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Saga Repost of Tell Me Everything

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Binder-lover, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003
    This is the revised (and hopefully archived) version of my first SW Fanfic. :)

    Luke hadn?t spoken to Leia about that night on Endor... the night when he had surrendered to Vader's troops. He hadn?t said a word since they?d arrived.

    Yet the question had resonated in her, and as the regal duty of a princess, Leia felt she must know. To understand why this had happened.

    He had gone to confront the father she only saw as a murderer...

    Leia had thought he was crazy. She still thought this, to some extent. But most of all, she had wondered why.

    She still wondered. And would continue to wonder. Unless she asked him. It had to be tonight.

    Leia didn?t know why, but she felt if she didn?t know now, she?d never have the courage?or the chance?to ask again.

    ?Luke?? she called.

    Her brother appeared in the doorway, disheveled and in pain.

    ?What is it, Leia?? he asked with a touch of pain in his voice.

    ?Luke?Tell me. What really happened when you surrendered to Vader?s troops??

    He paused, a bit startled.

    ?Why do you want to know? Some things are best left unsaid.?

    Leia nodded in agreement, but she was determined to know the truth.

    ?Please tell me. Not because you have to, but because you want to.?

    Luke sighed and beckoned her near. She drew closer, anxious.

    ?After I left the Ewok village, I knew it was only a matter of time before Darth Vader himself went looking for me. If he did that, our mission would have been jepordized. I knew that. You knew that. The only possible way was to surrender myself.?

    After pausing to accept her nod, Luke went on.

    ?It wasn?t long before I ran into some stormtroopers. They knew who I was, from a certain point of view. They knew that a young man named Luke Skywalker had destroyed the Death Star. And they took me away.?

    Leia nodded.


    ?First to an Imperial garrison, where their commander tried to force information out of me. He almost acted as if I would tell him anything.?

    Leia bit her lip.

    ?Did they hurt you??

    Luke gave her an awkward smile. Of course they had hurt him; he was hurting now.

    ?Just a bit.?

    The young woman gazed at him.

    ?How did they harm you, Luke? Tell me everything.?

    He?d known this was coming, known this would be asked, and couldn?t think of a lie.
    So he told her the truth. Hard as it was.

    ?It? wasn?t so bad at first. Just physical pain. It hurt, but the wounds would eventually heal. But once they saw I wasn?t affected, they switched to psychological torture. Mind games. And because of the mind-weakening drugs they'd injected me with earlier, I couldn?t resist.?

    Leia listened, horror reflected in her eyes.

    ?They claimed that my surrender had done nothing, the Rebellion would soon be destroyed, and they would search for and kill the remaining resistance. And Leia...I was afraid. I was afraid that you could feel my pain, cry out, and give not only yourself, but the whole Rebellion away.?

    A single tear rolled down Leia?s cheek.


    He continued, trembling slightly from crying.

    ?And their commander decided that I would not be taken to Vader. He wanted to make me feel more pain, more heartbreak. So he sent stormtroopers to explain to Lord Vader that young Skywalker was dead. The commander proclaimed that tomorrow, they would conduct a search for Rebel Alliance members, extract information, and kill them.?

    Leia couldn?t take it. She broke down in heart-wrenching sobs.

    ?Oh, Luke... it wasn?t supposed to happen this way...?

    Brother and sister huddled together in the Imperial cell and cried.

    * * *

    Back in the Ewok village, the self-proclaimed hotshot pilot Han Solo was nervously waiting. It wasn?t like him to be this worried over a girl. But Leia was different than most. She loved him with all her heart. And he returned that selfless love.

    Next to the former smuggler was See-Threepio, the talkative, somewhat annoying protocol droid.

    ?Any word on Leia?s whereabouts, Goldenrod??

    Han thought that Threepio would
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