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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BLemelisk, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003
    Knights of the Sith Empire: Revan's Chosen


    The Primer:

    "More lay ahead than can be comprehended. Coruscant is not the end of our crusade, but the beginning. You will be needed when I am gone; you will stay behind. You few. You chosen few. My chosen."
    --Darth Revan, shortly after the Mandalorian Wars

    [blockquote]Few in the galaxy remember a time when the Jedi knights were pushed to the point of extinction, a time when good and evil blurred together. It was a time of saviors and conquerors, heroes and villains. The venerated Old Republic, long the subject of bitter wars and divisions, was finally beginning to pick up the pieces.

    In the wake of the cataclysmic Mandalorian Wars, rogue Jedi General Revan announced a final bid to end the threat once and for all. Gathering loyal factions in the Republic military and the Jedi Order who had followed him to war, he vanished into the Unknown Regions. For months, all contact with Revan or his armada, was lost.

    The greater galactic community deemed them the most recent in a long line of Republic martyrs. However unbeknownst to them all, a new threat was brewing, one greater than any the Mandalorians had ever presented.

    Suddenly, striking like a solar wind from the farthest reaches of the galaxy came the self-proclaimed Darth Revan and his New Sith Empire. This is their story.

    Welcome to Knights of the Sith Empire: Revan's Chosen, an RP set during the exciting time of Revan and Malak's attack on the galaxy, from 3958 BBY - 3956 BBY.

    Players will be trusted Dark Jedi and would-be Sith Lords that served in the Mandalorian Wars as Jedi Generals against the Council's wishes and were hand-picked by Revan to be members of his "Chosen." They were in essence the ruling council of Revan?s reborn Sith movement, although there was really no government body in Revan?s Sith at all. The term "noble family" might be more appropriate.

    They were selected based on many criteria, a large one being that they were aligned in some way with Revan's own ideology; that of his special values that separated him from the typical "animals" that the dark side tended to breed.

    The Chosen will take on all manner of assignments, from becoming fleet and army commanders to completing sabotage and assassination missions. Revan had molded its members for years in preparation for using them in such a capacity.

    They all were eager and rowdy, competing for Revan?s praise and rewards, as they prepared to spearhead the unthinkable: a massive assault aimed at toppling the Republic.

    So cut loose, and enjoy being in one of the most powerful and competitive fields in the galaxy.



    Character Template:

    --Honorary Darth Title: Given By Revan.
    Species: Any will do.
    Description of Appearance: Armor, Robes, etc.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Distinguishing scars, tattoos, etc.
    --Type(s): Single Bladed, Double Bladed, Short, etc. Include blade color.
    --Hilt(s): Describe.
    --Secondary Weapons:
    Biography: Remember you were a Jedi before you joined Revan.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Be creative.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Again, be creative. Was it lust for battle? Love? Hate? Some of you might have welcomed it, others rejected it at first, etc.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Recon, Naval, Starfighter Corps, Infantry, Espionage, etc.



    I'll keep these simple, because I have faith in everyone.

    I. Obey the TOS at all times.
    II. I'll control all relevant NPC's.
    III. Don't God-mode.
    IV. No controlling others' characters without their express permission.
    V. One
  2. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Blem Approved!

    Name: Seban Dupture
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Malefice

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Height: 6' 0"

    Weight: 150 lbs.

    Description of Appearance: Typically wears a black robe over thin Reinforced-Fiber armor, however he is rarely if ever hooded.
    --Hair: Long black, usually worn loose
    --Eyes: Left eye is yellow, right eye is milky
    --Skin: Pale white
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Scar on right side of face that extends from his forehead to his chin

    --Number: 3
    --Type(s): One single-bladed, two short. All are red. He tends to switch between a long-short combination and a twin short combination.
    --Hilt(s): All three of his lightsaber hilts are simple black cylinders with silver buttons and nobs.
    --Secondary Weapons: A light blaster, for particularly sticky situations.

    Biography: Seban Dupture was born in a backwater town on Byss, where he lived a fairly uneventful life for his first few years. As if by accident, a Jedi Knight crash landed near his village and realized that Seban had remarkable Force potential. After the Jedi's craft was repaired, Seban was taken to the Jedi temple where he quickly learned numerous methods of lightsaber combat, eventually developing his own, somewhat unorthodox style of fighting.

    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: When the Mandalorian Wars broke out, Seban, now a full-fledged Jedi Knight, like many of his fellow Jedi, was unwilling to directly intervene in the fighting. That was before he met the leader who would change his life forever. That was before he met Revan. The "Revanchist" as they called him was an incredible orator, and Seban, spurred by tales of devastation on Cathar and a self-righteous pursuit of justice, joined him.

    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Following Revan into battle eventually brought Seban, like so many others, to Malachor V and the final triumph over Mandalore. During the battle, Seban received a severe blow to the right side of his face (He bears the scar to this day), which deprived him of his right eye. There was a sudden welling up of anger within the young man, and a red haze enveloped him. When he came to, he had slaughtered countless Mandalorians and no fewer than five Republic soldiers as well. He simply laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And whatever vestige of Seban Dupture was swallowed into a torrent of violence and death, replaced by Darth Malefice.

    --Specialization within the Chosen: Infantry, as his lust for battle lends him naturally to the front lines.
  3. Inquisitor_Skywalker

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    Mar 30, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Cem'a'lurona (goes by his core name, Mal)
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Nexus
    Species: Chiss
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34 (as of 3958 BBY)
    Height: 1.75 Meters
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Typically wears unnassuming robes of black or gray, unless he's on a mission, in which case, his wardrobe changes to accomadate his surroundings.
    --Hair: Black
    --Eyes: Red
    --Skin: Blue
    --Other Physical Characteristics: A long scar runs down his neck on the left side to his upper chest.
    --Number: 1
    --Type(s): Single hilt with a crimson blade.
    --Hilt(s): Curved slightly. Not as drastic a curve as the blade weilded by the future Sith Lord Count Dooku, but enough to alter the angle of his strikes, making them difficult to intercept or predict. The hilt is utilitarian in design, and has had a non-reflective coating applied to it for greater stealth.
    --Secondary Weapons: Customized Sith Assassin Pistol

    Biography: As a young boy growing up in the ghettos of Serenno settled by Chiss exiles, Mal discovered his latent powers at a young age. Forced to pick-pocket to help feed his impoverished family, he discovered that if he focused hard enough, he could make his mark look the other way while he snatched the goods. It was this talent that got him noticed by a passing Jedi that Mal tried to rob.

    When the Jedi Knight consulted Mal's family, they were all too eager to have one less mouth to feed, and the nine-year-old was summarily dragged away to the Jedi Temple, where, due to his deep connection to the Force, he would train in the ways of the Jedi Consulars. His training was largely uneventful, culminating in his ascention to knighthood at the age of 24.

    After the completion of his training, he chose to wander the galaxy, searching for knowledge of the deep mysteries of the Force. During this sabattical, he began to question the wisdom of the Jedi Code. Traveling incognito across dozens of worlds, he saw how inneffective the Republic was on the fringe worlds, and just how much the rest of the galaxy mistrusted the Order for its insular, mysterious ways, and obvious power. Head reeling with doubts, he found himself on Koros Major, investigating the abandoned temples of the Krath cult.

    It was there that his fascination with the Dark Side began. Mal uncovered numerous instructional texts that had been used by the Krath to teach their followers the secrets of ancient Sith Sorcery. In studying them, he learned a great deal, and had free reign to experiment within the walls of the crumbling temple. Months passed, and he slipped farther and farther from the light as he learned the deepest secrets of Darkness. When he finally emerged, he renounced the Jedi Order and fled to the Outer Rim to continue his studies in secret.

    The Mandalorian Wars broke out, but Mal did not rally to the Revanchist's cause like so many others. Instead, he chose to hide amongst the various peoples of the galaxy, using his newfound knowledge of Sith magics to elude the Jedi that pursued him. Eventually, however, he was tracked down and confronted by his former master. Mal killed the Jedi Master, but was forced to flee for his life when reinforcements arrived. With few options left, he turned to the Revanchist, who warily accepted the fallen Jedi into his ranks.

    He became an instrumental part of several campaigns in the latter half of the war. Using his arcane knowledge of the Dark Side, he was able to create illusory vessels to confuse the Mandalorians, or to hide the realwarships from view. However, his true talents lay in the area of espionage. Using illusions and subtle mind altering magics, he was capable of walking through a crowd of Mandalorian Warriors unnoticed, tearing battle plans from their minds and assassinating their leader by litterally shredding his sanity, then driving him to suicide.

    By the time of the Battle of Malachor V, Revan had abandoned his misgivings, using Mal as his personal assassin until he built HK-47. With access to holocrons and ancient texts from
  4. RuneEisahn

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    Jul 10, 2008
    GM Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name:Ryshin Thraell
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Vladdor
    Species: Human
    Height:5'9 meters
    Weight:120 lbs.
    Description of Appearance: Typically wears black robes with matching black boots and tunic. Wear a dark brown vest under cloak.
    --Hair:Reddish Brown
    --Eyes:Steel Gray
    --Other Physical Characteristics: N/A
    Lightsaber(s):His first and only lightsaber, only changed cystal.
    --Type(s): Single Bladed
    Include blade color.Red
    --Hilt(s):Like Obi-Wans off of EP.III, you know, the one thats hard to explain.
    --Secondary Weapons:N/A
    Biography:eek:nce a member of the Old Gaurd, Ryshin Thraell was a well known and popular figure in the Jedi Order. Said to be a match for some of the council members. Breaking the Jedi Code, Ryshin got married and had a family. But during the Mandolorian Wars, Ryshin thought he would be needed in the war, so he became a General. But, he was soon turned to the dark side, after following Revan.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars:To protect his family, serve the Republic, and to have a little action.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side:Watching his wife die at the hands of the Mandolorians.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Mostly Naval and Infantry.
  5. DarthSolar

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    Jun 4, 2008
    Signed and sealed by his GMShip.

    Name: Dante Adolphus
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Krieg.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'2" Meters
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Dante still wears traditonal Jedi robes dispite his fall.
    --Hair: Medium lenth, dirty blonde hair.
    --Eyes: Grayish-Blue.
    --Skin: Caucasian.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: N/A
    --Number: One.
    --Type(s): Single Bladed.
    --Hilt(s): A silver colored hilt made from phrik, it has a certain silk like look to it. Making it seem lighter than it looks.
    --Secondary Weapons: The Force

    Biography: Before joining Revan, Dante was a young, ambitous and eager Jedi of the Order. Headstrong and smart, Dante was capable of bringing success to an almost impossible situation.

    When the Mandalorian Wars erupted, he, like so many other Jedi. Belived it was their duty as peacekeepers to bring an end to this bloodshed. And Dante watched as a divison grew within the order as their masters sat back and watched. Eventually, Dante defied the orders of his master and followed Revan, becoming a crusader in the war.

    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Dante couldn't understand how both the Republic and the Jedi order could sit back and watch dozens of lifes be ruined by the threat that was the Mandalorians. With the genocide of the Cathar, Dante left to fight.

    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: He never really "fell", but he holds a bitter view on the Jedi Order, which he now belives could of prevented such a torrid war if they had acted from the start. His faith is now fixed on Revan bringing in a true era of peace.

    --Specialization within the Chosen: Field General


    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    GM Approved!

    Name: Keetu
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Ty-rul
    Species: [link=]Trianii[/link]
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 2 metres (6' 5")
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Although her species generally do not wear clothing, Keetu chooses to wear black trousers and bikini-style top for modesty's sake. She still refuses to wear armour, however, and relies on her superior dexterity to compensate.
    --Fur: Black with orange stripes
    --Eyes: Yellow
    --Skin: Black
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Keetu has an intricate red sith tattoo on her forehead. This is only visible due to the tattoo being burnt onto her skin, thus preventing the fur from regrowing.

    --Number: Two
    --Type(s): Both single orange blades.
    --Hilt(s): Black cylinders which Keetu elegantly engraved with Sith and with her own claws.
    --Secondary Weapons: Claws and tail, which can be used to weild small weapons and objects.

    Biography: Keetu was born on her species' home world of Trian and was tipped to become a member of the governing yu'nar. However, Keetu's rougish nature meant that she loathed the idea of politics, so became a member of the Trianii Rangers before she was forced to join the yu'nar. She rapidly became a skilled pilot and climbed the Ranger's ranks. Her skills earned her the admiration and the affections of a fellow pilot called Shirran, who eventually plucked up the courage to ask her to marry him and she agreed.

    While they were on their honeymoon on Dantooine, the pair were set upon by a pack of kath hounds. They fought fiercely, but it was not until a Jedi Padawan interviened that they finally managed to defeat the beasts. After the battle, the Jedi commended the pair on their fighting skills and introduced himself as Revan. He was fascinated by Keetu and suggested that she return with him to the Jedi Enclave. Shirran was wary of the Jedi and tried to convince his mate that it was a bad idea. She, however, relished the excitement, and told Shirran that it was the least she could do for their saviour. The three went to the Enclave, where Revan's master, Kae, confirmed his suspicions that Keetu was strong in the Force. Kae managed to convince the Jedi Masters to train her, despite her being considered 'too old' and having a husband. Keetu also gained her mate's blessing to become a Jedi, but promised to go against the Jedi's wishes and spend as much time with him as possible. And that promise to not abandon her emotional ties eventually proved to be her downfall.

    Keetu trained at the Enclave for 4 years before being promoted to Jedi Knight. In that time, she became close friends with Revan and continued to defy the Jedi by seeing Shirran in secret on their home world. Shortly after her promotion came the start of the Madalorian Wars...

    At first, Keetu refused to disobey the Jedi, despite Revan's repeated invitations. It was her guilt at secretly defying them which prevented her from following Revan as much as anything. But after a few months, Keetu recieved word that Shirran had been captured and enslaved by the Mandalorians. She knew the only way to save him was to join Revan, who gladly accepted her, and was sympathetic to her cause. It wasn't until near the end of the war, however, that they finally tracked down Shirran's captors and slaughtered the Mandolorians responsible. After the blood bath, Keetu began to search for Shirran amongst the other slaves. Most were starving, badly beaten and near death. Revan tried to prepare her for the worst, when she spotted a bundle of matted fur in the corner of a cell. Running to the body, Keetu knelt down and rolled the corpse over - it was Shirran. One of the slaves told her the Mandalorians had killed him when they started their attack, knowing that Shirran was Keetu's mate. Holding Shirran's broken body, something in Keetu snapped. She roared in anger,
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    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am approved.:)

    Name: Adrian Tipper
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Terra Firma
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 176
    Description of Appearance: Armor, Robes, etc.
    --Hair: None
    --Eyes: Red
    --Skin: Red
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Blonde soul patch, multiple ear pirecings, sith tattoos covering his upper body up to his ears, and keeps himself in top physical shape. Dark green robe with black bodysuit.
    --Number: 2
    --Type(s): Dual
    --Hilt(s): Straight; Regular
    --Secondary Weapons: Vibro blade, holdout blaster
    Biography: Adrian was born on Ord Cantrell and worked as a construction worker until he was discovered by the touring Jedi. He was trained in the ways of Force, as most others were. His parents are dead and his only known relative is his uncle. Being young and influential, he was among the first to join Revan's armada and has learned from the older Jedi and even the Dark Lord Revan himself. His is skilled in Jar'Kai and moderate in the Force. Being a positive and charming young male, Adrian has had many relationships with women, but can never keep a long term relationship for his lack of attention and habit to get bored with things.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Adrian has a mixed view of the galaxy. While he is only loyal to the Force, Adrian is ambitious and wanted glory.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Adrian wants to grow stronger, but knows the level in which he will stop. So he welcomed the dark side to get to a level of a master.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Starfighter Corps, espionage.
  8. Mango_Salsa

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    Mar 15, 2006

    Name: Thunderhead Chav
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Vidious
    Species: Ongree
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 197lbs
    Description of Appearance: Wears loose dark green robes, over which are black hide armor plates that cover his shoulders, forearms, and knees.
    --Hair: None
    --Eyes: Yellow
    --Skin: Orange-bronze
    --Other Physical Characteristics: None at present
    --Number: 2
    --Type(s): 1 purple double-bladed, 1 purple single-bladed
    --Hilt(s): The double-bladed lightsaber has a hilt that looks almost liquid, like quicksilver, and a black grip. It is engraved with Ongree runes that read "Justice before peace." The single-bladed lightsaber has the same type of hilt without runes.
    --Secondary Weapons: Ongree-modified Long-range blaster rifle
    Biography: Thunderhead, like most Jedi youth, was taken from his parents while still a toddler, and trained in the ways of the Force. He was devoted to his master, the human Hal Harrkon. When Harkkon told him they were going to fight in the Wars, he readily accepted. Harkkon was killed, and Thunderhead was left for dead and forced to retreat on his own through enemy lines. When he finally made it off-planet two months later he was dehydrated, suffering from exposure, and had had to use all of his training to simply survive. After that, he devoted himself to learning Form VII, channeling his newfound anger and attempting to stay within the light side of the Force.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Entered alongside his master, Hal Harkkon.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Like Darth Krieg, Thunderhead Chav didn't fall so much as shift allegiance due to his perception that the Jedi could have ended the Mandalorian Wars had they only been allowed to exert their full power, and looks to Revan to bring order.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Sniper. Thunderhead Chav is able to focus the Force to pinpoint targets from a great distance.
  9. nancyallen

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hey, have a character, it's been approved and all.


    Even as a Sith Tess Jilot likened the Jedi robes.

    Name: Terasa Tulsa Jilot
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Wrath
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Height: 224 cms
    Weight: 212 lbs


    A rare happy moment for Tess as a Jedi.

    Description of Appearance: Tess favors Jedi robes as a means of throwing off those she fights, however if the situation demands it she has Sith battle armor, dark blue and designed to offer protection to most of the body. The legs are exposed however it is made to give even more size to the Sith, adding another foot or more and increasing the girth of those big and strong enough to wear it. She also wears the modified armor of Sith soldiers.


    Bastila tries to convince Tess she isn't a monster. It would be in vain, she left the Jedi to follow Revan and Malek.

    --Hair: Blonde long bobcut,
    --Eyes: Yellow
    --Skin: Pale
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Tess had recently had Sith paintings over her eye to show solidarity to Revan.
    --Number: 1
    --Type(s): Single bladed, purple. Tess fights using the simple, powerful Schi-Cho stance.
    --Hilt(s): The basic hilt of Jedi Padawans when they first construct their lightsaber.
    --Secondary Weapons: Tess favors bladed weapons over lightsabers with the introduction of energy shields, and has two of choice. The first are the Blood Moon cerimonial blades, the Twin Suns bounty hunters use replicas. The originals have a shorter, fatter blade and are not curved. Tess' favorite however is Darth Krayt's War Cry, a monstrous sword in length compared to normal vibroblades and designed as a stand off weapon.


    Training in Sith armor under the caves of Korriban.

    Biography: Tess joined the Jedi at an early age and was immediately thought of as a real rogue, the type described by the Council as an uncompromising mercenary and one Jedi Master generously comparing her to Jolee Bindo, if he was ever a Mandalorian. In reality Tess was uncompromising to her views of doing the right thing, views that were rarely shared with the Jedi. A few instructors and Masters tried to curb Tess' natural hard line attitude and hostility towards those who she felt were against her ideals because she held them. And then there was her size. Standing at seven feet five inches she frightened young Padawans and intimidated fellow Jedi with her mere presence being by far the largest and tallest Jedi in recent memory, and that only led to affirm the views of her in those who took the giantess at face value, but despite the claims about her Tess was never unreasonable. She just refused to give in one bit to the way others thought. Then she met Malek, who at the time was far from a Sith Lord and someone Tess not only found quite reasonable, given his large stature he was able to look past her appearance and tap into her thoughts, making Tess feel he was on her side. His manner was very similar to the way he tried to convince the Jedi Exile and others to side with him.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Like most Jedi who joined Revan Tess wanted to stop the Mandalorian threat. However she believed the Council thought of her specifically as a monster for expressing her thoughts on fighting in the war. Revan and Malek however thought differently and realizing she wasn't happy with the Jedi threw her lot in with them. Whether they were sincere in saying Tess was nothing like how she believes the Jedi see her is open to speculation.


    Standing with the heroes of the Mandalorian Wars. Tess' size was physically intimidating even to Malek.

    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: After the Mandalor
  10. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Name: Danev Set
    --Honorary Darth Title: Thorn

    Species: Kiffar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Height: 6'0''

    Weight: 191 lbs

    Description of Appearance:

    -Grey armor-weave flightsuit,
    -black combat gloves, black combat boots,
    -black relaxed-fit rancor-skin/armor weave longcoat (duster-type trench coat)
    custom made, internal padding to deaden blows, phrick latticework overlaid with slatted Mandalorian Iron.
    Consists of curiass, gauntlets, and greaves, painted with wild sith designs.
    - Blood Red pilots helmet, black Sith graphics, attached custom-made target designation gear on left side
    - Custom armor-weave belt and harness with multiple clips for lightsabers

    --Hair: Shoulder-length, wavy, brown

    --Eyes: Violet

    --Skin: somewhere between tanned caucasian and persian

    --Other Physical Characteristics:
    - Clan "broken star" tattoo around right eye (once green, now red),
    - black tribal like "Halo" Sith tattoo around Clan tattoo,
    - parallel diagonal scars on back from left shoulder to right ribs


    --Number: 6

    - 2x Forked and Curved Hilt dual phase sabers (3/4 length {but thicker due to dual phase setup} standard length maroon blades)
    - 1x Dual handed dual phase saber (medium blue blade)
    - 1x Double Bladed saber (white blades)
    - 1x Fiber-cord linked lightsaber (power cell in middle of fiber cord and heavily covered in cortosis weave, half shoto-length silver blades)
    - 1x Shoto Saber (standard, neon green blade)

    --Hilt(s): All hilts are brass colored and brassy finished with textured black grip pads

    --Secondary Weapons:
    - SFOR Blaster Rifle.
    - Sith Fighter
    - customized Sith Speeder "Razor-Bird" (JR-4 design, modified and upgraded engine and repulsorlit, upper cowling mounted twin repeating blasters in line with operators head)

    Born into a legacy of guardians and protectors on Kiffu, Danev was discovered to be force-sensitive at an early age, and was convinced to go to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to explore these abilities.
    Danev quickly excelled in all things physical, becoming an adept martial artist and an innovative and focused lightsaber duelist. He quickly developed a unique understanding of the force, making it an extension of his body, and refining that theory and connection to the point that he could perform force-assisted movements without conscious effort when dueling.

    Danev felt it his duty to become the warrior-knight of the order, preparing for a time of great need and suffering so that he might be able to defend the people.

    On this basis, he developed a hybrid fighting technique that took elements from all the forms, blended them together, and attuned it to allow him to fight any number of opponents on any terrain under any number of disadvantageous and unfavorable conditions, with any or no weapon available to him.

    While he primarily utilized twin lightsabers, he also utilized a dual-phase long saber,
    and shoto-type weapons and techniques, and notably was adamant about developing techniques to be utilized with dual blade and fiber-cord linked type weapons.

    He also developed into a remarkable starfighter pilot and speeder pilot, using the vehicles characteristics as well as force-assisted movements to gain the upper hand when engaged in combat.

    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: When the Mandalorian wars broke out, and Revan advocated a more direct stance, Danev fell in with him. Rather than try and mediate the situation, Danev felt in his heart that the Mandalorians would not relent, and that the stagnation would lead to suffering and destruction beyond what had already been caused.
    During his first engagement, he found that the challenge of applying his fighting techniques spurred him to greater feats, and bolstered his resolve to end the conflict quickly.

    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side:
    While De
  11. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Girl Magnet Approved.

    Name: Nyx Schiff
    --Honorary Darth Title: Tremarius
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Height: 5?7?
    Weight: 138 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Wears a deep purple button vest, and dark green pants cut off at the knees. No shoes. Leanly muscular, with no trace of fat. His muscle structure is feline in appearance. He has very strong legs and a powerful chest.
    --Hair: Where once his hair was cut cleanly, in a military style, it has fallen into disarray. His blue-black locks fall on his head disheveled, and yet perfect for his style.
    --Eyes: Amber, sharp
    --Skin: Caucasian
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Nyx has a long straight scar from his right shoulder to his wrist. He has a tear tattooed under his right eye.
    --Number: 1
    --Type(s): Purple Lightsaber staff.
    --Hilt(s): Slightly curved hilt with a reversed grip. Can be held with one or two hands.
    --Secondary Weapons: A lengthened knife with a curved blade made of some lightsaber resistant material.
    Biography: Nyx was actually delivered to the doorstep of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He never knew his parents and never thought about it. Nyx was always preoccupied with a lightsaber. It was natural to his body from the first moment. Nyx was able to perfectly copy forms, until they were bored into his skull. He learned to fast for his teacher?s likings. They wanted him to slow down, to learn at a steady pace.

    Nyx was rebellious to a T. He would teach himself by observations, astounding his trainers. Eventually, they tried to cut him off entirely. Nyx responded by studying at night. He was already showing signs of his soon-to-be famous lack of restraint. Nyx was transferred to the Dantooine enclave in his twenties. He met Revan on his first. Nyx was struck dumb with the Jedi Knight?s potential.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Nyx didn?t enter the war to follow Revan. It certainly affected him, but his ultimate decision was the result of intense mediation. All he could imagine was the challenge that the Mandalorian?s would present. He hungered for that. He didn?t enter the war until a month after Revan.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Nyx never fell to the Dark Side. Over the course of the war, he became disillusioned with the concepts of Light and Dark. It was far to vague. There were far more intricacies in one?s than could be described by a double-sided coin. Nyx has no limits, he is not bound by teachings of the foolish, he is able to form his own conclusions. He had no problem sacrificing his morality to reach the state.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Starfighter Corps and Recon
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    Name: Odan Slyter
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Venom
    Species: Draethos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 250
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 175lbs
    Description of Appearance: Mandalorian Assault Armor Modified (he personally calls it Mandalorian Ravager Armor)
    --Hair: none
    --Eyes: yellow
    --Skin: black
    --Other Physical Characteristics: a long Sith tattoo on his right arm and a jedi tattoo on his left arm. And tons of training scars on his upper torso and back
    --Number: 7
    --Type(s): Single Bladed (Viridian, Purple, Red(handheld Lightsaber color) , Silver, Green, Blue, Orange)
    --Hilt(s): Each of the hilts have an engraved symbol on them equaling something to the jedi code. But when he turned to the darkside and took up revans teachings he changed them to symbols meaning something close to the sith code.
    --Secondary Weapons: none
    Biography: Odan Slyter was once a jedi who fought during the Mandalorian Wars in order to protect those who couldn?t protect himself. But as soon as he was put under Revan?s command his way of thinking changed for the worse. He eventually found himself having cravings to unleash himself from the restraints that were the jedi code and usually ended up using his telekinetic powers to not only kill the mandalorians but ended up killing others during the process. When the time came to make the choice of staying with the jedi or becoming a sith he made an ?obvious to him? decision and became a sith.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Wanted to protect everyone, and see what lies on the outer rim.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: He saw and felt that the way of the jedi was too restricting for his wanting to find an excuse to use his power so he saw this as his only way to truly show how powerful he is.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Infantry
  16. Radiance

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    GM Approved

    Name: Migailiah Tenaro (Mee- gail-ee--ah)
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Celestial
    Species: Epicanthix
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 205
    Description of Appearance: Tall dark and mysterious. Migailiah wears all black, allowing him to easily blend in with shadows. A long hooded cloak covers his head, casting his eyes in shadow, the back of it looking as if he had a long black silken cape. Handsome, defined jawline and facial features. He wears a black leather chest plate that is a dye cast of his physical frame, 8 defined ab muscles are visible when looking at it, it also has a single medium sized pauldron on the left shoulder. The shoulder pauldron has a single dark blue scratching in it, resembling a religious symbol of protection, used in a cult on Panatha, his home planet. Under the chest piece he wears a comfortably loose long sleeved shirt. Both forearms are wrapped in black cloth all the way to the joints in all 10 fingers. A double sling belt crosses his hips and leaves both of his lightsabers hanging low on both sides in a quick draw fashion. Black robed pants adorn his legs that are tucked into his boots. He wears a special type of boot that he created for ease of movement, they are form fitting to his feet and shins, with a flexible padding in the bottom, the foot itself is carved to fit two slots, his big toe, and the rest of his toes in a separate offshoot. (ninja boots)
    --Hair: Spiked, medium length black hair
    --Eyes: Dark Brown
    --Skin: Light Tan
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Thin, narrow scar tracing straight down his left eyebrow and down slightly past his eye.
    --Number: 1-2
    --Type(s): Double bladed that divides into two individual long blades, Aqua colored beams
    --Hilt(s): Each hilt is exactly 13 inches long, made of smooth black alloy polished to a high shine. In both hilt's is carved ancient runes of religious protection seals which glow faintly with an eerie blue hue. Both hilts join together to make a double bladed saber staff.
    --Secondary Weapons: Various small knives
    Biography: Like all young Force Sensitives, Migailiah Tenaro was brought to the Jedi early on in his life. He quickly excelled in his studies but was nothing special until he was a young Padawan. At the age of 13 he was chosen by Master Andara Bitarin. With his tutelage, Migailiah began to see his real calling in the Force. He used it rather well to disappear. He became an adept at stealth and all of it's aspects. Durring one mission with his Master, Migailiah encountered a skilled opponent who bested him with blades. To Migailiah's embarrassment, it was a simple vibrosword. The mistake in battle cost him a long neat scar down his left eye. He lost that battle and almost died because of his one mistake in combat, but he was lucky that day, as his Master was close at hand and stepped in to dispatch the enemy before the killing strike could fall. Taking that experience close to heart, Migailiah trained almost exclusively in combat forms for the next few years. Integrating what he already knew with stealth and the Force into his routines and forms. Eventually the roles of Master and Padawan seemed to reverse themselves as on yet another mission, Andara was pushed into the same situation as his Padawan, only this time he was fighting a Dark Jedi. The dark one was about to end Andara when Migailiah stepped in and pushed him back, eventually felling him in combat. From that day, very few people, including his own Master could best Migailiah in straight combat. By working so hard on his combat and stealth skills, he had become a walking weapon. Tragedy hit the Master and Padawan one day though, as Andara was finally killed on a mission in the outer rim. Left without a Master, Padawan Tenaro was sent to the Dantooine enclave for further study and to decide how to proceed forward with his training. While Migailiah was awaiting a decision, a chance encounter with a fellow Jedi changed his life forever. Jedi Master Revan. Migailiah found him charming, charismatic, and e
  17. Darth_Joesha

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    BLemmie Approved.

    Name: Maya Yubari
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Tempus
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Long dark green dress and Venetian mask.
    --Hair: Shoulder length dark red and curly.
    --Eyes: very pale blue/grey. Hard to tell apart from the white of her eyes.
    --Skin: tanned.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Her eyes are surrounded by burn scars (covered by mask) resulting from an explosion.
    --Number: 1
    --Type(s): Staff, Yellow
    --Hilt(s): Long cane like hilt with a sleek black finish. At first look you would not associate it with a lightsabre.
    --Secondary Weapons: none
    Biography: Maya was given to the Jedi, like most force-sensitive children, by her parents to give her a better life. Her master was... unorthodox to say the least. He was full of pride and lust for success. The council were worried about how close he was getting to the dark side and so in an effort to channel his pride into something to be proud of they assigned him Maya as a padawan. He taught her not only the usual jedi mantras but his own with the objective of success in every field, no matter the cost.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: When the Mandalorian Wars came and Revan began recruiting young jedi Maya joined to succeed and gain her master's pride.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Maya?s fall was a slow process, you could even say it started when she became a padawan. Her master?s teaching lead her down a road very close to the edge. By the time of the Mandalorian Wars it was easier just to embrace the dark than move back to the light.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Naval
  18. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Name: Vey Ordon
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Lucarious
    Species: Zabrak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 6?1
    Weight: 210
    Description of Appearance: A massive black robe covered his Dark Red and Black Sith Tunics under his Sith Robe. Over his head he has a Sith Helmet that fits his head exactly and makes it look intimidating.
    --Hair: Lucarious has no hair, nor facial hair.
    --Eyes: He has black eyes with flair of red to the side.
    --Skin: Ordon has a light tan with lines through his face which all of his species do. But his are Black due to being a Sith and some areas are filled with red.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: This Sith has a few long scars of battle on his back that he is proud of. He also has Horns coming out from the top of his cranium, which is another characteristic of his species.
    --Number: Two
    --Type(s): Two Single Bladed Lightsabers that can connect and make a Double Bladed Lightsaber.
    --Hilt(s): Both Hilts are identical, but slightly different on each end. Both are all silver and has claw looking curves at the top of the Hilt. At the End of the first Lightsaber it has a sharp angle that goes out from the end, the other has the same but on the other side. It looks like they are made to fit in each groove.
    --Secondary Weapons: One Vibroblade that are always hidden under his robe.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: Vey was a very proud Jedi, and fought with valor. Only to be corrupted by his ego, anger, to match he didn?t take anyone?s advice. When the Mandalorian wars started he refused to join even after his friends asked Vey to come along with them. The time came when Jedi started to die, that?s why Very drifted toward the War. When he heard his friends had gone missing Vey sprung to action. The Jedi got into a fighter and flew to where the battle had been at the time. When he saw the Jedi fighting for their lives, Mandalorians trying to defend themselves, and the Sith Roaring of their victory. Vey has immediately taken in by this, his instincts told him: ?Fight, Kill, and Attack while you have your life?. First turning away, then bursting out. When Vey confronted Revan, the Sith seemed pleased. The Jedi Zabrak did not. Ordo started screaming at the Sith, then when Vey got to his thrown, he bowed. Vey felt it was his duty to serve the one, thee only, Darth Revan.

    Remembering back when Vey was with the Jedi, the new Sith had come across someone in his thoughts. A young Zabrak Vey?s age, Mayorda, He loved her. Though love was forbidden they had made love. Ashamed May fought Vey in a Lightsaber fight, giving The Sith one of his many scars.

    Then when he saw her in battle, she sensed him. Vey looked different than he did the last time they saw. Vey was burning with fury, anger, and was a Sith. May was shocked to see what he had become. Following her duty, she attacked her love. Later on she would remember what she did, to see herself exiled. Vey showed mercy and only destroyed her Lightsaber. Instead of killing her, he took her prisoner.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: Vey was driven by anger, hate, and lust for battle. But in the end it was Love, Lust, and passion. When May had been taken prisoner Vey set her free, but she stayed. They were in love and remained that way for a long time. Until the day The Sith would never forget. A Jedi saw May with Vey and lunged his blade into May?s heart. Burning with a new passion of Hate, and a Lust for battle The Sith unleashed a fury of swipes at the Jedi; Killing him.
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Vey has many special skills. He is very intelligent, good with his hands, and a good pilot. Vey happens to be a very exceptional Fight
  19. 123xxxSpankyxxx123

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    Name: Sarith (His last name is unknown because he changed his name, because he resents his family and severed all ties to them including his birthname.)
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Sarith
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Description of Appearance: He wears a sith battle suit, a mandalorian melee shield to help him in close combat situations, an energy shield to give him a boost to energy resistance, sith battle gauntlets which add to his strength, a simple belt that holds few mines and grenades, a stealth field generator mounted on his head.
    --Hair: He shaved his head back in the mandalorian wars so he could see more clearly, his long hair interfered with his fighting ability.
    --Eyes: His eyes have been drained of all color due to the transistion to the dark side, so now all the remains are cold black pools.
    --Skin: His skin is pale like death, and it adds to his intimadating appearance.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: He has a scar that was caused by a cannok on dxun during the wars, it's a long slash that goes diagonally across his entire back. He tattoed ancient sith markings on his face, although they ended up looking like a wolf with a tribal feel to it.
    --Number: Two
    --Type(s): Long, Single bladed that grow more crimson then all of the blood he's spilt with them.
    --Hilt(s): Both are black and silver cylinders with black buttons, nothing too fancy.
    --Secondary Weapons: Mandalorian assault rifle for striking from afar.
    Biography: He was from a small town where mercenaries ran everything, his father was one of them, and his mother left his father to go dance for a hutt in Nar' shadda. One day when his dad was shaken down the supposed commander for money, a young man in simple brown robes walked in and said "You will leave this man be." And to his own suprise his dad repeated "I will leave this man be." and walked out with no questions. The man of course realized the potential in Sarith and wanted to "Save him" from his despair. Sarith of course wanted the power to do that, but for much more evil reasons, he'd never admit that though. Sarith took off instantly at the jedi academy escpially in close combat and stealth, the jedi council was planning on putting him in charge of teaching infiltration to other students, but then the mandalorian wars rolled around.
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: The jedi council wanted to sit and assess the situation, Alot of people were going to die if he didn't bring his skill to frontlines, he could easily assassinate an enemy commander and that could've changed the whole tide of the war, but he didn't have time to think about it, so he went on impulse and declared Revan to be knowledgable and wise. The wars though...they changed him in many terrible ways.
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: The wars were rough on everyone, but Sarith remembered that first kill like it was yesterday, a mandalorian captain with a stealth field generator malfunction....Sariths generator was working fine, he remembered the rush and the anxiousness of stalking the captain, Sarith made himself known for only a moment....and in the moment his lightsabre was in the captains stomach, the mandalorian fell to his knees mumbling incomprehensibly. Sarith knew right then and there that he belonged in battles and wars....and the killing was almost necessary for him it became a sick obsession with no cure, the only way to even quell for a moment was to slaughter. The wars turned him into a ruthless bloodthirsty killer. His rage mostly came from his childhood his mercenary father, and prostitute of a mother. Later in life came the contemplative jedi council who chose not to defend the galaxy. --Specialization within the Chosen: Infiltration.
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