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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Eric G. Winston
    -~- August 10th, 1998 - Apartment 3C
    [blockquote]Beep.. beep.. beep.. beep...

    It was precisely 7:15am when Eric's alarm clock went off on cue. With his eyes shut and a low grumble, the man quickly snapped out of his lazy trance and ripped the sheets off himself, sitting up on the edge of his bed before slapping the alarm silent. He rubbed lightly across his face and the back of his neck before getting up to stretch, followed by tossing himself down onto the rug near his bed and hoisting himself up a few times using his upper-body.

    "1, 2, 3, 4...," Eric lightly grunted under his breath, finally stopping after fifteen quick reps. For better or worse, the early day push-ups always got his blood running fast, and with a quick yawn he stood up, hurried to the bathroom to wash up, and fixed himself coffee with a truck-load of cream. He got his bag ready, filled with his mechanic's uniform, work boots and cap (which he never wore if his Mariner's cap had any say in the matter), got dressed, grabbed his keys, wallet, and pack of cigarettes with a second cup of coffee in hand before making his way out and towards his job.

    Inside of his red Ford pickup, Eric yawned again, holding the cigarette in one hand before lighting up a Zippo and setting the cancer stick in motion, placing it inbetween his lips after setting the cup of coffee down inside the nearby cupholder. He flipped through the radio stations before finding his usual fix - KRBR-FM, 102.5 FM. It was a Wisconsinite station, but it was the best within radiowave ranges in Eric's opinion. Finally, everything was set, and he banked of out of his parking position and headed to work. Soon enough, though, he was there, parking again.

    He stepped out, grabbed his things, tossed what was left of the cigarette and walked through the main garage, greeting most of the co-workers, and into the locker room to get changed. All things seemed normal, so far... so far...[/blockquote]
  2. Marshmallow_Bandit

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    Feb 22, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Damien Angelo Sanchez
    Sex: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 5?6?
    Weight: 140 lbs. (recently lost weight)
    Facial Description: olive skin; scraggly, unkempt black hair, beard, and moustache; hair has dirty blonde tips, bleached from before. Length of hair is about 3 inches all over, as if he shaved it all at one point and let it grow back evenly. Straight, healthy-looking teeth and gums
    Body Type: thin, yet tone
    Clothing: faded black hooded sweatshirt, tattered sleeves with holes for thumbs; new blue-fade-to-brown jeans (recently stolen); old Reebok running shoes
    Occupation before the outbreak: homeless for 5 weeks (self-imposed beggar who is well known on his block for his melodic tunes and soothing lyrics)
    Habits: plays acoustic guitar; randomly pulls out a toothbrush and brushes teeth; drinks alcohol moderately; smokes weed when he can afford it or when it?s donated to him
    Weaponry: owns a Military [link=]knife [/link] (rubber grip and black blade), kept in his right pocket (given to him by his older brother when he was 17); heard of a weapons cache kept in Don Giovanni?s office (a crime lord at the center of the illicit drugs that can be found being sold along the streets of Raccoon City)

    Damien had a promising start in life. Second-born into the healthy marriage of Chemistry professor Jorge Sanchez and Physics professor Jennifer Ashford, he was a very intelligent and educated child. He was a star student in his town of Manheim, PA, and up until 9th grade, he kept straight A?s in all his classes with relative ease. He especially loved History class and loved to read stories about war. That summer after 9th grade he met Naomi, a cute, care-free girl with enchanting eyes and a killer smile that had just a few bad habits. Damien wanted to spend every waking minute with her. He had no closer companion since his older brother, Gabriel, left for the military a few months prior. Months after meeting her, after starting 10th, his grades started slipping; his attitude towards his academics, his friends, and his family changed. He became very rude with people. He started listening to punk and grunge music, and he would lock himself in his room with an acoustic guitar he stole from someone and play until he went to sleep. His father suspected drugs and felt Naomi had something to do with it, so he prohibited Damien from visiting her anymore. He rebelled (as any young kid would) and stopped going to school completely. He closed himself off from his parents. In a 2-week stretch of time, he ran away from home, only to come back willingly, hungry and cold from his travels along the countryside. His parents didn?t know what to do, though they knew a change in scenery would help.

    As if by some sort of miracle (or misfortune), Jorge Sanchez received a call from Umbrella Corp. wanting an interview for a position in their Product Research and Development department. He was involved in the pharmaceutical industry beforehand, having worked with Pfizer, but never had he dreamed of working with such a prestigious organization. His employment with Pfizer ended abruptly, following a scandal the company wanted to keep quiet. He received a nice severance payout, leaving him and his family living very comfortably, but he left the company with something to prove to himself, and this was the perfect opportunity to not only get back into the field, leaving his employment with the college behind him, but also to give Damien the change he needed. Umbrella interviewed Jorge and hired him on the spot. They moved to Raccoon City.

    Damien had no other choice but to try to regain his focus on his studies. He graduated high school with honors. But he felt something was missing. Something wasn?t right. He ne
  3. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    August 10th 1998
    Arline Taggert (Artie)
    Lunchtime - Mall


    It sure was cold in the theater, but Artie loved it. Back to back horror movies today, her favorite. Artie munched on popcorn, and slurped through several sodas, as she watched the ghouls and vampires on screen. Some of it was soo bad, she was laughing, more than anything else. She was still giggling, as she left the theater, and started to think about getting some real food to eat.

    She looked around the Mall. The Food court was open, and doing brisk business.
    She grabbed some fried rice, wontons, and a chicken. A healthy meal, as her mom would say. She sat, eating half of her food, while there, then put the rest in a bag. She would take it home.

    She wondered around the mall for abit, looking at the new fashions and styles. Mom would take her out to get her clothes for school soon. YIKES, what an ugly affair THAT was. She seldom got what she wanted. She sighed, being the only girl between all her brothers, she was at least lucky, she didnt get hand me downs, like THEY did...but still...

    Artie headed outside, to warm up abit. It was pretty outside, and she decided to sit down on one of the benches outside the mall, and watched as people milled about, doing whatever it was they were doing. A nice breeze, made it comfy, so she simply sat back, and watched what was going on at the mall.

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  4. Marshmallow_Bandit

    Marshmallow_Bandit Jedi Youngling

    Feb 22, 2008
    OOC: I guess I'll have to explain that all italicized lines are Damien's thoughts. Enjoy.


    Damien Angelo Sanchez
    August 10, 1998




    *open eyes*

    Wait...who is this beside me? God, I've got such a headache...

    Damien sits up and, in a flash, remembers the events of the previous night. A little too much to drink...a little partying with a bar fly... They somehow ended up back at his cardboard box--big enough for a riding lawnmower--his current place of residence. He didn't recognize the sheets they were wrapped up in, leading him to believe this chick went back to her place to grab stuff so she could spend the night.

    What a crazy hoe.

    He grabs the sheet and peels it off of him, setting it alongside Claire. He skittishly puts his pants on, quickly zips up, slips out of the box, and stands up to stretch. All that tussle woke Claire. Damien pulls a toothbrush out of his right front pocket and starts brushing away as Claire rolls over and looks at him.

    "D, my back hurts!" she says in a whiny voice. She scrunches her face and pouts.

    "Sorry, I'll take it easy on you next time."

    Watch it now...sarcasm's in the air!

    He continues brushing. Oddly enough, he uses no toothpaste and no water, so when he's done, he spits and puts the slimy tool back in his pocket.

    "No, D, I mean laying on a bunch of newspaper isn't really much of a cushion against the pavement. Why didn't we just stay back at my place?"

    "If I would have done that, then I wouldn't be 'Dirty' Sanchez, now would I?" He reaches in his left rear pocket for a J, puts it to his lips, lights it with a match from a matchbook with "Scardena's" printed on it in red letters with a green background, and inhales. "What made YOU stay at MY place, anyway?"

    "I was trashed too, you know. And what is this, anyway?" referring to Damien's setup. "Is this what you're going to bring a girl home to when..."

    "Good enough for you, wasn't it?! Listen, if I wanted criticism, I'd go back home and listen to my mother go off on a rant about what I should be doing with my life and how I'm wasting 'suuuuuch great talent'. I really don't care. In fact, get your 'box' out of my box and scoot on out of here!" He takes a long drag.

    Claire puts her tube top, skirt, and high heels on, grabs her pink and white hand purse, slides her large brown sunglasses on her head over her bangs, and struts out of the alley in a frenzy. Damien just stares at her.

    She looks pissed. Man, I love to watch her leave, though.

    Damien turns back to his box, looking at the mess that was left behind. He takes his right hand and scratches his right cheek through the beard.

    Hmmm...what's on today's agenda?

    He sniffs his right underarm while still scratching.

    Ugh...I gotta get myself a shower pronto. And with that, I should probably check myself for crabs.

  5. Marshmallow_Bandit

    Marshmallow_Bandit Jedi Youngling

    Feb 22, 2008

    Damien Angelo Sanchez
    August 10, 1998

    Damien already took care of brunch. It's his fifth week as a "homeless guy" and he's starting to get used to the glares from everyone when he steps into the same Burger King to order the same Croissandwich every day. The cash he grabbed before he left his parent's house has lasted him for a while. He's hardly had to spend any of it since he earns a pretty penny playing acoustic covers of popular songs (and a few original songs) out on the streets. All he's trying to do now is find a place where he can take that shower he so urgently needs.

    The plan was to break into someone's home and use the shower while trying to not disturb anything else. It's become a sort of art form for Damien, breaking and entering. He doesn't do it to be harmful, or even out of necessity. He does it because he can. He just finds amusement in it.

    He walks into an apartment building, finds a random door he wants to knock on, and knocks. Apartment number 233 will be his ticket to cleanliness.

    "'s the plumber," he says. If anyone opens the door, he can play it off as having the wrong apartment. If no one answers, he'll find a way to slip in and use the facilities. He waits ten seconds and knocks again.

    "Did you call for a plumber?"

    No answer. He hurried outside and made his way up the fire escape. The fire escape was between two buildings. Out of sight, out of mind was the name of the game. With just his hands, he forced apartment 233's window open and he climbed in. The window led to a bedroom -- a cluttered, unorganized bedroom. He made his way to the living room to see a few boxes sitting out in the middle of the floor. There were a few items in those boxes. There were more boxes in the corner of the living room, although they were collapsed and stacked on top of one another.

    Hmmm...looks like whoever lives here just moved in or is about to move out. Alright. Let's just check into the bathroom, shower, and check out of this joint.

    He walks down the hall and makes a left into the bathroom.

    Ahhhh...cleanliness at last!

    He was looking forward to this shower. It's been a few days since he last broke into someone's home to take care of personal hygiene. He strips down to nothing and turns the faucet on. The pipes start rumbling and screeching. No water comes.

    "What the hell is this?!" he yells in frustration. "How am I supposed to take a shower now?!"

    He shuts the faucet off and tries the sink. He has the same result.

    "Damn it! What kind of crappy apartment complex IS this??" He laughes to himself. If only he was the plumber he said he was when he first knocked...

    He walkes out of the bathroom nude and begins exploring the apartment for a quick solution. He's NOT about to try breaking into ANOTHER apartment to see if the problem is isolated. He was lucky enough to find this empty one available for abuse. He then thinks he found a solution: he discovered few water bottles in the fridge.

    Well, this'll have to do. I have to hurry up, though, 'cause I don't know when the owner will be here.

    Grabbing five 20oz bottles, he makes his way back to the bathroom. He climbs into the tan ceramic bathtub, cracks a bottle open, and pours it on his head and body. He cringes. The water is COLD: his lips turn blue; his nipples get hard; his 'pride' shrinks. He reaches over for the new box of Irish Spring and pulls out the bar. He latheres up quickly. With every stroke of the bar against his skin, he imagines being in a tropical island. The warm sun, the white sandy beach, the crystal-clear water...anything to get his mind off the frigid water. He takes a second bottle and tries rinsing himself.

    "Aaaaargh! Son of a...!" He holds his tongue. He realizes he is being very loud, and the last thing he wants is for any neighbors to become alarmed. He struggles through the rest of the rinsing process and then reaches for a towel. Of course, the towel rack was empty. Biting his tongue so as to not yell out obsce
  6. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Jayson Bryce
    August 10
    12:28 PM


    It was high noon on Monday, day three of Bryce's latest hunting expidition. It was the fifth tab he had cracked today, and the third case he had broke into this weekend. To say he drank while he was hunting was an understatement.

    Oddly enough, he wasn't having as much success as he had in years past. He'd seen a whole three deer this year, and they were all does. It was funny, how you might see a 10 point buck the week before season, but the minute it was legal to shoot it, disappears. They said animals had a sixth sense about self preservation, and that only supported the theory. He didn't really notice, but there weren't very many animals around like there should have been...maybe they knew something he didn't.

    His truck rumbled along the deserted forest road, rolling down it at barely an idle. Truck hunting was neither a productive nor a legal practice, but it was how most people did it anymore. Especially people who didn't want to pack a case of beer on their back along with a rifle.

    He stopped, and scoped down a long draw for a while. Nothing. Not even a bunny hopping around. This was turning out to be a bad year for the mighty hunter. He beat a pack of Marlborlo Red's on the palm of his hand, and popped one into his mouth.


    He took a long drag, and opened the pack to count what he had left. Just a handful, if the hunting kept up this good, he'd need to make a run back into town to pick up some more. It wouldn't bother him much, even though his old '89 Ford 150 only got 10 miles to a gallon, thanks in part to the four-inch lift and 35 inch tires, gas prices were the lowest he had ever seen. No more than $1.08 in some places. Not that he was making much money, but things weren't tight. He'd finally paid off the last of his court fines nearly two months ago, and money had surplussed since then.

    Life, in Jayson Bryce's eyes, was relatively on the up and up.

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  7. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th, 9am

    Gabriel finished his meeting with Chief Irons and slipped down to Marvins office to pick up his gloves. They were surprisingly similiar to what Gabriel prefered. Normally he went for the fingerless style but the ones Marvin produced were thin enough to not impede finger manipulation of anything, and tough enough to allow extra grip on just about any surface.

    He thanked Marvin for the gloves and went down to the garage. Gabe signed out a squad car and noticed that the vehicle that they brought around was a bit more heavy duty than the standard squad car. It was painted the same dark blue as his uniform. It had a heavier ram gate on the front and better tires than the standard. On the side was painted in large white letters. "R.P.D.- SPF"

    Technically speaking this vehicle was his. Until more members showed up of course.

    "SPF Unit 101, dispatch over."

    Gabriel reached for the radio as he pulled the car out onto the street.

    "SPF 101, go ahead dispatch. You dont have something for me to sink my teeth into already do you?"

    "Negative on that 101, words come down from the top that until you get more members for your squad you are not to have any high priority tasks. For now you are just a street cop. No Special Tactics stuff eh?"

    Gabriel looked into his rear view mirror and sighed. It was going to be a slow first day.

    "Roger that dispatch, let me know when you get something. 101 out."

    Gabriel spent most of the morning cruising streets, getting familiar with his new stomping ground. The new SPF vehicle was catching many looks from the street folk. They hadn't seen it out of the garage yet. With that and the natural commanding aura that Gabriel exuded in his uniform... it must have seemed like there was a new sheriff in town.

    He drove around for an hour before heading to the outskirts of the city. He saw that there were huge, heavy duty helicopters bringing in gigantic concrete walls. They must have been 5 stories high. Up ahead of him there was a man in a white biohazard clean suit directing the walls down and into place. The Umbrella insignia was plastered on his back. Gabriel pulled over to the shoulder and killed the engine. He slipped his aviators on and straightened his uniform as he walked up the the foreman.

    "Excuse me!"

    He had to shout overtop of the sound of the helicopter. The foreman saw him, nodded and motioned for him to wait a minute. The helicopter slid the wall into place and the cables disconnected, then it flew off.

    The foreman came up to gabriel and wiped the reflective faceplate of his suit. His voice came from a microphone inside the suit.

    "What can I do for you officer?"

    "Was just wondering what the walls were going up for. And why you had a bio suit for that matter, is everything alright?"

    "Everything is fine Officer. Just an Umbrella precaution."

    "Precaution against what exactly?"

    "I take it you read the reports about the wild animal attacks on the edges of the city? These walls are being put in place to protect the citizens of the city from the animals. The bio suit is just Umbrella's way of getting their name out. I actually have just overalls and a hardhat under here. Let me tell you it gets hot in these things!"

    Gabriel had heard of the animal attacks, that had been just before the STARS incident. But if it were just wild animals.... why were the walls so high? Seemed to Gabriel that they were trying to keep something in... as much as they were trying to keep things out. There was that nagging again. Gabriel nodded as another helicopter came in with yet another conrete wall. The foreman waved and ran back into place to get back to work. Gabe scracted his chin and walked back to his car.

    "...Dispatch.... I know Chief Irons said not to worry about it but I was curious... Does Umbrella have the right permits to be putting up such high walls here?"

    "Unit 101, Umbrella has produced all paperwork and permits for the construction of the wall. It went through city hall and Chief Irons specifically.
  8. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Lucy
    10th August 5pm

    Lucy sped along the road at full tilt. In normal circumstances she'd go a bit more slowly, but after a regular day at work she'd gotten a call from Paul that her mother had collapsed. It was even more infuriating because some roads were closed, a few for roadworks and a few due to unruly pedestrians or something.
    Coming up to her house Lucy jumped off her bike, leaving it lying on the lawn. She tore through the front door and into the lounge. Paul was just putting down the phone and her mother was lying on the sofa, a small bandage on her ankle.
    Paul came over and held Lucy back a little, hands on her shoulders.
    "Sweetheart, your mother is fine. She got bitten by something at work and fainted. Stupid putting a gallery in an old warehouse, rats still get in. But I'm taking her to the hospital for some tests. She'll be fine, ok?" Said Paul. There was something panicking in his eyes.
    Lucy went over to her mother. She looked awful, covered in sweat and unfocused eyes. Rosaline reached up and hugged her daughter tightly.
    "I love you baby. So much. Nick would be so proud of you and so am I." She said. The declaration had startled and scared Lucy, but she hugged back.
    "I love you too mum. I really do. But it's just a bite or something, nothing to worry about."
    She pulled slowly out of the hug and stood up, facing Paul. He looked even more worried.
    "Lucy, maybe you should come with us."
    "Why?" Asked Lucy. This was really strange. Paul clenched his jaw.
    "Rosa? Come on, I'll get you to the car." He carried her out and a few moments came storming back in. He put his hand on Lucy's shoulder, staring her down, determination and anger clearly there.
    "Now listen to me young lady, you are going to go upstairs, put a few things into your backpack, things you can't leave behind. We are going to the hospital and then leaving the city. Do I make myself clear?"
    Lucy was really freaked out now, what was going on? why was Paul acting like this? She nodded slowly then ran upstairs.
    In her room she wondered whats he couldn't leave behind. She then decided on her photo album, containing some pictures from when her father was alive, and a small toy cat she'd had since a baby. She paused before running downstairs, suddenly turning and going into her parent's room.
    She opened the closet and there it was on the top shelf with all the old things that got left in there as they didn't have an attic, her father's posessions. Rosaline couldn't bring herself to part with some items that had belonged to her first husband.
    She opened the box quickly and took out her father's police badge and, although she didn't know why she grabbed it at the time, his hunting knife.
    Putting them in her backpack, with room to spare, Lucy made her way back downstairs. She stopped however, when she heard Paul's voice. He was clearly on the phone to someone and was getting more and more annoyed.
    "What!?! What do you mean you can't let her out?..........I have to what?.........But you said we-...........yes sir...........of course I turn her over to you at the hospital.........yes.........of course I will..............of course I'm grateful sir, I just don't entirely understand what is going on..............Tyrant? you mean it-..........what stage? Well from what I remember of the testing I'd say still at early stage one, maybe 6-9 hours before...........a vaccine?.........that's what you need me for?........alright..........and that's what it's going to take to get her out?..........Then I'll do it. Yes, I'll see you there sir."
    The conversation just confirmed to Lucy that something strange and horrible was going on. She came down into the lounge. Paul still had the phone in his hands, just staring at it.
    "Dad?" Asked Lucy. Paul looked up and gave a weak smile.
    "I'm fine. Just worried about your mother. I think she might be having an allergic reaction or an infection. But I'll make sure she gets help." He hugged Lucy, a little too tightly.
    "Come on. Let's go."

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    May 7, 2008
    to late to join in?
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    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Dante Rand
    Coffee Shop August 8th 10: 39 AM

    ? William what are you doing? DO you want to die.? Your throwing away you and your family?s life by doing thi-?Dante almost screamed.

    ?No, I stand to make a lot of money just like you. All I want you to do is drive my daughter and my wife to the air port next week. You go with them, you take them wherever ever they want to go. Then you spilt up, you either go with my wife or my daughter and her grandparents, so you know that I?m not going to leave you out of open so you can go a die?whenever Umbrella wants. Then the people who are going to buy this product give us all a large fortune and Protection. We all wind up fine and dandy?.and richer than are wildest dreams.? Birkin said quietly in a matter of fact voice. He slid a small .45 Revolver across the coffee table, along with a large box of shells, slowly and deliberately. ? I know you have a hunting rifle in your house, you always asked me to go hunting with you and the guys. Carry it in your trunk for the next week. And carry that revolver on you at all times from now on, in case Umbrella?finds out somehow. Meet me at Alan?s Diner next week, my daughter and wife will be waiting for you? Birkin said as he stood up and left the coffee table.

    ?I must be an idiot for doing this.? Dante cursed quietly to himself, as he got up from the coffee table.

    Raccoon City College Campus August 10th 9:00 AM

    ?I see there have been a lot of absences?.More than usual. Half the people who started this course are now gone. This is your Summer Finial review?I understand most of you had to try hard to get here. I happy this many of you made it through the course. Some of you, I hope to see during the actual school year, in the next course. The honors course, ladies and gentleman. But I?m proud of all you. I think everyone here today has nothing to worry about. Except for Jamie.? Dante said while laughing. Jamie, was his number one student, number one student in the college. She probably would transfer over to The University of Chicago ?.maybe Brown next year, and everyone knew it. No one else in the class laughed though. They shifted in there seats, as if he had said something inappropriate.

    ? Ummm?sir?.she?s in the hospital?some guy in the parking lot attacked her.? A student stood up and said meekly.
  11. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    August 10th 1998
    Arline Taggert (Artie)

    Artie was sitting on the steps, about to go into the library for a moment, when she heard a car peel its tires close. She looked up, because it had been quiet. Too quiet. Artie noticed almost nobody was on the streets. When she looked up, it was her older brother.

    "Artie...get in the car..." he told her, looking serious as he held open the door. Artie frowned. "But I am just about to go.."


    Artie looked over in shock. Her brother NEVER called her by her full name, unless it was something serious. And the look on his face, was begining to scare her. She quickly grabbed her bike, and rolled it over to the car. He quickly put it in the back, and she was barely inside the car, when he took off like a rocket. She looked over, scared. "Whats going on?" she asked.

    He shook his head. "When we get home. Right now, just keep you eyes open...."

    Artie have her brother an owl eyed look, but didnt say another word, until they made it home. Something was going on. The streets are almost empty. A few people were packing up, in a hurry. One of her neighbors was carrying boxes of stuff inside.

    "Jamie....?" she asked softly, as he drove the car into the garage. "Get in the house. I'll tell you inside."

    Artie nearly flew inside the house, looking around. Where were her mom and father? It was quiet. She heard movement upstairs. She sat down quietly, and waited for her brother to explain what was going on.

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  12. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10, 5 pm. Sun setting.

    The Raccoon City Police Station was in absolute chaos. Shouting, complaints, yelling, pointing, jabbing fingers. The cells were already overcrowded from too many prisoners being brought in. Some of the people with the nasty skin were handcuffed to benches. They were writhing and wiggling. Some trying to break free of their handcuffs so strongly that they were bleeding from the wrists, but didn?t seem to notice. Groans escaped their mouths like?


    Gabriel strode through the crowds with purpose, pushing people aside forcefully so he could get by. He was moving to the steps, making his way up to Chief Irons office when something clicked in his mind. The report he had read on the allegations of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. The ones that had been completely shot down and brushed away. It was true? All of it was true. But if it were true? then?

    Gabriel drew his Jericho and the crowd parted trying to get away. He walked up to the deranged man handcuffed to the bench. His eyes were wild and hungry. They were bloodshot and yellow. His lips looked as if he had been chewing heavily on them. His skin was pale and split in some areas. Gabe placed his boot on the left side of his chest and held him down.

    ?God forgive me if I am wrong...?

    Tension began building in Gabriel?s mind as his pistol was leveled at the man?s heart. Screams could be heard from the normal people still by the reception desk as they saw an officer pull a pistol on a sickly man.

    Gabe pulled the trigger and a 9mm round went point blank into the man?s heart.

    Then nothing happened. He was still. Ice began to knot in Gabe?s stomach as he pulled away. Just when he thought that he had killed the man. The handcuffs broke and the guy he had just shot in the heart was on top of him. Both hit the ground and the man lunged to bite Gabriel?s face.

    He was pushed back slightly by Gabe?s free hand against his neck, just barely keeping the teeth off of his face. The mans breath smelled of blood. They struggled for a minute with horrified citizens and officers watching the tussle in disbelief. When Gabe had been knocked down, his pistol had slid away out of his grasp. Now he managed to get a knee up between his attacker and his own body. He gave a desperate heave and sent the deranged man over him in an arc. Gabriel scrambled for his pistol as two more officers stepped forward and drew their beretta 9mm pistols. The man that Gabriel had now classified as a Zombie stood slowly and walked toward the trio. All three opened fire at the same time. Pumping 15 rounds into the walking corpse.

    The zombie dropped and began to bleed out. Gabriel was breathing heavily and his arms were shaking. The other two stared incredulously at the normal man that had taken 16 shots to kill. One of them inched forward, pistol still leveled at the dead body. He kicked it with his toe to make sure it was dead and then pumped two more rounds into it.

    The other officer that had helped Gabe shakily holstered his pistol and looked over with wide eyes.

    ?What the hell was that?!?

    Gabriel finally lowered his own firearm and replaced it in his holster. He stumbled back and sank into the bench that had previously held the zombie prisoner. He put his hands on his head and ruffled his own hair, then looked up.

    ?Where?s Irons??

    The second officer came over and sat next to him. ?He has declared martial law on the City, but he is up in his office I think.?

    ?What the hell is martial law going to do when half the population are already walking corpses!?? Gabriel stood up furious. Then looked back to the first officer. His mind clicked yet again and realized that they were standing in a police station of people who were rapidly transforming into walking dead. He had read the complete report of Jill and Chris, cover to cover?. They were in over their heads now.

    His pistol was free of it?s holster again and he walked over to another chained up struggling zombie. He grabbed the former person by t
  13. Marshmallow_Bandit

    Marshmallow_Bandit Jedi Youngling

    Feb 22, 2008

    Damien Angelo Sanchez
    August 10, 1998




    My audience loves me!

    Damien holds the last note to ?Real World? by Matchbox 20. Not too many people recognize it, but they all enjoyed the performance. Damien knows that song would be a hit single if only the record company released it as such.

    He?s sitting Indian style and watches as the crowd pulls change and small bills out of their pockets to toss into Damien?s open guitar case that laid to his left. He smiles, looking at each person with gratitude.

    ?Thanks, folks. Now for my next one, I?ll be playing something original. I hope you like it.?

    Damien puts the pick in his mouth, sweeps his hair out of his eyes with his right hand, grabs the pick, and begins to play a song that has so far been untitled.

    ?This is the part where I give up
    'cause I don't understand myyyyyself.
    I'm all wrapped up in things that really don't matter in the end.
    I am hopeless and weak
    'cause I can't even speak myyyyy mind.
    Am I thinking too I thinking too much?
    There's no rest for myyyyyy head.

    All those things that were saaaaaaaid, were they meaningful?
    Did we mean what came out of our mouths?

    I look into your eyes
    I finally realize I can't have you
    You've always been out of reach
    and I hear your voice ECHOING in the back of myyyyyy mind
    All in due time I will understand whyyyyyyyyyyy,
    'cause in every situation there's an answer to WHYYYYYYYYYYY...
    but frustration sets in - impatience consumes me
    and I want to escape...want to run far away
    but there's no escaping thiiiiis
    there's no escaping thiiiiiiiiiis...

    Breeeeeeeathe...Relaaaaaaaax...It'll get better...

    I just can't get away from your presence
    no matter if you're here or noooooot.
    I can't explain - I will always complain
    that you're in myyyyyy head.
    I WANT YOU OUT! 'cause I don't want to hurt
    I WANT YOU OUT! 'cause I don't want to feel this
    Burn all the pictures - the images - the memories
    I don't want to feel this paaaaaaaain...

    Out of siiiiiiiight...Out of miiiiiiiiind...It'll get better...

    ...and you confront me, demanding I forget your name
    and you swear things won't ever be the same!
    Is this really what I wanted?
    Is this truly what I wanted?
    Now I break down as I realize I'm no longer in control.
    But was I reeeeeally in controoooool to begiiiiiin with?
    Nooooooooo...and you can see it.

    I don't CAAAAAAARE what I feel anymore...
    I can't CAAAAAAAARE what I feel anymooooooooooore...
    It'll get better...?

    Applause breaks out. The crowd cheers. Damien starts to believe that this is what he has to look forward to ? pleasing the masses with his melodies. He starts thinking that maybe 5 weeks of being homeless is enough. Maybe he?s already bored with it. Maybe he needs to start playing at local establishments. Maybe, just maybe, this passion of his could become a career.

    Two more people stroll over to join the 10 spectators. Damien sees his audience grow. One of the spectators starts screaming.

    ?It?s ok. I?m not that big of a star yet, honey.? He winks at the shrieking twenty-something gal. It?s then that he sees the sheer pain in her eyes.

    ?He bit me! This drunk jackass bit me!!!?

    The multitude turns in her direction. The girl?s boyfriend takes a swing at the offender, punching him in the ribcage. The stumbling man seems unaffected, keeping his grip on the girl, and bites her left shoulder harder. The shrilling sound emanating from her mouth catches the attention of passers-by from within a 100-yard radius. Some rush towards the gaggle to help. Others hobble over slowly. The boyfriend and two other men, both wearing business suits, use all their might to peel the offender off the girl. They are successful, but the man, now pinned down on the pavement by the others, has a mouthful of the girl?s flesh. The girl buckles to her knees, holds her shoulder with her right hand, falls on to her right side, and howls in agony. Her boyfriend turns and goes t
  14. nancyallen

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    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Reiko Ichijo
    August 10, 7:28 pm.

    What the hell happened to you? Reiko wondered, looking out the back of the ambulance at the girl. She had been called out to pick up a victim of assault, but her assessment that some type of animal had been behind it all. What the f... She felt the vehicle smash into something and spun around to see a car careening into oncoming traffic. Hitting the brakes Reiko jumped out, fully prepared to blast the driver for not giving way, when she saw he had smashed through the windshield and was lying motionless on the street.
    "Ah, oh no." Reiko ran up a little but on closer inspection it didn't appear there was much she could do. The angry yells of the other drivers who had stopped was enough to tell her that she'd better get out of here, she didn't want to risk confrontation with someone who thought of her as responsible. But at the very least she could call it in, despite it being the other driver's fault and Reiko feeling she should just leave him where he was. Running back to the wagon she reached in for the radio. "Unit 73, urgent, multi vehicle accident. Driver is seriously injured." She gave the details before reporting the girl she had would be brought to the hospital as soon as she could.
  15. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Eric G. Winston
    -~- Lunch Break, 12:06pm
    [blockquote]Eric held out an open palm as the portly, rosey cheeked old woman placed both the receipt to his meal, and the according change within it. Smiling at her with a tip of his cap, he took it all, left hand grasping the brown paper bag while his right one stuffed the eighty-or-so cents in his jacket pocket along with the receipt. "A pleasure, Margey." he dismissed himself with a blatant wink. Margarette couldn't help but laugh nearly outloud at Eric's clownishness, although despite how he teased, it was cute in a way, "Oh, child, please. Now you go on and enjoy that, you hear?"

    "Will do. See you here tomorrow at noon, like always, right, sweetheart?" he smiled with a shaky finger pointed cheesily towards Margarette and she nodded with a smirk and a quirked brow, "'Course, hun.. 'course."

    Eric laughed, "Alright!", turned on his heel and made his way back to his pickup, out through the backdoor of the diner. He threw the paper bag onto the already-cluttered passenger seat and revved up the engine, planning on scarfing down the meatball sub, chips, and Sprite while driving back the garage. He had a Toyota, a couple of Jeeps, and a Honda bike to work on, followed by him having to take an extra hour of his own time to buy a replacement part for an old boat engine, of all things. All in a day's work, apparently.



    A pit stop at the local bar, was it all it was. All it should have been. He'd already taken the time to call up Fred and make sure everything was green on his side before taking a few hours off for himself with the local bourbon junkies of Raccoon City, not even taking time after work to change back into his street clothes. For all intents and purposes, this was one of the later areas of the city to be considerably trashed by the Outbreak, not that that really made a bit of difference. It was all going to Hell no matter what happened or when.

    Kendo's was scheduled to take the day off for tonight. It would be locked tight, but Eric, like the other two who made a living there, had the keys to the whole shop just incase. All day since he'd downed that meatball sub earlier he'd been feeling a rough, cool chill running down his arms and back. He had an overbearing feeling of fright and uncertainty, but not enough to alarm anyone, not even himself. Something just wasn't right, and it wasn't the sauce in his lunch that was giving him that queasy feeling, and he knew that.

    But like all others who may have felt something odd was up, he simply brushed it off and took another deep swig of his beer. The bar was a tad emptier than usual, albeit the staff was intact for the evening. Besides that, there was a cop, and old security guard, someone who looked like a plumber, or a mechanic from some other nearby automotive service joint. In either case, he didn't recognize the long girly hair. There was also a little asian girl, but part of him just thought the hops in the beer had hit him too hard too early. No way someone that young would be in here.

    It was around this time that Eric decided that things around here were well dead and gone, although maybe not as litterally as it would be in just a few moments time. He stood up, paid his tab, grabbed his jacket, and banked out through the back door as he'd done with the Diner earlier that day. Perhaps part of him thought that if he left a public area the same way twice, then maybe this uneasy feeling would cancel out. Unlikely, though, as Eric didn't much believe in stupid magic or superstitions. Main reason he still hadn't married, he thought for a moment with a laugh, beer bottle still in one hand.

    He let the door swing shut harshly behind him as he felt for his keys and found his red pickup beneath the dimming sky and clouds above. As he neared it, though. He caught a glimpse of some extra red over the front passenger window of his vehicle.

    "Well.. ain't that the truth.." Eric murmurred to himself as he examined the apparent.. "blood" stain all over his damned
  16. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th. 1998, 5:30pm


    A black boot slammed against the empty gun racks in the armory and ammunition of various calibers fell to the floor.

    Gabriel was furious. The officer that had shown him the way to the armory was watching the door and glanced back nervously.

    ?We are screwed man?.?

    Gabriel pointed an accusing finger in his direction. Almost in a threatening manner.

    ?Don?t do that.?

    Ciparzo thought for a moment. What could they do now? The station was already infested with people that he had brought in hours prior and now the riot weapons and gear were all gone. But what about the STARS members? They were the elite? Surely they kept?.

    ?Look, go back to the lobby and inform everyone to conserve ammo as much as they can, find alternate ways to kill these things. Start boarding up the windows with anything you can find. Especially in the hallway by the briefing room, that is a narrow corridor and I don?t want anything popping through the windows. Have the civilians that are inside the station do that. Get the other RPD to go down to the jail cells and make sure that these freaks can?t get out. If there is anyone still normal, get them out. Make sure they haven?t been bitten first though??

    He didn?t like it, but Gabriel was taking control of the RPD in the absence of Brian Irons. He was a rallying factor for the normal desk cops here. Someone to take charge in a time of crisis. But things needed to be done and someone had to make sure they got done. If it had to be him.. even on his first day? so be it.

    He holstered his Jericho and picked up some empty 9mm magazines, then proceeded to load some extra ammo that had spilled to the floor into them. A weapon he had, but things were getting out of hand. They would need a lot more firepower than mere pistols to survive the night. 9 mils just didn?t have the needed stopping power to take these monsters down efficiently.

    Ciparzo jogged out of the armory and made his way passed the lobby, swiped his card and swung the door open as he went down to the locker room. His eyes scanned quickly across the names on the lockers. He skidded to a halt as he passed one of the ones he was looking for.


    He pulled the latch on it, but it was securely locked. Gabe looked around quickly before wrenching the door and breaking the lock on it.

    ?Sorry Chris?.?

    He scanned the items in it quickly but didn?t find anything of strategic value. An old STARS uniform, some pictures of family. One very good looking redhead in a biker jacket. But no weaponry. Before he closed the locker, Gabe did a double take on a piece of paper laying under some pictures on the top shelf. He read the entire thing. Taking more interest in it as he went. It was a duplicate copy of the report that Redfield had filed to Chief Irons regarding the Mansion incident in the Arklay mountains.

    ?Irons knew?. But he shot down a filed report and disowned one of his best cops? Why??

    The report went on to proclaim that the man who had established STARS, Albert Wesker, Team lead of Alpha squad? he had been working for Umbrella the whole time and had staged the whole thing as a test of bio weapons against skilled operators.

    Gabe folded the report and stuck it in his pocket. It might come in handy later on. He looked at the locker next to Chris and found the other one he was looking for. They must have grouped the STARS members together.

    He wrenched open Jill Valentines locker and stared at the contents. A blood speckled military uniform and a blue Delta Force beret on the top shelf. He moved the beret aside and smiled. There was a pistol on the shelf that he recognized from the STARS fliers that had circulated his office back home. The Samurai Edge. It looked like a standard 9mm beretta but it had a bigger kick, a higher rate of fire and a custom pistol grip with the STARS emblem on it.

    ?Good girl. You always have a backup? don?t you Jill??

    Her file had stated that she was a more than capable
  17. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    August 10th 1998
    Arline Taggert (Artie)

    Artie sat in wide-eyed silence, as she watched her oldest brother. It took her a few moments to realize what he was doing. He was doing. He was busy nailing up the house, and it was scaring her. It was like the horror movies she had just watched at the mall.

    "Whats going on?" she finally asked.

    Her brother came over, and gently held her shoulders. "You noticed anything wierd today?." he asked her softly. Artie shook her head. "We..lll, the streets were kinda empty today. And when I was at the Mall, a couple of ambulances came in, but I didnt see anything..." Artie looked around. "Where's Mom and Dad?" she asked him. ""At the hospital..." he answered slowly.

    "THE HOSPITAL??!!! Then we gotta go, why are we..." She stopped, staring at him, as he held her down firmly.


    Artie turned to look at him strangly. "But...why?" was all she could say, as tears started to well up in her eyes. She stuggled to pull away, but he held her firm.

    "Artie, LISTEN to me. Something strange is going on. Mom went to grab the mail, and was attack by some nut job who bit her.Dad took her to the hospital, when she got a fever suddenly. He called home, and said for us to board up the place, and dont go out..that something dangerous was going on. Then the phone went dead....."

    Artie stopped pulling against her brother, and simply stared at him. Tears were coming down her face, but she didnt make a sound. James ruffled her hair. "I know, this sounds like a bad horror movie. But I need you to go upstairs and help Tom, and Jack. They are boarding up the upper windows. I want you find all the food stuff and water you can, and take it upstairs. Im NOT hiding in the basement. Grab your baseball stuff too kido, we might need it."

    Artie took a step back, nodding her head, as she wiped her eyes. She then shot up the stairs looking for her other brothers. After a fierce hug from them, she began to help as best she could. Artie took a peek out the windows. In an hour or so it would be dark. The streets were empty, that was not good. Almost no cars were left around. She could hear strange sounds coming from some of the side streets. Artie helped to finish covering up the windows, while big brother finished downstairs. Artie looked at Tom. "What about the stairs? We should block those too, just in case whatever it is, breaks the doors...." She then asked, "Have you seen what it is?"

    Tom shook his head. "No, Arts. But I saw a wall. And it was fricking HUGE. Going up fast. That means folks will be rioting like mad. No way we can get out. Everyone heading that way. But we can wait it out, You'll see."

    Artie shook her head. "What about the police??" she asked. James spoke up behind her. "Havent been able to reach em. Lines flooded. Figure they fighting the mobs trying to get out."

    Artie nodded, as she chewed on her lip. She put on her catchers mit, and grabbed her baseball bat, as she helped her brothers finish baracading the house.

  18. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th. 1998, 5:45 pm

    Gabe quickly made his way down to the holding cells. He could hear men struggling with something. As he turned the corner where he heard the noise, he saw several officers jabbing steel pipes at the faces of various zombies in the locked cells. His eyes flicked up and noticed that the pipes had been ripped from the mechanical lines on the ceiling.

    Smart. Not wasting ammunition and being resourceful. Raccoon Cities finest?

    One of the jabbers nodded at him as he walked by and tilted his head over his shoulder.

    ?Last cell Ciparzo.?

    Gabe patted him on the shoulder as he squeezed past. Several of the other cells had blood on the floor from zombies who had been stabbed in the face with the poles.

    The last cell held a man sitting on the bunk reading a book. Seemingly devoid of the shouts and grunts of the officers and zombies struggling no more than 13 feet from him. He looked completely healthy, if not a little thin.

    Without looking up he turned the page of his book and addressed Gabriel.

    ?Good evening Officer. What can I do for you??

    Gabe was confused. ?I take it you?re Ben? Why are you in there??

    ?Ben Bertolucci at your service, formerly a reporter for the local Raccoon City news desk. And I will tell you like I told everyone else. I am not leaving this cell.?


    Ben smirked and closed his book slowly.

    ?This is the safest place I can be. Things I know have made me a target. But I have men like you protecting me don?t I??

    Gabriel shook his head.

    ?You lost me there?. What do you know that we don?t??

    Ben?s smile turned malicious as he leaned against the bars of the cell.

    ?If you knew what I did, you would be in here with me?.?

    ?I can?t really be sure of that until you tell me now can I??
    Ben?s eyes closed and his smile became indulgent.

    ?What do you know about your boss??

    Gabriel?s eyebrow shot up.

    ?Chief Irons? Not much, I just met him this morning. Though he seems a little strange? why??

    A dark chuckle escaped from Ben. Gabriel pulled Chris?s report from his pocket and unfolded it through the bars.

    ?Do you know anything about this??

    Ben plucked the paper from Gabe and scanned it. His smile deepened and he pulled a paper of his own from his pockets.

    ?Here? I?ll trade you.?

    Gabriel took the leaflet and scanned it over. His heart seemed to catch as he read. The entire report implicated Chief Brian Irons as being paid bribes under the table by an umbrella executive named William Birkin to keep things quiet and in return, Irons gave them STARS as lab rats for their bio weapons to play with. The report also claimed that Irons had had a psych evaluation years before, he had a criminal record. Sexual assault being the top most convictions.

    ?What the hell is this..? These are some serious implications. Do you have proof??

    ?Hahahaha, proof?! Sergeant?. Look where I am. Hell? look at what you just gave me. It supports my findings rather strongly. If I were you. I would get out of this station and find a way out of the city.?

    The wall?

    ?There is no way out.. Umbrella put up a wall surrounding the City??

    Another dark laugh and Ben sat back down on the cot. ?But of course they did. A little convenient that Umbrella puts up a wall the same day that people start randomly attacking each other isn?t it? Penning in their mistakes see??

    Gabriel was numb. They were working for a corrupt police chief, who willingly sacrificed his own people for money and promises of power. In a city that had just had an epidemic of?. something that turned people into mindless zombies. Umbrella, the pharmaceutical company who was supposed to be world renowned for helping people, was behind the entire thing by trying to play with a science experiment that went bad. He felt sick to his stomach. A growl threatened to escape his throat as he yelled in frustration and anger. His palm slapped against the steel bars, which cause Ben to look up.

    ?Yes? that?s about what I said.?

  19. Marshmallow_Bandit

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    Feb 22, 2008

    Damien Angelo Sanchez
    August 10, 1998

    This place looks familiar?

    Damien carefully climbs through the window of apartment 223. The shoelace of his right shoe catches the latch on the windowsill. He tumbles.

    ?Owww, damn it!?

    Well, so much for stealth?

    Damien stands up, dusts himself off, and walks from the bedroom to the hallway.

    ?Helloooooo?anyone home??

    No response?good.

    He walks back into the bedroom. As he was turning to go into the closet to look for a weapon, he sees a small black footlocker at the foot of the bed.

    Hmmm?wonder what?s in there?

    The footlocker is closed and has a Master padlock on it. The padlock was unlocked. Damien kneels down in front of it to inspect it. He takes the padlock off, unlatches the case, and flips the lid open. His grin stretches from ear to ear.

    Tag: No One

    OOC: If anyone wants to meet up with me, just send me a PM and I'll figure out how my character will get there. At this point, I'm thinking I may try to meet up with my mom at the college where she works. I'll probably try calling from Gabriel's apartment to find that comms have been cut and start making my way by hijacking a car or something. I don't know. I'll wait a few hours before reposting.

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  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: In case anyone is interested, things are about to get ugly, and my character will be
    making a break for the police station. Anyone wanting to join up with my character, please FEEL FREE!!

    Arline Taggert (Artie)
    August 10th 1998 - 5:15pm

    Artie kept busy, trying to NOT think of what was happening. She began to hear strange noises outside,
    and other sounds she didnt want to think about. James kept the garage area ready, in case they had to
    retreat from the house. He wrote their parents a note, telling them where they might go. He left a walkie talkie that had, and he took the other. He gave Artie and Tom one as well. 'Just in case', he
    said. Artie was trying her best not to panic. She was NOT one of those girls who fell down screaming
    in the movies.. was she.

    No, she wasnt. She started grabbing things, tucking them into her pockets. Things she could use for
    defense. Things she might want to keep, in case they coudlnt come back to the house. She worried about
    her Mom, but at least she and Dad were together. She was to afraid of what she might hear about her
    other two brothers, who had not made it home.

    She helped James load the car, full of things they could possibly use, but they didnt have any guns. A
    bow was as close as they had, and James took that. Artie had a wrist rocket, and a small pistol
    crossbow, which she grabbed all the ammo she could find for it. She made a face. Could she really
    shoot someone with it? She would find out.

    They had sat down, and was sitting in the darkened living room. Night was swiftly approaching outside.
    The noises had gotten creepier now, and they were eating, while trying to catch some news. At first,
    they were told to stay in, and wait for further reports. Then the reports stopped coming. So they
    began to softly talk. If the city was evacuated, they probably got the folks in the hospital out
    already. Maybe thats why Mom and Dad coudlnt call them. A blackout. Now what?

    Tom mentioned the wall that he had seen going up. Artie spoke softly. "That means the roads and
    everything would be closed then. If its some kinda weird outbreak..." Artie made a face. James looked
    at Artie. "Common rat, you always watching those strange movies...think." he gave her a wink.

    Artie sat back. "Who you callin' a rat..." Artie stopped. "Wait! Maybe thats it!" Both brothers turned
    to look at her. Well, silly, we ARE in a city. There's gotta be stuff underground. Maybe we can find a
    sewer or something near the wall, and get out that way. Too much stuff around for them to block off
    all of that..." Artie stated hopefully. It had happened in one of her other horror was how
    the good guys escaped. James grinned. "Good girl. Maybe we get some sleep, and try in in the morn..."
    he stopped, holding up his hand.

    Artie sat up, frozen as she heard a noise. It sounded like something knocking. Tom got up, and
    carefully crept to the window, peeking out between a slat of wood. he then called out, "Its
    Bradly was one of the other brothers they had not heard from. Tom headed for the door.

    "No wait!" James called out. Jumping up from the couch. He was halfway accross the room, when
    James cracked open the door for a better look. He had drawn the chain accross the door, but it didnt
    matter. The door seemed to splinter from the force of the blow. As Artie came to a standing position,
    James grabbed her. Tom grinned, looking back at them. "See it's just..."

    He saw the look of horror on their face as they were looking past him towards Bradly. His head was
    bloody, and he was missing an ear. But what they had also noticed was that he was not alone. He had
    brought friends home as well. Artie screamed, as a greyish arm reached out, and grabbed Tom, pulling
    him outside, into the group. Artie saw the look on Bradly's face, and knew that it was no longer her
    brother she was looking at. James snatched her away from the horrible scene, as Tom yelled. James
    grabbed a s
  21. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Gabriel Ciparzo
    August 10th, 1998 5:50 pm

    He came jogging into the lobby again with the shotgun in hand. The Officer that had taken charge of the group in his absence looked up. His eyes flicked down to the blood coming from Gabriel?s arm. In the instant between the time he had blinked his pistol was pointed at Gabriel, who immediately stopped and raised his hands defensively.

    ?Whoa? hold your fire??

    ?You were bitten!?

    ? I was what??

    Gabriel had forgotten about the wound with the adrenaline of the situation above, as he realized he now had a gash on his arm it started to throb.

    ?Gunshot wound boss? compliments of the Ch??


    The officer in front of him fell and pieces of the floor plinked up around him as someone started shooting from behind them. Gabriel sprinted over to the reception desk and scrambled over it.

    ?That was a nice trick with the mug Ciparzo! I admit I?ve underestimated you. Never again Sergeant, you are next on my list. Prepare yourself!? Some more officers came running into the lobby to see what the gunfire was about.

    ?Get back!!? Gabriel yelled from the desk. It was too late. The lead officer took a round to the shoulder and went down. Gabe peeked up and put Irons? head down with a few 9mm rounds from his Jericho. The group that had run in, grabbed their fallen comrade and pulled him safely back down the hallway. More shots and some civilians that were huddled in a corner were killed.

    From his position though, Gabriel couldn?t really return fire. He was being fired upon from an elevated position. Just when he thought things were getting worse and worse, he heard a door shut on the floor above him. He peeked out once more and saw that Irons was gone.

    ?Crazy *******!?

    They could definitely use the STARS operatives right now. But they were probably dead. Chris disappeared and Irons probably had killed Jill.

    He ran over to the hallway and ripped a first aid kit off the wall. Upon examining the man he had been talking to he realized that he too, was dead. Gabriel chucked the first aid kit against the wall and the case busted open, spilling it?s contents. His hands went to his face, rubbed it for a moment and then he bent over to pick up some gauze. The SPF Sergeant wrapped his arm in the gauze and taped it off himself. He grabbed the shotgun and carried it over to the group that was treating their friend.

    ?Take this. It isn?t loaded but there are plenty of shells down in the armory. Be careful. Irons is hunting the remaining people in this station. If you see him. Shoot him. Don?t be sparing. He has already killed at least 5 officers and 2 civilians. If you shoot at him. Plan on killing him every time. Understand??

    The man nodded and took the shotgun.

    ?What are you going to do??

    Gabriel thought for a moment.

    ?There?s a gun shop not far from here. Kendo?s I think it was called. They are bound to have something we can use here. We need more firepower, that?s the only place I can think of that might be able to help.?

    Another nod.

    ?Be careful out there. Use the back alleys. Follow the alley to the right of the station. Eventually you will come to a basketball court. Go through the court, the next building will lead you right over to Kendo?s back door.?

    Gabriel nodded and checked his ammunition for his pistol. He wasn?t doing to bad but he needed to save some.

    He carried his M16 in a low ready position and checked the door outside. It was clear so he set off. He had to hurry. There was no telling how long Iron?s would take to gear up for his next assault.

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  22. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Been sick for the past few days, bare with me...
    IC: Pockets
    August 10th 1998 - 5:25pm

    Pockets had been watching the various local news channels since this, well, whatever it was had started. Crazy as it might seem it looked like a zombie outbreak from some horror flick. Twice the, the, the things had been up at the tenth level hallway that his apartment's entrance was in. He still had the fire escape of course, and as things progressively worsened he began packing up what gear he could carry while barricading the door into his apartment so it would remain secure in the event he would be able to come back here. His custom laptop, the single most valuable thing he had that was mobile, went into his specially designed backpack followed by its charger and a good sized surplus of charged batteries for it.

    A large assortment of electronic devices, half of them handmade by himself, went into his vest's many pockets. He secured the walk in closet that he had turned into his display room for his collectables behind its heavy lock before moving onto the kitchen. There he shoved in a pair of boxes containing granola and nutragrain bars as well as various drinks. He also packed it with a small assortment of canned food, to the point where it was stretched as tight as it would allow. He then began packing a small duffel bag, first with clothes, basic hygiene products, as well as camera gear, both video and standard, if he was going to survive, or even die then he wanted a record of what happened here.

    He ran out the door that exited onto the fire escape and made is way down it, carefully eyeing the streets around it as he decended for zombies. They weren't here in any sort of large numbers, only a handful of stragglers. As he reached street level he noted an oncoming car with two or so people in it. He ran into the street, waving wildly hoping to catch a safe ride.

    Tag: Ktala
  23. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Arline Taggert (Artie)
    August 10th 1998 - 5:25pm

    Arie was sitting quietly, watching outside, as things went nuts.
    James was busy trying to avoid areas where cars had been left in
    the way, as they made their way towards the police station.

    Artie was doing lookout. She mused slightly to herself, that it
    wasnt as fun in real life, as it was in the movies. Oh lord, if
    it had been anything else, she would find this almost funny.

    Suddenly, a man ran out into the street, waving wildly at their
    car. Artie quickly noticed the man was carrying some kind of
    bag. Even as she brought up her pistol bow. As James gripped the
    wheel, Artie heard the engine gun...

    "NO!" Artie screamed. "Stop the car!" Artie yanked the stearing wheel.

    James twisted the wheel hard, as he applied the breaks. "What? Are you nuts? He might be one of em!" he yelled, as the car came to a stop, mere inches from the man.

    Yeah!..And since have you seen once carrying a BAG!?? Look at him!"

    Artie poped up the sunroof. "Say something...anything. Quick!" she demanded, pointing her weapon towards the man.

    Tag:Yuul_Shamar, anyone else?

    OOC: Welcome aboard!!
    Anyone else?
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    IC: Reiko Ichijo
    August 10, 7:47 pm.

    Reiko listened as the radio began going crazy, reports of rioting and disturbances coming from all over the city. Traffic was quickly reaching a standstill and it was quickly becoming impossible to safely navigate through the streets.
    "Okay, **** this." Given the chaos that seemed to be happening Reiko didn't think anyone would scream too loudly and began shunting vehicles out of the way. After all the ambulance was flashing it's lights and the siren could be heard blocks away, mixed in with all the other emergency services rushing about. "Make way, make way!" she shouted out the window. Ahead of the traffic jam she was in the middle of Reiko could see a fire truck turning in, if she could follow that it would be a much clearer run to the hospital. The quickest way was along the sidewalk, mostly empty much to her relief. For a second she pondered her responsibility to ensure the safe transport of the girl she had in the back...for a second.
    **** it. For all she knew that girl was dying, seconds counted. Reiko leaned on the horn and turned, back ending some rust bucket or another as she did so and made her way across a lane of traffic to where she had a clear run up to the fire truck. Speeding along the pavement Reiko reached over and switched off the CB, not wanting to be distracted with reports about the blockades that were being put into place and the chaos occurring in the subway.
    "Yes!" She'd almost made it level with the fire truck, so Reiko swung back onto the road, sideswiping the front of a parked car along the way, and fell in behind the heavy vehicle. If she could make it the next two blocks it was only a short distance to the hospital.
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