Return of Boba Fett (fan fic)

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    It was a warm evening on Carida. Stormtrooper JM669 was walking
    a solo patrol through the slave quarters in section 39. He didn't
    mind being alone. In fact, he welcomed it. He liked the anonymity
    of the stormtrooper armor he wore. Throughout his training cycle
    he had developed no close friendships with any of the other troops.
    It made it easier to lose people when you don't really know them.
    When one has friends or family and loses them, it leaves a weakness
    inside that an enemy can use, a distraction that a soldier cannot
    afford. JM669 learned long before enrolling in the academy not to
    get close to anyone. Eventually, you always lose them.
    Only the clicking of his boot heels broke the silence, and only
    a well trained ear could hear those. JM669 had earned the highest
    marks in his training cycle. He not only could march in full armor
    without clanking and looking clumsy, but, he had scored the highest
    marks on the firing range in academy history. In hand-to-hand
    combat, he had taken the instructor two falls out of three. His
    accomplishments had not gone unnoticed. Tommorrow, Lord Darth Vader
    himself was scheduled to arrive, to transport him to the training
    center for the Royal Imperial Guard. JM669 felt no pride in this
    achievment, only satisfaction, pride was also a weakness.
    A scream pierced the night. A woman's scream. JM669 quickly
    assessed the direction of the disturbance and quickened his pace to
    a steady jog. When the woman screamed the second time, it was not as
    loud, only more pleading. It was enough for the trooper to determine
    in which quarters the disturbance was occurring. He pounded on the
    door. "Imperial patrol. Open the door."
    "Help me please, help." The cry was anwswered by a thumping
    sound. The door was secured from the other side, but a blast from
    the trooper's E-11 was enough to persuade the controls to release.
    "What's going on here?" He commanded. His eyes fell on a female
    slave crouched in the corner of the rough cot. Her clothing was
    torn and there was a red whelp on the side of her tear-streaked
    face. Standing over her was JM669's commanding officer. He had an
    ugly expression on his face. His uniform tunic was draped over a
    chair across the room.
    "Trooper, your presence is not required here. Leave now and
    make no report of this."
    JM669 stared at the partially dressed officer unbelieving. He
    did not expect or accept this type of behavior in the Imperial
    ranks. "Do you have a problem with your hearing? I ordered you to
    "Sir, step away from the girl and surrender yourself. You are
    under Imperial arrest. You have disgraced yourself and the uniform
    you wear. I'm taking you to the detention center."
    The young officer was shocked by what he heard. A stormtrooper
    violating an order? "Trooper, this is your last warning. I will
    have you courtmartialed."
    "Sir, are you threatening a stormtrooper carrying out his
    The officer had had enough of this insubordination. He pulled a
    small blaster and aimed it at the trooper. JM669 had actually
    hoped that would happen and anticiapted it. Before the officer
    could bring the blaster level, JM669 squeezed the firing stud on
    his carbine and drained every last joule of energy in the power
    cell into the offensive vermine who called himself an officer.
    When the power cell was drained, all that remained of the young
    officer was a smoldering pile of burnt bones.
    The filters in JM669's helmet shielded him from the acrid smell
    of burnt flesh, and the smoky residue lingering in the hovel. The
    girl looked up at him, no longer afraid, relief on face. "Thank you."
    She whispered.
    A moment later, two more stormtroopers entered the small
    apartment, blasters drawn. They took one look inside and quickly
    trained their weapons on JM669. "Freeze! Don't move. Take his weapon."
    The junior of the two stormtroopers grabbed E-11 in JM669's hands.
    For a moment he thought about resisting, fighting his way to the
    spaceport, and taking the first ship he saw. Knowing that
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    Wow, that was pretty good!!! Any plans for a prequel to explain the first time Kister wore the armor?!?
  3. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    I tried to tie Dark Empire II, Tales of the Bounty Hunters and a little bit of speculation all together. I've actually had this story in my head for over a year and was glad to finally write it.
  4. Jedi Zox Jedi Youngling

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    that is the best damn thing that i have read in a long time and it sounds believable.

    jedi zox
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    Yeah, great. Unfortunately, Fan Fiction belongs in the Fan Fiction Forum. This topic is being moved.
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    Impressive. Most Impressive. You are a very creative writer!
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    Och! That made me jump!! Good Job!
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    Very nice!!! It really suprised me with the Anikin and Kister thing I think you should become an author .
  9. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    I did start writing a couple of scifi novels a few years ago, but, unfortunately I got side tracked. Hope to correct this soon. I may even finish the western I started during the war.
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    that was... simply stated, amazing. I think that the story story was not only plausible, but quite convincing. The dialogue is incredible, I can almost picture Darth Vader and Kitster saying those exact words. You should send that to George Lucas, I'm not joking. Send a copy of that to LucasFilm.
    Wow, tell us more, what happens afterwards?
  13. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    May 25, 1999
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  14. HinduJedi Jedi Youngling

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    scruff, are you gonna tell us more or what?
    before and after would be great.
  15. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    Well, I am giving it some thought. I had that much in my head for a coupla years. I'm working on an angle for Boba to start hunting Jedi, but it's going to start immediately after the above. The above was mainly to connect all loose ends from other stories. I also have a story in progress that involves the daughter of a Mandalorian Commando. (Any Marvel Star Wars readers out there?)
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    The Return of Boba Fett
    Chapter Two

    Boba Fett slowly and deliberately put each piece of his armor on over the coveralls he was alredy wearing. He pulled on a pair of gloves that was in the container. He looked at the man across the room who had been his childhood friend, confined to a set of armor with a mechanical life support system. He had been a Jedi, what he had dreamed of as a child. Now, he was ordering their destruction. And what of himself? He had been a soldier, a protector, and a stormtrooper. He had never fit in anywhere. From now on, he would live for himself.

    He pulled on the dented helmet, shielding himself from the rest of the galaxy. Much as circumstances had caused Anakin, no, Vader, to shield himself as well. Fett reached in the container one last time to retrieve the rifle. It was a Blast-Tech EE-3, in his opinion, a superior weapon to the E-11 he had carried as a stormtrooper. "I'm ready."

    Vader handed him a datacard. "This contains files on the remaining Jedi and their last known locations." Fett pocketed the datacard as the two men exited Vader's chambers into the corridor. A few stormtroopers they passed stiffened when they saw Fett. They had heard of the Mandalorians and knew that they had been fierce warriors. How someone wearing their armor came to be on an Imperial Star Destroyer, the stormtroopers couldn't guess.

    Fett looked at the ship he was being given. A Kuat Firespray patrol ship sat in the main hanger. He immediately began thinking about the modifications he would have to make. A weapons upgrade and prisoner cages would have to be installed.

    He and Vader parted without farewells. As he cleared the Star destroyer's landing bay, Fett put the datacard into the onboard computer. As he scanned the names, he noticed two located on the same planet, not too far away. He set his course for Kashyyyk.

    A few weeks later, the Slave I landed at Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine. Boba Fett strode the dusty streets toward the townhouse of Jabba the Hutt at the edge of town. Two Weequay met him at the door. "What do you want here?" The answer to that, Fett thought was rather obvious.

    "Here to see Jabba." He said simply.

    "You have no appointment. You leave now!"

    The first Weequay caught the barrell of Fett's carbine across the face. He slumped to the floor unconscious. The barrell came back down on the top of the second guard's head. As he doubled over, an armored knee came up to catch him in the pit of the stomach. Walking around the two fallen guards, he continued into the townhouse. At least Jabba was in Mos Eisley and not out at his palace on the dune sea. "Die wanna wanga?" Another stupid question. Rather than waste breath on the Twi'lek, Fett shoved the muzzle of his weapon against his head and walked him into the main hall.

    Jabba's eyes snapped open. "What's this? Who are you to come into my home this way?"

    "The name is Boba Fett. I'm a bounty hunter. I understand you sometimes employ them and pay well. I'm available and I'm the best."

    "Why should I even let you walk out of here after the way you forced your way in here?"

    Fett had noted the bodyguards in the room and assessed the threat each one presented.
    "You've only got six men. Your majordomo here dies first. When I'm done, you'll need a whole crew."

    Jabba laughed. "I think I'm going to like you bounty hunter. I will keep you in mind if I have need of your kind."

    A man wearing a yellow flight suit entered Chalmun's cantina. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he spotted the man he was looking for. Boshek lowered himself into the booth across from the man wearing a brown robe. "A new bounty hunter just arrived on world. A man wearing Mandalorian armor."

    "Mandalorian? But, they were wiped out. Are you certain?"

    "Very certain. He also had fresh wookie scalps hanging from his shoulder. I think he may be a Jedi hunter."

    The other man rubbed his beard. His past failure continued to haunt him. "Thank you, friend. I must go now." Ben got up to leave and slipped out the back of the c
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    Just checking to see if this thread survived the changes.
  18. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    Maybe I'll get a final chapter to this thing soon.
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    Please more this is a cool story. Plus it woould be great to see Bobba Fett fight Obi-wan.
  21. Cam Nalob Jedi Youngling

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    Keeping the admins from deleting/archiving this.
  22. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    Ok, this one is short, but it was all I could come up with.

    Boba Fett walked along a dusty street in Mos Eisley. He had almost forgotten how hot it could be on Tatooine. As he entered the docking pit where the Slave I was berthed, something struck him on the head. He staggered back a step before he regained his footing. Standing near the wall of the pit was a man wearing a brown robe. In his fist was clutched an unlit lightsabre.

    The man appeared to be in his late forties. He had a slight hint of gray in his hair and beard. "So, you are the Jedi hunter? The Mandalorians were wiped out years ago. Are you a scavenger of battlefield debris as well?"

    Ben Kenobi stared at the armored figure in front of him. It had been a long time since he had faced someone wearing such armor. The Mandalorians had been fierce warriors, yet this man seemed different. His demeanor seemed slow, each move calculated for maximum efficiency. "You will not easily take me." With a snap-hiss, Kenobi's lightsabre sprung to life. The steady hum filled the air in anticipation of battle.

    "If I were here for you, you'd already be in my cage." The words had their desired effect as Kenobi experienced a moment of doubt. Fett fired several shots, which Kenobi easily deflected with his lightsabre. At the same time, however, Boba Fett launched two darts at the Jedi Master. The sleeping drug took almost instant effect, as Ben Kenobi slumped to the hard packed earth, his lightsabre extinguishing.

    Fett examined his opponent carefully. He retrieved a datapad from a cargo pocket of his flight suit. This man matched the description of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Interesting, thought Fett. According to Vader's instructions, Kenobi was not to be harmed. He was not to be brought in either. Vader's reasons were of no consequence to Fett. Leaving the unconscious Jedi where he had fallen, Fett boarded his ship.

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    This is such a good story and you have captured Boba Fett from Tales of the Bounty hunters perfectly please keep this going do not let this story be archived.
  24. Scruff Jedi Padawan

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    I have been thinking about turning this into a script for a fan film. Would anyone be interested in helping to make it a reality?
  25. fett 4 Jedi Grand Master

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    I will say it again you have captured Fett from Last Man Standing and the Movies brilliantly Please write more.
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