Rebel Hearts 2: **Fathers and Sons** - Complete!!! Book 3 News - 06/18!!

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  1. rogue11lovesjag Jedi Padawan

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    Dear Mira and Admiral,

    Thank you so much for writing this story. It has kept us entertained and delighted for almost an entire year. Not many people could create such a following, but your extraordinary writing has.

    You've given us missing scenes, delved more deeply into characters we see little of, and brought in new characters that we all love dearly. You have pulled every emotion out of our hearts with your writing, and for this I commend and congratulate you. Excellent work.

    With that said, when's the new story coming out? :D

    Just kidding. I know you all need a well-deserved break. But we'll be waiting for more.


  2. Gr-Adm-Thrawn Jedi Master

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    *peeks inand looks around the thread*

    hum.. well.. *clears throat*

    First of all - i guess when you finish an enterprise such as this - the first person to thank is your partner.

    Mira - thanks. Thanks for letting me in on book 2, thanks for pushing me to keep up with your incredible ideas on character development, thanks for letting me have fun with the Baron, thanks for sharing so many possible ideas of plot developments with me, thanks for having the same unsatiable passion for the Galaxy Far Far Away.
    Above all and most of all ... thanks for being there as a dear friend - through my thick and thin - you were always there with kind words of support and you cannot begin to imagine how much that made me feel better.

    Chaserchiss You are the reason we got so far too ! those posts of yours were too much / for a while my freinds thought I was insane 'coz I was laughing so hard while reading the screen. Thank you for taking the time of summarizing as so and making me cry tears of joy.

    For the Readers - well I'll remember the 3 Gs while I'm writing theses lines. Thanks for everything, thanks for posting and upping this baby so much that we have some authors who hate our guts 'coz we were always on page 1 24/7 ! [face_laugh]
    you cannot begin to imagine the satisfaction we have had throughout these long months while reading your posts.
    "hey they noticed that!" , "Mira, change of plan, that development is too obvious, they saw it" etc..

    Jag, Jaina, the Baron, Syal, Han and Leia of course, Veggies (lol), Wes (gotta love that guy), Inez, Reina (ahh long story to explain why she's my favorite) Face, Kell, the Chiss, would never have been pushed so far if we hadn't had your posts for support.

    We've both said it a zillion times, but we woudl never be here without you, you have our deepest gratitude. Thank you again.

    The Admiral
  3. TheBiggerFish Jedi Master

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    *bigfishy tackle/hugs the Admiral*

    You're very very very welcome. :)
  4. Admiral_Lelila Jedi Padawan

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    Mira and Admiral

    Congratulations on writing this phenomenal story. I can?t begin to tell you how must I have enjoyed Fathers and Sons

    Authors, authors

    [applause] [applause]

    :) :) :)
    The band walked away with a total of 10 trophies and awards at the music festival in Florida.

    I was able to go to MGM Disney and I did Star Tours

    It was awesome.

    I even bought a toy Baby Ewok. :)

    They?re prediction snow for Thursday. :(

  5. Mira_Terrik Jedi Padawan

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    Hiyas, everyone!

    I hope all of you are having a great day so far and to those of you - like me - who will be enjoying a nice long weekend due to Easter, I hope the weather is bright and cool!

    I must confess that I?m deeply touched by all the kind replies that followed the ending of Fathers and Sons. It?s always hard to end a story, particularly one that has been so much fun to write, and your responses have not only made me smile but you?ve all made me blush and yes, I had a tear or two (or three).

    This will be my last post on this thread so I?d like to the take the time and space to reply to each one of you.

    Jade : I?d say that I?m surprised that you?ve made first post again, but ... ;) From the beginning of Interlude, you?ve been one of my biggest supporters and also a great friend. Thanks for all the encouragement and laughs! :D

    jags_gurl : Thankies! I enjoy writing the romance as much as I do reading it and even though this story was more about Soontir and Jagged, we were able to squeeze in some tender scenes with our couples. I appreciate all the feedback that you?ve given us since Page 1. I?ll see you at Book 3!

    JPS : Ah, another one of my first ever readers! Thanks so much for the compliment! Serenity was one of the first stories I started reading when I came to the threads and the beautiful way you?ve weaved your tales furthered my desire to write a Jaina/Jag adventure. Thanks for that small bit of inspiration. :)

    Tinuviel_Jyana : Thankies! It?ll be a short while yet before Book 3 is started - I?m finally out of that spell of Writer?s Block that I had. I wonder what adventure Jaina and Jag will share this time? [face_devil]

    Rogue11JS : As I stated at the end of Fathers and Sons there will be a follow-up story. This is the Rebel Hearts Trilogy afterall. [face_mischief]

    Reesie : You are most welcome! :)

    Jaina-Solo-Fel13 : And yes both of their kids wih be part the other. If that makes any sense. Don?t worry, it made sense to me, heehee. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to both of us. Han and Soontir have known each other since their days at the academy and the Admiral does a wonderful job of defining their friendship. Hmm ... Perhaps ?Tir should move back to the Known Regions after the war and become Han?s new first mate on the Falcon .. Now, THAT would be an entertaining story! 8-}

    JainaJag00 : Thanks a lot! My Partner wrote the Han and Soontir part and as usual, he did a bang-up job with them! Hmm, now?s there?s a story that needs telling: Han and Soontir - The Academy Years. Admiral, now that The Slicer is completed, there?s an idea for ya! ;)

    Miska : Heehee, of course there is going to be final part and I?ll post a note on Across the Universe when it goes up. I?ll make a note, though, so you?ll receive a PM as well.

    Jaina_Fel_06 : [face_blush] Aw, thanks so much! Writing this tale has been a true joy and part of me wished that we could have continued with it for well, several more months! LOL! I hate ending a story but I?m elated that it?s brought so much joy to so many readers.

    JJD : When we began writing this, I had no idea that Han and Soontir were going to be so much fun to write. I remember when "Solo, get your daughter off my son!" first came to me ... I guess I should have known then that they?d be a hoot to script for! Thankies for your kind words and support over the last 9 months. I must admit, I miss seeing your signature line, heehee! Don?t worry - it won?t be long before we?ll be seeing it again. ;)

  6. Lt_Jaina_Solo Jedi Knight

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    that last postie was hilarious, and beautiful, Admiral! you guys should be very proud of yourselves! i can't believe it's finished! jeez, this has got to be one of my favorite fics and you guys should be very proud of yourselves...

    can't wait for more!
  7. WindmereWellen Jedi Youngling

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    That was such a great ending!

    Congrats, Mira & the Admiral for finishing the story. Has it really been that long? This story has been a joy to read and I really liked how you brought to life characters that are seldom used or [as of late] written out of character. I loved every moment of it. You two should be proud of what you've done; you write so well together.

    I'll patiently be waiting to read Book 3, Mira!
  8. ChaseherChiss Jedi Youngling

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    Ladies & Gentlemen, Padawans of all ages, welcome to Author PALOOZA

    I know what your saying, what?s this wacky gal up to now. Well it occurs to
    me that our Authors are just that, authors, and don?t all good authors deserve
    a Q&A session that gives the fans a little info about what makes them tick?!

    I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Mira.

    It?s 7:30 P.M. as I wait in Dex?s Diner for my subject to arrive. As she walks in I recognize her immediately, I?d know her anywhere, she has the look of a writer on her face. No seriously she was making notes at work and fell asleep with her forehead resting her notebook. Wow, book 3 opens as, no you can?t kill her?(Mira clears throat) moving right along.

    My subject, jets off to remove the notes from her forehead and returns to take a seat opposite me. After a few polite introductions, and an order for 1 blue milk and a Barons Brew the interview is off and running?

    Chase: Why the Star Wars Universe?

    Mira: I've been writing historical romances for over ten years and at some point it was
    just starting to get tiresome, you know? I wanted to write something different - to stay in the world that I was familiar with and loved. It was my brother, actually, who challenged me way back in 1997 to write a Sci-fi story - so I chose Star Wars. I've been writing in that universe ever since.

    Chase: Who is your most inspiring Character?

    Mira: Boy, that's a good question!

    Chase: LOL Thank you!

    Mira: I would have to say Wedge Antilles has been my favorite character from the very first moment I heard "Look at the size of that thing!" Then again, I was five when I first heard that so Chewie and Artoo were my favorites too. LOL! From the very beginning of the X-Wing novels, though, I really felt like I could connect with Wedge. He was just your everyday average Joe Schmoe. He didn't attend the Academy, he wasn't a politician, he wasn't a Jedi. He was a kid who had literally pulled himself up by the bootstraps after his parents died and did something with his life. He's humble and down-to-earth ... His work ethic and the way he carries himself is attractive to me and I love being able to work with his character. He's so interesting ... Well, except for the time when he was with Qui Xux. (shudders)

    Chase: Has Wedge always held that status, or at one time was their, someone else?

    Mira: Yes, although I must admit that Soontir Fel is certainly inching up there on him. I've known of 'Tir for years but I had a lot of trouble finding "The Making of Baron Fel" so I always felt like I was missing something. When I finally got the trade paperback, "Blood and Honour" I was so delighted! His story is just incredible and the more I read that and wrote "Fathers and Sons" with The Admiral, the more I became interested in learning about what happened in the intervening years and my desire to write about him and Syal just skyrocketed. Then there's Wes Janson ... Boy, would I love to write about his younger years! However, for the time being, Wedge is still #1 with me. :)

    Chase: What out of everything you?ve written and posted BEEP BEEP BEEP, HANG ON MIRA MY COM IS BEEPING, CHASE HERE, NO I HAVN?T SEEN ANY EWOKS CROSSING THE ROAD, DANG CRANK CALLERS. SORRY BOUT THAT. What out of everything you?ve written and posted do you feel is the best example of your skills as a writer? It can be a story, a single chapter, a single phrase you came up with!

    Mira: Can I say two things here?

    Chase: Sure, answer however you like!

    Mira: LOL! I'm proud of everything I've written and posted but there are two that scream at me. The first would be a scene in "Interlude" with Jaina and Jagged before they left Drognan. They shared one more dance that led to a kiss and I weaved the lyrics of Enya's "Fallen Embers" into the narrative to help define the moment for them. Aside from the historical stories I've done, that scene was one of the best romantic pieces I've ever written. I don't think I can pull that off again! Heehee. The
  9. Admiral_Lelila Jedi Padawan

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    This was too funny.

    Thank you to Mira, The Admiral and Chase for such phenomenal posts.


  10. jags_gurl Jedi Padawan

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    Wow, book 3 opens as, no you can?t kill her?(Mira clears throat) moving right along. [face_laugh] Chase, that whole interview was fantastic! it was nice to 'get to know Mira' as it were! heehee, and i loved the comm interruptions! excellent interview- looking forward to reading what the Admiral has to say!
  11. TheBiggerFish Jedi Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    heehee...good one Chase! :)

    Admiral! w00t! :p
  12. Gr-Adm-Thrawn Jedi Master

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    Jan 1, 2002
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    LOL !

    Wedge antilles?!?!? wow ! i didn't expect that one! LOL

    I remember which scene you were refering to - it is a masterpiece indeed.


    anyway where was i .. oh yes

    grabs Chase and settles here in a seat

    no problem here Dexter - just making sure the tabs for the press 8-}

    the Admiral
  13. Master_Jaina1011 Jedi Master

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    oh wow . . . cant believe this is over. . . I mean i'm in disbelief cuz a week AFTER its finished i find out it is . . . Man ive been busy . . . I loved that last post Mira and Admiral. Both of you brought Soontir back along with the wonderful characters of Inez and Reina!!!! Inform me when the sequel is up cuz im barely around anymore!!!

    love you two!!

  14. Midnight_Jedi Jedi Youngling

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    Wow, that's all I can really say, wow... I can say that this is one of the best stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And that's a lot considering I'm a total Kyp/Jaina shipper. *hides from the murderous Jag/Jaina fans*
    I actually originally clicked on the "Rebel Hearts 1: Interlude" because all I really looked at was the words "Rebel Hearts" and considering Jag's attitude towards the military, it sounds more like a K/J fict (No offense, now I've read the story, I have to say the title fits beautifully) But before I could delete the window and scream "My Eyes! MY Eyes! They burn at the sight of Captain Cardboard!!!" I was hooked. You've done an excellent job writing Jag so that he seems more realistic and human then the distant, vision of perfection he usually appears as. I must say that I was almost converted there for a moment, but don't tell any one! ;)


    P.S.~ My friend and I are starting a thread where people can easily find romance ficts with any couple from any time period, may we put "Rebel Hearts" up there with a review? Please PM me back with your response!
  15. ChaseherChiss Jedi Youngling

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    Welcome to Wednesday and another installment of Author Palooza. Recently your resident Press Agent Chase sat down with the Admiral, and here's what happened when he dropped anchor and came into port!

    The Admiral is late, well ok technically he?s not late it?s only one minute passed the time that I told him to meet me. I scan the crowd of Nubians who have gathered near the lakefront for the fireworks display that will be put on shortly. I check my watch again and catch a glimpse of a man who appears to be looking for someone. As he turns his head I laugh out loud at the patch that covers one eye. He?s dressed in black with red piping down the sleeve, and holding, himself ramrod straight. I told the Admiral I was worried I wouldn?t recognize him, so he dressed up. Well, either that or this interview is about to get interesting!

    I smile and wave as he locates me and makes his way to my table.

    Chase: Well I definitely didn?t have trouble recognizing you.

    Admiral: Good, um do you know someone named Keeta?

    Chase: Yes, why do you ask!

    Admiral: He asked me to give you this piece of paper, and told me to tell you to turn on your comlink.

    Chase: (ROLLS EYES) Sorry about him, he can be a tad bit squirrelly! Ok how bout we get right down to business. What made you decide to write about the Star Wars Universe?

    Admiral: Because of the riches already held by the Galaxy far far away, the variety of cultures, species, planets, ships, technologies, myths .. it is so overwhelming, I wanted to add my little tid bit in there.

    Chase: Who is the character that inspires you the most?

    Admiral: Boba Fett. I have a Don Post collector mask of Boba !! :p ? and he?s the reason I got addicted to SW as the first book I read was the Bounty hunter trilogy(alright Jeter ain?t the best to write SW ? that barve joke was getting lame as was Kuat-kuat-kuat-kuat ? but he depicted the canon sequences very well).

    Chase: Has Mr. Fett always held that status or at one time was there someone else?

    Admiral: Boba was always there on an inspirational level ? always pragmatic though a little clumsy .. hehe

    And Kenix Kil ? the crimson guard ? now that man is COOL! But during Memoirs ? the making of Jagged Fel ? I came across 2 comics ?Blood and honor? and ?in the service of the Empire? - and Wow! Baron Fel just popped in and I had to write about him. I wouldn?t say the Baron inspires me - but I do love this character.

    Chase: Well you?ve certainly made a Baron lover out of me. Ok this next question is a toughie! What out of everything you?ve written and posted do you feel is the best example of your skill as a writer?

    Admiral: Well it?s a vignette ? even if it qualified as a short story ?coz the action took place in 2 areas ? called ?Reciprocity? about Karrde and Shada. It?s not my genre since it?s romance ? but I guess it does present my skill as I feel that piece is rather well written for somebody who is good at writing action.

    Chase: What outside influences inspired you to write, and have you always been a writer, or enjoyed writing?

    Admiral: Hmmm.. Tough one. I had written - more or less six years ago ? VERY irregularly. I started with poetry ? sonnets, ballads, etc? then I moved on to a series of short stories called sin ? presenting the 7 deadly sins and a dark avenger ? quite fun and a novel ? medieval fantasy ? about a group of teens who get sucked into a realm which resembled? Well more or less any RPG medieval world. Quite fun but never finished it as I got into RPG ? Vampire the mascarade, and quickly became a rolemaster. I kept on telling stories, sagas even with my players as heroes. However after graduating from my Masters and moving to Bangkok ? I lost this ?creative contact? and a few months later ? in came Star wars fan fics.

    Chase: Wow it sounds like you?ve taken on a lot of different genre?s!

    Admiral: I?ve always like telling stories ? medieval ? fictional ? roman noir ? it?s just something that keeps the brain cells running. And sometimes just sometimes ? you go thr
  16. Mira_Terrik Jedi Padawan

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    As he turns his head I laugh out loud at the patch that covers one eye. He?s dressed in black with red piping down the sleeve, and holding, himself ramrod straight. I told the Admiral I was worried I wouldn?t recognize him, so he dressed up. Well, either that or this interview is about to get interesting!

    Oh my goodness! ROFLOL!!!! I nearly died when I read that!! Good one, Chase!! [face_laugh]

    That was quiet an entertaining read! You know, Admiral, we've been friends since July and we're still learning things about each other - I never knew about the Roleplaying gig. Most imformative!

    If an Ewok falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really happen?

    Admiral: Ahh the famous question about information and it?s veracity.
    I consider myself a writer, so I?d say, of course it happened, but do you know why the Ewok was there alone in the first place? It all started at dawn when the last embers of the previous nights? bonfire slept amiss the ashes, there had been a great celebration?

    ROFL!!!!! Why couldn't I think of something that creative?! Oh wait, I know - I was too busy laughing!! [face_laugh] 8-}


    Oh man, I needed this laugh so much after the day I had. Thanks Chase and the Admiral for making me almost choke on my cracker. LOL!!


    Lt_Jaina_Solo: Thankies! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and your kind words are greatly appreciated. :D

    WindmereWellen: Thanks! Writing F&S with my Partner-In-Lines had been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for us both. It should be interesting to see what adventures Jaina and Jag find themselves in the midst of in Book 3! :)

    MJ1011: It was great having Tir back wasn't it? And Inez and Reina are so much fun to write .. so different yet no mistaking they're family! See you at the final instalment of the trilogy!

    Midnight_Jedi: Welcome to the end of the madness that was "Fathers and Sons"! Thank you very much for the kind words. [face_blush] I'm sure you've noticed throughout "Interlude" that some of my readers were Kyp/Jaina supporters so you weren't the only one. Heehee. I'm very glad that you've enjoyed the Trilogy to date .. and your PM is on the way! :D

    Well, off I go to indulge in some comfort food after my crappy day. Take care all and have a good one!

  17. PROPHEToftheCOUNCIL Jedi Master

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    I hesitate to post, but after reading the gracious words of the co-authors to the readers (Thanks Chase!! Great Idea.) I felt compelled to say a few words, er. . . phrases.

    Well done! It is always nice to hear a more personal side from writers, and with you two... well, I count you as friends so I found it especially nice to read your responses. ((Vincent, I admire your sentiment greatly and am curious as to the placements in this trinity you spoke of, granted it was probably used in the figurative sense, driven more as a descriptor for a group of three. . . but I'm rambling and . . . and. Well lets just stop there before I make a bigger fool of myself.))

    I admire you both, and look forward to any offerings either of you may choose to present, either singularly or as a united bard-like prognostication.


    Prophet (you both know my name, I hope, at least I think I've told you both my name. . . aww sheesh I'm rambling a gain.)
  18. Admiral_Lelila Jedi Padawan

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    Thank you for your kind words.

    All I can say is, The wrong team wrote Refugee? It should have been

    Mira and Admiral

  19. jags_gurl Jedi Padawan

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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] he dressed up for the interview? how considerate!! [face_laugh] thanks again, Chase for the wonderful interview with one of our favorite authors!
  20. Gr-Adm-Thrawn Jedi Master

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    an eye-patch?????????


    the Admiral
  21. ChaseherChiss Jedi Youngling

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    Yeah sure I could have dressed you as a Jedi, or Boba but you are the main reason i'm a Baron fan now so the eye patch just felt right!! LOL Sorry!! :p

    Hope today was better than yesterday Mira!!!


  22. Saber-of-Light Jedi Master

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    **grumbles something about being out of a-**

    **reads posts again**

    Okay, never mind.

    I'm sooooooooooo sorry that my stupid arm kept me from witnessing a landmark event in my favorite authors' thread! **glares at arm** I'll be happy to bodyguard for you as always- after, doesn't my sig say so? :p

    **flips out like Tara predicted** Ack!!! The insanity on this thread (oy, 2:00 in the morning with LB and JPS and Jade all posting at the same time with me on page 30-something, lol) is done now, yet all the memories remain; though everything comes to an end now, the readers' parting has no pain....okay, I could go on writing a sappy, mediocre poem, but I'll settle for just saying AWESOME STORY (too bad it's over [who's the next co-writer going to be, still the Admiral? Let us hope so, and if not, as said by the donkey from Shrek,
    "Pick me! Pick me!"]) and everyone enjoyed the ride far too much (okay, no such thing as too much fun!!!) !!!!

    **glares at arm again**
  23. Saber-of-Light Jedi Master

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    UP, in case new readers want to indulge!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Saber-of-Light Jedi Master

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    ?[face_plain] Why is it that everytime I visit the thread of a major author, people never come? I must be bad luck **cowers**

    UP! for anyone who wants to reread the story!
  25. PROPHEToftheCOUNCIL Jedi Master

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