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Star Wars Rebirth

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Skywalker_T-65, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Jess Shern

    Jess bid farewell to both Wookiees before climbing into the lifeboat, it was a bit cramped in here, but he didn’t have much choice. He looked out the window as they flew over the burning forest. All of this destruction was senseless. There wasn’t any point to it. He sensed life dying through the Force as the fire consumed everything in it’s path.

    “Master, I’m going to meditate during the ride,” Jess said as he closed his eyes and sunk himself deep into the Force. The last thing he wanted to remember of the beautiful forest was flames wreaking it.

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  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Poggle the Lesser
    Mustafar, CIS Council

    Looking around at the members of this council he had no feelings for them, nor did he expect any in return. The Chancillor of the Republic was dead. To put it bluntly, so what? A figure head is no good dead except as a rallying point. The fact that the dead Republic leader was a Dark Lord of the Sith, most likely their Dark Lord of the Sith was something of note. They were free. It was as simple as that. Except, they were also alone. Lonely individuals, like ones without a hive, were the most erratic and dangerous creatures one could ever face.

    He was facing a room full, and that room full seemed to have lost their sanity. Surrender to the Empire? It was foolishness that made him bristle his chin tendrils and flutter his wings in a slightly annoyed buzz. He was raising his bone staff to interject but the token Sith did so for them. This one saw the betrayal, and saw it included himself as well. He was little more then a token, but a token has its uses as the tossed council member gave evidence. As for himself, Poggle enjoyed the display and specticle of it all, but most of all his recognition. If properly maneuvered the unifying head for the droid armies could be put under this one's control for a time. Perhaps with better results now that they all knew that their Dark Lords choices had been misguided from their own reasonings for the position, and perhaps himself as the new De Facto Leader as Darth Sidious would no longer be utilizing the position.

    "<<You give a good show. You use good advice. But where shall we recoup if not here? We have a droid foundery churning out war beneath us, defenses in place that will not be lowered for fresh ships unless we allow them. Your advice is short. We must scatter, but to the founding of new factories, and revisit the weapons of war that Sidious led us away from in the dark places we were to forget. Let us breath in a pause as the Empire regroups we shall rebuild, faster.>>" Pounding the bone staff on the ground, "<<Then we will retake our worlds, refree allies, and perhaps. . .fight with new allies. We seek alliance with Republic in Exile, with Jedi, and always the low. Tentative of an agreement contract to be made. We no longer are lossers of a war, we will win it.>>" It was specticle and it was show, but that was what those without a hive leader needed now, something to rally behind, something to distract, and something to hunger for.

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  3. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Darth Raptor

    Raptor listened to the Archduke's reply and mostly approved of his words, certainly of his tone. The rest of the Council also seemed to find fresh resolve. Not bad for a very minor 'motivational' demonstration - but he would have to watch that he didn't 'Motivate' them too frequently or too far.

    "You speak words of wisdom, my Lord Archduke! Pause for breath we certainly can, if only because The Great Betrayer will no longer be demanding that Confederacy troops open new front after new front on insignificant little worlds in the Outer Rim!

    I know nothing of the weapons you speak of my Lord Archduke, but of the weapons the Confederacy currently has deployed, the Standard Battle-Droid and Super Battle-Droid have become increasingly less effective - not from poor design or manufacturing, your Lordship and the Council should understand - but simply because the enemy has grown used to them and evolved tactics that grant his troops a much more favourable exchange ratio than was once the case. The original version of the Droideka is still effective, but I understand that a much improved model has been designed and built; which promises to be even better. The MagnaGuards also retain their effectiveness. The Council already has production facilities for enhanced Droidekas and MagnaGuards; so production could, with advantage, be restructured to favour the newer types for deployment in the next major offensive. All we would need to manufacture of the older types is a number slightly in excess of the estimated loss rate on the existing frontline worlds.

    To avoid a flood of Clones being loosed on us, I see a need to pin as many in place as possible on the active fronts, making them pay a heavy toll there. This, I believe, can be done by assuming a generally defensive posture (the ratios always favour the defender by a factor of about three to one) but while still mounting some actual attacks to prevent the enemy from being able to thin out his forces.

    If we can discover where numbers of Jedi have congregated, I respectfully suggest that the Council arrange for those locations to be leaked to this new Empire through intermediaries. That might well lead to the Empire diverting large numbers of their Clones to fight the Jedi, or at least drive them out of their sanctuary; whereupon those locations would have to be garrisoned to prevent a return. Make no mistake, my Lord and Members of the Council, Jedi are highly effective fighters; I urge you to remember how many times our troops have been thwarted by even two or three of them! Therefore, I advise we let the Clones and the Jedi reduce each others' numbers as much as possible.

    Above all, my Lord and Councillors, we need accurate and timely information; not only as to what the enemy is actually doing, but what he is thinking of doing and any nasty surprises he is laying up in store. Do any of you, for instance, have any recent information on what Lord Tyranus called the 'Ultimate Weapon'? From the way he spoke, not even the strongest defences can stand against it. We need to find out if it is being built - and designs for super-weapons are very rarely filed away and forgotten about - how far it is along, where that place is and who has control over it.

    To that end, I ask the Council to consider designing and producing a Droid type that can attach itself inconspicuously to the exterior of any ship or vehicle to infiltrate planets and facilities and report what it sees back to us. I am no expert, so I do not know if my next idea is even feasible, but if it is, it would be of considerable advantage to turn the enemy's Droids into our allies at a moment, or moments, of our choosing. We would need a commonplace type, or types, of Droid that is able to load well hidden, permanent, secondary programming (which becomes dominant when we activate it) into enemy Droids; turning them into Intelligence assets, Saboteurs or even Assassins! Have groups of those sent to as many enemy-held and neutral worlds as possible and let them subvert the local Droid populations! Such allies would, I think, make the subjugation or re-conquest of the worlds they are on far quicker and easier!

    As for organic allies, if they are who I think they are, the Republic in Exile are very likely to be well-disposed towards the Jedi and may include disguised Jedi in their entourages. As for whatever is left of the Jedi Order itself, although I used to be one in my extreme youth, I am now Sith and, as such, their mortal enemy! I also have a blood-feud with some of them for the murder of my Master and his friends, and for the additional deaths among my people when the Jedi collapsed the dome over our dwellings and left my people for dead! Jedi and Sith can detect each other through the Force, so they would know if I was anywhere near.

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  4. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Onyx Black - Toola

    “Agreed, even though I hate the idea of leaving my fighter there in the hands of some low life dock manager who will probably sell her for scrap, I guess I will have to let her go, at least for now. But you are correct, if we show our face at Ithaqua station the sensors will pick us up immediately, best to fly under the radar for now until we can figure out what this is all about and what our options are. I just hope you are right about the Council but if not then this situation just got a lot more complicated. But when we find somewhere to rest and gather ourselves we can scan the back channels of the temple and hope none of them are being monitored," General Bryce replied.

    "Right. We may be able to get our ships back sooner or later." As she spoke, Onyx turned to look out over the frozen wastelands that, for the time being, would become their home. Staying on watch with the clones was a bit different from hiding out from the entire Republic, and the rapidly-dropping temperatures were a reminder of how difficult it might be.

    Onyx remained where she was while General Bryce walked back over to his troopers. She had a feeling he was saying goodbye, and she wanted to let him have this time alone with them. While they spoke, she gathered their equipment, packing away the electro-binoculars with the rest, then picked up a small stock of supplies. They needed enough for the night, at least, but not so much that it would be obvious that the amount missing was more than the troopers could eat. She finished just in time to see General Bryce accept a pair of blasters from his Commander, and then she stood and watched as the troops packed up and left. General Bryce returned the where she stood again, and she offered him his pack. He pulled his hood over his head, trying to warm himself, and Onyx smiled. It was cold, but she liked the cold better than the heat of some of the other planets she'd been stationed on. She drew her cloak a little closer around her, completely covering the clothing she wore beneath, and listened as he spoke.

    “I faintly remember seeing some caves a few miles back that might suffice, unless you want to seek somewhere more hospitable. Then we can scan the back channels of the Temple and trying and get in contact with someone, hopefully one who is close by or at least in a neighboring sector.”

    She nodded. "Sounds good. We can try moving again tomorrow, but for now we just need shelter. I've got everything we need to try and communicate."

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  5. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Poggle the Lesser
    Mustafar, CIS Council

    Stroking his chin tendrils Poggle listened intently to the Sith as he rambled on in response. The fact that this one spoke so many volumes was a testament to little he had actually been privy to. Still with the alliance of the Dark Lord that had bound them together perhaps it was time to share with these lessers what his true position was, at least to an extent. Raising a shaking finger up into the air he interjected after the last of the others breath, "<<The ultimate weapon will not be ready for years. That is our deadline to infiltrate, subvert it, or win this war. Once prepared our forces cannot prevail.>>" letting that sink in he worked his head side to side to give a slight sway.

    A step back before moving things forward, it was unavoidable. "<<For the change in our lines. The EG model should be expanded to support and commando roles.>>" Pulling out a small projector he tapped buttons to create a floating image of the droids as he talked of them. "<<If we form alliances and the Jedi betray, they are our best hope to remove them. The Droideka Line expanded in the recent model. Together they can form a shield front for a slow advance or shock attack when deployed. A new Maleveolence is needed to rally fleets. B1 production halted for replacement by BX models, they have failed too often to be relied upon. As for Sabotage we have droids needing little alteration. Yet it stands, we are defensive because we must be until these are productions are geared up. Money is an issue as well, we will have to institute a droid overseeing droid production programs to gather the resources and negate the human cost losses, Superier Tactic Droids could fill position. As for the Jedi and Republic in exile, we will have to make sure you are not present in those meetings. And that we assure them they can buy models of our earlier droid models before this regearing we shall start, to fund these efforts.>>" Stroking his tendrils he nodded somewhat to himself.

    "<<What you propose for the droid subversion was limited by Sidious, it is a dark place we must return.>>" with a flutter of his wings he shifted away from this Sith in their midst. "<<We must decide, Council of both these proposed measures and our new leaderships of the Droid armies, and whether or not more is needed for this body as well.>>" Tapping his bone staffs top on the table twice he waited to see what would become of this gathering.

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  6. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Malcolm Shade
    Dockyard, Dantooine

    The girl gave a nod of acknowledgement, but Malcolm could tell through her body language that something was bothering her. No doubt, he had rubbed her the wrong way. Unfortunately, that was a necessary consequence in his line of work. She would get over it.

    “Don’t worry about the dock worker, he won’t remember anything for the next couple of years," Ahsoka quipped in a rather humorous tone.

    Malcolm quirked an eyebrow at her boldness and glanced over at the dock worker in question. "You're that good, huh?" Of course, he would never let on to her about how creepy it was that she could actually get a handle on his thoughts. That was one thing about working with the Jedi that he would never get used to.

    "A nice trick my former master taught me. It’s time to get going, Captain Snarky is it?”

    Captain Snarky. Malcolm had to smile at that one. He was a little worried at first, but he had a feeling he was going to get along just fine with this Ahsoka. She had spunk and his kind of humor.

    He dramatically gestured towards the landing ramp with a quirky smile. "After you, of course," he offered, taking a final glance at the dock worker before heading for the interior of the ship.

    "I'd like to remind you, though. I have a few ground rules," he pointed out as they stepped into the entryway. "You're free to roam the ship as you please...unless we run into trouble. If that happens, you're subject to my commands. If I tell you to hide in the cargo bay, you do it...if I say you'll make a great co-pilot, well..."

    He trailed off and flashed a devilish grin. "You get the idea."

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  7. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: 'Jasor'
    Level 1313

    Jasor watched as the small group mulled over his offer. He wasn't expecting a whole lot from them, after all...what were a failed Sith, a bounty hunter, and a smuggler to a loyal servant of the Empire? But his job was to get them to work with the Empire, and he would do that. So he let them digest his suggestions, and hid his impatience. The first one to reply was Whitelight, which somewhat surprised him...

    What would these prices be?”

    ...though her answer/question didn't. A smuggler was always looking for money first and foremost after all. Jasor turned fully towards the smuggler, and answered her question.

    "15,000 credits for a Padawan, 25,000 for a Knight, 50,000 for a Master...and 100,000 credits for Mace Windu or Anakin Skywalker," the man in partial Clone Armor said.

    While waiting for her reaction, Jasor heard the Bounty Hunter state his piece, "Hold on there, pal."

    Jasor turned fully towards Cormac this time, "I don't play well with others."

    The Imperial Agent just shrugged his shoulders. He had been expecting that to a certain extent. After all, bounty hunters were very territorial. And apparently former Sith too, as Ventress added, "You say that I have little love for the Jedi, but you said it yourself, I am the former servant of Count Dooku, and capturing Jedi is not a simple task. Why should I help you and this Empire?"

    Sighing slightly, Jasor was tempted to pinch the bridge of his nose. He wasn't payed enough for this, but again, he wouldn't let his frustration show. Even to a Force User, he would appear as a font of calm and patience. Not turning to Ventress, Jasor addressed Cormac first.

    "Then don't work directly with Ventress. Just collaborate as needed," Jasor said, before turning to said woman, "That is your choice Ventress. I have named the prices."

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    IC: Bevil Lemeilisk

    Undisclosed location

    Lemeilisk acknowledged his orders, and walked off the bridge. It did not surprise the man in the slightest that Tarkin wanted contact with Pestage…the two men were legendary in Republi…Imperial circles for their dislike of non-humans. And with Amedda now the ‘Emperor’…it didn’t take a genius (though Lemeilisk would never deny that he was a genius) to figure out that Tarkin had to be boiling behind that calm façade of his.

    Wanting his son’s fleet was a bit harder to understand…for anyone but Lemeilisk. Tarkin likely wanted his son to keep an eye on things if Amedda removed him from his post. Which made sense, as the ‘Emperor’ wouldn’t want the proverbial ‘vibro-blade in his back’ this early in his reign. So, in a purely byzantine sense, Lemeilisk could see why Tarkin wanted his son to be involved too.

    So the scientist headed for a secure communications suite, to call up the two men. The first to respond was Pestage, and the man wasn’t even bothering to hide his displeasure at recent events.

    “Lemeilisk…I assume you are calling on behalf of Moff Tarkin?” the man said, a frown on his face.

    “Yes. He wants you to contact his personal holo-suite as soon as is possible,” Lemeilisk replied.

    Pestage nodded curtly and cut the link, likely to go to a more secure location on his end. With that done, the scientist opened another holo-call, this time with Garoche Tarkin. Or at least, he attempted too. However, the man did not answer any of the repeated calls that were sent in his direction. That was odd, and certainly not a good thing. Even with all the work he had done, Lemeilisk knew that telling Tarkin he couldn’t contact Garoche would not be a good thing. But realizing his time was up, the scientist sighed heavily and began to walk back to the bridge.

    Tarkin was still looking at the Death Star, but Lemeilisk drew his attention again, “Pestage will be in contact soon Moff Tarkin. I could not contact your son however.”

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    IC: Resolute-II’s Crew

    Coruscant Orbit

    On the expansive hangar deck of the Resolute a large group of Clones and regular Republic Navy crewman gathered. They watched as shuttle after shuttle, all proudly bearing the marks of the Jedi Order, came to a gentle halt in the hangar. All of the crew, Clone or otherwise, was still in a state of shock. The Jedi had been betrayed…they knew that much. Being a member of the Open-Circle Fleet meant they had hunted Dooku and Grievous…they realized full well what being Sith meant, and that Palpatine had been the enemy all along.

    Thus, when General Skywalker had sent a message asking for anyone who could help the Jedi escape, the Resolute and its crew had moved into orbit over the Temple as quickly as they could. Even if they knew it meant they would be declared traitors…they still did it.
    One of the clones, Rex, walked up to one of the shuttles. According to communications, this one was Anakin’s shuttle. And that was confirmed when the Jedi Knight walked off the shuttle, onto the hangar deck
    “General Skywalker,” the Clone said, snapping off a salute, “Good to see you made it sir.”

    Before Anakin could reply though, the ship shook heavily. The voice of the Captain echoed through speakers, “We are being attacked by the RSS Valour…all shuttles need to land now.”

    If one looked outside the hangar, they could see blue fire flashing from the flanks of the Resolute heading towards an identical ship in the distance that only lacked the Open-Circle Fleet markings. The two ships were exchanging volley’s of turbolaser fire, while fighters from the Valour were strafing the Resolute below where its turrets could fire back.

    It was obviously a losing battle. While two Venator class Star Destroyers would normally be evenly matched, the Resolute was hobbled by being unable to launch its own fighters, and having the shuttles to cover. Yet, they refused to leave until they had rescued all the Jedi who hadn’t reached hyperspace capable shuttles. It was their duty, and ‘traitors’ or not, Clones understood the word duty.

    “Shields are down to 50%...the Valour is still at 75%!” one of the bridge crew shouted.

    “Redirect fire to their bridge,” the Captain ordered, as, if nothing else, it would blind the ‘enemy’ crew.

    It would only be a short respite though, as it was only a matter of time until the Valour wore down what was left of his ships shields. And he knew that…and so did the crew. Yet none of the deserted their post, none of them yelled that they would die…they just turned any worries into a grim determination.
    However, that would not win the battle for them…as fire from the Valour began to bleed through the battered shields. One bolt hit a flank-turbolaser battery, shaking the entire ship as the weapon detonated in a massive explosion.

    Kriff it…we can’t stay much long… the Captain thought, before a shout broke through his thoughts.

    “Sir!! Reinforcements!!”

    Looking out the windows, the Captain saw several ships marked with the Open-Circle Fleet insignia approaching rapidly. Leading the way was a Victory class Star Destroyer, its weapons belching blue fire towards the Valour.


    “Yes!” several of the crew shouted, while the Captain’s frown turned to a grin. Now to take the fight to the Valour

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    IC: CIS Council


    The Confederacy Council was somewhat in shock after Raptor had thrown one of their members into the wall. Unable to process what had happened quickly enough, they listened as the ‘Sith’ began to state his own proposals.

    Before any of the Council could formulate a reply, Poggle the Lesser took their place in talking to Raptor. Both of their proposals made a certain amount of sense. And the more revenge driven of the group loved the idea of turning the Clones and Jedi against each other. But the more rational minded ones agreed with the original statements of the Archduke…allying themselves with the rump of the Republic and Jedi could prove advantageous.

    The talk about weapons and plans continued between ‘Raptor’ and Poggle, until one of the Council Members got to his feet once it was apparent both ‘men’ were done talking.

    “Unlike my colleague,” the Councilor started, sending a significant look at the crumbled body, “I agree that we can’t surrender to the Empire. We would all be executed for the actions of Dooku and Grievous.”

    A series of nods went through the majority of the Council. None of them, aside from the one currently on the floor, would deny that. Seeing that no other comments were forthcoming, the man continued.

    “However…I believe that we should follow the Archdukes suggestion of allying with the remnants of the Republic and the Jedi. While we broke away from the Republic in the first place, I think we all know that the rump of that government is likely made up of the likes of Senator Organa, Senator Mothma, and Senator Amidala. They are the ones most likely to let us continue as our own government…it is in their own interests to secure any aid against this Empire that they can,” the Councilor pointed out, over the angry growl from Gunray at the mention of Amidala.

    “And one of the biggest flaws with our own military is the lack of effective leaders on the fronts. None of us present, with the exception of Raptor and the Archduke, could lead an effective offensive. However, we all know the reason the Clones are so effective is the Jedi leadership…if we can ally with them, it would be our droidsour men…who are the ones being lead by Jedi Generals. As Raptor so eloquently pointed out…turning the Jedi and Clones against one another is to our advantage…what better way than having them lead our troops against their former allies? There is a certain sense of poetic justice there.”

    Walking around the table, the man slammed a hand on it, “By doing this, and building the new designs that the Archduke suggested, we can take the war to the Empire once we have consolidated our own holdings. Work with the Republic in Exile and the Jedi, and we stand a real chance of winning this war, and maintaining our own holdings!”

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    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Barric Bryce
    Steppes of Toola

    Onyx nodded in agreement to Barric’s suggestion about the caves. He could tell she was amused by his disagreement to the cold weather as he pulled his hood over his head. As Barric watched her it almost seemed that she enjoyed this cold weather. She simply smiled as she pulled her cloak closer around her. She turned to him.

    "Sounds good. We can try moving again tomorrow, but for now we just need shelter. I've got everything we need to try and communicate."Said Onyx.

    “That’s good, I just hope we can get some reception in those caves.” Said Barric. And with that they were off. They first had to climb down the steep and rocky slope that led up to the outcropping that they had been standing on. The climb down was treacherous, not only because of the steep angle of the slope or the impending fall to your doom if you fell but also because of the slickness of the rocks which was a byproduct of the fresh snow that was preceding the heavy snow storm that was sure to come. More than once Barric lost his footing and slipped just to be saved by either Onyx or a conveniently placed rock that made a good hand hold in the nick of time.

    Finally they had made it to the bottom of the outcrop and were now in the snow covered steppes, where the snow came up to waist high levels, even chest high in some spots. Their progress was slow at best as they waded through the deep snow, having to lift their legs up past their waists in order to make any kind of progress. Barric’s legs burned but the thought of shelter and warmth kept him going, as well as the current mission on hand, he was not going to let his fellow Jedi down by dying in some frozen hell hole where his body would never be found. His fellow Jedi Onyx was keeping up with him surprisingly well, but that was expected, they were Jedi, able to push past the normal breaking points of regular humans. Their minds and their bodies bad been trained for years to take such endearment, and they had the force on their side to sustain their bodies and help them along. In the distance a beast let out a long and lonely howl. At least they were not the only ones alone out here in this storm.
    They sun had just dropped over the horizon when they finally came to the entrance of the cave. It was half buried in snow, and it was a wonder how they ever found it. Barric went first, climbing over the snow drift that covered the entrance to the cave and sliding down the other side. Barric didn’t bring any chem sticks for light so he had to rely on his lightsaber. The cave was dark but when Barric ignited his lightsaber the cavern glowed with an eerie blue ambiance that was let off by the blade of his lightsaber. Inside the cave shadows danced on the walls as Barric moved deeper into the cave, He could hear Onyx breathing which let him know that she was not far behind. As he moved towards the back of the cave he found a small table carved out of the bare rock on the floor, as well as stone benches, a fire pit and small alcoves carved into the wall of the cave, which were big enough to fir one person, these were obviously meant to be beds. By the looks of it this cavern had seen much use in the past, which led Barric to believe that it was some kind of waypoint built for weary travelers seeking shelter from the storm, it even had a cistern for water which was covered in a layer of ice as well as a small steaming pool, which no doubt was a hot spring. Whoever had found and built this shelter certainly knew what they were doing Thought Barric as he moved deeper into the cave. This would make a good place to wait out the storm and gather themselves for the task ahead, whatever that may be. Barric turned to onyx.

    “Well it is not a five star hotel but I think it will serve us just fine for now,” said Barric as he dropped his pack next to the fire pit. He bent down and observed the large wood pile that had been left by the previous occupants.

    “Well we are in luck it seems, I’ll try and start a fire while you try and get in contact with the council, I was never good when it came to that stuff, technology and I don’t exactly get along,” Barric said with a chuckle. He had been raised a farm boy on Voss and had never had the luxuries of some of children who had been born on more populated planets such as Coruscant where technology was an everyday amenity. The most Barric knew how to use properly was his holo communicator and starship, he had let his droid B8 take care of the more complicated and intricate technological problems. Which reminded Barric, B8 was still back at the space port with his ship. He had ordered him to take care of it while he was gone, he didn’t think he would need him on a reconnaissance mission, and he was right, B8’s circuits would have frozen out here. But the fact still remained that they would need to get their starships and B8 back, especially since both contained large amounts of data on their fellow Jedi and their locations. But Barric pushed that to the back of his mind, there was nothing they could do about it right now, their main priorities were warmth and figuring out what the situation was with the Jedi Order. Barric’s work finally paid off as his small thermal torch he kept in his belt finally set the kindling of the fire aflame.

    “Ah ha! There we are fire. It is alright if you want to call me the best thing since Bantha steak,” Said Barric with a wink and smile. He squatted down next to fire and warmed his hands, which had been thoroughly frozen through despite having gloves on his hands. He looked over his shoulder at Onyx.

    “The Council is alive, I just know it, I have a feeling in my gut, we’re going to be alright,” he said in a reassuring manner, but the real question was who was he trying to reassure, Onyx or himself?

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Ahsoka Tano
    Dockyard, Dantooine

    "I'd like to remind you, though. I have a few ground rules," he pointed out as they stepped into the entryway. "You're free to roam the ship as you please...unless we run into trouble. If that happens, you're subject to my commands. If I tell you to hide in the cargo bay, you do it...if I say you'll make a great co-pilot, well..."

    Ahsoka gave a short nod as she headed inside the interior of the ship. “That’s fine and I can handle being a co-pilot no problem. Do you need a co-pilot or can you handle the ship on your own?”

  10. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Darth Raptor

    Raptor wasn't happy with the Archduke's casual dismissal of the construction status of the 'Ultimate Weapon'; which he thought short-sighted. Twice now, just after the Battle of Geonosis and again at the Battle of Coruscant, Sidious had brought large numbers of previously unknown Warships and other materiel into being, as if plucked straight out of pure vacuum by an expert conjurer. Even with the advantage of being both the Republic's Supreme Chancellor and the shadowy puppet-master behind Tyranus and the CIS; that bespoke planning to a very strict timetable; and while speaking of the nonsensical expansion of the war further and further out from any real strategically valuable targets, he'd had a flash of insight into what the 'Grand Plan' must have been. He would need to meditate deeply upon this insight later, but for now it looked like a play in at least three acts.

    Act One was simply to insert Sidious into the Office of Supreme Chancellor; the action against Naboo was just to provide a crisis-point and probably never intended to succeed (and wouldn't that little fact infuriate the Council Members from the Trade Federation; if and when it became clear to them) despite the actions of that thrice-cursed Kenobi and the Skywalker brat.

    Act Two (still ongoing, thanks to Sidious overreaching himself, quite possibly due to too great a reliance on Force-visions of the future coming to pass exactly as seen) was to have concluded with the total extermination of the Jedi and, of extreme interest to all in the room, the liquidation of all inconvenient witnesses (and redundant 'useful tools') that could tie Sidious/Palpatine to involvement with the CIS and the War. But the Jedi deaths that he had Sensed, and was continuing to Sense (with a great deal of relish) through the Force, were too few; far, far too few, to send the Jedi into extinction, or even make them an endangered species!

    Act Three (and as many more as were needed) was to have brought into fulfilment the eons-old Sith goal of Galactic Overlordship and Sith Rule. That couldn't be accomplished with Warships and Clones, even at a thousand times their current numbers. The Galaxy, even the known part of it - and Force alone knew what the 'unknown' parts of it contained - was simply too big and possessed far too large a population. No, it would have had to have been the equally-old Sith technique of Rule by Terror (indeed, his own preference for causing a being's gory demise by using 'Force Net' as a disciplinary or motivational tool, was a minor adaptation of this principle), which argued for at least a prototype being completed and tested as quickly as possible. Not that just one operational 'Ultimate Weapon' would be anywhere near enough of a threat!

    Raptor was grateful that the Archduke listed (and displayed) the new types of Battle Droid that could be brought into use; his brief stint in the front-lines had been sufficient to let him see the limitations of the deployed types for himself, but not enough to obtain information on anything other than the Improved Droideka. At least the new designs looked fairly capable - not semi-comical younglings' toys like the B1 version.

    Doubtful though he was that either the Republic-in-Exile or (more particularly) the Jedi would be willing to ally themselves with the CIS, there were possibilities in Poggle and the others just meeting with them; always provided that he could find a way of monitoring the discussions from a safe distance. Sith had no monopoly on treachery, after all; it was just (as he was well aware) that Sith and Betrayal tended to go together like Karkan Ribenes and Tomo-spice! Indeed, he was quite prepared to leak the fact that a meeting had taken place, the time and the attendees to this new Empire himself, in the hope that a punitive expedition of Clones to the attendees' homeworlds would attract intervention by the Jedi!

    Raptor was gratified that his throw-away suggestion of the droid-subversion scheme was to be considered; then the Archduke finished and one of the others began to drone in response. It was only when he got to "As Raptor so eloquently pointed out.... turning the Jedi and Clones against one another is to our advantage.... what better way than having them lead our troops against their former allies?" that the idea formed. Jedi leading Droid troops, then getting cut down from behind by massed blaster fire! No remorse, no reluctance, no pity and, most important, absolutely no warning from the Droid troops! Perfect! And if any of these Force-blind nonentities objected - even the Archduke - then a display of Dark-side Power and Sith killing frenzy would render such objections moot!

    Now all Raptor needed to do was to learn how to control the Droids, particularly their IFF parameters.... and he also needed to obtain a recorder, preferably a holo-recorder, and see what information his holocron could be induced to part with. To meet the second of those aims more swiftly, he did not intend to speak again at this meeting.

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  11. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Cormac Zadane
    Level 1313, Coruscant

    "Then don't work directly with Ventress," Cormac's new employer responded simply. "Just collaborate as needed."

    Cormac furrowed his brow for a moment, and then gave a begrudging nod. He had no desire to be alongside Ventress during this endeavor, but if she had leads for him and he for her, and they could find a way to make their partnership mutually beneficial without becoming cumbersome, then more power to 'em. But Cormac had always worked better alone. Not that he'd had much experience otherwise.

    Now it was time to wait for this Jasor character to give him something to work with.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Archduke Poggle the Lesser
    Mustafar, CIS Council

    Setting his bone walking stick down between his legs the Archduke folded his hands ontop of it. Swaying it around a little bit as he listened to the first other council member to add retoric to the discussion and in a manner a deciding lot. This was the way the plans would shift, and this was the way the government of the CIS would progress. Sparing the Sith a glance he saw the thing retreated, silent, in short deadly. Yet not without some hint of interest, perhaps this would work, perhaps it wouldn't. Either way he planned for a few EG droids with cortisis to become his personal guards to suppliment the Geonosian soldiers he normally had following him.

    Fingering the gold inlay after the silence had fallen he stared at the table top and the Council members hand before placing his own upon it. "<<Are we agreed? The rest can be sorted further sessions.>>" He was thankful that the speaker had not included Nute Gunray in the list of battle able, although the Skakoan also should of bore mention if it had not been elusive and final in it's silent presence. Perhaps the wound had removed it from battle, weak at the loss of an eye.

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    IC: Onyx Black - Toola

    “That’s good, I just hope we can get some reception in those caves.” Onyx nodded, following him down the treacherous mountainside. They made it down with no more than a scratch or two, but several close calls. Without the strength in the Force that was normally expected of a Jedi, Onyx had learned to rely on more basic methods to deal with the dangers inherent in her role as a Jedi General, and had adopted the clones' use of boots specifically made for climbing in such conditions. It allowed her to catch the other General more than once on their trek, while she herself only slipped twice. At times, it was humiliating to admit that she required such aid, but at others, like now, it was a relief to rely on something other than her own strength.

    Finally, they made it to the bottom of the slope, where they were confronted with the next obstacle: waist-deep snow. Onyx sighed, moving to follow in Barric's footsteps as he pressed forward, her cloak sliding back over her shoulders as each step became more and more difficult. By the time they made it to the caves he had mentioned, Onyx was completely exhausted, though she still held her head high... at least when she sensed his attention on her. She had long ago divested herself completely of her robe, which was now slung over her shoulder with her pack, and her catsuit was unzipped to her waist, the snow melting the instant it touched her flushed skin.

    They had made it just in time, as the sun's last rays gave them barely enough light to find the entrance. General Bryce went first, as usual, and Onyx more slowly made her way over the snow drift that almost concealed it. On the other side, the male General ignited his lightsaber, using it as a light to examine the interior of the cave. Onyx knew she had a glowrod somewhere in her pack, but she didn't feel like digging for it at the moment, and just followed him farther in. Toward the back was an area that had clearly been used for shelter before, and Onyx felt a momentary sense of relief. There was a decent chance that they could get a signal through, at least once the storm had passed. Until then, they appeared to have everything they needed to be comparatively comfortable.

    The other General clearly felt the same way, as he commented, “Well it is not a five star hotel but I think it will serve us just fine for now." Letting out an amused huff as the man bent over to examine what appeared to be the remains of a fire, Onyx stepped to the nearest "bed", and slid her pack onto the ground. Bending down, she spread her robe out on the stone, only half-listening as Barric mentioned starting a fire, and getting in contact with the Council. She was carefully laying out her equipment on her robe, checking to make sure none of it had gotten wet, as she replied, "I know, that's why they assigned me to go with you. I can't contact them through this weather, though. We'll have to wait until morning." She glanced back over her shoulder, watching briefly as he tried to ignite the wood in the pit, then continued her work. "As long as the storm only lasts overnight, of course." As if to emphasize her point, the wind howled outside, blowing a scattering of snow into the mouth of the cave.

    “Ah ha! There we are fire." Onyx turned to see a bright blaze in the pit, then looked over at Bryce, who continued with a smile, "It is alright if you want to call me the best thing since Bantha steak." He winked, and Onyx turned back to her pack, shaking her head. She was smirking, though, as she laid the last pieces out, gently drying one that had collected some moisture.

    “The Council is alive, I just know it, I have a feeling in my gut, we’re going to be alright,” the General said reassuringly. Onyx raised a brow, turning to look at him again, only to find that he was already looking at her. She nodded, unsure why he felt the need to bring it up. Some of the Council was surely alive. The odds of whatever forces had been brought against them killing all of the most experienced masters was rather slim. Maybe he was the one with doubts. She got up from where she had been crouched for the last few minutes, and moved to sit opposite him before the fire.

    "I'm sure most of them are alive. Even if none of those on Coruscant made it out, there were others, Master Kenobi and Master Yoda, for example, who were stationed elsewhere, like we were. And I'm sure yours aren't the only loyal clones in the army. The odds are that most of our fellow Jedi made it out alive," Onyx offered, trying to ease his mind. She was extremely uncomfortable in the current situation, as she had no desire to raise false hopes, or worry him more. And she wasn't that familiar with him, at least by her standards, so she wasn't entirely sure what to say.

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    IC: Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin was relieved when the girl left the cockpit, leaving him to his thoughts. There wasn't much time to think, though, as they docked with the Resolute II only moments later. Anakin quickly strode off the shuttle, shouting instructions to the older Padawans. As soon as his feet touched the hangar deck, he was greeted by Rex.
    “General Skywalker." The clone saluted. “Good to see you made it sir.”

    Anakin opened his mouth to reply, when the ship shook. He grasped one of the landing struts of the shuttle briefly, while the captain announced, “We are being attacked by the RSS Valour…all shuttles need to land now.”

    "Dammit!" Anakin cursed, swinging around to see another Star Destroyer attacking them. Turning back to Rex, he ordered, "Get the rest of the children off, now!" Running over to the next shuttle, Anakin helped hurry the frightened children down the ramp, and into the comparative safety of the Star Destroyer's interior. As he moved on to the next, he sensed a change, and realized reinforcements had come. He sagged against the wall in relief for a moment, then continued on with his chosen task. It didn't take long to unload the rest, and then he headed back to the shuttle he had originally flown. Rex was standing beside it, and saluted again as he made his way toward him.

    "Sir, all of the children are safely off the shuttle. The men say we've been reinforced, sir."

    Anakin smiled at the man. He was relieved to see Rex had not joined the other clones in betraying their generals. "I'm glad to see you here, Rex. I've got to go back, though. Master Windu and some of the others are still in the Temple." He didn't mention that Padme was also still on Coruscant, but he didn't have to.

    "I'll come with you, Sir," Rex replied. Anakin shook his head. "No, Rex, stay here. They'll need an experienced Captain like yourself. Who knows how many we've lost today."

    "But General Skywalker..."

    "Rex. Stay here. Take care of the children." Rex knew that look. There was no use arguing.

    "Yes, sir."

    Anakin nodded, and made his way up the shuttle ramp. He turned back for a moment at the top to say, "I'll be back, Rex, don't worry." And with that, he disappeared into the cockpit. Starting the engines again, he took in Rex's disapproving face one last time before turning the shuttle to face the open hangar doors, and flew the old thing out into the midst of the firefight. He kept behind the fighters as much as he could, before breaking off and heading back toward the burning beacon that had once been the stately Jedi Temple.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Emperor Amedda
    Senate Chambers

    Armand Isard was a man with a plan. Several plans, as a matter of fact.

    And none of them involved revenge.

    Mas Amedda reflected quietly, and let the Director of Intelligence speak, fully, and completely. In this man, he had found a very competent human. Someone who would serve him well, because he would serve the Empire well. A true believer in Order.

    The Emperor nodded in his throne, placing his staff across him as he brought his hands together to count with.

    "One. I fully approve the commission of a mission to head to this Myrkr and secure these creatures. I expect you to use maximum secrecy to do this. Send the best captains. Start placing them as necessary around the Senate Chambers."

    "Two," he counted a finger. "You may offer clemency to any and all Jedi apart from Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu, those two Jedi who killed the Chancellor. In point of fact, you may go to lengths to suggest that this is not a condition of Jedi being allowed back into government circles."

    Amedda smiled, fangs bared. "Or, you may offer them a neutral world on which to settle, and the opportunity for formal membership, perhaps. That may give them more faith, if we give them a world or even worlds."

    "Far Outsiders," mused Amedda. He did indeed know of these threats, having a personal hand in the manipulation of agents such as Kinman Doriana during his formative years. "I am aware, and this is why I am sincere in the need to stabilise the Empire. The Death Star Project is our ultimate shield against that so is key to the defense." He didn't mention that he intended to allow the Jedi access to a world so he knew where they all were... and could use the said Death Star on them.

    The Death Star... the Sith frowned. An extra, concerning aspect, there.

    Amedda mused. "As for the Senators..." he twisted his expression into a scowl, as if he was thinking a great deal about it. Which he wasn't. He faked a sigh, and nodded. "Agreed. Leave them be, perhaps."

    The Emperor stood, taking his staff up in his hand. "Director Isard. It strikes me as prudent that you act as the Grand Vizier for the Empire. I give you full and utter authority to act in my stead. I intend to meditate on the best way to proceed into the future, to find a way forward towards peace that can be fully resolved."

    He nodded to a Royal Guard. "In my absence, consider him Regent."

    The Emperor looked into the shorter mans eyes. "Do you accept this responsibility, Lord Isard?"

    Regent Isard
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Armand Isard
    Senate Chambers - Coruscant.

    For perhaps the first time in his life, Isard was shocked nearly speechless! He had not expected a promotion for what were somewhat idle musings based on a serendipitous find: and certainly not promotion to the second highest position in the Empire! He could only think that being in Palpatine's shadow had blinded everyone to the fact that here was a Man (Isard's exact thought) worth following. A Man capable of setting the New Order firmly in place and making it thrive.

    Nor had the Emperor's favourable comments on Isard's suggestions gone unnoticed; he had thought that he was in for a long, hard, stint of patient explanation and persuasion to get even one of them accepted; but the Emperor had, without any prompting at all, adopted a far more conciliatory stance than Isard had dared to hope for! That he could really work with in the attempt to reverse some of the damage done. Even the retention of Anakin Skywalker on the 'assassins' list, along with Windu, wouldn't pose too great a problem; careful wording would see to that.

    Pulling himself together and drawing in a deep breath (he hadn't previously noticed that he'd stopped), he replied;

    "Your Imperial Majesty, that is an overwhelming honour and a fearful responsibility! I humbly accept the appointment and will loyally serve you in my new role with all the abilities at my command!

    I shall get the Myrkr operation underway as soon as I return to my office; I have just the team to send in as a reconnaissance party, all convicted ex-pirates who will blend right in with the other scum that have made the planet their base. Their death-marks have only been suspended, not cancelled, so everything will be ultra legal if they need to be made expendable. The ships issued to them for use on missions all have a device built into the Power Core; and even in these enlightened days, space and hyperspace travel still carries an element of danger with it, does it not? We may need expert local knowledge of the fauna and flora (hence the reconnaissance team), but in view of the need for secrecy, I favour the actual collection operation being done in an entirely uninhabited region; which will mean landing a reasonably large ship.

    As to the rest; I will, with Your Imperial Majesty's permission, address the Media later today; to be billed as an important information update. Your Imperial Majesty's magnanimity has made it much easier to create a Media-driven shockwave that will reverberate around the Galaxy and become a talking point for days, perhaps weeks! I have already set some preparatory work in train for such an event; all of it true - albeit that some of it is from 'an Imperial point of view', so I have no fear of the inconvenient Jedi truthsense becoming a problem. Reveal that, then your magnanimous response, and you should be well on the way to being called 'Emperor Mas Amedda - the Just'!

    I would also like your permission to do a 'show and tell' on 'The Far Outsider' threat (and we now have some physical evidence of their existence, courtesy of a friendly contact in Chiss space) with Senators Mon Mothma, Organa, Bel Iblis and Amidala; individually or as a group. Despite their highly regrettable recent conduct, they have been entrusted with knowledge of highly classified materials before and have never leaked any of it, unlike some Senators I could name! I am entirely confident that their notions of personal honour would totally preclude any possibility of them starting a Galaxy-wide panic by revealing what they have heard and seen on this subject; and their fellow absentee Senators tend to listen to those four and take a lead from them.

    So, Your Imperial Majesty, may I have your permission to implement these two additions?

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Emperor Amedda
    Senate Chambers, office of the Emperor

    Mas Amedda smiled softly, on the outside; on the inside, it was all carnivorous.

    The creatures from Myrkr were purely designed to keep the heart of his Empire secure while he was absent doing the real work of the Sith. He nodded, softly. "Reveal away, Regent. You are probably best placed to provide them the hard facts about Zonama Sekot, Vergere, Outbound Flight and the Chiss. I am fully aware of them following the discussions the Chancellor had with them via Chiss Padawan, and they will undoubtedly be in approval of our efforts to alert the galaxy. A powerful military will be very clearly be necessary, and a continuation of this ruinous civil war will accomplish nothing."

    The Emperor nodded. "Although those Senators have acted unfavourably, I suspect they will acknowledge it is entirely necessary at this stage in the conflict."

    And with that, he stepped beside Isard. "Go in the knowledge that you have the Emperor's blessing, and you have Palpatine's, too. I have little doubt he would approve of your acts as Regent." Amedda lowered his voice, leaning close to his ear. "I acknowledge the truth; it is the time for humanity, and I would rather step aside and allow for the Empire to flourish than hold onto power for powers sake. When the galaxy is settled, when prejudices can be lain aside, when the damage that Gunray and his ilk have done to nonhuman relations has been rebuilt, we will be able to rule in kind; together, a Rule of Two."

    Amedda wondered if Isard would catch the turn of phrase. "Speak to your fellow humans, those Palpatine promised power; Tarkin, Pestage, Doriana, and the others." He raised his voice. "I look forward to hearing your speech, Regent."

    And with that Amedda was gone, striding away, gesturing for his Royal Guards to remain with the Regent. "Stay, make your presence known. Sly Moore will protect me." He exited the chamber, quickly diverting from the corridor to a secret exit which was not covered by the security cams, walking with the Umbaran who had respectfully awaited him. "I assume you cannot contact the Confederates, so I shall head to Mustafar in person."

    "Prepare the Scimitar for me. I shall pay them a personal visit."

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    OOC: sorry for the delay on my post Zeltron, been working hard this week :D

    IC: Barric Bryce
    Toola, Cave Interior

    "I'm sure most of them are alive. Even if none of those on Coruscant made it out, there were others, Master Kenobi and Master Yoda, for example, who were stationed elsewhere, like we were. And I'm sure yours aren't the only loyal clones in the army. The odds are that most of our fellow Jedi made it out alive," said Onyx, who was obviously trying to reassure him. The last thing Barric wanted to look like to another Jedi was worried and uncertain, both of which he was not, he was just still in awe of the current events that had happened, nothing of this magnitude had happened to the Jedi order in centuries. And for the first time since being a Jedi Barric had nowhere to turn, except the fellow Jedi beside him. In the past if there was trouble or help was needed, the Council and fellow Jedi were not far out of reach, but now there was no communication with either. Barric had never worked with Onyx before Toola, but he had heard her name in passing the few times he was at the temple on Coruscant when he was not on the frontlines. In any case Barric and Onyx would have to come together and work efficiently as a team if they were to survive this cold wasteland and make it home alive.

    The sun had finally set outside and what little bit of the sky they could see outside the cave entrance was black but filled with a million stars, it would have seemed beautiful on any other night. Both Barric and Onyx sat by the fire trying to dry and warm themselves, Onyx had already set out her belongings on her robe in an attempt to dry them. She sat across from him in her catsuit that was still unzipped to her waist. She was a beautiful woman to look upon, with almost jet black hair and penetrating blue eyes, but it made no difference, Jedi were not allowed to have emotional attachments to another person. Barric had tended to bend some of the lesser rules in the past, mainly when it came to saving the lives of innocents or his men or if it led to a greater good, but this was a law that he could not bend this time, it would only lead him down a dark path, to an end that no one could see, an end that he probably did not want to see. And in the end both Onyx and Barric would suffer greatly.

    Barric had finished eating a small portion of his ration pack. He was starving after the trek but he knew that both he and Onyx need to conserve their rations, there was no telling how long they would be out here. Barric looked over to Onyx across the fire.

    “You can go get some rest if you want, you’ll need for tomorrow. I will stand watch; I’m not very tired,” said Barric. He then turned his gaze to the flames of their small fire, it was entrancing and soon the Onyx, the cave, and the cold were all lost to Barric as he slipped inside his thoughts and his mind went back to passed battlefields, comrades lost, and enemies he had slain. A year ago Barric was diagnosed with what the republic doctors called Post Battle Stress, Post Traumatic Stress, Stress Disorder, it didn’t matter what they called it Barric had it wither way. He was a Jedi but even the mind of a Jedi can be broken if it is beat on long enough. Ever since the beginning of the Clone wars, and even before, Barric had been assigned to some of the most dangerous missions across the galaxy, and they had taken their toll. From the Battle of Rhen Var, and the Battle of Foerost, to his missions before the Clone Wars and all the battles in between, he fought, from snowy landscapes and forest covered mountainous planets to the deepest and marshiest swamps imaginable. Barric had fought hard on ever battlefield and lost many friends, Jedi and Clone both. Sometimes when he would sleep he would have nightmares of the battles and would see the faces of his Fellow Jedi as they lied dying in his arms, they were images that would never leave him until the end of his days. But they just made him stronger and push himself harder so no more of his friends would have to die.

    Barric’s mind soon came back to the present and he soon found himself staring at nothing but simple flames in the small fire pit. He looked down at his hands only to see his right hand- his hand he held his lighsaber in-was shaking terribly. He quickly hid the shaking hand inside the left sleeve of his rob and continued to stare at the fire as if nothing was wrong. He once again stared up at Onyx.
    “You better get some rest Onyx, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, in the morning we will try to contact someone and see where we stand,” he said with a reassuring smile at the end. He hoped she would go get some sleep, not only for her sake but for his as well, he didn’t want her to see him in this condition, Barric would hate to be thought of as a man with a broken mind, a man who needed to be watched over. And with that he stood up and walked towards the mouth of the cave to look out over the snow covered landscape.

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    IC: Armand Isard
    Senate Steps - Coruscant.

    17:15 Coruscant Standard Time.

    Isard made his way down the Senate steps to where the podium, holoscreen and sound-projector had been set up. Only a few hours into his current post (Director of Imperial Intelligence, no, wait, Grand Vizier and Regent!) the events of the previous night and this morning now required him to move right out of his comfort zone and into the arena of 'damage limitation' and 'spin control'. Well, using the Media to present the Empire's version of events, hopefully neuter criticism and explain why the Republic had suddenly turned into the Empire had been his idea - and it wouldn't hurt (if any Force Users bothered to tune into the broadcasts) that he actually deeply believed that everything he was about to say was the Truth (even if parts of it had had to have been staged)! Jedi, he felt, had no monopoly on presenting the Truth from 'a certain point of view'!

    Isard had, after bowing very deeply to the Emperor as he left his Chambers (he had heard the words "Rule of Two", but they meant nothing to him), returned to his office and set the Myrkr expedition in motion before turning to the rest of his new 'to-do' list. Doriana was already a week dead, apparently accidentally; such things still did happen; but Isard was slightly surprised that the Emperor seemed not to know about it: Tarkin was currently out of Isard's ability to communicate with (and had important family connections that made him a difficult, but not an impossible, target to deal with), but Pestage was another matter!

    In addition to his humanocentric mania (a trait he shared with Tarkin) the man was liable to bungle, as witness the mess that he had gotten himself into on Naboo. So a trio of Isard's Operatives (all experts in the exotic martial art of 'Teräs Käsi', as well as in entering apartments undetected and without the permission of the owner/occupier) had been sent to ensure that he 'took his own life' out of remorse at allowing the Jedi assassins to pass unchallenged! In case Pestage did not co-operate by writing out a 'suicide' note, one had been expertly forged. His death was scheduled to take place during the latter half of Isard's speech. Hopefully Tarkin, and the others of his human-first-and-only, power hungry, ilk would take the hint!

    The Media had, he saw, turned out in force; as had a large number of spectators (probably passers-by attracted by the activity). Keeping the spectators (and the Media) where they belonged were serried ranks of white-armoured figures, more of which were visible on every practicable vantage point at or overlooking a position where a sniper might be tempted to set up for business. Yet more white armour was drawn up three-deep in front of the podium, and those ranks were echeloned back up the steps, with the intention of blocking any fire directed at Isard from ground level. All in all, it was a statement to the effect that 'We've lost one senior member of the administration, but nobody's going to get another, not on our watch!'. A quartet of Royal Guardsmen had been positioned on the top step, to either side of the doorway. Their purpose was simply to confirm, by their very presence, that Isard (a shadowy nonentity to most) had the authority that he claimed.

    "Good Afternoon, Gentlebeings of the Media, Citizens of Coruscant, Citizens of the Empire and Peoples of the Galaxy. My name is Armand Isard. I am the very recently-appointed Imperial Grand Vizier. Previously, I have been an Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Operative all my working life. His Imperial Majesty, our Emperor, is extremely busy with matters of State at this time (as I'm sure you can imagine), so has asked me to update you on events. I am taking on this role in place of one of your regular Spokesbeings since I am highly familiar with the information, almost all of which has come across my desk over the last few hours.

    As you will have heard from earlier newscasts, four senior Jedi Masters; Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin; went to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's offices late last night and assassinated him. The reason the Jedi have given for this drastic action is that the Supreme Chancellor was something called a 'Sith' - I have had the advantage of doing a data-search on that term and have found it defined as describing a being who possesses the same (or very similar) abilities as a Jedi, but who adheres to a somewhat different philosophical or religious interpretation of what both sects call 'The Force'.

    I have to tell you that my duties have required me to spend a good deal of time with the late Supreme Chancellor since he rose to that post; and that never once did he show the slightest trace of Jedi-like abilities while I was with him. There is also the odd fact that a great many very senior Jedi, including Grand Master Yoda, have had frequent and lengthy meetings with him during that period; and yet this is the first occasion when possession of such abilities has even been as much as hinted at! Highly conveniently, this claim has been made when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is no longer able to rebut it! In the Galaxy I normally inhabit, such claims often turn out to be discrediting propaganda (we call it 'black' propaganda), in your world it is called a 'smear campaign'. I ask you, where's the proof, or do we have to accept any 'official' Jedi statement as fact?

    Long enough ago to be no longer considered 'newsworthy', but still relatively recent, there were accusations made against a young Togruta female called Ahsoka Tano; one of the Jedi’s own Padawans, a War Hero and, by all accounts, a highly popular and effective young Commander. I have to tell you that I was disgusted by the Jedi Council's haste in sending her into the Criminal Justice System and even to Trial on what seemed to me the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence; and I was heartily relieved when her colleague, Anakin Skywalker ferreted out the truth of the matter and produced the actual culprit. My understanding is that he performed his investigations entirely unofficially and without the backing of he Jedi Council; in fact, his investigation may actually have been done against the Jedi Council's wishes. My department had no involvement in Miss Tano's case, but I would expect any accusation against one of my people, no matter what rank, species or gender, to be thoroughly investigated, in depth and without any rush to judgement. And I would make sure that that happened! Far from their 'Force' making the Jedi infallible, it appears from their handling of Miss Tano's case that they are just as prone to error as the next being!

    So is being a Sith a crime? True, it used to be; a four thousand year old statute dating from the time two ex-Jedi; Revan and Malak; led an insurgency that almost toppled that version of the Republic; but I consulted a paralegal Droid earlier this afternoon, and was told that the records indicated that that statute had been repealed around four centuries after the Ruusan Reformations! The reason? The Jedi Council assuring legislators that all trace of the Sith had been eradicated!". [The records did say that, now; and had also said it when Isard consulted the Droid; but that was after the record had been expertly, and untraceably, sliced into a statute repealing a long, long list of other old and redundant laws; and also after the Droid had updated itself with the amended files from the main database!].

    "Operatives from my Directorate have been supervising the forensic investigation within the Supreme Chancellor's office; they are required to be present, by law, in case any highly-classified materials had been left out of secure storage, and are themselves trained in forensic investigation; so I am able to share some audio and visual evidence to help your understanding of the events.
    Firstly, an audio file recovered from the Supreme Chancellor's holo-recorder, with apologies for both the brevity and sound quality - the unit was damaged"; [It had been, but not too badly, and the file had been heavily edited to limit it to just the start of the event]. Multiple Lightsabers could plainly be heard igniting (a highly distinctive sound) along with some muffled comments, the most clearly heard being "It doesn't hurt!". Next the holoscreen activated and Isard warned that the first holovid to be played included a vertical shot from high level and the second showed what purported to be sentient remains, with the recommendation that viewers affected by either or both should look away from the screen.

    "This shot shows the broken window that forensics indicate the Supreme Chancellor either fell from or was pushed through"; After a steady shot for a few seconds, the repulsor-cam moved through the gap and tilted its optic downwards, showing the ant-like figures of a forensic crew going through the familiar (to viewers of 'Crime Team', the popular long running crime-solving holodrama, now in its twentieth consecutive season) routine of experts processing a crime-scene; "Our investigators are currently searching for his body around the projected impact point, but there are reported indications of very recent activity by scavengers from the sublevels in that area. The search will continue until we know for certain, one way or another.". Here the repulsor-cam came back through the window and panned around the office, pausing a little on the three, partially sheeted, forms.

    The bodies you can see purport to be those of Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin, and the Medical Examiner's preliminary report lists the probable cause of death as typical Lightsaber-type wounds; which, on the face of it, might tend to support the Jedi claim. However, troops searching the Jedi Temple for 'stay-behind' assassins have reported discovering Cloning Equipment, which would have enabled exact, but non-living, copies of those three Jedi to be created; to be purposely damaged and left behind in order to buttress such a claim. This type of equipment, which (as you will readily be able to confirm) cannot be legally held and/or operated except by specified agencies which had been specially licensed by the Supreme Chancellor; and there are publicly accessible lists of the authorised agencies. I have to inform you that the Jedi have never held or even applied for such a license. As soon as the Temple has been confirmed safe for non-military personnel, technicians will dismantle the equipment and put it on public view outside the entrance prior to final disposal.". [The Cloning Equipment was indeed there; but it had hurriedly been brought to the rear of the Temple from the Grand Army Cloning Facility on Centax 2 and placed where it could be 'discovered'! The 'final disposal' would simply return the equipment to Centax 2!]

    It is with deep regret that I announce that our Troops, in hot pursuit of the assassins, were met with organised armed resistance at and inside the Jedi Temple. As per their training, our Troops met threatened force with force and casualties were caused on both sides. Most of the Jedi dead have yet to be identified, but we do have a positive ID on Jocasta Nu, the head Archivist, someone who one would normally expect to be classed as a non-combatant. The death of such a scholar as Master Nu is a major tragedy!

    I can also confirm that the Kaleesh Cyborg, General Grievous, is dead; killed by blaster fire on Utapau! His remains have been recovered by our troops. While a brief Lightsaber duel between Grievous and Jedi General Kenobi did take place, reports state that it was inconclusive. Shortly thereafter, Kenobi went absent-without-leave from his Command and has apparently fled the planet. Other Jedi also appear to have gone absent-without-leave from their Commands at almost exactly the same time. While I do not accuse any of those Jedi of having had foreknowledge of any plot, or to have acted as part of a coordinated plan; the timing does seem highly suspicious. For our part, though, our investigators are trying to keep their minds entirely open, and not jump to conclusions.

    Notwithstanding the loss of General Grievous, the Rebels are still apparently not prepared to seek terms. Their legions of War-Droids are still in the field and are still actively engaged in combat with our valiant Troops. Their leadership (with the exception of Count Dooku, that extremely misguided former Jedi) is still intact and remains unlocated despite the best efforts of our Intelligence Specialists. The war, therefore, continues. We ask for the continued support of the Senate and the Citizenry until the matter is brought to a conclusion, once and for all - however long that takes!

    Gentlebeings! You may have noticed that there are fewer Senators than normal in the Chamber today!"; here Isard paused to let a nervous ripple of laughter (started by some of his people 'planted' within the assembled Media) build and die away; "The change from a Republic to an Empire caught me by surprise as well, but if one looks at the situation unemotionally, there really isn't that much of a change at all; except in nomenclature! We all still have jobs! We all still have Salaries and if those Salaries have not gone up; at least they have not gone down!"; another pause to let some, more-genuine, laughter (again instigated by his 'plants') rise and subside; "As for myself, I will not be taking any increment in pay over what I was earning as Director of Intelligence! Now, I do understand that change is unsettling, particularly for those who have a great attachment to the word 'Republic' and also particularly in the light of the unexpected and tragic demise of our beloved Supreme Chancellor, but our new Empire is, I believe, absolutely necessary for us to streamline our Government and face the future with confidence! It is also what he, himself, wanted to accomplish; for the sake of the Galaxy and its myriad peoples. So the change is in no way disrespectful to him, but rather a mark of respect that we believe in his vision of a peaceful, prosperous and orderly Galaxy!

    We do need to streamline our Government, Gentlebeings! Take my profession of Intelligence, for example, up until recently there were no less than four Agencies tasked with gathering and distributing Intelligence data to those who had need of it! Four Agencies! All doing the same thing! Think of the duplication of effort and the waste of time and resources! Even worse, the different Agencies did not always share information with each other; mainly, I have to say, because even in our technological marvel of a society, data transfer takes time - and the data transferred has to be seen to be relevant - which it wasn't always seen to be! So, one Agency held the solution to part of a puzzle, others also held solutions to different parts of the same puzzle; but no one could connect them! I can assure you that this is true, since the four Agencies were merged into one, we have started to discover just how many indicators (and opportunities) were missed! If the files ever get declassified, historians in future times will rip our old procedures (and possibly our professional reputations) to shreds - and they would be right to do so!

    The Intelligence Agencies merged by agreement - you may not know this, but Intelligence Chiefs rapidly burn out due to having to send brave young beings into danger, some of them to slow and excruciatingly painful deaths under torture - and forget about the suicide capsule disguised as a tooth (or similar), they're entirely fictional; such a device would instantly identify an Operative as such under even the most cursory of scans! I became head of the merged Agencies simply because I was the youngest of the four Chiefs and the other three had had enough, more than enough, of the stress! No sentient being is a Dejarik piece, and all such losses tear at one's soul!

    As I said, the Intelligence Agencies merged by agreement; but I am sure that the situation is duplicated throughout the various Departments of Government; and resolution might not, then, stand any hope of being achieved by agreement. We therefore need someone, our Emperor, who can override any and all vested interests and, if necessary (although agreements to merge are very much the preferred option), enforce change where it is required.

    Isn't this exactly what our late, lamented, Supreme Chancellor promised to do when campaigning for election? Isn't that what all the Senators who supported his candidacy actually voted for?
    I can report that I had an in-depth discussion with His Imperial Majesty this morning. We are in agreement that the action of our absent Senators in exiting the Chamber was in no way Illegal or Disloyal, however discourteous it may have been. They are all free to come to and go from Coruscant as they please, without hindrance. My understanding is that at least two of them were under consideration for the, now vacant, position of Vice Chair of the Senate, certainly until a formal election for that position can be held! I am an administrator, I know how to organise things and get things done; I am not a Politician, nor have I ever been elected to anything, so I will not be a candidate myself. This is the nearest I have ever been to politics in my entire life; and I have to tell you, Gentlebeings, that this is almost as difficult as having to tell relatives that a loved one has died in the line of duty - and not being allowed to tell them why that loved one died!

    Absent Senators! You all have my assurance and that of his Imperial Majesty that no action at all will be taken against you by the Government! Please search your feelings and decide if your constituents are better served by you, their elected representatives, helping to shape our New Order, or not! If you are personally unwilling to serve an Empire as you have so ably and loyally served the Republic, then that personal reluctance will be understood; but please consider, in that case, if your equally loyal constituents deserve to be unrepresented, effectively disenfranchised!

    I now wish to appeal directly to Senator Mon Mothma, Senator Organa, Senator Bel Iblis and Senator Amidala. Please contact me to arrange a face-to-face meeting (singly or as a group) at my Office in the Intelligence Directorate as a matter of extreme urgency. His Imperial Majesty has graciously authorised me to brief you on Intelligence (and recently obtained evidence) that has been classified at the highest level; but which he and I now realise that you have a very great need to know about, and which may clarify why we have been heading in the direction we have been. I regret, Gentlebeings of the Media and Citizens, that I cannot disclose anything of this to your good selves, but the Government has to keep some information under very close control! However, I can reassure you that it has nothing whatever to do with current Galactic events.

    Should the Media, our absent Senators or our Citizens still have doubts about the intentions of the Empire; let them now hear this;

    Effective immediately (or as immediately as possible given that the word has to spread to all our Troops and Agencies) there is to be a period of grace, for the full two months of the Official Mourning period for our late Supreme Chancellor, during which any Jedi (except those directly implicated in the assassination) may present themselves - without any fear of harm - to any Imperial Army or Navy Unit in their vicinity. Jedi who so present themselves voluntarily will be allowed to retain their Lightsabers and will be temporarily housed on a neutral planet while investigations are carried out into the extent of their knowledge of the assassination plot and coup attempt. After processing (which will be on a level relevant to that particular Jedi's Rank and period of service with the Order) those Jedi may be offered re-employment in Government Service or else the opportunity to colonise a neutral world or worlds and so obtain Senatorial representation. There are absolutely no strings attached to this offer, and it is definitely not conditional on those Jedi implicated in the assassination being handed over for trial by their fellows.

    Those are the words of His Imperial Majesty!

    To my mind, they are the words and attitude of a fair and just Leader; one we should all be proud to follow!

    With regret, Gentlebeings, I must now take my leave of you. There is a lot to be done!".

    Feeling that the briefing had gone fairly well (especially for a first attempt at a major speech), Isard turned and walked up the steps, disappearing into the Senate's entryway. "And now," he thought, "we will see what happens and how the Media portray us!".

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    IC: Asajj Ventress
    Level 1313

    "15,000 credits for a Padawan, 25,000 for a Knight, 50,000 for a Master...and 100,000 credits for Mace Windu or Anakin Skywalker," the man in partial Clone Armor said.

    Asajj listened to Jasor list the bounties with surprising detachment. Hadn't she already picked off several Jedi Knights and Padawans through the course of the war? Normally she would see it as easy money, but now she wasn't sure it interested her.

    She eyed the rest of the group, sought them in the Force, startled to find there was at least one other Force user among the group. No matter. Any of the gathered beings, herself included, would be absolutely mad to take on Skywalker or Windu, even for 100 000 credits. It might be because of her previous encounters with Anakin and his infinitely annoying Master, or the troubling ripples through the Force, but she did not want to be anywhere near Skywalker in the coming months.

    She turned to Jasor. "I will take this under advisement, and I will keep be in touch should I acquire any Jedi during my travels..." she said vaguely. The last person who assigned her to kill Jedi had turned around and ordered her death. She may have failed, but she had also learned.

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    IC: Maya Whitelight
    Level 1313

    "15,000 credits for a Padawan, 25,000 for a Knight, 50,000 for a Master...and 100,000 credits for Mace Windu or Anakin Skywalker," the man in partial Clone Armor said.

    Letting nothing be giving away to the fact that there could be other reason for being here. It a way even those she was in her father world of smuggling. Her roots had been set deep with in the force by her mother. Giving the man in partial Clone Armor a nod. Only to have first a waved with grief then came the rush that she was being looked at not just with the naked eye but with an art. Throwing up a wall, underneath her but leaving the warrior with in sleeping. Instead letting the shadow come upon to hide her force. Knowing with out a doubt who it was coming from, giving her a glance over. At the same time listening, to what was being spoken, but also keeping herself open to those around her, making sure that there out to all situation even those that haven yet to choose to show.

    "It seem a bit low to me, with what modification to say, ship, or even equipment, this alive or does it matter." moving more from where she had taken up a position up. Always on the move, it was better this way.

    Making sure she play her part in a smuggler business, bring back as much information for her father to make the finally. In her mind she had already decide what path she was going to choose. It was always better to know what was out there lurking in the darkness. So far this Asajj hadn't tip her hand to what felt when brushing her with the force.

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    IC: Darth Raptor

    Raptor switched off the holorecorder and stretched.

    He had spent a long time meditating about the Grand Plan and couldn't detect any real flaws in his initial intuitive insight other than the seemingly-senseless opening of front after front on more and more remote and insignificant worlds having been a ploy to thin out the Jedi (as far as possible) to one per world. Had Sidious survived his confrontation with the Jedi Masters, he would have been able to activate 'Order 66' (Raptor had closely read all the one hundred and fifty Contingency Orders, looking for points to apply leverage) with a very good chance of eliminating most, if not all, the isolated Jedi virtually simultaneously. As it actually happened, 'Order 66' had not been implemented - because the one man who could have done so before word spread to the far-flung Jedi had gotten himself killed!

    That, in turn, implied that Sidious had engineered the fatal confrontation himself. The fool! The arrogant, impatient, fool! Tossing away a thousand years worth of oh-so-careful planning and manipulation, and for what? A paltry three Jedi Masters who could have been hunted down and eliminated at leisure! Just to add some more notches to his Lightsaber (or, more likely, simply to 'blood' the blade!). Raptor had always understood that the main reason Sith built, carried and used Lightsabers was to mock the Jedi with the sight of their signature weapon in the hands of their mortal enemies; but that Lightsabers were not to be used where the Force or the other Sith weapons of Deception, Manipulation and Betrayal could do a better job. In his view, a full Sith Lord should not stoop to personal combat with Jedi (unless trapped and forced into it) - that was what Sith Apprentices, Sith Assassins and Sith Acolytes were for. Personal combat with a rival Sith was, of course, another matter!

    'Jedi Officers acting against the interests of the Republic'; that was all that was necessary to trigger extermination. The 'acting against the interests' part wasn't even defined, so couldn't something have been contrived? Would something even have to have been? Raptor would have initiated the extermination first and produced some 'evidence' of malpractice later; the dead didn't talk, after all, and the few survivors would have been far too busy running like kybucks or hiding like rodus to dispute it. Yes, that would probably have done it; 'evidence' of a conspiracy (prompted by the ranting of that Offee woman) to end the war by surrendering their troops to the CIS! Treason, pure and simple! Sidious had had all the necessary encryption protocols and transmission frequencies; so an easy thing to fake!

    How proud Renn Salazar's Jedi Instructors would have been had he (as a Jedi Initiate) showed the same ability to control his emotions as Darth Raptor did now! Not that he had changed to any great extent; it was just that Jensaari/Sith training had taught him that forcing his rage down to just under bursting point, gave him (once he'd fanned it into full flame again) a greater reserve of power! Besides, smashing things (how he had vented his rage as a youth) paled into insignificance when compared with smashing (preferably fully-sentient) beings! Unfortunately he needed to keep all the ones here alive, for a while anyway, be they either the vile grotesques or the even viler Bugs! Even the one he’d Force Pushed into the wall should recover in time; he hadn't Pushed all that hard (or so he thought): but it would be interesting to hear what sort of talk came out of that one's mouth in future - at least when he thought he could be overheard!

    Raptor was quite pleased that it wasn't even necessary to recall the image of his Jedi General (a blonde human female, looking to be in her mid-teens, but almost certainly older), lying on her back with mouth and eyes three large 'O's of astonishment and shock after his single 'Butterfly' attack had divested her of arms and legs; or to remember the sweet Sense of her horror and fear as one of his blades had, ever so slowly and delicately, pinned her to the ground. That memory never failed to give him a good feeling and always aided him in re-centring as a Sith.

    So, anger tamped, he turned to the holocron. Not Kun's (as he had more than half expected) nor even the fabled 'Dark Holocron' that Tyranus had apparently squireled away somewhere and omitted to mention where. No, this one had been created (so the Gatekeeper claimed) by Freedon Nadd!

    Its contents were, however, slightly disappointing. Almost all of them being Sith Magic or Sith Alchemy of one variety or another, and not of all that much interest to a Sith Warrior. Two entries, though, did catch his eye and merited, he thought, further investigation and trial. The Spell of Concealment and/or the False Light-side Aura. Both had the potential to mask his Force signature from any Jedi visitors if he could get one or the other to work and neither seemed (at first sight) to have the Force-blindness disadvantage of the equivalent Jensaari-taught technique of Force Stealth; for which reason he had not been overly-bothered about learning it.

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    IC: Timhos Gantry
    Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    The words ring in my head again, pounding their beat into my brain:

    {{This is...Anakin Skywalker. The Republic has dissolved. An Empire ... taken its place and declared the Jedi traitors. ... younglings and Padawans head to the landing bay ... evacuate. All Knights and Masters ... head for the entrances .... -eep the Temple secure as long as possible ... walker out.}}

    I—I don't understand!
    How could this happen?
    The Jedi Order has fought loyally on behalf of the Republic for generations! The Separatist leader, Count Dooku, was killed on the Invisible Hand, and General Kenobi reported that the droid General, Grievous, was also destroyed. The war was nearly over, how could everything have fallen apart so quickly?

    I ponder the questions as I hobble to the landing bay. The other Jedi who pass me feel hurried, clearly in shock as I am. Where will we go? What can we do?

    Slowly, gradually, the Temple quiets. Most of the other Jedi must have already reached the hangars, I thought. Normally one would have stopped to help speed me along, but I suppose that with all the happenings of recent hours, they have other things on their mind. But I can manage well enough myself.




    The heat of a thousand suns, the freezing bite of deepest Ilum.

    I collapse, writhing, onto the floor. My leg.

    —The stars burst—

    —an explosion of brightness—

    —white noise in my head—

    I hear a scream, removed in time, I know not whose or from whence it came.

    Darkness descends. It is over now.

    I lie there for a minute, then slowly roll into a seated position, kneeling, recovering.
    Minutes tick by.
    It happened again. As in the caves of Ilum and—

    A muffled noise behind me. A youngling? Had I drawn someone out from hiding with my pain, with the screams?

    I reach out with the Force...
    No Jedi. They're Repub–Imperial troopers.

    Swinging myself up, I snap apart my cane and ignite the hidden saber. The blade swings, almost on its own, and deflects the bolt aimed expertly at me by the trooper.
    A grunt of pain from their direction. I had hit the trooper.

    Could I do that? Were these really our enemies?
    I remembered Argos, his kindness, his support for all his men, his sacrifice to save me. These troopers were not evil. They supported us, worked with us. Their only fault was their willingness to believe the commands of their superiors. They simply did not yet understand in all the confusion.

    I will not cause another unneeded death. They must discover the truth, we are not the traitors.

    Spinning, I deflect the bolts fired at me, dodging some and sending the others harmlessly into the wall. I need to find a way out of this situation, this can't go on for long. My leg may flare again, and at some point they'll get a shot in that I cannot deflect.

    Suddenly, the snap-hiss of another saber. But not a Jedi.

    The clone has a lightsaber?

    The transparisteel window shatters, the clone flung far out through it.
    That wasn't me. What—?
    The hum of another lightsaber still remains. But not the clone's.
    Jedi Master, the former Master of the Order, Mace Windu.

    "Are you injured, Padawan?" he asks.

    I shake my head. "No more than usual."

    He nods gruffly, then continues."I need to make sure we do not leave a single Jedi behind. Under normal circumstances, I would tell you to leave immediately, but that is not possible now. Let's help whoever we can find and then leave the temple. Understood?"

    "I understand, Master."

    Stretching out with the Force, I feel for the paths, sifting through and searching for recent ones, Jedi who have not yet left, or who may be trapped.

    I feel something. Twisted, confused, the intertwined paths of a number of young beings.

    "Master Windu, there are younglings, three of the– no, maybe four– in the Room of a Thousand Fountains."

    Wait... A new path, deliberate, determined, confident, dangerous.

    "And I think a squad of clones is approaching!"

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    IC: Mace Windu
    Coruscant - Jedi Temple

    He looked down at Padawan Timhos, and then reached out with the Force, as well.

    "I can feel them, too," he added, "I can feel your confusion and your doubt, Padawan. Do not hesitate to kill these troopers. There might be others who can think by their own and realise we are not the traitors, but these are not them. They will not hesitate to strike you down. I will explain everything once we get out of here. Now, be prepared." He said, walking swiftly and silently towards the Room of a Thousand Fountains. "Follow me closely."

    Random Comments
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    IC: Emperor Amedda

    It was a simple matter to take the secret passageways to the waiting Scimitar. The former vessel of Darth Maul, and before that Darth Plagueis, the late Chancellor had replaced the impounded vessel with a fake and destroyed it to conceal its fate from the Jedi. A unique design, and with a perfect cloaking device, not to mention blisteringly expensive, as an asset the Scimitar was too important to lose.

    Mas Amedda allowed Sly Moore to take the controls as the vessel emerged from the secret hanger in the depths of the Senate building, taking the underworld catacombs to further disguise itself. When it broke the depths for the sky, Amedda opened a a channel to Jabba the Hutt.

    It was nothing more than a simple data transmission which would be with the majority of the bounty hunters across the galaxy - if they were jacked in at the time - and start a hunt indeed:

    100,000 credits for Asajj Ventress, former Separatist Commander, dead or alive.

    Thus making her the most valuable bounty in the galaxy, bar Windu or Skywalker.

    Thus inevitably ending up with her in his clutches.

    Jabba would keep his identity secret, for a time, though inevitably the bounty would be completed and Amdedda would need to reveal himself.

    Which suited him just fine.

    He nodded as the Scimitar, fully cloaked, broke orbit and jumped into hyperspace for the faraway world of Mustafar. It was the nod of someone who had dealt with a loose end.

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    IC: Timhos Gantry
    Jedi Temple hallways, Coruscant

    "Yes, Master."
    I attempt to focus and prepare myself as Master Windu says as we head off toward the missing younglings. As we walk, I feel more evidence of the destruction—the troopers are destroying the temple, and many Jedi have died. I refocus, finding the younglings and preventing more slaughter should be our first priority.
    "Not much further," I mutter.

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