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Star Wars Relics of the Past

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by 92SE-R, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    Planet: Teth
    Location: Secret Separatist research facility.

    The two clone commandos stealthily made their way across the cargo staging area of the building, pausing behind a stack of crates as two battle droids marched past them. Once past, the two clones quietly ran for another stack of crates. They zig zagged their way across the platform, remaining undetected for the moment. Their objective lay only a hundred meters away: a simple looking three story warehouse. It was registered as a freight depot, and several freighters had made their way to and from the location throughout the day. Deeper intel revealed that the location was funded by companies known to support the Separatists. That is why the two commandos were sent in: to ascertain what was really going on in the building, and neutralize any threat to the Republic.

    The sun has hanging high in the air. It was not an ideal time to stage an operation of this sort, but the CO wasn?t sure if the building had any thermal imaging, which would make a night operation even more deadly.

    ?You ready, ner vod?? asked Tar.

    ?Not really, I think I left our invitation in my other set of Katarn,? replied Res.

    ?Not to worry, my invite says ?Plus One?, you?ll be fine.?

    ?All right then, I?ve got your six. Let?s go see what?s going on in there.?

    Tar slipped a strip cam around the corner of the containers, checking the area.

    ?All clear, let?s go.?

    The two commandos ran across the remaining platform, making it to the building without a hitch. They located a door and carefully opened it, strafing inside and sweeping the area as they did so. There was even less droid presence in the building. The immense warehouse was stacked with boxes and crates. The two commandos did notice one thing though: in the center of the building a lot of piping went into the ground, including a freight elevator.

    ?I say we start there,? Res pointed.

    The two made their way over. Once there they saw that the freight elevator platform wasn?t in place, instead there was a gaping square hole in the ground.

    ?Wonderful, now what?? Tar asked rhetorically.

    ?Now we go down,? Res answered simply, pointing to a staircase that spiraled down the edges of the elevator shaft.

    The two were oddly delighted when they took their first steps onto the stairs. They didn?t clank with each step, instead it was a slight, dull, thud.

    ?Probably didn?t want to hear the racket of a hundred clankers marching up and down the stairs,? Tar joked.

    Quickly the two raced down the stairs, about a hundred meters down, until they reached a series of doors and a ventilation exhaust. Weighing their options, they opted for the ventilation shaft over announcing their arrival by opening a door. Once inside, they crawled through the shaft, apparently the only one for that section. It finally split, and they took the left route. Crawling for several minutes, they stopped when they heard voices. Tar checked his HUD for a location on the voices. He indicated to Res that the voices were coming from the vent just ahead. Slowly they crept to the vent to better hear what was being said. Creeping closer they saw a man in a lab coat kneeling before a hologram.

    ?The project is almost complete, Lord Sidious,? came the voice of a figure in a lab coat.

    ?Excellent, Professor. How much longer until we can have this operational??

    ?I only need to obtain a few more supplies to finish the casing, and a few more chemicals to finish the reagents. I need to be sure that they will be able to handle the vacuum of space.?

    ?Good work, Professor. I shall send the fleet of battleships I have personally selected to rendevous with you on Teth. Once we have this new? item, we will see if it works just outside the planet system.?

    ?Thank you, Lord Sidious, I will await the arrival of your fleet.?

    Abruptly the image disappeared. The man got back up to his feet, and walked out of the room, closing the door as he left. Without thinking Tar and Res crawled out of the vent.

    ?Nice to stretch a bit,? remarked Res.

    ?Can it, Res, we need to figure out wha
  2. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    Also, Tar and Res are NPC's, just FYI.
  3. Gamer_4_life

    Gamer_4_life Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 16, 2009
    I have already joined the team "Dark Empire".
  4. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    OK, not sure what that has to do with this RPG?

    To all others, I am back and should be able to answer any questions you may have.

    Also, I have revised the needed positions to the following:

    2 Jedi - Preferably OC's
    6 CC's - Just to make the groups smaller and try to get this RPG going.
  5. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: TC-1140 (TC)
    Age: 2(?)
    Species: Human (mando Stock)
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: no
    Physical Appearance: TC, like all clones, has physical build that is identical to that of Jango Fett. Unlike most of his brothers, who keep their hair short, TC perfers allowing it to lengthen a bit. Due to having been a commander before becoming a commando, a rare privilege, TC has nuerous battle scars, and sports an artificially replaced eye, along with burn scars surrounding this eye.
    Weapon(s): ERG-3 EMP Launcher, DC-17m Interchangable weapons system, DC-15s Blaster Pistol, typical grenade quantities.
    Armour Description: TC's armour is that of Phase Two, being more comfortable than pase one, and is coloured Pitch Black, with the only variation being the view slit, which is red. TC sports a Phase one Jet Pack, preferring it over the Phase two model.
    Specialized Skills: TC is well versed in the use of a Jet Pack, along with using the sniper attachment of his rifle, proving that he is best at taking out specific targets. This has proved greatly useful in many operations he has lead. TC has the physical capability of using his MP launcher and is skilled enough to use the blaster rifle attachment to his rifle, allowing him to partake in frontlines attacks. TC is not the greatest pilot however, and finds it ironic that he doesn't enjoy piloting starfighters.
    Brief Bio: TC was developed by the Kaminosians as an experiment to create a much more efficient trooper, capable of thinking more freely, and more apt to question orders, and come up with strategies and tactics of his own. This also led to his unique combat capabilities, and he was immidietly given the rank of commander as the war broke out. He proved to be an effective trooper in the battlee of geonosis, and was soon given better options for weapons and armour. Over the missions TC has lead, he has had few casualties and all were successes. Eventually he was recalled to Kamino, where he was trained to be a Commando, and is now servig the republic in a way better than he ever could.
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