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    If your story takes place during Episode III, and you are putting spoilers in it, you need to indicate that it has spoilers in it.

    The board-wide spoiler policy is as follows:

      Boardwide Spoiler Policy
      Posting spoilers in the clear in non-spoiler areas will result in an immediate banning. Except where specifically stated otherwise by moderators, spoilers hidden by any means (for example but not limited to leaving spoiler space and creating ?highlight-to-read? areas) will be treated as if they were posted in the clear. Which is to say if you post a highlight-to-read spoiler you will most likely get banned.

      Posting spoilers in signatures is considered by the Mod Squad to be equivalent to posting spoilers openly in non-spoiler areas, and will result in the deletion of the signature and an immediate banning.

    Our policy in Fan Fiction regarding spoilers is as follows:

      Spoilers are allowed in stories along with the requirement that the writer clearly labels the fic as having spoilers both in the story title as well as in the very first post. Discussion of spoilers is allowed in the [link=]Episode 3 Spoiler Fics[/link] thread in Resource. However, this thread is not for general spoiler discussion, but for discussion of spoilers relating to fanfic writing.

      Please note that a failure to indicate spoilers, posting spoilers outside of anything clearly marked for spoilers, or refusing to edit for spoiler warnings can and will be punished with an automatic 24 hour ban.

    If you have any questions on the spoiler policies across the boards, please see this thread in Communications: [link=]Board Wide Spoiler Policies[/link].


    The Fanfiction Moderators

    LP edit: Within the Fanfic boards and Writer's Resource, this policy is being extended. Please check out [link=]this thread[/link] for more details.
Moderators: Briannakin, mavjade
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