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NSWRPF Archive Remnants of Avondale

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by JediMasterBranondias, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. JediMasterBranondias

    JediMasterBranondias Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 27, 2003
    The past. It is the realm of things gone and oft times forgotten. Composed of events and eras that have since passed by the wayside. But for some the past is just as real as the present. For those people each day is lived in a shadowy haze where everyday actions and past regrets intermingle.

    This was the life Sebastian Sundown had known for ages. A life bereft of transgressions, heartache, and darkness. A life lived as an assassin for hire, under the authority a small yet powerful organization. They were but 5 large (including their leader) and went by the name of Crudus Sol (the Bleeding Sun). They operated in secrecy; outside of any jurisdiction and were known in the underground for their skilled warriors, clean kills, and brutal demeanor.

    Sebastian had trained under them and was an accomplished warrior himself; even gaining the title of second-in-command. Yet despite all the glory and respect this brought him he somehow never felt right about what he did. He wanted out and given the first opportunity disappeared from the group and seeminly all existence. Changing his name to Rio he journeyed far away to the land of Rofsyth. Their he proved his worth to the province's king and earned his trust, gaining a position within the royal palace.

    Many years passed, a secret romance blossomed between he and the King's daughter, and lost in all the emotion Sebastian felt for the first time he was free. However, the agency never stopped searching for him, believing either he had died, or become a deserter.

    Believing himself to be safe behind his new life and strong love Sebastian will neglect to predict the impending struggle he will soon face. A trial that will seperate him from his love and disrupt the new life which he has created.


    The story you are about to be a part of takes place in a medieval era of fantasy and rustic living. This is the land of Moonglow. Only original characters are welcome here. Only blade style (this can include katanas and the like) or medieval style weaponry allowed.

    This story is very much a romantic/angst ridden epic. I shall play the part of Sebastian/Rio. The characters needed will be:

    King of Rofsyth

    Princess of Rofsyth (Rio's love)

    The Leader of Bleeding Sun + the remaining 3 other members (all assassin types)

    Plus, whichever misc. characters you can think of...

    I shall post Rio's bio later. If you wish to join you present the following Character Sheet to me via PM along with your a brief history of your RPGing experience.

    [you can have up to two]



    Weaponry (limit 2)::


    Detailed Physical Description::


    Brief, but detailed bio::


    And finally...

    The Rules:

    1. Absolutely No Goding!
    2. Limit Swearing to a extreme minimum
    3. Keep content clean (be creative in how you describe a scene)
    4. You cannot control others characters unless they first give you permission.
    5. Post all out-of-character speech in (( ))
    6. All questions will be directed to me via PM.
    7. Limit OOC speech.
    8. If you must debate do it nicely and if it requires larger posts, do it thru PM. If it is a serious problem notify me and I will take the proper actions.
    9. Please post regularly (I'm not a sargaent however; I realize you have jobs :p) If you will be absent for long periods of time please notify me. If you must drop out be kind enough to let me know beforehand.
    10. Your Character may be killed off at any time based on my design; don't take it too personally. If you do lose your character you can make a new one if you'd like.
    11. Most of all have fun, obey the TOS, and remember it's just a game!

  2. JediMasterBranondias

    JediMasterBranondias Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 27, 2003

    If you have a character that is a magic users please make sure to curb the kind of power they yield. All powerful wizards with all sorts of magic spells borderlines on Godding. Perhaps give them limitations to their magic. Thanks so much.
  3. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003

    Name:: Auryn F'lyn
    Age:: 20
    Rank:: High Preistess (And is said to be a prophet of the gods)
    Weaponry:: decient sword skills, master of the staff... and is rumored to use magic from the gods...
    Home:: the Royal Palace and the Temple of Ren (Father of the gods)
    Detailed Physical Description:: tall, slinder build, pale skin, long, curly red hair, large blue eyes, long lashes, wears light colored silks which accentuates her feminie shape.
    Weapon:: has the staff of the Order, as well as a sword she sometimes wears at her hips.
    Brief, but detailed bio:: Auryn was born to Lord Tanis F'lyn (the King's brother) and Lady Karyl F'lyn. Only months later, Lord and Lady F'lyn and Auryn's older brother and sister, were brutially murdered within their large estate, which was then burned down around baby Auryn. It is said that the Goddess of Hope, Slaya the Wise, delivered the child within her own arms, blessing the child. The next morning, the King himself rode to the estate to find everthing in ashes... except a child wrapped up in cloth just beyond the gate.

    Auryn was then raised within the Temple as well as the Palace. Quickly, obviously being blessed by the gods, Auryn moved up until she was the high preistess. To this day, even her uncle (the King) comes to her for advise and prayers, for she, even at the age of 20, is known far and wide for her grand knowledge as well as connection to the gods.
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