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Before - Legends Red Wet Salty Sky (O/Q) Nice story after the complaint letters

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by PatttyB0123, Apr 13, 2003.

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  1. PatttyB0123

    PatttyB0123 RSA Latin America star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 2, 2003
    Humor,little poem

    Quin-Gon and Obi-Wan have some couple days of vacation by the beach.
    They are both are enjoying the peace of the ocean, well, except Obi-Wan.

    Sitting by the beach, me and my padawan, after a long mission we are trying to meditate watching the ocean waves going in and out.

    "Master I am little cold" "?Can we go now to the cabin?"

    "No, yet my little padawan we needed to sit here in enjoy the sunset."

    "But Masteeer, we are going to stay three days in this planet" "Can we do this tomorrow?"

    "Listen Obi, Listen how the beauty of life speaks to us with the silent sound of the force."

    Finally, Obi decided to remind silent, but I senses some defiant waves running through his force.
    "Hey, Obi, watch and listen"

    The bubbles from the ocean starting to playing with my sandals as the kids play hide and seek.
    "What are the waves whispering to me?" "My padawan?s future?"

    Every time the ocean breathes, the white sugar bubbles melt with the crystal ocean waves.
    The breath from the ocean fills the red sky with crystalline salty drops.

    "Master I am getting wet."
    "Obi, please listen."

    An ocean creature flying, singing to the sky a musical note past by. A cold salty wind is whistling into my ears notes from far away planets. I can hear the ocean sounds pounding the last part of the earth with every explosion of the crashing waves.
    "Obi-Wan, the ocean, like witchcraft, puts a magic spell to everybody, who dares to watch a beautiful sunset."


    My seventeen years old boy is already gone, he is sleeping and snoring!

    I hear in the distance a couple coming from my right, breaking the magic moment of the ocean night. They are not talking, but I can hear their thoughts.
    "Oops, I should not do that."
    I get up from my sitting area, and I pick up my heavier apprentice.

    Oh boy, I should not le him eat too much in our last mission. "He ate like termite"

    Still, he is like my son and my friend.
    Some day he will be a great knight, and I will always be proud of him.

  2. PatttyB0123

    PatttyB0123 RSA Latin America star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 2, 2003
    Review my story please.
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