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Rocky M, NC Resident HALO-"Crisis Arises"

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Kaiser_Fisto, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    Rocky Mount News and Observer-Oct. 10, 2004.

    "Members of the Rocky Mount community claimed to have witnessed a horrible mauling on the outskirts of the thriving city of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. One witnesses declared, "I was jogging around City Lake, I like to jog around at night, it helps me sleep better. Well, anyway, I was jogging around and circled around the corner past Chicos when I heard a scream. I ran as fast I felt like running to see where the noise originated from, and I stopped dead in my tracks to find a young woman, probably in her early twenties, on the asphalt, clenching her right thigh as I saw what appeared to be a "drunken man" run of into the shredded woods near the restaurant. Upon closer examination, I noticed that she has most certainly been bitten...but who the hell BITES people nowadays? Man, what an ass."

    Since the incident, the RMPD has been on full alert, also calling for a 10 o' clock cerfew, and if investigations still go on until Halloween, a nine o' clock will be set up.
    The police have yet to find the "drunken man" to bring him in for questioning...
  2. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Meanwhile, in the more peaceful town of Spring Hope, five individuals were getting together to discuss what they had heard about in Rocky Mount. One of these individuals have actually been a resident there off and on for about five years. So it hit home for him.
    Chris had alot of determination in his youthful eyes. His awsome greenish eyes. But behind them were a world of unknown worry and sadness. He had read the newspaper article over and over, trying to tell himself that some nutjob had just wanted to make the front headlines.
    But that's when his long time friend of nearly ten years spoke up.
    "Damn, man, this sounds like some Resident Evil ***t."
    Jon spoke what the other four were probably thinking.
    And the other three nodded, but still not wanting to believe any of this supernatural crap.
    Jon had a younger brother, Jimmy, whose eyes widened at the newspaper article. He spoke in a humorous manner, but always did, for the most part, sending sarcasm and wit into everything he said.
    "Dude, that chick should have shot shot that guy", is what his next words were. Chris gave him a mild look, "Man is it always shooting with you?"
    Jim smiles, "Yeah, I mean, come on." "He wouldn't bite another person again if you blew out his jaw or something."
    Roger shook his head and scowled Jim, "You can't be serious." "Maybe you could all accept the fact that he might have actually been drunk, and he had no idea what he was doing, and got carried away?"

    There was dead silence for about a minute, then hysterical laughter from the other four.
    The fifth one finally spoke up, the largest of the five, weighing around two hundred and sixty pounds of pure anger, mixed with some wisdom for flavor, and you have Cameron.
    "There ain't no damn virus, so lets just get over to Fett's house--we're already late, and it's not MY fault this time!"
    They all nodded and made preparations to get in Cam's Ford Explorer. Jon whipped out his cell phone and started to dial a number.

  3. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    I figured this might be a good idea to do for upcoming Halloween. I'll try to put more and more stuff in, I think you all will be pleased at what idea I had for this.
  4. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    Over at Fett's house, the others were tiredly waiting, once again, for the others to arrive.
    "Fett", or that's what some called him; his real name was Dennis. Basically, the guy looked like he could crack a skull as fast as a guy could blink. He was in his kitchen, getting himself a beer.
    The others were already in the midst of battle, for they were playing one of THE best-selling X-Box games of all time: HALO.

    Holder and the one everybody calls Riff were on a team, while the younger team of the Wookie loving Dustin, a.k.a. "Poldu", and the marksman extraordinaire, Matt---we'll just stick with Matt, were up by one flag, when something strange happened.
    The power went out, leaving everything a momentarily pitch black, and then the lights came back on, and the four players, along with the always laughing Joe, and the former Air Force guy Eddie-Wan, and the hilarious Nightwing, all stared in horror at Fett's TV screen.
    They saw bodies of HALO soldiers sprawled out all over Blood Gulch, and monsters from the Covenant were ravaging the remains, leaving nothing in sight. But suddenly, a hand slapped at the screen from what seemed to be "inside" the game itself. And a soldier pulled himself up, a bloody mess, to try and speak to the staring players.
    "H..Hey, guys, it's me...Caboose, from Red versus Blue? Listen, I--uh, we need your help, and I'm asking YOU all to do this because, frankly, I think you all are LUNATICS anyway, so this won't sound so far-fetched. The Covenant is strong, and they are tired of kicking our asses, and want another challenge, so they are planning on invading the real world. And you ask, how can this be?
    I have no ***king idea. But they are planning on launching their assault first on a place called.....R-a-l-e-i-g-h? That mean anything to you guys? Now, we are, and the last thing I can offer some weapons for you real life guys. If you look out back, you'll see a Warthog filled with Grenade launchers, assault rifles, some pistols and ONE sniper rifle...and about fifty plasma grenades.
    Dennis's eyes lit up, and he chuckled.
    Riff had already started calling dibbs on the sniper rifle when he looked around and already saw that Matt had scrambled out of the front door, hauling ass to the backyard. Ray hurried after him. Dustin, the thirteen year old from Nashville had looked on with disbelief, but grasped at any chance he could shoot the crap out of something, and got up to leave. Nightwing looked at Holder and Dennis and said, "Man, this Blue really kicks ass!" Everyone started to laugh, and Dennis's smile faded to a stern look of worry as he saw Caboose...with his last words as he was shot to death, "They already have your...wife.."
    "OW! You shot me!" "This sucks!"
    "Good luck...real life guys...and may the Force be with you, ha, ha."
  5. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    The remaining members got up and just looked at each other for a second. Dennis broke the silence.
    "Dude, they got my woman."
    Holder nodded, and heard an enthusiastic scream and an engine roaring outside. The others ran outside, and blinked with disbelief as they saw their little pal Dustin doing donuts around Dennis's yard with sure enough, A Warthog.
    "Damn", Holder added.
    Dustin pulled to the steps and yelled, "Man, this thing is SO awsome!"
    Nightwing chuckled and got in the gunner's position quickly.
    Holder, Joe, and Eddie turned to see Matt and Ray playing tug of war with the only sniper rifle; the barrel end pointed at Matt. Dennis yelled out, "Hey, man, stop that, someone might get capped!"
    Ray responded, "Well, tell him to let go of it!"
    Matt snarled, "It's mine!"
    Finally, Ray decided to be the bigger man, and let go, allowing Matt to fall on his rear.
    "Fine, go ahead and take it." "I'll just get it from ya later when ya get capped." Ray scoffed and walked over to the others. "So, what the hell do we do here?" "There really is a Warthog and all these guns out here, so I think that as hard as all this is to digest, Caboose could be right-about everything."
    Just then, Matt's cell rang. It was Jon on the other line.
    "Hey, Hawthor, what's going on"?
    "Um, hey, listen, we got a small problem."
    And Matt began to tell Jon the story.
    And Jon told Matt about the incident in Rocky Mount and some paranoia it had caused. Neither really believing this was real at all, they told each other that they would meet somewhere on the Highway, and that some of them would be in the Warthog.
    Jon laughed and hung up, relaying the bizarre story to his friends. And Matt had done the same to the fellows on his side. Dustin protested that he wanted to drive, but Holder interviened, "Man, you can't drive this thing; you don't have a lisence."
    Dennis and Ray looked at each other, and looked back at Holder. Holder smirked, and nodded to Dustin, giving him permission to drive. Nightwing was taking pot shots at random birds, already making his decisiion a while ago. Dennis got in the passenger side, and readied about ten plasma grenades, sadistically grinning. The other five wondered what they would drive, and Matt just said he would drive his car, and some folks would have to get in the back, and they were fine with that, but Ray said with a smile, "I'm not so sure if we can get back here; we'd need Chris to show us the proper way to jump onto the back of an El Camino, right?" Everyone laughed hard, and shortly after packed up gear and made for their embarkment. Joe grabbed an assault rifle, and eddie snatched a pistol, still sipping on some Blue Milk, just waiting for him to come out of this crazy crap.
    "Alright, fellas, let's go", Dennis said. And with that, the pack took off.
  6. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    The five others were taken back by all that they had learned of, and realized they were very close to Raleigh, but took a vote, and decided that IF All of what they said was real, then going in as a group would be much better. But Jon--was hungry, and had asked the others could they stop in Rocky Mount for a quick bite to eat. Cam arched a brow, "Man, are you crazy?"
    But after about five minutes of arguing, he had decided that he too was hungry, and said yes to the drive. Jon called Matt up and told him of the plan, and that they should just meet them at the McDonalds on Sunset.
    Upon going into the city limits, the five had just realized, that for the first time, there were no other cars on the highway. When they had passed the Hospital, however, they noticed the parking lot overflowing with cars. Chris got a bad feeling in his stomach, and so did Jon, but had decided his was only gas.
    "God, look at that," Chris spoke in a pitiful manner, wondering if all those cars meant that there were more...victims?
    Roger made a good point, "Today's October 15th." "It's only been five days." "If anything major happened, wouldn't we have heard about it by now?"
    Jim nodded and agreed, "Yeah." "Hey, let's see if there's anything on the radio about it." He was in the front passenger seat, and tried to search for anything helpful...and widened his eyes as he caught some static and a reporter's voice, but it was way too hard to make it all out.
    "Terror....crazy will be set...."
    "Dammit," Jim responded, as then he got pure static. Cam started to panic a little, "Damn, man, this ***t ain't real!"
    Chris tilted his head as they came around on the Sunset exit, and noticed the orangish-purple collaberation the Sun had made with the spreading clouds and thought to himself, "I hope I get to see more sunsets like these." And his thoughts were interrupted by an "Oh my God."
    Cam had slammed the brakes on the Explorer, and Jim, Roger, and Jon all stared--at the several overturned cars and semis at the intersecting stoplight on Sunset. Cam had no words of wisdom, only, "What the Hell...?"
    Chris opened his door and got out slowly, surveying the wreckage of about fifteen vehicles. "This is insane", his voice was soft and just sounded forboding. Cameron snapped, "Man, get back in the car!" Chris had totally ignored him as he steppd up within an arms reach of a car that seemed familiar to him. It was overturned completely upside down, and he bent down to look in the driver's seat, and said a silent "Thank God" as he got up and walked back to his friends. Jim got his act together, "Alright, if this is all for real, and this place has been overran with frigging zombies, we need...heh, heh, guns."
    As much as he wanted to disagree, Chris sighed and nodded, and stated that he only knew of the pawn shop on highway 64 that had a fair supply of guns and ammo. With that, they got in, and with a great wave of sadness, backed up, and went the way they came, hoping that no one else was on the road. They actually got to the shop without incident, and to their horror, they didn't see any other drivers or people for that matter. The shop's doors were open, but no one was inside. They all felt bad about taking the guns, but realized THIS was REAL, and they would think of how to repay it all later. Jim went for a Desert Eagle. Jon snagged a crummy made longsword they actually had for sale. Roger reluctantly picked up a Remington .357 rifle, and got plenty of ammo.
    Cameron noticed a 30-R-6 rifle...with hollowpoint bullets, for that extra ouch. Jon had decided on a Colt Python revolver, a big damn handgun. Chris shook his head and grabbed two Berettas from the glass case, with several magazines.
    "If this is real, we have to win this." "We have to."
  7. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    The other eight were rolling down the highway, coming up on the exit they had sought out, and they too had realized that no one else was out tonight.
    Nightwing had racked up several hundred kills as he had gotten very bored and laid waste to every bird he saw on the way, and Dustin was complaining about the bird crap. Heh. They had all decided to just see what was on the other side of the city, so they came off of the exit that led to the Movie Theater. The site they saw there was incredible. Hundreds of cars, overturned, were laid out in the parking lot of the Movie Theater. Ray had gotten ahold of a Rocket Launcher and looked about from the safety of the Camino. "Looks clear, but why in the hell are all the cars--"
    They all heard an explosion-BOOM-as they looked to their right to see that a tanker had exploded and a fierce fire had spread rather quickly, making any passage on the right inaccessible. Holder swore, and Dustin hit the gas, going past the complex at about sixty miles an hour. Matt followed, but slammed on his brakes, and the others in the Warthog failed to see him stop, or just ignored him. He slowly crept into a narrow space, and parked his car, getting out to look at the side of the movie complex. Holder ordered, "Man, get your candy ass back in the car!"
    Matt's mouth was wide open as he stumbled forward, looking--looking at a girl lying on the sidewalk. She had a deep gash running from her right shoulder all the way down to her navel. And Matt had realized it was someone he knew.
    "Oh, no," he muttered as he bent down to check her status. Joe and Eddie got out of the back and ran over to assess the situation. Eddie spoke, "Hey, you know her, Matt?"
    Matt responded, "Yeah, an old girlfriend of mine."
    Eddie frowned, and so did Joe, and that was rare, the guy was usually giggleing and taking footage with his camera, and sure enough, Joe had brought it along with him, and started filming the carnage. He walked around the edge of the building, fading from sight. Eddie followed him, and Matt was relieved to see that the girl he had found was not dead, but she was going to die if she wasn't treated soon. As he went to go pick her up, he, Holder, and Ray heard shots from an assault rifle and a shriek of terror from around the corner. Holder and Ray took off on foot, and readied weapons--and to their shock, saw a grotesque sight indeed.
    Joe was near some trees filming when suddenly a figure dropped from the trees and had latched onto his back, taking a huge bite out of his right shoulder. Eddie's hand shook, as he tried to aim his pistol at the gross figure, that resembled a humanoid frog with long arms that could almost touch the floor, rubbery muscles and a rounded, amphibian head with a bloody maw of sharp teeth. He took aim, and fired! BAM! He had hit the creature square in its right eye, and it squealed in pain, but took tis frustrations out on poor Joe, by shifting its weight forward, pinning Joe to the floor on his stomach, and reared back to rip its talons deep into Joe's back, when a small sizzling noise broke the shriek.

    The creature blinked its black beady eyes as it noticed--a blue flashing thing--on it's chest. Holder was standing back, and Ray and Eddie started to back away. Holder smirked and said to the creature, "Shut the hell up and die." And as Matt rounded the corner-BOOM!
    The creature...and poor Joe...
    Holder had momentarily forgotten about his poor friend on the floor when he had thrown the plasma grenade, and swore at himself. Ray and Eddie tried their best to console him, saying that he did his best in a quick and dire situation. They all sadly bid goodbye to their cheey good friend Joe, and loaded back up in the Camino, going to catch up with the others.
  8. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Chris and the others had made their way back to the intersection devastated by cars, and were very happy to see their friends in the Warthog waiting for them. Nightwing was on the terret whistling, as around the Warthog were several pigeons, not moving at all.

    The group got out and rejoiced for a second, telling each other all that had happened so far, and Cam and the other four admired the Warthog and the HALO weapons. Cam said, "So, you guys let Hawthor have the only sniper rifle?" "Where the Hell is he?"
    Dennis chuckled and replied, "He stopped to see if the Movies were open." Dustin broke into a laughter along with Nightwing. Chris and Jon had been oddly silent for a while, and Nightwing looked at Chris, "Hey man, what's the matter, Shindo?"
    Chris took the two Berettas out of his holsters, and looked at them for a second and acknowledged him, "I'm a tad on edge, and I do believe I have good reason to be..."
    Matt and the others came barreling down the strip past Pizza Inn, and managed to catch up with everyone else. They all got out with frowns on their faces, and they relayed their sad story to the rest.

    Jim and Roger both said a prayer for Joe.
    Chris was festering with a building anger.
    "A frog monster--I do believe they're called...
    "Hunters", Holder finished his sentence. "But I blew his jumpy ass up."

    Dennis addressed his buddies, "Man, the Covenant has my wife." "And Caboose's retarded ass didn't even tell us WHEN the Covenant was going to attack."

    Chris chuckled, "Heh, Caboose is funny."
    Cam's superiority complex came into play, "Alright, here's the plan, fellas-two good options."
    "We could search the rest of this city and try to find survivors, and go from there, because we know this place has some freaky ***t runnin' around in it. Or two: we make our way to Raleigh to fight the Covenant and come back here." "What's the deal?"
    Everyone begane running small plans amongst themselves, not too sure what to do, and Jon spoke up.
    "I know I'll get kicked for this suggestion, but we managed to get here pretty much unharmed, except for Joe, God rest his soul." "Maybe--we could--tackle BOTH problems at once--split up?"
    Cam was the first to argue, "Man, hell no!"
    Holder agreed, and soon, it was those two, along with Matt, Ray, Dennis, Nightwing, and Dustin that wished to go to Raleigh to handle the Covenant. Despite the uneven teams, Chris and the others showed no signs of protest.
    "At least, give us your rifle, Cam." "You can have fun with the other weapons, I'm sure." Roger spoke, and Cam nodded, handing Roger the rifle and ammo box.
    Cam approached Chris with his Explorer keys, "Alright man, I'll let you drive it, but if you wreck it, it's your ass." Chris mocked him, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." The Raleigh team had shook the others' hands, wishing them luck. Dennis said, "Here, it's seven o'clock, and Matt and Jon have cells-and so do Ray and I, so we can maintain contact." "Let's call in on each hour for a checkup on our conditions, cool?" Jon nodded, and with that, they watched their good friends load up into the Camino and Warthog, Nightwing yelling about finally being able to shoot something besides all those damn birds, and sped off into the eerie sunset.
  9. Kaiser_Fisto

    Kaiser_Fisto Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 10, 2004
    Chris, Jon, Eddie, Jim, and Roger were armed. And ready, but where to go first? Chris had suggested the Mall, and Eddie stated that the roads there were pretty clear, so that was where they decided to go. They got in the Explorer and made their way among the evening roads, not seeing a soul. Eddie kept thinking about seeing Joe being bitten into by that "thing". Chris driving, and noticed through the mirror that Eddie was troubled, "Hey, man, you alright?"
    Eddie replied, "Yeah, I'm alright, man." "I just wish I could have done more, you know?"
    Chris shook his head as they rounded the corner past Target and went through the dead light. When they pulled into the parking lot, Chris slowed the vehicle to a creep, looking at the sick sight.

    At the JC Penny's entrance, the glass doors had been shattered, and there were--bodies-about fifteen or so, laying bloodied on the asphalt near the doors. Chris actually pulled into a parking space, and Jim said snidly, "Like anyone will care."
    Chris said not a word, a look of determination now, as he opened his door and wearing his ripped blue jeans and his orange Fugitive shirt, went to take a closer look at the bodies, and winced as he smelled the flesh.
    "***t", he cursed, as the other four came up, and saw that every single person had had their throats ripped out, obviously torn out.
    "Zombies did it", Chris stated, "I can't even take all of this in. This has to be a nightmare, but none of us are waking up. Look at these people, my God, there's even a little girl here!"
    He knelt down, looking at what could have been a pretty little eight or nine year old girl with a strand of ribbins in her blood matted hair. Jim and Roger said another prayer, and Eddie readied his pistol. He spoke up, "Alright, we go in, and shoot anything that tries to eat us."
    Jon chuckled, having dirty thoughts, but shook them off and nodded in agreement.
    They all stepped in, readying weapons; Chris duel weilding the Berettas, Jon having the Colt, Jim the Desert Eagle, and Roger the .357 Remington.

    The five swept over the areas with their guns, not seeing anyone else, but as they got to where the store ended and the mall began, they smelled that horrible stench of flesh again. And Jim heard something--something to his left, in the Nail shop. Jim motioned for everyone to be quiet, as he crept through the glass doors, silent for the most part. Jim had gotten a little past the front desk, and heard a slurping sound, and something that sounded like his brother eating pasta. Jim lunged around the corner, to see a "man" hunched over, ripping the abdomen of a young woman out, and biting at her neck. Jim swore--and shot two rounds into the back of the "man's" head, sending it crumpling forward over the woman, with ooze and brain tisse pouring out of its collapsed skull. Jim's hands shook with intensity, and just stared at the zombie. "God, what did I" "What the hell?"
    Jim stepped back out and approached the others and Roger's eyes widened, "Dude, what happened!?"
    Jim replied, "It was one of them, eating a girl, and...I shot it...twice." "I think I-killed it-again?"
    Chris sighed, and went to put his hand on Jim's shoulder, "We're going to probably have to kill more of them." "I hate it as much as you do, but what happened here is unreal, and we just have to keep on our toes."
    With that, they advanced forward.
  10. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    More to come in the upcoming days-I hope you enjoy fellas! ]-}
  11. Lodreh

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    Jul 2, 2002
    Interesting read... HALO meets Resident Evil... all I can say... "Let the bodies hit the floor!"

    Lod-Reh SaJon ~
    "If you seek knowledge and understanding look to the Force.
    If you seek pain and suffering look no further than me."
  12. eddie-wan-kenobi

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    Jul 14, 2003
    Pretty good stuff Kaiser! Love the humor you've thrown in here. Damn, Joe sure didnt last long.
  13. joe-da

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    Aug 7, 2002
    Penny in "JC Penney" is spelled "Penney" with "Ey"... lots of folks make that error.

  14. eddie-wan-kenobi

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    Jul 14, 2003
    This coming from a dead guy. ;)
  15. Sol_Badguy

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    Sep 25, 2004
    you shure do have a lot of time on your hands for someone that works at Win Dixie, because they have low prices.....
    ...thats their promise, thats their way....

    nice story funny man
  16. joe-da

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    Aug 7, 2002
    Eddie-Wan, no one is ever truly dead in the movies...

    And Sol, Winn-Dixie... they're the "Beef People"..
  17. FettFan5150

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    Jan 28, 2003
  18. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Thank you, thank you. Now allow me to continue some on this gripping tale, suitable for the upcoming Halloween season. ]-}

    The "Raleigh Team" had made good time on the highway in the roaring Warthog and the faithful Camino. It had taken them about fourty minutes, but they had reached the city limits of Knightdale-quiet and deserted. Matt had kept a good eye out with the sniper rifle once they got into Knightdale, not seeing anything of interest. Dennis, Dustin, and Nightwing were slightly ahead, and Nightwing was itching to ice something, then they all saw it--a huge flying craft of foreign make seeming to fly far above and past them.

    Holder made a statement, "It's them, and I bet there's a whole bunch more than that one ship." "Where are they headed?"

    Suddenly, Fett's cell rang. It was Jon on the other end, "Hey, Fett, I'm not sure why this would be a good idea, but if you see anything resembling the Covenant, go to the Mall!" Fett responded, "Alright, Kazuma-how you guys holding up?" Jon answered, "Jim found a zombie-and shot it dead."
    Fett shook his head, "So, everyone IS alright?" Jon replied, "Yeah-you guys alright?" Fett said, "Yep. So, we're going to Crabtree, and we'll call you if something happens...later."

    They hung up the phone. And Fett held a Plasma grenade tight, swearing he would blow up a good hundred or so of those bastards for taking his woman.
    And suddenly, Holder thought about their good friend Entropy...where the Hell had he been and why didn't he show up to play HALO?
  19. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    The five others had crept around through to the center of the Mall, near the Cookie shop. They all looked in different directions, and with heavy hearts, they had decided to split up for only a few minutes to cover more area. Jon had insisted on going to check out Sears, and the others paused, but let him go. Chris wanted to check out Proffit's, Eddie went to Belk's, and Jim and Roger went as a pair to check out the Food court.

    Running as fast as he could, Chris got to the Department store in a minute, taking a look at other stores, and noticed alot of teenage bodies lying around. He grimaced, and went inside Proffits, wincing at a horrible smell, but a bit different from the flesh smell-it was more like vomit mixed with urine. Chris went to a service desk carefully, keeping a close eye out for trouble, but none found, he proceeded to pick up the phone-and it rang just as he was going to pick it up. It startled him and he swore, and reluctantly went to pick it up.
    "H-Hello?" He asked. And the voice on the other end was as refreshing to hear as a nice hot shower. It was Brian, or what everyone else had called him as Entropy.
    "Hey, Monkey. Having fun out there?" Brian asked in a humurous tone. Chris arched a brow, "Where are you-are you nearby, Brian?"
    Brian let out a chuckle, "Hell no I ain't nearby, are you high?" "Listen, I got a deal for you, Shindo, and I don't think you will turn it down." "I leaked the Virus, T and G, into the city. I had a little help, but I like to take the credit.
    Chris was taken back in horror, "You did WHAT!?"
    "What the Hell did you do that for?" "How did you even get a hold--there isn't even a real "virus", there can't be!" But Brian interrupted, "Ah, but there is, and I let it loose, just to see what everyone would do. I got bored."
    Chris cursed him, "Bastard, do you know how many people have died because of you!?" "And the others, and the Covenant, this is all too unreal-are you behind ALL of it!?"
    Brian let out a laugh, "I can't tell you all my secrets. That would be no fun." "Now listen, I know you, and I know you have this whole "Justice kick" about you, and it hurts your little feelings to see all these sweet nice people die, so here's what I'll do for you. Volunteer your body for some of Umbrella's new research." "You are a good enough specimen, and I'm sure you'll be more than happy to help me out."
    Chris snapped back at him, "You must be the one who's high, screw off. I'm NOT helping you do ***t."
    Brian snickered, and suddenly, there was a young female voice on the other line.
    "Chris, he's crazy! Me and some friends were out and some guys nabbed us and threw us in a Limo and blindfolded us! Hel-!"
    Chris felt his heart sank as he recognized the voice.
    "Sam, Sam, are you alright!?"
    Brian's voice resurfaced, "So, you see, Monkey, I do believe you will help me."
    Chris could feel the phone cracking in his hand, "Brian, you are a sick son of a--"
    Brian cut him off, "There is a Teleporter somewhere in that Mall, and there's one at Crabtree-they connect, but it's up to you to find it." "I am sure you will tell no one of our conversation-trust me-I will know if you do, and I will not hesitate to kill your tasty little girlfriend, and maybe even have some fun first, ha, ha, ha, talk to you later, "Shindo". Brian hung up the phone, and Chris threw it, the cord ripping from the wall. His face turned red with anger, and he didn't notice, behind him, in the men's changing room--SNAP!
    A zombie burst out of the changing room door, moaning. It only had on arm, but it's remaining one was outstretched, ready to feast. It was within arm's length, and Chris executed a boot kick to the zombie's chest, knocking it back into the stall. It slammed against the wall, but recovered pretty well, but it gave Chris enough time to draw out his Berettas and send four shots-two from each gun, piercing into the zombie's chest area, putting it down again. He kept his Berettas out, and headed out of the store, wrought with confusion.
    Jon had managed to assemble something fantastic. He rigg
  20. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    The others pulled up onto the highest parkway they could get to at the mighty Crabtree Valley Mall. There weren't as many cars as they expected to see. Holder and Matt got out of the Camino, along with Cam and Ray. Dustin finally turned the ignition off the Warthog, sad to have to get out. Dennis got out, but Nightwing widened his eyes and yelled out, "Guys, look out!"
    They all jerked their heads and saw a Minivan was hauling ass towards them, and they were in a panic. But Nightwing was on the job, and announced, "It's some Grunts!" But them asses are MINE!"
    He laughed as he opened up...and that's all that anyone could hear for what seemed like an eternity. Nightwing laughed, but he couldn't even hear himself as he sprayed the Minivan, sending bullets upon bullets into the vehicle, and it did a 180 turn, and the side doors opened, and six grunts scrambled out, screaming, "Ah, they're everywhere!" The driver Grunt had been holed like swiss cheese, and the others readied their weapons. Matt readied a pistol for the closer range, Holder had gotten a hold of a Shotgun, and sent a round into a Grunt's backside, sending it screaming to its demise. Matt shot at one, missing it for the first time, and then hit one dead on in the foot, then the head. Cameron just ran at one, and picked it up by its measly little head, and slammed it against the side of the Minivan repeatedly until its brain matter quished out in between his fingers. Ray had managed to lure two of them away near a ledge, and mocked them, "I got one, I got one!" "Guess what, I got TWO!" He shot the grenade launcher--BOOOM! It hit one, and caught the other in the blast radius, and their screams faded away.
    The last one had a plasma pistol, the only one being armed, and it ran at Fett, firing. Fett got behind a luxury Sedan, using it for cover. He peered up, and a ball of plasma energy went zooming past him, and he had an idea. He screamed out in pain, pretending to have been hit, and the little mindless Grunt went over behind the car to see if he had killed his adversary, and it stepped over Fett's chest, making inaudible speech as Fett opened his eyes, and latched a trademark of his, a Plasma Grenade, to the poor thing's chest, and sprang to his feet, snatching the damn thing by one of its legs, and began to swing it around, building up momentum, and made sure to let him fly in a direction away from his comrades.
    "Applesauce, b***h!" He yelled as the Grunt went "Wheee-yee, hee, hee-" BOOM! He laughed as he walked over to his friends. "Man, that was FUN!"
    Holder grinned, his shades covering the evil hint in his eyes, as he held the shotgun, wanting to kill more. Matt made an excuse, "My pistol got jammed, man, it sucked." Cameron looked at him, "Oh, COME ON." "You just suck, Hawthor." Matt frowned as everyone else laughed, and Nightwing n-e-v-e-r left his position at the gun and spoke, "There's got to be more inside-look, their ship's dropped down over on the ground near here." "If what Fett said was true, then they must be wanting to get into a huge area for a base or stronghold maybe. Let's get down there and kick some ASS!" They all yelled out and loaded their weapons, and Nightwing didn't want to get out of the Warthog, but sobbed as he did, and grabbed a weapon from inside the MiniVan, the ONLY One--A Needler, with full ammo. They all decided to go in through the top floor, ready to frag some more ****ers.
  21. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Jon and Eddie had made good time getting to the Hospital, and managed to get in a little bit before they had to get out on foot. Jon had gotten a hold of the red headed girl and Eddie got Roger, making their way to--a barricaded main entrance. Not too great, but it was boarded, but the three conscious could hear scrambling behind the boarded entrance. Jon hear talking voices, and he could make them out. Human voices.
    "Hello?" Jon called out. And he heard a coherent male voice respond, "Are you with the police, are you civilians?" Eddie responded, "We're civilians, and we have two injured out here, help us out!"
    Some of the boards quickly were loosened and three men in white coats appeared, and assisted with the two people. And Jon and Eddie told them their story. There were about fourty people unharmed in the lobby, surprised as hell to see other survivors. The girl and Roger were taken to seperate rooms. One of the three doctors spoke, "We have enough power and supplies to treat them." "How is it outside?" Jon spoke, "It's rough, everyone else is either dead or they evacuated..." The doctor cut him off, "The actual evacuation wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow at dawn, but everyone went into a panic and most of them tried to leave. And then that's when I had gotten knowledge that a virues of some type had "gotten out" through some people here. I've seen what it does to people, some of the folks here had contracted it, but I didn't know what else to do-I had this gun for my own defense, but I didn't think I would have to use it here."
    The doctor seemed very apologetic, and stated that the top floors were dangerous, that several infected were loose up there, wandering about. Jon and Eddie nodded, and told the doctors they would be back in a while, that they'd take care of them for good.
  22. Kaiser_Fisto

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Chris and Jim had been alone for a while, managing to scrounch some edible, unspoiled Chinese food out from the back room of Mr. Wok's. Jim had explained what had attacked Roger, and Chris had decided that it had to be a Tyrant Series of monsters. One above the rest, and it could be their deaths. Chris sighed, trying to shake off the conversation he had with Brian. Thinking to himself-"He wants me to participate in some whack-ass experiment, and he has Sam. God, I can't even tell Jimmy how Brian had turned into a sadistic mastermind, but then again, it isn't as far-fetched, now that I think about it. The guy was always a bit off balance.
    Jim broke Chris's thoughts, "Hey, man, everything alright?" Chris replied, "Yeah--hey Jimmy, have you spoken to Liz today at all?" Chris' words struck Jimmy hard as he answered, "No, come to think of it, earlier, I tried her house, and got no answer, but I figured she was out." "Oh, God, I remember!" "She said she was going to the --ah, God." Jim took off his Navy hat and put a hand to his head, frowning heavily. Chris realized he needed to find that Teleporter-and fast. "Come on, Jim, we need to go investigate this place just a bit more." "I have a good feeling-" and his sentence was halted as he looked behind him to see about twenty zombies, in two waves of ten, about thirty feet away, shuffling towards the two. They both stood, pointed their weapons, nodded to each other with smirks, and proceeded to swiss cheese every single last one of the carriers.

    That was the sound of Jon breaking into the top floor door, with Eddie behind him, pistol trained on anything that might move. Jon shuffled past the first door, and kicked it wide open, too see two females--two nude females, and a smile swept acros his face for just a second, but it faded as he realized they were infected, one of the two had only one breast, the other had seemed to just been ripped off. The two females made sensual, hungry moans as they shuffled towards him. He nodded, and turned the valve on his Flamethrower, and said with some sarcasm, "Sorry, ladies, you're not really my type, but the moans were a nice touch--". He let loose a stream of fire that enveloped the two ladies, and to Jon's horror, they SPRANG at him, screaming wildly. Jon jumped back and ran down the hallway--and not seeing where exactly was around him, another female zombie rushed out at him from his right, slapping, but not scratching at his right shoulder. And he heard gunblast. Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!
    The two that had caught aflame and hurried toward him were stopped as Eddie had gotten a clear shot to the back of their heads cleanly. And he managed to nail the third woman right in the side of her head.
    Jon breathed heavily, and offered his gratitude, "Dude, Eddie-Wan, thanks alot, man."
    Eddie scoffed at the females, "Women." He chuckled and regarded Jon, "No problem, Bro, just looking out for the Great Kazuma." The two started to laugh hard, momentarily forgetting that they needed to finish what they started.
  23. HawthorSolarian

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    Oct 18, 2003
    I only have 2 problems so far why the heck would i leave my ex lieing around and why the gun jaming on me
  24. JediRiff

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    Awesome, so far! I cant wait to hear the rest of it!

    And.... I cant wait to get my sniper rifle. :D
  25. Kazuma_Kuahara

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    wait till my ideas come out if he implements them hehe, watch out for the ........ (if you can figure out what those dots are exactly letter for letter replace you get 10 extra points.
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