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  1. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    He steps out from a dark cavern, and into the bright, glorious light of the Sun.

    His shades protect his eyes.

    He seeks a need to hide behind them.

    Then another figure emerges beside him.

    "We about ready to go"?

    The figure nods, "Yes." "Where is he?"

    The other figure replies....

    "Having fun." "He'll be there."

    Sorry I was pressed for time, but I will go from it.
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    show us what you can do shindo

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    A yougn woman, who seems to be in her late teens steps out of a Gym, closing the doors and locking the door. Slightly tired, she heads for her car, looking forward to going home and seeing her fiance' later on.

    The Gym's setting is on the outskirts of a low-key suburbian town near Chicago. The car she drives is a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire.
    She fiddles for her keys.
    The sky is clear, and the moon is full and bright.
    Suddenly, she hears a noise to her right.

    "What was that?"
    The woman begins to show signs of alarm, and reaches in her pocketbook for pepper spray. In a panic, she screams out.

    "I have a gun!" "Who's there!?"
    No one answers.
    She looks to her left, to a series of trash cans, then to her right...empty parking spaces.
    She goes quiet...looking around slowly with panic-stricken eyes, and thinks to herself: "I hope they haven't found me. I'm not ready to leave just yet." "I'm having too much fun."

    Knowing she herself did not actually have a gun on her person, she became worried, and just unlocked her door and got in, and quickly turned the key, starting the car....

    The car-explodes-a fiery splendor of metal litters the empty parking lot.

    A figure jumps down from the Gym roof, landing on the pavement with no problem at all. Dressed in Black Fatigues, leather hand wraps, combat boots, and a White Gold Necklace of an Anchor is the only shiny thing on his body.
    Looking to be about 5'10", 180 lbs, his moss green eyes narrow at the site of the fire, and he grins rather evilly, speaking softly to himself:

    "Mission Accomplished."

    The Year: 2009...

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    "How long is he planning on taking?" "We have deadlines to meet, and we cannot afford to have him fooling around like he does."

    Brian replied to the snide Albert Wesker: "He's gotten much better after these 5 years." "He's cleaned up, and his head is on straighter."

    Wesker adjusted his shades, "He's almost as strong as I am...I better train myself harder, hmmm?"
    Brian looked away..."Yeah."

    Just then, a Jet Black Hummer peels up the long driveway. The two figures look hard at the vehicle before walking towards it. The man in the driver's side gets out, with his own pair of black shades concealing his eyes. He shuts the door to the Hummer and nods to the two men:

    "It's done."
    Wesker grinned, "Took you long enough."
    The other man's white gold chain glimmered in the shining sunlight. "You should have fun with life and savor it; otherwise, I'd turn out like you."

    Brian intervened, "I hope you had fun with the minor and all." "I figured you'd like that little mission."

    Chris looked down to the sandy ground, "It was a quickie." "I don't like quickies."

    Wesker couldn't help but laugh.

    Brian looked at his watch, "We have to get going." "Shindo, you drivin'?
    The man known as Shindo nodded and proceeded to get back into the Hummer. Wesker and Brian situated themselves into the Hummer as well, and they started off through the palm tree lined path out to an airport of sorts...

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    "Hey, man!" "Are you retarded?" "We have to get going to the damn Church!"

    Today was the day.
    The guy everyone called Kazuma was nervous as hell. He had his spiffy lil' tuxedo on. His black shoes shone with brilliance, but he was nervous.

    He rushed to open the bathroom door to scramble out into the hallway where his brother Jim was waiting.

    "Man, I'm nervous as Hell...."
    Jim nodded, "Come on, man." "Get it together."
    "Hey, weddings aer cool." "You're going to have alot of fun, man." "Trust me." "The Honeymoon makes it all better." Jon blinked and nodded, "Let's go." "I can't be late for my own wedding."
    Jim added, "Yeah, cuz we all know Cam will be late for his own funeral."
    The two started laughing, and then some loud footsteps came from the right. Cameron looked antsy, "I heard that." "Boy, "I'll slam you."

    The three finally headed downstairs and headed outside, where they got into an Impala--Jim's Impala.

    This day, on September 12, 2009...Jon Gendron and Jill Valentine will become man and wife under God.

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    sounding good so far but why all the space after you are done posting???
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    Its the pause between scenes. :)
  8. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    Well, that was sort of an accident.
  9. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    It's snowing today, but I'll see what I can do..
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    The Church was crowded as hell. The Preacher was pacing around, wondering how much longer it would be...

    "Where is he?" "If I were him, I wouldn't be standing up a hot woman like Jill Valentine."

    Roger finally underwent the path of the Preacher, a Priest. Everyone was in the church, patiently waiting. Jill was upstairs, getting a bit upset. Lots of negative thoughts ran through her head.
    "Did he stand me up?" "I'll shoot him..." "I'll shoot him and kill him--and throw his body in a river." "No-he wouldn't do that to you.....yes he would--no he wouldn't." "He's not that, he's just not that kind of person."

    Jon, Jim, and Cameron had arrived, and were hurrying through the door just as Roger was going to announce that, yet again, everyone would have to wait just a bit longer. Jon stood at the doorway and apologized to Roger..."It was all Cam's fault."

    Cameron made excuses, "Man, I got caught in all those damn lights!" "And I swear I'll kill that old lady if she darts out in front of me like that again!"

    Roger was surprised, "Hey, hey...have a seat." "And watch the potty mouth, Potenkmin." "This is a CHURCH, and a wedding."

    Soon, the music played...

    Ray, Dennis, Holder, Eddie, John Kermon, and Daniel were all there. Waiting for a union to take place. Chris Redfield was there, too, and for the longest time, he was against the whole idea, since he had a thing for Jill before Jon even came along. But he sat on his laurels and didn't do anything about it, so Jon was the early bird, so to speak.

    Jon took his place at thr front, and that's when the bridesmaids started to enter, dressed in sky blue dresses. A nice color. Then the flower girl came, Jill's niece, Scarlet. She was cute as a button. Then the ring bearer came, Jon's other brother, Jacob.

    Then...the Bride.

    A beautiful white splendor.
    The dress hugged her figure perfectly.
    Jon thought to himself, "Oh my."And thought of his old pal, Joe.

    It was a beautiful ceremony. Parents were crying, friends were making fun of Jon's tuxedo. He had the name "Kazuma" embroidered on it.

    The two lovebirds said their "I do's" and made their way out of the church, where everyone lied in wait, with bird seed..

    They got in their car, which was decorated with an assortment of sex toys and such.
    Someone made balloon animals out of a few condoms and tied them to the antenna.

    Everyone said their goodbyes as the two newly-weds got in their car and made their way to the airport.

    They were set to go to Hawaii...
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    keep em coming man keep em coming..
  12. joe-da Jedi Padawan

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    Keep them doing what? Oh my!
  13. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    The man they call Shindo..

    What has he been up to for five years?

    He has been with Albert Wesker and Brian "Darth Silky" Lassiter, working with them to rid the world of forces worse than they are...

    But now, Shindo has taken it upon himself to get back into the spotlight for just a bit-to take care of some personal affairs.

    One of his best friends was just married. And he was nowhere around.
    So much he has many people he has hurt with his absence..
    What goes on in a mind like this?
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    You better finish this story before you leave or else I'm gonna kick your butt.

  15. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    "So-what do you plan to do when we arrive?"
    Albert Wesker was a bit eager to know Shindo's plans.
    The driver responded, "Choice words...some "interaction". "Just sit back and watch."

    Brian felt a tad uneasy, not too sure what had been going on in Shindo's head. But all he knows is that for the past five years, they have been working together, as a team...and things were good for the most part, aside from Shindo's habit of engaging in his own "affairs" without notifying Brian or Wesker. Kinda puts a slight wrench in the gears when you need someone to knock off some Demonic prostitute ring-and the guy's out Wang wrestling with some high school girl who supposedly had a new string of the T-Virus within her.

    Shindo had made good time, and saw the lights in view. They already had the proper clearance, and proceeded to drive right in.

    Shindo parked the Hummer, and waited--waited until he saw the plane.

    "It's been a long time, Kazuma." "Let's see what you know.."

    Jill and Jon had gotten on a pretty spiffy private plane, courtesy of S.T.A.R.S. There was even a Hot tub on board, but they decided not to spoil the whole tradition. Jon was sure he'd get some while he was on the plane, so he didn't push it too hard. He could wait just a bit longer.
    It hadn't taken them too long to reach Honolulu.
    The plane touched down with no problem.
    Jon and Jill waited for the okay from the pilot and he scooped her up in his arms, and proceeded to walk down the steps of the aircraft---and noticed a Hummer parked about 70 feet away.
    Jon got to the bottom, and stepped onto the pavement, setting Jill down.
    The driver side door opened, and a man stepped out, dressed in Black fatigues. His Navy Anchor shone brilliantly in the bathing sunlight.
    He walked in a very militant manner towards Jon and Jill, having his shades back on, and not cracking the slightest of smiles.
    Jon looked real hard at the individual, and knew---
    and thought to himself, "No way--I can't believe this."

    The approaching man stopped about five feet from the wedded couple, and spoke with a deep, sinister tone:
    "Jon, Jill." "Certainly been a while, hasn't it?"
    Jill was puzzled, and shook her head a bit.
    He nodded to her with a slight smirk. He turned his attention back to Jon, "Congrats on getting married--you beat me to the punch."
    Jon was still in some amazement--the last time he saw his best friend was five years ago, and he was in pretty bad shape. Now--he looks---fine. Jon wasn't too sure about this whole situation, but decided to play it cool, "I'm glad you have decided to come back into...existence." "I'm not so sure I want to ask this, but what have you been up to for five years?"
    Shindo looked back to the Hummer for a second, then back to Kazuma, "Been a bit busy having at some undercover demonic wretches you have decided to try and blend in with our human society." "D-e-m-o-n-s."
    Jon blinked a few times, and Jill got a tad upset, "Who's with you?" "And-why did you just leave us like that!?" "Running away from things..!"
    Shindo grinned, "Sweetheart, I EMBRACED my "problems", and became much--much more different.
    "I absolutely love what I have become."
    Jon looked him square in the eye, "And what are you??"
    Shindo replied, "A-l-i-v-e."
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    And this is where I kick shindo, and run off with jill and get some honeymoon NOOKEY.
  17. Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan

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    Things back home were quite easy going. Riff was enjoying his life in his semi-new house.
    It was a Saturday, a nice day, and he figured he would like to make the best of it. So he got Eddie-Wan, Cameron, Holder, Kermon, Daniel, and Jacob.
    Some eatery, some movie, and finally-this time, back to Riff's house for some HALO 4.
    They were all super stoked about the new title coming out. Riff had planned to pick up his copy after the movie since he reserved his.

    Everyone had a nice time at dinner. They went to Texas. Then to go see the new Superman movie starring Dean Cain. ;)

    The guys were mixed with emotions about seeing Dean Cain in a motion picture as the Man of Steel, but he did do a show about Superman, so..
    Riff and the fellas were set to go in, when his cell phone rang, and he started to curse, thinking it was someone with a problem; he was on call this weekend. But what he saw on the phone--shocked, and amazed him.

    M-a-s-t-e-r C-h-i-e-f
    Riff looked at it for a second, "What the ****!?"
    He decided to just answer it, just to see what jackass is trying to pull his leg this time.

    And a voice Riff and everyone else knew responded.
    "Hey Riff." "I have a job for you and your pals."
    "It involves protecting the world from the now re-surfaced Covenant and their horde of manufactured Zombies." "I have all the weapons you need-any vehicle you want, and I can send you and your men their very shortly...that is unless you guys are so hung up on Dean Cain, I can call you back at a more--convenient date."
    Riff laughed, and quickly told everyone what the conversation was about. They all pretty much thought this would be a good idea. I mean--who could turn down a request from Master Chief?
    Master Chief ended the conversation with this: "Meet me back at your house in fourty five minutes....wait, is Braxton with you?" "Make it an hour." "I'll tell you everything you need to know when you get there." "Godspeed, sniper." Riff made it clear to everyone, and everyone was very sad about having to miss out on the Blockbuster of the year, but got in their cars and made their way to Riff's house in Nashville.
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    You dont have long, so I agree with FT. You better finish this thing before you leave, man!!! :D
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    In the cell phone I carry around, Ray's name is "Ray Smithers" [face_laugh]
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    I sincerely apologize for not finishing the story before I left, but I will write most of the ending while I am in BC and then I shall send it to Jim, and he will carry out my Orders-lol-and type it on the boards. Fret not, It shall be completed.
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    I hope to actually type all of it out and set it up all nice and nifty-like.
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