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Reflections: A Vignette Collection (FINALLY UPDATED: HOBBIE KLIVIAN "The Other Guy") 04/29

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Daughter_of_Yubyub, Nov 14, 2002.

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  1. djcati

    djcati Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 20, 2004
    That is so Hobbie.

    Oh sweet FORCE that is so Hobbie.

    *runs off to read the rest of these vigs*

  2. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    Wow, I've been gone from this thread a long time, but the whole works was well worth the read when I returned.

    You have an incredible talent, DoY. I don't say that lightly. I've read many things from many authors, but few can capture a character as well as you in as few, and as descriptive, of words.

    I'm very impressed, and believe I will have to take a look in on your other work very soon. I'm glad to see such a talent being used, especially on these boards.

    Thank you for sharing with us. We look forward to more.

    Edit: My horrible spelling ;)

    WRAITH_LEADER Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 16, 2002
    I have said it before and will do so again. this is my favorite Fan fic. You have a wonderful gift kiddo. Keep at it.
  4. dingokitten

    dingokitten Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 24, 2005
    I can't decide if Hobbie or Wes's was my favorite. They were all really great ^_^. I especially loved the last line by Hobbie, wars aren't won by a handful of heroes but by the thousands of other guys. Great job ^_^.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.