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    Wesker was anxious about demolishing this young man. He considered him a slight mental "barbed wire fence", in a sense.
    Wesker smirked and tightened his fists, satisfied at the cracking, grinding sound they made. He knew what awsome power he possessed, and he knew the boy could have no chance against him. He lunged forward, unnerved by the fact Kazuma was weilding a very big ass Katana blade.
    Kazuma decided to let him come on in, and as soon as Wesker got within striking distance, he did one of those cool 180 spins, getting out of the charge, and swiping quickly at Wesker's left side!
    Wesker skidded to a halt and turned around to face Jon, chuckling.
    "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh." "I see you actually know how how to use that blade, boy." "I'm somehwat impressed--and I'd be even more impressed if that swipe of yours actually did any harm to me."
    Jon looked at Wesker's side to hopefully see some blood, or whatever the creton would ooze out...but only saw a tear in his shirt--not even a scratch..
    "Damn," He whispered. "Everyone has a weak point-and I have some time to spare."
    Wesker responded, "This is true. Everyone does have a weak point...whether it be a physical one or emotional--or even a mental one." "I wonder--what is your weak point?" "Perhaps I will have to exploit this." "Shall we continue??"
    Jon narrowed his eyes, and removed his glasses. "Yeah, let's do that."
    Wesker kept a sharp wit about his surroundings, noting the huge surplus of palm trees about, and smiled.
    "Damn you--I'll slice that smile off your face!!"
    The swordsman flew forward at an astonishing speed, aiming to go right for the bastard's neck; Wesker decided to show him what he was all about. As Jon came in for the slash, Wesker welcomed the blade with both of hands, sort of like he was trying to catch it, and it sank a little. As soon as this took place, Wesker saw that the poor boy left his mid section wide open trying to go at him all out with a two handed strike, and delivered not one--not two--but four horrible, rib-shattering kicks to Jon's abdomen. Jon yelled in pain, but Wesker was craving this. He let go of the Katana, and reared his head back for a nasty headbutt and charged forward...
    "Got it!"
    Jon reacted with uncanny quickness and screamed as he sent the katana right through the head of Albert Wesker...! The blade went all the way through, right in between his eyes, and about a foot of it came out the back of his head!
    Jon groaned and continued to try and shove the blade further through, and he was within centimeters of Wesker's face, now streamed with a green bile, and he was still smiling as his shades split in two and fell to the ground.
    Jon couldn't believe it--"What...the Hell are you!?"
    Wesker reached up--with both hands--and grabbed the part of the blade that hadn't been shoved through his face yet, gripping it tight, letting it cut deep into his hands now; pain didn't seem to affect him so much.
    "That--that was rather--unexpected, b..boy.."
    "You have exceeded my far.."
    -As he spoke, his strength was fighting against Kazuma's and he was slowly removing the blade back out through his face!
    Jon was in horror, thinking to himself [Holy ****]
    And as he struggled for victory-and for his life, something inside struck him. Something that he had never felt before, but knew in his heart existed.
    "This--this inner strength..." He murmured. Wesker's bile covered eyes widened, "My, my. I beleive someone's gone insane. Welcome to the Club." With that, he used his tremendous power to completely eject the blade from his head, sending Jon stumbling backwards. Wesker turned around, and sought out a very large fricking palm tree. He laughed as he ran over, and proceeded to uproot it with his bare hands! "Ha! Let's see you handle this, boy!" Wesker reared back and with the power injected into him, he hurled the gigantic palm tree like a javelin towards a weary Jon. It came at him like a missle screaming from a horizon.
    [I can't let him beat and I can't let it end here--I have more to accomplish in this lif
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    Finally. Chicago. Where all the noise is supposed to be.
    "Damn, this place sucks." That's what Dennis said when he finally got settled into one of Chicago's luxurious hotel suites. He had found a decent spot to hide the Banshee, but he wasn't so sure if he really needed to hide it. The world is probably going to see a whole lot more bizarre that a flying "bike".
    He stashed all of his weapons this time. He didn't really want to, but he didn't want any extra trouble from the ignorants who didn't know his story.
    He had gotten himself checked into a room and took a nice long hot shower. He kept looking at the wound he received after that little tango in the bar. It looked like it was healing just fine on its own. He cut off the water and threw some clothes on. Heh, a wife beater and some old blue jeans always did the trick for Fett. But, in all his fun that he had been having, and that's how he referred to all the danger--he looked in the mirror, examining himself.
    He stared, not really sure why, but he thought about the Arbitor and what he told him.
    "Hmmm. Now I'm here. I don't even know when all this stuff is supposed to go down."
    He went over to the bed and grabbed his cell phone. "Alright, you piece of ****, work!"
    He saw that hid just a smidget of battery life, so he used it to call--Ray.
    "Whoa! Dennis!?"
    Dennis pulled the phone a little ways from his ear, "Damn, Ray. Yeah, who the Hell else it supposed to be? What's goin' on, man?"

    "Oh, God, man. This is too much, dude. We're up in a Covenant Supply Ship and we were goin', man, Daniel--he's...he ain't--doin' so well, man." "We're in this damn---oh ****!"
    Dennis heard what sounded like an energy sword or something being swung--probably real close to Ray, "Hey Ray, Ray!"
    Ray responded, "Man, this is crazy! Force Theologian is going at it with this fricking crazy ass alien swordsman!" "Where you at??"
    -"In a hotel room in Chicago." "I got some words from Arbitor and so I made my way here on a Banshee." "I got to do alot of sight-seeing." "It was kinda boring, except for I got into it with some freak zombies at this bar; man it was nuts, dude!" "But I kicked their asses!"
    Ray laughed, "Ha, ha, ha, man I'm glad things are going good fro you back down below and stuff----
    *blip* "Damnit." "Phone died." "And I ain't got a charger."
    He cursed and went to open his door. He was on the third floor. He made his way down the hall and went to catch the elevator. He went down, entered the lobby, and just headed for the entrance, feeling really edgy right now. He went outside to the cold, dank, rainy, cloudy environment that was Chi-Town and just started walking, "That damn tower can't be too far from here...I'm just gonna go there. Damn this."
    He got to a corner and asked a decent-looking woman where the Sears Tower might be. She gave him easy directions and he founf that the Tower was only five blocks from the Hotel.
    He went down a block, and waited for the "walk" emblem to light up. Looking across the street, he looked at a large crowd of people, all probably in their teens. He thought to himself, [Man...this really sucks--all these people and they have no clue.]
    In the midst of his thought, a hand went to touch his right shoulder, and out of reflex he swung his right hand back, going for a back fist--the individual swiftly ducked!
    "Whoa, holy crap, man!" "Take it easy-wow!"
    Dennis looked back---and took a deep deep breath...seeing Roger and Jimmy.
    "Man, are you retarded?" "I could have taken your damn head off."
    Jim shook his head, "Nah, I'm faster than you are." "Nice breeze you gave me, though."
    Roger tried to make sense, "Man, that was so cool how we just found you like that. I saw you from back that way, and I told jim it had to be you."
    -"Well, it's good you found me, then. I was on my way to the Sears Tower."
    Jim added, "Yeah, Master Chief let us know enough...hmm--well, maybe not enough." "Nothing seems to have went down yet." "It's like we're just going off of hunches."
    Roger stated, "Yeah, we need some insight." "Let's g
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    And Zihd the Alien Swordsman of the Covenant was taking the lead in this sick swordfight.
    He could come in, clash swords, break the standstill, go to rush forward...and execute his unbeatable teleport stab attack. He would essentially telport right behind John and already execute a stab. He had gotten this move off twice already, piercing Force in his left thigh and right chest muscle.
    Force staggered back, breathing heavy, swearing under his breath as the others were in a group, wanting to help, but saw that the little damage that Force had done to the monster-it actually hurt him and didn't heal up.
    [Damnit. Daniel's over there dying and what am I doing? I might be going right along with him if I don't do something quick.]
    "Cheap move...that's the only reason why you're winning this."
    Zihd seemed amused by the comment and retorted, "You don't win fights by playing by the rules, human scum." "Use everything you have at your disposal."
    Kermon was hurting pretty bad. It was hard to walk or run with his thigh throbbing and bleeding. He wasn't sure he had to do--except for win...but how?
    "Don't think I'm done with you yet--I have you right where I want you...Zihd." "Man, that's a retarded ass name. You should kill your folks for that."
    The alien chuckled, "Been there. Done that, but for different reasons." "I see that you are trying to stall for some unkown reason, probably trying to cling on the life you know is fading tragic. Hee, heh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! DIE!!"
    The creature leaped high into the air, and threw his sword towards Kermon. Kermon saw it coming, but realized that it wasn't going to hit him-it would be too far. The sword landed about ten feet from him. He looked at the blade, thinking maybe he should go for it and grab it. [Why did he do that--maybe I can't weild it, and he wants me to go for it...yeah this is obvious.]
    "Man, I wasn't born yesterday. That's probably meant for like, you alien types to weild or something. Why don't you come over here and get your sword. You are now currently unarmed."
    Zihd spoke in a dark tone, "So observant, human morsel. However, my goal was not to pierce you with the blade---but to execute my most devastating power!" "Kii---Blast Hazard!!"
    The sword erpupted into a scortching flaming napalm burst, engulfing a twenty foot radius, and catching Kermon in its wake. The blast itself shook the ceiling's structures, and various metal beams came crashing down on top of the poor defeated Outlander.
    Zihd landed, and cackled with utter glee. "Mwuahahahahahaha! Another one is dead! Now the rest of you will join him!"
    Zihd jumped up and over the circle of smoldering metal, and looked at Cam, Holder, Eddie-Wan, Riff, and Jake, who was absolutely horrified at seeing John Kermon go out like that.

    "Such stupid creatures. You all came here to finish us? I see it as you coming here to die."
    --And from behind him, a movement of metal could be heard; shuffling...
    -And a voice spoke from the rubble in a very dark, HellBoyish kind of tone:
    "For a while now you and your Covenant cronies have ravaged space and assaulted our Earth. From this point on, you will do no more. I will be your Judge, Jury, and Exocutioner."
    Zihd turned all the way around--he realized he had probably now wasted his attack on Kermon...only to have this happen. His blade had been destroyed, but he knew he was pretty formidable without it. What could possibly go wrong?
    This--from the rubble emerged John "Force theologian" Kermon--now a much whiter Kermon---with white, pupiless eyes, and dark borwn hair that came down past his ears.
    He was wearing a black leather trench coat, black boots, and a black tank top. In his hands he had not one, but TWO--two weapons. The weapons seemed to be comprised of laser energy, but it glew a light blue color, and the energy had curved itself into the shape of scimitars. The handles themselves were comprised of some type of metal. The "reborn" Kermon stepped from the rubble and stalked toward Zihd, "You know, for the record, you DID kill me. I did die. For about
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    And once again the sun that could barely be seen began to set and the nightlife of Chicago was starting to blossom yet again.
    There were alot of lights. There alot of tall buildings and alot of people.
    -And a WHOLE LOT of bars and pubs.
    Dennis dug that aspect about this city: there shouldn't be a sober person in Chicago at night.
    But where to go? He thought that staying close to the Hotel was a good idea, for safety measures. He scanned the bar riddled strip and noticed down the way a place called Maloney's Tavern. Not too far from the hotel. He went to an ATM and went to draw out some money and to his suprise there was an extra five thousand dollars in there! He blinked, "Where the Hell did this come from? Ah **** it." He took three hundred out and headed towards this Maloney's.
    He crossed the street and got closer, noticing that it actually led downstairs but there was a bouncer at the front entrance checking IDs and such. He presented his and strolled on in and he realized that he probably looked like a biker or something, with the wife beater and blue jeans and stuff. He didn't bother to go to the Banshee to pick up some protection this time; he was just going to be extra sharp. He headed downstairs where it led to a nice, jazzy atmosphere. It was a rather large place with lots of pool tables and a nice bar setup. He took notice to the various people that stood out. There were a about five of the "cowboy" types at the bar with their wranglers and there hats and boots and stuff. Then near the pool tables he took notice to six very hot women taking shots and shooting some pool. He went to a vacant part of the bar, and was approached by a female bartender, maybe in her thirties, not too bad looking. She had the blonde hair and blue eyes and nice curves and was wearing all black.
    He gave a smile, "Hey, lemme get a pint of Bud, please."
    She was like, "Nice--and hey tonight we have our weekly Bud specials: all Budweiser drafts are two dollars.
    Dennis was like, "Aw, man. Yeah, lemme do that." She smiled, "Sure thing, honey." She set him up with a glass and he nodded and spun around on his seat to take a look around.The cowboys were now attented to a rodeo that was on the big screen they had and the girls were just having their good old time.
    And in walk some more patrons. Four of them and they already seemed pretty sloshed. They sunk themselves into some chairs and the solo bartender went over to take orders. There were four men, and they were getting a bit loud with the woman. Dennis noticed that one of them had tried to slide his hand up her skirt and she stepped back and was like, "Hey, hey, now."
    Dennis shook his head and wondered why the hell is the bounder upstairs and not down here?
    She eventually took their orders and went to the back. Dennis finished his first glass. She came back and got the guys their stuff, and went back to see if Dennis needed some more. He ordered about eight more and started downing.
    *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*
    *An hour and twenty glasses later*
    Fett was feeling fricking great. He was carrying on random conversations with the lone bartender. He had found out that she was supposed to have help tonight but he called in sick so the poor girl got stuck here by herself.
    And he found out she had a little six year old girl. He also found out she was 31, liked beaches, and had a 36D bra size. Yep-random conversations.
    Her name was Alyssa. She appreciated his company and saw that he was not a jerk, intoxicated or sober. He had mentioned that if those guys got fresh with her again, he'd go break a face for her. She seemed thankful but didn't want any fighting.
    He looked at his watch and it was getting to be around 11:30. He figured he might be wanting to head back and crash. He wasn't sure about tomorrow so he wanted to get a good sleep.
    He stood up, and stretched. He saw that Alyssa had gone over again to those guys and now all of them were acting stupid. Two of the four had gone over to the six chicks shooting pool and started running their mouth
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    And the new morning arose for everyone in the Outlanders. [face_alien_1]
    And high in the sky, flying from the sunrise, a being came. He flew and landed on top of a tall industrial building and took a look down at the surroundings below.
    He spoke to himself, "Today, we will put an end to all of our conflicts."
    And he shut his eyes and contemplated on what to do first.
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    The Outlanders woke up feeling energized, but it wasn't the best accomodations in the world.
    They were famished beyond belief too, and all they got was some dried meat and bad water.
    It was better than nothing and Cam had a decent helping. He had it in his mind that he was going to be the one to kill Tartarus. Holder wasn't so sure. Yeah, he had faith in his buddy, but we're talking about Tartarus. He's the biggest of the biggest bad asses in space.
    Jake was taking all of this pretty hard. The poor kid had necer see anyone die before. It messed him up a little. Eddie Wan had tried to ease the boy's mind. His two older brothers weren't around; he felt a little obliged to help. After all, besides Riff, he was one of the oldest Outlanders. Kinda like the dad figure.
    "Hey little man, it's gonna be alright. We're gonna make it outta here and we'll do away with the Covenant altogether, alrighty?" Jake didn't feel so assured but nodded slowly.
    John Kermon didn't sleep the entire night-all he could do was try and shut his eyes. His body didn't need it anymore apparently. He was still getting used to this stuff. He wasn't sure if he was really dead or not, either. He toyed around with the energy scimitars a bit, though.
    Four Elite guards came early in the morning after the meal and stuff to escort them down an extensive set of corridors and turns where it eventually led to a vast, vast area.
    There was two staircase, one went left and one went right where it led up to another floor in the same room, but in the center of the first floor---Tartarus stood there, and he had a REALLY BIG Maul.
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    and she screamed...

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm going, I'm going!
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    Kazuma hadn't slept that much. He just kept thinking about random things.
    He opened the window around 5 in the morning and just took off flying...he just wanted to get some air.......
    He flew up high out of sight from the people below and sought out some deserted docks off in the distance. It looked calm and solitary. He flew down and liked the fact he was getting used to his new found power. He ran a hand through his flowing purple hair and gazed out onto the smooth crystalline-like water...and his heart--skipped a beat...
    He wheeled around, almost panicked, and he didn't know what the hell for.
    He saw nothing. He looked up, and around, then back behind him. Nothing.
    "The hell was that??"
    Then it skipped again, and a wave of cold swept over him.......
    "He's here."
    And from the small beach area--he was just walking....large black wings, luxurious silver hair, hard build. His hands radiated with a white light. He saw Jon from his standpoint and just started walking, and Jon started walking as well...back onto the sand, and walked.
    The two figures got within about twenty paces from each other, and looked at what the other had become...
    "So, Kazuma, you've done it finally. I'm a little impressed."

    Jon didn't even want to do this, "Damn it man, we don't need to do any of this--let's just fight together! I'm not going to do battle with you; I have NO reason to!"
    Chris chuckled...."I'm not here to fight you, ******. We both need to work together with the others to stop what's happening...Brian and his Phase Warrior. They have to be killed. I can't do it alone."
    Jon looked puzzled, "Brian....Phase Warrior..?"
    Chris suddenly turned towards the water, and expelled a large ball of light from his right hand and it went skimming across the water's surface--leaving behind a vapor trail of energy.
    "The voices inside led me here...and the one in my heart tells me he will try to gain a horrible power...he wants the Sears Tower to be his lair or something. I do know that he plans to unleash something deadly unto the just a few hours. He's not here yet, and he won't be...not until the precise moment arrives...he plans to have everything as he wants it...I have reason to believe that he has created a new virus-and he seeks to inject himself with it. But he wants this to be dramatic--for us to try and stop him."
    Kazuma had no choice, "Then we'll stop him."
    Shindo narrowed his eyes, "Yes."
    And the voice in his mind spoke as well, (And when they are eliminated--WE will have our final confrontation.)
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    Keep 'em coming bro... every now and again I get a few minutes to play catch up so don't skimp on us now ;)

    Lod-Reh SaJon ~
    "If you seek knowledge and understanding look to the Force.
    If you seek pain and suffering look no further than me."
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    Cameron wasn't all too impressed with Tartarus. I mean sure, he was a galactic menace--and really, really frigging strong...but deep down he knew he could take him. Holder had been riling him up, just telling him how Tartarus is nothing to Cam...
    Eddie and Ray didn't like this at all. Jake kept close, and Kermon looked like he was just aching to fight.
    Tartarus eyed his human opponents and chuckled to himself.
    "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. This is indeed a glorious day for my people. I will send you all to your worthless graves and we will ravage your Earth---
    Cam cut him off, "Hey, can we get a move on? I ain't got all night."
    Tartarus stood up, and lowered his huge maul weapon, glaring at Cameron..."You seek to die so quickly...W-H-YYY!!??" He let loose a horrible roar and flew from his position and landed right in front of Cameron, growling.
    Everyone else sorta backed up, not loving the idea of getting whomped by that maul.
    Cam yelled, "Bring it on!" Tartarus took a swing---and Cam ducked, "Man you **** suck."
    Tartarus swung again-and again-and again-and again! The others were a bit surprised that Cam had managed to dodge all of those swings, but they did see that Tartarus was a bit sluggish with that weapon. The beast stood back, "Do not think you are so agile, human scum."
    Cam was riled up all the way, "Man, just shut the hell up-you ain't gonna hit me. You're too damn slow--now it's my turn!" He rushed forward--at an armed opponent. That takes guts.
    Or someone who's lost his friggin mind.
    Tartarus wanted him to come on in...he wasn't about dodging blows; a good counter worked for him. Cam came in swinging, and Tartarus easily dodged his flurry of swings....and just went down with his ultimate force with a double handed overhead smash targeted towards the big man---and with sheer angry berserk rage Cam caught the maul with his bare hands, stopping the strike! Tartarus was stunned, "You--you are one has ever stopped a strike from me this way."
    Cam smirked at the monster, "I think you're about to get your ass kicked."
    The Outlanders were shouting out different things, kinda like people do in UFC tournaments.
    The cheers were boosting him...he felt a burning sensation inside---and his vision turned red....."I WON'T LET YOU LIVE." He clenched with his hands, and suddenly threw the maul downward, stepped up on it, and launched a missile dropkick to Tartarus's face; Cam's feet seemed to let loose a mediocre explosion of energy when they connected, and Tartarus staggered back, "U-r-r-gh...bastard...." Cam recovered, and rushed forward, now totally gone to his barbarian rage! Tartarus screamed and flew forward--"DIIEE!"
    The two warriors had flown past each other and turned around. The others cringed at what they witnessed. Tartarus swung full force and the *crack* could be heard when it laid into Cam's ribcage! It sent him to one knee, breathing heavily. Tartarus laughed, "Mwhahahaha-you are a damn fool to think you could defeat me!" The strong man slowly rose to his feet..."You talk too damn much---and you didn't smash my head suck ass." Eddie was in awe, "Damn."
    Tartarus grew tired and jumped high into the air and was coming down for a flying overhead to attempt to finish Cam off---but that's all it was: an attempt.
    In the midst of coming down, Cam screamed out and his body started to strobe flashes of energy...he jumped up in the air to intercept Tartarus and punched--! "RRRAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"
    Tartarus roared in agony, and the maul went flying off and hitting the floor.
    The raging berserker sent his entire arm through the beast's stomach!
    They both landed; Cam on his feet and the beast on his back, writhing in pain.
    The Outlanders were happy......but Eddie and Ray just didn't believe this--the mightiest of all the Covenant, and this is all the fight he's putting up? They sensed something wrong.
    Cam's eyes were red with fury, "Come on--GET UP!" "WE'RE NOT DONE YET!"
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    Hmm.. Cameron... mad.. that never happens!!!!
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    Shindo, Kazuma, Jim, Roger, and Fett.

    Riff, Eddie Wan, Jake, Kermon, Holder, and Cam.

    Both on different playing fields, but all in the same boat.
    The Outlanders cannot succeed without union...but they have always had this union. It is their uncanny teamwork and ability to function as a unit that has made them the awesome force they are today.
    Surely they will be able to take out the Covenant once and for all...
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    Tartarus slowly crept to his feet, grunting, but giving a slight chuckle, "Heh, heh, heh. I see humans can become quite egotistical when they feel they are ahead."
    Cam spoke, "You got a hole in your stomach, and you lost a hold of your little tinkering's obvious I'm ahead-why not have an ego?" "You're about to die." Cameron walked slowly towards the massive alien, cracking his knuckles.
    Tartarus rose fully to his feet---------and yelled out with an ominous tone, "FEEL THE FULL FURY!!"
    He sprang forward at dazzling speed, especially being wounded like he was! Cam readied himself to strike---swung, and Tartarus evaded the blow, wheeled himself around Cam, and positioned himself behind him. He got a waist grip around the juggernaut and growled, "You and Me are going--for A RIDE!" With that, he executed a devastating german suplex maneuver, slamming Cam's head into the hard floor, knocking him unconscious! But oh it wasnt over...tartarus maintained his grip and used his strength to roll backwards over cam to get back to his feet. He spun cam's body around so his head was to the floor. The Alien monster jumped high into the air--"YOU--DIE!!!"

    .........A Piledriver, from that high up.........
    A sickening thud....the site was almost unbearable....when they landed, a wave of energy emenated from Tartarus' feet in a circular fashion and spread out, nearly hitting the others. But when he let go of cam's lifeless body, the wound in his stomach was completely healed up.
    Holder was in shock...
    And Tartarus laughed, "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" "DO YOU SEE!?" "DO YOU SEE WHY YOU ARE ALL WORTHLESS!?" "I AM YOUR GOD NOW!"
    Kermon eyed the alien and spoke, "Negatory." "I'll own your ass." He went to step forward, and Ray put his hand up, "No, man...can't let ya do it!" Kermon snickered, "What, do YOU want to get him, tough guy?" "He's not going to pick us all off one by one, we need to gang his ass NOW!"
    Tartarus added, "Your safety in numbers tactic is hopeless as well, but at least it spares me the time of squashing you one by one. Come now, and die at my hands."
    Eddie looked at Ray, "Man...we need to take him out...for our own sakes, and for mankind, dude." "Think of our kids and stuff, man." "They need futures, and it's up to us to make sure they have one now."
    Ray nodded, "Let's do it..."
    Jake looked determined, "I'm not worried about it." "I AM going to help, no matter what you guys say!"
    Ray, Eddie Wan, Lodreh, Kermon, and Jake all started to circle tartarus.....and he chuckled, "I will enjoy this!"
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    It had been a while since Shindo and Kazuma had rejoined the others in the hotel.
    Jimmy was still in awe over the transformation Chris had undergone.
    He stared fervently at the dark wings...but the make of them--were so--angelic; he was entrigued.
    Shindo had told them all of what had happened. They were all stricken with amazement.
    "I don't know who that was that told me I had to make a choice...perhaps I may know in time who.", Shindo spoke.
    He looked out the window and saw the clouds gather, "It is near time." "We'd best be getting a move-on."
    Jim got up and headed outside first. When he got to the sidewalk, he attempted to call Ray again.
    *cell phone ring tone*
    No answer. Jimmy left a voice message, now very worried. He didn't want to think the worst. But none of them really knew what was going on up there, nor did the guys up there have a clue as to what was going on down below.
    Roger and Fett followed soon afterward, followed by Kazuma. Shindo took the upstairs window and flew himself above the clouds for cover. They could see the black swirls develop in the clouds...this was not good at all. Fett's hands begin to strobe with the plasma energy. He was getting angry--and he was getting ready.
    Roger sounded like a bad prophet, "Oh, man, guys." "This doesn't look peachy at all."
    Jim tried to smile, but his worry over his little brother overwhelmed him. Jon saw the pain in his younger brother's face and tried to comfort him, "Hey, he's not alone." "We'll see him again, I promise, man."
    -They could see the Tower--and how, overnight, it had twisted itself into a shadowy black spire!
    For the few minutes they had been outside, they hadn't noticed ANYONE else. No one driving, no one jogging, no dogs, no birds even. Nothing. Shindo flew close above the Tower, thinking to himself, "Here we go."
    Kazuma took flight, and ensured the others that he would be alright, "Keep moving, but if anything happens....FIGHT."
    Dennis slammed his fists together, creating a spark of energy, "You damn right FIGHT."
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    Shindo had noticed Kazuma fly up nearby. He looked at him, staying in one spot, but flapping wings, "Look at that." "It's taken on a new form--it reeks of black magic." Kazuma nodded silently and swooped down to get closer. Shindo eyed him eagerly, wondering what actions his friend will take.
    Roger, Jim, and Dennis were about 100 feet from the Tower, when suddenly the ground began to shake. And out from the entrance of the Tower, in front of the massive doors, the road broke and twisted mis-shapen figures began to crawl out from the huge trench. They looked like zombies, but what poor souls were buried almost underneath the Sears Tower??
    Six of them crawled out, and stood up, moaning with that familiar hunger--that desire. Black bile dripped from their mouths and spattered to the concrete, causing it to sizzle. Their arms were much larger than their legs, and their heads were fairly small, but their mouths were nonetheless hungry for flesh.
    Roger looked at them and yelled, "Hey these are like--SUPER Zombies!" Jim blinked, "Crap!"
    Fett charged his fists up as he growled with anger, "COME AND GET IT!"
    Up above, the two flyers had taken notice to the battle about to happen below. Shindo yelled out to Kazuma, "He sends pawns--do you wish to assist them--or will you continue with me?" "I feel his presence inside the Tower-we need to search it!"
    Kazuma yelled back, "That's my brother down there!" "You go ahead-WE will catch up!" Shindo smirked and descended about halfway down the tower, and his head began to throb...the dark large window in front of him shattered to billions of pieces, sending glass everywhere. The warrior advanced inward, ignoring the pain.
    Kazuma flew at an angle, and saw all six of the hulk zombies take off in football-esque sprints towards Fett. He produced his sword and flew with the grace of the wind! He set sights on the first zombie that was in the lead of the pack and flew at his side-*Slaaaash!* He sliced the head clean off! Horrifically, the zombie's body still begane to charge Fett. He sidestepped as it cam passed him. Now it was gunning for Roger and Jimmy. Roger took the Remington he had, and aimed at the zombie's left leg, "You suck." *Boom* Obliterating the creature's knee and leg, sending his body to the ground and finally coming to a stop.
    Fett was occupied by the explosion and turned around to see the other five less than ten feet from him. He yelled out and ran forward at the small horde. One of the remaining five near the rear stopped suddenly. He turned around--around to see Kazuma slowly descend with his katana in hand. The Zombie looked at him with a deep, foreboding stare. It actually make Kazuma uneasy; he had been quite used to the normal vacant stares of emptiness, but this was quite different.
    He stared back at the zombie-and with no warning, the hulk zombie belched out a large nasty stream of steaming hot bile!
    Kazuma jumped to the left, evading the spew. It hit the concrete and ate a decent sized crater into the ground. Kazuma flew forward and went for another decapitation--surprisingly, the zombie ducked his head with the speed to evade. Kazuma quickly recovered and went to slice the monster in half. The Zombie grabbed at the blade with both huge hands, stopping the attack.
    "What the hell!?" Kazuma was in disbelief--and--in probably one of the worst pains in his entire life. The zombie began to moan louder and a dark wave of energy surged up through the blade and radiated through Kazuma. he tried desperately to let go of his blade, but the force was holding him fast! The zombie spat out yet another glob of bile, nailing the mighty swordsman square in the bare chest! He screamed in complete agony.
    The zombie's grip however, was released. Several shots from pistols came blasting through his deformed head, sending him crumpling to the ground and he let go of the blade.
    Kazuma clenched at his chest, trying to yank the bile off, but burned his own hands in teh process, forgetting momentarily about the bile and the possible effects it could have on his hands too.
    Two of
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    And Shindo began to walk up yet another floor. The inside of this place seemed to tug at his very being now.
    He entered into a very large, what appreared to have been some sort of a conference room. The over head lights were flickering on and off, giving off a very uneasy feel. There was a large table and some chairs in the center of the room.
    Shindo looked over to check the elevator, "Ha, out of service." "I wonder why."
    He looked over the room seeing alot of papers and folders on the floor. Nothing that may help out.
    He looked back into the stairwell, "Better go up some more."
    And he proceeded to go up yet another floor--and he heard something like machinery power up all of a sudden.

    -(The Elevator)
    He ran up the steps and saw that the damn elevator lights were going up *13...14....and...15..ding!*
    But the door did not open, and he stood within arm's reach of the doors, silent. Not sure what could be on the other side. Maybe the others got it to work somehow and got up here.
    Or maybe there's something not too welcoming behind there.
    Shindo tensed up...and THE DOOR OPENED...
    And nothing was inside. All but emptiness. Shindo kept his guard up and slowly stepped into the elevator.
    (Probably a bad idea but lets see.)
    The doors shut tight behind him. He stood with his back away from the doors for a second, trying to gather energies from around him. He felt it was near time to fight.

    Unfortunately, alot closer than he thought.
    He opened his eyes, and turned around-and was staring right into the face----the face of one so familiar. So deadly. So powerful. So mysterious.
    The Phase Warrior. :mad: The two enemies now stared at each other, trapped in a small demonic elevator, apparently going up to who knows what floor.
    Shindo felt a surge of dread wash over him. This was the creature that beat him to crud and left him to die.
    But the dread went away as the inner powers started to fluxuate, the energies he wished to gather had amassed inside him and he was ready to fight.
    The Phase Warrior tilted his head to the side, seeming to study shindo, maybe even confused that the man is alive again.
    But he wasted little time in pondering before grabbing shindo by his neck with such speed shindo blinked and he was already caught.
    And *zzzz*--they were both gone...
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