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    *Hi everyone!! Well, having nearly gone nuts waiting for the new Jedi Apprentice book to be released (the series with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) I finally devised a storyline for one! I hope you all like it! J I'll try to add to it daily."
    ~ Lwyn'nya Kenobi*

    "Master, what is happening??" Obi-Wan called out to the tall Jedi Master, practically yelling to be heard over the blaring klaxons. The young Jedi, in his late teens, had drawn his lightsaber out of reflex and held it at the ready.

    Qui-Gon Jinn was more hesitant to pull his own lightsaber. The transport ship that was taking them back to Coruscant from the far distant star region known as Oidari 9, where the two Jedi were returning from their reconnaissance mission. They were halfway home when suddenly their transport ship was rocked by a violent force.

    The tall, powerfully built Jedi retreated deep into himself, seeing through the eyes of the Force. "We are being boarded by an unidentifiable ship. Yet . . . I cannot sense the presence of anyone aboard." His steady hand reached for his lightsaber.

    Obi-Wan prowled the area, his lightsaber held ready. He didn't like this. Their ship that was bringing them back to the Jedi Temple was nothing more than a carrier ship, devoid of any weapons or defense, save for a few escape pods. The fact that neither he nor Qui-Gon could sense the presence of the pilot of the strange ship worried him. With the power of the Force, the two Jedi were able to sense the presence of almost anyone.


    "Master, our ship isn't moving! I can no longer sense the life of our pilot!" Obi-Wan warned his teacher, his heart racing and his breath quickening with the growing anticipation. Yet everywhere he looked in the corridor where they stood, he could see no one. The warning lights were still on, bathing the large hallway of the ship with its flashing yellow light.

    Qui-Gon's hand rested on his lightsaber hanging on his belt, but he did not draw it yet. He retreated deep within himself again, using the Force to probe for any signs of movement. His Padawan's anxious prowling was not helping his search any. Yet he felt the tiniest flicker of movement, a small fluctuation in the air. The small click of a bolt being drawn and locked.

    "Obi-Wan, move!" Qui-Gon warned, reaching out faster than Obi-Wan could react and pushed him to the left, just as a small, sharp metal bolt went zinging by. His quick reaction had kept Obi-Wan from being shot through the forehead by the small, sharp, metalloid bolt, but it wasn't fast enough for the bolt to completely miss him. A small cry from his student showed him that the bolt had grazed the side of his head in a nasty flesh wound. The bolt had continued its deadly flight and imbedded itself into the bulkhead behind them.

    Qui-Gon had his green lightsaber lit in a flash and was quickly advancing on the tall, dark-robed being that had revealed himself from the shadows. Their attacker had Qui-Gon's height and Obi-Wan's speed. He moved like a sandpanther, each hand holding a red lightsaber, both drawn and at the ready. The lithe figure was mostly wrapped in black robes, but the parts of his face that were exposed as he prowled showed that his face was hidden behind strips of red cloth wound around his head, parts of his face, and covered his left eye. Only the dark figure's right eye and mouthwere left exposed. He appeared human except for the man's right eye which was entirely green and slithered in the eye socket like a reptile's.

    As Obi-Wan regained his balanced and shook off the slow bleeding from the flesh wound, the dark human pounced upon them both, fighting with a ferocity contained in a wild dance. His lightsaber swung and parried with lightning speed, his two lethal sabers flying in a range of attacks that kept both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on the defensive.

    Despite the surprise of the situation and the cramped space, the two Jedi moved as one, attacking when the other blocked, trying to take down their silent attacker. The battle raged
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    *Well, I hope you're liking the beginning so far! Feel free to add to it! I'd love to read people's outtakes on it. The basic plot of mine is that, when Kenobi awakens on the planet he crashlanded on, he has no memory of his past of being a Jedi. The planet he landed on despises and hunts Jedi, and Qui-Gon must find him and get him to remember who he was before the poison in Obi-Wan's system is the end of him. Now, after that basic back-cover synopsis, on to the story!*

    Chapter Two

    Kali held up the hem of her skirt as she made her way through the dense N'kata forest. she hated being sent to fetch water from the river. Everytime she had to cross the wild forest to reach the nearby river, it wound up shredding her nice skirts. Watching her step as she made her way, she grumbled her protest to the trees. Just like her family to leave for the market and leave her with the chores. At least she'd have the small house to herself for a while. No little brother to bother her, no annoying . . .

    A land-shaking *boom!* rocked the ground at her feet, sending Kali sprawling to the ground, her water basin tumbling away from her. Snapping her head up in a mix of alarm and curiosity, Kali's hazel eyes darted back and forth, looking every which way for the source of the explosion. The forest with its dense vegetation made it difficult to see, the trees themselves, standing over fifty feet tall, darkened the forest from N'sai's twin suns with its canopy of leaves. But the sharp sound of metal grinding and twisting alerted her to her right, and the faint smell of something burning directed her to the source of the crash.

    Kali ran, winding through the thicket, until she reached a strange metal craft. It looked to resemble what the pilots at the cantena used to talk about, an escape pod: designed to safely carry away anyone on a damaged ship. A quick inspection of the craft told otherwise. The nose of the round ship was imbedded into the ground where it had collided. Sparks flew from the crash-landed ship, and it looked like the small transport had just been through a asteroid belt! A small fire had started at the end of the ship, and something in Kali warned her that the ship would explode soon.

    But where was the pilot?

    Kali quickly glanced over the ship until she saw something that resembled a release latch. Pressing the button, the escape pod lurched as the hatch opened just slightly. The impact from the emergency landind had warped and welded the hinges. Smoke had now swarmed the surrounding area, and Kali knew she had to work fast!

    Screwing up her courage and strength, she reached out and gripped the lip of the hatch, ready to pry it open as best she could. When her hands made contact, Kali screamed horrendously as the flesh on her hands sizzled. The escape pod must have just broken through the atmosphere; the ship's metal was burning hot from the friction of re-entry. Yet Kali was not without her resources. She grabbed the hem of her long skirt, bundled the cloth in her hands, and reached again for the hatch lip. The heat was still unbearable, but the skirt's material served well as a buffer, and Kali was able to pry open the hatch.

    The interior of the tiny escape pod was nearly as destroyed as the exterior. The ship itself only contained a small viewscreen, an electronic panel that was spewing sparks like fireworks, and a chair for the single passenger to sit. With the front end of the ship buried into the gound, the impact had thrown the lone passenger about. Thankfully, from the long trail of destruction behind the ship, it had not hit directly as it had skidded to a stop. The single passenger, a boy in his late teens with sandy colored hair, was thrown over the back of the chair, which held him suspended in the small ship. Kali couldn't see much as the unconscious boy was covered in robes. But blood covered his face and matted in his short hair. He breathing was labored, and he was unconscious.

    A small explosion blew out from the back of the ship, reminding Kali that the shi
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    if it is from weg, then you will have while to wait, but from sounds of it it is not. what is it then, tell me more? im cureious
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    *"weg"? Sorry, I'm still kinda new to this. Basically, I'm writing a Star Wars Jedi Apprentice book that takes place about five or six years before The Phantom Menace. I'm hoping that, once I get the plot set, that others will add on to it *
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    *and now, let the saga continue!! *
    Chapter 3

    Through some cunning manuevering, Qui-Gon Jinn managed to land the tiny escape pod on the outskirts of the nearest settlement. He finally set the small craft down on a hilly area that boardered a large forest that spread father than the eye could see. A strong part of him wanted to scratch caution and tactics and steer his tiny pod in the direction where his apprentice's ship had plummeted, desperate to make sure he was okay. But Qui-Gon Jinn was a Jedi Master for too long. He didn't achieve that level by letting his fears and his emotions rule his actions. Instinct told him that the less attraction he brought, the safer both he and Obi-Wan would be. And while it sounded heartless, it was best that they had split up. No sense in both of them being captured or killed.

    Something about this planet disturbed him. True, he knew nothing about this planet beyond its name, but he was still wary. Even the most hostile of planets didn't randomly open laser fire on passing cargo ships, and Qui-Gon was sure that the laser fire that had destroyed their transport had been fired from this planet.

    There was still the matter of the strange dark being that had attacked them on their ship. The mysterious attacker wielded two twin lightsabers as if he had been born with them in his hands. The dark-robed adversary had been trained in the Jedi arts, that much was certain, but who had trained him? Or was he a Jedi who had turned to the Dark Side like Qui-Gon's first apprentice had?

    That was another thing that alarmed the tall Jedi Master. Obi-Wan had crash landed on this planet somewhere amongst all the forests and vegetation. If he had survived the crash, he was facing even more threats. His sudden, unexplainable illness upon the cargo ship was causing Qui-Gon to worry. Obi-Wan was not one to easily give into viruses, his immune system was strong. He had been perfectly fine until . . .

    . . . the bolt that had clipped him.

    Qui-Gon rummaged through the escape pod until he had produced the small bolt that the dark warrior had fired. The tall Jedi Master had pulled it from the wall without thinking, just seconds before he leaped into his own ship.

    Following a hunch, he examined the bolt carefully. It was a small, metallic, barbed weapon, intended for killing at a close range. How odd that the dark-robed man had used something so primitive and unconventional, unless the weapon served another purpose.

    Noticing a puddle of water near his feet, Qui-Gon dipped the tip of the metal bolt in the water. If he was right . . .

    As soon as the small bolt came in contact with the water, it began to sizzle and bubble, turning the water an eerie greenish color.

    Damn it! Qui-Gon hoped against reason that he was wrong, but this cinched it. The bolt had been coated with a type of poison. Judging from the chemical reaction of the water, Qui-Gon assumed it was a slow-acting poison, which meant Obi-Wan wouldn't die right away, but Qui-Gon knew he had to find him fast!

    The powerful Jedi Master stood and raced through the hill grasslands. He used the Force as a divining rod and was able to pick up a faint trace of his Padawan learner. He was a good two-days travel from here, but Qui-Gon was relieved that he could sense him, meaning he had survived the crash landing.

    But worse fates lay in store for his apprentice, of that Qui-Gon was sure. His blood ran cold as he took off on his journey. He had to find Obi-Wan before anyone else did.

    *Okay, everybody, the plot's set! Here's a skeleton of the plot:

    ~ Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have landed on a planet that hates and hunts Jedi, having been burned by a Jedi-turned-evil long ago.

    ~ When Obi-Wan regains consciousness, he is stricken with amnesia. The girl who finds him changes him out of his jedi robes and into peasants clothing to hide his true identity to keep him safe from the townspeople. He is also suffering the effects of the slow-actin
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    <<Yes, someone else has read these very interesting books! All right! This thread must not die--not with its great start--so back up to the top! I'll post soon...I promise. *g*
    Hey to Jen!>>
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    Wow! What a great thread! You should definately develop this further. I would love to read more!
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    I've read the first two, but man! By the sounds of this, this ones gonna be the best! Can't wait to get my hands on it!
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    *Wow!! I'm soo glad you guys like it! BTW: has anyone read the third in the series? It was great!! I'll add some more tonight *
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    *Let the good times roll!*
    The silence was so profound that Obi-Wan couldn't tell if he was awake or not. All he knew, when the dreams ended, was that he laying down and his head was painfully throbbing, along with every other muscle in his body. And what strange dreams they were too! The dream came in flashes of images, random and chaotic. He dreamnt that he was in a small corridor, a small room that kept shaking violently. Ahead of him were two men, one dressed in complete black, the other dressed in sand-colored robes. Obi-Wan couldn't make heads or tails out of either two men or the strange place they were, but he could somehow *feel* the danger in the room. Even in this strange dream, he could feel his body reacting from the danger, every muscle ready to pounce. He knew his life was in danger, but more alarming, so was the life of a friend. But who was it?

    The man in black was ready to attack again, two strange weapons in his hands that looked like two metal cylinders with red light shooting out from both. From there, the fever dream came in flashes, nothing truly coherent. The man next to him, with long flowing hair and neatly trimmed beard, wearing the sand-colored robes was forcing him back. Obi-Wan couldn't make much out, but somehow he knew this man was trying to keep him from protecting someone.

    A friend.

    And this strange man in brown robes stood between him and the life of his friend.

    In the dream, the man in sand-colored clothes was yelling at him, but Obi-Wan couldn't make out what he was saying. Obi-Wan was protesting vehemously. He woudln't leave! He had to protect his friend! But the older man was having none of it. The man's hand opened, palm out, and somehow he went flying backwards, lifted by an unsceen force, and slammed into the hatch of a small pod. From there, the dream faded to black, but he could still feel the despair, the worry, the hopelessness, the anger.

    Then everything went black.

    Opening his eyes slowly, Obi-Wan struggled to focus his blurry vision. Colors swam together until he could barely make out shapes. He was laying on a small, poorly-furnished bed in a room that was so small that it was claustrophobic. A large candle sat on the headboard, and with its wan light, Obi-Wan began to survey his surroundings.

    The room looked to be made out of stone, quaint but poor. A circular hole in one of the walls served as a meager window to the outside. From there, Obi-Wan could see that it was nearing dusk. But where was he??

    A small rustling noise in the corner of the room alerted his attention. He turned his head, a little too fast, and a crushing wave of pain made him cringe.

    "Easy, my friend," a soft female's voice called out to him, a voice bathed in concern and a little fear. "You don't want to move too quickly. You've had a terrible accident."

    Taking shallow breaths, Obi-Wan waited until the pain subsided before he tried opening his eyes again. The young woman, quite pretty despite her ragged clothing, was sitting by his bedside, wringing out a washcloth drenched in water. The woman, like the room, was unfamiliar to Obi-Wan. The girl had bright green eyes, eyes that almost seem to glow with the life and vibrancy behind them. Her eyes were large in comparison to her small nose and lips, and her rich brown hair was pulled up high, but scraggly strands fell about her face. She seemed to be in her late teens. She smiled warmly, placing the damp cloth on his forehead, and it was then, when he felt the sweet relief of the cool water on his forehead, that he realized he was running a fever.

    The girl rubbed her face with the sleeve of her dress. "You aren't well yet. Lie still."

    Obi-Wan stared at her intently, despite the looming pain in his head. Try as he might, he couldn't place her in his memory. "Who-" he started to ask, but then coughed bitterly. His voice was ragged due to unuse, and his throat was bitterly dry. Obi-Wan swallowed and tried again, "Who are you?"

    The young woman looked at him puzzledly
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    "My . . . wife?"

    The young girl look so sad as she slowly ran her fingers through his short hair. Out of some strange reflex, Obi-Wan jerked back. Everything was happening so fast, being reintroduced to a life he didn't even remember living.

    His sudden retreat brought a wave of sadness to the girl, and Obi-Wan felt terrible. Perhaps she really *was* his wife. If so, he could understand why she was so sad by his mistrust. It was just that everything was happening so fast! He felt vulnerable and alone, wishing that he could remember even a fragment of his life. But all he had was that cryptic fever dream, and he didn't even know if *that* was true! After all, it was a dream.

    Obi-Wan decided to change topics. "What happened?" he asked softly, touching the wet rag to a long cut on the side of his head, cringing from the pain.

    The girl turned to look at him with a neutral expression. "You . . . you were out by the river, collecting some firewood from the Gydi trees . . . when the strange ship crash landed in the N'kata forest. You went . . . to help the stranger inside, but the force of the crash landing had toppled the trees. You were trying to open the ship when a tree fell on you. You've been out for hours. I was worried that you might never regain consciousness." A lone tear fell from her pretty eyes. It gave Obi-Wan a sense of comfort to know that, even though he had no memory of who he was, at least someone knew him, someone cared for and about him.

    She took the rag back from him, soaking it in the water bowl and wringing it out again, dabbing his forehead with it. He reached up with an arm that was sore and took hold of her hand with his, holding it there. "What of the ship?" he asked, "Did the passenger survive? Who was it?"

    The young woman shook her head, "I don't know. By the time I reached you, the ship's hatch was open, but there was no one inside by then."

    Obi-Wan nodded very gently, trying to take it all in. He still felt mistrustful, and with good reason. He honestly didn't know this girl, even though she assured him that she was his wife. And her caring and sadness seemed so genuine, it had to be true. He looked down to see himself dressed in a grey tunic and black leggins. What cause did she have to lie to him? From the looks of things he didn't have much to take from. Obi-Wan signed and looked up at the ceiling.

    "How do you feel, love?" the woman asked brightly, but gently, her voice full of concern.

    Obi-Wan touched his fingers to his head. The pain had gone down, and the gash on the side of his head had stopped bleeding, but hadn't healed yet. "I . . . should be fine. I'm feeling better, but I'm still a little dizzy."

    The girl smiled, leaned over, and kissed him on the forehead, "Well, get some sleep. I know you must be brimming with questions, but you're not fully recovered yet. Get a good night's rest, and I'll help explain things in the morning."

    Obi-Wan nodded as the girl went over to the side of the room, picked up a large, patch-covered sheet that she covered him in. Obi-Wan felt sleep claim him again, rather unwillingly though; his mind was so tormented with questions, concerns, and fears, but his bruised and battered body screamed for rest.

    "Wait!" he called out as the girl started to exit through the small doorway. He smiled, a little embarassed, "I honestly don't remember. What's your name?"

    "Kali," the woman said gently, a warm smile on her lips.

    Obi-Wan smiled back, but the smile quickly faded by a confused and puzzled look. "And who am I again?"
    more later!
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    Wow this is soo good!! I love it!
    You have got to write more!!
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    This is fabulous! You style fits in perfectly with the SW feel! Please...later needs to be now!
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    *Hey, everybody, I'm baaaaaack!! After a looong weekend of flag camp I've returned. Now to continue the tales . . .

    Qui-Gon kept his steady pace as he made his way through the foreign forests, losing himself in his connection with the Force that led him through the maze of trees and bush. The Master Jedi struggled to maintain his patience, his rational thinking. He couldn't simply rush into an unknown territory blindly, no matter what the stakes were. He needed to evaluate the situation and then devise a rational plan. But all of his rational thinking and years of playing it safe were quickly losing ground to his dire need to find his young apprentice. He couldn't help it, he worried about the boy. It had been as such from their first meeting. A bond was unconsciously formed between them and had grown in strength since. Even though Qui-Gon promised himself that he would never let anyone get as close to him as his last turned apprentice had, Padawan or not, he couldn't help but care for Obi-Wan like a father would his only son. And it was this emotional attachment that often drove Qui-Gon to react irrationally, impulsively, when the safety of his Padawan was threatened. So it was times like these that he was grateful that the Force suffused him to the point where he no longer had to think; that the Force that guided all Jedis would drive him through the forests. Because, truth be told, he couldn't stand the horrible images that were flooding his mind with the possibilities of what had happened to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    So, instead, Qui-Gon turned his mental focus upon another threat: their strange attacker on board the transport ship. In all his years of traveling and adventuring, the Jedi Master had never before encountered such a strange entity. His acute perception of the Force gave him forewarning of mostly all incoming dangers, but this being with its red-bandaged face and reptilian eye had somehow eluded them and caught them unaware. Qui-Gon had been fortunate to have spotted him out of the corner of his eye, to have pushed Obi-Wan away so that the killing blow had mostly missed him.

    -he could be dead by now-

    Qui-Gon shook his head, trying to clear away the taunting voices in his head. He had to keep his focus where it belonged: in using the Force to find where his apprentice's ship had crash-landed.

    -what if he didn't survive the crash?-

    -how could he reverse the effects of the poison once he found him?-

    A bridge to cross when he got there. Right now he himself had to worry about discovering the whereabouts and local dangers of this small planet he landed on, not to mention being wary of the dark menace who had attacked them. His guard was going to have to be extraordinarily high if this being could hide from the senses of the Force. And right now, the more dire questions he needed to keep focused on was the nature of this unknown planet, the motive of their attacker, and also why this strange planet was given to shooting down random-passing cargo ships.

    -if he is alive, what if our mysterious attacker finds him before I do?-
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    Absolutely fabulous! This story is soooo good! I adored the first paragraph of your recent post. The relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan practically put tears in my eyes! Fantastic! You can't write fast enough, I'm dying for more! Keep up the great work.
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    Once again, I love your story, but you need to write MORE!! I am dying to hear the rest. I can really feel the depth of the charecters emotions though your writing, its very cool. Keep going!
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    Awww, you guys! :*) Make a girl blush with such kind words. Well, 'True Believers', here's more for ya!

    "Are you sure you're up to this?"

    Obi-Wan turned to face Kali, a reassuring grin hiding the pain he was experiencing at walking around since the accident. Maybe he wasn't quite ready to be up and about so soon, but his collosal need to find something to remind him of the past he had forgotten drove him harder than his wounds. "For the third time, yes, I am sure about this. I need to find something that will bring back a memory."

    A quick flash of anxiety flashes across the young woman's face. Perhaps she's just as worried as I am that I will never remember my past, he thought, suddenly feeling terrible inside. Why can't I remember?!?

    Kali smiled, "Well, you never were one to lay around in bed," she laughed, "Always up and about." She brushed back an errant lock of brown hair and sighed, "Well, then, let's be off!"

    Obi-Wan returned her smile as he straightened his gray tunic and black leggings, ready to head out into town.

    Kali watched him as he walked first through the doorway, thankful that she could keep her shaking hands so steady.and grateful that he didn't notice the color draining from her face. How much longer could she keep up this masquerade?


    Obi-Wan walked through the streets, eyes wide, taking everything in. The market was alive with its usual boister and liveliness; people milling about their business, buying what they needed from the traveling vendors. The colorful sights of the exotic fruits and flowers, the reds and blues of the women's dresses, the greens of the shrubbery, it dazzled him. The aroma of the wafting scent of the baker's cart, of the sweet-glazed fruits, and the soothing smell of the flowers hit him like a brick wall. Obi-Wan never remembered sensing so much life before! It was thrilling and rapturous!

    Yet he still didn't remember it.

    Kali watched as the young man lost himself in the dazzle of the marketplace, watch the specter of the hustle and bustle enthrall him as if he were a child. Yet when she saw the spark of life leave his youthful face and dejection set it, she realized what he was thinking. None of it was hitting home in his memory. But did she really expect it to?

    Kali admitted to herself that she had hoped that the young Jedi had come from a place like this, that somehow a public scene like the N'sai marketplace would somewhat resemble someplace of his home planet, that he would mistake one for the other and come to believe in her lie. But her plan was falling apart. True, the young man didn't remember who he really was yet, but he might grow suspicious.

    Yet she had to keep up the charade, even if just for his safety. If the people of N'sai found out who he really was, it would spell certain death for him.

    She ran up beside him and wrapped her arms around his waist. It took him a moment to react, but after a moment he returned her hug. "Kali . . . maybe it would help my memory if you told me a bit more about this place?"

    Choosing her words carefully, she began to tell him the history of N'sai. "Well, this planet is N'sai, Alex. We both grew up here. This is our home. We . . . we were married by the stream. It was so romantic!"

    Obi-Wan smiled. Then a small commotion by the local pub caught his attention.

    "Oh yeah?" one burly bearded man called out, his voice loud and a little slurred, perhaps from the contents of his drink. "Well, I killed three Jedi *******s myself!"

    "Oh yeah?" his otherwise intoxicated friend rebuked, somehow managing to be louder than the first, "Then where are their laser swords, huh, oh brave 'Jedi-slayer'??"

    "Well, I-" the first man had to regain both his train of thought and his balance, ". . . I . . . cut through them with my vibro-ax, when I severed their evil heads from their bodies!"

    Obi-Wan turned towards Kali, "Who are they talking about, these 'Jedi'? What are they?"

    A look of true fear crossed her face. Obi-Wan was startled by her reaction
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    This is so wonderful! Please, write more! I'm addicted! You have such a talent!
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    More PLEASE!! This is too good!!
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    *lol* Back by popular demand . . .

    Blackness, thicker than transparensteel, smothered him, choking him. Obi-Wan clawed at the unrelenting darkness, desperate to surface from this icy cold nothingness that sucked him in like quicksand. Like tentacles, the darkness wrapped itself around his wrists, his ankles, his waist, his throat, and like a sadonic puppeteer they dragged him down into the void. He fought viciously against the dark tentacles with a strength born on desperation, but the force of the pull was unbreakable. He screamed till he felt his lungs burst, but not a sound could be heard in the nothingness.

    Voices, muted and only partially coherent, suddenly melted in, dancing along the outskirts of the darkness.

    . . . don't know what's . . . he won't . . .

    . . . -lex, stop! . . .

    Obi-Wan concentrated on the voices. They were calling to him, breaking the hold the blackness had on him. Gripping the strange voices like a lifeline, he wrenched himself out of the darkness.

    . . . Alex! Stop! . . . won't hurt you! . . .

    . . . can you hear us . . .

    A wave of sickness washed over him as he struggled to regain consciousness. The words. He focused on the words that had saved him from the darkness. One sounded like Kali, but the other . . .?

    An image formed in Obi-Wan's mind at the other voice. He was sure he hadn't heard the other voice before, but it gave birth to a strange picture in his mind.

    A broken circle?

    "Wha-?" Obi-Wan cried as he had wakened. Once more, he found himself in a strange, unfamiliar room. He was laying on a simple bed, the sheets rumpled beneath him. Kali, her face white, stared at him wide-eyed with concern. Her cool hand rested on his forehead, feeling like heaven on his feverish skin.

    "It's alright, Alex. It's okay," she chanted over and over in a soothing voice that was misted with a strong feeling of concern that she tried to keep hidden.

    "Kali . . ." he whispered, giving in to her tender care. He was shaking terribly and gasping for breath. Right now, he didn't care if he remembered her or not. Until he regained his memory, he was lost and alone. She was the only one to care for his welfare. He guessed it was her sweet tenderness that made him choose her for his wife.

    Kali smiled as she ran her hand across the young man's forehead, grateful that he had regained consciousness. When he had suffered that terrible headache and passed out in the market, she found herself horribly scared. She knew her fear for his safety was absurd; she had only discovered him yesterday and she well knew that he wasn't her husband as she had proclaimed, that she had origionally lied to him to keep him from remembering his true identity. An identity that would put him in severe jeopardy here. She was saving his life. But part of her gave into that small foolish hope that maybe this boy would never regain his memory. That he would remain her 'husband' forever. She was terribly lonely, with her family always gone out to the market.

    Sensing another presence in the room, Obi-Wan turned to his left. There stood the source of the other voice from the darkness. A man dressed in regal office garb stood by the bedside, his face thin with reptilian green eyes and sharp facial features. He was dressed in black velvet-lined tunic and slacks, with black hair askewed about his face.


    "Alex, this is Victor Crion," she introduced the darkly-dressed stranger. "He's the sheriff of this town. He helped me carry you into his office when you had passed out on the street."

    The man gave a small smile, "Your wife told me of your 'predicament', my friend. You honestly do not remember your past?"

    Sighing, Obi-Wan shook his head gently, wincing under a sharp pain in the right side of his head.

    "Really . . ." Victor Crion said to himself, his facial expression neutral.

    Kali interrupted, "How do you feel now, love?"

    Obi-Wan stretched a little to test the rest of his body. Besides being a little stiff from the accident yesterday, he felt okay.

    Except for the piercing heada
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    Keep this up!! This is SO good!! You've got a talent there.
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    Now I'm really glad I read those Jedi Apprentice books last night! I would have missed the whole broken circle thing! I have a question though, how old is Obi-Wan in this? It says late teens, but is that 18 or 19? Have you picked a definite age?

    Once again, this is fantastic! Keep going, we all love you for it!
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    Qui-Gon knelt by the lazy stream, refilling his water bag. All around him, nature sung cheerfully. The gentle rolling of the brook, the delightful song of the peko peko birds, the warmth of the sun as it reflected off the strong trees, it all gave an air of peace and comfort.

    -so why am I on edge?-

    It was more than just his concern for the safety of his student. Something just felt wrong in this forest, as if the warmth and peacefulness was a cover for something more dark and sinister. Yet each time he tried to reach out with the Force to sense for danger, it came back with nothing.

    So this was an internal feeling of impending danger. Qui-Gon was never given before to paranoia; he trusted his instincts, even when there was little evidence to support his feelings. He was driven by a more personal Force, unlike the unifying Force that drove both his Padawan and the majority of
    the Jedi. He followed the living Force, one that was based on instinct and following the moment.

    And this one was telling him he was in danger.

    So he simply let go of his rationale and followed his instincts, instincts that led him nonchalantly through the brook and on down the forest.


    Qui-Gon whirled back, lightsaber drawn, just in time to parry a lethal downstroke from a red lightsaber that was aimed at his heart. Their attacker from the ship, who somehow managed to escape the explosion, was cutting at him with a ferocious intensity as he whirled his twin lightsabers. The Jedi
    Master reacted quickly to dodge both lightsabers, parrying and attacking
    with an intense speed. The dark Jedi's face was mostly covered by the red strips of fabric, keeping Qui-Gon from reading his expressions to better judge where he was going to attack. But the burning hatred in his reptilian green eye and the baring of his teeth conveyed his animosity.

    On and on the two fought, neither gaining the upper hand. Qui-Gon felt his body tiring from the exertion; he couldn't keep this up much longer. In an act of desperation, he backed up against a thick tree, parrying the dark
    man's swings. He faked a look of fear at having allowed himself to be
    cornered. The dark being smiled derisively, triumphantly. He deactivated and
    dropped his other lightsaber in a flash of movement, as he spun backwards,
    his other lightsaber whirled above his head and cut downward at an agle . . .

    . . . that severed the tree.

    Qui-Gon knew his panic would make the dark Jedi think he had won, making him
    careless. The Jedi Master had ducked just as his attacker's blade came down,
    easily sidestepping the lethal blow, and the saber blade had harmlessly sliced through the tree.

    The dark Jedi looked momentarily shocked, so sure he had won. But a groaning creeking sound alerted him to a new danger. The giant tree he had sliced through was slowly falling in his direction. A look of fear crossed his face as he ran. Qui-Gon, out of harm's way, took that moment to grab the other
    lightsaber on the ground and run.

    The tall Jedi Master was half-a-mile away when he heard the gargantuan tree
    finally crash. The dark Jedi, if he had survived, would have lost his prey in all the confusion and branches. So Qui-Gon ran stealthly through the forest, seeing a town on the horizon. The fall of the tree would buy him the time he needed to reach the town. The dark Jedi wouldn't dare try to attack
    him in the open.

    As he ran, he examined the dark Jedi's lightsaber. The craftmanship seemed
    mostly foreign to him, but there was something almost . . . familiar in its

    And where have I seen that move before?

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    *YES!!!! The server is back up!!!! You may want to re-read, I've added more during the laong silence* I'll add some more once I get back from lunch

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