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Char, NC RECAP: What can you get for a buck?

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Cartooncheryl, Aug 3, 2002.

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  1. Cartooncheryl

    Cartooncheryl Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 20, 1999
    Not much! : P ~~~~~~~

    But, if you have a buck and some change, you can get a full, crazy-mad whirling dervish of an evening at the local discount theatre!

    Star Wars, as we all now know, has moved on from the sky-high stadium seating and cappucino bar realm to the not-so-distant cinema past -- the small town dollar cinema. Our group finally crossed that line and fulfilled a secret wish of yours truly: seeing the film in another state.

    We trekked (warred?) down to Rock Hill, SC on Thursday night after a scheduling mishap that took us to Olive Garden a bit later than we wished for. For those of you who missed us, eternally sorry! The amount of people desperate to leave our Center City at film time proved just too much for our best-laid plans. After a lovely meal, lovely conversation and an un-lovely wine list, we found our beloved film just south of the border.

    For the uninitiated or younger set, the theatre may have left much to be desired: flat screen, flat seating, big curtains and a small lobby, but to the moviegoers of the eighties, this was a rare treat! It brought you back to a simpler time, one where the theatre was more of a character than a state of the art Googoplex. The film began. The scroll ran. The movie took a sinister turn with an explosion! The theatre itself seemed as shocked as we were on that original viewing: it started to rumble and shake and an ominous hum fell over the crowd! One could say it was simply the airconditining kicking in, but those who were there KNEW it was the theatre's way of warning us what was to be.

    The drive back seemed more philosophical somehow - maybe it was the lateness of the evening or maybe it was the underlying feeling we'd just gone back to a different place in our Star Wars adoration - but it made this typist wonder: just how evil was Darth Vader? Did he even understand that all those years beneath the inhaler were spent in the service of evil? Or did he really believe he was doing a greater service to man/alien/spaceslugkind?

    I don't know... seeing it leave the big cinema and retire to the smaller gives me a strange sense of relief. Not that I want to see it go - I never want to see it go - but the sooner it does, the sooner we get our long-awaited III ! Knowing about our Dear Anakin just seems so much more important now. For me, the whole thing is truly coming together. Strange how a FF meeting can do that to you!

    Next meeting: hope to see you there!
  2. ole_okey_doke

    ole_okey_doke Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 29, 2002
    Wow Cheryl.

    That almost made me cry a little bit...

    See you at the $1.50 theatre!

  3. Minacia_Brightstar

    Minacia_Brightstar Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 23, 2001

    That was beautiful.


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