Resistance-A Jaina/Kyp fic Updated 11/23! Finally!

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    Has anybody else noticed that there's been an absolute epidemic of Jaina/Kyp
    stories lately? Anyway, being the Jaina/Kyp enthusiast that I am, I had to
    get in on the action. This won't be as good as Val's of JaegerGhent's, but I
    hope you like it. If you haven't read Star by Star and you don't want to be
    spoiled to death, turn back now.

    Okay, here's the gist. It's about 6 months after Star by Star, and Anakin is
    dead. Sorry 'bout that y'all. Jaina didn't go to the dark side, and Jacen
    didn't get captured. Everything is basically hunky dory. Except for Anakin
    being dead that is. Curses on Troy Denning!
    This might be a bit confusing at first, but things will eventually explain

    The New Republic Star Destroyer Lusankya dropped out of hyperspace
    into an uninhabited system. Or what was supposed to be an uninhabited
    "What on Coruscant is that?" a young navigation officer asked.
    General Wedge Antilles leaned forward in his seat on the bridge. "What
    does it look like, Lieutenant? It's a Super Star Destroyer. The real question
    is why is it here and what are we going to do about it?"
    "General, they're hailing us," A communications officer exclaimed.
    "Good. Put them through."
    The officer hastily did so, and a holo of a young man in a simple flight
    suit, but with the insignia of a Captain on it, appeared.
    "Hello, General Antilles." The young man smiled. "I am Captain Thrack
    Beten of the United Resistance Military."
    "The United what?" Wedge demanded.
    "United Resistance Military. I didn't expect you to have heard of us."
    "Captain, will you put your superior on here?"
    "I'm sorry, sir, but the General, she asked me to contact you myself.
    She's very busy."
    "Fine. What do you want?" Wedge asked.
    "The General wishes you to come aboard. She wants to talk to you. She
    says you can bring any bodyguards you want, or even the entire New Republic
    Military with you. She gives her word you will not be harmed," the Captain
    "And why should I?"
    "Well, I would say it would be to your benefit, but the General,
    she knows you and says she knows that you're dying of morbid curiosity right
    about now, and that the only way to clam it is to come aboard."
    Wedge's jaw dropped. "She knows me?"
    "Oh, yes, sir. Very well."
    Wedge stared. "All right. I'll fly my X-wing over."
    "Are you going to bring anyone?" Captain Beten asked.
    "No. She can take it as a token of my good will."
    The young Captain grinned. "She said you wouldn't. I'll see you, sir."
    The image wavered and disappeared.
    "General, you're not really going to go over there all by yourself, are
    Wedge turned to the young lieutenant. "Why, yes, Lieutenant, I am.
    Usually when a person appears out of nowhere and says she knows me, but won't
    tell me who she is, things get very interesting. And I've never come out of
    one of encounters dead. I don't see death in my immediate future, so I don't
    really think I'll need a bodyguard."
    The lieutenant stared. "Respectfully, sir, I think you're insane."
    Wedge laughed. "Yeah, I get that a lot."

    So what do you think? Can you guess who the mysterious general is? I really
    hope you like it.

  2. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    This is really good! 'Respectfully, sir, I think you're insane.' LOL! :D Keep it up. [face_blush] fic isn't all that great. :)
  3. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  4. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    You're welcome welcome welcome! ;) So when do we get more? :D
  5. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    I'm actually supposed to be doing my math work right now, so I'd say about lunch time, my time. I have no idea when that is on board time, but it's about 8:30 right now my time, so in about 4 hours.
  6. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    I'm supposed to be doing my math, too. :D Or is it Grammer... :confused: anyway, I'll check back here then, in that case!
  7. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    Thanks, JG! And post more of your fic then too!
  8. vogt0047 Jedi Youngling

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    Great post JJD!

    I absolutely love the flood of Kyp and Jaina fics :)
  9. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    Thanks JG and Vogt!
    Here's more!

    Wedge climbed out of his X-wing and was met by the young captain from the holo.

    "Well, Captain, I hope that you're here to tell me what this is all about."

    "No, sir, I'm here to take you to the General, and she's going to tell you what this is all about." The young man grinned and beckoned Wedge to follow him.

    He followed him through the corridors passing pilots, crew, and mechanics, all hurrying about their business.

    "You seem to have good order on this thing," Wedge commented.

    "Yes, sir." Thrack grinned-something Wedge had already realized was a habit with him. "The General is very compatent, even if she is young."

    Wedge raised an eyebrow. More hints. A young female officer who supposedly knew him. He couldn't recall anyone he knew answering to that description. He shrugged. He would find out who it was soon enough. If there was one thing he'd learned in his long career in the military, it was patience.

    He followed Thrack to the bridge. As they entered and he glanced around, he noticed it was very much like the bridge on the Lusankya, only newer.

    He saw a slender female figure standing facing away from him.

    "Oh, good, Thrack, you're back. Get Karrde on the holo," she said without turning.

    "Uh, last time he wouldn't talk to me. He said you or no one."

    "Tell him that if he doesn't talk to you now, I'll never talk to him again. That should get him."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "Jaina?" Wedge gasped as Thrack grinned and moved to the communications center.

    Still not turning, she held up one finger, asking for a moment and turned to another officer.

    "What news?"

    "Nothing yet, ma'am. I'll let you know as soon as we get any news."

    "Good." She turned to Wedge and flashed him the famous Solo lopsided grin. "Hi, Wedge."

    "Jaina, what's going on?"

    Jaina shrugged. "Oh, nothing much."

    "Nothing much?!? Jaina, you're a general on a Star Destroyer!"

    "Oh, yeah. There is that."

    "Jaina," Wedge said warningly.

    "Come to my office and I'll tell you all about it."

    Are you surprised?
  10. vogt0047 Jedi Youngling

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    I can imagine Wedges face when he realized who it was :D
  11. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    'You're a general on a Star Destroyer!'

    'Oh, yeah. There is that.'

    ROTFLOL!!! This is great! :) More!!!!
  12. LtSticks Jedi Youngling

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  13. val solo Jedi Master

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    Great start, JJD! ... and an interesting twist by making Jaina a general. ;)

    And thanks for the compliment. :)
  14. Avalon69 Jedi Knight

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    I love your title! "Oh, and Jag's there, too"
    *runs out of JJD's thread waving arms madly.*
  15. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    Something's up with people running around threads madly. ;) We getting any more soon, Jaina?
  16. NarundiJedi Jedi Master

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    Yes!!! I love it! Does General Jaina have a "pet Kyp", I wonder? :D Hmmmm, I guess we'll find out!

    Jae Angel

    ED: I think I can imagine that scene!

    [Jaina is talking to Wedge in her office and Kyp comes scampering in on all fours]
    Jaina: There's my boy!! Come here, now SIT!
    ::Kyp sits and looks eagerly up at her::
    Jaina: Good boy!!! ::Gives Kyp a Kyppy treat::
    [Kyp falls asleep at her feet, a look of contentment on his face. Wedge just can't pull his eyes off of the sight]
    Jaina: Now what were we talking about again?
  17. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    Thanks everybody! I'm glad you like it! I had fun writing it!
    No, no pet Kyps. But he is coming. It'll be a couple posts.
    I might be able to post more tonight. If not, there'll be more tomorrow morning.
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    Interesting. I am anxious to read further.
  20. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    As soon as they were in her office, Jaina collapsed into a chair. ?Now I know why you never wanted all those promotions.?

    ?It?s not a lot of fun, is it??
    She shook her head adamantly. ?No. No no no. Not in the slightest.?

    ?You wanna tell me what?s going on now, or would you like to keep me in suspense a little while longer until I die of curiosity??

    ?Oh, I might as well tell you. I don?t want a death on my hands. I definitely don?t want the whole New Republic on my back, especially Iella.? she grinned.

    ?You got that right.?

    ?It?ll be a shocker. I?m not sure you?ll believe me.?

    ?Try me. And start with this whole ?United Resistance? thing, if that?s not too much to ask.?

    ?Okay.? She sighed. ?As you know, the New Republic isn?t pleasing everyone in the galaxy.?

    ?Yeah, believe me, I know that.?

    ?Which is why they put you in charge of the whole military. To give us a fighting chance. However, there are still some who think that no matter who?s in charge of the military, things aren?t going to get better. No offense.? She grinned again. ?Anyways, a couple of those people ??


    ?Namely, Mom, Dad, Lando, Tendra, Booster, and Karrde??

    ?Oh, there?s a fun group.?

    ??have formed a group for those who hate the Vong as much as we do, but aren?t happy with the job the New Republic is doing. Mostly refugees who?ve given up on the government, but also quite a few smugglers and other ?rabble?.?

    ?Okay, I get it. If I weren?t in charge of the New Republic military, I?d join myself.?

    ?And we?d welcome you.?

    ?But what about your generalship and this ship??

    ?Oh, that. Well, Mom?s in charge of all the political stuff, and Dad and Lando are in command of the military??

    ?Which they hate.?

    Jaina grinned. ?Which they hate. So they needed officers. I was around and they trust me. It?s mostly honorary. As for the ship, well, we found it.?

    ?Where?? Wedge demanded.

    ?Trade secret.?

    ?It?s my trade, too.?

    ?I can?t tell you, I?m sorry.?

    ?Let me get this straight. You found a fully equipped, mint condition Star Destroyer just lying around somewhere??

    ?Not exactly. More like we found a rusting frame of a half-vaped Star Destroyer just lying around somewhere. With Karrde and Booster?s help, we managed to find parts for it and reequipped it. Then we named it the Freedom Seeker.?

    ?The Freedom Seeker. I like it. So, if you don?t mind if I ask, if this United Resistance is comprised mostly of refugees, where exactly is the money to fund the military coming from? Or is that another trade secret??

    ?Well,? Jaina chewed on her bottom lip, ?I?m not exactly sure.? Wedge raised an eyebrow. ?I mean, a lot of the ships and supplies and stuff are coming from people who sympathetic to our cause. And lots of the ships are from the Adumari government.?


    ?They?ve officially withdrawn from the New Republic. And they?re supporting us. We get the whole military, as well as the ships coming from their ship yards.?

    ?Wow.? Wedge was silent a moment. ?This really is serious, isn?t it??

    ?Very much so. Which is why I wanted to talk to you. I?ve got a request. Do you want to have something to eat first??

    ?What kind of question is that?? Wedge asked as though offended.
    Jaina laughed. ?I?ll take that as a yes.?

    The plot thickens. I hope I didn?t drive you to distraction by not putting who said what. If I did, just let me know and I?ll edit it. I?m just a lazy bum who doesn?t want to have to do more work than I absolutely have to.
  21. JaegerGhent Jedi Master

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    LOL! It didn't bother me. :) Good post.
  22. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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    They settled in chairs on the bridge after their meal. Jaina liked to
    keep an eye on the bridge crew, she said. Wedge couldn't imagine why. These
    guys looked like they'd keep working even if the galaxy blew up. He commented
    on this.

    "Yes, well, they've been dying to do something to fight the Vong
    forever. Now that they've got the chance, they aren't going to stop. It's
    almost scary," Jaina explained.

    "That makes sense. So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?"
    Wedge asked.

    "I've learned that you're on your way to Bastion to conduct negotiations
    about an Alliance with the Imperial Remnant," Jaina said.

    Wedge stared. "How did you know that?"

    "I have my sources." She grinned. "I want you to take me and my ship with

    Wedge was once again dumbstruck. Everything she'd said since he'd arrived
    surprised him, and this comment was no different. "What, you mean you want me
    to just show up on Bastion with the teenage general of some obscure rebellion
    movement and an extra Star Destroyer and say to one of the most powerful men
    in the galaxy, 'Oh, yes, well, this is Jaina, the daughter of two of your
    oldest enemies. She wants to enter negotiations as the representative of a
    group you've never heard of before.'?"

    "Something like that." She sighed. "Seriously, Wedge, we know we haven't
    got a chance against the Vong on our own. We're going to get pounded if we
    try. We need help. And I need your help to get it."

    Wedge was a little shaken by her honesty. Despite being born on Coruscant
    and being raised all over the galaxy, she was every inch a Corellian. She had
    no more respect for the odds than did any Corellian, himself and her father
    included. The fact that she would admit all that meant she was serious. It
    also meant that she was growing up.

    "How old are you, Jaina?"

    She looked surprised at his sudden change of subject. "Nineteen. Why?"

    "Jaina, do you honestly believe that Admiral Palleon is going to take you
    seriously? I know you're capable of this command, but he doesn't."

    She studied her hands for a moment. "I've considered all that. And you're
    right. It does seem impossible. But I've never acknowledged the fact that
    impossible exists before, and I'm not about to start now. Besides, I'm the
    Resistance's only hope. I've got to give it a shot." She looked him in the
    eye, and he was surprised by the determination he saw there. "I'm going to
    prove I can be taken seriously."

    "Wedge was silent for a moment. "Well," he said slowly, "if you're that
    committed, far be it from me to try to stop you. You can come."

    The Jaina of six months ago, before her brother's death, would have
    practically jumped up and down. This Jaina only nodded. "Thank you," she said
    simply. "I'll have my people prepare."

    So, Jaina's going to Bastion. I wonder who she'll run into there. :D I am so
    evil. But don't despair. Kyp's coming!
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    Another great post! Keep it up! :D
  24. Avalon69 Jedi Knight

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    Yay! Kyp! Can't wait to see how you write him, JJD! :D
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