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Discussion in 'Scifi 3D Forum' started by George Mezori SCIFI 3D, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. fireresq7

    fireresq7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 24, 2002
    Hey guys just looking for a 3dmax Biped animator for The Jedi Saga.

    I need the Biped to basically do the same Jedi Force Jump Obi Wan does in Episode 3, landing and all.

    Willing to pay for work. PM me if interested.

  2. grievious

    grievious Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Hello everyone, Help me please!!! I have a presentation to get through the selection of people who can be in the Animation&Games class next year, but my computer crashed and I have hardly anything left to show them:_| The presentation is on 8 May...

    If you are kindly enough, could you please send ANY (I don't care what) Model in 3D max6 to me, I will only use it for the presentation, i will not use it for anything else. And since I'm only a beginner max user, I really don't need you rbest work, but can you please help me someone?

    Please PM me, or use my email adress:

    Thanks in advance
  3. movieseller

    movieseller Jedi Youngling

    Jan 12, 2006

    Is there a model available anywhere of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial?

    I've searched high and low but cannot locate one.

    With all these sci-fi and fantasy models available I would've thought someone had produced an ET one at some point.

    If anyone can help, please let me know.

    Thank you
  4. alexanderj

    alexanderj Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2005
    hey guys,
    i need someone to animate a biped so it looks like its just been hit by a grenade so the biped flys back and lands on the ground.

    That would be really great if you could help



    PM me on if ya wanna help
  5. DarthTwilight

    DarthTwilight Jedi Youngling

    May 27, 2006
    I am brand new to animating in 3d. I use 3d Studio Max 6.0. I have searched everywhere for a tutorial explaining authentic Star Wars engine glow. And none of them have said how to attach the engine glow to the ship, so that the glow follows the ship when animating. I'm stuck. I have tried using a spline, and adding the glow to that. But when I try to attach it to the ship, the whole ship glows. So...could someone PM me, or send me a link explaining how to (1) Create an authentic Star Wars engine glow, and (2) how to attach it to the ship so you can animate it?

    Thanks much in advance.
  6. Hitekson

    Hitekson Jedi Youngling

    Jun 2, 2006
    I'm working on a fan film and does any one have a good space animation or can
    make one? Full credit to the creator will be given at the end of the film to whoever helps.

    Thank you
  7. shieldwolf

    shieldwolf Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 25, 2005
    I'm looking for help with an intro to film shot on HD sony 900. I'm working with Maya and looking to for help with a planet fly over. The ship model is built and we have the 2d elements for the planet, but we're looking for the 3d aspects of the shots now.
  8. morpher-2005

    morpher-2005 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 19, 2005
    I've started to model the Matrix APU. I'm just wondering if anyone here has/knows where to get some good references. I already have two orthographic views of the side and front, but a top view wouldn't go a miss too. Anything else would be brilliant too.

    For those of you that don't know, the matrix APU looks like this:


    [hl=white]C'MON ENGLAND! [/hl]
  9. darthviper107

    darthviper107 Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2003
    [link=]APU Tutorial DVDs[/link]

    That's a tutorial DVD from 3D Palace on how to make an APU, plus a bonus for a Sentinel.
  10. morpher-2005

    morpher-2005 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 19, 2005
    Yeah I did noticed that on a few searches, but it probably wouldn't be worth paying that price since I'm not using 3Ds MAX (using Carrara 3d).
  11. _-zero-_

    _-zero-_ Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 2005
    Does anyone know where I can find a 3d model of a Tripod from War of the Worlds. Im looking for one that looks like the one from the new movie. I have one from the musical. you can contact me at Thank you~
  12. shieldwolf

    shieldwolf Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 25, 2005
    I have lost 2 of my visual FX guys to a long term job. I'm not bitter, but now I'm stuck with a big FX shot that needs to be done. Basically it is standard SW intro with a ship that then flys over a planet. I need someone who is really good with MAYA. I have the ship model, but I still need the the planet 2d element and then the 3d fly over. The effects must be done in a very high resolution as the film is true HD shot on the Sony 900. I know that these requests are a dime a dozen, but if anyone here can put out professional visual FX you will not be dissapointed with this product.
  13. Jaren_Valnor

    Jaren_Valnor Jedi Master star 2

    Sep 19, 2004
    Futurama elements neeeded in 3DS, LWO, OBJ, or AN8 format. (we use Anim8or)

    First, Bender. He's the silver alcoholic robot.

    Second, Zoidberg, the Jewish lobster/fake doctor.

    Third, the Planet Express ship, the green rocket-type ship.

    Any hep here would be hot.
  14. Bacardiwavemaster

    Bacardiwavemaster Jedi Youngling

    Jun 20, 2006
    I just got 3d s max, and have done some tutorials for modelling starships, but am a pure unadulterated noob who wants to know much more about 3d compositing/animation. I'm specifically interested in integrating stuff you create in 3d max with 2d compositors like after effects, and in creating spaceship battles that don't suck. I surmise that the video post feature (I have 3dsmax 7) is used to keyframe animations, but aside from rotating stuff and moving things around, I'm clueless. There are probably fine tutorials out there, but I can't seem to find one that'll meet my needs. Any help (e.g. tips, links to beginner tutorials) would be great.
  15. Medusa

    Medusa Jedi Youngling

    Jun 21, 2006

    I'm looking for a talented artist or more to do CGI work on my up-coming fan-film based on the Jason Bourne series.

    The work would include some minor and major work, such as:

    # Gun-flashes and ejecting spent bullets.

    # An explosion.

    # A five minute (max) car-chase placed in an Australian city at night.

    # Some green screen work, some for the before mentioned car chase.

    # Opening and closing titles as seen in The Bourne Supremacy.

    I'll be able to offer exact storyboards and even a dry run of the car chase (using models) for whoever takes up the task, along with the film's finished script.

  16. Earlack

    Earlack Jedi Youngling

    Jul 7, 2006
    Hello guys ! I need some help, I've already done most of the visual effects of my fanfilm but I need help to "finish" an important scene : I need a 3D model of a corridor, from the Jedi Temple (exactly, the one which is before the "briefing room"), not very complicated but i'm a beginner with 3dsmax and i'm REALLY a beginner about texturing.
    If anyone can help me, please !! contact me :

    P.S : sorry for my bad level of english, I'm just french :)
  17. canadatv

    canadatv Jedi Youngling

    Jun 12, 2006
    Looking for 3DS or LW models of the Arena creatures from AOC (the Reek, Acklay, and Nexu). Please PM me if you know where to find them.
  18. erus_multus2

    erus_multus2 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 11, 2005
    Even though it looks like no one ever makes what anyone requests here, I thought I might as well ask.

    Has anyone ever made, or is anyone interested in modeling a [link=]Kaleesh[/link] person thing? It would be really awesome to have in my fanfilm, even though I could change the script to not have them. Thanks if anyone tries.
  19. _-zero-_

    _-zero-_ Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 2005
    Ok Im making a request. Has anyone made or know where I can find a Tripod from the Stephen Spielberg version of War of the Worlds...Please PM me if you have anything on this.
  20. shieldwolf

    shieldwolf Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 25, 2005
    Looking for someone with terragen or similar program that can do hi def 3d terrain. I have a 15 second shot that requires a ship flying over the surface of a planet.
  21. LordWast

    LordWast Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 4, 2005
    Hi! I really would appreciate help, as I really need it. [face_praying]
    I am making a fanfilm, or well, actually redoing my first one and am coming along to the point where I think it is safe to ask for help. We only have one day of filming left(Aug 5th) and I am working dilegintly on what I already have shot. I can do stuff in after affects but I can't do any kind of modeling or animating so this is what I need help with.

    [hl=yellow]---[/hl] I need a animated jedi council background for my 47 second jedi council meeting in my fanfilm. I know you can get models here I just don't how to use them.

    The footage also needs keyed. But if you can make the backgrounds I can key the scene my self. Here is a link to the footage and the after affects file. I will also be using this background for another 15 second scene.


    [hl=yellow]---[/hl] Also if you have or would make any animations of coruscant I could use for the end of my opening scroll that would be great to. Especially if the Jedi Temple was in it. It would only have to be a couple of seconds long.

    [hl=yellow]---[/hl] Lastly I need 3 ship animations, all probably under 5 seconds. I have more details and even concept art for these if you are willing to help.

    My biggest concern is the background.
    Please Help me You Are My Only hope.
    I will gladly credit anyone willing to help me! :)
    Send me a PM or a e-mail at
  22. shieldwolf

    shieldwolf Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 25, 2005
    Hey guys I'm finishing up my film and I need a High Resolution version of the STAR WARS logo that is used in the opening crawl. Every logo I have found will not work. If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated. I need it to be at least 1920 x 1080 and in actuality it should be 4 times that resolution. Now some of you are probably wondering why I need such a large file. Our film was shot on HD and needs to match that output. Thanks for your time


  23. JinxKatarn

    JinxKatarn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 8, 2001
    If you have any CG artists on board, I'd highly recommend asking them to setup a spline model of the logo itself and just use that at the forefront of your animation.

    Then resolution of the text itself will be no issue, as the model will be as sharp as whatever output you set it as. That's how any of the good title crawls I've ever used/seen/worked on have been done.
  24. ScaPaCamem

    ScaPaCamem Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2003
    I think my comment about how this thread doesn't work was deleted...I want to know where in the mod's job description does it allow you to delete a comment stating my opinion? I am pretty sure that nowhere in the TOS does it say that I cannot state my opinion. All I said was that you could get more help in the FanFilms forum and my comment is deleted? Sorry, but I don't think you have the right to do that when I am just trying to help. This thread doesn't work, I don't think anybody has ever recieved help from it...

    There is a reason this forum gets about 2 posts a day, because people are scared to post in here because of the moderating...

  25. darthviper107

    darthviper107 Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2003
    The reason this forum only gets two posts a day is because there's not much talent here, just a few good artists and the many people that go "Hey Your model ROX my socks, give it to me now!"

    Which isn't much insentive for anyone to post. So mostly everyone has gone over to Scifi-Meshes because there's way more people there and you work can get appreciated better.
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