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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    Journal Entry of RPD Officer Gabriel Ciparzo

    July 24, 1998. The day when everything started. At least the documented version of what happened. Umbrella, the world renowned Pharmaceutical enterprise, had been developing a dangerous bio weapon known later as the Progenitor Virus. This Virus was developed to help the handicapped recover and live normal lives. Something that would have warranted the Nobel Prize?.

    Instead the Virus was pushed to new levels. Going from a healing solution to a Bio Weapon. Eventually, the Virus mutated. And created the T-Virus. The T-Virus didn?t only make a handicapped man walk, it also turned him into a walking killing machine?

    Murders had been documented taking place on the outskirts of the City. Raccoon City. A large Midwestern city that everyone has heard of but never cared about. I read the report. The information stated that the murders had been documented as ?cannibalism?. Members from S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) were to be deployed to investigate. They were the elite law enforcement in Raccoon City. The mock application that got sent around my office was that they were like SWAT on steroids. That was a month ago.

    Long story short? 90% of S.T.A.R.S was wiped out while investigating, and the Virus was carried into the city due to a leak in the sewers under the initial incident site. The virus was carried into the water system by rodents and various other life that was living down there. It infected thousands of people. Turning normal people, into mindless hungering zombies. Raccoon City turned into a death trap for everyone in it.

    Umbrella, capitalizing on the infestation? sent out Bio Weapons to be field tested in the City. Tyrants?. The main reason why the T-Virus was developed. Huge.. monstrosities?. Un-natural beasts that used to be human. They had a higher brain function than the normal victims. They were created on purpose, not accidental like the Zombies roaming the city streets. We didn?t know at the time what was going on. It was my first day on the job, I was the newest addition the Raccoon City Police Department. Me and some other rookie named? Kennedy. I had just transferred from my department a couple states over. New job, new city, new opportunities and more money. I wasn?t married and had nothing holding me to the place I was in. So there I went. I didn?t know I would be walking into hell on earth. I didn?t know I would be willingly drive into the worst kind of horror film imaginable?the kind where the hero dies in the end?. The kind that doesn?t have a happy ending.. But I did.

    After things got bad?. There were a few of us who weren?t infected. I can?t remember everything. I?m not even sure I want to. But for the sake of historical accuracy? I am going to try. I met a few of the survivors? Somehow.. we made it out of the hell?.

    ?..This is our story??

    Welcome to the Resident Evil, Survive the City. This is the first installment of a possible multi portion series. This is not a canon version to the game series or movies. But we will be following the story closely. If you are lucky, you may even bump into a few familiar faces. Fans of the gaming series I invite you to join me in Raccoon City for a get together party, bring your own guns!
    Take notice. This is a semi-sandbox game of the events of the series. Prior knowledge of the story is not needed to play, however it is strongly recommended that you at least familiarize yourself with the plot. You can find information on Resident Evil and it?s complete story on Wikipedia if you find it necessary to do so. That also includes monsters that will be introduced into the game later so if you don?t know what Resident Evil has to throw at you? take a look. Just make sure you don?t have a weak stomach.. hehehehe.


    The rules are pretty simple.

    Godmodding will be allowed to a minimal extent. Example of this. Well, fans of the series know. Zombies are slow. Really slow?. In fact a 5 year old could outrun one. It is easy to dodge or take down a normal one. You can
  2. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Aww common folks..I know im not the ONLY Resident Evil fan!...


    Character sheet.

    Name: Arline Taggert (Artie)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 107
    Facial Description: tanned skin, long black hair, pulled up into ponytails, (Usually stuffed under a hat), green eyes, small nose.
    Body Type: Thin and lanky, a typical athletic young girl.
    Clothing: Gone are the colorful clothing. Everything is oversized, and dark to better hide herself. She keeps a backpack, and a sidebag for anything she finds interesting. Black jeans, and dark/grey colored t-shirts, usually 2 at a time are worn. Tennis shoes, and a baseball ap us usually the norm. She keeps one of her brothers leather belts around her. And she wears a pair of oversized black suede gloves. Hidden under her shirts, she has a bright red bandanna, she keeps close. A huge overcoat is in her backpack that also does duty as bed/tent when she is on the move.
    Occupation before the outbreak: 9th grade student.
    Habits: ( What is your Survivor prone to doing?)
    Weaponry: A catchers mitt, baseball bat, A wrist-rocket (Slingshot) using BB shot, or big wads of nails and tape. She found a small pistol sized crossbow, but she has a limited amount of arrows she is careful with. But she can shoot pencils and any other straight piece of metal or wood in a pinch. She also managed to scrape up two large kitchen knives, that she uses when she's desperate.

    Biography: Arline (Artie) was the middle sister to 4 brothers before the outbreak. As a result, she grew up as 'one of the boys', and fought, and tussled with her brothers. She loved to go camping. A tomboy to the extreme, her mother gave up long ago on getting her into dresses. When the outbreak hit, she lost two brothers immediately, who came back to attack the family once more, when they were hold up on their home. Their parents and a third brother she lost during the attack on their home, and the fourth managed to get them out of the house, before they were separated. She hasnt seen him since. She uses her brothers baseball gear to protect herself, using the catchers mitt, and some pads to protect herself from getting bit. She keeps the baseball bat strapped to her back. She also managed to snag her brothers wrist-wrocket slingshot, which she has gotten good with, with various types of shot. Her fav are BB's and huge wads of whatever is handy. Playing lots of baseball, gave her a good pitching arm, so she can hit pretty much any target she throws at, if its is in range. Her small size is useful for hiding into tight places

    When she's able, she usually stashes a bicycle someplace nearby, for quick getaways, or for when she's on a food run.

  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    I approve this! because it is me!

    Name: Gabriel Ciparzo
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32
    Height: 6?2
    Weight: 204
    Facial Description: Handsome features, medium length black hair that is spiked out in the front, kept very neat (Think Carlos Olivera haircut from second movie) Short, strong nose, defined jawline, caring brown eyes.
    Body Type: Athletic and muscularly toned
    Clothing: First day on the job clothing, standard blue R.P.D full body uniform with Kevlar vest. (Leon?s uniform from 2) Second uniform to be explained IC.
    Occupation before the outbreak: Law enforcement officer
    Habits: Caring too much for people around him, overly protective of all things innocent and just.
    Weaponry: Jericho-941 9mm Pistol. Long stainless steel boot knife.
    Biography: Gabriel Ciparzo was an above average cop in his hometown. He had the second highest arrest record in his department and enjoyed being a street sweeper. It brought him respect and a sense of duty to keep the streets clean of crime. While on duty one day, chasing down a suspect, Gabriel injured his knee. It wasn?t broken but badly sprained. After a few weeks of slow recovery, Gabriel was back on the streets. His dedication to his job was second to none. This dedication earned him the nickname, ?Gabe the Watchdog?, for when he set his sights on something, he normally got it done. It was during his 10th year of service to the force that fliers began circulating around his office for recruiting into a tactical ops squad in a neighboring state in Raccoon City. They only advertised a few spots available and it would be first come first serve to get training to be inducted into the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. (STARS) Truth was Gabriel wasn?t interested. He had no need to be a part of a larger unit and was completely happy with where he was at. The day after he read the article about STARS, he was called into his Captains office. The Captain explained that Raccoon City Police Department was forming a new unit that was to be replacing STARS, and that, them being the division HQ, were pulling high profile officers from neighboring units. Gabriel had been selected as the second member of the new SPF unit. Him and another rookie named Leon Kennedy. It promised more money, more action, and a larger city to live in. Gabriel reluctantly accepted and packed his bags for the big city and a greater life......
  4. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    GM Approved!

    Name: John Renning (Online Alias: Pockets)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 167 lbs.
    Facial Description: Caucasion, a bit pale. Blue-green eyes, medium length black hair which is a bit unkempt. He has a thin scar on his right cheek from ticking off his grandmother's cat back when he was six.
    Body Type: Thin, unmuscular
    Clothing: wears a worn whitish T-shirt with faded blue jeans. Over this he wears his 'lucky' thin vest that is covered in pockets, it also has a small tear up near the left shoulder. In addition he wears a baseball cap.
    Occupation before the outbreak: Part time at a pizza joint. Spends most of his time at his cramped apartment. (hacking or gaming) His computer skills give him his real skills.
    Personality: Optimistic, Funny, somewhat of a geek.
    Habits: Drumming fingers when he thinks something is taking to long.
    Weaponry: None
    Equipment: Personally upgraded laptop, various other customized electronic devices(in his vest's pockets) as well as a small video camera.

    Biography: John grew up in Raccoon City city. His father died when he was just a couple months old and his mom eventually started drinking and when he was nineteen she died as well. Throughout his young life he developed an interest in computers and as he passed through his teen years began to learn to program and later hack systems. He used this skill to gather money for his hobbies and after his mother died especially. After a couple years of doing this he built a custom laptop, paying for it with the money he had hacked/stolen or gained through freelance programming and design. He has lived by himself in a cramped apartment even though with his skills it would be a matter of time to get the money to buy someplace better but somehow he has grown fond of his cramped "Gamer" Space. He has a geek/nerdy interest in various fiction and sci fi franchises, including star wars and the lord of the rings as a few among many. He even has a few costumes for each and various collectables.
  5. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    GM Update.

    For those of you looking for any information pertaining to the history of this game please refer to the following.
  6. Anime_Fan

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    Apr 2, 2005
    GM Approved :D

    Name: Zachary Byrd 'Zack'
    Sex: Male
    Age: Twenty-seven
    Height: Five feet, eleven inches
    Weight: One-hundred and ninety pounds
    Facial Description: Caucasian, smooth and facial hair free. He has a scar on the left side of his face, near his jaw. He has that boyish charm. His face is surrounded by black hair that is spiked backwards, with two strands of hair hanging in front of the right side of his face. Intense blue eyes.
    Body Type: Athletic and slightly muscular
    Clothing: Tight blue jeans that are a bit too long, with black and white hi-top vans. A tight black t-shirt with a thin, black zip-up hoody over it. His jeans are usually ripped at the bottom where he steps on them
    Occupation before the outbreak: Zack was working in a local gym as a personal trainer, while trying to get into the Police Force.
    Habits: Drums his fingers; gets snappy when he feels people are getting into his business; stares at people if he's nervous
    Weaponry: An eleven inch SOG Tech Bowie Knife; A Sig Arms P226 X-Five Pistol
    Biography: Zachary was raised solely by his father. His mother left when he was just a baby, having found another man to spend her life with. Zack's father worked hard to raise a good man and Zack has always done his very best. Zachary Byrd senior was a member of the Raccoon City Police Department and Zack has wanted no more than to follow in his Father's footsteps. When he had the chance, he would ask his Father about Police work and what requirements he would need to reach if he hoped to join the force some day.

    Zack's father died when Zack was twenty, leaving him his knife and gun. Determined to follow in his Father's footsteps, Zack began to work out, staying on a healthy diet and going to the gym twice a week. He stayed in college until he was twenty-five, majoring in criminal-justice. Zack eventually got himself a job at the gym as a personal trainer. He worked hard to inspire his clients not just to become fit and healthy, but to stay fit and healthy. Zack has kept his Father's weapons, hoping to use them when he is a part of the police force. Zachary recently applied to join the Raccoon City Police Department.
  7. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004

    Character sheet.

    Name: Jay Bryce

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 180

    Facial Description: Tanned skin, deep blue eyes, slightly rounded features and messy hair, kept under a greasy [link=]camo cap[/link].

    Body Type: Thick and muscular, slight "beer belly"

    Clothing: Faded blue jeans, old white undershirt, [link=]Brown Farmboy sweatshirt[/link], [link=]Brown Carhartt Ranchcoat[/link]

    Occupation before the outbreak: Farmer/Student

    Habits: Excessively violent and reckless, Finds humor in the darkest situations

    Weaponry: Short Baseball Bat, Single action .45 Revolver, Scoped .30-.30 Lever action rifle


    Born and raised in the "backwoods" of Raccoon City, to a small farmer's family. He grew up on the ranch, producing hay and wheat, and enjoyed hunting and fishing. Bryce attended school in Racoon City, which was almost a 45 minute drive from his home. On the weekends, Bryce spent much of his time four-wheeling and drinking illegally.

    He began attending Community College in Raccoon City, where he was studying Auto and Agricultural Mechanics, when the outbreak first occurred, Bryce luckily was on a hunting trip. He returned home when he heard of the outbreak, finding only his father, who, in a fearful state of mind, nearly killed him. After he calmed his father down, he learned that his mother and sister had gone to the city shopping and never returned. Bryce returned to the city, in an attempt to locate his family. His father's current condition is unknown.
  8. nancyallen

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hey, have a character, it's been approved and all.


    Name: Reiko Ichijo
    Sex: Female
    Age: 22, born July 28th 1978
    Height: 5'0
    Weight: 97lbs
    Facial Description: Reiko is Japanese as you may have gathered, she has a short, narrow face, short black hair with a fringe over one eye, average black brow, big black eyes that are sort of childlike and sad, longish narrow nose, thin cheeks, smallish lips and a pulled back jawline ending in an average pointed chin.
    Body Type: Somewhat muscular, her body seems to be continually developing.
    Clothing: Like most Resident Evil characters Reiko has several outfits. Her main one is her paramedic uniform; a long sleeved white shirt with medic patches on the sleeves and a badge on the breast pocket, with black trousers belt and shoes. She also wears a blue sports bra with blue camouflage pants held up with suspenders, black gloves and boots; this shows off the tattoos she has, and a schoolgirl outfit which consists of a blue and white singlet, dress and white boots.


    Occupation before the outbreak: EMT paramedic
    Habits: The fact Reiko had no parents to teach her right from wrong should give some indication as to her personality. If that's too subtle a clue perhaps her history of growing up in Chicago's gangland might give more of a hint to what she's like. Reiko is very aggressive, violent, crass and very much likes to keep to herself, preferring to seek attention on her own terms rather than have others come after her. Strange given the way she acted as a member of a gang. The reason for her direct and nasty attitude stems from an obsessive conviction to responsibility. The reasons for the crimes she committed was to provide some level of decent living. The people she's harmed were as a result of her dedication to protect the gang. But responsibility only goes so far, if it?s not her fight she wants nothing to do with it. She also hates police and the military, not because they enforce the law she used to break all the time, rather because she sees them as no better than thugs wanting to shoot guns and kill. Especially the army, Reiko sees them as cowardly for hiding behind all their high tech weaponry to kill those in places such as Kosovo and Somalia.
    Weaponry: When needed Reiko doesn't hesitate to use a bowie knife, M1911 handgun, Winchester shotgun or Mac 11.
    Biography: Reiko was actually an orphan, born to Japanese parents in Chicago where she grew up living on the streets, eventually falling in with one of the Hispanic gangs. As she grew older Reiko took an interest in what she could do to actually help them, as well as provide a better living for them. So she turned to a life of crime: mugging rich businessmen, being an enforcer against rival gang members and evading or fighting the police. What she eventually settled on doing however was stealing cars and either racing them for money or selling them to provide income. As she grew into adulthood Reiko found that she was becoming increasingly sick, and convinced her gang to let her see a doctor. After tests were conducted Reiko found out she had leukemia and had to undergo treatment. Some members of the gang however didn?t want her to go, fearing she might lead the police to them. Reiko went ahead anyway and while she was in hospital she thought about the lifestyle she had so far. She had been angry her whole life at the poor quality of living she's had, and being on the streets with the gangs wasn't cutting it. She thought about how they were more concerned about getting busted than the fact she'd die, some of the gang members even claiming the money wasn't worth it, which was a slap in the face to her. Then she saw how much better the hospital staff treated her, how they didn't judge her even after everything she did, how they even tried to arrange for her to do something with her life. The fact Reiko rejected all efforts to help her bar the cancer treatme
  9. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    GM approved

    Name: Dante Rand
    Sex: Male
    Age: 51
    Height: 6?3
    Weight: 233
    Facial Description: Black skin, and large Brown eyes, heavily gray hair, though still black in a few spots. Dante?s hair is in a short feathered fashion. His face?s features are very sharp. sharp, except for his forehead. His face almost looks engraved because of his age, I.E wrinkles.
    Body type: Slightly muscular
    Clothing: Wears a faded, light brown sports jacket, and small, silver rectangular glasses
    Occupation before the outbreak: Raccoon City College Bio-Chemistry Professor, former Bio-Chemist for Umbrella
    Habits: He is prone to mumbling when under extreme distress
    Weaponry:.44 revolver, Hunting Rifle, and Lead Pipe
    Biography: Dante was in Los Angles in 1947, to a poor family. Dante excelled in sports?particularly baseball and school and was given a sports scholarship, and attempted to apply to Princeton. Though Dante?s grades where stellar and had a sports scholarship, he wasn?t admitted in Princeton, partially due to racial bigotry and to make room for a faculty member?s son. Instead he attended Chicago University for two years. At the time he met a relative of Spencer, a founder of Umbrella named, Jacob Spencer there. After befriending him, Spencer pulled a few strings and Rand was able to transfer over to Princeton. He ended up finishing third in his class and was offered a job at Umbrella?s Chicago?s Compound as a research assistant, and was later promoted as a scientist to Anti-Viral Research and development. After showing him self cable he was transferred over to Umbrella G-Virus project in Raccoon?s underground facility, where he met Birikin for the first time outside of a podium, and befriended the young man, eventually becoming his Head Research assistant. He later left the Facility and began a teaching career at Raccoon City college, hoping to spot out potential to work at Umbrella as Research assistants?.or subjects.
  10. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    OCC: Sorry for the double post...but we have enough people to start now right? [face_skull]
  11. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    OOC: ... not quite, TheManinBlack

    [hl=black]Radiance APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Eric G. Winston
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 204 lbs.

    Facial Description: Fierce, strong facial structure; very light stubble and short brown hair; light brown eyes and olive skin

    Body Type: Considerably fit for his size - at his physical peak.

    Clothing: Snug navy blue t-shirt, faded blue jeans, [link=]black leather jacket[/link], brown steel-toed boots, Seattle Mariners baseball cap

    Occupation Before the Outbreak: Mechanic, part-time gun shop owner

    Habits: Flaring his nostrils and pacing when aggravated, all the while contemplating situations as a whole

    Weaponry: [link=]CKC .357 Magnum revolver[/link], [link=]Beretta 92 Semi-Automatic pistol[/link], spare [link=]Remington 870[/link] shotgun shells


    Born and bred in the hell-bound Raccoon City itself, Eric Gerard Winston lived a typical midwestern life. His parents had earlier moved to the city to escape the animosities and rush-hour lifestyle found in the tougher metropolitan area of San Francisco, California they'd originally come from before Eric was born.

    Soon enough, Eric dropped out of college during the first semester of sophomore year to get straight into his life's passion and avoid the cliche stereotype of being an attourny or some such thing like that to make mommy and daddy happy, pursuing cars. In his free time, if he wasn't drinking, he was helping and learning all about life's philosophies and how to deal with them with a few hard-aimed shots to the skull from his loud-mouthed uncle at the local gun shop, or taking up photography as another loose hobby. Oh, and the poor sap never married. Instead, he suffered a few broken hearts for his trouble.

    OOC: ... however, now we might. :p
  12. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Okidoki. Looks like we have enough to get going. Ill bring things in with my post. Bring your characters in as you see fit. Remember this is a semi sandbox game. You can run the entire length of it without ever having interacted with any of the other characters. This is your survival story. To spice things up I have a friend who is going to randomly play NPC Zombies and pop out at you! As well as the hordes of undead and bio creations I will be throwing at you. :) So stay on your toes! I think I would however like everyone to make an attempt to get to the police station as the first stop though. If only for an armament standpoint. You will have a couple or normal posts before the outbreak. Here's mine.

    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo

    The sun was just starting to go down on the barren highway as Gabriel?s Harley motored down the strip. He had his new RPD uniform on with some aviator sunglasses and his helmet. He didn?t much like wearing the helmet on his motorcycle but he was a cop and had to set the standard. If people saw him in uniform not wearing a helmet while driving his bike then they would get the impression that it was ok to do the same.

    Gabriel had left earlier in the morning and had taken his time on the road, making sure he didn?t miss any of his exits. With him he carried just a black backpack with personal items and his shaving kit. Everything else he owned, he had brought up days before with a rented U-haul truck. His apartment wasn?t anything special but it would be alright. He just needed it for a place to put his head at night. Raccoon was a big city and was bound to keep him busy. But that was how Gabriel liked it.

    The exit for Raccoon city came into view and he signaled over to change lanes. The highway was oddly barren today. Then again it was the end of the day. People were probably already home. He eased his bike over to the exit ramp and down into the City.

    20 minutes later

    Gabriel kicked the stand out from his bike and planted his helmet on top of the throttle. He made sure that his pistol was securely holstered and finally made his way into the police station. There was a lowered walkway to the left of the main entrance. He wasn?t sure what it was for. Just a long trench with steps on either side. Gabe shrugged it off and pushed open the main doors. He stopped in his tracks on the other side of the door. The place was like a palace. It was the largest, grandest station he had ever been in.

    He slowly made his way to the main desk, the officer looked up there and saw his uniform, smirked and continued writing.

    ?You the new guy? Kennedy??

    Gabriel frowned and dug one hand into his pocket.

    ?No, Sergeant Ciparzo reporting for duty. Where?s the Captain of the watch??

    The officer looked up again and frowned back. ?Not Kennedy? kids late for his first day? heh. Ok, Ciparzo I don?t have you down for duty until tomorrow morning. The Captain is out handling some things right now. Here, take this map, it includes most of the city. Get acquainted with the building. And for god?s sake get out of that rookie uniform? Your locker is downstairs, your new SPF uniform is down there. Grab it and take a look around the place. It will be good to know where things are now because with your Rep, I doubt you will get much more time to look around, being out on the streets so much.?

    Gabriel nodded and took the map, glanced at it and stuffed it in his pocket. He looked down at the officer at the desk and gave him a mock salute with two fingers.


    ?Yup no problem.?

    ?Hey is Chief Irons around??

    ?He is but is buried neck deep in paperwork.?

    ?Ok, I?ll leave him alone then. Don?t want to get on my boss?s nerves before my first day.?

    The officer nodded with a smile on his face. ?Good idea. Hey hold on a second. Is that a Jericho??

    Gabe stopped and looked back to see the officer staring at his sidearm. He smiled and nodded, pulling the Jericho-941 from his holster, checked to see it was empty and then presented it to the man at the desk, pistol grip out.
  13. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: I take it we will post however we will about basicly what we are doing tonight? which i guess is the eve of the zombie invasion. Oh and despite his highly customized laptop, Pockets has a much bigger and more powerful one at home, a desktop model.
    IC: John Renning (Pockets)

    Pockets collapsed into his chair mere seconds after he entered his small apartment, today was a tiring one at Sam's. The old pizza joint had been popular since the seventies, and had only grown more so. He liked his boss even if it wasn't his 'real' job. Not that he had anything planned tonight, for now he would relax, play some games and think about tommorow.

    One of his screens displayed a message and he glanced briefly. Ah so the blue got another recruit, two it seems. He had established backdoors in most of the main administravtive offices' networks in the city, although most of the information he recieved was fairly unimportant, like now. Pockets shook his head, even the idea of playing with viruses seemed to much at the moment. The rush today at Sams' had been huge, no doubt do do the pizza contest. It happened every year, and the winner got free pizza for that year, this had been the biggest showing yet, half of the people had to stand there were so many.

    He sighed once ore as he though of what he had planned tommorow, there was going to be a convention in town, and he still had not decided which costume to wear. Or even which Genre for that matter. He cast a look over his shoulder wear the eight or so costumes hung organized. He thent urned to look on the lightsaber prop he was making for one costume. If there wa one thing he wanted more than anything else to accomplish, it would be making a real one, although that was near imposible, although it was only near. It would take a ton of supplies of course, and some of the things he suspected would be needed(should he even find a way to make one) could not be found dirtside. Oh well.

    Tag: noone
  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: Yeah..a mention of timeline would have been nice... :p

    Arline Taggert (Artie)
    At home

    Artie opens the door to her home, laughing as she walked in, a thick layer of dirt covering she and her oldest brother, Tom. They had been out on the sandlot, playing baseball, something her brothers had taught her. Her team had won. She was grinning from ear to ear, even as she heard her mothers voice.

    "Arline! You're filthy. Go upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner."

    Artie, as she preferred to be called, made a face. "But MOM! We won!. Oh, you should have seen it! I cam sliding into second base, it was so wow!..."

    Artie's mom gave a sigh. "Tell me later at dinner. Now go upstairs and clean up before your father sees you...scoot!" As Artie frowned slightly, Tom rubbed the top of her head. "Go on squirt. Go get cleaned up. I'll explain it to Mom, while you gone."

    Artie gave Tom a huge smile, as she ran upstairs to get ready for dinner. Her mom wasnt really into sports, but dad was. He would listen
    to her stories. Excited to tell the news, Artie headed upstairs to clean up.

  15. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003

    Name: Lucy Tyler-Scott
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7 and a half
    Weight: 140 pounds
    Facial Description: heart shaped face, dirty blonde hair cut into messy bob, green eyes.
    Body Type: fairly athletic for her age
    Clothing: jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and green hooded sweater, backpack
    Occupation before the outbreak: student
    Habits: playing with hair when nervous
    Weaponry: Hunting knife, shotgun
    Biography: Born to Nick and Rosaline Tyler, Lucy had a happy early life. Nick was a cop and was killed in a car crash when Lucy was eight. Rosaline, an art dealer, couldn't stand living in their home town anymore, and so moved to Raccoon city. She remarried a doctor, Paul Scott, who had major ties to Umbrella in the past.
    Lucy took up target shooting and kung fu in high school intending on following in her father's footsteps and become a cop, maybe even a member of S.T.A.R.S, despite her mother's extreme dislike of the plan and wanting her to some day go to med school.
    Lucy is in general a warm person, but has a temper when pushed. She works part-time at Emmy's Diner and her mode of transport is her bike.

    IC: Lucy

    Family dinner, the most exciting part of Lucy's day. Yeah right. Paul had cooked, which meant spaghetti because it was the only thing he knew how to cook.
    "So, Lulu," Lucy's mom Rosaline spoke up, "how was work?"
    Lucy looked up from her food.
    "Nothing special, a couple of cops, the odd regular. Pretty quiet for the day shift."
    "Well the day shift is all you're going to be working young lady. We can't have you neglecting your studies in order to serve pie and coffee." Said Paul.
    "We also do cheesecake." Said Lucy. Paul grinned.
    "True, and very good cheesecake it is. But it's not something you can do forever, is it?" He said.
    Lucy knew what was coming.
    "I've seen your progress report," continued Paul, "and I must say you're doing pretty good there Lucy. Mr Rand has been pretty generous so far hasn't he?"
    Lucy shrugged.
    "I suppose so." She said. She'd taken the Bio class with Mr Rand purely to keep the peace at home. Paul had been insistant.
    "All your dad is saying Lulu," put in Rosaline, "is that you're getting really good grades so far in a subject like this, it might be good to consider a career in that direction."
    "Mom, I already said I don't want to be a doctor, no offence to dad and the fine mdical profession. After college I'm going to enroll in the police training program." Said Lucy. The easy smile that had been on Paul's face dropped instantly.
    "Lucy Scott, you are far too talented to become a moron with a gun. And you mother and I weren't just talking about being a doctor. Working for Umbrella would be just as good for you. I know it's important to you to follow your father, but it's slightly unrealistic."
    "So I can be either a doctor or a mad scientist, is that what you're saying?" Asked Lucy. Paul was starting to get angry.
    "Listen to me young lady, you will not speak to me like that. The Umbrella Corp made this city what it is and some of my best friends worked with me there. Now you can act as sarcastic as you want, but we will discuss this further at another time."
    Lucy got up.
    "That's fine, I've finished anyway. Can I take my dessert up to my room?" She asked. Paul looked like he was about to say something, but his wife stopped him.
    "That's fine sweetie. But like your dad said, we'll talk about it later."

    Lucy ate her ice cream absent-mindedly as she sat on her bed, flicking through the channels. Nothing special. News, some commercial for Umbrella's new facecream, a bad soap opera. In the end she left it on a documentry about Samurai for the noise. She needed to think.
    Paul was a decent guy, he didn't smoke, he'd taken her to ball games and the zoo when she was a kid, and she even didn't hate the fact that her mom had insisted Lucy call Paul "dad". But he would just not let some things go.
    'I know', thought Lucy to herself, 'I'll go to med school, then join STARS as a medical officer. Haha, he won't be able to object much then.'
  16. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: The timeline is starting 2 days before the outbreak. I dont really know how much more you want from that. The two days are set in place so that those who haven't posted their sheets yet, can and jump into things.

    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo

    It was late when he got back to his apartment. Gabriel went up to his room and opend the door to find himself in a sea of boxes. He sighed and dropped his bag on the floor by the door. He wearily reached out and flicked on the lights.

    Gabriel wondered what his first day would be like. Ever since Umbrella had become a major contributor to the community, the city had grown at a very quick rate. Economical growth also meant an increase in crime though. That was when STARS had been established, in response to the growing threat of crime and terrorism. A report that he had read the day prior about STARS was that they had been sent to check on some disapearances up in the Acklay mountains area a few days prior. Contact from the mission had not been established yet. That could be due to range or other sources. It was up to speculation at times like these. Gabriel and this Kennedy figure were supposed to be assigned to a new task force to replace STARS eventually. The SPF. Pretty much STARS members themselves but a bit more freedom in what they did. Freedoms to make on the spot job decisions was invaluable. Until SPF officially took charge, STARS and SPF would be working closely. Gabriel would have a look at the files of the members in the morning. He would need to know who he was working with. It was a little irritating to be working with this Leon Kennedy person and he was already late on his first day on the job. He decided that he would talk to the rookie when he got there the next day.

    Setting his thoughts aside for the time being, Gabriel began picking through his boxes in attempt to organize some things. It took him a couple of hours to get things organized but it seemed like he was still neck deep in boxes. He had at least gotten his stereo out and hooked it up. Gabriel was a classic smoothy kind of guy. He put on some Frank Sinatra and from there boxes just seemed to dissapear. At the end of the night he still had a few boxes left but had at least unpacked most of his things. Gabe had parted with his work uniform and slipped on some comfortable sweatpants and a second holster with a plastic revolver in it. On the wall hung a picture of a man in a mask with a gun to a womans head. He was hiding behind the woman, presenting a small target.

    Gabe spun on his heel and ripped the revolver from it's holster and pulled the trigger 6 times. Red rubber suction cups lanced from the toy and 5 of them landed on the bandits face. The other landed smack dab in the middle of the womans forehead.

    "Hm..... Well that sucks..."

    Gabe sighed and retrieved his ammo. He went to wash his hands before hitting the sack but as he reached the sink and turned the nozzle... the brass shuddered and made loud noises, producing a headache but no water.


    He shut it off and instead just decided for bed. He would have a long day of orientation the next day. Meeting Kennedy and looking up the members of STARS.

    Tomorrow would be a long.... long day.

    If only he knew what the next night would bring, Gabriel Ciparzo wouldn't have been sleeping at all...
  17. Anime_Fan

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    Apr 2, 2005
    Zachary Byrd

    Zack smiled brightly as he held his client's feet together, while she attempted to finish her round of sit-ups. "Just five more and your done. I know you can do it Lucy." As she came up and went back down, a soft smile tugged at her lips. "You said that ten sit-ups ago Zack." Zack laughed, patting the side of her leg.

    "I mean it this time." With a sigh she continued her exercise, closing her eyes. Zack smiled as he counted her progress. "Hey Zack, I need your help putting all these weights back." Zack turned to one of his co-workers, nodding lightly before turning back to Lucy. "That's five. Come on." He hopped up, extending his hand down to her. She took it, letting him pull her up. "Thanks."

    Zack grinned, walking with her to get a water bottle. "Your doing great Lucy. Tomorrow we're going to start hitting the bicycle okay." Lucy smiled, taking a swig of water before patting Zack's shoulder as he lifted up her gym bag. "How'd I get a sweet guy like you as my trainer Zack?" Zack chuckled, running his fingers along the spikes of his hair.

    "Dunno. But aren't ya glad you did?" Lucy laughed, turning to head to the exit. "See you tomorrow." Zack watched her leave before jogging over to another side of the gym. He smiled at his co-worker. "Still need help?" A grunt was his response and Zack shrugged softly, before moving to pick up the weights. He worked quickly, placing them back on their respected shelves. "Zachary!" He jumped lightly, turning around.

    "Yes!" The manager walked over, a slightly bewildered look on his face. "Your shift was over an hour ago." Zack rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah I know, but Lucy needed an emergency training session. She wasn't able to make it yesterday or on time today. She called if I could stay later and I said yes." The manager made a face before smiling. "Way to work overtime. Now go home!"

    "Alright already!" Zack quickly jogged to the locker room, grabbing his gym bag out of his locker and re-tying his shoelaces before he ran back out, slinging the bag over his shoulder. " See ya tomorrow everyone!" Zack then proceeded to jog home.

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Eric G. Winston... preparing to enter the world of survival horror...
    -~- Kendo Gun Shop

    "... it's gettin' late, Fred. Think you can handle it from here? Graveyard shift on your own again?" asked Eric through his clenched jaw, a looming half-cigarette held loosely between his teeth. Fred was his uncle, one of Robert Kendo's closer associates who actually shared custody of the small shop with him. They'd been best friends for years, and at the moment as Fred took up duty at the register for a few minutes, Robert was in the back, having to deal with the consequences of a late chili dinner.

    "Not on my own," started Fred, watching his nephew put on that old Mariners cap as he got ready to leave for the night "... Rob's in the back, takin' a ****, far's I know. Us old bastards'll be okay. Infact, I'm feeling kinda drowsy..." Fred paused, a long yawn eminating from his gaping mouth as Eric nodded with a tight smile, still trying to hold in that cigarette as he felt for his jacket on the coat hanger nearby. Fred was polishing that vintage [link=]1873 Winchester rifle[/link] for the fifth time today, blinking before finishing his statement, "I think I'm gonna head on home soon, actually. Don't worry though, I'm not totally sure, so don't worry 'bout me finding a ride home. I'll manage just fine, kid."

    Fred was old, in his early 70's, and still single and childless, but whenever Eric looked at him, he valued his age from a mental perspective, rather then a physical one. He knew that for his build, he was more than capable, and if he said something concerning himself, he was certain of it.

    Eric fit the black biker jacket over himself and felt up his pockets, making sure everything was where it should have been, "Alright, Uffy (a sandwiching he'd come up with of the words Uncle and Fred, deeming both himself and his uncle too old for the standard formalities)... call me if you need anythin-" Eric pinched his nose, coughing exaggeratedly, and tucked the cigarette out of his mouth, waving the according hand around as Robert showed up, pulling up his trousers. He'd left the door to the back restroom wide open.

    "*******" uttered Eric, "I come here to help you walking corpses out after I'm done getting covered in oil and sparks (not a good combo) ten hours a day and this is how I get paid?" the sarcasm seaped right out of him with a laugh, and both Robert, being as gross as he was, and Fred laughed along with him. "Smells like all kinds o' hell, Rob. Wooo wee.", chuckled Fred, still working on that Winchester.

    Eric shrugged and waved at them both, turning and putting the cigarette back in his mouth as he made his way out, "Ya'll have a good night, then. Jesus."

    Little did Eric know, however, that the term 'walking corpses' would be the farthest thing from a joking matter in just a sundown or two. Unknowningly, though, like anyone else, he continued to live his normal life as normally as he could. It was dusk, and as he reached the curb to get into his maroon red 1996 model Ford F150 truck, there wasn't a care to be found in this sleepy old city...


    Back in his apartment, Eric entered the high-school-history-classroom-like clutter that was his home and made himself comfortable. After a few shots of 'Jack' infront of the TV set, he went to wash his face and strip down to a pair of grey boxer-briefs before bed. He'd set his alarm for 7:15am, unprepared to face a dawn of the dead. Unprepared to face a dawn of regrets, agony and chaos...

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    Nov 19, 2007
    It was kind of ironic for an ambulance to be called out to Umbrella's field office. It's driver thought, rather nastily, that it was funny. Reiko Ichijo had very little patience for corporate suits, she'd never be one, and given the details she was given that's exactly who she was dealing with.
    "Unit 73, coming up on it now," she told the dispatcher over the radio. She got them to replay the 911 emergency call that was made and listened to one executive's slightly panicked description of being bitten by a rat, but Reiko got the idea they were more concerned with being interrupted by their work. Nothing like hospital staff at all.
    Cannibal, she thought, very much wanting to find this rat. There was no way to get directly to the pharmaceutical office, Reiko had to park the wagon just down from the RPD police station and leg it. First aid kit in hand she ran down the alleyway, thinking why someone would place anything in such a hard to reach location. It was almost as if Umbrella didn't want to be found.
    "Are you the doctor?" Reiko could spot the employee right away, a thin nervous looking man hiding behind his glasses and seemed to be all lab coat. A junior position, she figured, the others must have sent him down.
    "No, I drive the poor sap who's had a chunk bitten out of his hand to the doctor," she explained levelly. "You too if need be, it's just down here?"
    "Yes, yes." The way he scrambled after her made Reiko wonder if he ever got a break from the merciless harassment she bet herself ten bucks he copped at work.
    "Why you gotta work in such a stupid place?" she wondered quietly. One look about told Reiko the area was a health inspector's nightmare, the alley was dirty underfoot with trash and muck, the surrounding buildings didn't look like they fared much better, it was worse than Chicago, a breeding ground for vermin. They reached the office and Reiko pushed the doors aside to see that she was dead on about her assessment, big vermin. A quick first glance was all she needed to feel the bile of criticism she was ready to level at the thuggish looking Umbrella employees. She swallowed it back down.
    "Someone called for an ambulance?" she asked, all business and making her way to the guy clutching his hand in pain.
    "About time you showed up, we have an injured man here." Reiko's hand clenched into a fist, quite able to have two or three transported to the hospital.
    Keep a lid on it, she told herself. She didn't punch his lights out but that didn't stop her mouth.
    "Station's just there, why didn't you call STARS?" It was a daring thing to say, a nasty cheap shot at what happened two months ago. Officially it was meant to be a helicopter crash that killed most of the quasi SWAT team, a female medic being the only survivor of one unit and two members of the other, including it's captain, having disappeared or been killed or something, Reiko didn't know the details. She heard the stories however, everyone had. Zombies, monsters, Umbrella being responsible for the virus behind it all. And like everyone else Reiko scoffed at the idea, she fully intended to ask for the drugs the STARS were on if she ever met them but they had disappeared. Didn't like the limelight perhaps, though it'd be right for Umbrella to bump them off to stop the bad publicity, just like it'd be right for them to be responsible for the Arkley killings as fantastical as it was.
    "Enough of that," one of them growled. Reiko ignored their dark stares and put the first aid kit on a table, not caring about the delicate sounding odds and ends that were in it's way.
    "Hey careful with that." She ignored them and crouched over the victim.
    "Give us a look at your hand," she said, and immediately regretted asking when it was extended. The back of the hand looked all gouged out, the rat had bitten him a couple of beauts. Much of the skin was hanging and the flesh seemed to have been bitten through right to the bone, Reiko couldn't tell with the blood.
    "This isn't going to put me off work is it?" The victim's voice was softer, weaker, shock
  20. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Lucy

    As Lucy lay on her bed she could hear something.
    Sitting up she went over to the window and opened it.
    "Finally." Called up a voice in a loud whisper. It was Mia Jones, Lucy's best friend. They'd known each other since Junior High, though Mia was two years older.
    "What is it?" Asked Lucy, careful to keep her voice down. Paul and her mother were probably in the den watching tv, but she didn't want to take any chances. She shimmied out of the window and climbed down the plant railings.
    "I'm leaving." Said Mia. She'd been saving up for a long time to leave Raccoon city and go to New York. She didn't have any family so didn't see a reason to stay.
    "What? Right now?" Asked Lucy. She couldn't deny how much she would miss Mia. The older girl had always looked out for her.
    "Couple of days, but I just booked the tickets today and thought you should know."
    "I can't make you change your mind about this can I?" Lucy said. Mia shook her head.
    "Don't start Lu please. Few years down the line you can come join me. We can be like one of those dysfunctional sitcoms we're always watching. I just can't stay in this town, it'll kill me." Said Mia. Lucy looked down, she really hated this, but it wasn't like they would never see each other again. Something occured to Lucy.
    "Wait here."
    She scrambled up the railing again with as much stealth as possible, went through the window and grabbed something out of her dresser draw. She'd been saving it to give to Mia when she left, she just hadn't thought it would be this soon.
    When she was back on the ground she held out the gift to Mia. It was a bracelet with a series of small charms on it.
    "Here, just to y'know, say thanks." Said Lucy. Mis took is and instantly put it on.
    "Thanks. I got you something too." Mia took out of her pocket and took out a silver locket with a butterfly on. Lucy took it and put it on.
    "We're gonna start crying now aren't we?" Asked Mia after a moment of silence. Lucy laughed.
    "It is getting a bit after-school special" Said Lucy. The two hugged and Lucy made her way back to her window.
    "Hey, don't do anything I wouldn't do." Said Lucy. Mia laughed.
    "But that'd be boring."
    "Ok then, do everything I wouldn't do."
    "And then some." Called Mia before running off. Lucy watched her friend until she couldn't see her anymore. She felt a sinking in her stomach. Sadly she closed the window and got ready for bed.

    Mia was cutting across the park when she noticed a man shuffling along the road. His pace was slow and stumbling. She didn't think much of it, a homeless guy or a drunk. But suddenly there was a screeching noise and a white van pulled up. Two men jumped out the back and dragged the guy in. Mia crept closer.
    "Restrain him. Make sure he can't bite." One of the appeared to be saying. It was all like something out of a movie. She turned and ran for it, confident they hadn't seen her.
    This town was weird, she knew that deep in her bones. At least she would hopefully get out of there before it got weirder.

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  21. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th 1998

    Gabe woke up at 5 AM the next morning at the sound of his alarm. He rose off of his bed with a groan, slapping the alarm to the off position.

    He rose to wash his face but again, he was met with the pipes shuddering and squeeling. He rolled his eyes went to the refrigerator to grab a cold bottle of water instead. Gabriel poured the bottle into a bowl and splashed the cold liquid against his face in the kitchen sink.

    After he was effectively awake, Gabriel threw on some running pants and a crappy shirt and left the apartment. As soon as he had locked his door he stopped and realized that he didn't have a shower to come back to after he worked out. Irritated now, Gabriel re-entered his home and shut the door behind him, instead sufficing to take another bottle of water and brush his teeth. When he was done he pulled his new SPF uniform from his bag and set up his ironing board. The seasoned officer pressed his uniform just enough so that the wrinkles were gone. But not enough to put neat creases in the pants or shirt. The pants were cargo anyway. They weren't meant to crease. He pulled on a white undershirt and slipped his pants on, stopping to pull his boots on and tuck his pants into them. Gabe pulled his shirt on and relished it's comfort. Even with the armor pads he had a lot of movement. After tucking in his shirt and snapping up his belt he tucked his hands into the pockets and found that there was paper in them. He pulled it out and read the note that had been left for him.

    SGT Ciparzo, you are the senior ranking Officer in the SPF thus far, The wearing of the new uniform and the standards to which will rest in your hands. Find a comfortable solution to accomodate the other members of your section but remember that you are all to look the same so there is no question as to what you are there to do. The dual badges on the shoulders will help with that but the actual wearing of the uniform will fall upon what you decide.

    - Brian Irons, Police Chief. RPD

    Gabriel tossed the letter onto his desk and looked himself over in the mirror. He didn't mind the way he looked but the sleeves were a bit much for the uniform as it stood. He unbuttoned the cuffs and neatly rolled them up to past his elbow and tucked them neatly. Now he had full range of motion of both arms, was comfortable, and looked... dare he think it..


    He grabbed his Jericho 9mm and strapped it to his leg, then grabbed his keys, his helmet and his aviators before heading out the door.

    When he arrived at the station Marvin was just walking in the door ahead of him. The older, darker skinned man nodded his approval at the new uniform and held the door for Ciparzo.

    "Now see. That is much better than that rookie get up you had yesterday."

    Gabriel gave him a smile as he nodded for having the door held for him.

    "Feels better as well. I might want to pick up some gloves for this though. I lost mine in the move."

    Marvin nodded as he followed Gabriel into the huge station. "I have some thin leather gloves you can have. Stop by my desk before you head out for the day."

    "Thanks, I appreciate it."

    "Hey don't mention it. The only thing I get nowadays are papercuts. My street days are far behind me kid. Time to pass the torch as they say. Before I forget, Chief Irons wants to meet you up in the STARS office when you get settled in. Drop your stuff off and I will go give him the message that you are in. Think you can manage to find the office?"

    Gabriel smirked and pointed to a directory map that was encased on the far wall.

    Marvin's lips tugged into a smile as he turned left to his normal office, just inside the main lobby. He called over his shoulder as Gabe made his way down to the locker room again.

    "Style Ciparzo... remember the nail that sticks out..."

    Gabriel turned and walked backwards as he retorted.

    "...Gets the promotion first!"

    Both men chuckled as they parted ways.

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    OOC: I am going to start dating my posts so that everyo
  22. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    August 10th 1998
    Arline Taggert (Artie)
    Heading for School

    Artie cracked open an eye, as her alarm went off. It was Monday, and she had one more week of summer vacation before school started. She wanted to get as much fun in the sun as much as possible, before she was sent back to the dungeons of school.

    Grinning, she threw back the covers on her bed, and began to plan her day as she dressed. She planned to visit the pits, catch up with a few of her friends maybe, and catch the matinee movies. They were playing back to back horror films and Artie LOVED science fiction and horror. Grab a quick snack, and maybe even hit the beach before the sun dropped too low.

    Luckily, the malls and stuff would still be full of other kids, also enjoying their last few days as well. Artie put her swimsuit on under her pants and shirt, and shot downstairs to grab some breakfast before she headed out. Artie grabbed a quick bowl of cereal, her mom had her head in the refrigerator.

    "My, your up early? Any plans today?" her mom asked, while leaning in to give her a kiss. Artie grinned, as she kissed her mom, and grinned between munching cereal. "Yes, Im gonna see if anyone is up for a few bases, go check the movie at the mall, and if I get time, maybe even check out the cove."

    Her mom nodded, smiling. "Remember, dont be out too late. We have that play we are all supposed to go see your James in."
    Artie grinned, as she tossed the bowl into the sink. "I remember Mom, I promise to get back in time."

    Artie was out the door, blowing a kiss to her mom, as she jumped on her bike, and began to peddle out towards the main street. As she speed through on her bike, she shot past the police station that wasnt too far away. At least they werent as annoying as the mall cops.

    She peeled around the corner of the station, and headed towards the lots first to see if anyone else was there. If not, she just simply pitch a few balls, before heading over towards the mall, to lose herself in mindless, air conditioned entertainment, with extra butter.


  23. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Dante Rand

    ?Remember the catalysts in a chemical reaction have to be more stable in a biological organism, although they happen all the time in an entity. One false step in the change of the reaction?s speed?slow or fast?could be fatal. That concludes our lecture on how oxygen travels through the body and how it provides energy and stability to it, and how catalysts are once again crucial to the process. If there any questions ask Mrs. Robinson as always.? Dante said in his friendly flat tone. As he looked around the semi crowed lecture room, Dante was hit by a wave of disappointment. He had a full third more students in here two days ago, now all those faces where gone. Maybe for good, maybe not.

    ?You should do this once for once? Jamie said in a tired voice. Her shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes somehow made the small gaze of disapproval, look grave.

    ?I?m sorry an old colleague of mine asked me out for coffee, and its been a while since I?ve seen him.? Dante said in a pleasing, begging tone. Before she could mutter a reply, Dante gathered his supplies off the podium and put them in his suit case and walked off, to the exit with a few of the other students. Birkin was out of his lab today, that happened less than in a blue moon, and he would be paying for breakfast?how could he say no? Dante was in the parking garage trying to spot out his car. His car was far for a cheap pile of tin, but it wasn?t the piece of equipment the other professors got.. He accidentally bought this year?s proper rich kids car, a BMW. Now it took him ages to find his car in this dimly lit dungeon. He finally spotted his car, as he did, he looked down at his watch, as his face contorted to a look of disgust and muttered a curse under his breath. He was going to be late, and he would never hear the end of it from Birkin. The guy was a complete nut, when it came to things like that.

    As Dante drove to the tiny, fancy coffee shop Birkin had told him to meet him at he couldn?t help but notice that his car wasn?t in the parking lot. That was strange, Birkin showed that bay off whenever he got the chance. It was his pride and joke, next to his wok after all. He netered the offe shop eyes peeled for Birkin, as he saw him he sat down smiling, until he saw the grim look on Birkin?s face

    ?I finished the G-Virus? Birkin said in a slightly proud tone, that betrayed the grim look in his face. Before Dante could say anything, Birkin began talking again ? But I?m not giving it to Umbrella?

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  24. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th 1998

    Gabriel stashed his bag in his locker and made his way up to the STARS office after consulting the building directory. The room itself was small for a full sized unit like STARS, only a few desks littered the small messy office. There were papers strewn all over the place. Various case files that were left open, dossiers on various suspects for a multitude of crimes, from simple vandalism to rape and murder. On the wall itself was a large emblem with the STARS logo. On the far wall to the left was a group photo of alpha and bravo team. To the right was a large radio system that was buzzing steadily.

    Gabe was the only one there so he decided to pull the profiles of the people he would be working with. He sat down at a computer terminal and put in his fresh password and ID into the system, it granted him access and he began sifting through profiles of the members that had been dispatched to investigate the disappearance of Bravo team a month prior. Gabriel hadn?t heard anything about the incident, save rumors that the chief members of Alpha squad had been denounced and investigated themselves for false claims and accusations.

    He scrolled a few profiles, passing Barry Burton, Brad Vickers, and Albert Wesker. Wesker was the team leader and the man who had first established STARS. Tragically, during the incident in the mountains he was pronounced killed in action. It was a shame. As Gabriel read the file he realized what a talented individual Wesker was. Too late to meet him now, poor guy.

    Then Gabe stopped on the next two profiles. Both were split on the screen for ease of viewing. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Two of the more established members of Alpha team. He read each file slowly, taking in every detail. And nearly ripped his Jericho from his holster as a man spoke from behind him.

    ?Find anything interesting Sergeant Ciparzo??

    Gabriel relaxed as and stood as he looked his new boss in the eye.

    ?Just reading up on the people I was going to be working with Chief.?

    He extended his hand to Chief Brian Irons, who took it with a firm grip before motioning for Gabriel to sit back down.

    ?Damn shame about that Ciparzo. Those were some fine men and women. STARS was the elite law enforcement in Raccoon City. And they were damn good at their jobs. Sometimes, even tense hostage situations were resolved easily at the mention of STARS simply because of their reputation. Now look at them. Even this office is dead. There is almost nothing left.?

    ?Do you know what happened Sir??
    Irons looked at him with a strange gleam in his eye. But he shook his head.

    ?No one really knows what happened on that last investigation. Chris and Jill returned to the city and gave their report, they implicated Umbrella but it was all a lie. Not sure why they would falsify their reports but? who knows what happened up there. Valentine is going to be undertaking a psych evaluation tomorrow, until then she is under house arrest.?

    Gabriel looked up. ?And Redfield??

    Irons sighed and leaned back against a chair.

    ?No one knows, he is a fugitive right now. Probably in hiding with family somewhere.? Irons got a distant yet, knowing look on his face. It nagged at Gabriel until it bothered him. He decided to put it aside for the time being.

    ?Any word on Kennedy, Sir??

    Irons glanced at his watch and thought for a moment.

    ?He should be arriving this evening if traffic is good. I wouldn?t worry too much about hi?.?

    Irons had a pager on his waistband and it beeped for attention. He looked down at it and picked up the phone on the desk.

    ?Excuse me a minute.?

    Gabriel nodded and went back to his profile research. The person on the other side of the phone said something to upset Irons. Gabriel made it seem as if he didn?t notice. But he kept the chief in his peripherals.

    After a moments discussion, Irons hung up the phone and sighed exasperated.

    ?Bad news Chief??

    ?Not so much, just Umbrella doing some construction around the city today that?s all.
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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Lucy

    10th August 1998

    Lucy glided along on her bike. It had been a pretty uneventful morning, just the usual. Only had the one class today, they started classes early for some reason, but they weren't too many until around October.
    So that meant until she was learning full time she would be working like crazy at Emmy's. She stopped outside the small greasy spoon and was about to lock up her bike when Danielle, the head waitress, came outside. She was a nice woman, tall, in her late 30's and spoke with a random accent Lucy could never quite place.
    "I wouldn't do that yet suga'. Emmy wants you to go to the police station. He's started up this thing where they send their lunch orders and we deliver them over. Usually Tommy's job but poor kid's sick today or somethin'" The woman shook her head. She hated people calling in sick, messed stuff up for those who had to pick up the workload.
    "Ok," said Lucy, "what do you need me to do?"
    "There's a couple o' boxes, take them and make sure the right people get their orders. Don't worry about money, that'll get sorted by Emmy at the end o' the week, just get someone to sign the receipt. I'll watch your bike. Kay?" Said Danielle
    Lucy nodded and went inside the diner, leaving her bike leaning against the wall outisde.
    The diner was half full with the three other day waitresses and a few chefs in the kitchen getting food to the late morning customers. The two boxes were on the counter, like Danielle had said. Lucy took them outside and strapped them to the back of the bike, Lucy nodded to Danielle and pedelled off. The older waitress smiled at the girl. She thought Lucy was a hard worker, but maybe sometimes a bit eager to please.

    It wasn't far from Emmy's to the station. Chaining her bike up outside she took the boxes off the rack and went up the steps. Walking up to the receptionist she placed the boxes on the desk.
    "Lunch order from Emmy's" Said Lucy. The recptionist smiled that weird smile receptionists always have.
    "Ok, I'll put them out, wait here, I'll be right back." The Receptionist said, walking off.
    Lucy leaned against the front desk, staring off into space at the bulliten board. It had various safety posters on it, a couple of newspaper clippings, the usual.

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