Saga Recomended way to watch the entire saga?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by Pimpsy, Oct 31, 2012.

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    IV, V, I, II, (selected episodes of TCW), III, VI

    IV sets up the Jedi, the Force, etc. Also this way, the big reveal of Yoda’s identity, along with the HUGE reveal of Vader’s true identity are all kept intact. Going back to the prequel era, particularly with TCW depicting Anakin as actually being heroic (thank you!!!), might cause you to believe Vader lied to Luke.

    Then Revenge of the Sith happens [face_skull]

    Also, having just seen Darth Sidious in action, when Jerjerrod says “the Emperor is coming here?!?” at the start of RotJ, it’s like “Oh snap! **** just got real!”
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    You might as well include the Microseries since they actually show Anakin being knighted.
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    This is pretty much what I suggested earlier on in the thread. :)
    Minus the clone wars part. Because I didn't think of that...dammit..
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    How many "recommended way to watch the saga" threads have there been?
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    I used to think that the best way to show the saga to new viewers was: IV, V, I, II, III, VI
    that way you start with a bunch of unknowns until you reach the major "WHA???" of ESB (assuming the new viewer doesn't already know it from pop culture)
    then you go back and provided the back story - then you wrap it up with the fairy tale ending.

    But then recently, I convinced my GF to watch the films with me. She's told me for the past 8 years that she's hated star wars and wouldn't watch them - even though we have a whole room of our place that I've pretty much decked out with my collection. So anyways, i got super excited to finally have this moment - we watched IV...then V...then for some reason I just felt like it made much more sense to do VI before the prequels instead of my usual method for new viewers.

    At the end of VI, i knew it was the right choice because although for IV and V she had been like, "ehh, they're okay." at the end of VI when Vader tells Luke that he's already saved him, she was tearing up!!!

    Obviously this is just one case but here's my reasoning:

    The films were never released with any thoughts of there being a I, II or III. The OT focused on Luke's Journey. As an audience, you were meant to take this ride with him and find things out as he did. And when you look it like that, I think you'll find that watching the prequels ruins that relation to Luke that the audience should have. He knows so little and by VI, theres so much thats been thrown at him and the emotinoal growth and ramifications of everything thats happening is so much more powerful when looking at it from Luke's perspective - because they were made to be looked at from Luke's perspective. Going back after to get the backstory is great but if you watch them I-VI, then you know so much more than Luke does and it makes his "Hero's Journey" less relatable.
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