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    Chapter Nineteen

    The days dragged on slowly and painfully without the slightest flicker of a blue glow. Jessa walked the floor of her tiny cabin to worried to leaving, checking and double checking on her treasure. She refrained from counting them even though she had the urger every last time she saw them. Only the time caring for the baby eased her nerves, the sweet little face and cooing never failed to calm her.

    Yes, you're a good baby; not mean like Yoda and Obi-Wan popping in and out leaving me with questions. Important questions... No, they're not mean really. I'm sure they have other people to pop in on and help. Important people with huge problems, big bad Jedi problems. Our only problem right now is getting more milk for your bottle. Then there's nap time.”

    A knock at the door brought her back to the adult world. She laid the baby back in her basket and headed to the door. By now she knew Drake's knock so this wasn't as nerve wracking as earlier in the trip, she was actually relieved to see another adult even for a moment.

    M'lady, here is the milk for the baby and the pot of tea as you requested.” Drake brought a small tray in and set it on the fold down table, two items required a tray making it easier to pass a note but from his manner she already knew it was good news.

    Thank you Drake. I appreciate your help with the baby.” Even she could hear the relief in her voice.

    As soon as the door closed she rushed to the tray and removed the cloth covering a note under the milk container saying, the Count left the transport two stops early without an explanation.

    Jessa took a deep breath and a wave of relief flooded over her.”I feel as if I've been let out of a prison cell. I can leave this cabin again with out fear of... “ Just then a blue glow filled the room.

    Now, you choose now to show up. Now that the Count has left.” She started fuming before she even saw who it was. “Yoda, what happened to Obi-Wan and why hasn't someone been back to check on me?”

    Ah! Busy Master Obi-Wan has been. Came as soon as we could. Master Moth flee he had to with the children. Headed his way, GSP troopers were. Another planet for school we have to find. At next stop get off you will. Instructions you will get then.” With that Yoda vanished.

    She looked around the dimly lit room for several minutes before calmly saying to herself. “I get it they are trying to see if I break easily before I get intrusted with the younglings.”

    I don't crack not even Galt and Grumps forcing me to wait for years to go into the mountains could crack me. Not even being shipwrecked among strangers and strange species could crack me. GSP troopers chasing me through the mountains didn't crack me. Bad Jedi Count didn't crack me... well maybe a hairline crack but nothing like these pop in and out Force Ghost mentors.'

    Oh! And I still want to know about Moth and the Count having the same teacher. Maybe you can pencil that in for next time.” She stood there for several minutes listening to the hum of the transport engines but no answers to her questions.

    A sniffle from the basket reminded her to fix the baby's bottle. Looking down at the drooping eyes she thought. 'The Force will see to it I am where I need to be.'

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    Chapter Twenty

    They had been at the coastal inn for three days, a cold and damp place where the people looked like fish and didn't understand the concept of heating. “Now I wish I had spent more time studying galactic species. I figured I would be a warrior not a teacher...We can always hire a teacher on the subjects that I'm not familiar with.”

    Three days and no instructions as he had promised. “I can't take the baby shopping for warmer clothes and leave the room and my stuff; it was dangerous enough on the ship.” She checked the baby wrapped in her cloak.

    A knock at the door caused her to jump. 'I'm going to have to do something about these nerves. I miss my roof there hasn't been room on the ship or here for my kata.' She took a deep breath and opened the door.

    A young female of the native species carrying several large boxes peeked around them. “M'lady a distinguished man left these for you and there is a note in a package on the top box.”

    Thank you, put them on the sleep couch. Here is your tip.” Jessa handed the porter a half credit to her amazement. 'I never seem to get that right from planet to planet.'

    As soon as she closed the door behind the porter she ran to the boxes and found a warm cloak, boots and a baby bunting – a hooded bag; all made out of warm faux suede. She sighed with relief and checked on the baby snuggled deep in her cloak.

    She found the package and ripped it open, inside was instructions on where to find a private ship, be there just after dark, milk for the baby will be supplied.

    She looked at the chrono it was getting late so she stuffed everything she could in the baggage, changed the baby and rang the porter for transportation to the spaceport.

    A well worn protocol droid met her at the landing pad and with great authority ordered the baggage carried in to the second door on the left. “M'lady, I am glad to welcome you to our humble ship. As soon as you are settled your presence is requested at the captain's table. I will watch the baby for you. I am experienced with little ones of all ages. Oh! Pardon me but my name is C-3PO if you need anything just ring me on the comlink.”

    Thank you C-3PO. Tell the captain I will be there shortly.” Jessa wasn't accustom to dealing with droids, there were few on her home planet so she felt uneasy not being able to sense them in the Force.

    And the captain said to dress casual, the ship is business like.”

    As soon as her door closed she heard the ship crank and leave the space port later it jumped to hyperspace.

    She felt comfortable dressing in her pants, tunic, robe and obi, she hadn't worn them since she left home but they felt right. She prepared the baby for the night and called C-3PO. While she was waiting for him she buried her cargo under all the baggage.

    C- 3PO gave her instructions on how to get to the dinning area and listened to her instructions about the baby. She dreaded leaving Boni alone and her cargo unguarded but she felt confident she was where she was supposed to be so she turned and closed the door behind her.

    The walk was distracting, the ship was old worn looking, blaster shot patterns in the bulkheads, smell of parts burning out and a piece of a broken toy. “Wow this ship is in need of an overhaul. I hope it's in better shape than it looks.”

    The old girl looks her age but the Falcon can still fly.” An older looking man stepped out of a side corridor to her surprise. “I didn't mean to startle you, I'm Captian Mikkel Hinto. Your younger than I expected and stronger.”

    I told you she was what we needed.” The voice said as they rounded the corner sending chills down her spine.

    Count Veyt, I didn't check out which distinguished older man sent the message.” She realized her mistake and the danger she was in.

    Older?” Veyt wasn't happy with the description the porter gave.

    The Captain laughed long and hardy. “He is vain, a part of the darkside I've warned him about since he was younger than you. Moth never had that problem.”

    Moth wasn't as good looking as I am.” Veyt caressed his jaw.

    No one is as good looking as you think you are.” The Captain returned in a well worn banter as he held the chair for Jessa.

    Now we will eat and then I will explain why you are here.”

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    Chapter Twenty-one

    You were on your way to Moth's excuse for a school disguised as an orphanage. He has a hand full of barely Force sensitive abandoned disinherited street rats and a kennel, fitting for his purposes. Now he has the GSP chasing him.” The Count showed his disdain for Moth's modest training and scholastic home.

    The Captain cleared his voice at the Count and took the proposition down a less condescending path. “Moth is doing what he can with what he has Veyt but we have a quiet villa on a temperate planet outside of the GSP's reach. We want you to be our headmistress, training the children the ways of the Force and the use and making of... lightsabers.” The Captain wavered knowing that point could make or brake his proposal.

    Jessa leaned back in her seat folded her arms across her chest and looked from one to the other, now the real reason for wanting her was here. She felt the comforting touch of the lightsaber against her leg and the assurance it gave her. She had constructed her own lightsaber something she suspected neither the Count or the Captain had been able to do because of the scarcity of the crystals.

    For a considerable price in junk shops around the galaxies edges a few worn and damaged lightsabers could be found but she had something they valued even more than her teaching ability, crystals.

    Yes, she was on their ship in the middle of a trade route, but she had her own, personally made lightsaber. They both watcher her for a sign of which way she was leaning.

    As you gentlemen know I was raised in a bar; I've seen men bluff their way into and out of fortunes. I know what you want and what I have and the only way we...” She paused for a moment then continued. “Yes, we are going to get what we want is to combine our assets and work together. I assume you know where Moth is fleeing with his charges.” The look on their faces answered her question.

    Find him and his younglings, convince him to join us and we may have an us.” She felt the Force flowing threw her as she spoke.

    You know he is convinced he will never fall to the darkside. He would never...” The Captain paused.

    Jessa interrupted. “There is no ultimate light or dark. There is good in anger for the right reason, strength in a calm heart. If you want my... have to combine both concepts into one train of thought, one academy.”

    For now...” She stood, looked from one to the other and said. “I am going to my cabin to check on my charge. I will be there until you have confirmation of Moth's approval, through him or our blue glowy friends.”

    As she turned to leave she heard them say. “Blue glowy friends?”

    She smiled won't they be surprised.

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    Chapter Twenty Two

    Jessa awoke from a sound sleep to a blue glow inches from her face. “Humm! Thought you were smart I did. Tch! Tch! Tch!” Yoda said, clicking his teeth with his tongue.

    Tried we have to bring balance to the Force, tragic outcome never recovered, have we. Prophesy doomed to fail, it is.”

    Balance to the Force, prophesy... I have no idea what your talking about."

    "These wake up visits are getting annoying." Jessa thought.

    "I just know we need to work together or the GSP are going to annihilate all of us then where will the Jedi be. I don't know what happened between the Captain, the Count and Moth but there has to be a better way. They have a beautiful villa in a safe place and we have no where. We need each other.”

    How able to trust them, are we?” Yoda asked.

    Well, they have been on this ship for well what seems like forever and they haven't tried to take the crystals from me so I think that is a good sign. Tell Master Moth that I don't trust them either but sometimes you have to set your differences aside and work together or both sides loose to the GSP. Does he have a better offer?”

    Yoda looked at her through squinted eyes. “Tell him what you said I will. Answer I will bring you.”


    A faint tap at the door brought Jessa out of her baby babble and to the real world of danger and intrigue. This was a human hand knocking. The Captain and Count had been accommodating her by not approaching her cabin as they journeyed to Moth's new hiding place. The ship dropped out of hyperspace as she laid the baby down in the play pen C3PO had constructed for the more active charge.

    She opened the door to see Captain Hinto smiling with what Grump's friend Kiri always called a bad boy smile, intriguing but the deadliest weapon known to woman.
    Jessa, we are soon arriving at Moth's hiding place, an abandoned inn at the foot of an active volcano. We would like for you to join us as we go to meet Moth. We promise there are no tricks. Your cargo is safe with C3PO.”

    Jessa stood still reaching out with the Force; it felt safe to her. “I will be at the ramp as soon as it opens. Please send C3PO to watch the baby.”

    Hinto smiled as he turned away from her. 'So commanding for one so young.' He thought.

    The whole ship seemed to inhale as the ramp opened. Jessa left her precious cargo with C3PO for the first time since she discovered who's ship she was on. The smell of sulfur overpowered any air circulating in the ship.

    There was gray ash over what vegetation that survived and a simple rock constructed inn near by. The door was opened but no one came out until Jessa followed Vyet and Hinto out of the ship. Moth came out followed by three preteen mixed matched skint knees boys, a thin sullen girl with jet black hair and a little brown headed girl holding her hand.

    The Jedi Master motioned for them to wait just before they got to the ship. “I gather your the new commander of this great adventure.” He said looking annoyed at Jessa. “Even Yoda's following your orders.”

    Jessa's breath froze in her lungs at the sight of the tall blond, brown eyed man carrying a bundle of supplies. He wasn't that conceited good looks of Vyet or the distinguished good looks of Hinto but the proud, come with me I'm on a great adventure look. Her heart said, “Yes, I'm coming.” Her mouth said, “I think you had better get on board that volcano looks like it's ready to explode.”

    As the ramp clicked shut the volcano belched rocks and flames. The men ran to the cockpit Moth slipped into the pilot's seat and said sternly. “I bet you never got that hyper drive motivator replaced but I bet your cabin is nice and cozy.” Moth ended with a jab.

    The gray ash gave way to black star studded space. “Where to?” Moth asked then punched the co-ordinates into the nav-computer and said. “Come on, one more time and I'll get you the new part, I promise.”

    As they all held their breath waiting for the familiar jump surge then exhaled in relief when it came.

    Jessa ushered the children into the mess hall and started handing out fruit, bread and bowls of stew plus some weird blue milk.

    Soon they were joined by the men. “Hey! It wasn't my idea.” “Or mine.” She heard them coming. “It was hers.”

    Moth looked at her for a moment then asked. “Are you crazy? This will never work. Didn't they teach you about the Sith in school.”

    Her heart went from 'Oh! Wow!' to 'Oh! No!' “No! They didn't and maybe that is a good thing. There is an army of stormtroopers chasing us and a hand full of us. Good or bad we need each other.”

    They need what you have, not you or me or...” He looked around at the children.

    I've been on this ship what seems like forever and they haven't spaced me and taken them.” She tried to reason with him.

    They are patient; getting us all together...” Not wanting to scare the children.

    Isn't patience a Jedi virtue?” She asked with faux sweetness.

    I've known them a lot longer than you have.” He stopped realizing they were starting to laugh. “What?”

    The Captain paused and said. “You haven't known her as long as we have.”

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    Once again, Lea, excellent. Dark side? Uh o.
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    Chapter Twenty Three

    Jessa's teaching journal

    I never thought I would end up being a teacher. But teaching these children have been exciting. Some have been on their own for quite a while working to support themselves, like the twins Jalen and Japa, their blond hair and green eyes made them different from my home planet's population. They love to play twin games on people since they are so much alike and have constant communication with each other to the extent you can carry on a conversation with the twin who isn't with them through the one that is. It's going to be a project to see how far apart they can keep it up. They have one little tell as to which one is which but I'm going to keep that to myself.

    The third boy is a couple of years younger; he's been with Moth the longest. His parent recognized his Jedi tendencies early on and sent him away with Moth rather than endanger the whole family. He has red hair with one big freckle covering most of his smiling face; he is the happiest of the bunch. He is a caretaker to the rest whatever someone needed he is there with it in short order.

    Lash is the oldest, tall for a girl with long jet black hair and always always braided she can use it as a whip if need be. She always dresses in dark gray with a blue metal dagger with stones the color of her eyes, from what I've learned about Sith during this trip Lash is a good candidate. She has cold blue eyes and a rare menacing smile, her only redeeming quality, her protective behavior toward Marat.

    Marat is the youngest about eight standard years old: light brown hair and eyes to match. She is the saddest of them all, her family was killed for trying to hide her, an enemy of the Galactic good, when she was detected by the GSP. She was being processed when Moth got her away from them. She never speaks or smiles. She bonding with Boni and playing little hide and find game with her.

    Boni is crawling and pulling up on things; she like Moth and calls him Ma. His hair does need to be cut but I'm not going to be the one to tell him. Her diaper leaked on him last night, I even got blamed for that. I wanted to say she was trying to improve the smell but I did learn something from being raised in a bar.

    Moth and I are attempting to avoid each other as much as possible, much to the Count and Captain’s amusement. When we are forced to deal with each other he calls me M'lady and bowed formally. He knows it annoys me to no end. I've tried to be politely respectful but it never seemed to come out that way. I eventually choose to work with the children on their kata, not knowing I was undoing some of Moth's training.

    The Captain and the Count smiled malevolently as the friction grows.

    I keep wondering when it will be best to bring out the crystals. I think after we land at the villa. It's harder to space someone on a planet. Today is the day we arrive at the villa I don't ever want to back in another space ship again, like ever.

    We just dropped out of hyperspace. Moth has made arrangements to have the ship repaired and we are taking a transport to the villa. I hope it lives up to its reputation.

    Journal entry end

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    An: Rainbow Knight Star - Dark side? Hum

    Chapter Twenty Four

    I told you to leave her alone, bantha poo doo!” Lash Force backhanded Neron for teasing Marat for not talking. “Next time I'll...”

    Calm down both of you. Neron if you tease Marat again I will have you cleaning the fresher for a week.” Jessa stepped in to correct them before thing got out of hand again.

    Haa! See I tol...” Lash started gloating.

    And you will have to wash the Masters', as in the three of them's dirty laundry, including their und...”

    M'lady, I think that would be inappropriate for such a shy girl.” Moth's formality annoyed her to no end.

    Haven't you ever sent your laundry out to be cleaned? Who do you think does it, blind old ladies?” Jessa wished she had been calmer in her response.

    Lash smiled menacingly, seeing Jessa get corrected by Moth.

    Yvet sighed, “This was a fun diversion on the ship but it's getting old on land, just kiss her and get it over with so we can get to the important thing of lightsaber making and training.” He bit his lip, that was the wrong thing to say.

    Oh! Yes! Let's hand out lightsabers so things can get really exciting.” Jessa spun and caught her self with her finger pointing at Yvet's face.

    She took a deep breath and calmed herself. “Excuse me, I am not accustom to the pressures of the last few months. I suggest we all go to neutral corners and practice our katas.”

    Yess, m'..” Moth started to bow but the look on Jessa's face said that could be dangerous.

    Everyone took the first part of her advice at least.


    Jessa had found an aromatic tree on the grounds near the river that reminded her of home to do her katas then lay back and watch the clouds float by. Back at home it wasn't usually safe to lay on the ground because of the wild mountain boars. Here there wasn't any dangers from the outside, only from those residing in the villa.

    She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of flowers and cooking coming from the villa. She had never seen a creature like the one being prepared but they tasted so good. She felt something touch her arm and jumped. It was Marat, the littlest girl who had been teased.

    Wow! You are good at covering your Force presence Marat. We may get you to teach the class on that. Wouldn't that be a good revenge for them teasing you?” Jessa put her arm around Marat, a gesture that always made her smile. She apparently hadn't had a lot of love in her short life.

    Do you like to watch the clouds float by?” Jessa asked and pointed to one and said. “That one looks like Master Yvet doesn't it?”

    Marat smiled and nodded. She pointed to another one and gestured that meant Neron with his tongue out.

    Jessa said. “Yes, it does, it even has his sneer. You're good at this.” Marat smiled, glowing to be praised.

    I smell something good lets go see what cook has prepared. I'll race you.” Jessa started off slowly so Marat could get ahead.

    'This makes teaching worth it.' She thought.


    Later that evening Jessa wandered around the villa halls. It was her quiet time to think about the training of the children and familiarize her self with the villa. In one of the back halls in a dark corner was a staircase, narrower than the stairs from the first floor.

    At the top was a massive wood door with large metal hinges and lockable handles. It creaked as she pushed it open causing the hair on her neck to stand on ends. The roof top was flat and walled in. She walked over to the wall and looked down at the river; just then she heard something move in the shadows beside her.

    AAAHHH!” She gasped, not feeling a presence in the Force.

    Moth stepped out of the shadows. “You found my quiet corner to go to calm myself.”

    The hair up and down her back bristled like Galt's pet dawg. “What! Now, I know where Marat learned to do that.”

    Ah! You discovered something the Jedi are good for.” He said with his favorite condescending tone.

    I have no problem with the Jedi. I am a Jedi. I've been trained in secret all my life not even being told the name Jedi until a few months ago. Why are you so mad at me? I didn't say we were becoming Sith. Which I never heard of until we were on the ship going to save you from the volcano you were hiding under. Yoda sai...”

    Hummm!” Moth fumed.

    What...? What …? What did I do to... to upset you so?” She retorted.

    You really want to know?” Moth growled.

    Yes, I do!”

    Yoda and Obi-Wan haven't been back to advise me since I agreed to this adventure of yours.” His voice suddenly sounded sad beyond belief.

    Ah, me either. I have been so busy and stressed I didn't … “

    He looked at her as if to say he knew. He blamed her for the loss of his mentors for the years of his learning to be a Jedi alone in the galaxy of GSP.

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I just thought we would be safer in numbers.” She pleaded to him and the Force for forgiveness.

    There's one thing you don't know about the Sith. There are always, only, two.” He watched as her jaw fell in disbelief.

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    Good Read, Lea-El! I really like the idea of the GSP - very cool concept for the gffa especially considering the Jedi/Sith seem to make the most problems for everyone. Even when they're trying to help.
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    An: Rau_Fang - Love the review the best one I've ever gotten.

    Chapter Twenty Five

    Jessa sat awake all night listening to the insects creaking, the wind blowing through the trees, the river flowing after the rain the night before and her heart breaking. She searched threw Galt's writings but there was no mentioning of Sith or their preference for only having two at a time.

    'This makes no sense, why would they kill off their own kind to keep their number so low.' She thought searching even harder at that thought.

    'Here is a vague mentioning of anger, jealousy and hate being dark emotions that brought dangerous problems to the powers user. Nothing about leading you down a path where you killed your own apprentice or them their master.' She felt tears roll down her cheeks. 'I just don't understand it.'

    There was a faint knock at her door, even with out ever having heard his knock before she knew it was Moth. She wiped her tears checked her reflection in the mirror, tightened her robe and opened the door just a bit.

    I saw your light and wanted to apologize for my actions I know now you didn't realize what yo... we were getting us into.”

    You had it right the first time I drug you and your apprentices kicking and screaming into this mess. Is that what happened to you and Hinto?” She asked, hesitantly.

    Well, he never tried to kill me if that's what you mean but finding out they were dark at the least and Sith at the worst.” Moth shook his head remembering his having to leave under dangerous conditions and fleeing into danger at the same time.

    A few weeks later I had my first visit from Yoda it was a welcomed visit. He assured me there were good Jedi who worked from a calm heart and sought to help those in need. Not long after that I started my collection and was hoping when he and Obi-Wan told me about you that we could help more children lost between parents not wanting to endanger their family and the GSP hunting them down.” He looked hopeful as he told of their plans for us.

    I was told to go to ??? and wait for instructions. Three days I waited them a delivery boy brought Boni and I warm clothes and instructions on how to get to a ship to take us out to safety, I thought. I didn't know until we were in space that it was Yvet's doing.”

    Galt's writing always said the Force will see that you are where you need to be. I was sure we were supposed to become one group, fighting the GSP.”

    What was his name? Obi-Wan's Master thought that, but Yoda and Obi-Wan, aaah... Qui... Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon was always at odds with the Council.” He grinned remembering Obi-Wan telling him about the trouble Qui-Gon got into and him, the padawan, arguing for obedience to the Council.”

    Was this Qui-Gon a bad Jedi or Sith?” She asked worried how to tell the difference.
    You are...unfamiliar with what it is to be a Jedi. And the Force chose you to be the one to find the crystals and learn the secrets of how to make lightsabers.” He shook his head determined to say it even if it made her mad.

    I was born on a planet that had once been known for their crystals. Many Jedi or 'gentlemen' as we were obligated to call them for their safety as well as our family's.

    Galt started training me to dance as soon as I could walk good. Special twirling moves that could be altered to use to fight. He hoped to get the crystals but the GSP moved in. Even appointing one of us to be their agent on the planet. Lev turned out to be a good Jedi. He worked under cover for most of my life and Boni is his granddaughter. He helped us when the time came. The Force had him where he needed to be.”

    He pieced together storied about their construction but we couldn't get back into the mountains to look for new sources of crystals. Then one night Yoda woke me up and said the time had come, ready or not to go. The GSP were combing the mountains and the Force showed me where to go. “Qui-Gon”” They both shouted.

    They both laughed at that.”The living Force is what Qui-Gon called it, I thing.”

    There aren't a lot of people around to correct you if your wrong.”She smiled at him realizing for the first time they weren't fighting.

    I'm not sure if that is good or bad.” He smiled. “This is good, working together.”

    He saw her lightsaber peeking out from some of the papers. “May I?” He motioned to it.

    Yes, but be careful it is powerful and don't point it toward you or anyone.”She mumbled instructions hoping they didn't sound all knowing.

    I've seen Hinto's antique one made by a girl Obi-Wan used to know. Wow!” He was impressed when it came on. “I see why you want to get us trained before handing out this information.”

    I don't know what to do about Yvet and Hinto though.” Just them a blue glow filled the room.

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    This is a great story Lea! Keep it up. I've not read a story like this with the canon characters being dead and not actually carrying the story! It's fantastic. Looking forward to reading more soon. Love Jessa as a character - you've written her really well.
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    An: Sethathoryunet - I prefer to write before or beyond way out so I don't bump into other story lines.
    Thank you Jessa is my favorite character too.

    Chapter Twenty Six

    The blue glowing form was different this time not Obi-Wan or Yoda. This time it was a tall dark to grayish haired man with a calm but controlled face. “So you want to know about the Living Force.” The soft warm voice made them instantly trust the Jedi.

    Yes, I didn't always agree with the Council and my padawan learner Obi-Wan often scolded me, diplomatically, for it. As he said, I could have been on the council if I had followed the direction the Council was taking us. As it turned out, maybe, they should have listened to me a little more.” He paused to let them catch up.

    Qui-Gon?” Moth asked.

    Yes, I am Qui-Gon. No, I wasn't a Dark Jedi. Yet, I wasn't as light as some would have wanted. I agree with Jessa the Force led all of you to this place, a calm peaceful villa, not a very Sithish place to train padawan learners.”

    Are Hinto and Yvet Sith?” Jessa asked, nervously.

    Sith don't wait for someone to decide they are ready to learn about building lightsabers. A Sith would have killed you and taken your manuscripts, crystals and your completed lightsaber. Two Sith would have fought to the death over the only working lightsaber. I think they probably are suffering from lack of proper training.”

    Just then there was a faint knock at the door. Jessa got up to answered it, puzzled at Qui-Gon still being there. Obi-Wan and Yoda never stayed long and always left if there was a knock at the door, especially since it was...

    The door opened just before she got there. “We don't mean to intrude but can we sit in on this visit?” Hinto asked.

    Jessa couldn't help stuttering and turning to Qui-Gon. “Aaah! Aaah! Ye...Yes, come in and be seated on... well...the bed or the floor.”

    I'll take the bed if you don't mind me sitting on her bed, Moth.” Yvet grin that old buddy's teasing each other grin.

    Moth and Jessa blushed briefly before regaining control.

    Qui-Gon cleared his throat and said. “Gentlemen, we were discussing the difference between Sith and badly trained Jedi.”

    Both heads jerked around to Qui-Gon and they insultingly hollered. “Hey!”

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    LOVE IT! @};-
    Staying really far into the future seems to be the safest thing at the moment, especially given the threat (?)/promise of new movies and therefore new story lines.
    Is it just me, or did you use more spacing/paragraphing this post? It seemed easier to read than some of the earlier posts.
    I look forward to more chapters soon! [face_dancing]
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    An: Thank you Sethathoryunet You can review my stories anytime.
    Thank you to the unknown readers. You must be Sith hiding in the shadows.:D:p

    Chapter Twenty Seven

    Hinto and Yvet growled and murmered at being call badly trained Jedi. You would have thought they had been called big babies from their attitudes.

    What exactly did we miss out on?” Hinto finally asked.

    Meditation for one thing.” Qui-Gon answered, paused to allow them to quit complaining. “A calm heart is the central force behind a great Jedi.”

    What's the central force behind a great Sith. We want to be Sith, they sound more exciting, less tame than Je...di!” Yvet sneered.

    I've observed you and Moth's banter, like old friends, even brothers in arms. Am I right?” He looked at Yvett.

    Aaah! Yes, we grew up together and fought together even got wom...” He stopped and looked at Jessa, then ignored the last unfinished statement.

    Jessa pursered her lips and shook her head. “Men, Jedi, Sith, farmers or pilots they ... are all the same.”

    Qui-Gon smiled at her them went on. “Sith do not have old comrades, brothers or friends. All they have is enemies, kill them now or kill them later but enemies.”

    Sounds counter productive, what's the benefit of killing people just to be killing them.” Hinto asked.

    Fear and anger fuel the Sith. They gain power from their own anger and fear but also other's, innocent's, anger and fear. They would kill their mother to prevent brothers and sisters being born, competition.”Qui-Gon answered.

    Not my type of training.”

    Or lifestyes” Both men concluded.

    They looked at each other and reluctantly agreed. “I guess we'll have to be Je...di.” There was a sneer on their faces as if they had taken sour medicine.

    Qui-Gon laughed out that big rolling laugh.”Aaah! That's so sweet of you to say, Jessa can start your training tomorrow.”

    They were getting wound up to protest when everyone heard a sound at the door.

    As they turned they saw several pairs of eyes peeking in the crack of the door. A choir of voices asked. “Why Jessa?”

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    Chapter Twenty Eight

    The day was beautiful and sunny, the river gurgles as it flowed by, the wind in the trees encircled everyone with the sweet sent of flowers and lunch being prepared, the grass was cool and fresh.

    The uproar was deafening, “I don't want to sit by Neron!” Lash complained.

    Why do we have to sit in on classes with the children?” Hinto complained.

    Moth is hogging all the shade.”

    Boni's wet again.” Japa set her out of his lap and watched her crawl towards Yvet.

    Not me, I'm not the nursemaid.” Yvett sending her on her way.

    Jessa nodded toward Arissa, the nursemaid who collected Boni and carried her in to receive dry nappies.

    We are all on different levels, why are we all supposed to meditate together? It's embarrassing to the adults.” Moth said calmly and partially under his breath.

    You too?” Jessa forced a sweet smile as she explained. “Everyone, everyone, Hinto!

    Everyone stopped except the twins who laughed at a secret joke they shared. “JJ...” Jessa had come to calling them JJ as one unit since they thought, acted and operated as one.

    We are here today as one group learning to meditate. I hoped the older ones could assist the younger or be an example of how to do it properly but again I was...” She paused realizing it wasn't going to help to scold the adults in front of the children.

    As you read in the papers I passed out last night.” Everyone looked like, 'Yeah we read it.'

    As it said we must first calm out inner selves. No, Lash, we only have one self apiece.”

    Jessa tried to cut off the giggle-fest but it didn't work so she paused for it to die down.

    I want each of you to think of something peaceful, something that calms you.” She closed her eyes hoping the others would follow.

    Everyone has something that will calm them, you may have to try more than one thing but you will eventually find...” Just them she saw the image of someone stroking her hair.

    Yvett! You're broadcasting!”

    Yvett chuckled mischievously and Moth frowned at him, which really made him happy. “I think I found mine.”

    Moth scowled at him then went back to looking for his calming thought. A few minutes later a calm smile slowly appeared on Moth's face.

    Jessa peaked out from between her eyelashes then went back to her calming thought. Then she smiled.

    Then Neron picked on Marat and Lash Force backhanded him and the peaceful moment was gone.

    It's time for lunch anyway” She realized that was all she was going to get out of this crowd for today.

    Tomorrow, here! And be thinking about your calming thoughts.”

    Yvett find another one.”

    Behind her she could hear Yvett laughing and Moth punching his arm.

    I'm going to need a bigger calming thought.


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    I'm thinking about adding to this story.
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