Before - Legends Reflections of Darkness (Qui/Dooku) Co-written with Kynstar (Sequel) Completed 2/9!!

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  1. Layren Jedi Master

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    Title: Reflections of Darkness
    Author(s): Layren and Kynstar
    Timeframe: PreJA Qui-Gon is 17
    Characters: Qui-Gon, Dooku
    Keywords: Dooku, temptation, darkness
    Summary: After Qui-Gon and Dooku are separated by the Council for Dooku's rehabilitation, can they repair their damaged relationship?
    Notes: I wasn't planning on posting this bit until after the holidays, but I'm in a generous mood since so many lurkers delurked at the conclusion of the last one that I decided to go ahead and post :)

    See how generous I can be? Happy Holidays!

    Five months had passed as Qui-Gon and Dooku continued to be separated. Infrequent contact from Dooku had resulted in Qui-Gon being irritable and withdrawn. Today he longed for a message from his teacher. Something, anything. He knew it was petty and that being a Jedi he shouldn't have any attachments at all but he knew that he did. Today was his 18th birthday.

    Qui-Gon sighed as he dipped a sponge in soapy water and began scrubbing the floor of the Council chambers. Of course the Jedi Council hadn't remembered that today was his birthday. They had directed him to scrub the Council chamber floor. Or maybe they did remember and they just didn't care. He thought to himself as he scrubbed.

    "Happy birthday to me," he sang to himself under his breath as he washed the floor.

    Tahl had commed Kyran just a few minutes ago and was going to meet him outside the Council Room's doorway. I hope he hurries...I don't want Qui to catch me out here. She had wanted to surprise her friend with a gift, but lately he had been hard to get a hold of. She knew that he had not received a message from Master Dooku in over two weeks. He did say that Master Yoda had been really working with Master Dooku...hopefully it will work out. She felt bad for Qui-Gon. I know I would hate being separated from my Master.

    The lift door opened and revealed the rushed Knight. "Sorry, I had to box my gift for him. So how are we going to do this?" His green eyes sparkled.

    "Hey Kyran." She smiled at him. "I don't know really...I was going to just slip in there and surprise him."

    "Well okay, wasn't sure if you were going to do anything out of the ordinary." He pulled a small box out from inside his robe.

    "He's been so down lately..." She sighed as she looked down at her box. She had baked him his favorite cookies. I'm sure he hasn't had any since the last time I made him some. She smiled as she hoped they would bring some cheer to him.

    Kyran sniffed and his blond brows furrowed. "Oh man you baked him cookies? Ummm can I have one?" The glint shimmered in his eyes.

    "No Kyran you may not...unless he gives you one." She chuckled as she went to the door and pressed the panel to open it.

    As he door opened she spotted Qui-Gon scrubbing the floors and it sent a painful twinge through her to see him reduced to such. It isn't fair...they aren't fair. It wasn't his fault...well not all together.

    Kyran shook his head sadly as he watched his friend go over some black marks that was near Master Yoda's seat

    Qui-Gon gritted his teeth even as he struggled to continue cleaning. He was so absorbed in his task that he failed to notice the fact that his two best friends were standing behind him.

    Kyran nodded to Tahl and the two said together: "Happy Birthday Qui!"

    Tahl smiled widely as she watched her friend's reaction and Kyran chuckled.

    Qui-Gon let out a gasp of startled surprise and knocked his bucket of water over in shock. He quickly stood up, ignoring the spreading puddle of water.

    "Hi," he said enthusiastically.

    Tahl flinched as she saw the bucket get knocked over. "Sorry Qui..." But the frown vanished as she rushed over and embraced the damp Padawan. "Baked some of your favorite cookies for you." She stepped back and presented the box.

    Kyran chuckled again and waited for his turn. He had not been sure as to what Qui-Gon would want, but he hoped the small set of paints would work
  2. BrokenNoseOfQui-Gon Jedi Youngling

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    Excellent start! I look forward to more (and soon!).
  3. Master_Noi Jedi Master

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    Poor Qui - having to scrub the floor of the council chamber for his birthday. I'm glad his friends could come and cheer him up a little.

    Sounds like Master Yoda is working Dooku hard - almost like he's a padawan again. ;)

    Nice start, and I thought I'd had to wait for the sequel. :p
  4. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Poor Qui-Gon. Having to scrub the floors - not a very good way to treat a Padawan, even one that had done a single foolish thing.

    Looking forward to more.
  5. tangled_sphere Jedi Padawan

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    I'm so glad that Dooku received that message from Qui [face_love] I was so worried that Qui would go through his birth celebration without hearing from Dooku. I am so glad he got that message off in time. That was also sweet between Tahl and Qui, he definitely needs that closeness right now.

    Glad to see this continuing you guys! :D
  6. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    I'm so glad to see you both continuing this! A great start, but I'm not surprised! :D
  7. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    I read thru the 'Darkness...' fic in one go, and rushed here as soon as I saw there was a sequel. Ooo...great start :) Qui scrubbing floors...?! At least he has good friends.

    More please?
  8. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Awwww, more sweet stuff.
  9. Layren Jedi Master

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    BrokenNoseofQuiGon Thanks so much! I wasn't planning on a new post so soon but our vacation got canceled thanks to the snow so I decided since you've all been such good readers to give you a post for Christmas :)

    Master_Noi Yes poor dear. The Council of course doesn't care much about the fact that it's the young man's birthday. He lied to them and they don't take things like that well at all. And they need their floor cleaned from that meeting they had earlier in the day ;) Oh yes Dooku is working very hard -- they have to to save him. Thanks for reading!

    Diane It wasn't just one thing it was a combination of charges. He lied and harbored a murderer -- but they forget he's jsut a boy. He has time to learn and grow but Dooku should have been a better example for his boy. They want to make sure he doesn't repeat this mistake -- thanks for reading!

    tangled_sphere We thought about being mean and not letting him get it till later ;) But I just thought it would be nice and Qui would feel better after being forced to scrub the Council floor on his birthday. Thanks for reading!

    VaderLVR Not only this but a horrible *saga* plot bunny bit me HARD on the way home while I was watching AOTC on my laptop and we wrote 13 pages on it last night :p Thanks for reading!

    Princess_Arulmozhi WOW All in one go!? You *are* good! Welcome to the boards! If you need anything please don't hesistate to ask! I will be happy to help if i can :)

    DarthIshtar Yep see Kyran and Tahl knew how to make him feel better :) Thanks for reading!

    A new post will be up shortly!

  10. Layren Jedi Master

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    Since you all were such good readers this year (and since my vacation was canceled due to bad weather) I decided to post a new post for you on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas Everyone!


    Back. He was back, but there was no sensation of happiness or relief flowing through him as he piloted the small cruiser onto the landing platform. Why? Why am I not feeling anything? I've been this way for the last three weeks...what is wrong?

    Sighing, he landed the ship easily and powered down the engines. He glanced over at his old Master and noticed the wizened Jedi eyeing him warily.

    Qui-Gon stood off to the side as the ship landed, trying to keep from fidgeting. At long last after months of being separated, his teacher was back and things in his life could return to normal. He was so tired of scrubbing floors, cleaning and doing research. //Master?// he sent hesitantly.

    As Dooku got up from the pilot chair, a sensation filtered through the Force gently knocking at his shields.

    Cocking his head to the side a little he slowly lowered his shields to see who it was. He was expecting it to be Yoda since the Master had been eyeing him during the landing. The last few weeks he had closed himself off totally and the old Councilor had not been pleased. //Yes?//

    //It is good to have you back. I have missed you.// the Padawan sent, surprised by Dooku's coldness.

    The Master stumbled a little as he made his way to the ramp. //Padawan? I...I did not expect you to be here. It's long after curfew, won't Han'yaie be upset?// Indeed the time was a little after midnight and Dooku had not expected anyone to be in the bay at this time. Least of all nobody to greet him, for he had few true friends.

    Master Yoda continued down the ramp as if nothing happened. His gimer stick tapping as he made his way over to the waiting apprentice. He had given his travel bag to Dooku to carry.

    Qui-Gon twitched a little. //Maybe if he didn't know I was here.// He smiled.

    The bond was barely open as the exchange was taking place. No sensation could be felt from the Master's end.

    After a few seconds, the tall Jedi exited the ship carrying two travel bags. The months were obviously not kind to the Master. Stress lines were visible at the corners of his eyes as well as near his mouth. There was a permanent crease between his dark eyebrows. As the light from the bay shined down upon the man's hair and face, the silver shimmered and revealed more than there was before the man's earlier departure.

    "So he doesn't know you are here then?" A slight smirk played on his lips. The man's eyes were dark and cold, but as the smirk appeared, they softened.

    Qui-Gon blushed faintly and looked down at his boots. "No, Master. But I had to be here to welcome you home."

    "I am sure he will have me scrubbing more floors when he finds out," The young man said heavily.

    A slight red tint took the place of the Master's pale complexion. "He will be doing no such thing any further." Drawing up to his full height, he stared down his nose at the Padawan. "I am back and things will pick up where they had left off before I was unceremoniously taken away from you."

    Eyeing the young man a dark eyebrow lifted. Only now did Dooku realize that the apprentice was now equal in his height. "Happy belated birthday, Padawan. I apologize at not being here to help celebrate it with you." The later part was almost said sarcastically, but it was obvious that the Master was struggling with himself to not say anything further with sarcasm. The next words had genuine warmth in them. "I see you have sprouted a little bit more." His eyes sparkled a little with the familiar mirth that the apprentice was familiar with.

    Master Yoda watched the exchanged from a few feet away. He was not pleased at how his old apprentice had been acting these last few weeks, but he knew the reason why. The probation had been almost over and the man was getting anxious and impatient. Some things gotten over they are not. Regardless of how much time gone by it has.
  11. jeday Jedi Youngling

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    Yeah, they are together again! And no more refresher floors for Qui-Gon. :D
    But Dooku ... [face_worried] :(
    Great post!
  12. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    jeday Nope no more Fresher floors :D Doesn't mean there won't be other things [face_devil] Mwahahhahaha.

    Thanks for reading! Where did all the rest of you readers go?
  13. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    We're here, allright :)[raises hand, while gobbling up post]

    Oooo...master and apprentice back together again - really liked their meeting, especially :D. *More* meditation for Dooku? Hmm...

    >>Doesn't mean there won't be other things>>>

    [eyes wide]Other things?!

    [darts a hopeful glance] er... *What* other things? :D
  14. Layren Jedi Master

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    A Nice long update to start your week :)

    On the ride back a cold sensation had settled through the tall Master. Dooku could not understand what had happened. He was excited about being with his Padawan once more, but within the next hour of their meeting again, a wall had slammed itself around the Master's heart. Why can't I feel? Why so cold? His eyebrows furrowed as the Master and Padawan walked back to their quarters. The man could not discern what was wrong with himself.

    "What is your study plans for today? We will need to work around that." His voice was a little harsher than he meant for it to be. He was frustrated with himself.

    Qui-Gon flinched at Dooku's harshness wondering what he'd done wrong. He lowered his eyes. "I've got an essay for the Council still left to do."

    The Master nearly bristled at that. They're still making him do things? "Essay? For them? Whatever for?" He nearly growled as they walked through the doorway of their quarters.

    "They were the ones overseeing my punishment while you were away, Master," Qui-Gon said even as he seemed to withdraw inside his robe at the change in his Master's attitude.

    "They have no right to make you keep doing them. Stop working on them if you still are. There will be no further punishments to work on." Dooku's voice was cold as he eyed Qui-Gon. It was obvious that the Master was not going to accept anything other than a yes.

    Qui-Gon swallowed hard. The council would wonder why he was disobeying their orders but he said, "Yes, Master."

    Dooku nodded curtly and smiled a little. "Now, what shall we do? I did promise you a round of sparring did I not?"

    At that Qui-Gon grinned. "I've been keeping up with my studies, but sparring with remotes just isn't the same. Shall we wager that I lose this one?"

    An eyebrow rose at that. "Lose? You are actually betting on losing? Hmmm why does that sound suspicious?" A slight shimmer took the place of the coldness in the Master's brown eyes.

    "I have not practiced with anyone in several weeks, Master. Han'yaie hasn't had the time."

    "Well if it matters to you or not, I have not sparred since the last time before...well you know. Master Yoda had me just meditating and focusing. I was not allowed to practice at all."

    "So maybe you could have a slight edge this time. You can never know."

    Qui-Gon arched a brow. "We will see I have no doubt. Shall we?"

    "Yes, let us go down to the training room." Dooku smiled and led the way out of the quarters down to a lift.

    Qui-Gon headed after his teacher, excited about getting to spar with him for the first time in half a year. Once they arrived at the gym Qui-Gon threw his robe off in a corner and peeled off his tunic. He ignited his blade and stood in the center of the mat and waited for Dooku to join him.

    The Master took off his robe as well as his over tunic and neatly laid them on one of the benches close to their area. He sighed as he grasped his saber's hilt and powered it up. Seeing the dark green blade sent a wave of relief and comfort through him. He had been upset with Yoda would not allow him to practice the katas. He had reminded his Master that sometimes practicing the katas was the only way to ease his anxieties and anger, but the small Councilor would not have it. He had insisted that he learned to control his emotions with meditation. It had unnerved him when his Master reminded him that he wasn't a Padawan any longer and that practicing with the saber to ease those feelings were for apprentices and initiates' ways not a Master's.

    "All right, let's see what you remember." He smiled as he started the dueling. He immediately launched into the offensive mode, swinging at Qui-Gon's left, right, and then attempted to take the feet out from under the apprentice.

    Qui-Gon nimbly leapt over his teacher and feinted to the right and then followed up with a downward slash.

    Around an hour later found the two sweating and in full concentration. Dooku's expression was blank as he elegantly sidestepped and twirled to avoid
  15. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Poor kid. Caught in the middle yet again. I liked that the Master was so nice to Qui espcially since Dooku is still going off the deep end. I only hope that Qui-Gon can write fast!

    Good job. What happens next?
  16. LilQui-Gon Jedi Youngling

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    What is up with Dooku? If he would have told me to double up the essay, I wouldn't do it at all if I was Qui-Gon. [face_shame_on_you] He's so mean! :_|
  17. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Yeah I feel for Qui in this so far. hehehe Thanks! Glad you liked Rhy'ul ;) I thought he'd be nice to Qui cuz he sympathizes with the young man.

    Well.... let's say he doesn't fast enough and that'll be all I'll say hehehe ;)

    Dooku was so/so with his Master and slightly improving. But now at the Temple...things aren't as peachy as he thought they would be. He wasn't truly prepared to be put back into 'regular routine' so to speak. His foundations are still shaken and he has a long ways to go still to work things out...if he ever does.

    As for the essays... [face_devil] hehehehe we'll see!!

    Thanks for reading! Also your signature: "I am sorry to disappoint you. Should I try to die quicker?" Was that the one with the Scientist chick that kidnapped him for his midichlorians? Those two books rocked!! That bounty hunter gal was pretty cool.
  18. jeday Jedi Youngling

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    Poor Qui-Gon! :(
    To defy the council or his master- what a choice. [face-frustrated]
    What will happen if he is not able to finish his work in time?

    Liked this:
    I must be the only Padawan in the order who is punished for obeying orders. [face_laugh]
    Can't wait fot more.
  19. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    Poor Qui. A furious master, an unmoved Council...and 90 pages worth of assignments. Ow.

    Liked Rhy'ul. Sympathetic, especially when needed. :)
  20. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Grrr... I could have sworn I'd replied at least once already... sorry.

    90 pages??? I can't even imagine that kind of assigment... more like torture! You two really know how to poor the anst on to poor Qui-Gon.

  21. Master_Noi Jedi Master

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    I'm still reading, just fallen a little behind due to traveling. Will try to respond soon. ;)
    Okay, have time to respond now.

    You know, I think that if Qui makes it through all this successfully it should be considered his trials. He is being put through the wringer with dodging his master's anger and juggling his loyalties.

    This is so interesting to read. I guess I had always pictured Dooku's struggle with the darkness starting later in Qui's life, so to think of Qui having to deal with it as a padawan is very different.
  22. Layren Jedi Master

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    Jeday Now you know why he doesn't set much in store for the rules later on :D Thanks for reading!

    Princess_A Yes poor Qui-Gon indeed. 90 pages to write ;) Glad you liked Rhy'ul. He's not happy that Qui-Gon wasn't finished but he does realize that what Qui-Gon needed right then wasn't reprimands. Thanks for reading!

    Healer_Leona It's not just one assignment -- it's several :D Poor Qui-Gon ;) Yes I do know how well don't I? heheheheee. Thanks for reading!

    Master_Noi Loved your update as well! Glad you're finding this interesting. Qui-Gon's trials actually will be the third fic in this trilogy -- as the Council considers him more than ready if he makes it through putting up with Dooku. Thanks for reading!

    A new post will be up shortly. I'm going out of town for real this time :p Will be gone until Tuesday so a nice long post to tide you over through till the new Year :) Happy new year everyone!

  23. Layren Jedi Master

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    Dooku had left their quarters in disgust. Another two hours wasted... The Master had not achieved his calm with the dark skinned Councilor. The two had parted with not so kind words. Dooku was still upset about the Council not including him on what they assigned to Qui-Gon. I still don't know what it is...

    Sighing, he walked through the opening to the Temple's spires and leaned against the tallest one. Once again he had been troubled and could not find peace. Restlessness settled heavily upon his shoulders.

    As the night passed by, he was unaware of his surroundings and missed a shooting star as it passed overhead and was only visible for a split second even through the heavy lighted atmosphere of Coruscant.

    Qui-Gon yawned and glanced at the chrono. It was 2 in the morning. He was finally finished with his essay for the Councilor and he dutifully went to go send it to him. To his surprise he saw his Master still wasn't back yet.

    He was so sleepy. But he knew that he'd better make some headway on those assignments his teacher had doubled. He picked one up after he sat back at his desk and began working again...soon however his heavy eyelids could force themselves open no longer and he was fast asleep across his desk.

    The darkness of the night brought chills that cut through his depression. Teeth chattering, he walked briskly back to their quarters. He could not find any peace except when he cut all feelings off. He snorted to himself as he walked through the doorway. Perhaps Jedi should be unfeeling and care for only themselves, perhaps a lot more things would get accomplished around here. Then he sighed in disgust as he realized how crazy that sound.

    Seeing the light under the door of his Padawan's room, he walked over and opened it fixing to get on the young man for staying up so late.

    But the sight that he saw was not what he expected. Numerous datapads were open and splayed about on the small table. Qui-Gon was laying his head on his arms snoring slightly.

    A small smile twisted the Master's lips as he looked down upon the young man. This boy who was no longer a boy...a young man soon to take his trials. And he will regardless of what the Council thinks or believes. His eyes narrowed as a flare of protectiveness flushed his face.

    Dooku walked to the young man's side and gently shook the apprentice's shoulder. "Qui-Gon...Padawan."

    "Just a few more minutes, Master, I'm so tired," he mumbled.

    A chuckle rumbled in Dooku's chest. "No I am not telling you to get up, but telling you to 'get' to bed."

    All Qui-Gon heard was his Master's "get up." His eyes flew open obediently and he jumped to his feet sputtering his apologies. "I'm sorry, Master I had to finish Master Rhy'ul's essay and then I started on yours and I ..." he barely paused for breath desperately hoping his teacher wouldn't punish him for staying up.

    Dark eyes sparkled with warmth. "Don't worry, I understand. Go to bed, I would think the sleep couch is more comfortable than your arms and this chair." The fury that ached to break lose was once more chained and pushed back into the dark corner of his soul. He would not do again what he did earlier if at all possible.

    Qui-Gon rubbed his back where it hurt from sleeping in his chair. "Yes, Master," he yawned. "I?m sorry for my behavior; please don't add any to my essays."

    He became unsettled at his Padawan's insistent of not adding to his punishment. Is that all he thinks of me now? The sad sigh escaped him before he could stop it and he pulled himself back to his full height. "Just go to bed Qui-Gon." He turned and left, bed was sounding better and better to himself, but he very well knew that he would not sleep. That will be long in coming...

    The young man hoped he hadn't made his teacher upset and so he headed back out the door. "Master?"

    Dooku stopped in his tracks, but did not turn around. "Yes, Padawan?"

    Qui-Gon's heart ached that his Master didn't t urn around to face him. "I love you, Master. Sleep well."

  24. Master_Noi Jedi Master

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    Yay, you did update and I got first post. :D

    Okay, don't you think Qui has been through enough already. (Like I really have room to talk.):p

    I wish Dooku could see that Qui is only trying to do his best. I know that Qui is devoted to him and Dooku is dependent on that, but I wonder what the cost will be to Qui.

    I am also beginning to question Yoda's wisdom in having Dooku meditate with Rhy?ul before any other of the Councilors. You know that Yoda knows there are issues there and it seems to me if they are trying to help him learn to let go of his anger, starting out with the most grating person Dooku can think of can't help.
  25. LilQui-Gon Jedi Youngling

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    He slapped my Qui-Gon! :eek: :mad: How could he? Qui-Gon told him that he loved him & he gets slapped. [face_shame_on_you] Anyway about my signature, I picked that quote b\c it was funny to me. What else could he do for that crazy woman besides letting her kill him? :p
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