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Research Questionaire Answers

Discussion in 'Idaho Falls, ID' started by Boskone_Kenobi, May 1, 2003.

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  1. Boskone_Kenobi

    Boskone_Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 15, 2002
    Remember back in February when Barry passed out a questionnaire to delve into the inner mind of our members? Well the whole project is done now and I can tell you all what was discovered.

    First off, the results of the poll and we will see where that gets us.......


    How To Deduce Your Personality Through
    Star Wars:
    (Feel free to give detail to your answers)

    1) The leadership style of which of these STAR WARS leaders is closest to your own?

    A) Yoda F) Grand Admiral Thrawn

    B) Vader G) Boss Nass

    C) Palpatine H) Leia Organa

    D) Jabba I) Other

    E) Grand Moff Tarkin

    (Most popular answer, Vader and Organa. Differing by leading through threat and fear versus leading by example and respect.)

    2) Which STAR WARS Leader would you most like to follow?

    (Answer by far: Vader. Fear of death most likely.)

    3) Which STAR WARS Leader would you LEAST like to be in battle against?

    (Mixed Bag, no consensus.)

    4) Which Leadership style is closest to the style of this club?

    (Divided between the Jedi Council (wise and patient) and a new character named ?Poggle the Lesser?, a king bee of an intelligent insect hive whose most famous line in Episode II is ?Settle down!?)

    5) Which FOLLOWER of STAR WARS do you most identify with?

    (No consensus again, as this is mostly a wish fulfillment based on whatever personality is being asked)

    6) If you were to describe this group as an organization, would it be:

    A) Clones D) Jedi Order

    B) Rebels E) Imperial Navy

    C) Ewoks F) Slave Miners on Kessel

    (Divided between Ewoks (small and useless) and the Slave miners (speaks for itself). Either way, low self esteem is evident.)

    7) If you had 50 Stormtroopers under your command, How would you get them to obey orders?

    A) Appeal to their sense of duty

    B) Bribe ?em

    C) Force Choke ?em

    (Most popular answer: Sense of Duty, which is contrary to picking Vader as their favorite leader, but their conscience may have got the better of them.)

    8) If you were a STAR WARS droid, what kind would it be?

    (A nonsense question meant to disarm any apprehensions, but it was useful as all droids are followers of a kind or another. The most popular answer was of course R2-D2. Useful and a hero.)

    9) What is it about this organization that keeps you coming back?

    (Almost unanimous answer: ?That?s where my friends are.?)

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