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    Planet: Teth
    Location: Secret Separatist research facility.

    The two clone commandos stealthily made their way across the cargo staging area of the building, pausing behind a stack of crates as two battle droids marched past them. Once past, the two clones quietly ran for another stack of crates. They zig zagged their way across the platform, remaining undetected for the moment. Their objective lay only a hundred meters away: a simple looking three story warehouse. It was registered as a freight depot, and several freighters had made their way to and from the location throughout the day. Deeper intel revealed that the location was funded by companies known to support the Separatists. That is why the two commandos were sent in: to ascertain what was really going on in the building, and neutralize any threat to the Republic.

    The sun was hanging high in the air. It was not an ideal time to stage an operation of this sort, but the CO wasn?t sure if the building had any thermal imaging, which would make a night operation even more deadly.

    ?You ready, ner vod?? asked Tar.

    ?Not really, I think I left our invitation in my other set of Katarn,? replied Res.

    ?Not to worry, my invite says ?Plus One?, you?ll be fine.?

    ?All right then, I?ve got your six. Let?s go see what?s going on in there.?

    Tar slipped a strip cam around the corner of the containers, checking the area.

    ?All clear, let?s go.?

    The two commandos ran across the remaining platform, making it to the building without a hitch. They located a door and carefully opened it, strafing inside and sweeping the area as they did so. There was even less droid presence in the building. The immense warehouse was stacked with boxes and crates. The two commandos did notice one thing though: in the center of the building a lot of piping went into the ground, including a freight elevator.

    ?I say we start there,? Res pointed.

    The two made their way over. Once there they saw that the freight elevator platform wasn?t in place, instead there was a gaping square hole in the ground.

    ?Wonderful, now what?? Tar asked rhetorically.

    ?Now we go down,? Res answered simply, pointing to a staircase that spiraled down the edges of the elevator shaft.

    The two were oddly delighted when they took their first steps onto the stairs. They didn?t clank with each step, instead it was a slight, dull, thud.

    ?Probably didn?t want to hear the racket of a hundred clankers marching up and down the stairs,? Tar joked.

    Quickly the two raced down the stairs, about a hundred meters down, until they reached a series of doors and a ventilation exhaust. Weighing their options, they opted for the ventilation shaft over announcing their arrival by opening a door. Once inside, they crawled through the shaft, apparently the only one for that section. It finally split, and they took the left route. Crawling for several minutes, they stopped when they heard voices. Tar checked his HUD for a location on the voices. He indicated to Res that the voices were coming from the vent just ahead. Slowly they crept to the vent to better hear what was being said. Creeping closer they saw a man in a lab coat kneeling before a hologram.

    ?The project is almost complete, Lord Sidious,? came the voice of a figure in a lab coat.

    ?Excellent, Professor. How much longer until we can have this operational??

    ?I only need to obtain a few more supplies to finish the casing, and a few more chemicals to finish the reagents. I need to be sure that they will be able to handle the vacuum of space.?

    ?Good work, Professor. I shall send the fleet of battleships I have personally selected to rendevous with you on Teth. Once we have this new? item, we will see if it works just outside the planet system.?

    ?Thank you, Lord Sidious, I will await the arrival of your fleet.?

    Abruptly the image disappeared. The man got back up to his feet, and walked out of the room, closing the door as he left. Without thinking Tar and Res crawled out of the vent.

    ?Nice to stretch a bit
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    GM Approved

    Name: TC-1140 (TC)
    Age: 2(?)
    Species: Human (mando Stock)
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: no
    Physical Appearance: TC, like all clones, has physical build that is identical to that of Jango Fett. Unlike most of his brothers, who keep their hair short, TC perfers allowing it to lengthen a bit. Due to having been a commander before becoming a commando, a rare privilege, TC has nuerous battle scars, and sports an artificially replaced eye, along with burn scars surrounding this eye.
    Weapon(s): ERG-3 EMP Launcher, DC-17m Interchangable weapons system, DC-15s Blaster Pistol, typical grenade quantities.
    Armour Description: TC's armour is that of Phase Two, being more comfortable than pase one, and is coloured Pitch Black, with the only variation being the view slit, which is red. TC sports a Phase one Jet Pack, preferring it over the Phase two model.
    Specialized Skills: TC is well versed in the use of a Jet Pack, along with using the sniper attachment of his rifle, proving that he is best at taking out specific targets. This has proved greatly useful in many operations he has lead. TC has the physical capability of using his MP launcher and is skilled enough to use the blaster rifle attachment to his rifle, allowing him to partake in frontlines attacks. TC is not the greatest pilot however, and finds it ironic that he doesn't enjoy piloting starfighters.
    Brief Bio: TC was developed by the Kaminosians as an experiment to create a much more efficient trooper, capable of thinking more freely, and more apt to question orders, and come up with strategies and tactics of his own. This also led to his unique combat capabilities, and he was immidietly given the rank of commander as the war broke out. He proved to be an effective trooper in the battlee of geonosis, and was soon given better options for weapons and armour. Over the missions TC has lead, he has had few casualties and all were successes. Eventually he was recalled to Kamino, where he was trained to be a Commando, and is now servig the republic in a way better than he ever could.
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    OOC: Side note: The Jedi slot has been taken. Just waiting for the CS.
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    Name: Kelnica Tunus
    Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Weight: 130
    Birth place: Coruscant (Jedi Temple)
    Specialized Skills: Lightsaber Battles, she also has the amazing ability where she can run faster than light. She gained it after Dayeeion.

    Her beauty is well known, especially since her battle at Dayeeion. She has long brown hair, which she has in different designs each day. She also wears standard Jedi clothes.

    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Knight ? Guardian of Squad

    A past no to be relived (Prologue)

    A cold winter morning, under the giant tree in the yard, she held Kelnica, brushing her hair brown hair. The girl was but a child, not old enough to even speak. The mother heard a noise, a blaster being notched to stun...or maybe to kill. Her heart pounded as she rubbed her child's head. She then heard the feet pounding on the ground, the snow clouding her vision. She held her baby close, hoping they were leaving, not coming.

    They were coming, but her husband was off having a drink with his buddies. The mother felt the tears start to fall down her cheeks, but then freeze like crystals on her cheeks. Then she wrapped the child in a woolen blanket, and then laid her in the small basket. Kelnica had powers, the mother knew, and would save herself until the father arrived. Then the mother looked towards the woods.

    As if she had become deaf, all noises were turned down, tuned off. But she knew she wasn't deaf, because this had happened before, when the boy had died. She looked to the sky, the snow closing her eyes. She never could have done anything as the silver metallic blade went through her ribs, as the other touched one side of her neck, and then the other in one swipe. The murderer stared at the blanket, and guessing the child was dead, went away.

    Kelnica Tunus was taken by her father to Courscant, but when he was ambushed by thugs, his daughter was lost from his arms. The murderer was in the group, and his plan all along was to deliver the girl to his employer, after almost dying.

    Padawan Keylae had heard the whispers in the Force, the soft hissing of a Sith, or a Dark Jedi. The Council had shrugged off her ideas that Sith were still alive, but this hunch was larger, and she had fled the Temple in a hurry, telling her master she was out training. She never wanted to be a padawan, had always wanted to break out and skip apprenticeship and become a Knight.

    She heard the footsteps as sewer slime dripped down from the roof, slopping on her bare neck. She cussed, letting her calm mode slip away, and the footsteps stopped. Before the person could run she used the Force to pull them into the light from overhead. The person was dark, venomous, and holding a pink blanket baby. It tossed the baby aside, but Keylae used the Force to save it, landing it safely on the ground as it slept.

    The enemy pulled out a blaster, but Keylae was faster, and with her lightsaber she sliced his arm away. The enemy hissed out, and shuddered and collapsed, dead before he hit the ground. Keylae was stunned, but ran to the baby. The child had a feeling about her, something about her that mentioned Jedi potential. As she picked the baby up, she marched toward the Temple, her lips sealed about what had happened.

    Life as a Jedi

    When Kelnica turned five, she became friends with a small child named Lyoth. But everyday of her life he did everything better than her, her feeling like her life was a joke. She almost gave up and ran away, but one day a apprentice turned Jedi Knight approached her, his name Norran. They bonded, her treating him like her mentor.

    When she turned twelve, Master Norran asked her to become his apprentice, training her largely in the Force at many different aspects. She grew in strength and power, her vision an expansion of her mind. She became resourseful and helpful, and her master approached her on her twentith birt
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    I can't send PM's yet. Do you want me to post my character sheet on here for GM approval?
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    I would like to withdraw my character sheet from this RP, Thank You
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    OOC: Once all approved CS's are posted, we should have the remaining RC's we need to start this. I will do the first post sortly after that.
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    GM Approved, let's scrap some clankers.

    Name: TK-42537
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Galactic Republic
    Force Sensitive: Definitely not, don't quite understand why anyone would need to move something with their minds when they have a good blaster to use.
    Physical Appearance: Let's see, tall, dark, scarred, just like the rest of my brothers.
    Weapon(s): DC-15 blaster carbine, DC-17 blaster pistol (sidearm) and a small cluster of EMP grenades
    Preferred Clothing: Uh, it's usually standard issue, I do like to shine it up a bit before a fight though.
    Specialized Skills: Strategy and implementation of such, in other words find the weakest point, and blast it open.
    Brief Bio: Can't really say much, born in a tube, raised and trained in just a couple years, been fighting ever since. Oh and I'm up to about 300 on my collection of clanker heads.
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    GM Approved!!

    Name: Ar-5687(Aero)
    Age: 2(?)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Republic
    Force Sensitive: no
    Physical Appearance: Aero, like all clones, are physically built identically to Jango Fett. His black hair cut short like most of his brothers, has a long cut on his left eye from a Droid Commando, and normally doesn't like to take off his helmet because of the starring. At first he was a Clone ARC Trooper, then promoted Commander, then promoted Commando, which still confuses him.
    Weapon(s): Two DC-15s Blaster Pistols, DC-17m Interchangable weapons system(Blaster Rifle and Shotgun), and electrical wrist blade(2 feet long) on a specially made gauntlet.
    Preferred Clothing: Aero's armour is that of Phase 1 because he doesn't want a new shinny pack of armor and is colored black and dark blue, he still has his pauldron and kama from his ARC Phase 1 Armor, and on the left wrist he has a specially made wrist gauntlet that has a commlink, an electrical blade for close combat, and wire.
    Specialized Skills: Aero is well versed in hand to hand combat, but is a very skilled marksman, and mainly good at stealth. His main area of expertise using these would be infiltration and assassination(rarely).
    Brief Bio: Aero was developed by the Kaminosians as an experiment to create a much more efficient trooper, capable of thinking more freely, and more apt to question orders, and come up with strategies and tactics of his own. He was made to become an elite ARC Trooper, and as soon as the Republic needed him, he was sent out as one of the first ARC's on the line. On the many missions he's been, he's served with many famous Jedi, including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti, and many more. For his success on the battlefield, he was given the rank Commander, which excelled in. After many months of success and defeat, Aero would be eventually he was recalled to Kamino, where he was trained to be a Commando, and is now servig the republic in a way better than he ever could.
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    Name: RC-2424 "Tofer"
    Age: 10-13 years (20-26 physically)
    Species: Human (Jango Fett clone)
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Grand Army of the Republic, Special Operations Brigade, formerly of Veshok Squad
    Force Sensitive: No

    Physical Appearance: Just like the rest of his clone brothers, his physical appearance is that of Jango Fett. Tofer has distinguished himself by spending alot of unneccessary time in the gym lifting weights, and has thus bulked up a lot more than his squad mates and most of the rest of the GAR. He keeps his hair shaved bald with the expection of 3 short strips from front to back along the top of his head. He has several scars covering his body, but the most notable would be the large deformed star shaped scar that covers most of his back that he received from an anti-infantry tank round.

    Weapon(s): DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, DC-15s side arm blaster, standard quantity EMP and frag grenades, and when the job calls for it, he carries around a heavy repeating blaster on his back for the "really ugly droids".

    Preferred Clothing: Tofer was recently given the new Mark III Katarn class clone armor, after taking a anti-infantry tank round in the back. It is mostly matte black with some rain grey camo on his arm and leg plates. Tofer's T-visor is a much darker blue color, and his armor has a unique attachment on the back to help Tofer carrier the large repeating blaster. He also has a retractable vibroblade on each arm that he uses with his martial arts skills.

    Specialized Skills: With Tofers? size and physique, he has taken a keen interesting both heavy weapons and martial arts, both of which call upon his extreme strength. His favorite heavy weapon is the upgraded heavy repeating blaster that he carriers on his back and deploys only when it is truly needed as it is usually too big to use during regular operations.

    Personality: Tofer can often be a violent and viscous being in combat, with a natural bloodlust and monumental hate of droids. He has a twisted and darker sense of humor than most of his comrades, rooted from the lost of his brothers and squad mates. He is normally quiet, and keeps to himself in the gym. He lets his actions speak for him, and reads the actions of others more than he listens to their words. He is often the first one to charge into combat, and has little time for any sort of diplomacy. He also is a skilled interrogator having learned several techniques from Kal Skirata and even more from Walon Vau. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter how low he has to sink to do it.

    Brief Bio: Tofer was hatched on Kamino with his commando brothers of Veshok Squad. They were trained by Training Sergeant Kal Skirata. His squad was depolyed on Geonosis, where he lost his first brother. After getting a replacement, the new Veshok Squad went several months before it lost it's leader, Sarge. After receiving another new member and squad leader, Veshok was successful in it's missions until just recently. They were running sabotage on a Seperatist held world, while the main infantry was engaging in a full scale battle when they got caught out in the open and took a long-range anti-infantry blaster barrage which took out the whole squad. Only Tofer managed to survive. After spending alot of time in a bacta tank, he has recently been reactivated for duty for a mission on Teth...
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    I sent my CS to you now. Clone Commando RC-6376 is awaiting transfer from Arca Barracks, Coruscant.
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    Name: RC-6376 aka ?Blaster?
    Age:24 relative (12 actual)
    Species: Human clone
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Republic Clone Army
    Force Sensitive: (yes or no) NO
    Physical Appearance: Typical clone from the Jango Fett genetic template. Short cropped black hair with small goatee.
    Weapon(s): Twin DC-17 hand blasters. DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, retractable wrist vibroblades, various thermal explosives, detonators, fuses, grenades and a portable and heavily modified data slicing kit.
    Preferred Clothing: Katarn Commando Armor
    Specialized Skills: Demolitions & Data Slicing
    Brief Bio:
    Trained on Kamino, Blaster showed an affinity for blowing up any target presented to him, and considers explosives to be a higher art form. He prefers precise and focused explosions over the flashy, showy, noisy chaos favored by his brother clones. He also displays an uncanny ability to acquire data from hard to break, encrypted computers. Quiet and introspective, Blaster seeks perfection in all he does, pushing himself to greater abilities and is always seeking new ways to better himself. He often becomes melancholy when he feels he doesn?t meet up to his own impossible standards. He loves to be challenged with new problems and is very loyal to his squad mates. When not on duty, or preparing his gear for the next mission, Blaster can be found experimenting with demolitions equipment, or hacking Republic databases..
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    Location: Underground CIS research facility, planet Teth

    Tar and Res looked at each other as the alarms blared in the halls. Tar quickly walked over to the door to the room and peaked out. He didn't see anything yet, but he could hear heavy metallic footsteps. Quickly he closed the door.

    "Looks like we'll have a welcoming party pretty soon," he commented to Res.

    Res looked down at his gauntlet, pressing a button.

    "Well, I can't transmit from down here. Looks like they have the place shielded. We need to get topside in order to get these plans out."

    Tar simply nodded his head and pointed toward the ventilation duct they had just come out of.

    "I hate being in confined spaces," Res muttered under his breath.

    "I'm with you on that, ner vod, but I doubt the tinnies will just let us walk through the halls with a simple 'Hello'."

    Not wanting to waste anymore time, Res led the way into the duct, with Tar close behind. Tar replaced the grate as best he could and the two commando's traced their way back along the path they had taken previously. As they came up to the junction in the duct, Res held up his hand.

    "A batch of clankers right below us," Res whispered into his helmets mic.

    Tar could hear the metallic footsteps, both of the commando's taking shallow breaths. Once the patrol had went further down the hall, Res and Tar continued their trek. The finally made it back to the shaft entrance at the base of the stairs. Unfortunately for them, there were two super battle droids stationed there as well.

    "Ideas?" Res asked Tar.

    "Yeah, blow them to scrap and then make like a wounded bantha for the surface."

    "I like it. What about the other droids that are sure to be waiting for us at the top?"

    "They're invited to the party too. We don't want to discriminate."

    "Tar, you're getting soft in your old age."

    Res raised his blaster rifle and sent two successive shots to the back of the SBD's heads, destroying the processor controllers instantly. With a loud clank of metal they fell to the ground. The commando's wasted no time in climbing out of the grate, taking only a few precious seconds to assess the area. Tar pointed up, and both clones raced up the stairs.

    They were about halfway up when a voice boomed over the building.

    "Attention all units, we have unauthorized personell on site. Believed to be in the elevator shaft. Take no prisoners."

    "Well, sounds like things just got more interesting." Tar sarcastically commented.

    Res looked at the bottom left of his HUD, trying to see if he had a strong enough signal yet. After a few more levels up, the meter read full.

    "I have full signal on the transmitter, Tar. Should we broadcast now, or wait till we cleared the building?'

    "Transmit now, we can hold our position for the minute or so it should take to get that message through. We can worry about getting out after that."

    "Copy that."

    The two stopped on the next level that gave very little open space to open fire.

    Res put his back against the wall, dialing in on the coded transmitter that was only a few kilometers away.

    "Republic outpost, this is RC-0626, urgent transmission for Republic vessel nearest to Teth."

    He waited a moment, knowing that it would take a few seconds to fully code and transmit.

    "RC-0626, this is Captain Tatimir. What is your situation?"

    "Sir, we have located a Sep research facility, and have information about a new... weapon they have almost finished building. I have downloaded the schematics and can transfer them on your command."

    "Very good, 0626, transmit at your convenience."

    "Transmitting now, sir."

    "Transmission received," the Captain responded after a moment. "Do you need evac?"

    Res looked at Tar, who was listening to the transmission as well. Tar shrugged his shoulders.

    "Not as of yet," replied Res, "but we have been made. Looks like we'll have to fight our way out."

    "Copy that soldier. You let me know the moment you need a larty, I have a couple still on Teth. I am transmitting the f
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    Arca Barracks, Coruscant.

    RC-6376, aka Blaster was sitting on his bunk, admiring his latest handiwork like a proud father. He wondered how he knew what that must be like, never having had one but that thought faded quickly. He had fitted anti tampering devices of his own design into the latest fuses. They were designed to go off if the proper deactivation sequence procedure was not followed. Confident that it would go unnoticed by all but the most ardent scrutiny, he smirked, satisfied with his labors.

    His moment of triumph was quickly dashed as his wrist communicator summoned him and his squadmates to General Zey's office.

    Looking at his brother clones, he remarked "Another day. Another credit. One of these days, I'd like to collect on that, but I doubt I will live that long . . . . "

    Tag: ALL
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    IC: AR-5687

    AR-5687, a.k.a Aero, sat in the armory of the main republic military instillation on Coruscant, infront of him was his specially made gauntlet. He had just recently finished installing a high electrical current going through the wrist blade installed on his gauntlet. Quick work of those Commando Droids. "Great work i'll say." he muttered to himself, as he fitted the gauntlet onto his right arm. He worked the controls. They worked fine. It was then that his wrist communicator beeped and Aero was given the message. "Hmm.." he muttered to himself. Before swiftly walking out of the Armory...

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    IC: RC-2424

    Fitness Yard, Arca Barracks, Coruscant

    "47," said RC-2424 repetitiously, who is more commonly known as Tofer, as he lifts the massive amount of resistance weight above his chest.

    Tofer had been spending as much time as he could done here. Since the war started, he has found less and less time to train, and so he uses his time as best he can.

    "48," he grunted. Only this time, it was followed by a quick three chirps from his commlink sitting next to his weight bench.

    Three chirps, then something important, urgent, and mostly dangerous was needing his attention. But even that would not interrupt his reps. Sergeant Kal had taught him to never stop in the middle of anything. Never give up!

    "49," he gritted through his teeth. It had been awhile since he had pushed himself this far. He wasn't about to give up now, even with his comm chirping like a flock Corellian banshee birds in mating season.

    "50," he shouted as he thrusts the weight back up again. He then returned the weight to its resting place and sat up on the workout bench. He got up and walked over to his commlink and stuck it into his ear.

    Ten short minutes later, he had changed clothes and was putting on his armor plates, and heading as fast as he could out of Arca barracks. Three chirps... that should make for an interesting day, he thought to himself breaking into a run for the nearest transport.

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    IC: TK-42537(Shatter)

    "Don't be ridiculous, of course you'll live that long, and then once we're all done we'll all go into the performing arts." Shatter said making the necessary modifications to his firearms. "Or else go into the escort service, seriously, who wouldn't want to be catered around by beauties like us?" he added with a soft chuckle. "Don't worry about that stuff, if we die we die protecting the most precious thing in the galaxy, if we live, we know we did our job right." he continued coming off his own bunk and walking over to his brother Blaster. "Anyway we should get moving, hate to keep the general waiting, bad manners." he added picking his helmet up and leaving the room.

    TAG: RC-6376
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    Blaster picked up his own helmet, and followed Shatter. A few quick steps and he had caught up to him/

    "You trying to be a recruiting poster boy Vod? I never trust anyone that wasn't grown in a tank . . . with the exceptions of Sgt. Bralor or Skirata. At least they treated us right. In the end, my brothers are all I have and the only family worth protecting. Without us, the Republic wouldn't even have an army. But do you think the average person cares what we do, or how we do it? As long as their lives aren't in danger, we might as well only exist on flimsies or holovids.

    As for the Jedi, you saw what they did to us at Geonosis. It is a wonder there are any of us left. I know I am going to die in this war. It is just a matter of when and where. I only hope I die with a mountain of dead clankers at my feet!

    Whatever Zey wants, lets hope we come back in one piece. I always feel weird after a bath in the bacta!"

    Tag: Shatter
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    IC ~ TC

    TC was busy ensuring his weapons were in top condition, sitting in the barracks, and listening to some old song that was playing on the holo-radio. TC felt content sitting in the barracks, usually as it wasn't nearly as busy as the armoury, and there was actually the holo-radio playing songs. Suddenly the comlink on his wrist beeped three times. Grinning, TC equipped himself and proceeded offwards to a transport to take him to jedi master Zey's quarters. Hope it's something good...

    Tag ~ Others
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    OOC: Sorry for not posting, but it is impossible for me to think of something. GM, if needed fuse my character in your next update. Expect post tomorrow evening. :)
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    IC: Master Zey

    Master Zey watched as Theta Squad filed in to the office, standing at perfect attention. He also noticed that the young knight he had called for had not shown up yet.

    "Trooper," he said turning on his comm, "Has General Kelnica arrived yet?"

    "Not yet sir."

    "I see. When she does, send her in, will you?"

    "Yes, sir."

    Zey returned his attention to the clones standing before him.

    "We will begin our breifing with the General, if that is alright with you."

    He waited a moment, not receiving any disagreements, so he continued.

    "It has come to my attention that the Separatists are devising a weapon unlike anything we have seen before. If they are allowed to complete it..."

    Just then young Jedi Kelnica came walking into the room, visibly flustered.

    "Ah, young Master Kelnica, I am pleased you could grace us with your presence," Zey said sarcastically.

    "Sorry, Master Zey, it won't happen again." was her curt response.

    "I certainly hope not. No matter, you haven't missed much. I was just informing Theta squad of a new weapon the Sepraratists seem to be building."

    Zey reached down onto his desk and pressed a couple buttons. First the lights in the office dimmed, then a holo projector displayed an image in the middle of the room. Zey got out from behind his desk and walked over to the image.

    "Does anyone have a clue what this might be?"

    All in the room looked at the image. It was cylindrical in shape, that much was for certain. It had the basic appearance of a missle.

    "Some new type of tinnie?" one of the clones offered.

    "Not quite. In fact, according to our intelligence reports, of which we have only received one, this is supposed to be a weapon that will allow time travel. I think the idea of such a thing is obsurd, but our scientists have looked at it and they have said that thoeretically it could be possible."

    Zey studied the image a little closer.

    "The two RC's that sent us this information were on Teth. We have yet to reesablish contact with them. In their report they said the CIS was only weeks away from completing this. That was about a week ago."

    Zey walked back to his desk, the lights coming back on.

    "We need to stop the production of this weapon. If we don't, and it does work, it looks like the CIS will be out to stop the clone army in it's infancy, by obliterating Kamino before General Kenobi learns of the army's existence. I don't need to telll you men the implications that would have for you, as well as the rest of the Republic."

    Zey reached over for a datapad and handed it to Kelnica.

    "General, your orders are to find the weapon that is being built and destory it. At all costs. There is a transport shuttle waiting for you and your men. I have arranged for you to meet up with the destroyer Luminence. They will take you to Teth and drop you off, at which point they will jump out of the system. You will be able to get any supplies you need on the ship, and there is a small Republic outpost on Teth."

    The young Jedi nodded as he gave her the datapad.

    "One more thing, General. Given that we havn't heard from the two RC's who gave us this intel, we can only assume that they have either been killed or captured. I want you to try and find them. The Republic can't stand to lose many more good soldiers. Dismissed. And may the force be with you."

    Zey watched as the group walked out of the office. He sighed and slightly slumped in his chair.

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  22. RC-6376 Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Blaster

    As Blaster watched the holo projection, he involuntarily shuddered. Such science was way over his pay grade. The thought that they could kill him before he was born was a frightening thought, and one that was hard to wrap his brain around. But, if the clankers thought they get away with massacring clones, they had another thing coming.

    As Zey finished his briefing, Blaster?s eyes narrowed when he heard, ?The Republic can't stand to lose many more good soldiers . . .? Remembering how the commandos were misused at Geonosis, thrown in as common ground soldiers with entire squads destroyed before their missions could even begin, he wondered to himself . . . ?Will any of us be left to see this war end?? He had lost squad mates, even before they had left Kamino, but each loss hurt worse than the last. Thinking of two missing comrades, even ones that he didn?t know personally, filled him with sudden sadness. ?We will bring them home, one way or the other? he thought.

    He hoped the Jedi hadn?t noticed his reaction. He had nothing against them personally but they were not soldiers and didn?t share in the same trials and tribulations that his brother clones had faced. Most of their generals had been diplomats and arbitrators, dealing with trade disputes and border flare-ups before the war. None had experienced war on a galactic scale. Shaking off the feeling, he turned to leave.

    Looking at his brother Tofer, he teased ?At least you finally get to do something useful with those biceps of yours! I was getting tired of watching you admiring them all the time. Let?s just hope they haven?t thrown off your aim!? Patting him on the back, the two walked out together.

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    IC: Master Zey

    Zey sat for a moment longer at his desk. He pressed the comm button.

    "Trooper, please send AR-5687 back into my office. I need to speak to him personally."

    "Yes, sir."

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    IC ~ TC

    TC stared at the holo-screen blankly, his cybernetic left eye examining it slowly. TC knew that one of the Seperatists' primary goals was to eliminate the clones. However, TC hadn't thought that the Seperatists would experiment and try to use time travel, as it was quite dangerous, for both the clones and Seperatists. TC felt that if proper measures weren't taken, disaster may ensue. TC's cybernetic eye flicked to Blaster who had reacted slightly towards the idea of comrades in need of rescue. TC was aware of the disaster that had happened to Blaster's squad on Geonosis, and knew that Blaster would intend on ensuring the rescue of the two RCs. TC also had a wild guess that Blaster wasn't all too fond of the Jedi.

    TC nodded as he was dismissed and proceeded out of the office. TC felt that this mission would be interesting, but knew that if they would fail, it would be a fatal blow to the republic. This meant that there was pressure to the general, and the five clones, so they would have to hope that they weren't too phased by this. TC knew that he would have to ensure that he was effective as possible. Lets just hope none of us dies... TC thought with a grin.

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    IC: RC-2424 Tofer

    Jedi Master Arligan Zey's Office, Coruscant

    Tofer walked into General's Zey office with the rest of Theta Squad, and stood at perfect attention and in perfect formation, just as they were trained. The man sitting behind the desk was, of course, Jedi Master Arligan Zey, a large muscular man, sitting uncomfortably behind a desk.

    He commed the trooper at the door, said a few words, and then turned back to the squad still standing at perfect attention.

    "We will begin our briefing without the General, if that is alright with you. It has come to my attention that the Separatists are devising a weapon unlike anything we have seen before. If they are allowed to complete it..."

    At that moment a disheveled Jedi Knight barged into the room. After exchanging some rather smirk comments, Zey went back to the mission briefing. He shut the light off, and the holo-projection image appeared in front them.

    "Does anyone have a clue what this might be?"

    All in the room looked at the image. It was cylindrical in shape, that much was for certain. It had the basic appearance of a missile.

    "Some new type of tinnie?" one of the clones offered.

    Not quite. In fact, according to our intelligence reports, of which we have only received one, this is supposed to be a weapon that will allow time travel. I think the idea of such a thing is absurd, but our scientists have looked at it and they have said that theoretically it could be possible."

    A flash of anger passed through Tofer. He had already lost his brother from Veshok squad once, there was no kriffing way he was going to lose them again. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Blaster shudder slightly. Maybe he's thinking the same thing. We have all lost brothers here, Tofer thought to himself.

    Zey handed over the datapad to the General. After learning they will be boarding the Luminence destroyer to Teth. And then General Zey returned to his desk and sat down.

    "One more thing, General. Given that we haven't heard from the two RC's who gave us this intel, we can only assume that they have either been killed or captured. I want you to try and find them. The Republic can't stand to lose many more good soldiers. Dismissed. And may the force be with you."

    Two brother commando's may have died to bring this information to the Republics' attention. Hopefully not, and we will be able to save them. But if we fail, they will die, along with every other one of his brothers. He was really getting angry at this point.

    He probably knew that both jetiise could sense that he was upset, but he didn't care much at that moment. He do whatever it takes to ensure that this mission was successful.

    The squad turned and walked out of the office, Tofer in stride next to Blaster.

    ?At least you finally get to do something useful with those biceps of yours! I was getting tired of watching you admiring them all the time. Let?s just hope they haven?t thrown off your aim!?

    Tofer responded, saying "With the weapons I prefer to use, aim really doesn't matter too much, but not it hasn't. Why? Are you jealous, ner vod? When was the last time you were able to rip a droids' head off with your own two hands??"

    They were still making there way out of General Zey's office, when the trooper at the door stated that General Zey was needing to speak with AR-5687. Tofer was wondering what was going on with Aero now. He had been curious to find out what had caused this former ARC Trooper to be demoted to Commando. But that was a question for a time when the Republic wasn't at risk of complete collapse. Will it ever not be? Tofer thought to himself as he continued on his way.

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