storm curses under his breath as the corvette maintains its course. He hadn't expected much of a physical change anyway; this is more of a psychological game with whomever is at the helm, but it wouldn't have been a bad thing if the ramming would have altered its course. If anything, the ramming may have made it clear that this particular pilot is not afraid to take chances. Unwilling to risk true damage to his ride, he tosses out the idea of ramming the corvette again and instead banks off to the left to circle around and open fire on the corvette's maneuvering flaps.

    "This should help you alter your course whether you want to or not," he mutters, once again flying in to close enough range to hopefully penetrate the shields, "You can have all the engine power in the galaxy, but if you have nothing to steer it with, what good are you?"

    He continues the barrage a few moments longer, bearing down close enough to just about rear-end the corvette again before breaking off and accelerating straight up above his target. He rolls to the side and makes an about face, plummeting down directly toward the bridge upon which he opens every form of firepower he has at his fingertips. As he comes closer, he will be forced to veer off to avoid a collision, but he continues firing all along the center top line of the corvette, targeting the turbolaser power grid that usually lies just behind the bridge. Once he has peppered the bridge and the power grid, he makes another upward climb to repeat the action, this time plummeting down on the grid and firing his way toward the bridge, repeating the same action in a reversed order, making sure to come close enough to do substantial damage to the shields if not penetrate them altogether.

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    Ebon Flight Update ~ Engaging the hostile Marauder Corvette

    The Marauder Corvette continues to take damage as its shields buckle and give way in several places as the pursuing interceptor makes a series of tight looped attack runs one after the other. The Interceptor is too fast for its ship to ship turret mounted cannon to repel it. The main fuselage takes significant damage as a power rely erupts and causes a large explosion. The corvette begins to list slightly as one of its maneuvering thrusters is badly damaged and the entire port wing buckles and sheers partially off from the torque of the engines, effectively rendering it nearly disabled.

    A large flash of green flies by Reaper 21’s cockpit, this flash mch more intense than a fighter barrage. Turbolaser and heavy cannon fire from the still unidentified frigate pounds Reaper flight’s target freighter. While Ebon flight had effectively taken out the corvette, the corvette had also done its intended job of delaying the freighter just enough and now the large frigate was well within range of the freighter pounding it with its forward batteries. The already damaged freighter quickly succumbs to the barrage as it takes numerous direct hits. Desperately trying to evade being obliterated, the freighter turns and its new path directs it back towards the planet. The maneuver is short lived however as the hull erupts near one of its main engines, ripping a hole and sending it further towards a path of violently re-entering the systems atmosphere.

    The unidentified force had no intentions of letting the wounded freighter escape as the wave of six X-wings pressed to pursue the freighter as it began to re-enter the atmosphere.

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    GM update

    Edge of the Unknown Regions ~
    Surveyed system: Delta 65a-45791
    Present time 2025 GST

    ‘CAG!’ [Joker-Two] The Commander heard in his comms the voice of Joker as he twisted the stick, and pressed on the foot pedals sending the TIE into a tight twist, while simultaneously depressing the trigger and vaporizing a howlrunner fighter that was desperately trying to evade him. ‘Storm took out the corvette, but that frigate is pounding the freighter!’ [Joker-Two]

    The Commander had seen as much on his threat display as he twisted the interceptor back around into the direction of Ebon flight.

    ‘Crimson. Ebon Flight form up on the freighter.’ [CAG-Lead]

    The interceptors throttle was nearly open, as the Commander took a direct line to the freighter now re-entering the atmosphere. The frigates pursuit would momentarily be slowed it it tried to enter the atmosphere, which would give them time to try and reach the freighter. Crimson had made short work of their assignment scattering and picking the X-Wings off one by one. Only a few stragglers remained from both the initial flight of X-wing and I7 Howlrunners that had been thrown at Crimson and Ebon flights. A new flight of X-wings however was out in front and bearing down on the freighter. A beeping display in his HUD indicated a good lock, a concussion missile was released and fired at medium range as the Commander closed the distance on the X-wing flight. On cue without having to issue the command, two more concussion missiles were launched, one each by Reapers two and twelve that had been shadowing and keeping pace with CAG in sync. Three of the X-wings erupted in flames after the missiles tracked and impacted them each in rapid succession. The three remaining X-wings stayed on course each launching a torpedo of their own, before breaking off from their tracking of the freighter. The torpedos impacted the freighter one-two-three. The descent of the freighter tracked in the high atmospheric clouds as CAG lost visual contact.

    ‘Crimson, Ebon STAY on that freighter and take out those pursuing fighters.’ [CAG-Lead]

    CAG twisted the interceptor at the last moment before several of the once scatter Howlrunners and X-Wings were able to target him. It was a chain of fighters descending into the atmosphere. Going from space to lower atmosphere very quickly. CAG with Joker and Bogle in formation moved to screen the pursuing fighters off, and allow for Crimson and Ebon flights to engage the remaining X-wings pursuing the freighter and re-establish contact.

    Ebon Flight


    Crimson Flight

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