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Star Wars Rebirth

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Skywalker_T-65, Apr 11, 2013.

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Malcolm Shade
    Faction: Freelance/Fringe
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Weapons/starships: Twin blaster pistols, one holstered to each thigh and a grenade bandolier slung over his shoulder; 3-Z light freighter, the Hung Jury
    Homeworld: Unknown; he calls the stars his home
    Bio: Malcolm Shade is surrounded in mystery. Nothing is known about his past other than his claim that he was born to be among the stars. Even his name is said to be a play on the persona he has made for himself. He travels from star system to star system in his beat-up freighter, working as a hired gun, a smuggler, mercenary - pretty much taking on any role to earn himself a credit. He also makes a point not to stay in one place for too long out of fear of the government getting wind of his shady dealings. And now with the newly formed Empire, he has even more reason to be fearful of the government and its minions. For you see, the cargo he is now hauling is very unique indeed - he is smuggling Jedi.
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    Name: Kylo Vaz
    Rank: N/A
    Faction: Bounty Hunter
    Age: 23
    Race: Mirialan
    Canon: No
    Weapons/starships: ​
    Modified Blaster Carbine, 2 DC-17, 3 Vibroblades, Grappling hook/ Modified Dynamic-class Freighter
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

    Bio: Kylo Vaz had a hard life on Nar Shaddaa born to a spice addict mother and a father who work for one of the local Hutts, He got pulled in to his father business and had to defend him self and his mother a lot form debt collectors sent to beat up his father. Because of this Kylo learned how to fight and how to kill, When he was 15 his mother was killed when one of his father debt collectors went to fair, With his mother dead Kylo had no reason to stay with his father and left. He soon found that the business of killing could make him a lot of money so he contacted one of the local Hutts and offer his services and so began his life as a Bounty Hunter.
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    IC: Holonet News Reporter

    Senate Hall
    “…we come to you from the Galactic Senate Hall, where Vice-Chair Mas Amedda has just declared the reformation of the Republic into the First Galactic Empire.” A blonde woman said, floating in a news pod with the Senate Chamber behind her back.

    Standing in the center of the chamber, Mas Amedda looked ready to address the crowd again. The various Loyalist Senators turned their attention on the Chancellor’s podium, waiting to hear what the man had to say.

    “With the death of our beloved Chancellor, we lack the vision and man needed for our Empire to flourish,” Amedda said, “However, I will take the mantle of Emperor myself, to lead our Galaxy to a glorious future!”

    Cheers and clapping echoed through the crowd of Senators again, showing support for Amedda. There was a handful of more extremist ones who distinctly disliked the idea of a non-Human being Emperor, but they were wise enough to keep their mouths shut. The overall appearance was thus one of support for Amedda and the new Empire.

    “And with that, Mas Amedda is declared the Emperor of the First Galactic Empire. This is an interesting development, as Chancellor Palpatine died without a designated chain of command. Typically it would fall to the Vice-Chair to move into the Chancellor post, but with the formation of the Empire, this is no longer true,” the news reporter continued, “The support for this move is overwhelming however. While it remains to be seen how Emperor Amedda will lead the Galaxy, this is a bright new day for all our people. This is Holonet News, your source for the latest news in the Galaxy.”

    TAG: Tim Battershell , Sinrebirth

    IC: C-3P0

    Padme Amidala’s Suite
    “Oh this is horrible…just horrible!” a golden droid muttered to himself, pacing back and forth through a large living room.

    The droid was C-3P0, personal droid of Anakin Skywalker and his wife, Padme Amidala (Skywalker). He was currently pacing and worrying due to the dull red light suffusing the building. The source of which was readily apparent if one looked out a window…the massive Jedi Temple was in flames, the fire and smoke reaching as high as the tallest spire of the mighty building.

    Standing with her back to Threepio, Padme was watching the building burn. If she heard the droid talking, she showed no signs of it. That didn’t help Threepio out any of course, as it just made his worry even worse. He knew that Master Anakin had been in the Temple, and with everything that had happened…who knew what had happened to him.

    Stopping his frantic pacing, Threepio walked up to Padme. He had to find out if she knew anything…the not knowing was driving his processors to their limits.
    “Mistress Padme? Are you okay?” the golden droid asked, his politeness meaning he wouldn’t outright ask her about the Temple.

    The only answer he got was a choked sob as Padme stared out at the Temple. Curiosity or not, Threepio knew she needed to be alone. So he backed away, and resumed pacing. But it did nothing to stop his own worry.

    Master Anakin and R2 were both in the Temple, and nothing would stop Threepio from worrying about them. Short of news about what was going on.

    Oh Artoo…Master Ani…please be okay… Threepio ‘thought’, before he noticed a red speeder approaching the landing pad.

    Threepio ran as fast as he could towards the speeder, wondering who could possibly be visiting Mistress Padme at this hour. And part of him hoped it was Master Anakin flying the speeder. But as he got closer, the droid noticed the man flying the speeder had darker skin and hair than his Master, and was wearing Senate attire, not Jedi robes.

    As the man exited the speeder, Threepio recognized who it was. Bail Organa, one of Mistress Padme’s allies and friends in the Senate. The golden droid moved up to Bail, and immediately asked a question.

    “Senator Organa? Do you know what has happened to the Jedi Temple?”

    TAG: Admiral Volshe , Rebecca_Daniels

    IC: Naverra Sarsa

    Temple Shuttle
    Instead of the soothing sound of its engine, Temple Shuttle 4 was full of the sound of crying children. Padawans and younglings of all ages were crowded into the shuttle, trying to absorb the situation they were in. One minute they had been resting peacefully in their rooms, far away from any action. Then next, Master Skywalker was talking over the comm systems, telling them that the Order had been dissolved and declared traitors.

    Naturally this had scared all of them, and it hadn’t helped when the senior Knights and the few Masters left in the Temple started moving them all to the hangar. Once there, the terrified children had been pushed aboard shuttles, and told they were evacuating the Temple. In the rush, more than a few had been hurt as they were nearly trampled.

    Thus, one of the older Padawans was currently tending to a little four year old youngling who had scrapped his knee getting aboard the shuttle. Even though she was only fifteen herself, she was doing her best to calm the poor child down.

    “Shh…it’s going to be okay. Master Skywalker is taking us somewhere safe little one,” Naverra, the girl, said softly.

    “Bu…but…all the Masters…and I left my toys behind!” the child said, tears streaming down his face.

    Naverra smiled slightly, “I’m sure we can get you new toys. And the Masters will be fine…they are Masters after all.”

    The young boy nodded shakily, as Naverra patted him on the shoulder. Standing up, she walked past the various groups that had formed, heading for the cockpit. While she wasn’t the oldest on the Shuttle, she seemed to be the only one that wasn’t in shock. Shaking those thoughts off, the young girl opened the hatch to the cockpit, walking up to Anakin.

    “Master Skywalker? Are we safe?” the girl asked, looking out the window at the opening maw of a Venator-class Star Destroyer’s hangar…the word Resolute-II printed on its flanks…

    TAG: The_Zeltron

    IC: CT-4935

    Jedi Temple
    “Move forward men!! Our orders are to capture or kill any Jedi we find! Especially the Masters responsible for killing the Chancellor!!” a Clone Commander shouted, firing his blaster-minigun at a Jedi Knight, the stream of bolts overwhelming the man and cutting him down.
    “Yes sir!!” several clones shouted, CT-4935 among them.

    He was a new clone, of the Spaarti batches. Because of this, he had no name, and hadn’t grown attached to the Jedi around him at all. Thus, CT-4935 had no problems with gunning down his former Commanders and Generals. They were traitors to the Republic/Empire, and that was all that mattered to the Clone and his brethren in the 821st Legion.

    Running into the Grand Entrance Hall, CT-4935 dived behind a fallen pillar, narrowly avoiding a spinning lightsaber that cut through two slower Clones. Raising his head over the pillar, CT-4935 fired his DC-15 blaster at the Jedi who had thrown the ‘saber, killing her before the weapon could return.

    Ducking back down to reload his blaster, the Clone noticed his brothers pushing forward. Clones in red and white armor moved from pillar to pillar, only exposing themselves to fire at the Jedi and Temple Security. Disregarding the cover, a pair of Heavy Weapons Troopers moved forward and fired their rockets at the pillars that were still standing. The heavy explosives blew holes clean through the ancient marble, sending the elegant pillars crashing to the floor.

    The crash created a large cloud of smoke and dust, providing cover for some of the clones (CT-4935 included) to move forward. They moved fast, but were still able to keep remarkably quiet. While the main group continued down the main entranceway, CT-4935 and a couple other Clones split off into a side-passage. They found it empty of any Jedi, but pitch black as power had long ago been cut to the Temple.

    Turning on the infra-red scopes built into their Phase II helmets, the Clones swept the hallway, looking for any hidden Jedi. All they found was a bunch of empty rooms however. Taking the lead as the senior clone in the group, CT-4935 waved his men forward. They continued down the hallway, checking all the empty rooms. It was obvious that this area had already been evacuated however.

    “Looks like the Jedi already left this area,” one of the other clones, his tag reading ‘CT-9340’ said softly.

    “Yeah…I heard they evacuated before we arrived…must be why we’ve only seen Knights so far,” another clone, CT-8259 said
    “Cut the chatter back there you two!” CT-4935 hissed, “We need to find the Jedi, not comment on what they’ve been doing!”

    “Yes sir!” the other two clones belted out, raising their blasters again, so they would be ready for any Jedi they stumbled across.

    Continuing down the hallway, the Clones began to see rubble from some sort of battle. That was surprising, since they hadn’t expected any Jedi to be near them. Carefully stepping over the rubble, the small group of Clones saw a Jedi drop down from the roof in front of them. The man activated a blue bladed lightsaber, and charged right at the three men.

    CT-4935 ducked and brought one of his gauntleted fists towards the charging Jedi’s chest. The Jedi managed to twist around the blow, though it took away his momentum. However, it didn’t take away enough that the Jedi couldn’t send a snap-kick into CT-4935’s back, knocking the clone to the ground. Behind the crumpled ‘commander’ the other two clones opened fire on the Jedi.

    The man blocked the blasts coming at him, but none of them hit the clones firing them. CT-8259 moved behind CT-9340 to reload his blaster, while the other clone continued to fire at the Jedi. The man with the blue lightsaber blocked the bolts, before lunging forward and cleaving through CT-9340’s DC-15. The Clone Trooper dropped his useless blaster, quickly ducking at the urging of his fellow clone. The Jedi was still over-extended, and didn’t expect to see the barrel of a fully loaded DC-15 right in his face.

    “Die Jedi scum,” CT-8259 said, firing his blaster into the Jedi’s face.

    The man crumpled, dead before he hit the ground. Moving his blaster to one hand, CT-8259 helped his fellow troopers up.

    “That was too close…” CT-9340 said, grabbing the Jedi’s fallen lightsaber to replace his ruined DC-15.

    “You’ve got that right,” CT-8259 added.

    CT-4935 didn’t say anything, he just picked his fallen blaster up again, and waved the other two clones forward. Now that he had a lightsaber, CT-9340 took the lead, the blue blade shining in his hand. The further the clones went, the more ruined the halls became. Soon enough, they started to encounter bodies of their fallen comrades, the number of clone bodies outnumbering the number of Jedi.

    Continuing forward, the Clones saw a bit of the roof had collapsed in front of them. Waving his comrades back, CT-4935 primed a Thermal Detonator, and threw the device at the ruined roof. The detonation of the device blew a hole in the debris, allowing the clones to pass through. On the other side, they saw a Jedi Padawan, identified by his braid. The Padawan didn’t seem to notice the clones at first though.

    “Is that a…cane? Why would a Jedi need a cane?” CT-9340 muttered.

    “Who knows…easier target for us I guess,” CT-8259 said, firing his blaster at the Padawan. What he wasn’t expecting was a yellow bladed ‘saber to emerge from the cane, and expertly block the blast right into CT-8259’s visor.

    The clone crumpled to the floor, while CT-4935 continued to fire on the Padawan. The Jedi blocked the blasts, though it seemed like he wasn’t trying to kill the clones. Seeing this, CT-9340 ran forward with his acquired lightsaber. He was no Jedi, but he didn’t need to be to kill this boy!

    However, a powerful Force Push came through the hallway, throwing CT-9340 out of a window. That left CT-4935 alone. And it wasn’t the Padawan who sent that push…there must be another Jed…

    Before the Trooper could finish that thought, a purple light came across his visor…before the black nothingness of death consumed him.

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    IC: Bridge Crew of the RSS Valour

    Coruscant Orbit
    A single Venator class Star Destroyer floated through space over Coruscant. The ship was the RSS Valour flagship of Vice-Admiral Karreal Thom, one of the few female Admirals in the Republic (now the Imperial) Navy. The vessel was currently coasting towards an orbit over the Jedi Temple. Having seen the amount of shuttles that evacuated, High Command had ordered the nearest ship into position to intercept the shuttles.

    The ship that had been the nearest was the Resolute-II. But that ship had gone traitor and helped the Jedi escape, so it fell on the Valour to apprehend or shoot down any remaining Jedi shuttles, and the Resolute too if possible.

    Thus, the large vessel was moving at full speed, the Resolute sitting in the distance recovering Jedi shuttles. On the bridge, the crew was muttering under their breath about the mission.

    “I can’t believe we have to attack Jedi of all things. I never would have thought they would go traitor…”

    “You’re not the only one…I had a good friend who was a Jedi until he was killed back on Genosis…”

    “Really? Did he give any signs?”

    “None…which is what makes this all the harder to believe. But orders are orders…”

    The talk quickly quieted down though, as the Valour came to a halt a few thousand kilometers off the bow of the Resolute. The two ships were identical, with the exception of their logos. The Resolute still bored the symbol of the Open-Circle Fleet, while the Valour bore the insignia of Admiral Thom.

    And said Admiral was getting to her feet, and walking to the comm systems to send a message to the Resolute

    TAG: Admiral Volshe

    IC: Chewbacca


    Chewbacca looked up and tilted his head with a worried rumble leaving his throat at the sight of two decapitated clone troopers falling to the ground beside Master Yoda.

    The ancient Jedi looked down on the Clones, and let a sigh escape his body. Yoda was clearly upset about something, though Chewbacca didn’t know what.
    All he knew was that if Yoda felt the need to kill the clones, something was very wrong. And Chewbacca respected Yoda, so he would support the Jedi, even if it meant killing the clones himself. Walking up to Yoda, Chewbacca rumbled a question.

    “[What has happened my friend?]”

    Yoda looked up at the Wookiee, “Fallen, the Jedi Order has. Escape Kashyyk I must.”

    Chewbacca nodded. The ways of the Force were truly mysterious for any Wookiee with how few of their race could touch the mystical power. But Yoda had been a Master of the Force longer than Chewbacca had been alive…longer than even his Father had been alive. So Chewbacca reached down and picked Yoda up
    While the Jedi could outrun Chewbacca quite easily if he so chose, it would tire him out. And the Wookiee knew that Yoda needed to conserve his strength if they ran into any…problems…along the way. Setting off at a brisk run, Chewbacca was joined by Tarful, the two Wookiees ducking along routes known only to their people. Because of that they managed to avoid the majority of the clones, though a couple times Tarful had to fire his bowcaster at ones that got too close.

    As the small group moved deeper into the underlevels, they heard a rustling ahead of them. Tarful moved forward first, as he was the one in the best shape to fight. As the older Wookiee vanished from sight, Chewbacca set Yoda down so that both would be ready if they needed to fight.

    As soon as Yoda was on the ground, a surprised roar echoed from in front of them. Chewbacca sent a questioning rumble at Tarful, to which he got a surprising answer.

    “[I have found a Jedi!]” Tarful shouted.

    “[That is good news brother!]” Chewbacca shouted back, moving forward with Yoda.

    When they caught up with Tarful, they found the Wookiee standing over a male human. The man seemed to be wounded, most likely from Clone blasters. Though it was odd that no clone bodies were around the man. Yoda walked forward, and set a hand on the man’s shoulder.

    “Knight Jess Shern…surprised I am that he survived…” Yoda said, sitting down next to the wounded human to do what he could to heal him.

    TAG: Chewbacca89 , JediFalcon

    IC: Nute Gunray


    “Why hasn’t Lord Sidious contacted us?!” Nute Gunray shouted, a bit of fear in his voice, “He was supposed to negotiate an end to this war!”

    The Neimodian was standing in the middle of a large meeting room, filled with dull red light from Mustafar’s lava flows. Everyone in the room was sweating from the heat, and trying to figure out what was going on. Gunray spoke the truth in regards to Sidious…the Sith Lord had promised the Confederacy leadership that he would end the war without them all ending up in prison or worse…dead.

    But there had been no communication; Sidious had even missed his scheduled time. Thus the current crisis in the Confederacy leadership, as they tried to make a plan without Dooku, Grevious, or Sidious helping them.

    “What are we going to do now?” Gunray asked again, looking at the rest of the Council
    Poggle the Lesser looked supremely calm and uninterested, while the rest of the Council looked similar to Gunray…terrified and fearing for their lives. As they continued to talk amongst themselves, a message came from one of the few Confederacy agents that was still on Coruscant.

    “The Chancellor is dead…the Jedi launched a failed coup, claiming he was a Sith Lord. The Republic is no more…an Empire has taken its place, and is hunting the Jedi down.”

    That bit of news sent a wave through the Confederacy leadership. Palpatine…dead? A Sith Lord? What was going on here?

    But then…a lightbulb went off in Gunray’s head, “I always wondered why Sidious hid his face…he must have been Palpatine!! That fool was running the war from the background this whole time!”

    If the shock and fear had been prevalent before, the pure, righteous anger that rippled through the room now. The less-refined members of the Council jumped to their feet, angrily shouting curses at Palpatine. It had seemed odd how the Republic had always found them…always known of their plans. Now it all made sense…Palpatine and Dooku had been using them from the start!

    “I move that we do not surrender! I move that we consolidate our holdings, and stop fighting the Rep…Empire. With Palpatine dead, we have no need to throw our lives away anymore!” one of the Council members shouted out.

    The only question was how that vote would turn out…and watching silently in a corner was ‘Darth Raptor’, the man’s anger at hearing what had happened to Sidious radiating through the room…

    TAG: Tim Battershell , Mitth_Fisto

    IC: ‘Jasor’

    Coruscant, Level 1313

    Level 1313…generally regarded as the ‘Mos Eisley’ of Coruscant. Lawless and full of bounty hunters and smugglers…and other, less reputable types. In a seedy cantina situated near the center of the level, a small group of people gathered. There was a bald woman with twin lightsabers strapped to her waist, an older man, a Zeltron woman, and a man in partial Clone Trooper armor. It was the last of that group who was talking with the rest of the group, and who had gathered them there.

    “Now…I know who you all are. Asajj Ventress, former servant of Count Dooku…Cormac Zadane, famous bounty hunter…and Maya Whitelight smuggler extraordinaire,” the man said, “I am Jasor, a loyal servant of the Republic, and now the Empire. I imagine you have all heard of the bounty on Jedi? And how their order betrayed us all?”

    At a series of nods, ‘Jasor’ continued, “Now…that is why I have called you all here. All of you, with the possible exception of Whitelight, have some problem with the Republic. However…the Empire is not the Republic. And we are willing to pay for your…unique…skills. The Jedi are a menace to all of our people, and we in the Empire want your help in tracking them down.”

    After saying that, ‘Jasor’ turned to Ventress first, “I know you have little love for the Jedi or the Republic. So I ask your help in tracking down the Jedi and capturing them. I understand you have some little experience with this.”

    Zadane was next, “And you, Cormac Zadane, have little love for the Republic, though no problem with the Jedi. So I ask you to help Ventress track down the Jedi, while looking for any of these…Exiles…as they call themselves.

    And finally, ‘Jasor’ turned to Whitelight, “I know little about you Maya Whitelight. But I know that like any smuggler enough money can get your interest. The Empire will pay you…handsomely…to recover any Jedi that your…colleagues…manage to capture.”

    Stepping back, ‘Jasor’ looked at the group again, “Well? What will it be?”

    TAG: Reynar_Tedros , JacensGirl , Whitelight

    IC: CT-0932 ‘Blaze’


    “The Jedi have betrayed the Republic…capture your commanders,” a hologram said on the gauntlet of CT-0932, otherwise known as ‘Blaze’.

    “Yes sir,” Blaze said, as the hologram vanished.

    Blaze turned around, and looked at his fellow clones. Behind their helmets it should be impossible to tell their feelings. But Blaze had been serving with them since the start of the war…and he could tell none of them particularly liked the idea of arresting their commanders. Or that the Jedi would start a coup.

    “Well men…what will it be?” the Clone Commander asked
    There was an awkward shuffling of armor, before one of the clones stepped forward, “I think I speak for us all when I say ‘kriff those orders’. I’ve served with General Bryce since the start of this blasted war…and even if the Order itself is at fault, I won’t turn him in.”

    A chorus of support went up at those words, with Blaze smiling slightly behind his helmet. He had been hoping for this to happen. The only question now was…what would they do? They would be betraying the Republic…all of them knew that. But, their loyalty was to General Bryce, not the Republic.

    So Blaze walked past his clones to where the General was standing in the distance. There was another Jedi with him, the two looking through electro-binoculars to see any signs of CIS activity. Blaze walked up to the pair, getting their attention.

    “Generals…I have bad news from Coruscant,” Blaze began.

    At a nod from the two Jedi, the clone continued, “The Jedi Order has launched a coup…they killed the Chancellor in his office. I have been ordered to arrest you both…but my men and I won’t follow that order. We remain at your command, General Bryce and General Black.”

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    IC: Dockyard worker


    “Man, nothing ever happens here,” a man said, wiping is brow as he worked in the sweltering heat of the dockyard on Dantooine.

    It wasn’t a particularly large dock, which added to the man’s problems. He was the only one doing any of the work, and it was quite frankly exhausting. But things were about to get more interesting. As the man looked around the dock, he saw a young Togruta woman walking into the dock. That would have been odd enough in-of-itself with how out of the way Dantooine was. What was more surprising was the twin lightsabers attached to the woman’s belt.

    The man hadn’t known that any Jedi were on Dantooine, and it was odd to see one. He hadn’t seen a Jedi since Master Windu had left…and that was years ago. So why was a Jedi walking up to a freighter in the dock? He certainly hadn’t seen her leave that ship…it belonged to a human man, not a Togruta woman.

    Speaking of the human…he walked down the ramp of his ship to meet the Togruta. It was obvious they had set up some sort of meeting, which made it all the more interesting. Abandoning his work, the man moved to a more sheltered area to watch this play out. Very rarely did interesting things happen on Dantooine…but this was one of those times, and he wasn’t going to miss it.

    TAG: JediFalcon , HanSolo29

    IC: Bevel Lemelisk

    Undisclosed Location
    An older man walked through the hallways of a Venator class Star Destroyer, heading for the vessel’s bridge. The man was Bevel Lemelisk, head designer of the newly formed Empires premier project…the Death Star. Lemelisk was a brilliant man, but he was well aware he was nothing more than a lackey in the Death Star Project, head designer or not. The real power behind the project was the man Lemelisk was heading to see.

    As he reached the bridge, Lemelisk walked up to a thin man in an Imperial Moff uniform…one of the first. That man was Wilhuff Tarkin…formerly a Captain in the Republic Navy, now a Moff of the Empire, and head of the Death Star project. Tarkin was standing, and examining the skeletal frame of the Death Star floating in the distance. Swarms of construction drones and ships floated around the massive station, all dwarfed by the device.

    Despite himself, Lemelisk looked on the construction with a certain sense of pride in his accomplishment. Even if the design hadn’t been his own to start with, the refinements he had put into the design had done a lot to make it progress faster. And that was the only reason he was able to walk up to Tarkin like he was. Anyone else would have likely been dismissed out of hand b the imperious Moff.

    But not Lemelisk…and he had to tell Tarkin of the news from Coruscant. The death of Palpatine…threw all their plans out the proverbial window. It was up to Tarkin how to continue from this devastating turn of events though.

    “Moff Tarkin…I have bad news from Coruscant. The Chancellor was killed by a Jedi strike team…Mas Amedda has taken his place as Emperor,” Lemelisk informed the imposing Moff.

    TAG: Admiral Volshe

    [COLOR=#000080]IC: Commander Cody[/COLOR]

    “The Jedi have betrayed the Republic…they killed the Chancellor and attempted a coup,” a hologram said on Clone Commander Cody’s gauntlet, “Capture or kill General Kenobi.”

    “As you command sir,” Cody replied, not doubting his orders for even a second.

    Unfortunately for him, the target of said orders had arrived in time to hear the end of it. Obi-Wan looked at Cody, and Cody looked at Obi-Wan. The two stared at each other, until the clone began to reach for his blaster. Obi-Wan didn’t give him the chance though, pulling his lightsaber from Cody’s hands, and kicking his mount towards where he had left Grevious’ body and fighter.

    “Don’t let him escape!!!” Cody shouted, jumping on a speeder bike to chase after Obi-Wan.

    The faster speeder began to gain on the slower animal, but Obi-Wan was no fool. He knew he couldn’t hope to outrun any pursuit, so he sent his ride up the side of a cliff-face, using its climbing ability to get away from Cody.

    Said commander cursed as he watched Obi-Wan climb away, and gunned his speeder up a nearby walkway. He wasn’t going to let Obi-Wan escape…Cody was fiercely loyal to the Republic, and if the Jedi had betrayed them all…well, Cody would make sure at least one of them paid for that crime.

    Gunning his speeder once more, Cody turned his blasters on Obi-Wan. The Jedi sensed this, and turned around in his seat, his blue ‘saber active. Cody fired, right as Obi-Wan turned around. The blue bolts hit the equally blue saber, shooting off to the sides, but not hitting Obi-Wan or his mount. Cody cursed again as Obi-Wan moved out of sight over a cliff-face.

    The Clone sent his speeder over the cliff himself, and ran face-first into an empty mount. The animal raised its talons to strike Cody down, and only quick thinking on his part saved the Clone. He jumped out of us speeder, the bike continuing on and knocking the animal off the side of the cliff. Pulling himself to his feet, Cody looked up just in time to see Grevious’ fighter shooting into the sky…and at that sight, he made a vow…that he would bring his former General to justice…if it was the last thing he did…

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    IC: Barric Bryce

    The two Jedi stood on a large outcropping of ice and rock that looked over vast tundra on the cold snow swept planet of Toola. Both Jedi scanned back and forth with their electro-binoculars, observing all there was to be seen from near too far off. Barric knew the Separatists, they had dumb droids for an army but even those dumb droids knew better than to make their crossing through an open no man’s lands such as this. The most that the two Jedi had hoped to pick up were scouting drones at least that would confirm a Separatist presence in this sector. The CIS had already made landfall on Toola but they had landed on the other side of the planet and had already been dealt with by his Jedi brethren. Barric and Onyx’s assignment was simple, to make sure the CIS was not seen making landfall in other parts of Toola, which would trigger a worldwide invasion. But luckily they secluded themselves to only one sector of the planet where they could be easily detained.

    Behind them the clones stirred in their white plastoid-alloy armor, which caused a distinctive sound of rattle if you had been around clones long enough. The sound wasn’t loud but for the mission’s sake he didn’t want to take any chances. Throughout the war Barric had been in command of the 22nd reconnaissance battalion. Most Jedi Generals where in command of at least a legion of soldiers, but Barric preferred being on the front lines with a small group of soldiers he knew as compared to standing back and giving orders to legions of clones he did not know. So he stuck with the 22nd throughout the war and fought through some of the bloodiest battles with them, and lost many friends. He could tell when something was not right, and certainly today something was bothering all of his soldiers. It wasn’t long before Commander Blaze approached him and Onyx Black.

    Generals…I have bad news from Coruscant,” Blaze began.

    I should have expected this thought Barric, he could feel the weariness and uncertainty in his clone commander’s mind. It was not hard to read, the clones were good and loyal soldiers but their minds were not hard to read, at least as compared to a Jedi. He nodded his head as a sing for Blaze to continue.

    “The Jedi Order has launched a coup…they killed the Chancellor in his office. I have been ordered to arrest you both…but my men and I won’t follow that order. We remain at your command, General Bryce and General Black.”

    It was then that Barric was awestruck. This was the last thing that he expected from the Jedi order, and the last thing that he would ever believe. The Jedi were not capable of such violent actions, at least not without reason. There was a good purpose behind this Barric knew, but what was it? He slowly turned to his Commander and the faithful clone troopers who had fought honorably alongside him all of the war.

    “Thank you Commander Blaze. I have never asked more or less of you men than you best, and you have given me your best tenfold. We have fought together, bled together and seen many of our brother’s die, but we have never lost faith in each other, and for that I thank you. And once more you are all risking your lives and reputations on mine and General Black’s behalf and I assure you I will never forget it.”
    Said Barric. He paused to try and find the words but he could not speak anymore, his mind was a blur as he tried to comprehend what all was happening. He then turned to Commander Blaze.

    “Commander, I will not ask you or your men to lie to your superiors for us but-“before he could finish Blaze cut in.

    “Don’t you worry General we’ve got your back, we’ll take care of all the after action reports he said with a wink before putting back on his helmet and returning to his men. Barric turned back to his fellow Jedi Onyx Black. So far this escape had been easy but it was only bound to get harder, especially if they tried to leave Toola via Ithaqua Station, where their starships were docked, especially this Ithaqua Station had a notoriously heavy surveillance and as well as up to date docking manifests which had both their names on it. If they attempted to get to their starships they might as well go around yelling “Look I’m a Jedi, arrest me!” and even if they did manage to take off would be picked up immediately by one of the clone army’s frigates that loomed just outside the atmosphere.

    “Well it seems we are stuck between a rock and a hard place Onyx, you wouldn’t happen to have any ideas rolling around that pretty head of yours would you?” asked Barric with grin that he used to hide his worry, be he knew that he couldn’t even his that from her. Barric knew of another port on Toola called Darkstar Station, it wasn’t as close as Ithaqua or nearly as big but it was also lacking in security and docking files, which meant that they might be able to easily slip out on a freighter disguised as regular settlers. Darkstar was located on the frigid frontier of the planet and many freighters flew in there to drop off goods and food to the market there that the settlers who lived out in the frozen tundra’s and steppes could buy. It might be their only shot but Barric was open to suggestions from Onyx first.

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  7. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Armand Isard
    Galactic City (soon to be renamed 'Imperial Centre') Coruscant.

    Armand Isard stared at the screen in despair. All Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's careful planning looked to have been undone in a few moments by Mas Amedda's announcement of the Empire and the walkout by a significantly large number of Senators; and the more respectable (least corrupt) part of the Senate, at that.

    At that moment Isard would dearly have liked to bring Mas Amedda down by releasing the contents of the file (pure baradium, and entirely factual) that he had been quietly assembling for years on the Chagrian's not-so-upright dealings; but that was not now an option due to Amedda's additional action in proclaiming himself Emperor. At least that had not provoked a further walkout from what had abruptly become a Rump Senate!

    A further impediment was that both Palpatine and Mas Amedda had been unexplainably absent and unavailable at roughly the same times and for roughly the same periods during the past few days. By itself this meant nothing, but a discreet application of 'Tracking Dust' had revealed that Mas Amedda had been visiting the run-down Coruscant District known as 'The Works', where very strange goings-on had been happening for years, as far back as the Naboo Crisis, in fact; and only a day or two before the Supreme Chancellor's passing, Isard had been told that Jedi had been searching that area (unusually using non-Jedi, among whom one of Isard's operatives had managed to insert himself, to help them cover more ground) and had shown a great deal of interest in one particular building. The operative, a skilled lip-reader (a fact unknown to anyone but Isard) had reported that the words 'Sith Lord' had been used! Like Jedi, Isard did not believe in luck or coincidence, but the 'coincidence' that Mas Amedda's 'Dust' trace had registered in that very same building sent warning shivers down his spine! So were the Jedi right, had Palpatine been the Sith Lord? Was Mas Amedda the Sith Lord? Or were they both Sith? Even the possibility that Mas Amedda was Sith was enough for Isard to (regretfully) put aside any thoughts of releasing the file, and bury it deep (with a new and innocuous filename and the heaviest possible encryption) instead!

    "The next few days and weeks should prove highly entertaining"; he thought; "if Emperor Mas Amedda is a Sith, then Pestage's and Moff Tarkin's anti-Non-HuMan mania should quickly bring them into conflict with him. Then we shall see if they either disappear, abruptly change their views or get themselves eliminated in a highly unusual way! A nice, convenient, pair of test subjects to confirm or refute my suspicions!".

    Isard smiled at the thought that his own lack of anti-Non-HuMan bias and utter disinterest in the Jedi/Sith sectarian squabbles meant that he could as happily work with a Sith as with a Kowakian Monkey Lizard, provided both were competent; then he remembered recent events and frowned at the realisation that Palpatine's vision was in imminent danger of imploding, not due to the antics of a Monkey Lizard, but those of a certain (possibly Sith) Chagrian!

    Just then, there was a respectful tap at the door and one of his operatives entered, holding a small, slim, book. "The remaining traitors appear to have fled their Temple now, Director; we are getting a count of their dead and attempting to identify them; but it's a very slow process. The Clones must have lost over fifty of their own for every traitor they brought down! Blood, bodies and body-parts everywhere! One of our teams came across this in what were identified as a Padawan's quarters, propped open at a very interesting page! The illustrations caught our man's eye, and after he read the text he thought that you might find the content useful. I've marked the page!".

    The operative laid the volume on Isard's desk and left. Isard picked it up, read the title ("The Jedi Path") and turned to the marked page. Interesting indeed! Very, very interesting! Particularly the handwritten single word comment that someone had not done too good a job of rendering unreadable! Possibilities swirled around in Isard's head like a flock of scavenger avians inspecting a dead or dying animal. Abruptly he reached a decision; punched a quick-connect on his office Comm, waited for the reply then spoke.

    "Your Imperial Majesty! Intelligence Director Isard here. A noteworthy piece of information has just come into my posession, which I think you should see. I also have the outlines of a plan which might assist in getting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's 'New Order' plan advanced. Time is critical, however, if everything that would need to be done is to be completed. May I be granted an urgent audience?"

    Before leaving for his audience with the Emperor, he issued special instructions to the operatives (members of his own organisation trained in forensic investigation) superintending the ongoing work in the Supreme Chancellor's virtually destroyed office then composed, encrypted and sent the following message:

    "Director Isard to Head of Station, Shili <BREAK> For immediate action <BREAK> Locate and contact former Jedi Commander Ashoka Tano <BREAK> Ensure she is treated with same respect and courtesy that I would expect to be shown me <BREAK> Obtain fast luxury starship with good range for her ongoing use regardless of her decision on eventual destination <BREAK> Invite her under my safe conduct to come to Coruscant to confer about very important matters <BREAK> If she is reluctant request that she at least speak to me via Holo-Comm before going elsewhere but inform her that I have an audience arranged with the Emperor so may be delayed in responding <BREAK> Authorise you let her use Holo-Comm unit in your Station <BREAK> Stress privately that matters are of critical importance but of very sensitive nature <BREAK> If she travels to Coruscant report ETA <BREAK> <ENDS>".

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    IC: Ahshoka Tano

    Ahsoka walked towards the shuttle she hired to take her to the safety area they chose for the younglings. She learned he was smuggling Jedi and offered to pay him for a quick ride to meet up with the others. She hoped to see Anakin again, she did miss her former master. Someone had to look after his skin with these newest latest developments. She learned that Mace Windu killed Palpatine. A quick follow up with Anakin and everything made sense, he even told her about this Malcom Shade and how he would smuggler her to the safety area. At least Anakin didn’t allow Palpatine to turn him, which she hoped all of his training he wouldn’t do such a thing. Sometimes it did happen to the best of them.

    As Ahsoka approached the shuttle she sensed someone was watching her. She turned her head and noticed a dockworker. She shrugged, not like anything really exciting happened here. On the other hand she didn’t like the thought of someone watching her. She pulled the hood of her robe over her head making it difficult to be identified and hide the lightsabers in her the pockets. She looked at the dockworker and stretched out with her mind out with the Force forcing the dockworker to lose interest erasing that last few minutes of his life.

    He walked away as she continued to head towards the freighter. She walked up the ramp and was met by a man. She lowered her hood with a slight smile. “I’m Ahsoka Tano your contact. Sky Guy told me you’re trust worthy and will get me to where I need to go.”


    IC: Jess Shern

    Jess opened his eyes with a start and noticed Master Yoda standing over him with two Wookiees, one he recognized as Chewbacca, the other he couldn’t remember the name. He closed his eyes again feeling a little safer. The Clones attacking him from behind came as a surprise and without warning. They shot him in the shoulder and he immediately dropped and hit the ground as if he was shot in the heart. He slowed his heart rate down using the Force and waited for the Clones to leave.

    Jess felt a few more shot wounds one close to the chest but hit minor veins. But enough that would cause him to bleed internally. He could sense Master Yoda healing him with the Force. He wanted to stand but common sense made him stay still letting Yoda have his way with him. “Master, why are they doing this?”

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    IC: Maya Whitelight
    Coruscant, Level 1313

    Trying to keep herself calm within the present of the company she found herself in. Keeping her cloaked in the force. Quick with the fact the one calling herself Asajj was with in this group. Knowing little bits of pieces of each of them help somewhat. Making sure she came a cross just what she was a smuggler no more no less. Knowing why her father had sent her to this meeting, it brought her great surprise to hear what was wanted of her group of smuggler. The reason of being here, to bring Jedi back for a price, giving a smile upon her lips, to face Jasor. “What would these prices be?”

    If she was to bring back as much information to her father smugger group. It was what was working in the back of her mind who she be able to bring herself to bring in her mother kind, then after all they had exiled her because of her father. Even to this day her father will not talk about it. Being in her full AKK scale armor being in this part of Coruscant wasn’t like a walk in the park. Knowing to some to see a Zeltron not in what one would think of a Zeltron being playful with little to no clothing at all. Everything about her made her so much different from her race. It was her as if she belong to a hold other race of people, one not so adoptive in technology. Making sure she still had that present of being able to handle herself keeping eyes on both others in the group either one was dangerous in their own ways.

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    IC: Darth Raptor

    "I move that we do not surrender! I move that we consolidate our holdings, and stop fighting the Rep...Empire. With Palpatine dead, we have no need to throw our lives away anymore!" one of the Council Members shouted. The words almost cost him his life straight away as Darth Raptor strode forward, lifting his head to glare at the speaker; his normally blue eyes now a fierce yellow.

    "Yes, Sidious is indeed dead; I Sensed it through the Force. But I am alive, and I am here; as Lord Tyranus commanded me to be! I say that there is no stopping on the path you chose for yourselves; there is no turning aside or turning back! Switching off your pretty toys only increases the number of Clones that our enemy, whatever they have now decided to call themselves, can task with searching for you! How long do you think you can remain undiscovered, then; against those numbers?

    And when they find you; do not forget they will say you have committed both War Crimes and Treason! In the unlikely event that you are not shot on sight, your only prospect is spending the rest of your days in a bare cage! Is that not 'throwing your life away'? Such brain-dead reasoning disgusts me!"
    . For an instant, thick tendrils of Force Lightning emerged unbidden from his fingertips, but with an effort 'Raptor' brought his rage back under control, partially relieving his feelings by violently Force Pushing the immediate cause of his ire into a bone-shaking impact against the wall.

    As the echos of the 'thud' died away, and his victim collapsed (quite gracefully, 'Raptor' had to admit) into a twitching heap on the floor, he resumed speaking; "It is plain now that Sidious' intent was to betray and probably murder all of us; as he evidently betrayed and murdered Lord Tyranus and General Grievous. His plans miscarried and seem to have killed him; but that leaves us opportunity! We are no longer subject to his senseless 'go-there, do-that' orders regarding insignificant backrocket worlds; but can fight the war our way, the proper way! No longer do our Droid troops have to face Jedi, either, just our enemy's Clones and their supporting organic rabble, all of whom are far easier kills! Also, the enemy's new conflict with the Jedi will use up their reserves of Clones at a vastly increased rate - which will take further pressure off of us!

    True, the enemy will almost certainly attempt to step up their Clone production to compensate, but our Droid factories produce troops far quicker, and are much easier to expand as well.

    So I believe, and say, that we can win this war; and as we all know, those who win wars are never prosecuted for Treason or War Crimes - that always happens to the losers!

    The one concern I have is that this supposedly secret and secure location may have been compromised. I therefore urge the Council to summon a ship to evacuate us, along with all necessary equipment, without delay. For the future, there is safety in dispersal and in keeping ourselves mobile; also in using nondescript types of ships that are not readily identifiable as belonging to any particular side.

    My Lord Archduke, what say you to my proposal?

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Capture or kill General Kenobi.

    For a moment, a blessed heartbeat, Obi-Wan hoped that Cody would honour their kinship as soldiers in these long years of war and ignore his orders.

    Then reality hit and Commander Cody reached for his blaster, and Obi-Wan felt his heart sink. This is what the Republic had come to, repaying the Jedi for years of service with betrayal. But there was no time to mull on the betrayal, since that terribly uncivilised weapon was rising and Obi-Wan was defenseless... for now.

    He called his lightsaber to his hands - luckily Cody had found it when he'd lost it in his fight with Grievous - and spurred Boga away from the clone troops, towards where Grievous lay dead by his ship. An inkling of a plan formed in Obi-Wan's head, and he asked Boga to hurry. He owed the great varactyl a lot after today's battle, but he could only hope the creature would help him one last time.

    Behind him, he could hear the whine of a speeder bike, and a glance confirmed what he heard: Cody was following, and his speeder was undoubtedly faster than Boga. Obi-wan nearly smiled, and urged Boga straight up the cliff-face, where the speeder couldn't easily follow. In such a landscape as Utapau's, the need for climbing was why he'd chosen Boga in the first place.

    The clone Commander wasn't giving up, he noted, as he spotted the speeder attempting to follow up walkways. It was a dangerous race to Obi-Wan's only escape route, and Cody had blasters on his side. He lit his lightsaber just as the clone fired, and deflected the bolts to the sides. No need to harm Commander Cody or the other clones unless he absolutely had to, they were simply following orders.

    Luckily his destination was just ahead, and Boga crawled over the ledge of the cliff. Obi-Wan patted the large creature on the neck and leaped free, using the Force to augment his speed as he raced for the fighter. While he strapped himself in, he saw Boga move, lash out at something, but didn't have the time to find out what the varactyl had encountered. Grievous' ship was built for the overly-large, mostly machine monster, and Obi-Wan had a moment of doubt as he tried to figure out and reach the controls. But his experience in similar fighter craft allowed him to blast off quickly, before Cody could catch up, and he headed straight for space.

    Three thoughts came to mind as soon as he was away, and Obi-Wan quickly prioritized them. A quick jump into hyperspace satisfied the first, getting him far enough away from both Republic and Separatist forces that he could spare a moment to think, to plan what his next actions might be. The other two thoughts were not so easily quieted: in Grievous' ship, he couldn't easily contact the Jedi Temple, not without the codes they used; and there was the fear he had to carefully put aside with some deep breaths, fear about what could be happening to the other Jedi. Not all would have gotten the slight warning he did, and many trusted their troops unquestioningly.

    As Obi-Wan reached out into the Force, he could feel the pain of some Jedi, and hoped that it was simply the pain of betrayal, and not the pain that leads to death. There was nothing he could do to help them, so he closed his mind to the cries he still felt and focused on the moment.

    Helping the Jedi on the front lines would do little but risk his own life again, and while he trusted his abilities, he had no way to get those Jedi off their planets. Using Grievous' fighter would have its benefits - perhaps he could sneak into Separatist territory... and do what? No, the only possibility was to find a way to contact the Jedi and find out what he must do, how he could help.

    And that meant finding some way to get rid of this all-too-noticeable ship.

    He found a star chart in Grievous' database - he'd have to wipe the information before he dumped the vessel, it contained far too much about the war - and looked for a nearby system where he wouldn't be questioned about needing transport and communications to the core. Eriadu was too much of a Republic stronghold; Naboo would be an option if Senator Amidala was there, which she likely wasn't. Just beyond Naboo, however, was Tatooine. Obi-Wan considered it; as terrible as that planet was, he would be relatively safe there, if he was careful, and could easily find transport. Communications were another issue entirely.

    After some more thought, staring out into the slowly spinning star field around him, Obi-Wan turned on the ship's long-range communications. He'd have to do this in the clear, and then get out of here fast. He aimed the device toward Kashyyyk in the hopes of contacting Yoda, which ought to be safer than the Temple right now, and as soon as it confirmed the connection, he began to speak, his communications only in audio since the ship was not equipped with holo.

    "Master Yoda, this is Kenobi," he said, calmly but quickly. "I have just escaped attack by clone troops on Utapau, is there anything I can do?" Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, member of the Jedi High Council, was at a loss as to what to do. "Please advise."

    He couldn't wait long for a response, and so the hyperspace jump to Tatooine was already calculated, unless Yoda had other plans.

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    IC: Mace Windu
    Coruscant - Jedi Temple

    After killing the last Clone Trooper remaining, he turned to Timhos.

    "Are you injured, Padawan?" He asked, frowning, as he put away his lightsaber and moved towards him. "I need to make sure we do not leave a single Jedi behind. Under normal circumstances, I would tell you to leave immediately, but that is not possible now. Let's help whoever we can find and then leave the temple. Understood?"

    A lot was going through the Master's mind at the moment. This was, actually, an expected turn of events after he killed the Supreme Chancellor. His support and the amount of followers he had were always immense, and it was obvious that more than half of the galaxy's influential politicans were going to side with Amedda. It was somewhat satisfactory for him, though, that there were some members of the Senate who used common sense and understood that the Jedi were, of course, correct. Outside of the political matters the Sith Lord's death had caused, he repeated the moment over and over inside his head, picturing Anakin's confused expression at that moment. He wasn't sure as to how to proceed with this line of thought, and with that, with Anakin himself. He knew he had to speak with him, in private. Mace felt how close Anakin was to fall to the Dark Side, and he would not let that happen again. After all these years, he had now realized Anakin was indeed as Qui-Gonn had said, a very special case, and he needs to be treated as such. An ordinary approach to Anakin as a Jedi and as a person wasn't the best method. Mace knew he had to leave his arrogance and his pride behind him and speak with the young Knight in the most peaceful, harmonious way possible, instead of preeching him for how close he was to fall to the Dark Side. This was going to be difficult for Mace, but he knew he had to try.

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    IC: Onyx Black – Toola

    As Onyx scanned the empty horizons beside her fellow Jedi General, she wondered what was happening back on Coruscant. She had been deployed multiple times, usually as a tactical advisor, diplomat, or correspondence secretary, but this had been her longest stint away from the Temple so far, and she wanted to get back to the libraries, and the friends she knew so well. It was wearying living with people whose motives she had to guess. Not that there was any reason to be suspicious of any of those here, but—

    Her thoughts were interrupted as she sensed a slight shift in the minds of the clones. As usual, she would have second-guessed herself, had not General Bryce seemed to notice something, as well. Tilting her electro-binoculars out of the way, she looked over at him, then turned to look at the clones, letting her hands fall to her sides. They were standing close together, but, as she turned, the commander broke off from the rest and came toward them.

    When he reached them, he began, “Generals…I have bad news from Coruscant.” Onyx nodded, not realizing that Bryce was doing the same, and waited for him to continue, calmer on the outside than would have been expected by anyone who could have heard her thoughts.

    “The Jedi Order has launched a coup…they killed the Chancellor in his office. I have been ordered to arrest you both…but my men and I won’t follow that order. We remain at your command, General Bryce and General Black.”

    Onyx nodded again. It was the only thing she could do. Launched a coup and killed the Chancellor? But if they had launched a coup… who still had the authority to arrest them? And why would they do it in the first place? There was something they weren’t being told, and that irritated her. These thoughts passed through her mind first, before she fully realized what the soldiers were doing for them. As she realized her oversight, General Bryce answered the Commander.

    “Thank you Commander Blaze. I have never asked more or less of you men than you best, and you have given me your best tenfold. We have fought together, bled together and seen many of our brother’s die, but we have never lost faith in each other, and for that I thank you. And once more you are all risking your lives and reputations on mine and General Black’s behalf and I assure you I will never forget it.” Onyx could only offer a smile of gratitude as her name was mentioned. The other General clearly had more to say than she did, and these were his troops, after all.

    “Commander, I will not ask you or your men to lie to your superiors for us but-” Surprisingly, the clone Commander interrupted.

    “Don’t you worry General we’ve got your back, we’ll take care of all the after action reports.” Onyx felt her mouth smile, but it never reached her eyes. That was usually her job. The clone turned away after that, leaving them alone. Onyx’s mind was moving in overdrive, thinking through the possible routes off the planet, and the best course of action. Until they had some sort of plan in place, she couldn’t afford to think about what must be happening at the Temple.

    Bryce seemed to be thinking along the same lines, as he said, “Well it seems we are stuck between a rock and a hard place Onyx, you wouldn’t happen to have any ideas rolling around that pretty head of yours would you?”

    Onyx smirked, letting him think he’d amused her. It would have been funny under most other circumstances, but right now he was just trying to ease both of their worry, and she knew it. She shook her head slightly. “They’ve probably already either impounded our ships or are watching them in case we escape your clones. I don’t think trying to move off-planet right now is a good idea, anyway, since I’m sure they’re watching every spaceport in the galaxy at the moment for Jedi ‘fugitives’.” She paused for a second, as the realization of what she’d said sank in. They were, in fact, fugitives now, every one of them.

    Resuming her original line of thought, she continued, “After all, they could hardly have ‘arrested’ the entire Council without some getting away. And if we were spotted, it wouldn’t bode well for your men, either. I think our best chance is to lay low at the moment, and try to send a message through to Master Yoda. We could also try Master Windu… he was at the Temple as of the last communication, and might be able to tell us what’s going on. The only problem is I’m not sure which of the encrypted channels are still safe. I’m going to go with none of the ones that were used from the Temple frequently, which only leaves a couple of the more obscure ones. And the sooner we try them, the more likely it’ll be that the code hasn’t been broken.”

    Having talked herself out, Onyx fell silent, waiting for Bryce to give his opinion. She was already fiddling with her comlink, though, testing to see if it was jammed.

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    IC: Anakin Skywalker – Temple Shuttle 4

    Anakin was dutifully piloting the shuttle full of screaming, crying children toward the looming Star Destroyer, but his thoughts were on his wife. He knew that, by now, she would be able to see the flames licking at the Temple from the windows of her apartment, and all he wanted to do was go to her side, and reassure her that he was alive, and that everything would be fine, but he couldn’t. His duty was here.

    He had chosen the Jedi today, over his fears for her life, and the life of the one man he believed could save her, and now that man was dead. Was she also as good as dead? A brief flashback to one of his visions had him breaking out in a cold sweat, and he struggled with himself to keep from turning the shuttle around. Her life was not worth sacrificing all these others. Pure agony lanced through his heart as he forced himself to accept that, and tears slowly traced down his cheeks as he kept the shuttle on track. If only he could summon up the anger he had felt before… but no. Anger could be a terrifying thing, especially when he could feel himself slipping away because of it.

    At that moment, he heard the hiss of the hatch between the cargo bay and the cockpit that signaled the approach of another sentient. It was one of the Padawans, he sensed, and quickly dashed the tears from his face with the back of his gloved hand.

    “Master Skywalker?” He turned to look at the girl, sadness and weariness evident on his face. There was a touch of annoyance there, too, but it was gone in an instant when she asked, “Are we safe?”

    The girl seemed stronger than the rest… much like Padmé. He quickly looked away from her, staring out at the Resolute-II as though enchanted by the opening hangar. When he could trust his voice again, he said gruffly, “Yes, Padawan…” he could not recall her name, but, it quickly rose to the top of her mind, “Sarsa. We will be in their hangar in two minutes. When we arrive, make sure all of the younglings get out of the shuttle and take them straight to the mess hall. I am entrusting their safety to you.”

    He hoped the girl would take the hint, and leave him alone for now. He wasn’t up to engaging in any sort of conversation at the moment.

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    Malcolm Shade
    Dockyard, Dantooine

    It was a was always a risk. He took a gamble every time he left the relative safety of the stars and made port. He knew that and yet, he still did it anyway. Maybe he was crazy or maybe he simply lived for the thrill and the idea that any day could be his last. It gave him motivation. He had nothing to prove and nothing to gain. Malcolm Shade simply just...did.

    But that didn't mean he had no reason to be nervous.

    Even now, he was on edge as he paced the entryway of his ship, the Hung Jury, for the umpteenth time that morning. He would occasionally catch a glimpse of a dock worker going about his duties and he would stop momentarily to watch, but that didn't change the fact that his client was late. They always seemed to be late when he was the most uncomfortable. In this case, it was the hot sun and the close quarters of the spaceport itself. It was small and there wasn't much that didn't go unnoticed. Funny, he didn't remember Dantooine being this way...

    Malcom balled his hand into a fist and smacked it against the bulkhead in frustration as he focused on the dock worker once more. It seemed like the man might have been looking right back at him, but he was sure it was his imagination. He had been waiting here for far too long and he was starting to wonder if this whole trip might be a bust. Sighing, he started to turn to head back into the interior of the ship, when a flash of movement caught his eye. A cloaked figure was approaching.

    You couldn't make it anymore obvious, could you?

    Frowning, Malcolm ran a hand through his close-cropped hair and stepped out into the hot sun to meet the stranger. Blinking against the light reflecting off of the white pavement, Malcolm simply tilted his head to the side and studied the newcomer, waiting for them to say the first word.

    “I’m Ahsoka Tano, your contact, the girl said with a smile as she lowered her hood. "Sky Guy told me you’re trust worthy and will get me to where I need to go.”

    Great...I'm stuck with a child.

    Malcolm offered a fake smile and hooked his thumbs into his gun belt. "You're late," he uttered matter-of-factly, ignoring her mention of 'Sky Guy.' He knew who she was referring to well enough. Anakin Skywalker had been the face of the Jedi since the war began. If this kid had connections to him, she must be important. And that's exactly why he didn't react when she mentioned his name.

    "That can be costly in my line of work," he continued as he stepped closer to Tano. "I'm sure you understand...Ahsoka, is it? Don't let it happen again." He extended his hand. "The name's Malcolm, by the way. Or Captain or...whatever cute little name you want to make up for me." He smiled and winked, referring to her mention of Skywalker.

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  15. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Bail Organa
    Senate Tower

    "…we come to you from the Galactic Senate Hall, where Vice-Chair Mas Amedda has just declared the reformation of the Republic into the First Galactic Empire."

    The holonet was on the background as Senator Bail Organa of the Republic now-in-Exile tried to do far more than one man was capable of. His aides were gathering contact details of as many Exiled Senators as they could find and encouraging them to get themselves, their staff, and any family or friends off of Coruscant or other now-Imperial aligned planets. There was no doubt in his mind that they would be declared traitors in short order, and if they were to uphold the Republic, they would need every Senator, planet, and star system that had rebelled against the newly-formed Galactic Empire.

    Bail was trying to transfer all his years of work as Senator, information that would possibly spell his and Alderaan's doom if he were to leave it in enemy hands, onto datapads. A droid was packing up his quarters, though there was little there that he couldn't live without. Messages from other Exiled Senators were coming in, some panicked and confused, some calm and polite, most about his aides' word that they get off of Coruscant. Senators could never make decisions quickly, especially in times of crisis, and wanted to hear from him personally on the matter, as if his aides weren't working on his orders as it was. He didn't have time to answer all their messages, though, not if he were to get all of Alderaan's information safely eradicated from the system before his departure.

    Amedda was speaking on the holonews now, and Bail found himself momentarily distracted as Amedda declared himself Emperor. As if there had ever been any doubt of that. As he turned back to the computer terminal, another message came in, this time one he would not ignore: Breha Organa, Queen of Alderaan and, more importantly, his wife.

    "Breha," he breathed, smiling for the first time in what felt like years as her image stabilised above the desk. "How are you?"

    Her raised eyebrows told him what she thought of that question. It was before dawn on Alderaan's capital, yet she looked as elegant and put together as ever, as though she hadn't been roused from bed at word that the Republic they had both long served was now dissolved into an Empire. "I heard something about you and half the Senate abandoning the legal government." Her tone was light, but concerned.

    "I was going to send a message, my love, I just haven't had a spare moment since leaving the Senate." He paused, slightly anxious, wondering how the various Houses would respond to such news. "I hope I haven't made things too difficult for you."

    "Don't worry about me, Bail, I can hold things together here. Just get off of Coruscant while you can, and come home soon." A blinking light informed him he had another holo coming in, and the data read that it was Mon Mothma, Senator of Chandrila. If she was calling, he couldn't afford to wait.

    "I don't know when I'll be able to return, but I'll try my best to make it soon." He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry my love, but I need to talk to Senator Mothma. I'll contact you again once I'm safely away, that I promise you."

    Breha nodded and forced a smile, the same smile she presented to the people of Alderaan when they announced the start of the war, when they were forced to accept a munitions levy, when they were asked to take in war refugees. It was a smile that masked her fears and showed a strong leader to their planet even when times were difficult. "I'll hold you to that. I love you."

    "I love you." The holo winked out, and Bail took a moment to compose himself before answering Mon Mothma. A few words here and there with his wife over holo were not enough; he yearned for their younger days, when they'd be on the same planet, in the same city, when they could hold one another when things got rough. Those days were long gone, and Bail felt her absence keenly. Once this is over, Breha, I promise you I will stay on Alderaan.

    "I won't keep you long," she said promptly and made no mention of the wait; he was thankful for both. "Word has reached me that the Jedi temple is being attacked by clone troops in an attempt to arrest them." Her face betrayed nothing, but he knew how she must feel about soldiers being used as police. "We must try and ally ourselves with them. I've offered them sanctuary on Chandrila, but I'm not sure that they've received that information." Aid them at their weakest so that they might aid us at our weakest, she didn't have to say.

    He nodded. "I'll head over there now and see what I can do to help." With a few typed commands, he sent word to the Tantive IV to aid any escaping Jedi, even at the expense of leaving him behind. He could always find other transport offworld. "Do you mind if I redirect the other Senators' questions to you? I don't have time now to answer them all, and you were always better at calming them than I was." Mon Mothma smiled and nodded.

    "Of course. I will transmit to you our rendezvous point once it's decided. Senator Bel Iblis has offered Corellia, but I will inform you as soon as I have confirmed a decision with the other leading Senators."

    "I understand. Organa out."

    The hologram disappeared and Bail was on his feet immediately, leaving a message for his aides to continue his work as soon as they returned, and forwarding the Senators' messages to Mon Mothma's office; for now, he had Jedi to help. He grabbed a cloak and hurried to his speeder.

    Jedi Temple

    By the time Bail got there, the Jedi Temple was burning. Perhaps, he wondered, he should have brought his guards, but he'd been confident with just feel of a blaster at his side upon leaving; it would have to do. The smell of smoke was sickening, and he didn't want to think of how many Jedi might have been caught in those fires. Please, let them have gotten away already.

    A group of clone troops approached as he stepped out of his speeder, and barred his way.

    "What's going on here?" he demanded. As a Senator – even one that abandoned the new Empire (and he desperately hope that these troopers were unaware of that fact) – he had a right to know what was occurring, and he used every ounce of determination he had left to stare down these faceless, armoured clones.

    "The Jedi have been declared traitors. Don't worry, sir, the situation is under control." He went to step past them, but still they blocked his path. "I'm sorry, sir. No one is allowed entry." Bail made no move to depart, and the clones aimed their blasters at him.

    "It's time for you to leave, sir."

    Bail could take a hint, and with a slight sigh, he went to turn away. "And so it is."

    As he stepped into his speeder, he risked a glance back, and thought he saw a swinging lightsaber, but couldn't be sure. The clones were still aiming at him, so he flew away before he risked injury.

    Now what? There was nothing he could do for the Jedi anymore, so he had to focus on the Senators and their split government. A thought flickered across his mind as he flew back towards his offices, and Bail quickly changed direction. Padmé had been close to the Jedi since her time as Queen of Naboo, and he hadn't seen her name in the multitude of messages he'd received in the time since leaving the Senate. More than that, she was a friend, and he needed to make sure she was going to get safely away from Coruscant. A message could have accomplished that, but with his aides caring for things back in the Senate tower, he could afford a short visit to ensure that she was all right.

    Padmé Amidala's residence

    Padmé's golden protocol droid came out to greet him, but he waved away the droid's questions.

    "I need to see Senator Amidala," Bail said and, without waiting for the droid to invite him in, walked past it and into Padmé's quarters. Under normal circumstances he'd respect the formalities, but there was no time for that.

    Luck was with him, and Padmé was in, watching the Jedi Temple burn. Perhaps, he amended, luck was not with him as much as he'd hoped. He'd rather save her the pain of watching such a sacred place burn, of knowing friends and allies could be dying, but again, there was no time for that.

    "Padmé," he greeted quietly, "I apologise for intruding like this, but you must get to safety. Coruscant is no longer safe for those who oppose the Empire." The Jedi Temple, casting a red glow with the fires that burned, was greater evidence to his claim than any Bail could provide with words. He simply hoped that she would not be obstinate about her safety, for once.

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  16. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Yoda

    Yoda sat on the forest floor, one with the Force. He settled his mind as he felt the Force around him, in him. "Hello, my old friend," he said,silently, to the Force. The Force responded with a reassuring nudge. Slowly Yoda immersed himself deeper into the Force letting its current flow through him as he became its vessel. There were so many questions. He had felt a rift in the Force as the darkness has struck out against the light. Yoda really, knew nothing for certian. He had no idea how widespread the issues were. He gradually found the guidance he was searching for. Wait.

    There was no point in rushing into a situation he knew nothing about. Yoda had always been one to think first and act second. He would not let the recent turn of events push him into acting rashly. That was what those who would do the Jedi harm wanted. They wanted him to react instead of act. No. Yoda would act when and how he chose to. Not how is enemies wished him to.

    He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the injured Jedi in front of him. "Worry not, young one. Heal you, I will." As Yoda's hand rested on the man's shoulder he let himself become a conduit for the Force. Like a piece of wire, letting electricity flow through. Only instead of a harmful shock passing into the other Jedi, it was the full strenght and healling powers of the Force. Yoda moved his hand over the blaster burns, healing them each in turn. The wounds healed at an accelerated rate. Yoda could feel the young mind fight the urge to stand up. Finally, he finished with the process and stood up.

    “Master, why are they doing this?”

    Yoda glanced at the man. "Search your feelings, Knight Shern. The answer to this question, you already know. The Dark Side, our enemy is. Manipulates the Republic, it does. Those who serve it, as well. Tread carefully, we must. Or follow their path, we will. Come, move quickly we must; if off planet, we are to go." Yoda jumped back up onto Chewbacca's back and lead him on through the forest until they reached the hidden ship. It was a small shuttle and would be a tight fit for both Yoda and Knight Shern. As they approached, Yoda lept off Chewbacca's back and landed at the foot of the shuttle. He entered the access code and the door to the E3-standard starship lifeboat opened. Yoda walked up inside it and saw a blue blinking light on the console. His heart leapt. A message! Could other Jedi still be alive?

    Reaching out with his claw-like hand, he pressed the activation button. "Master Yoda, this is Kenobi," he said, calmly but quickly. "I have just escaped attack by clone troops on Utapau, is there anything I can do?" Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, member of the Jedi High Council, was at a loss as to what to do. "Please advise." With that the message cut out. Yoda let hope and joy flow out into the Force, in an attempt to calm those around him. He reached out to respond to Kenobi's message. "Well Jedi Shern, what do you suggest? Pick our next move, you should. What do we tell Master Kenobi?" A slow smile crept to Yoda's face. It was good to keep the younger Jedi on their toes.

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  17. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Armand Isard
    Galactic City (soon to be renamed 'Imperial Centre') Coruscant.

    Via Personal (i.e. non-official) Comlink.

    "<Text Message Begins> <BREAK> Armand Isard to Senator for Naboo Padme Amidala <BREAK> Please forgive a message rather than a personal contact but I am well aware of what concern a visitation by the Director of Intelligence causes even to people who are entirely innocent of any wrongdoing <BREAK> My wife and daughter are forever complaining that my position plays extreme havoc with their social lives <BREAK> You have always been spoken of to me as one of our most level-headed Senators <BREAK> You also share a birthworld with our late and much revered Supreme Chancellor <BREAK> He was one of the people who spoke of you in those terms <BREAK> I was also in his confidence regarding his plan for a 'New Order' which we have just seen implimented by the change of nomenclature from 'Republic' to 'Empire' <BREAK> To my understanding the change means very little more than the full implementation of the promises he made during his campaign for election to the Chancellorship <BREAK> I for one very much wish to see the corruption inefficiency and waste of resources swept away <BREAK> It seems to have become endemic in recent years and was never fully tackled by the Ruusan Reformations in the first place <BREAK> That is why I supported our late Supreme Chancellor and will support Mas Amedda as our new Emperor <BREAK> There is one additional reason why I support the formation of the Empire which I will attempt to get you cleared to be aware of when I have an audience with His Imperial Majesty later today <BREAK> I find it compelling and overriding of any other considerations <BREAK> However it is never discussed outside of a fully shielded office and the supporting evidence never leaves this building so you would have to visit here <BREAK> On a personal note I know that you met Anakin Skywalker when he was a child and have kept in touch with him since <BREAK> Although seen leaving the murder scene in company with Jedi Master Windu Security Holos show that he did not arrive with the assassins <BREAK> It is arguable that he became aware of the plot and went there to prevent the slaying but arrived too late <BREAK> We are keeping a very open mind particularly as he is known to have been a close friend of our late Chancellor <BREAK> Security Holos from the Jedi Temple show him assisting the obviously innocent to evacuate and leaving aboard a shuttle <BREAK> To my current knowledge he is safe and well <BREAK> <Text Message Ends>

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  18. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Cormac Zadane
    Coruscant, Level 1313

    Cormac's cigar was burnt halfway down before the man in partial clone trooper armor finally addressed the small group of... well, whatever they were, that gathered in the cantina on level 1313. All that made the bounty hunter feel out of place were the two women nearby, one bald with two lightsabers clipped to her belt and the other a Zeltron wearing a unique set of armor that Cormac couldn't place. Otherwise the current surroundings practically felt like home. Seedy, dark, decadent... just the kind of place a gentleman of Cormac Zadane's stature preferred to spend his down time.

    "Now... I know who you all are. Asajj Ventress, former servant of Count Dooku... Cormac Zadane, famous bounty hunter..." Cormac took the cigar out of his mouth, closed his eyes and nodded his head sideways in a mock formal gesture. "...and Maya Whitelight, smuggler extraordinaire. I am Jasor, a loyal servant of the Republic, and now the Empire. I imagine you have all heard of the bounty on Jedi? And how their order betrayed us all?"

    Cormac had heard of the incident not long after it occurred. The Jedi killed Palpatine. Cormac couldn't recall an event so significant that had affected him so little. He had no feelings toward the Jedi, and as far as he was concerned, Palpatine was just another crooked politician. He would say good riddance, but cut off one head and two grew back so it seemed.

    "Now... that is why I have called you all here. All of you, with the possible exception of Whitelight, have some problem with the Republic." The man had done his homework. Cormac kept past thoughts from his mind. He was good at that. "However... the Empire is not the Republic. And we are willing to pay for your... unique... skills. The Jedi are a menace to all of our people, and we in the Empire want your help in tracking them down."

    The sooner this political activist got to the point, the better. The man turned to Ventress, and spoke orders to her. Then he turned to Cormac, and the bounty hunter blew a puff of smoke off to the side and listened.

    "And you, Cormac Zadane, have little love for the Republic, though no problem with the Jedi." A presumptuous statement, even if it was true. "So I ask you to help Ventress track down the Jedi, while looking for any of these... Exiles... as they call themselves."

    Wait, what? The man told the other woman what he wanted her to do, but Cormac was still thinking about what he'd been told. He wanted him to go off with the bald woman? The one called Whitelight inquired as to the price of these endeavors, which Cormac was curious of as well, but he sure as hell wasn't gonna put his trust in someone he'd never met. And this one looked about as trustworthy as a pissed off Tusken raider.

    "Hold on there, pal." Cormac's voice was a soft baritone, grizzled, not overbearing but enough to get your attention. He looked over at Asajj with a frustrated look on his face. Then he turned back to the man, and narrowed his eyes. "I don't play well with others."

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  19. JacensGirl

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    Apr 25, 2003
    IC: Asajj Ventress
    Coruscant Level 1313

    Asajj watched this "Cormac" man's reaction with some amusement in her wide, pale eyes.

    "I don't play well with others."

    "That should not be a problem." She would not tolerate simple bounty hunters interfering in her affairs, nor was she eager to declare loyalties to anyone. Internally, she sighed. Why did it always come down to choosing a side, in this war? She thought she had known her allegiance once, but she was no longer certain. He had ordered her death.

    She turns her attention to Jasor. "You say that I have little love for the Jedi, but you said it yourself, I am the former servant of Count Dooku, and capturing Jedi is not a simple task. Why should I help you and this Empire?"

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  20. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Ahsoka Tano
    Docking station, Dantooine

    "That can be costly in my line of work," he continued as he stepped closer to Tano. "I'm sure you understand...Ahsoka, is it? Don't let it happen again." He extended his hand. "The name's Malcolm, by the way. Or Captain or...whatever cute little name you want to make up for me."

    Ahsoka gave a short nod of acknowledgement at the man’s concerns but almost noticed he had a bit of rough attitude. Does he think he’s dealing with a child? She would be considered an adult in two years. “Don’t worry about the dock worker, he won’t remember anything for the next couple of years. A nice trick my former master taught me. It’s time to get going, Captain Snarky is it?”

    Ahsoka raised a challenging upper brow as she eyed the man with a frown as she sensed something very familiar through the Force. She sensed the same thing off of the Clones the day she met Anakin. They immediately referenced her as a youngling. She chose not to say nothing but just give a subtitle glare instead. She didn’t like this Captain’s attitude but Anakin trusted him. That was good enough for her.


    IC: Jess Shern

    "Well Jedi Shern, what do you suggest? Pick our next move, you should. What do we tell Master Kenobi?"

    Jess frowned as he looked at the master and can tell he was testing his patience. He sensed a lot of turmoil coming from the dark side making him wonder what exactly was going on. “Considering we don’t know what awaits us back on Coruscant. It’s best to meet up some place neutral, find out what happened then plan a course of action. There is no sense into jumping in blindly. It would be unwise at this point, as we don’t know what we will be walking into,” he paused for a second and gave a genuine smile. “Thanks for healing me. I appreciate it.”

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  21. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Emperor Mas Amedda
    Senate Chambers, Coruscant

    The applause felt good. Exceptionally so, but Mas Amedda was not a fool. His Empire had been founded on the greatest defeat the Sith had ever suffered, and as such it was as weak as the structures that had been manipulated to birth it. He raised his hands to the Senate, asking for quiet. It came, though not as swiftly as he would have liked.

    Grinning freely, he surveyed the faces of his Senators - the very human faces, he noted sourly. The High Human Culture that Lord Sidious had cultivated would be his very greatest opponent, and he had little doubt that COMPOR would quietly be concerned that he was a non-human.

    The Emperor's expression grew carnivorous - a challenge indeed.

    "Thank you for your support, my friends. We have the opportunity to bring an end to this destructive conflict here and now, which can only be maintained with forthright and swift action. With this in mind, my first mandate as Emperor will be the elevation of you all to the rank of Moff within this great empire. Even now, the clone garrisons within your systems will be placed under your command, and you shall have free rein to hunt down any and all opposition, in coordination with your planetary governments. All systems will be put on a total war footing, and the militarization of our fair state will continue unabated until the Rebels and Jedi are but echoes of the past."

    "A new Imperial Navy will be created, and its membership will be opened to any and all. Conscription will now be introduced, with waivers given as necessary to those who are needed to govern, administer, or rule, as decided by you or those you see fit to appoint."

    In short, Amedda made the Senators even more powerful than they had been under the Republic, and gave them the ability to create whole networks of loyalists who were not conscripted, while simultaneously re-arming the Empire at an alarming rate. The loyalist corporations would be enriched, the loyalist populations would be relieved, and then Amedda could move on to securing his succession.

    "The Senate, no, the Court of Moffs, will impose peace upon those enemies of justice! For we are the Empire! An Empire which will restore peace to the galaxy! In the name of Palpatine!"

    His words became thunderous, and he reached into the Force to curry their support. "For we are the Empire!"


    It felt good to be Emperor.


    Within half an hour, the Emperor was escorted by the Royal Guards to his chambers. He had full knowledge of Lord Sidious' private network within the Republic, but his knowledge of the Confederate side of the network, of Lord Tyranus' empire, was minimal. If he was to crush the Jedi, he would need to rehabilitate the Confederacy, and swiftly. He had already gone to pains not to mention the Confederacy within his speech, and by creating a profitable regime he might even entice them back into the fold with credits.

    He had an urgent message already by the time he had made it to his desk. Just one, he noted, and he remembered to commend Sly Moore for her swift clearance of his schedule.

    "Your Imperial Majesty! Intelligence Director Isard here. A noteworthy piece of information has just come into my posession, which I think you should see. I also have the outlines of a plan which might assist in getting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's 'New Order' plan advanced. Time is critical, however, if everything that would need to be done is to be completed. May I be granted an urgent audience?"

    Bidding the Royal Guards leave him, he swiftly turned to Moore. "Get me the Director, immediately. If he cannot get here, then get him on the holo-emitter." He pursed his lips, knowing that he would need to replace Moore quickly if he was to give the appearance that he was not surrounding himself with non-humans. Unless he could strengthen the hand of non-humans within the Empire. "And find me Lord Sidious' encryption for the Separatist Council. If we are to survive this as non-humans we must be swift. Loyalty cannot be equated with species if I am to survive."

    "I need to speak to Gunray, Poggle and the others."

    And see if Lord Tyranus had any Sith candidates lying around that I need to take care of.

    He paused, collecting his last set of thoughts, with this in mind. "And get me a bounty hunter who can deal with Asajj Ventress."

    It was not just about the Imperial mantle, no, it was about the Sith one, too. And the sooner the Empire's heart was secure, the sooner he could start working on its enemies.

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  22. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Yoda

    “Considering we don’t know what awaits us back on Coruscant. It’s best to meet up some place neutral, find out what happened then plan a course of action. There is no sense into jumping in blindly. It would be unwise at this point, as we don’t know what we will be walking into,” he paused for a second and gave a genuine smile. “Thanks for healing me. I appreciate it.”

    Yoda smiled, "Right you are, my Jedi. Perceptive, are." Yoda reached out and opened the comm relay to send a reply message to Obi-Wan. "A neutral place, we shall go. And just the planet, I have." Yoda began sending the message to Master Kenobi. He opted for a full holo-recordering over just a voice recording. "Master Kenobi. Glad to see you alive, I am. Outwitted your Clones, have you? If you are able to receive this right away, move quickly we must. Head to Alsakan, you should." Yoda turned off the message relay and prepped for takeoff. "Come, Jedi Shern. Away, we must go." Yoda turned to the two Wookiees and gave them each a hug. "Goodbye Tarfful. Goodbye Chewbacca."

    Once Jedi Shern boarded, Yoda closed the hatch and launched the lifeboat. The flew over Kashyyyk and watched as the forest burned.

  23. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Armand Isard
    Galactic City (soon to be renamed 'Imperial Centre') Coruscant.

    The summons to the Emperor (relayed by Sly Moore, a being that Isard thoroughly approved of as close to the epitome of competence) came very shortly after Isard had sent his text message to Senator Amidala. Despite the undoubted efficiency of a holo-conference, the possibility of that method leading to a security leak made him reject it - would this be another politician that would need to be educated on how clever some beings were at slicing their way into acquiring very sensitive information, he wondered?

    His airspeeder route this day (it was regularly changed according to a randomised pattern) happened to take Isard past Amidala's apartment; which he was pleased to see still showed signs of occupancy, including a sporty-looking airspeeder on the landing pad; "Looks like Organa's", he thought.

    For the next few minutes, Isard amused himself with reading the text-feed of Mas Amedda's latest speech; nothing that could not be rolled back through shades of interpretation, thanks be!

    Arriving at the Senate building, Isard submitted to the new (much more invasive) Security Inspections with good grace and was conducted to Mas Amedda's chambers; where Sly Moore greeted him at the door and ushered him inside.

    "Thank you for seeing me so soon, Your Majesty"; Isard said after bowing to the Emperor and holding out "The Jedi Path"; "One of my men discovered this book in a room within the Jedi Temple, it includes data on some rather peculiar creatures. Two of them inhabit the same world, called 'Myrkr', which could be the answer to our Jedi problem - or at least those problem Jedi who we decide had knowledge of the coup and assassination plot. One of the peculiar creatures, called a 'Ysalamir', is credited with being able to block Jedi Powers; the other, called a 'Vornskr' is said to be a vicious predator that considers a Force User the biggest and tastiest meal it has ever encountered! If we strand our unwanted Jedi on that planet, the Vornskrs will probably deal with them in short order and we can truthfully say that those Jedi have merely been exiled, not executed! A win-win situation from the New Order's point of view! The book states both that the blocking effect increases when several Ysalamiri are in close proximity and that the Jedi had the entire system (not just the planet) declared a quarantine zone; so that could well imply that the effect extends well out into local space! The system is in the Atlas, on the very edge of the Inner-Rim, not far from the Hydian Way.

    As how to bring the Jedi in without unsupportable troop losses, I would suggest that we make a show of magnanimity and offer an amnesty period for any Jedi to turn themselves in to any Imperial unit without harm; subject, of course, to an investigation into their knowledge and/or participation in the plot (an investigation where we decide the outcome!), the degree of which will vary with the age and Rank of the individual; Initiates just given a cursory look, Knights and Masters the most rigorous one - probably we could get away with most of those two ranks being sent into 'exile'! It looks good to the Citizen, too, to see the new Government acting in an apparently fair and just manner, despite what has happened - I seriously doubt that even those who dislike the Jedi could swallow the proposition that the entire order was involved!

    We may find that we have need of trained Jedi ourselves, provided that they are reorganised to serve the New Order and placed under proper oversight; have you been briefed on 'The Far Outsiders' yet, by any chance? I know the late Supreme Chancellor considered them an extremely serious threat.

    As for the absentee Senators, while I understand that they have given great personal offence to your Imperial Majesty; I do not see that their action could be labelled either Criminal or Disloyal, certainly not under our current laws. Ignoring them, certainly for the time being, is probably the best course of action. Some of them will probably return when they see their Senatorial 'perks' coming to an end, others because of pressure from their electorates to either attend or step down so that the electorate is again represented and the voters do not feel disenfranchised. Others may respond to a charm offensive! If punishment is required it can be inflicted at a later date; when their action has been forgotten by the Citizenry and the punishment arranged so it cannot be traced back to your Throne."

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    ((OOC: Padmé soon, taking longer than I anticipated...))

    Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

    Undisclosed location

    Wilhuff stood with his eyes cast upon the massive frame of the Death Star and watched as thousands of ships circled the bones made of Quadanium steel. The project was proceeding better than anyone had expected, well ahead of schedule even in these first phases. Although his expression was usually cold, witnessing such a massive and powerful weapon being built for the future Empire – for something that guaranteed him great power and wealth - was something that warranted his nearly imperceptible smile. The sound of standard military-issue boots echoed behind him and he turned halfway to see Bevil Lemelisk approaching.

    Bevil was one of the few people that Tarkin could tolerate; unlike the majority of the crew he had met with on this assignment Lemelisk had more than proven his worth and was respectful of all authority, or at least acted as if he were.

    The man stopped only two short strides away, his face tense. Tarkin gave him a curt nod, allowing him to speak. Judging by his expression the message would not be a good one.

    “Moff Tarkin…I have bad news from Coruscant. The Chancellor was killed by a Jedi strike team…Mas Amedda has taken his place as Emperor,” he reported quickly.
    First his eyebrow raised in shock. The Chancellor, killed?

    Perhaps the Jedi are truly more powerful than he believed, he thought. They would have to be dealt with.

    But the remainder of the man’s news began to sink in. Tarkin’s lip curled at the mention of Amedda. Of course he would be the first to steal the throne. He thought himself more important than the rest of them. A Chagrian as the Emperor. He snorted. Tarkin was able to attempt to hide his dislike of other species, so long as they were the ones taking the orders.

    “Return here in 30 standard minutes,” Tarkin replied tersely, “and send a request for contact to Pestage as well as Garoche’s fleet immediately.”
    Lemilisk acknowledged his orders and turned neatly towards the bridge doors.

    Tarkin’s blood boiled behind his calm face. Amedda would be surely sending a communique to the ship as soon as possible. The plan and the security that Tarkin had had moments earlier were now seemingly non-existent.

    He wasn’t sure that Amedda would follow the same path as Palpatine, in fact, he was almost completely sure he would do the opposite.

    Sate Pestage had been extremely loyal to the Chancellor, and would probably be more than livid at Amedda’s claim to power. As far as Tarkin could judge Pestage had also seemed to appreciate Tarkin’s work and accomplishments. Sate’s disdain for non-human officials was also something that they both shared. Pestage would be a vital key in the chaos that would surely ensue. Pestage’s council of advisors would also hold a large part in the future.

    In the event he was dreading - the loss of his position - Wilhuff’s son, Garoche, would be able to provide any important intel he received as fleet admiral until the shifts throughout the commands settled.

    Over the next 30 minutes, Tarkin would form a strategy. One that would challenge the authority of the “Emperor”. Much like the Death Star floating in space, the foundations had been laid down to the proper Empire. Tarkin would see to it that all he had been promised would be fulfilled.

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    IC: Vice-Admiral Karreal Thom
    Coruscant Orbit

    The Resolute-II stretched before them, shuttles making their way to the hangars with distinct markings of the Jedi and Republic.
    Karreal had been expecting a fire fight, but there was still the possibility they would surrender…

    Unlikely, she thought, ridding herself of the notion.

    Truthfully, she wanted one. They were traitors, assisting the Jedi in escape. Jedi who had killed the Chancellor in cold-blood.

    She turned from the comms back to the rest of the bridge to give a last set of orders. Every set of eyes trained on her, their faces awaiting her words. If there was one thing that she had gotten the crew to understand, it was that she did not take kindly to a lack of attention. Her voice cut through the near-silent bridge. “Deflector shields up at 80%, prepare squadrons in hangars 2 and 4 for an offensive, if any shuttles attempt escape I want them disabled immediately,” Karreal paused. “Now.” She finished and spun towards the comms.

    The channel had already been set to the Resolute-II. Thom took a deep breath and clicked the channel open.

    Resolute-II, this is the Vice-Admiral Thom of RSS Valour. Under Imperial law we have been ordered to detain any and all shuttles that are headed for or are aboard your ship. You are also to surrender immediately or offensive action will be taken,” she said before waiting for a response.

    The word Imperial felt foreign, her mind still somewhat set in the Republic. She knew in time she would get used to it. Everything was changing, allegiances were being broken, plans were being changed.

    The comm didn’t click back a response. Instead, the Valour rocked gently with a shield-softened blow.

    So they wanted a fight…

    She turned to a crewman. “Keep the channel open,” she ordered before quickly pacing to the bridge’s viewport.

    “Orders still stand, but don’t disable the Resolute. Take it down. If they attempt escape, track them. The goal is to disallow shuttles to board.” Her voice rang in the durasteel room for a moment before the commotion of movement started.

    Within two minutes swarms of fighters flooded from the Valour’s hangars, headed straight for the Resolute’s shields and vital systems. They broke off into neat arrows, diving and spinning to avoid the turbolaser cannons of the other ship, explosions spotting the hull as they found the vulnerable spots. Another swarm took off towards the shuttles that dotted the upper atmosphere of Coruscant.

    Whatever ships the Resolute had were delayed, something that gave the Valour the advantage. If Thom’s ships kept up the assault, the Resolute only had minutes. Minutes to escape, or minutes to fight a losing battle…

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    IC: Barric Bryce
    Steppes of Toola

    Barric could already tell that his attempt at humor didn’t work on Onyx, she knew him to well, but that was what happened when two Jedi worked together for so long. She already knew what he was going to say before he even spoke the words, and he could already tell that his attempt to make her feel at ease had in fact make her feel even more less at ease. As he looked at her he could tell that her mind was racing a million parsecs a minute. He could already tell that she was trying to come to a decision with what little options the two of them had. But after moments of silence she finally spoke.

    “They’ve probably already either impounded our ships or are watching them in case we escape your clones. I don’t think trying to move off-planet right now is a good idea, anyway, since I’m sure they’re watching every spaceport in the galaxy at the moment for Jedi ‘fugitives’.” Said Onyx. She then paused for a second ad Barric wondered what she was thinking, or what she had realized. But before he could ask she continued.

    “After all, they could hardly have ‘arrested’ the entire Council without some getting away. And if we were spotted, it wouldn’t bode well for your men, either. I think our best chance is to lay low at the moment, and try to send a message through to Master Yoda. We could also try Master Windu… he was at the Temple as of the last communication, and might be able to tell us what’s going on. The only problem is I’m not sure which of the encrypted channels are still safe. I’m going to go with none of the ones that were used from the Temple frequently, which only leaves a couple of the more obscure ones. And the sooner we try them, the more likely it’ll be that the code hasn’t been broken.”

    “Agreed, even though I hate the idea of leaving my fighter there in the hands of some low life dock manager who will probably sell her for scrap, I guess I will have to let her go, at least for now. But you are correct, if we show our face at Ithaqua station the sensors will pick us up immediately, best to fly under the radar for now until we can figure out what this is all about and what our options are. I just hope you are right about the Council but if not then this situation just got a lot more complicated. But when we find somewhere to rest and gather ourselves we can scan the back channels of the temple and hope none of them are being monitored” Said Barric looking out over the vast tundra of Toola.

    The wind was starting to pick up and the sun was beginning to set, it would get cold soon, more than cold, freezing, and worst yet Barric could feel a storm front rolling in. The temperatures on Toola during the daytime were frigid but at night they dropped down into the negatives which could freeze solid even the best trained Jedi. They would have to find shelter and fast. But before they could do that they would have to cover their tracks and that meant making sure no one saw which direction they headed, including his clone troopers. He trusted them with his life but there were new clones to the battalion, one who had never fought with him and did not know him, it would be easy for their superiors to twist their arm and find out where he and Onyx where and what had happened with the disobeying of their orders, and that was something that Barric was keen to avoid. He once more walked over to Commander Blaze.

    “Blaze you and your men had best get out of here and fast, there’s a storm rolling in and I can’t tell how long it will be before they stop sending out transports so you best get going while the going is good.” Said Barric raising his voice to be heard over the gusts of wind.

    “Affirmative sir, but what about you and General Black?” said Blaze

    “We’ll be fine Blaze don’t worry about us, we’re resourceful. You just worry about getting your men back to base.” Barric said as he raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blowing snow. At that Blaze steeped forward and firmly put his hand on Barric’s shoulder, Barric followed suit and did the same.

    “It has been an honor General; never will I find a better commander.” Said Blaze as he withdrew his hand and reached for his belt where he produced two DC-15s Hand Blaster’s both with intricate designs carved into the metal on the sides, they were Blazes pride and Joy and he never went into battle without them, he then handed them to Barric.

    “Blaze I cannot take these, it would be like taking another man’s wife.” Barric said with a smile.

    “Go ahead sir their a gift for a job well done. I know how you Jedi despise blasters but you never know when one might come in handy, and besides sir, you earned them.” Blaze said handing the two blasters over to Barric, who took them and attached both holsters to his leather utility belt.

    “Thank you Blaze, you and your men had best get going.” And with that Blaze turned and headed back to his troops who quickly assembled and made their way back over the ridge the same way they had come. They were alone now just Barric and Onyx, two outlaw Jedi on the run and stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the sound of the wind and the sun which quickly setting. He turned to his fellow Jedi as he put the hood of his cloak up over his head, a futile attempt to keep himself warm.

    “I faintly remember seeing some caves a few miles back that might suffice, unless you want to seek somewhere more hospitable. Then we can scan the back channels of the Temple and trying and get in contact with someone, hopefully one who is close by or at least in a neighboring sector.”

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