Beyond - Legends Resurrection (A Fear Factor Story)

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    Title: Resurrection
    Author: Raphire
    Summery: Luke tries to find a way to bring his wife back.
    Additional Notes: This is a part of Fear Factor Friday

    Small red eyes peered out of the darkness and curiously watched as a man strode past. The path he walked was overrun with vines and tendrils and in the dark of night he went to rendezvous with death. The animals could sense his presence and they left him alone for they knew him. His appetite for flesh was known to them; he had brought life into the world and like them he had taken it back out.

    His body reeked of blood but no animal would consider its succulent call. They knew what the man?s business was in the night and they would heed not his temptations. Death and life flowed through this man and in his hands he sought for the power over them. However at the nights end he would return home empty handed.

    His conscience could not bear the guilt so he shut it off and when the sun came down he forgot his human nature. He fell to his baser instincts, the desire to cheat death and the fear of being alone. So the animals watched him pass and none dared to challenge him.

    Upon his back he carried a shovel and in his hands he clasped a delicate blossom. His feet went over hills and through streams until they at last stopped before his ruins. His once mighty temple lay like a carcass before him and he walked through it without remorse. His hand gently traced the walls, feeling the coolness of the rocks against his palm. Then he felt the lever.

    His fingers twitched with anticipation and he slowly pulled down on the switch. A door slid open before him and he strode through with a lightness in his feet. The stairs are long and treacherous but with each step the man remembered what lies at the bottom. His heart burned with fire and he raced down the stairs with the carelessness of a child.

    The room at the bottom of the stairs was covered in dust and debris. In the center laid a grave. It appeared to be fresh but that was only because the man dug it up every night. Surrounding the grave were a set of stones. They encircled the grave and atop each stone is a bone fragment.

    Seventeeen stones, seventeen bones. Fowl, Fish, Beast, Man. The pelvic bone of a human female lay cloven in two and placed at the head and foot of the grave, facing inwards. Upon the dirty gravestone, which the man reverently placed against the wall was a bouquet of flowers in various stages of decay. One for everyday he tried and failed.

    The man knelt before the grave and placed the flower over his heart before laying it delicately aside. Then he pulled out the shovel and started to dig. Sweat glistened on his forehead and neck by the time he struck the wood of the coffin lid and he rejoiced just as he did the first night.

    He pried the lid from the coffin and pulled out his dearly beloved. Their empty eyes stared vacantly at him but he still held her to him. Then he placed her upon his lap and sat in the midst of the circle. Then he opened himself up and reached for the power around him. He had trained for years, searching for the right technique, and this time all his work would pay off.

    He sank within himself and reached for the life around him. He could feel every living creature and he called them to him. His voice, as sultry as a barmaid, brought forth even the shyest of animals. They trusted him for he was their brother. Then one by one, mammal and insects alike, he drained them of their lives. He could feel them inside of him and he felt true power, then he breathed them into his beloved. Finally after all this time, it was finished.

    Her eyes opened and he could feel her flesh regenerate in his arms. She was his again. He laughed with pleasure and grasped her tightly to his chest. But then she grew limp in his arms and when he pulled her away he saw the truth. Her eyes had gone dull once more. She slid from his grasp and sank back to the ground. The man felt his heart constrict. He had been so close and yet something was missing. He gently laid her body into the grave once more and place
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    very well written, evocative language.
    I thought the flower was going to be the murakami orchid, that certainly would have revived her althogh it has a o_O slight side effect
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    ( :oops: I forgot FFF was this Friday. :( )


    What a heartbreakingly beautiful story! =D= :_|

    They knew what the man?s business was in the night and they would heed not his temptations. Death and life flowed through this man and in his hands he sought for the power over them.
    I loved this! Very emotional and powerful!

    One critique if I may, putting a space between your paragraphs makes it much easier to read here and might make people more apt to read. Many people will skip over something simply because it's hard to read then they would miss a wonderful story like yours!

    Wonderful job!! =D=
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    Very powerful, sad and thought provoking.

    Well done. =D=
  5. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager

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    So sad but yet so powerful


    *goes into the corner and cries*
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    Freaky! LOL. I liked it tho. Luke and Mara were the perfect people to choose for this.
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    Very good! I love the ominous ending. I wonder who he will sacrifice to bring her back, and whether it would be Mara he brings back or would it just be a body transfer for the other person...
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    Huh. Forgot about this one.
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    Great job, as always! I love your work.
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