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    Dennis had ultimately decided that his plasma-grenading days were over. He never signed up in the first place and did't really want to have to worry about his family like that...
    Along with Jimmy and Roger, who also had decided that their talents were best at the home front. Jim had attended a Bible College for some time now, and Roger is showing him the ways of the Preacher Man.
    Jim and Roger got an apartment in New York--the rent was still a b***h to pay, though.

    Around the same time the monster had attacked the Eastern Rim, Fett(Dennis) had been thinking awful hard about his buddies. Maybe it was a mistake to stay after all. But at this point, there wasn't much he could do but wish his comrades success. He had decided to take a ride in his truck; it was a beautiful afternoon and he wanted to enjoy some of it. He hopped in and just started driving. He looked out to see a beautiful reddish sunset making the clouds look eerie. He wanted some music to listen to and fumbled around in his CD case for something hard but also easy to drive he popped in some old Limp Bizkit and turned the track to "Nookie". He was cruising down the road, nodding his head to the music, and he just felt really good. He saw a convenience store ahead and decided to stop and grab a six pack and head back to the crib. He strolled in, grabbed some Budweiser, and hopped back in the truck, and cranked it up....but instead of the Limp Bizkit...he heard this:

    "Fett...oh mighty one, I beseech your power. Your allies will need your help when the final battle ensues. Without your aid, they will not survive. I have forseen it...and I beg of you, please--your family will be in no harm. I swear it. Master Fett, drive out of the parking lot, and go east for three miles. You will know where and when to stop...please..."
    Dennis cursed, "What the **** is this ****?" "Man, I ain't never heard this damn track before!"
    The voice spoke one last time: "Your role in the previous fight was a rather small one, but your role in the upcoming is of monumentous proportions."
    Dennis said screw it, and drove according to instructions. He got close to the three mile mark, and slowed down at the site he saw--a figure standing next to a Banshee.
    He stopped the truck and cut it off and got out. He hopped a ditch and approached the figure. The figure spoke to him with a soft, grumbling voice, "Master Warrior Fett, please accept this vehicle and these weapons as a token of my sincerity." Dennis scanned the area, and grinned as he saw his old pals, the plasma grenades.
    "Deal." He hopped on the Banshee just to get a feel for it, "Man this is nice."
    He turned to look at the monstrous figure, and nodded and spoke...
    "Arbitor." "I'll do what you ask of me." The Arbitor nodded, pleased, "Oh, thank you for your mighty courage." Dennis asked, "Where exactly do I need to go...?"
    Arbitor looked up and away-"Across the skies atop a place you humans may call "The Sears Tower" there will be a horrible power there. It will manifest and then seek only to massacre. I ask that you take flight and go to this "Sears Tower" and stop this creature before it has a chance to ruin your world." "And you will not be alone in this task; two of your old friends will be joining you, and together, you will have the power to take this power and destroy it." Dennis looked puzzled, "Two old friends?" "Who??" The Arbitor narrowed his eyes, "I cannot tell you. Please believe my words. You will not be alone." Fett nodded, "I trust you." "Arbitor, what is happeneing to our world??" The old creature shook his head sadly, "The Darkness wishes to rise in the absence of Light in hopes of finally becoming the supreme ruling force in the cosmos. This cannot happen, as it will mean the end of ALL worlds." "Please--go and unite with the forces of Light-unite and conquer the evil that attempts to swallow your existence!" Dennis nodded his head, and made sure he had a magnum, a shot gun, and a Rocket launcher for kicks, along with his plethora of plasmas. The Arbitor explained to Dennis how
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    {Why..why I have I become this way...did I do it because the thought of superhuman power intrigued me? Did I do it to seek unprovoked revenge upon the friends who don't deserve to die? Or did I do it--to see if it was true...}

    Shindo awoke from his deep thoughts as he heard a knock at his door. He went to open it, and Brian looked smug, "Hey, we need to go to the Lab. You have a test to take." Shindo snidly responded, "I took those in high school." "Buzz off." Brian nodded and protested, "I think you should watch your tone with me and do as I say. Now let's go." Chris decided to humor him and followed him to the large underground Facility..."Umbrella Elite Corps Laboratory."
    Getting inside, Chris had noticed that one of the huge class tubes that usually holds the newest subject...was empty. "Hmm..hey, wasn't there something in there yesterday?"
    Brian smiled, "Yep." "And now it's out, ready to maim and slaughter." "I need its abilities tested on someone who can withstand alot of pain, and so I thought--who better than you??"
    Shindo narrowed his eyes, "That's so thoughtful of you...and where is it now?" Brian approached a set of stairs that led down again, "Down here is a small arena we constructed for such a purpose." "It's waiting for you, so go at it." "And don't worry about killing it."
    Shindo got a bit irrate at that comment, "If it attacks me, I WILL kill it." Brian waved him off and so the warrior stepped down and it was dark when he got to the bottom.
    Dark and really, really urine and vomit. The floor was now just hard marble, and Chris looked on to see his "opponent"...but it made itself quite visible by stepping out of the shadowy seclusion.
    Codename: The Phase Warrior
    Height: 7'10" Weight: 350 lbs.
    Skin: Radioactive green Eyes: Black
    The Phase Warrior took a stance and ran one of its neon green hands, equipped with three inch talons, through its black, mossy, slicked looking hair. It was naked and sported no visible genatalia. Chris wasn't too certain what to make of this thing, but took a stance as well, and they started circling each other. Shindo had noticed that every time the creature took a step, it left strange glowing footprints behind it, and upon getting around ot where the monster originally was, he stepped one one of the footprints. He then sought the time...and flew forward! The monster waited, and saw the Warrior come to strike him. He sidestepped and hopped back...Shindo turned around, and launched a sick series of powerful strikes. The Phase Warrior was no mindless abomination. It had finesse, very humanlike, and dodged Shindo's attacks with grace. Shindo went for a backfist, and the monster ducked its head, and Shindo spun around for a backwards roundhouse. The Phase Warrior saw it coming, and grabbed Chris' leg, and slung it downward as if to reject the attack. This threw Chris off balance, and the Phase Warrior found a time to strike...and sent a tremendously powerful boot kick to shindo's mid-section, sending him clean off his feet. Brian watched from above and made a comment, "D-a-m-n, that had to suck." "You know, his kicks have enough force to warp steel, but of course you can tell that now..." Brian stoppped talking. He knew that Shindo would not be able to hear him anymore...
    As Shindo flew through the air, cursing his bad luck for being careless, he noticed that the dim lights around him felt like time had slowed down or something. He caught a glimpse of his opponent flipping him the bird. Then everything seemed distorted and wavy--and pitch black.
    Shindo was flying though darkness and he shouted, "What the Hell.!?" As he finished his yell, he felt a searing pain and a jerk, like what a severe whiplash from a carwreck would be--as surroundings were distorting, but this time they were becoming clearer--and he was falling!
    Falling fast, and all he could see was clouds getting smaller--he was falling out of the sky! And BAAAAM! Like a meteor crashing into the barren earth, the warrior crashed into a series of trees, inher
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    **Thud Thud**
    Cam kicked Kermon's boot, trying to wake him up, and the sleeping outlander opened his eyes quickly, blinking. "Huh?" Cameron motioned to the door leading to the passageways, "You fell asleep. Damn. Go and get in a bed." John shook his head some and got up and made his way into the passageway. Cam was armed with a shotgun-wishing some bastard would come and get in his face. But unfortunately--there were no threats...and a few hours later, he went to get Holder.
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    The night went along without any further incidents: The Outlanders aboard the Eastern Rim slept soundly, Fett took a pit stop in West V.A. to grab a hotel room(Oh, dear), Jon and his newly wed wife had a heck of romp in their hotel suite in Hawaii, Wesker and Brian had cleaned out Shindo's room and gave it to the Phase Warrior; apparently Shindo failed that "test", Jim and Roger got a mysterious call from good ol' Master Chief and their journey began as well...

    As for Chris, his broken body lie stiff and motionless in the grass where he took a unimaginable smash into the earth hours ago. Throughout the night--his vigilant heart--the heart once so full of justice..finally ceased to beat.
    He tried so hard to stay alive in the hopes of some miracle would take place. He wanted to believe that death wasn't possible for him. And maybe-just maybe...with "death" could be given back.
    His eyes opened up, but it was black all around him. Not a sight could be seen. He felt that he was standing on something solid and moved his legs to walk, just picking a direction and going. He was in shock that he could walk, and he felt no pain at all. From what he could feel, all the damages he suffered from the fall were gone! He stopped walking and went into a panic:
    Chris: "....."
    Young female voice: "Please..don't be afraid."
    Chris yelling: "Where am I!?!?"
    Young female voice: "In the crossroads between life and death--Heaven and Hell." "You have been blessed with the power of redemption...lest you not waste this precious gitf."
    Chris: "Between--Life and Death..??" "A stasis??" "Tell me, woman--how do I leave this place!?"
    Youg female voice: "Life is about choices...and each choice you make determines your path in Life--and yes, you have a choice in Death as well. And even here--a choice will be you."
    Chris: "What kind of damn choice!?" "Enough already!"
    Suddenly, torchlights gave Chris vision, lighting coming from his left and right. They burned a bright green color. Now Chris could see that he was in a circular area.And the floor was made of something he could see through-perhaps glass...but it had to be strong enough to support him. Beneath him, he could see darkness. He took a looks at himself as best as he could, and realized he was wearing his orange fugitive shirt and his favorite pair of ripped jeans. He was getting confused and very frustrated at the same time. "What the Hell am I supposed to do!?"
    The female voice responded: Light--and Darkness...two forces that have opposed each other for eons. Both have collided but neither side has ever obtained full dominion.
    As she spoke these words, To Chris' left, a ball of Light formed, and it melded itself into a humanoid figure, but not distinguishable enough to make out specifics. To his right, an eerie purple ball of energy appeared and melded itself into something he had quickly was himself! With his Black fatigues, black boots, and his signature Anchor necklace, but this one's eyes radiated green sick energy. It's mouth opened up and spoke in a ghastly tone, "Yooou...will"
    He stepped back, and noticed the humanoid forged of light speak as well, but in a firm, delegated voice, "You have fought with and against the powers of Darkness...and in fighting WITH the darkness, you have seen that death is imminent for you." "Before your unholy union with evil, you fought for the greater good, and you had prospered greatly." "Do you not see that your fate lies within fighting on the side of good, young Shindo?"
    He looked back and forth between the two forces...wincing.."Grrr..I don't know...I don't know what to do!!"
    Then the female voice spoke up: "Christopher, it is time--time for you to make your choice. You have seen the results of both sides...what will you choose???"
    Then the two forces' voices were struggling back and forth over each other..."Pick me...join the side you KNOW you are destined to be with!!" The voices got louder and LOUDER.
    Shindo staggered back and forth...and yelled at the top of his lungs:
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    The Outlanders woke up, feeling refreshed. They had found the kitchen and some pretty nifty breakfast tiems and got a good meal to start off the day. Kermon just snagged an orange and went to the bridge.
    The others ate different things: French toast sticks, toaster strudels, and those darn good Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits.

    Kermon got to the bridge, and dropped the orange to the floor, jaw nearly joining the orange.
    He saw a horrific seemed to span for miles.
    "What the Hell is this..?" "Hey, everyone get in here!"
    The others came running in, and skidded to a halt seeing what appeared to be a large was it a ship? None of them could tell. It had flags all on different points...ones they recognized as Covenant flags. Kermon picked up the CB, "Master Chief, this is Force Theologian, over." Master Chief responded, "Morning sunshine. What can I do for you?" Kermon explained, "Ther is this huge--thing--right in front of us, man. It's it could go on forever, and it has Covenant flags on it. You have any idea what it could be??"
    Master Chief sounded concerned, "Oh, crap...this could be their entire populous of Covenant live there, but why they would have their city relocated to your orbiting system is beyond me, unless they are thinking of launching an attack with using the covenant townsfolk as their weapons...that's just crazy."
    As he said that, something hit the ship and shook everyone!
    The alarm sounded, "Danger--Danger--enemy-Approaching."
    "Ah, crap...we can't fight that thing!" Daniel sounded hopeless.
    Master Chief yelled out, "You may have to see if you can board that thing, fellas!" "Getting inside there and exterminating the inhabitants would be the best COA." "Your're right, you can's go up against that city alone in that ship--use the bridge to board and find a way in there, Outlanders..."
    Cam got angry, "Damn, man!" "We just got this ship and now we have to leave it!"
    Holder tried to calm him, "For now, man." "Hey, if we kill all the covenant inside, we can take their City." "Then who needs a piece of crap ship like this...?"
    Master Chief heard that, "What was that?" Holder said, "yeah--we just need to get inside that City!"
    And before they could even think of how to enter, their problems were kinda solved...they felt the ship moving in the direction of the City...and they saw a large hatch open up and they went got dark, and very quiet.

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    Not being selfish.. but what about me????
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    Don't worry my friend. You're up next!
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    I would have to say this, though... I would have been with Fett. No doubt.
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    Hey you-old man river-zip it or I'll break your hip.
    It's gonna be alright, Riff. Do you really think that I have would have Sigfried without his Roy the ENTIRE story? Surely you gest--and clearly underestimate me. Just sit back and watch it all unravel, my friend.
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    A new day had come for Jon and Jill as well. The night treated them very well...Jon had fun but was slightly disturbed thinking about his friend. He got up during the Sunrise and went out to the balcony of the hotel suite. He looked out, and sighed with a great sadness. It was very, very hard for him to be happy right now. This SHOULD be one of the happiest times of his life--getting married and spending your life with someone you love.
    But he couldn't shake the dissapointment and confusion. For years and years they have been the best of friends...true friends. Being there during their worst days and defeats, and through some of their greatest days of the past, the 21st birthdays, the high school graduation...
    And all of it changed. As unreal as everything has become, it was real. The Covenant and Umbrella Corps. had become reality and are attempting to bring destruction and chaos to the world.
    A tear streamed down his face; he hated what he was thinking. He didn't want to believe Chris' words...he didn't want to fight him. But the feelings he had swirling inside--he tried so hard not to think that his best friend had gone to the dark side. But that's all he could do. It killed him inside to think what may come to pass.
    -A Duel.
    Jill had crept up behind Jon and slipped her arms around him, and gotten a hint of what was going on with him, and it was quite understandable. She spoke softly in his ear, "Hon..I know this hurts; believe me, of all people I know how it feels to have someone you've known for so long change--change into something you want to believe isn't them. I don't know what's going on in Chris' head, and I know it wasn't his decision alone to do what he's been doing." "He's been with a few weasels for a couple of years now doing nothing but shifting him further into the darkness."
    "Baby, I don't want to hurt you anymore than you are hurting now, but this is something you will have to accept.....he's not your friend anymore." "He's dead."
    Jon's hands were gripping a rail-and his grief and anger surpassed what he could tolerate and ripped the rail out of the concrete. Jill took quite a few steps back, not really expecting that. Jon threw the railing down below and it crashed onto the street.
    "Jon!" Jon turned around, and spoke with trembling sadness, "I have to go back home..."
    Jill looked puzzled, "Huh?" He clarified, "I have to go back home...and prepare for our Duel."
    "I am still going to try everything in my power to save him, but, if I cannot...I have to be ready to face the fact that he and I will fight--to the death." "I have to go home and prepare...come with me."
    She didn't think stopping him would be a good idea. the two ended their happy honeymoon and packed their stuff. Jon paid for the railing he demolished, too.
    They were lucky enough to fly out the same day, and so they headed back to North Carolina...what was Kazuma going to do by "preparing"?
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    It was dead silence. Very creepy, and very unnerving, to be in some dark space-not being able to see a hand in front of your face and not knowing what the hell is going on around you.

    John Kermon had a Zippo for emergencies like this and proceeded to light it up. His buddies Holder, Cameron, Daniel, Ray, and Eddie were close by, readying weapons.
    Cam said in a quiet voice, "Man, this **** ain't cool." "We need to get out of here." "Those little bastards could be right outside waiting to frag us."
    Holder said with confidence..."Bring em'." He cocked the all-famous shotgun, chuckling, "We should have fun with this mission, fellas. Look at it as a game. If you look at it like it's real life, you'll be more nervous and pressured to succeed. Don't think about the world's fate being in our hands and all--no pressure." "It's just an entrie existence gone down the drain...we need a good flush now and then."
    Ray responded, "'re a real eye-opener sometimes, Jason."
    And he responded, "I merely state the truth."
    The group tried to formulate a plan...Daniel snuck back, and made his way to a room he had noticed a while back that had a crawlspace in it. With it being dark and all, getting there was hard for him, but he made it. When he got into the room, he heard some ruckus moving about..he yelled out, "Who's there!?" And the "ruckus" responded, "Who's that!?"
    Daniel spoke, "Who the **** are you!?" "If you don't identifiy yourself, I'm gonna light this place up, for real!" Jake retorted, "Man, I got guns too--just shut up!" Daniel recognized that voice, "The hell--hey, is that Jon's little, little brother who's NOT Jimmy?" "The one we left behind because we wanted him AWAY from the fighting!?" Jake responded, "I wanted to come along." "I can help!" Daniel turned around, "Whatever, man." He proceeded to walk out of the room and Jake ran behind him, "Don't leave me here, man." Daniel yelled, "Man--God, just come on then!" They headed back to the bridge--and no one was there, but a huge hole was now present. Daniel and Jake headed through the hole without hesitation--and got ready for a huge fight. The others were surrounded by ten crazy looking monsters they had never seen before--looking armored and weilding some sort of rifle weapon...
    "Here we go!"
    The others got ready, and Riff shouted, "For the EASTERN RIM!!"

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    I think I have the motivation to finally finish this story! Just wait and see!
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    In a house he had never forgotten to remember
    He toils
    He forges a weapon that might bring death to his friend
    And sorrow to himself
    But yet he tempers the steel
    With tears, he finishes his weapon of choice.

    Jon had found a place to be alone for a while. Through some persuasion, Jill let him have his space and stayed at his house. He drove off to an old abandoned shack about 20 miles out of town. It was a place he could go to feel at peace. There was a pond back behind the shack, and with the way the setting was, the sun would set and make beautiful orange and red glimmers on the water's surface. He enjoyed this...and with this enjoyment, he had built a forge a while back and kept it secret. All his materials he had stowed away very carefully. But being back, he felt it was time to put forth some use of what he kept hidden. So on this fateful eve, he worked and worked, tempering and hammering.
    The process took him a little over four hours and when he was finished, wiping sweat from his forehead and he marveled at the weapon he had made.
    A seven foot long steel katana blade with a foot long handle. Near the beginning of the blade, he carefully inscribed in Japanese "Heaven and Hell".
    He made the final touches on the blade and later that night he rejoined Jill at his place. She was already asleep in bed. He carefully opened the door to the bedroom and watched ehr breathling slowly. He whispered to her, "Forgive me, love...I have to leave you for now, but I promise you--I will return to you...I promise." He tried to shake his mind free of horrible visions, and he exited the house.
    He wasn't even sure what the hell he was going to do next.
    All he knew was he saw Chris in Hawaii...but now, where to find him?
    And as he stood outside his house, he heard a voice...a voice that would always be in his memory from now until the end of time, and it said to him, "Kazuma, to seek answers,...come to the Tower...there, you will find me--and your enlightenment." He gasped, "Damn it!" "Shindo!"
    "What tower!?" The voice had left his mind, and Jon was confused.
    He slammed a fist down on the hood of his car, and hung his head down, almost feeling defeated.
    His cell phone rang.
    He snapped out of his daze and answered it, "He..hello?"
    A reassuring voice responded, "Kazuma, this is Master Chief." "Look, man, get your ass to the Sears Tower. I mean, I couldn't just let you beat yourself up trying to find an answer, damn." Jon blinked, " did you--" MC interrupetd, "I'm that damn good. Now just get there. Your buddies are going to need your help. And Good Luck."
    Jon shook his head, and sighed, "Man, I gotta fly some more." "Sucks."
    He got in his car and made his way to the airport, and with his clearance, he got that special S.T.A.R.S. hookup and was out of there by two in the morning. His stomach felt full of knots; he had no idea what was going to go down.
    He closed his eyes, and dreamed of the good old days.
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    What seemed like centuries later....the grueling fight ended....
    Smoke cleared, and blasts halted.
    No one knew what really had happened. One minute they were surrounded, and then...they had been victorius.
    Ten smoldering bodies lay in front of them. Holder reloaded his shotgun and looked at the mess they all made. "Damn, these things smell, man."
    Cameron had decapitated one of them horrible cerations and ties some of his mangled hair to his belt to keep as a souvenier.
    The fight had actually ended alot sooner, and Jon Kermon thought perhaps this was a stall or a diversion.
    "Hey, wee need to get in there-NOW." "We wasted time out here, probably too much. Let's go."
    No one wasted anymore time and followed him in through a large set of disabled double doors..
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    Fett was taking his time getting to Sears Tower. For some reason, he didn't seem to worried for the fate of the world. It's almost as if he knew everything was going to be alright. He had touched down at a few spots in different states, just relaxin' and stuff.
    Fett's Equipment: Magnum, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, endless supply of plasma grenades.-And his mitts.

    His journey seemed quite relaxing, but since he was in the air the majority of the time, he didn't have a clear idea of what was going on with anyone else...Riff and the Outlanders, Jon and his newly-wed wife...
    And he thought about Shindo just a little.
    But he tried to keep his mind clear throughout his journey. His last stop he made in Kenosha, and he decided to finally give Riff a call.....
    and didn't have much success. He thought to himself, "Well, I should have known better to try and call a guy who's probably on Neptune or wherever the hell..."
    There was a Bar that looked appealing, and he found a safe place to land without attracting attention. He secured his vehicle and headed around a corner into the bar called "Good Flow". It looked like it could be a very seedy place; little neon signs out on the window display and all. He shrugged and went in, laughing to himself at the fact that thw world is apparently in some crisis but thus far hasn't seen any signs of any danger.
    But...the most dangers in life...are the ones you can't see.

    He left his weapons outside as well, except for a magnum, and headed inside. It was pretty scarce with the exception of the Bartender: a male around his mid-thirties with little hair, and two females sitting at a table about 30 feet from the entrance door. They were whispering some incoherent jargon to each other, and then took notice to Fett entering the Bar, and the Bartender stopped cleaning the pitcher he had in his
    hand. He slowly walked to the bar counter and spoke, "Hey, what's goin' on, man?" "Lemme get a pitcher of Coors Light."
    The Bartender narrowed his eyes, "Sure thing, stranger." "That'll be five bucks." Fett had a seat and waited for the beer, and couldn't help but look in the direction of the women folk. They were totally hammered, and looked at Fett and the red headed lady with braided hair and a wife beater made a puckering motion with her lips. Fett nodded, and turned his attention back to the Bartender, who finished pouring the beer. Fett hands him the five, and pours himself a cup and downs it, "Ahhh, now that's what I'm talkin' bout." The Bartender asked Fett, "Never seen ya around here before." "Where you from, guy?" Dennis responded, "North Carolina." The Bartender--and the two women laughed at his response.
    "I could tell," the Bartender spoke. "Love the accent, man." "You people are a riot when you have liquor in you."
    Dennis got a bit irrate...."Us people?" "Who the hell is us people??"
    The Bartender shook his head, "jus' jokin', friend." The other woman, about 5'4", 120 lbs., frosted blonde shoulder length hair got up and made her way over to Fett, and leaned herself against the Bar counter, looking at him, "Hey, baby." "Me and my friend over there were talking, and we both want you--to come to our apartment---and screw our brains out."
    Dennis widened his eyes, "Aw, ****, you know what??" "I really would, but I kinda sorta have somebody right now......I mean, I REALLY, REALLY WOULD, but sorry."
    The girl looked very heart broken, and pouted her lips, "Wha's a matter...afraid you'd get hurt by two lil' girls??" Dennis laughed hard, "Whoa, that ain't it, now." "I already said I'm taken. I'm real sorry." The Bartender watched this little spat, and his hands slowly faded from view and went for something behind the counter. The red head got up, and staggered over to her buddy and Dennis, and gave the blonde a tongue sandwich she'd probably not remember in the morning ^_^.
    Dennis felt a tingle. Who wouldn't get a little turned on like this??
    He focused all of his attention on the two hotties, and...the Bartender slowly raised his right hand, now holding a 9 mm. "Hey, mister, take your w
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    His vision.
    His hearing.
    His heart.
    All of it. All of that which made him.
    His eyes opened up, and he saw the beautiful glorious Sun. It filled his heart with such glee he sat up and laughed to himself.
    Then he took a look at his hands...hands that were giving off a very holy aura. He went to run a hand through his hair...and gasped, feeling ALOT more than what he remembered. He was able to pull some of it around to his vision and saw that it was a platinum color, and went just below his shoulders. He slowly stood to his feet, slowly turning in a circle to see nothing but beautiful golden wheat as far as his eyes could see.
    He opened his mouth and spoke aloud; his voice sounded like it was overlapping with itself, giving it the sound of several people talking at once." My, what a beautiful place."
    He slowly walked through the wheat, and brushed his hands over the tops of the wheat as he walked through, and the wind picked up--quite quickly, and it actually lifted him off the ground! And as this happened he in control. Raven black angel wings adorned his upper back and seemed to take control, allowing The Warrior to stabilize himself against the winds..and they soon died down. He touched back down into the golden wheat. He was stunned at what he had become and he wasn't sure of what else had happened or where he was to be exact, but he felt safe. And she spoke to him again--that girl's voice. The one in the dark void. He knew it was the same one.
    "My---you are--you are so beautiful." "You have become--an Angel of Punishment."
    "You have chosen to embrace the Darkness within your heart, but encase it with a shroud of purity." "Perhaps-in this manner, you can find a balance within. I knew you could do it, Shindo..."
    And he shouted back, "Please--won't you tell me who you are??" "It is because of you I have become this way." "I was granted a second chance with your aid." "Please---please."
    And the voice faded away..."Fly. Fly up, and away to your destiny-----my beloved F-a-t-h-e-r...."
    Shindo's eyes widened. "F..Father!?"
    "My God."
    He looked up, and the Sun shone down on him. And with a spring of the foot, he took off into the blue sky--his heart would be the key to showing him the way to his true destiny.
    "I will right the wrongs I have done--and I will make Brian and Wesker pay for everything..!"
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    Good stuff man! Keep it coming!!
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    Jim and Roger went conventional and just decided to take a plane to Chi-town. They didn't have a whole lot to go on, but enough not to sit by while something terrible could possibly happen.
    As far as weaponry went, the two had decided to let their faith be their weapon for this trial. During the flight, Jim read alot of scriptures. He felt solidified by understanding more of the word, and had true faith that he can combat the forces of darkness in this manner.
    Roger fell asleep the whole trip. [face_coffee]

    They touched down hours later in O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. They got into the terminal and had a small problem. -Not so sure where to go from here. Roger got a bit impatient, and Jim had a hunch he could seek the answer from the power of prayer. So he sat down at a bench and shut his eyes, asking God for help. Roger joined him in prayer....
    And a vision flashed in their minds--a vision of a burly, strong looking, very familiar figure---on what appeared to be a Banshee, flying through the air. And another vision flashed--a large, large building that loomed over the others nearby.
    Jim and Rog opened their eyes and looked at each other with smirks.
    Jim stated, "No doubt that was Fett." "And Fett on a Banshee at that." "And that--that tower---"
    Roger added, "The S-e-a-r-s Tower." "I think we should get there-now." "Let's grab a cab and get there." Jim agreed...and on the way there, he called his older brother, Jon.

    And he answered the phone.
    "Yeah?? Oh, Jim..." Jim was a bit shocked he got a hold of him-"Hey, where are you???"
    Jon sighed, and answered, "I'm back in Hawaii. I have something to take care of before I come to Chicago." "I'm going to go after Brian and Albert Wesker alone." "And I will succeed." "Just be patient, brother. I'll be fine."
    Jim intervened, "Hey, what the hay, man?" "What does being in Hawaii have to do--"
    Jon hung the phone up.
    Jim almost swore, "Mother-f---firefly.."
    Roger arched a brow, "What's he up to?"
    Jim responded, "He's back in Hawaii...he said he was going after Brian and Wesker. I guess he knows ALOT more than I do." "But it's not smart--or safe for him to go it alone."
    Roger put a hand on Jim's shoulder, "Man, just have faith that he'll be alright."
    Jim sighed, and shok his head. They headed for the heart of Chicago via cab.
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    hurry it up or i'll have to go all ghost touch through the pc on ya boyeee
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    Kazuma had the S.T.A.R.S. craft take him all the way back to Hawaii. The pilot didn't question his command, either. With the proper clearance, the aircraft touched down at the airport that Jon initially was at when he got into that tussle with Shindo.
    But this time, his goal wasn't to find his friend, not at the moment. Jon had taken notice to the fact that there were more individuals in that hummer on that day. He just kept quiet...and something within his heart told him to come back here--to come back and find whoever was in that Hummer and get some answers. And so he did what made sense...

    It was very early in the morning where he was, but the Sun broke over the horizon a bit; just enough for him to see. He made his way by foot onto a dirt road.
    And from this dirt road, he closed his eyes...and unsheathed the Katana.
    He began to focus his thoughts on one single solid goal: To find Albert Wesker. But why Wesker??
    Jon hated slimeball underhanded pieces of crap, and he detested Wesker a bit moreso than Brian. Albert Wesker was the "Leader" of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team--The team Jill was on. And Wesker had done so much to try and ruin her in the past...and he couldn't stand for it. If he found both Brian and Wesker in the same place, then that was just two birds with one stone. And his eyes opened, and the road in front of him was--illuminating. Was this what he needed to see?? He began to follow this road--up hills, around sharp curves, and he had noticed, about two hours of following this trail that it had faded off into what he found to be a secret path covered by a series of trees. He crept into the path and continued to follow.
    He began to pick up his pace, sensing that what he wanted to find - was nearby. And fate would have it, Jon got to the end of the trail to see an entrance to a large facility. He noticed first the Umbrella symbol on the double doors. "Hmph, I bet Umbrella is behind this." He chuckled to himself and started towards the doors---
    Jon went flying back, landing in rough brush. He shook his head, managing to keep grip on his katana. He looked sharply around to see what had blown him back.
    He saw it---he saw HIM. On top of the facility, stood a six and a half foot tall man with short blonde hair, dark shades, chiseled build, and a mean looking rocket launcher. He lowered it, and then dropped it beside him. "Well, well, well."
    "Jon, it is quite a pleasure to see you again. How's the wife?"
    -"Shut up. You've got no right to even mention her!"
    Wesker gasped, "Tsk, tsk. Let us save the school yard talk for later. I do believe you've come to..."kill" me, is that right?" "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Jon swung his Katana downwards, "You're not as dumb as you look."
    With those words, Wesker jumped down--nearly fifteen feet and landed gracefully on the ground.
    "Jon, you really need to stop trying to play Hero all the time. It can be hazardous to your health, lad." "But I do suppose someone has to do it. Ah well, let's get on with this. I have an appointment to make."
    He cracked his knuckles, and took a stance, taunting Kazuma.
    The modern samurai two handed the great blade and took sharp eyes to his enemy, slowly gathering focus and energy.
    The air around him actually began to crackle, almost sounding like foil in a microwave--never a good sound to hear.
    Wesker arched a brow, "So I see we've been watching our Dragonball Z, I see."
    Jon ignored the comment, and raised his sword, "Albert Wesker, prepare yourself, a**wipe!"
    Wesker smirked, and charged him, and Jon charged as well...the two combatants were going all out!
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    as he charged he sang... "we're off to see the lizard, the wonderful lizard of geico"...
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    The Outlanders: Riff, Eddie-Wan, Mordtat, Lodreh, Force, Daniel, and Jake made their way through the Covenant ship--oddly enough with no further resistance. They had found a few bunkrooms, some sort of a mess hall, and got a hold of some ammo from a small supply room. It was just weird that after making all that commotion, there wasn't like, a huge battallion of monsters coming out to get them. After a good two hours of exploring, they had wound up in a long dimly illuminated corridor that was very sensitive to sound. Whispering echoed for what sounded like ever. None of them could see the end of this foreboding hall. Jake told the group that he'd go check it out; Daniel wasn't havin' that. He wasn't a fan of letting Jake go where he wants by himself. So being the smallest, possibly the slickest of the group, the two got on opposite sides of the hallway and started to creep down. The veterans stood back, weapons ready for anything that might look a threat. Jake armed with SMGs and Daniel sporting two magnums, the two juniors swept down and came upon one of those circular doors. When they had glanced back, they could barely see the others, but noticed that they had crept up a few feet themselves. It seemed like a good formation. The two looked at the door and noticed a cardkey slot on the right side and a red LED lit. There appeared to be a green LED next to the red one, but of course it wouldn't be lit until the correct card be swiped through. Jake fell back and relayed this to the others.
    Daniel walked up to the box....and then took about four steps back....and aimed one magnum to the box, and took aim---
    John Kermon took notice of his protege'..."Aw, damnit, Daniel!"
    He lit up the box and sparks went everywhere--and the lights on the ceiling went completely dead.
    There was alot of random swearing going on for a few minutes, and John yelling at Daniel, "Oooh, man, I'm so gonna kick your ass for that!" "How many times have I told you not to go around and shoot random electronic devices???" "Sheez."
    But Daniel never responded--the door actually OPENED, and he strolled right on through.
    "Damnit, Daniel!" "The Hell are you doing???"
    John just ran down to the door. The others quickly followed up behind, and all saw that they had just possible gotten into the main chambers of this ship.
    It almost looked like a huge arena--and that can never be a good thing. The floor was made out of some strong metal alloy, possible titanium. There were rows upon rows of what looked to be bleachers--or similiar to them, all going in a circle around the entire room. It almost looked similar to the one in Rome.
    Man, Daniel just took off and was hauling across the room. His shoes were making a horrible racket on the floor but he didn't really care for some reason. He saw another door on the other side and wanted to be the first to get to it in case troulbe went down. he did stop, however, when he got close enough to it. He turned around and yelled out, "Looks good, huh??"
    John shook his head, "Shhh...shut up, man."
    Holder and Cam armed themselves with shotguns and started a sweep through the bleachers...
    Riff had the trusty sniper and a plasma pistol and a needler. Eddie had gotten a shotgun and a battle rifle. Jake took the two SMGs, barely being able to dual weild them, and went straight down the middle, trying to be a badass or something. It looked kinda funny actually.
    John watched all this happen, and suddenly, his head began to throb with a sharp pulsating trauma. He growled, and readied his energy sword, taking sharp looks around the arena.
    He ended up stumbling to the side near where the bleachers would be closest to the door they came through. Riff noticed this, "Man, what's wrong??"
    Eddie commented, "Kids give you lotsa headaches, man. Lemme tell ya'."
    Riff stated, "Hmmm...yeah, but---why is there not anyone here?" "This **** ain't right, man."
    Cam and Holder got all the way to the other side to where Daniel was at, taking a breather. Cam walked over to him, "Dude, you shouldn't do that *
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    That was a good section. ]-}
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