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Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by darth-blaze, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. darth-blaze

    darth-blaze Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 19, 2002
    It was brought up to my attention that past events have been problematic and future event shave been cancel due to the fact that event coordinators from different entities will not allow us to perform at their events because the group let them down and we no longer have any references left.

    There was been several complains made to myself and other members to the group about to particular individuals named Chase (a.k.a. Jaxsanakinskywalker) and Patrice (Anakin-and Padme). They have misbehaved on events, had broken character, have let fans down, missed several important key events and caused over 90% of our members. Past and future events and new members are in serious jeopardy due to constant fighting on the boards. We lost partnership with the coveted 501st Legion and several corporations including Master Replicas, Best Buys, Toys R Us and our major pool of sci-fi fans recruitment station Gotham City Limits comic book shop to named a few.

    I created this group along with 2 more people Julia and Gina because we felt that Jacksonville needed a Star Wars group so we can share our passion for the saga in all their aspects (books., collecting, games, ect). Slowly we went from 3 members to an astonishing 50+ members in less that 4 months, but when Chase and Patrice started to have fights on and off the boards (publicly, on PM?s and during events) our group started to loose members rapidly all the way down to 10 from where only less that 5 were actually active, causing the members to get disgruntle because been overwhelm with events and nobody was showing up so the same people that started the group wanted to keep the group alive and Chase and Patrice always had excuses not to go to the events that were scheduled weeks and sometimes months in advanced causing the group to be in a default or breach of agreement and costing the charity coordinators valuable time and efforts to advertised the group in the news, web and TV spots went in vain.

    I feel that revamping the group with new and tougher rules about conduct/behavior and how to become a member and without the presence/membership of Chase and Patrice will benefit the group and ultimately regain all members and (crossing my fingers) regain the trust of all the Store managers, company reps and Charity coordinators.

    So by this I call forth all the members (Old and New) and express your opinion on this matter, comment your experiences with the group and explain why we should expel Chase and Patrice from the group. I know that I?m not the only one that feels that way so let me hear your voices. Lets bring back together the group the way it should be.

  2. Anakin-and-Padme

    Anakin-and-Padme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2005
    I'm sorry, but most of this is untrue and is defamation libel according to Florida Statute 836.01 and could be persued as such if need be.

    I am confident that there are members who will agree that we have lost no support mentioned in the post above and the post is unfounded.

    Best Buy welcomes us back. We can call today and set up a troop anytime.
    We were never at Toys R Us and were not around at the time those troops occured.
    Mama Fu's says we can troop for them any time.
    The charity events that WE set up through Make a Wish, The Diabetes Association, and the Guardian Ad Litem welcome us back at any time and Chase and I are the main contacts for that and know this as factual information. Anyone who says different is uninformed and not an official contact for the group to these organizations. I'm fairly certain that Gina said we were also welcome back to RMH next year and that is her charity event.

    The Diabetes Walk troop was in November only a couple of weeks back and 13 active FCJK members showed up for the event out of our official 17 member roster as well as several 501st members and Rebel Legion members. It was even posted on that RL board how it was one of their favorite troops ever. Thus proving that we have not lost support from them.

    If we are discussing how many troops each member has been at or missed our "commander" has missed more troops than Chase and I so that would mean he would need to be liable for his missed troops as well. We have just chosen to not chastise anyone for not making it to a troop. Our missed troops are medical related or schedule conflicts with church that we are very active in.

    In the end we love the group and the members in it and want nothing but the best for all. I welcome posts from our friends as clearly we need the support from those who have been around this past year and have enjoyed everyones hard work and the efforts that Chase and I have brought to the group as well.

    I thank each and every one of you that has worked with us this past year on every troop and for every event. I am sorry that our efforts seem to have rattled our "commander" to make this motion against us as we have done such a wonderful job on the exact things he stated could not be done.

  3. yoda1248

    yoda1248 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 6, 2005
    Blaze, I agree with you 100%. This use to be a place where we could come and have fun. I spent every month waiting for the next meeting because i loved it that much and enjoyed being there for the meetings and the troops(using your costume because i was to young to get a job back then, so you helped me out) just like everyone in the group use to do, help people out! Well since then it has changed, but im ready to have those days back and i know there are many more who feel this way! Thanks, Joshua
  4. Twin_solo_Durron

    Twin_solo_Durron Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 30, 2003
    This post makes me sad for the simple reasons that its nothing but lies. Chase and Patrice have done nothing but good for the group. If not for chase then we would not have had half of the events this past year. It was chase that got the mama fu's events which lead to many more events. In all of the events that I have been too with chase and Patrice not once i have seen them misbehave or break character. As for them not showing up to events I believe that we are all guilty of that fact. I mean no one is perfect and even our commander has been a no show on most of the events. AS far as I know there have never been 50 members in this group. The most I believe that are in this that are active members are 17. Chase has done more for the group then help set up events he has also made jedi robes for jeff and his son, travis, myself, patrice and is working on robes for other members. The post from Darth-Blaze sounds so much like flaming that it makes me sad to see that this is what our group has come too. This has been a great year for the group and i hope that next year can be as good. But I am worried that if someone does something and Blaze does not like it he will start flaming them like he has Chase and Patrice and if that is the case then I am not sure I want to be a member of such a group. I don't think that chase and Patrice need to go anywhere because they have done nothing wrong, in fact I feel like Chase and Patrice are the heart and soul of the group and if they were to go then so would the spirit of the group!
  5. Hama

    Hama Retired GSA, Retired RSA star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 14, 2000
    Posting on TFN is not libel. [link=]The law that you refer to[/link] deals with newspapers/magazines/periodicals that are distributed to the public. Furthermore, it must allege some kind of immoral act, or be used for extortion, or make derogatory statements about a financial institution's solvency.
  6. Anakin-and-Padme

    Anakin-and-Padme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2005
    I'm sorry to disagree as libel also pertains to any public broadcast and it does not have to be financial defamation, etc. Defamation can pertain to reputation and the words stated above do. This is also a public forum and thus public broadcast and could damage our reputation with the charity organizations that we do have connection with and have helped raise money for.

    I hope you do not take this as argumentative. Just our interpretation of the law that we may need to take to the next level.
  7. crimsongryphon01

    crimsongryphon01 Jedi Youngling

    Sep 17, 2006
    With threats of civil action being taken I don't feel that I can make a public post for or against the parties involved. I am glad to see that Hama is watching this thread and will be officiating over what will ultimatly happen. With that in mind I'd like to know if a PM to Hama will be accepted in place of a public post? I love Star Wars and most of the groups that are related to it, but no matter how you go about things - groups will always have some measure of politics. I have strong feelings on this matter but I don't think that expression of them here is worth being sued. Congratulations FCJK, I no longer feel that these boards are a "safe place" and think that it's a shame that in this case the few are ruining everything for the many.
  8. DairNimiris

    DairNimiris Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 19, 2005
    Before I cast my vote, let me make something very clear: I do not appreciate being pulled into a relationship feud between two people who are anatomically full grown adult human beings, nor do I enjoy unnecessary drama on a purely recreational hobby club forum. The way I see this issue is that since the last meeting I was at, which was a small after-event sit-down at Coldstone Creamery, there has been absolutely no drama involving Chase, Patrice or any of the "use-to-be"s of this group. Any negativity had always spurned from posts by those who chose to abandon the rest of us over petty "he-said-she-said"s. Sure, Patrice's passionate side didn't help calm the flames, but the flames wouldn't have started in the first place had certain people not thrown certain proverbial matches on dead issues.

    For the sake of keeping this brief (though it will by no means be) I support Chase and Pratrice's continued presence in the group. They have done more than enough to serve this organization and despite the constant attacks from certain people present here, they continue to do so.

    That said, here are some issues I have with you, Luis. And I encourage everyone to read these concerns and take them to heart as I make my closing proposal:

    To begin, we have already discussed, Luis, that we will not attack our own, as part of a familial etiquette. Especially not on the public message board. Your doing so has caused enough damage; that you insist to bring everyone else along is repugnant.

    As a fact-check, one should take note that your litsings of respectable contacts is incredibly outdated. To tack onto the list of things we have already discussed, nobody cares about Gotham City Limits. It is an excellent source of comics, games and collectables, but to suggest that we attend weekly meetings there to discuss, for hours, the new release of Vader Potatoe Head, is laughable. And the only reason they have since dropped from our relevant locations of interest, is because the majority of the members felt the same way. Still, it was Chase who suggested we create groups within ourselves that could specialize in the specific interests of the community so that no one would feel left out or neglected. But no one in the chain of command felt compelled to even consider the notion, and so the meetings at the comic store dwindled into oblivion without a single tear shed.

    For the other locations in question, we've already well established that they welcome us back should we decide to hold more troops. But as an aside, I feel the need to point out that the 501st is a pretentious band of glorified plastic. That they carry led coins to public bars and blatantly trivialize the sacrafice REAL service men and women endured to earn the right of a REAL officer's coin, frankly discusts me. It is not cute. It is stupid. As is the idea that if you are missing a dent on your armor, or that your visor hangs a 5th of an inch too low, that somehow you're not good enough to join their little clique. It is a disservice to any fan. Not to beat on them too much, the 501st was a delightful idea and at one time it was an organization to be proud of, but they, along with you - Luis - have lost their way. And as such, I could give a bantha's hide what they think of us. That said, I seem to remember a certain current charitable event that found both the 501st and FCJK standing side by side at for little children and animals alike. Again, and despite my apathy for the issue, it would seem your facts are unfounded and downright defamatory.

    Now to the actual task at hand. I was not going to make any sort of contribution to this issue. I was going to leave it be and hope that nobody bit your bait for more pointless drama. But clearly that didn't happen, and as I have been informed, you have gone to the authorities and have made it an official motion that all must contribute to otherwise your silly little spat becomes the judicator of a very well respected couple's fate in this community. In other words, you drug me and everyone else here by force. And
  9. jediadigallia

    jediadigallia Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 10, 2004
    Luis, I am behind you 100%. I will follow your command wherever it leads.
  10. JaxAnakinSkywalker

    JaxAnakinSkywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 21, 2006
    Dwight, first and foremost, I will second your motion, but not for the reason most think.

    Luis feels threatened in his authority because I have challenged it and I do not adhere to it. I stated face to face with him that I did not, nor did the group, appreciate trashing members for not showing, for talking about any inadequacies they have(in Luis's mind), or for not putting this group as first priority over jobs, family, church, or any other function that falls before the FCJK. After that, when I refused to give him the name of the person accusing him of theft, he ordered me to as his commander. I simply stated that he had no command over me or anyone else in this group and had no right to admonish them. It appears he would like to try to prove me wrong. If I gave him the name, and promised to be stepped on in the process, I would likely be welcome with open arms.

    Every person has they're flaws. No one has made every troop in the past year. So, by me being booted for not showing, there should just be no group. In my defense, I would like to discuss my achievements:

    Most of the troops that we have done in the past year have either been set up by me directly or due to the monthly event that I set up at the request of Luis. I did not set up any events at Gotham City Limits simply because it was not my position to do so. Luis wants the old ways of the group back and he wants to blame me, but no one opted to head a collectibles division, not even Luis who has the relationship with them. I was chosen to head up public relations. Where I went as far as to set up:

    Mama Fu's - our base event that got other events like,
    A fund raiser with the Make a Wish Foundation,
    A chance for the 501st, the RL, and us to be at the Diabetes Walk at the Jax Zoo,
    Mentions on TV of our group,
    Newspaper articles,

    I also learned to sew so that I could make 5 costumes thus far and soon-to-be 6 for those members that do not have the money to invest initially and to troop with us. This is that many people that have shown interest in us in the past year that did not have any other way to get to be part of this great group. I would do the same for any other member that wants to troop and does not have a costume to do it with.

    I have learned stage combat so that I may help put on shows for all of the different crowds that we have been put infront of, including the famous two for the Manhattan Short Film Festival that were scheduled, not by me, with no organization nor people ready to perform for. On both instances it was put on me to pull them off in crowds of about 200 each time. Where it was said that I should be made Director of the Dueling team, which is one of the reasons that I learned to sew. I was helping people so that they would be prepared because many of our members want to do this and have a great time doing it! I have been setting up a system for us, in cordination with other jedi teams in the country to get ideas, and have already begun teaching it to some of the interested members to work out any flaws. So far, it has been awesome!

    As it has to do with older members that have fallen out, I have been in contact as much as possible privately to mend matters. I have tried to call Julia and even stated through numerous people in person, in PM's and so on that I would love to have her back if she apologizes to my wife and promises not to harm her as she threatened previously. I have sent an olive branch out with those members that I truly had a good time with before the drama began here. I would love to talk to everyone about everything that has happened. I don't care for authority, honestly I don't think we need it. I don't see why this can't be open to everyone. Is that why it's a public forum? Why are we putting strict guidelines on who wants to hang out and talk SW? I thought the costuming was just to advertise us, and that's why I put us out there. And they loved it!

    As I said, I don't see why a group like this needs a commander. We are just doing this for a hobby. There are
  11. Hama

    Hama Retired GSA, Retired RSA star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 14, 2000
    Although I am definitely keeping a close eye on this thread, I have not taken any sides on the issue. Nor am I convinced that Luis' leadership is best for the group.

    This thread may help decide more things than just Chase & Patrice's continued involvement in the group.

    MAGNIFICENT-SITH Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 8, 2005
    Ok, I have a lot to say so here's my thoughts based on my time in the group, my personal opinion, and my experience as a store manager for over 6 years dealing with people and employee situations.
    When I first started in this group, it was because of Luis. We started talking when I first posted about doing a fan film last year and I met with him, Gina, Matt, and Buzz. We hit it off rather well and then Luis asked me if I would like to join the group soon afterwards. Not too long into my "tenure", Matt and Buzz were no longer part of the group due to personel issues. Well, I wasn't in the group long to feel I should pry...they had thier reasons. Well, after a while I met Chris, Amanda, Steve, Joshua, Mellisa, Sinclair, Travis and eventually Dwight. Some were at the film meeting we had, some were at events and some came into Party City to pick up supplies while I was working. We all hit it off great as well. I heard stories about Chase and Patrice from different people on and off, but did not pass judgement because I hadn't met them yet at that point.
    I met Chase at the Manhattan film festival for the first time in September this year and things seemed to go ok. I didn't get to meet Patrice until we had an event this past October at Party City. This is when my thoughts on things started to turn for me.
    Before I get into it, let me let you know that there is a chain of command I believe you have to follow, whether it's at work, in an after-school club, or in a group like this. I know Luis is one of the founders of the group, and all problems should go to him. If he can't solve it or isn't there to take care of it, it goes to the next in command, which would have been Steve.
    My problems mainly consist of 4 things..
    1. The Marble Slab/Make A Wish event
    The owner of my store was verrrry generous and was donating over $2100.00 worth of costumes for the Make A Wish Foundation rep to pick up while we were there. She wasn't attending there that night. I had my car fillllllllled with costumes to donate to her, but were useless. I know Chase said he didn't know she wasn't going to show, but a phone call the day before the event to her might have been a bit helpful. The costumes never got donated.

    2.Party City Event part 1
    From my days way back while working at J.C.Penney's, I would work in costume for special events/promotions(as a Ninja Turtle, Flat Top from Dick Tracy, and Batman just to name a few) , and still do to this day as Vader for birthday parties with Captain Character(local guy here in Jax...awesome person what he does for kids! I love working with him.), and now in the F.C.K.J. In my years doing this there has always been one common rule...those not in costume, (or in our case those not in armor), should be keeping an eye out for those with limited view or movement. That night, Gary's laser sight got whacked off (which I still have saved for ya man!), and Steve's bucket was destroyed by the same two kids. I can hardly blame Jeff, because he is pretty new and no offense, he may not know stuff like that. Sinclair, Mellissa, and Travis were way down at the opposite end of us. Gina watched Gary as much as she could, but he still took a hit. I don't know what they got struck with, but it was enough to cause damage. We all know how much time and money we put into these things and this could have been avioded. I feel Chase and Patrice were the ones in the group there that had the most experience outside those in armor, not including myself, and felt they should have paid more attention.

    3. The Party City Event part 2
    I worked hard on advertising us for two weeks leading up to the event making flyers and posting them about the store, and at the registers. I got permission from the owner of our store to go ahead and hold the event, with which he was very pleased about the turn out of people for it with one exception that made me look pretty bad. He made it perfectly clear to me that we could do a walk through of the store as long as it did not disrupt anything. He had to show me on video to show me what
  13. JaxAnakinSkywalker

    JaxAnakinSkywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 21, 2006
    Terry, I finally find out where it appears that I have misbehaved at a troop.

    I'm so glad that it finally comes out. I'm so happy that you guys get to choose your scapegoat even though at the Party City Event there were how many other people there? AND, when was it written that I would be responsible for ANY and ALL damage done to ALL costumes? Can we establish the damage that has happened to my own gear that I blamed NO ONE else for, even though there are other members involved? I'm so happy that I was voted in for this. When was this meeting by the way? Can I mention that I had two small children there that the wife and I were watching? (4 and 2) Why am I supposed to take responsibility for that? And if you want to pass blame, your wife was there without a costume also, standing right next to the table.

    And the mask... I specifically asked your employee if I could wear it around, and they pulled it all the way out of the back for me. It isn't as if I took it off the shelf myself. Plus, I sold it! The customers thought it was funny, and I didn't hear until NOW that it was even a problem. That's pretty convenient.

    Our dinner for Church wasn't planned far in advance because most of us are regulars and do these dinners often enough that they don't have to be. We just decided to do it then because we are a small enough church to do that. I was trying to figure out a way to make it all the time up to then, plus I told you in advance that I did have church and I would have been late anyway. I'm sorry that no one else showed up. We had agreed that there shouldn't be any events after the Make a Wish event anyway, per Luis, BECAUSE we were having problems like this. Didn't he tell you that? Party City wasn't a problem, we could do it. We tried, at least I can say, I did, to be there. I said I was sorry before I believe.

    I still don't see where someone simply here to admonish everyone would make a difference here. I think it could only make it better by putting everyone on an equal level and more willing to work together instead of trying to impose authority where it cannot be.
  14. Anakin-and-Padme

    Anakin-and-Padme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2005

    On point one... you took down the womans information that night so you could donate them to the foundation. Your companies generous donation was your responsibility to facilitate. We DID attempt to contact her the day before the event and did not hear back. She is a very busy lady. I'm sorry to hear you did not follow up with it.

    On point two (part one)... The second in command at the time was Chase as Steve relinquished his co-command WAY before the summer...AND We ARE NOT responsible for anyones costume. We HAVE NEVER been instructed to do so and did not know this "common rule". We were watching our children that we had to pick up half way through the event which is far more important to us than ANYONE's Costume. P.S. Jeff doesn't know this rule either and he has been in the group and costuming just as long as Chase and I. We aren't members of the 501st so we haven't been instructed on the rules of helping out those in armor and neither has Jeff. Hey, your wife was there. Did she know the rule since you have been costuming this long? Maybe she could have helped.

    On point three...We were never instructed we could only walk through the store as stern statues. Perhaps a briefing on the rules would have been helpful. If it was not acceptable for Chase to entertain the guests to make a sale then perhaps you should reprimand the employee who facilitated such and event by giving him the mask to wear.

    On point four...we are public relations guru's and understand the importance of advertising and so forth. Part of making certain an event goes off without a hitch is making certain that your team is go. Chase ALWAYS personally calls EVERYONE who has volunteered their contact information to make certain they will make an event. We know IN ADVANCE if there is going to be an issue with attendance and can call in reinforcements if need be or let people know attendance will be small. While I would liked to have been there. Church needed us. We are a SMALL church. It was planned a week before the event. When one family is missing it is a HUGE deal. I'm not about to tell our pastor we can't help out with a Dinner and Blessing to our church for a Jewish Center event.
    In retrospect I'm certain Luis can remember last November when no one showed up to Best Buy, but Luis, Chase, Myself and Julia when he expected a large turnout. In fact one of Luis' chief complaints was how he couldn't get anyone to show up for anything. You can't blame that on us. I'm sorry.

    On the resolution. This IS NOT Luis' group. This is a fanforce board that was here BEFORE Luis was here and will be here long after any or all of us are gone. It's better if we just try to get along as a team and stop blaming people and pointing fingers for no reason. The Diabetes Walk went so well because the members who decided to be a part of it from all facets of Star Wars groups (FCJK, 501st and Rebel Legion) set aside our differences and made it happen. For the good of the FCJK if we love it like we say we do then perhaps we should all be mature enough to make that happen.

    I've never mentioned my faith on here because it can be offensive to some, but since clearly no matter what I say I am offensive I'm going to. I just want to add one thing where credit is due. I feel like the most blessed person in the group. When Ani and I came here it was to make more REAL friends with this common interest who no matter what we could count on and form real relationships with. We did just that. We have so many different people who drive AN HOUR each way to come see us at least once a week to visit us, come to church with us, have Thanksgiving with us, come to our kids birthday parties, etc. I'm referring to not one person, not two people, but at least 8 that do this regularly. I AM SO BLESSED! So for all of those who wish to post negative things about me they can not break the spirit of deep fulfillment I have had the past year in this group. We have LOVED co-ordinating so many wonderful events this year and getting to do what we love mos
  15. I_H8_registering

    I_H8_registering Jedi Youngling

    Mar 14, 2006
    I know that I usually don't post often on the group, but I must say that what is currently happening is just plain silly. I do not understand how a public group is allowed to ban people who don't violate any rules without anything other than just word of mouth, no evidence. Sorry but the deal is just word of mouth ?Chase is destroying the group?. Well how so? Furthermore I find the statement that Darth-Blaze made about the 50+ members to seem...well... a little far fetched. If there were really this many members, then I request to see a list of all their names followed by all active troops conducted by these members and a signed list of what action Chase made to make them leave, since a good commander keeps track of such things. Once more, I have no trouble with Chase and Padme. These people brought me in to the group with the BBQ and once more this man has made Jeff, Jeff's son, and myself jedi tunics, all at no cost other than to help him with the materials. Furthermore I feel that Chase's interaction with Kim to get the walk at the zoo, Which was very successful with the members of the first coast jedi knights AS WELL AS the 501st , Who also agreed that the event was great! We all had a blast and at the end, Kim asked us if we would come back next year, after we said yes, she was excited to hear this!!! Personal attack deleted Also all I ask is that you try to attend more events in this group with us. Help me with some things and information, Chase will call me and inform me about what is going on in the group, I never seem to hear from you however. Start taking action with your members. But until then, I believe that Chase should stay. If you wish to kick him out. Provide me with the following:

    1.Provide me with a list of the 50+ (don't really understand why it isn't an exact number, but whatever.) members in the group with all their active troops and reasons for leaving due to Chase and Padme.

    2.Provide me with a list of events that Chase and Padme has attended and caused to fail with a list of contacts of the event coordinators that I can call and verify.

    3.Also provide me with a list of events that our brave and fearless leader has organized this year without the assist of Chase and Padme.

    4.Furthermore, provide me with two more list. The first consist of all the benefits that would be brought forth to me PERSONALLY from kicking Chase and Padme out of the group. The second should be a list of the benefits that would be brought forth to me from keeping Lu as our Commanding officer of the group. I request both so that I may compare these two list and make a more informed decision.

    I think Chase should stay. If you wish to sway my vote, I request that you provide these four things and we'll talk. Till then...Have a nice day and Take Care.

    Best Wishes,
    The Laughing Man.
  16. Leia214

    Leia214 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2004
    I am posting my opinions but please note that I will not argue, debate, or defend them with anyone in FCJK. I am posting them purely for HAMA, as the moderator, to read.

    I agree with Luis - we never had any problems in the group until the two mentioned joined. Because of a personal problem between myself and 'Anakin-and-Padme', I left the group. I felt it was best for the group. Because of the way it was handled, many people left with me.

    Gotham City Limits was the home of our monthly meetings to discuss what was coming up in books, collectibles, and troops. Chris was extremely good to us, providing a place to meet, food, drinks, discounts on merchandise, etc. The regional Master Replicas rep would come every couple of months to bring new products and show us what was coming up. At many meetings, GCL was full and Chris had to lock the doors to prevent more people from coming in the store. Were these people members of this board? We'll never know because we lost the chance to find out when meetings stopped.

    When the meetings stopped after JaxAnakinSkywalker took charge, it alienated many people who are not costumers - this does mean that they didn't bring value to the group. They served as handlers, photographers, public liasons to talk with people at events. Without regular meetings to coordinate this, it all fell apart.
  17. jediadigallia

    jediadigallia Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 10, 2004
    I have contacted Hama with some thoughts and I will say I am very dissappointed with the tone of all this. It is a sad day for all involved and I'm not quite sure how we all arrived at this place. There are clearly two sides here: supporters for Chase and Patrice and supporters for Luis. Each side has valid issues and concerns and each side feels their's is the "right" side. All of us involved have said things we probably regret at this point. I hope Dwight regrets slamming the 501st, considering some of us are 501st members. It is a solid, charitable organization that has been around a long time and has done alot of good for many deserving causes. FCJK has done some wonderful things, as well. I hope Travis regrets bringing Luis and Amanda's personal lives into this, because it has no place or relavance to this issue. I hope Patrice regrets the tone of some of her posts. I have to say, in all fairness to Chase, his posts reflect a mature tone and he is probably paying more now for his wife's posts than his own.
    My hope for the future of the FCJK is for all parties to swallow their pride and start over. Is it asking too much to revamp the organization, keep everyone who currently has an interest in FCJK, but bring back the old leadership? If not, what would be an acceptable alternative? Does anyone actually have a solution? Can there be two Jacksonville FanForce groups? Isn't what we are after here the re-building and or reorganization of an institution that is meant to help the community and not to tear each other apart? We all must also admit that mistakes have been made by some parties involved and those issues need to addressed, as well. I know that people feel the need to defend themselves when they feel like they've been attacked, but can that be handled by PM's instead of being hashed out on the public boards? Why make it an issue for all to be involved in if a problem only exists between two people? It makes me feel very uncomfortable to read these hurtful statements, no matter if they are made in self-defense or not. KEEP IT OFF THE BOARDS.(That being said, this particular board is the exception to the rule and exists for specific issues to be addressed by all). In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we just all get along??"
    Before anything is said, there are those of us, including myself, who have remained members on an inactive status, but remain members, nontheless. I have watched from a distance and since I am also a member of the 501st, I have to decide which activities better fit my schedule. It is a tough decision, but it's one that all of us with multiple club memberships have to weigh.
    I cannot say anything about certain events or behavior at events, simply because I wasn't there and I will not make accusations or judgements based on second hand information. What I will say is this: I can remember the excitement I felt when I found out that I was not alone in being a Star Wars fan in this area. That excitement was fueled by the fervor Luis and Julia exhibited at out regular meetings and get-togethers. We all forged some long-lasting relationships that are strong to this day. I am saddened by the turn of events as of late, and I hope the FanForce administration can make a fair assessment of all of this. I will be watching with great interest to see how all this turns out.
  18. TK-3150

    TK-3150 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 10, 2005
    Wow, looks like this chapter has turned into the Tampa Bay chapter. Mebbe Hama will remember how all that went down a year and a half ago..............
  19. Hama

    Hama Retired GSA, Retired RSA star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 14, 2000

    Ugh. I had that buried deep in my subconsciousness until now. :_|
  20. jmknet1

    jmknet1 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 4, 2005
    This is the reason I stoped posting on this boared! If the group is in termoil then all blamme gose to the Leader. the buck has to stop with luis.You have major issues and its not fair to blame your problems on someone else.Louis you should maybe look at your self than to blame others for your problems.I have no problems with ether you or Chase but every time something gose wrong you leave the group instead of dealing with it. What kind of leader runs away when somthing gose wrong??
  21. I_H8_registering

    I_H8_registering Jedi Youngling

    Mar 14, 2006
    Well I would like to point out the name first coast JEDI knights. Additional personal attack deleted

    P.S. I'm still waiting on those four request I made in an earlier list. Thank you
  22. macewndu73

    macewndu73 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 10, 2005
    I agree with jediadigallia. There is room in Jaxs for 2 groups is needs be. I am behind Blaze 100% and I hope Hama will review the comments on this thread and take the appropriate action where needed. Not just with the 2 in question but also each individual post that has been entered. There are some comments out there that are just uncalled for. Personal life is just that, PERSONAL. For those of you who know me, I would love to comment more. I am taking some advise and will not "post while I am angry" after reading the previous comment as well as the others on this thread.

    What a pitty.....
  23. Hama

    Hama Retired GSA, Retired RSA star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 14, 2000
    I think there are more appropriate issues to be discussed here than any personal/dating relationships. Let's try to concentrate on those, please.
  24. ImperialOrder

    ImperialOrder Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 19, 2005
    Alright, I was hopeing to hold off on posting my feelings, but seeing as how things are kinda ripe for the typing, I'll do so.

    I like to remain neutral. I'm a friend of everyone. I don't like picking sides. But if I have too, I'll side with Luis. But not for reason which people will think about. I'm a memeber since the start. While not a founder, nor at first a frequent poster, Julia, Matt, Luis, and Gina can comfirm, I've been around here since that long. Now, at first the group was fun and really friendly. I liked the people and the enviroment that was around me. And, for once I was not blasted on the fact that I liked Star Wars, but could openly talk and debate it. Then, it became not so fun anymore.

    I will say right up front, I'm a guy who has a pretty long leash. A really long leash. But, after Julia left, I felt as though the group was missing something. As we progressed, I found the group becoming more like work. If I wanted to work, I'd go to work. Not go to a costuming event. I felt as though we were neglaticing the collectors of the group. I found connections to the people who get me things through the group, when they left, I had no more contact with them as I only contacted them through these boards. Not going to name their names out of respect.

    Now, I like Chase. I would like to continue to be his friend, but I found some behaviors at some the events to be out of line. Case in point, Party City. Running around the store was not only inapproitate, but was wrong. And, I'm very use to how we have handlers at events. Jeff was busy fighting the kids off from taking his lightsaber, whilst I got the crap beat out of my armor. Something that means a lot to me. I CRIED, FOR REAL CRIED when that bucket got that damaged. Even Luis did. That was his baby first, then mine. Now, flame me. I don't care. But, please, I don't like being flamed. I relize that people aren't going to like what I have to say, but take all sides.

    Now, anothre thing, please don't bring personal lives into this. Amanda is not here to defend herself and it's not right bringing that up. And as for the whole Dragon Con thing (which I know will get brought up...) I just want to say I felt really icky for having what I could afford being trashed. I know it sucked, but all I can afford. Other than that, even getting sick on the way back it was fun! But, please no personal stuff on here. Leave it at the door.

    Finally, I did the research. As requested, a list of memebers (90 in total) who posted and/or attended events and their names to the best of my memeory. (Last names withheld for reasons.)I'm sure there is more, BUT I do not recall right now.

    Darth_Blaze Luis
    Yuleelee Gina
    Leia214 Julia
    ImperialOrder Steve
    TheSpectre Buzz
    Errant_Venture Jonathan
    JediAce90 Adam
    Yuleecouchpotato Rob
    Silverbullet34 Monroe
    Miranova34 Gina
    Darthmyst Maria
    Boywookie44 Joe
    TheNinjaDeathSquad ?
    Master_Sweetpea Gabriel (Gainsville Member)
    Yoda1248 Joshua
    Jediadigallia Tina
    Quickbeam Greg
    TK1162 Arthur
    DestinyFroste Destiny
    moshi ?
    Hannibalplan ?
    Jedi_Maceo Derek
    Mickster Mickey
    REDEYEE Matt
    District_Sidious Robert
    PHATJEDI67 Darrell
    Jedi_Master_DR Derrick
    darkapprentice112 Chris
    PostalPadawan David
    FlEagle Walt
    knnthp3 Ken
    Vossk Justin
    Ebb Thomas
    RiquigonJin Riqui
    Droid-Master Rob
    DarthMusclePeach Brian
    reporterguy Joe
    hellkat ?
    Lord demon William
    macewindu73 Brian
    Swift Rick
    Carnor_Jax78 Adrian
    Gunna ?
    DairNimiris Dwight
    Ibanez 343 Brian
    Kai_Tau_Deymos Joe
    i12bob1 ?
    ladyvaderpl ?
    Vageta021 Tim
    TheOneNotChosen ?
    Charber01 ?
    Jedi_rouge_88 Angela
    dark_reaper Kevin
    MJL1138_cavaleia Melissa
    Solo51 Elizabeth
    out2getU2 Carina
    SpongeBlob ?
    JustTheTone ?
    Darth_Vaderous ?
    Mayhem_260 ?
    JediMartyMcFly ?
    JediMaster90489 Yesseni
    Haydensgurl828 Amanda
    anakin-and-padme Patrice
    JaxAnakinSkywalker Chase
    DarkTrooper85 Chris
    YodaLover85 Sara
    ObiWanAmanda Manda
  25. Anakin-and-Padme

    Anakin-and-Padme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2005
    Yes, we could do something that would seem pretty ridiculous like that OR we could all just get along and be nice to each other. Just a thought. Truly if everyone really wants to end this. If they really want to see this group excel. Stop all of the ridiculous posts right now pointing fingers here and there and kicking this and that person out and blaming this person for that, etc. We are all never going to agree, but we can agree to disagree and just move on already. Get back to trooping and meetings. Be cordial to each other at events and meetings and just plain act like adults. It really isn't that hard, but we aren't going to get anywhere (like we haven't in nearly a year on this whole topic) with any of this banter. It's a waste of time.

    The only issue I can't simply let go and that needs to be addressed is the personal threat that was made to me and my children (for obvious reasons). Once that is dissolved I can be in a room with Julia all day long and be nice to her. I don't have to like her and she doesn't have to like me. We just have to act like adults. If she can do it I can do it. If she recants that statement with a simple honest apology and lets everyone know her words were in anger and not actions she intends on carrying out then I can let it go easily. I have always said "I don't hate Julia". I still don't. The only strong feelings I have about her are for the threats that were made. That's it. I gave the rest to GOD a long time ago.

    Clearly the group is divided down the center on the issue of Chase and I and on the Luis issue as well. Why should the leadership go back to the "old ways" or the "new ways" referring to this past year that people have brought up here. Why can't it just be what the title of this post is. Re-vamping a group isn't kicking 2 people out. It's revamping and (get this) starting over which would mean new ways all together for everybody and the rest of these subjects get dropped never to be brought up again.
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