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  1. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    (This RPG is about a confortation between the republic-turned-dictatorship of uganda and the U.S. that threatens to start World War III.
    1.Keep OOC to a minimum
    2.No Godmodding (like shooting a rocket out of the air with a pistol)
    3.Be somewhat realistic (dodging a rocket is fine)
    4.Actual height and weight restrictions (no shorter than 5'1" no taller than 6'8 1/2"
    5. PM your CS for approval, BEFORE posting them here.
    6.Be creative, keep the RPG interesting.
    7.Keep swearing to a minimum

    You are allowed one main weapon( sniper rifle, machine gun, rifle etc.). ONE-TWO sidearms (2 pistols, or one shotgun).And one Special weapon (Rocket launcher,Claymore mine,etc). You can't have infinite ammo, or grenades.(Brings up godmodding, everyone has to reload and restock sometime lol)

    character sheet:
    Military Occupational Speciality (MOS):


    (allies: American, U.K.,German,Japan,Australia,Canada)
    Others:Uganda, Iran, Korea,Vietnam, Russia, Somalia)
    (ask if you would like to play as one that is not listed.)

    Ranks as followed:
    Private 2nd Class
    Private first class
    Staff Sergeant
    Master Sergeant
    Sergeant Major

    Second Lieutenant-
    First Lieutenant-
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Brigadier General
    Major General

    *Be realistic, as in Being 21 and a Major. WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

  2. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007

    Your RP looks like it might be interesting, but you don't have much of an introduction. Exactly what is going on, and why are the two sides at war?
  3. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008

    (This is basically a Ghost Recon type RP)
    Uganda is in a economic meltdown. The government in place had no money to provide for the citizens and no reserve resources. A US-led coalition formed together to provide food, water and health supplies to the needy people. This was a great thing, but the problem is the deadline to end this was a year.The government had no intention of finding means to support their country, and Coalition countries were getting weary of it. So a coup was established by the brass of the Ugandan military and they killed the president: Kalif Mahid (not a real person lol). The head General took control of the country and kept the humanitarian aid for himself,selling the supplies on the black market for nuclear material. His people started to starve and panic ensued.

    The U.S and the coalition deemed that military action was needed started a Task Force, Task Force Overlord. A collection various fighting units from the UK,Germany,France,Canada,Australia.Uga

    The US felt that this operation would need the type of unit that could go beyond the capabilities to the SF. A unit that could more, fight harder, and spread greater influence. So on January 8, 2009. By Executive Order 400122, The 18th Special Combat Operational Group was formed. A list of candidate units was complied to become attached, but none were felt to be the flag units except two: D,CO 1st Battalion, 5thSFG better known as the ghosts. The USMC did not want to be left out as they were in OIF and OEF, so they offered 1000 Marines to the group.The attachment were reflagged as the 35th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The SCOP orders are clear:To disable all Ugandan forces,capture General Al-Kahim Imad and effectively stopping him from using nuclear weapons, and return the country to normal.
  4. Blaise_Marik

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    Apr 28, 2002
    So is this still active?
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