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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BLemelisk, Aug 24, 2008.

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    OOC: And now I give you the opener of this thing, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, PM me.

    PS - For clarity, post your character's name in your In Character header according to the color of your group's objective.



    Interdictor-class Cruiser Lycurgus, Sith Invasion Fleet, En Route to Foerost System

    [blockquote]Klaxons blared and beings scurried down corridors. Some were armed to the teeth and clad in armor, others were shrouded behind hoods and were clutching melee weapons of every size and every type.

    Battalions of Sentinel droids were carefully shepherded into large boarding craft before the eager eyes of naval officers who knew full well what was about to happen.

    The Dark Lord Revan had announced to his forces mere hours before the first objective of the attack against the unsuspecting Galactic Republic ? the strategic orbital shipyards at Foerost in the Deep Core, where a large portion of the Republic Navy?s main battle fleet lay in drydock.

    He had laid all plans carefully for the past several weeks, creating as effective an opening strike as could be conceived given the limited resources of the fleet, which had been migrant since the end of the Mandalorian Wars. The purpose of the whole contest was to decapitate the Republic, not defeat it, a very fine line to walk indeed, and ?liberating? a portion of the enemy fleet from their largest base was as good a place to start as any. Revan also had a few other plans in action simultaneously to keep his soon-to-be enemies guessing.

    The ?Sith? force was a lean and hungry beast, comprised of some of the toughest and most experienced fighters from the Mandalorian Wars. However in the coming conflict, when heroes would become villains, all were unsure. All save one, and that was Revan.

    ?Thirty seconds to realspace reversion,? echoed the broadcasted voice of the navigation officer aboard the Lycurgus, Revan?s flagship. Other officers aboard the other ships of the assault force were no doubt making the same announcement as well.

    It was just at that point that the whole attack force seemed to click into a state of silent, disciplined readiness; all preparations had been completed. Many such surprise attacks in the Wars had been started this way. Aside from the enemy, the whole battle plan was routine. But the Chosen were new.

    Shortly after the reversion alarms aboard Revan?s fleet had begun to sound, cronau radiation blossomed at the edge of the Foerost system, and the fleet appeared from hyperspace. The Republic occupants of the system hadn?t a clue what was coming as small clouds of boarding craft sprayed out from the vessels of the Sith fleet.[/blockquote]


    Boarding Flotilla, Approaching Foerost Shipyards, Foerost System

    [blockquote]Darths Malefice, Vladdor, Krieg, Ty-rul, Venom, and Lucarious each sat near the docking rings of their respective boarding craft, waiting for the moment when they would be able to burst through and onto the decks of Republic vessels, followed by dozens of faceless Sith troopers.

    All six of the Chosen partaking in the surprise attack at Foerost each commanded a force of approximately three hundred Sith assault troopers, distributed among five boarding vehicles apiece.

    They could all sense that even so soon after coming out of hyperspace the battle was joined. Outside, the turbolasers of the Sith fleet streaked forth to batter Foerost?s orbital defenses, while squadrons of Sith fighters screamed by outside in order to engage the comparatively few scrambled Aurek fighters ? at present the Republic?s only real response.

    The Chosen all knew that few Republic capital ship crews were even stationed at Foerost at this time; Revan had taken full advantage of the Republic?s common strategy of crew swapping, and when the resulting transition periods would take place.

    To a being, all of the Chosen?s comlinks came to life, bearing none other than the powerful voice of Darth Revan. ?My Chosen, now is the time. So
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    GM Approved

    Character Template:

    Name:Azrok Van'Guard
    --Honorary Darth Title: Darth Jex
    Species: Zabrak
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight:230 lbs
    Description of Appearance: Wears a dark brown Jedi robe, which is covered by a polished black leather vest belt and boots. His robes hood often rests on his neck unless he is in public or a crowded place. ( To mask his face and so his eyes can't be seen)
    --Hair: A short, monk-like ponytail on the back of his head. The rest is shaved.
    --Eyes: Light green. (Look metallic green under light)
    --Skin: Born with fairly light skin, but had his skin dyed black, due to his spiritual beliefs.
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Has glyphic symbols tattood on the bottom of his forearm with lightning pertruding down to his finger tips. (Green and white) Has a scar on his left jaw, significantly disfiguring his face.
    Lightsaber(s): "Storm Surger"
    --Type(s): Long. (Polearm-like) Dark, almost black, green
    --Hilt(s): An old sith hilt. Gold, with simple design. It's length has been modified to support sturdy two-handed grip. Also has had symbols, similar to his tattoos, etched into the hilt.
    --Secondary Weapons: Keeps and short vibroblade in his boot.
    Biography: Not much is known about Azrok before the Jedi Academy. He left the Jedi order to follow the calling of a mysterious "voice" surrounding a saber hilt he had found on a mission. The hilt, now called "Storm Reaver", had been tainted with sithic power. He had been able to develop a rare but potent power shortly after he found the blade... Force Lightning. He soon learned to channel the lightning through the saber's blade, accidently however, and killed a fellow Jedi in a spar. He fled the academy and found acceptence with Revan. Revan embraced Azrok's spirituality, which was shunned upon by the Jedi. He now answers to only Revan, and stays in solitude for the most part, until his master calls...
    --Reason for Entering the Mandalorian Wars: To serve the will of his new master... Revan
    --Reason for Falling to the Dark Side: (Covered in Bio)
    --Specialization within the Chosen: Recon (I like to compare him to Sam Fisher, if that gives anyone a better understanding of the character.

    OOC: Sorry it took so long to post. I had to leave town. I'm back now, and this looks fun!

    IC: Darth Jex had no problem addapting to the extreme heat of this planet's climate, considering the various missions he did with his former master. Spending years in a desert changes one's self...

    I don't squint... because my eyes do not burn...
    I don't sweat because my skin is cool...
    and I see only what is there... because I have control...

    His speeder seemed to glide through the dunes like an aquapod through water...
    This mission troubled Darth Jex. His insight was clouded as to why he was so weary of the events to come. He smelled the same from a few of the others. He was good at spotting emotions and translating the slightest twitch into it's true meaning...

    He says nothing... Hears nothing... as they get closer to their target...

    TAG Recon Team
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    Jul 10, 2008
    IC:Darth Vladdor

    Darth Vladdor looked around at the Sith Troopers around him. They were some of the finest warroirs he's ever seen, except for the Mandolorians. And he proud to lead them. He turned his attention to the Republic ship he was supposed to capture. The CONLOACH, the Republic Battle ship. Turning to his pilot, he nodded."Take us out, pilot." Vladdor announced. He respected troops and all of them liked him for that. But that wouldn't mean that he wasn't rutheless.

    The five transport ships took off, heading for the Republic Battleships. Sith Starfighters raced passed the transports creating cover fire. "Pilot, make a breach, fast!!!!!!" Vladdor ordered. Right then the transport shot a huge missile towards the rear of the craft.The explosion made a breach large enough for all the transports to get through. Suddenly they were ambushed by republic troops. Vladdor activated his lightsaber as his troops engadged the toops. There really were'nt that many troopers in the area.

    A Republic trooper raised his comlink and asked for help, befor epulling out his blaster pistol and aiming it towards Vladdor. He shot, which was deflected by Vladdor, who knocked a blast back to the trooper, riding him of his weapon. Then Vladdor used force choke and killed him. Looking over his troops, he nodded. "I want a squad of commando's with me. The rest of you, have fun." Vladdor said with a smile.

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Darth Thorn, Artha Desert on Praesitlyn

    *Darth Jex had not even stopped whispering the words before Danev Set, or rather Darth Thorn, had twisted the throttle and shot off towards the Holonet Hub Station. It had been far too long since real combat, too much time of training, strategic meetings, planning, and all the other falderal that went into this mission.

    Now with the wind whipping at his brown hair and at the length of his black coat, he felt like a warrior once more, and even moreso when blaster bolts started to head his way, although none could find their mark. Thorn had built the Razor-Bird to be an elusive, blindingly fast target, as well as have its own claws.

    With that in mind, he flipped the safety off of the trigger at his left hand, then pulled back on the small trigger with his index and middle finger. Twin broken columns of red energy stuttered forward, even faster than the swoop itself.

    The bolts peppered the installation and took out a couple of techs who came out to see what the commotion was.

    Before he knew it, he was upon then past the installation. Swinging the swoop in a wide arc, he came back around for another pass, this time peppering the entryway and keeping anybody who might have had weapons inside where any sort of blaster would be nominally useless.

    It also afforded him a look at where the others were. For the most part, they were right behind him, with Jax making his own slashing maneuvers on his swoop. However there was one individual that was not as close as he would have liked, and that had to change.
    To do so, he keyed up his comlink and goaded her on*

    "Hey Wrath. That throttle does twist further."

    *releasing the talk button, he sighed and thought to himself*

    I wanted Tenaro for this, he knows how to do things right. This blonde idiot the saddled me with is unfocused and so green to combat it hurts. Still, best not to dwell...

    *Rather than go for another pass with his blasters, he made a force-assisted leap off of the bike, and brought his twin sabers into his hands, igniting them when he made contact with the ground. Immedietly he was accosted by multiple blaster rounds, which were easily deflected away.

    Thorn had marked the perfect spot for the rest of the Sith to come down on, and was swatting away blaster bolts like they were nothing but flies.*

    Recon Team
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    IC: Darth Celestial

    I work better alone... Had I not known this objective was so important to Revan, I may have objected....

    Darth Celestial squirmed uncomfortably in the maintenance coveralls that he now wore. This was a mission of stealth in a different way than he was used to. He wasn't stalking from cover to cover or using spectacular acrobatics to get to objectives or avenues that normal people could not.

    Simply put, this was a mission of acting. The other fallen Jedi with him were skilled in their own respects, he would never doubt that. But they were mostly cruel in their intent. He may seem like the black sheep of the new small order of Revan's ?Chosen.? Perhaps being one of the singular members who had not given in completely to the Dark Side. He willfully and knowingly used it's energies, and sometimes it caused him to do awful things to the people in his way. But he was alright by that. Because everything that went down in his blood lust, happened to aide Revan's cause. And a noble cause it was. Revan was a good man, and a great leader. The one main similarity between himself and Revan was that they kept their cool in harsh situations. Celestial still tried to keep to his old teachings when he could, but he now drew from a different power source. The Dark Side. Still, the man once known as Migailiah, did not consider himself evil, or his actions by measure.

    Again he squirmed in the jumpsuit.

    My own clothes are so much more comfortable...I can't even conceal my knives in this rag. It was lucky I could plausibly play off the mechanic kit or else I wouldn't even have been able to bring my lightsabers....

    Celestial preferred to keep his facial features hidden from the other Chosen. He did not know why he did this but it was a simple action that carried a large message. ?You don't know me.?

    For this purpose, he wore a stifling tech helmet with large welding goggles down over his eyes. They concealed as much as his hood would, but his hood was so much more comfortable.

    As he was staring down at the pack in front of him, he listened in on the idle chat around him.

    ?You know, the way this crew begged for their lives, someone should just vape that whole planet someday.?

    And that my friend is what separates all of you from me. They died in service to Lord Revan.... nothing more. It was necessary for us to meet our goals. I do not take pleasure in such killing. But I would do it again if I had to...

    Celestial spoke almost unconsciously of his own words as he smirked and continued staring down at his pack, through his goggles.

    ?Maybe you can take that up with Revan.?

    Revan had changed alright, he would hear no complaint or outspoken comment against his plans these days. Which was the OTHER reason why Celestial had kept his mouth shut about the current mission. Eventually the team landed and Darth Celestial stood, grabbing his ?Tool Kit? and slinging it over his shoulder. He had his back turned to the rest of the team as he spoke over his shoulder.

    ?I work better alone...I will disable the station shield and meet you back here in the hangar when my objective is complete. May the Force guide our actions.?

    With that, Celestial strode down the ramp with a look plastered on his face that suggested a long tiresome journey. This way when people looked at him they would see just another mechanic from a distant system here to do their work and leave again.

    He began to walk towards an access hallway and read signs on the walls leading to certain areas.

    Tag: Rest of the espionage team
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    IC: Darth Wrath
    Artha Desert on Praesitlyn

    Terasa Jilot felt the weight of the vibrosword strapped to her back as she sped across the desert plains. Their mission was simple, get Revan in the holonet and kill the technicians there. Tess didn't have a problem with the Sith Lord wanting galactic fame, as if he hadn't had enough of that already. Killing everyone at the station wasn't a question of her being able to accomplish such a task, but how would the Sith be seen? It gave her pause for thought, something to think about. The others could wait.
    "Hey Wrath. That throttle does twist further." Or maybe they couldn't. Well, the others would keep them busy. Her Jedi robes would throw their opposition momentarily, and her arriving behind the others would make it look like she was after the Sith, until she joined in the fighting.
    On that note... she opened the throttle of her swoop up fully, extracting the two meter long blade as she did so. Thorn had already dismounted and was taking out the defenses. With him distracted it would help.
    "I'll go first," she said, pausing to swing her sword at Thorn as she sped past, as much to keep up the ruse of being a Jedi as to shut him up about her skills. "Give me two minutes so they can think I'm a Jedi, then follow and take them out." Ignoring the blaster fire Wrath sped directly for the Hub Station.

    Tag: Thorn, Vidious, Tremarius, Jex
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    IC: Darth Jex
    Darth Jex was coming up on the Hub Station. The feeling of something coming in all directions at once was washing over him... He had to get this awkward sense under control.

    What is the matter with me? I have a chance to show some of these fellow "Dark Jedi" what I am capable of, and I can't seem to shake a blurring echo in the peripheral of my mind...

    He tried to shake it... and before he blinked, alarms went off in his head. Darth Jex had his saber drawn easily 2 seconds before the first sizzling bolt was shot past the pack. He throttled forward, deflecting any stray shots he could. Debri fell from the sand covered dome roof as deflected bolts crashed back at the very thing they were protecting.

    "Get into a line!" he yelled back at the 2 behind. Darth Thorn had very doubtedly heard it, as he throttled forward, and away as it was said. Bolts were coming from main entrance. Dark figures, cloaked by the lack of light inside the small hallway, were seeming to slow down as Thorn scorched the walls outside it with his own blaster.

    A Jedi with a blaster... Ridiculous.

    Jex had never held a blaster. He had only felt the cold metal of his saber hilt. He had only felt the warmth of his dark blade, never the heat recoil of a bolt. Yet the sight of this incredible skill he seemed to have over the modernized weapon seemed to bedazzle him. And like that! He had dismounted his speeder, landed gracefully on the ground and drawn his blade in enough time to deflect a shattering storm of shots back their makers...

    Jex lined himself up with the doorway perfectly and gone into a back flip off the back of the bike, then as he began to become vertical he force-pushed the bike into a violent sand engulfed heaping crash, headed straight into the doorway...

    OOC: I have more to this, yet it is someone else's turn! :D
    TAG: Recon Team
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    IC: Darth Nexus; ARE Shuttle, Telos

    Nexus grimaced in irritation at the banter being traded back and forth behind where he sat in the pilot's chair. The others tended to... annoy him. It didn't help that they'd begun this trip on the heels of yet another failure in his laboratory back on Malachor.

    With the current lack of manpower in the ranks of the newly christened Sith, Nexus had had the idea to... enhance a few of the soldiers that were available in order to mitigate their numerical disadvantage. As far as he could tell from the Trayus Academy's records, there had been similar experiments performed in the distant past, though none quite so ambitious as his own. He wanted to create a warrior with complete loyalty, capable of inspiring that same loyalty in the armies he or she would lead, and going toe-to-toe with a Jedi.

    Unfortunately, the ritual he'd developed to achieve that goal was dangerous. The delicate alchemical balances could go completely wrong at the slightest misstep, having unpredictable, often lethal consequences. This latest failure had been the most frustrating because it had been the closest to success out of all of them. The subject, a grizzled female human veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, had been driven insane by the dark power of the alchemical potions she had been force-fed. This had happened several times before, and wouldn't have been entirely surprising, were it not for the fact that the mixtures that granted enhanced physical prowess and greater endurance had worked. The subject had broken loose and attacked, killing two aides with her bare hands before being put down by Nexus' saber.

    He sighed inwardly, rehashing the failed ritual in his mind. Perhaps a greater infusion of the alchemist's blood is required, He considered. That could be tricky though. The amount I drew last time nearly rendered me unconscious. I would have to set up a blood drip during the ritual to stay awake. The timing on that would be difficult. Too early, and I risk diluting my blood with that of the anonymous donor; too late and I could pass out. Not to mention how hard it is to find Chiss blood outside the Ascendancy...

    Nexus shook his head and banished his worries as he guided the shuttle in for a smooth landing at Aurek Station. At Celestial's announcement that he was heading out alone, Nexus nodded curtly.

    "Agreed. I will take the communications array," He informed the others before drawing on the Dark Side and uttering the ancient illusion spell he'd discovered in his research, giving him the appearance of a nondescript dark-skinned Human male.

    As he set off with the toolkit that concealed his saber, he couldn't help but feel a little relief at Celestial's departure. Why Revan tolerated such weakness was beyond him. The Dark Lord himself had stated several times that those who walked the path of moderation were doomed to failure, dragged down by the weight of their own weakness. Perhaps Celestial's insistance on clinging to his precious moral code made him more predictable and loyal. Nexus shrugged inwardly, banishing that train of thought as he halted before the first security checkpoint, handing over his ident-chip to the bored looking guard.

    Tag: BLem, Telos Team

    OOC: If anyone was wondering, the ritual described is meant to be a precursor to the Sith Battlelord Ritual eventually perfected by Darth Rivan around 1500 BBY.
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    Jul 10, 2008
    IC:Darth Vadder

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  12. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Darth Malefice
    En Route to the MIES

    Darth Malefice had left at roughly the same time Darth Vladdor had, not wanting to be the last one out by any means. In fact, he took great pride in the grim efficiency with which he accomplished his missions, and he wasn't about to let Darth Revan down now, not at the beginning of their triumph.

    He grinned darkly. Not to mention all the fun he was going to have.

    "Sir, we've successfully docked aboard the MIES," one of his troops informed him.

    "Excellent," Malefice replied, drawing two of his lightsabers, the regular length one and one of the short blades. The black cylinders' weight was reassuring, a sign that he was about to enjoy himself immensely. "Begin unloading the forces. I want the entire ship swept. No prisoners," he added, laughing. "I'll take the bridge myself."

    The doors slid open, revealing a contingent of Republic forces, about to open fire. "Also, do not fail me..." he continued, activating his short blade and hurling it forward, cutting down numerous troops by controlling the improvised projectile with the Force. "Or else," he cackled ominously.

    He darted forward and chopped down the remaining Republic troops with little effort. "Now move out!" he commanded.

    TAG: None
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    ic: Darth Tempus
    ARE Shuttle, Telos

    Maya sighed as two of their numbers rushed off on their own to tackle the comms and sheilding leaving three to take the weapons systems. This was an inefficient use of power and she was beginning to get sick of the I work better on my own mentality that many of these dark jedi shared. However she would let them have their alone time, maybe... just maybe if she was lucky they'd get themselves killed.

    "Well I guess that leaves us weapon systems." Maya finally said while stepping off the shuttle. She had replaced her mask with a pair of blast goggles which efficiently covered her scars, unlike the other's lightsabres her lightstaff was not so easily concealed so instead she held it over her shoulder like it was a piece of piping. She turned to her comrades and shouted back. "Sometime today would be good!"

    tag: Telos crew.
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    OOC:Sorry about the money thing, my idiot cousin took control of the computer.

    IC:Darth Vladdor

    Vladdor and his twelve commandos made it threw the ship. Sounds of battle satisfied his ears. He made it to a storage room, were they were faced with about fifty republic soldiers. "Commando's, have fun!!!" Vladdor cakled,activating his red blade. The commandos took positions behind crates, while Vladdor jumped high into the air, before jumping behind a trooper, slashing him across the back. Then, he held out a hand, choking one, while automatically bringing up his Ruby Red Blade to deflect a blaster bolt.

    Tossing the trooper away, he turned towards the only person left in the room. A Jedi. Activating his Blue Blade, the Jedi Gaurdian ran towards him. Vladdor smirked. Typical. Raising his lightsaber to parry the blade, Vladdor just toyed with the Jedi. He was weak. Finnaly getting tired of this game, he picked the Jedi up with the force. Then he let loose a fury of Force Lightning, killing him. Then with a flick of his wrist, he made the jedi fly out the window, which instantly locked up.


    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Ty-rul
    En Route to the HYPERION

    "You know your purpose: capture the six Centurion-class command ships docked here, while our other boarding parties will do their part in liberating as much of the other heavy capital ships as our skill allows. May the Force grant you strength.?

    Ty-rul purred gently to herself;

    ~Not long now~

    A savage grin formed on her muzzle, the anticipation of action beginning to mount. Unlike her fellow Chosen, Ty-rul was in no hurry - it was best to savor the tension before a battle, to allow the adrenalin to start flowing. No good ever came of rushing in. She shrugged ~Perrrhaps it is my nature, the nature of a hunterrr.~

    She turned her attention to her troops. Naturally, she had taken the best squadron with her, the lesser squadrons dispersed between the four remaining boarding ships under her command. Ty-rul eyed the captain of Alpha squad - she knew he had his doubts about serving a non-human, female Sith. That was the problem with probing minds - you didn't always like what you found. Slinking over to the captain, she stared him in the eye, emmitting a low, menacing growl;

    "Captain, I can assurrre you that I am morrre than capable of leading this attack. If you still doubt me, well..." Ty-rul lifted a paw, levitating the Captain's blaster from it's holster, held it mid-air, then pressed it to his forehead. The man gulped, sweat beading on his forhead.

    "No, mi'lady..." He stammered. Ty-rul sneered - if one could not command respect, then ruling by fear was a more than adeqate alternative. She returned the blaster to it's holster, then lifted her gaze to the other troops. Her superior height allowed her to view the entire squad with ease. Most averted their eyes, it seemed that more than half the squad shared their commander's sentiments. "This, of courrrse, applies to all of you..." she hissed, her fur rising in anger. The soldiers said nothing, silently bowing their heads by way of acknowledgement.

    *We've docked with the HYPERION, mi'lady* Ty-rul's captain informed her over the comlink. The tinny noise echoed in the docking bay, shattering the fearful silence. "Good..."

    Changing channels on her comlink, she performed a quick check to make sure that the rest of her boarding party were assembled. After a full roster of affirmatives, Ty-rul gave the order to board.

    *Beta and Gamma squad - neutralise the garrisons. Delta and Epsilon - sweep the lower decks.*

    Returning her gaze to the trembling individual before her, Ty-rul issued their orders;

    "Alpha squad, I want you to lead the primary attack on the upper deck - leave no survivors."
    The commander gave a shaky salute, barked the order to his equally fearful troops and opened the airlock. Several squads of Republic troops swarmed about the cavity as Ty-rul's squad ran to meet them.

    After watching the squad leave, Ty-rul muted her comlink and slunk into the shadows, ready for the hunt. "And the bridge is mine..." she purred, grasping her saber hilts as she made her way towards the airlock.

    TAG: None
  16. Mango_Salsa

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    Mar 15, 2006
    IC: Darth Videous
    Praesitlyn HoloNet Hub Station

    Thunderhead Chav, aka Darth Videous, followed his teammates on his swoop down the dunes, towards the Hub Station. He hung back as his new comrades swept in, guns and sabers blazing, gladly taking up the rear.

    There are...well, there would have been, other ways to accomplish these objectives. I will have to keep my eyes on Thorn. He is as subtle as rancor waste.

    "Hey Wrath. That throttle does twist further."

    Lovely. That's the way to promote teamwork.

    "I'll go first," said Wrath, pausing to swing her sword at Thorn as she sped past, as much to keep up the ruse of being a Jedi as to shut him up about her skills. "Give me two minutes so they can think I'm a Jedi, then follow and take them out." Ignoring the blaster fire Wrath sped directly for the Hub Station.

    At last! Someone who thought with something more than the length of their blade.

    Darth Videous brought his swoop up beside the transmitter tower that stood tall alongside the Hub Station itself. While it was within the station that the signal would be delivered, it was from here that it would be sent. And moreover, it would provide an enterprising Ongree both height and cover from which to operate. Checking the straps on the rifle across his back, Darth Videous Force-leapt into the air, grabbing hold of a steel strut nearly twenty feet above the sand. Keying his comm with the other hand he said, "This is Videous. I am taking the high ground. I will deal with any troops that you care to drive outside, as well as keeping eyes out for any trouble."

    Let the others charge, he thought, climbing to the platform some forty feet above. A wise warrior knew there was more to the fight than the force of the first blow.

    TAG: Wrath, Thorn, Tremarius, Jex

    OOC: Let's not forget the GM's instruction to color code ourselves, okay? It'll help him keep track of us all. Thanks!
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    Aug 31, 2008
    IC: Darth Sarith, ARE shuttle, Telos.

    Sarith also prefered to work alone, but all the objectives were filled, so he decided to stick with these guys and pray that they didn't get him killed. He examined his fellow crew mates, neither of them looked as devoted as he did, but that was typical amongst dark jedi, some weren't even fully commited to the dark side, only abusing it. Sarith quelled his concerns and locked his dead eyes upon Darth Maya and only scowled as he pushed past her, he never believed a woman could fight as well as a man could, but they were brave, and brave amateurs always had a place in battle. He comforted himself by assuming that they were nothing more then expendable pawns, he couldn't respect Revan otherwise, he had but one wish to fill before he died, to kill as many republic and jedi scum as he could.

    This mission reminded him alot of the mandalorian wars and all the espionage he was told to do, he did espionage differently of course, he moved unseen and when you can do that, you can accomplish alot. He wasn't very skilled in any trades outside being an dark jedi and if he survived this, he'd change that, he wanted to push himself to his fullest potential, to be the perfect weapon and one day be infamous among the sith legends and have his own statue erected to idolize his treachery. He of course knew that none of this was likely, just the chances of him surviving were unlikely, but that didn't worry him, he considered death to be his only escape and he waited for the opponent that would someday best him and take his wretched life.

    Sarith didn't judge people by their titles, he judged by their fighting skills and he respected good fighters, and hated...cowards, the scum of the world, the jedi order...scum, scum, scum. Sarith shook his hateful thoughts from his mind and waited for the others to catch up to him, but he would dread working with them, he wasn't very social, because then he'd feel his emotions and the only one he wanted to feel was anger and hatred, it drove him as well as his thirst for blood. "You coming or what?!" He snapped, letting out a sigh afterwards.
  18. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    IC:Darth Vladdor


    Vladdor and his troopers moved through the thick hallways. Rounds of blaster fire all around them. They had just made it to the largest dock on the ship. The Republic Forces were being pushed back towards the bridge. Vladdor stood there, watching the battle unfold. Suddenly, his troop Commander ran towards him. "Lord Vladdor, they have been pushed back to the bridge." the Commander said. "Good. Stand aside." Vladdor said. He activated his lighstaber ran towards the bridge doors, jumping up, Vladdor used a powerful force push and knocked the door away.

    The remaining Republic troops put up a valiant stand, but they were no match for the firepower of his troops. The last one, the commander of the vessel, took down seventy troopers until he was surronded. Vladdor walked up, deactivating his Ruby Red Blade. "You have put up a valiant stand, Commander. Stand down." Vladder commended. "Never." came the COmmanders reply. "So be it." Vladdor said, before reaching out his hand and gripping it. And at that moment, the Commanders neck snapped, ending his life quickly. Reaching his comlink, he smirked. "Republic Battleship captured, Vladdor out."

  19. Inquisitor_Skywalker

    Inquisitor_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 30, 2008
    IC: Darth Nexus; Communications and Sensor Control, Aurek Station, Telos IV

    Nexus smirked slightly, though the illusion covering his face betrayed no emotion whatsoever, as he passed through the final checkpoint and was escorted to his objective by two burly TSF troopers. He approved of the security measures the defenders had left in place even now, a year since the Battle of Malachor had all but annihilated the Mandalorian's ability to strike at a Republic military hub like Telos. It made his job more difficult, but then, all life was struggle, and the more challenges one overcomes, the stronger one will be for it.

    The trio halted before a heavy blast door and one of the guards reached out to insert his ident-chip into the lock mechanism. Before he could complete the move, however, he froze as Nexus blasted into his unprepared mind, forgoing all subtlety and seeking complete domination. The soldier's will faltered, then collapsed before the mental onslaught. The Dark Side roared through Nexus' veins as he ripped the man's mind apart, utterly destroying him on the inside, leaving but a hollow shell, a thrall to the Sith Lord's will. Startled by the first guard's grunt of anguish, the other turned to asist him, only to recieve the same.

    That done, Nexus wavered slightly, leaning on the bulkhead for support as his newly minted thralls looked on impassively. While some of the Ancient Sith Lords were said to have been capable of enthralling hundreds simultaneously, Nexus did not have that kind of raw power, and the effort of destroying two minds was very draining. When he'd recovered, he sent a silent order to the first guard, compelling him to open the door, which he did.

    Still walking somewhat shakily, Nexus made his way to the primary control computer for the comm and sensor systems, ignoring the curious glances being sent his way by the officers at their duty stations. He crouched and popped open one the access panels to the interior of the mainframe under the "watchful" eyes of his two thralls, reaching into his toolkit and retrieving what appeared to be simple power leak meter. Quickly unscrewing the false energy reader's tip, he plugged a small datachip into the mainframe, releasing the tailored virus that would use Karath's backdoor codes to sieze control of the comm and sensory arrays.

    He continued his act, pretending to tinker with the computer's inner workings while the virus did its work, until a shout came up from one of the consoles.

    "Hey, the system's locked me out!" A female officer cried. It took a moment, but the others in the room were capable of putting two and two together.

    "Step away from the mainframe. Slowly," Came a voice laced with repressed anger. Nexus complied, turnng to see the comm chief levelling a service pistol at him. "What have you done to the system?"

    Nexus smiled, dropping his illusion, to the surprise of all those watching. The man never got his answer, because at that moment, the two thralls at Nexus' side levelled their own weapons and opened fire. Reaching out with the Force, Nexus slammed the blast door leading into the access hallway shut, locking them in. Another exertion of will brought his saber hilt to his hand from the open toolkit, its bloodshine blade springing to life. Now, with the virus blocking any emergency communications and sending falsified "situation normal" reports, he was free to vent his frustrations on these pathetic fools...

    Tag: BLem, Telos Team

    OOC: Technically, there were four separate objectives for us to go for, counting the sensor systems. But since the rest of you have decided to group sensors and communications together into one, I will too. *shrug* More glory for me, I guess.:D

    BTW, everyone was supposed to color-code according to the color BLem used for our missions in the opening post, not by whatever color you felt like using.[face_shame_on_you]
  20. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Darth Thorn, Holonet Substation.

    *Thorn had batted away Wraths errant swat like it was a pesky fly. Perhaps the sentiment was not reflected in the quip, but it had lit a fire under her, which was its primary intent, at least he thought anyway.

    Although he was pre-occupied with deflecting bolts and cutting down station personnel, he could see that she had taken up the high ground with Videous, perched like a couple of vultures, waiting for scraps. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard Videous' transmission over the commlink*

    "This is Videous. I am taking the high ground. I will deal with any troops that you care to drive outside, as well as keeping eyes out for any trouble."

    This one is in for a surprise *he thought to himself* because there will be no carcass for those who wish to stay out of the fight.

    *He then keyed up his comlink*

    "Jex, Tremarious, looks like its our show. Nobody leaves the interior of that thing alive. Out."

    *After cutting down the last of the station crew firing at him, he entered. He deactivated his dual sabers and pulled out his fiber-cord linked sabre, ignighting that. Whirling it around in a blinding pattern, he cut down one individual, then with a vicious spin kick struck another in the chest, driving him into a wall with such force that a sizable dent was made in the masonry.

    With each challenge that arose, he dealt with it in his own way: efficiently, brutally, no mercy or quarter. Rather than cajole or taunt his opponents, he opted for quick and decisive strikes, be it from his physical being, his sabers, or any object he could wrench free and crush a foe with.

    Each encounter strengthened his faith in the dark side techniques he had learned from Revan. With access to such techniques and abilities, a true warrior could become unstoppable.
    With this in mind, he violently made his way towards the uplink itself, eliminating any non-Sith he encountered.

    In his mind, those who would not aggressively engage an enemy were not true warriors. Their objective was clear, they had the element of surprise, and it would be tantamount to pure stupidity not to grasp that advantage.*

    Tag: Jex, Tremarius, Wrath, Videous
  21. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Celestial

    Celestial was getting further away from the hangar area following signs. He had passed at least two security checkpoints so far and he was only being led into the heart of the facility as he progressed. He began to make a mental note of where he was so that he would be able to backtrack after his objective was completed.

    As he approached the last apparent checkpoint, Celestial began thinking of what kind of security he was going to run into. TSF was bound to be crawling on the stations main shield hub. The question he had to pose himself at this point was how he was going to bring the system down for a long time. It would be better if Nexus had sent some kind of signal when the comms were down. So that he would know what kind of freedom they had to move about the station unhindered. But thoughts like ?would be better? and ?If only so and so had done this?, were not relevant to his current situation. For all intents and purposes he was on his own right now. Given the chance, if he lagged behind in his duties, Darth Celestial was quite certain that the others would leave him for dead without giving it a second thought.

    He slid his false identichip through the scanner as he looked around randomly, acting the part of a weary technician who saw many errors that needed fixing. The guard behind the security checkpoint desk glanced at the chip and up to Celestial, a bored and malaise look on his face as he spoke.

    ?State your business please.?

    Celestial looked down at him and spoke truthfully.

    ?I am part of the technician team sent in for scheduled repairs. I am looking for the...?

    He pulled out a datapad and consulted a false itinerary.

    ?Defense Shield Mainframe, for routine inspection and performance checks.?

    The guard looked skeptical.

    ?We weren't expecting you for another 2 days. And normally theres 3 guys, its a big mainframe.?

    Celestial had to think fast. The response wasn't completely unexpected, new faces did tend to cause suspicion. He was just hoping that this stupid guard wasn't smart enough to call his bluff.

    ?Well we like to be prompt. And there are a lot of other systems that need to be checked and our team is trying to get done in an orderly fashion. But I can leave of course.?

    Darth Celestial plucked his identichip from the guard and swung his toolkit back over his shoulder to leave.

    ?I'll just tell my boss about the incident and it will come back here, through your commander and when the Defense Shield fails, he will have a name of the guard who didn't let the techy in to fix it. I get paid either way....?

    He gave a fake smile and turned to leave. That fake smile soon turned to a genuine one as he heard the chair moving behind him as the guard stood and put a hand on his shoulder.

    ?Hey hey hey now... wait a second. That wont be necessary I'm sure. Go on over and work on what you need to. Isk, Johns, escort the wrench turner over to the mainframe please.?

    Two guards snapped to attention and saluted before relaxing and motioning Celestial to move forward. Both of them wore helmets with blast shields down, covering their eyes. It was then that Celestial found his escape route.

    They walked a few doors down and turned into a large door with a fingerprint encoded keypad. The guard known as Isk, placed his thumb against the plate and the door slid open. Inside was a technology centerpoint. Computers of all shapes and sizes beeped and buzzed.

    Darth Celestial moved forward to a center console and placed his kit gently on the floor. His eyes whisked from monitor to monitor, taking in the readings and controls quickly. The two guards stood on either side of him, relaxing a bit against the walls as he set to work. Celestial took a knee and rummaged in his kit, discretely pushing his lightsabers aside and producing a small data drive the size of his thumb.

    He stuck the end in his mouth and clamped down lightly on it with his teeth as his fingers flew across the various buttons on the terminal. When he was ready to
  22. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    GM NOTICE: Thanks for the heads up to everyone, Inquisitor. And to alleviate some possible confusion, the given objectives are meant to encourage player - player interaction in completing, much like what is occurring with the Praesitlyn team, good posts there everyone.

    Once the objectives are complete, then the story will go along more drastically.

    However, when your character moves in a more individual way in completion of missions or whatever, especially like the Foerost teams, feel free to tag me to take up NPCs; I like to play too :D (that and it keeps things more under control)

    Thanks, and in summary: TAG and you shall receive :p


    IC: Commander Treel, Hallway Outside Communications and Sensor Control, Aurek Station, Telos IV

    The Sullustan Commander of Aurek Station's comm and sensor package was making his way back to his post with a cup of morning stimcaf while listening to his adjutant when he first heard the sound of muffled blaster shots ringing from the end of the corridor.

    Nothing ever goes smoothly, he thought, not even marginally prepared for the source of the melee.

    He sprinted the remaining length of the hall, his adjutant trailing, finding only a sealed blast door to his post, and the sounds of struggle coming from the inside.

    There was a small transparisteel port through which he could see the horrific scene beyond: his technicians and fleet officers, literally being cut to pieces by a dark figure as they huddled together, pleading for their lives; but to no avail.

    So ghastly was the scene within the gruff veteran of the Mandalore Wars actually recoiled, momentarily breathless. It wasn't a breathlessness caused by the scene of chaos, but by the instrument of that chaos. He had seen some pretty twisted Jedi during the Wars, but this was different; felt different.

    His sharp mind already in action as he fled with his aide back down the hall, he contacted the station's chief of security.

    "Captain, lock down the station, we have an intruder in the comms suite!"

    "Sorry commander, but our long-range comms are down, we can't raise any of the other stations. Should we stand-by for an attack?" came the reply of the officer on the other end.

    "Do it, you'll have to alert the fleet stations by courier ship from the auxiliary hangar, we can't waste any time. Also, get all your kriffing security companies down and seal off that hallway."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Nexus, Telos Chosen
  23. nancyallen

    nancyallen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Wrath
    Artha Desert on Praesitlyn

    "Open up." Tess had gotten past the defenses, wondering for a moment if they were automated turrets or her Jedi robes threw off the station personal, and stared right at where the people inside could see her. Jedi or not her height would have made them uncomfortable. Well, that was something she'd faced before. Wrath probably didn't look like a member of the Order anymore either regardless of how she liked to dress up.
    Helloooooo...anyone home? she wondered, before trying again.
    "I'm a Jedi, open up and let me in." The techs inside must have finally decided to obey as the doors slid up, slowly. She slid the vibroblade back and headed off inside, glancing about the panic stricken station workers.
    "Where are the rest of you?" one of them asked.
    "Right behind me." Wrath glanced at the holo on her wrist, before sending a signal she was in. "Should be any moment now." She headed for the monitors showing the battle outside.
    "We haven't been able to spot anyone else." The tech looked up at her. "Can you stay?" Wrath smiled, a little, feeling good about them needing her. She tried to push the thought of their impending deaths out of her mind.
    "Oh they'll be here." Tess glanced back at the monitors, wishing the others would hurry up and get it over with. "Stay calm and you'll make it out of this. You're safe here." While she waited there was something she could do. "Open up the server relay, I'm going to try and divert power to the defenses outside. We may loose some lights but it'll help get us out alive."
    "You can do that?" The tech sounded skeptical, but nonetheless did as he was ordered.
    "I'm a Jedi." Wrath stood over him for a moment, knowing he wouldn't push the issue, before heading deeper into the station. When the other Sith arrived she would be able to lock the techs in, then see if she could find any other lambs to lead to the slaughter.

    Tag: Thorn, Vidious, Tremarius, Jex
  24. Inquisitor_Skywalker

    Inquisitor_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 30, 2008
    IC: Darth Nexus; Communications and Sensor Control, Aurek Station, Telos IV

    Nexus laughed heartily as he cut them down, one after another, the seemingly unlimited power of the Dark Side rushing through him, washing away everything but the thrill of murder. At last, the final tech fell in two different directions at once, bisected vertically. With a sigh of contentment, Nexus released the swirling maelstrom of dark power, coming to his senses a moment later. He smiled as he stared at the bodies strewn all around him, reflecting on what he had done under the Dark Side's influence.

    He could sense that the massacre had drawn some unwanted attention, but he couldn't bring himself to care at the moment. While they often brought unanticipated consequences afterward, such dark revels as the one he'd just finished were a spiritual experience beyond compare. He felt... cleansed, purified by the all consuming rage that had burned away his sanity during those intense few minutes. His inner beast had been released in a frenzy of cathartic bloodlust, and it felt amazing.

    Nexus stretched languidly, basking in the afterglow of the near orgasmic ecstasy of total surrender to the Dark Side. Eventually, his fuzzed thoughts came back to some semblance of order, and he realized just how much more difficult his escape would be as he sensed the TSF security teams locking down the cooridor outside. Still finding it difficult to be troubled by just about anything at the moment, Nexus shrugged, and pulled his assassin pistol from the toolkit, tucking it into his pocket.

    With a moderate exertion of will, the blast door ground open, allowing Nexus to pass, thralls in tow. Another similar exertion opened a blast door that hadn't been closed when he'd arrived. Beyond it, six TSF officers started at the sudden screech of durasteel grinding on durasteel from the door. They didn't stand a chance. Before the door was even all the way open, the thralls were firing, cutting down their former comrades with no more emotion than mindless battle droids doing the same.

    The trio moved through a few more cooridors, evading the other TSF patrols that were all rushing toward the scene of the massacre. Nexus had re-applied his illusion. The whole station would likely know soon, comm or not, about the lightsaber-wielding intruder. That would make things a bit more difficult for the others...

    Nexus started slightly as Celestial passed by, travelling down a perpendicular cooridor, apparently heading back toward the hangar. The Chiss Sith quickened his pace, coming along side his comrade, thralls marching obediently behind.

    "Well, well, finished so soon? I'm impressed," He remarked distractedly, still savoring the echoes of numerous recent deaths that clung to his aura. "We should move a bit more quickly. I have a feeling that the TSF has discovered their comm difficulties by now. They'll probably try launching courier ships to compensate, which we cannot allow. Are you with me?"

    Tag: Radiance, BLem, Telos Team

  25. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Celestial
    Telos station corridors

    Celestial passed the checkpoints without incident, but his senses were now at an alarming peak. Something must have happened to one of this team mates. People were alarmed now. That would make the jobs of the weapons objective dark Jedi, much more difficult. Hopefully they would have been underway already when Darth Celestial had finished his task.

    As he rounded a corner, he somehow fell into step with Darth Nexus. Celestial took a moment to register the situation. He only knew it was Nexus by his signature aura in the Force. And then of course there were the mindless thralls that Nexus had in tow, which now flanked the two former Jedi.

    "Well, well, finished so soon? I'm impressed, we should move a bit more quickly. I have a feeling that the TSF has discovered their comm difficulties by now. They'll probably try launching courier ships to compensate, which we cannot allow. Are you with me?"

    Celestial let his goggled eyes fall upon the illusion that Nexus was putting up. Thinking at lightspeed at the neared the hangar area once more. Couriers were a messy situation. But Darth Celestial admired the speed at which the TSF moved to fix problems. Of course, it was also saying much that they already knew about the issues. A bit of subtlety could go a long way on a mission like this....One fact he made sure to remember for later discussions with Nexus.

    His voice came in a hushed, calm tone, as it always did.

    "Am I with you...Darth Nexus?"

    The trouble with Couriers is that they had to die. So long as their lungs drew breath, they still carried a dangerous message that could sabotage any hopes of completing a mission.

    As he thought this, a man dressed in TSF uniform rushed passed them in the hallway and burst into the hangar bay with a datapad clutched tightly in one hand. Celestial squinted his eyes at the pad and noticed it was encrypted.

    Of course...A courier... they are very fast indeed.

    Three things happened at this moment. First, a subtle tug of the Force brought a black 13 inch cylinder popping into the air from Darth Celestial's tool kit.

    Then a quick open palmed raising of his left hand, which sent the courier crying in surprise into the air 10 feet.

    And then finally, Celestial spun around in a fast 360, using his momentum to add power to his move. His palm caught the pommel of his lightsaber and sent it soaring through the air at high speed. The extended aqua blade searing to life and impaling the helpless messengers chest. This scene hung for a full 2 seconds before Cel released hold of the man and called his blade back to his hand. The energy sword extinguished and Celestial held it high, by the emmiter nozzle as to slightly conceal it behind his right forearm. His gaze moved back slowly to Nexus.

    "Yes, of course I am with you.... what did you have in mind, Darth Nexus...?"

    tag Inquisitor, Blem
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