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    It is a time of adventure in a world of pain...

    Like Terminator, Mad max, Water world... ect, this is a post apacoliptic rpg.

    About 50 years ago (2013) just about all nations were at war with one another. Oil had become a luxurie item worth its weight in gold. It was within this time that the wealthy nations created robotic armys to fight the battles for them. Meanwhile a scecret society of scolors saw this time at a time to prepare for a bigger war. They had been tampering with nero-chemistry and opening up dormit parts of the mind. Using this technology they had forsceen an upcoming battle between the survivors of there time and a force of evil... they were right. For nearly 20 years the group of scolors had trained in combat as well as "enhanced" mental projection (this later was known as magic). In 2034 Most of the waring nations had destroyed each other. it was also in this time that a group of northeners (former russia) had learned of the Nero-Chemistry technology and used it in a much darker way then the scolors. These northeners became known as the immortals. The immortals would bring pain into a dying planet. The immortals had altered there mind and bodys so much that they became beast/spirit like creatures. They had no facees or skin pigment, Just rippling mustles under a fur pelt. They resembled the body of a wearwolf yet maintained thumbs, facial expressions. The immortals destroyed one military after another untill finding the Scolors. Many of the scolors died in the hands of the immortals, but that quickly changed. One Scolor known as Odin sacrificed himself by commanding a magical force ulike the immortals had ever sceen. Odin had weakened the immortals bodys, they now aged, they blead, they could die. The Immortals retreated into the corners of the earth. For nearly 10 years after that event, the world was at peace. All nations armys were destroyed, the immortals were missing, and the scolors returned to training in solitude. All that remained public was the remains of humanity, picking up the pieces.

    During the 10 year peace 5 nations were created. one nation in north america (northcity), one in south america (southcity), one in china (Eastcity), one moving throughout the sea's (Nomadcity), and one in southern africa(woodcity). however the immortals emerged again. they had altered there bodys to sustain life. They had implanted cybernetic parts as well as assebled a robot army. They quickly assalted Woodcity and nearly destroyed it untill the Scolors reassembled.

    The battle between scolors and Immortals have gone on for nearly a decade now. the year is 2054 and the five nations remain. The scolors have recruted a force of fighters known as The Resistance. Using new technology and magical disiplin they hope the resistance can succeed where the scolors have failed. They have been recruting for fighters, Sorrcerers, Rangers... and so on.

    Join the fight for peace, join the fight for adventure, Chose your warrior, Chose your fight...

    Pm me your character sheets
    No godmoding
    Your character is mortal
    Be realistic
    have fun

    Character sheets:

    Name/Age/sex: Name, is up to you/ Age, be smart with this/ Sex, male or female not "yes please"
    Weight/Hight: Weight, you probibly arnt obese cause there is lack of food/ Hight, you are human
    Appearence/Build: Appearance, hair, scars, complection, eyes.../ Build, Strong, tough, ect...
    Clothing: Most clothing is old military or peasent rags, leather is common
    City background: Whitch of the five citys do you decend from
    Equipment: Guns are not common but not rare, most have knives and blades are most common
    Alteration choice: Which Alteration does your character have (read on for Alterations)
    Enhancement Choice: Which two Enhancements does your character have (read on for enhancements)
    Bio: Big in deciding how strong your enhancement point bonus is

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    Name/Age/sex: Arrigon 34 Male

    Weight/Hight: 165 lbs 5'11"

    Appearence/Build: Tanned Cacuasion, Dark Brown Hair, No major scars, Brown Eyes.../ Athletic Build

    Clothing: Cotton T-shirt (Dk Brown), Karic jeans (New age Wrangler blue jeans), Brown Boots

    City background: NorthCity

    Equipment: Boot Knife

    Alteration choice: Sorcerrer

    Enhancement Choice: Willpower, Intelligence

    Bio: Arrigon Grew up in NorthCity. He first worked on a water purification plant... His boss found he had great potential so he sent Arrigon to work under an undercover Scolor. This new job was an assistant posision to a philosify class. It was only in recent years that he returned to his own village in NorthCity. He had to take up arms when the Immortals began there raids again. For the last two years he has been a defender to NorthCity. Now recruted he hopes to be a hero and save the world...

    IC: As Arrigon paced around the ship he noticed the crew worked without turning there attention to him. The crew wore no matching uniform. He then went below deck to find a bunk and ponder what was going on...

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