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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BLemelisk, Aug 24, 2008.

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    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Darth Ty-rul
    A corridor on the Hyperion
    Picking her way gracefully between the carpet of corpses, Ty-rul noted that the vast majority were Republic troops. She smirked - that little 'pep talk' certainly seemed to have done the trick.
    ~And while I'm on the subject...~
    Ty-rul turned on her heels, almost dancing into a nearby, shadowy store room. Making sure there were no cameras or enemies within ear shot, Ty-rul tugged the comlink from her belt and switched it on.
    ~...time to check in with the troops...~
    *Delta, Epsilon - report* she demanded in a curt manner. The comlink crackled briefly in her paw, awaiting a response.
    *Delta leader - We have sustained a few casualties mi'lady, but we are on course. Delta out.*Ty-rul emitted a low growl, followed by mumbling something about 'inexperience' and 'incompetance'.
    *Beta, Gamma - report*
    She awaited their response, only to be rewarded with silence. Allowing her gaze to wander round the small store room, she took note of the various objects that occupied the space. There were a bottles of various chemicals and some vicious-looking spare droid parts, plus other piles of unidentifiable junk. Ty-rul's mind ran through a dozen scenarios of what she could do to the leaders of Beta and Gamma using nothing but the room's contents. If they had failed her... She tried one more time - it was only right to give them a sporting chance;
    *Beta, Gamma - report now!*
    "Kyaaarrra nou telarrr!" she cursed, after another bout of silence, in her native tongue. Her eyes glowed with rage and her fur began to stand on end.
    "Looks like I will have to deal with the garrisons myself!" she spat, like a venimous snake.

    After checking in with Alpha leader, who reported good progress, Ty-rul replaced her comlink. This time, however, she decided to leave it on - just incase one of those morons from Beta or Gamma decided to report in.

    Reaching out with the Force, Ty-rul established that the corridor outside the store room was still void of enemies. Nodding to herself, she slipped silently through the door and melted into the shadows once again, prowling in the direction of the garrisons.

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  2. 123xxxSpankyxxx123

    123xxxSpankyxxx123 Jedi Youngling

    Aug 31, 2008
    IC: Sarith, Aurek station.

    Sarith decided not to wait for the rest of his team, he wanted to get things done and he wasn't sure what they were doing, but he wouldn't be held back by them. He turned on his stealth field generator and quickened his walk into a light jog as he approached a sealed door, the panel next to it didn't respond, so he placed a frag mine under it and ran backwards. The mine went off and a loud, echoing booming sound filled the station.

    "That is one way to get their attention, they won't even see me coming." his words as soft as a light breeze.

    He crept into the now open room, he wasn't sure what room it was, but judging from all the gaurds lined up it must've been a security checkpoint and now a large force of officers ready to deal with the intruder. He thought it'd be interesting to leave his comrades to deal with them, as tempting as it was to kill them, he wanted to get the job done.

    He snuck right by large gathering of TSF personnel and continued towards the next security checkpoint, which would probably be either empty or poorly gaurded. He turned around the corridor and there sat two TSF men, both reading a datapad of some sort, he stuck with his sealth approach and thought of a clever way to kill them.

    "Over here is the intruder!" He called out, mocking the voice of a TSF officer.

    The two gaurds came running around the corner with their blasters armed and ready, but they stopped when they saw nothing, before they could say anything Sarith revealed himself and his crimson lightsabres, then decapitated the two of them, before their heads hit the floor he was gone, as fast as he came. He continued past the security checkpoint and headed down the corridors to find to the last one.

    Tag: Telos chosen, and Blem.

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  3. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004
    ic: Darth Tempus

    Without warning Darth Sarith ran off on his own, Maya was definitely getting tired of the sith god mentality. A few moments later a grenade exploded not a far distance off.

    "Obviously Sarith skipped the courses on stealth at pompous fouls school." Maya hissed to Darth Terra Firma. Unsurprisingly a few dozen guards quickly rushed past in Sarith's direction. If it were just his life on the line Maya would have let them but as this mission, if not the entire invasion, relied on keeping this attack a surprise Maya felt the need to help him. "Go and join Sarith... make sure he stops his firework extravaganza before he alerts the entire station to our presence. I'm going to try and sort out this mess he's created."

    With that Maya ran towards the troup of guards.

    "Where the hell do you think you are going soldiers!?" She shouted, her words heavily laden with the force, in there eyes now she was not in mechanics uniform but rather she appeared as a senior officer... and a pissed one at that.

    "We were told to investigate the source of the explosion ma'am. Comms are down and we are expecting an assault." One of the men informed her in a worried tone.

    "Couriers have been sent I assume?" Maya asked, quickly formulating a plan in her head.

    "Yes ma'am. They are scheduled to fly any moment." The same man replied, gradually growing more at ease with this unfamiliar officer.

    "Then surely any cadet halfway through his first semester at the academy would now that the first course of action is to secure the safety of the couriers in this situation. Have you not read Emergency Briefing 3B-X ensign?" Maya snapped.

    "With all respect, I am no ensign ma'am." That man replied haughtily.

    "Well if you do not escort me directly to the hangar bay to ensure the safety of the couriers than you will be quickly demoted to ensign." The man quivered at this statement and immediately ordered his troops to the auxiliary hangar. As the ran in a new direction all Maya had to do was simply follow them.

    While she moved steadily towards the outposts last hope she called out to her companions through the force.

    Nexus, Celestial I have found that couriers are being sent from the auxiliary hanger to alert the republic of our actions. If you have achieved your objectives proceed there at once, we must stop their plans.

    tag: Telos Team
  4. Inquisitor_Skywalker

    Inquisitor_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 30, 2008
    IC: Darth Nexus, Telos

    Nexus opened his mouth to answer, but paused, wincing at the sound of a distant explosion. Reaching out with his senses, he assessed the situation and sighed in irritation.

    "It seems one of our oh so intelligent comrades has decided that stealth is overrated," He informed Cel after a moment. "We need to get to the hangar as soon as possible to ensure that no courier ships leave."

    Before moving to do what he'd suggested, Nexus knelt by the body of the recently slain courier, dragging it to the side where no one would trip over it. With an incantation uttered in a harsh, nearly forgotten tongue, an illusion covered the corpse, giving it the appearance of a utility droid working on some exposed wiring. He imbued the illusion with enough Dark Side energy to power it for a good half-hour. When that time was up, the illusion would fail, revealing the carcass.

    "Let's go," He said finally, taking off down the cooridor toward the hangar, thralls struggling to keep up...

    Tag: Radiance, BLem, Telos Team
  5. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Darth Thorn, Holo-net substation Interior

    *The fighting seemed to have petered off slightly. Which meant one of three things: either the staff in the station had been whittled down to a small group of people, they had gotten wise to the attack and had retreated into the interior of the structure, or Jex and Tremarius had started to push in a bit harder.

    As if to answer the last suspicion, a dull thud reverberated throughout the hallways, and some loose dust fell from the celling. Thorn grinned, most likely Jex had unleashed something unspeakable on some hapless victims.
    He recalled that when he met his new teammates on the surface, he was pleased to have Jex and Tremarius in this operation.
    In his mind, the two were perfectly suited to combat; tough, merciless, swift, and powerful. Much to his pleasant surprise, Wrath had shown some surprising ingenuity, and had doubtlessly thrown the station personnel off for the moment, giving everyone else a better chance.

    That left Videous, who had wasted the element of surprise, refused to gain victory. It left a bitter, sour taste in his mouth, that one that would CLAIM to be a warrior would wait outside to pick off any stragglers like a coward, rather than actually make the attack.
    Still, Videous did not bother him like that bull-headed buffoon Malak. Thorn understood that Revan had made his friend his apprentice, but there was something about the man that he just did not like.

    He did not dwell on it though. With plenty of assistance from the Force, he flung the technician that he held by the throat in one hand against a perpendicular wall. The imp had the audacity to try and clobber him with a hydro-spanner, and had earned himself a shattered spine for it.

    Picking his way down another corridor, he felt a flicker in the force, warning him of impending danger, and leapt back and around a corner, watching as a torrent of blaster fire streaked through the space he previously had occupied. Taking a moment, he took a knee and immersed himself in the Force, learning about whomever was shooting at him in such a furious manner.

    He learned a few very important things. His opponent was alone, and he was an experienced Republic soldier! A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, this one knew how to fight and how to survive. Thorn also felt his anger and fury towards the Republic and the Jedi for their early inaction, which had cost his family their lives. Although he felt this, he also felt hopeless and had no course of action, which explained his current situation of sitting behind a repeating blaster and firing into the bottleneck that he discovered.

    Thorn decided on a different course of action for this one. He re-holstered his linked lightsaber and re-activaed his paired maroon blades.

    Dashing back into the corridor, his arms were a blur of movement and impossible precision, deflecting the stream of blaster bolts. Eventually, the veteran soldier had to stop firing, for the sheer amount of bolts being deflected away impaired his vision, and nearly hit him several times.

    Thorn brought one saber down perpendicular to the barrel of the blaster, cleaving it down. Then with an equally precise move, he twisted then brought the other saber in an upward stroke, slicing through the repeating blaster and severing it down the middle.

    The veteran had started to go for a blaster pistol when he felt immobilized, unable to move, and suddenly more difficult to breathe. When he was levitated into the air, he realized what had happened. Thorn had deactivated one blade and was holding an oustretched arm with three fingers stretched towards the soldier, while the other blade remained ignited but relaxed by his side.

    Thorn then spoke, perhaps the first Sith to offer what he was about to.

    "Listen well grunt. I am Dark Lord of the Sith Thorn, and I am duty bound to kill all in this installation, including you.

    However, I
  6. nancyallen

    nancyallen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Wrath
    Holo-net substation Interior

    "So much for security." Wrath slashed at the cables inside the server relay, shutting down the substation and it's defenses. They could repair it later for Revan. The others must be clearing their way through, but from what she saw the place seemed pretty automated. Not much in the way of personal to worry about.
    So why all the security to protect a bunch of techs and...hey. Tess brought up her vibroblade upon seeing Thorn, he seemed to be intimidating what looked like a Republic soldier. Time to play the hero. From behind she brought the blade up to Thorn's throat, glancing at the veteran for a moment before thrusting her arm out, impaling the warrior Thorn had beaten. She could never understand the enjoyment Sith had over killing, or to draw it out, even as she lifted the Republic soldier up and he slid down her vibroblade she didn't feel any sense of satisfaction at all, and threw him to the ground.
    "How'd we miss him?" she asked, looking at the fresh corpse rather than Thorn. Tess figured it didn't matter that much. "We were sealed in when the power was cut. I don't think it'll be hard to fix it."

    Tag: Thorn, Vidious, Tremarius, Jex
  7. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Celestial
    Close to auxiliary hangar bay.

    Darth Celestial saw that Nexus was about to say something when they both heard the explosion.

    "It seems one of our oh so intelligent comrades has decided that stealth is overrated," He informed Cel after a moment. "We need to get to the hangar as soon as possible to ensure that no courier ships leave."

    His eyes narrowed dangerously as thoughts didn't pause across his mind, and went straight to his lips.

    "Rank amateurs...If this is a test to try and get rid of us to gain favor with Lord Revan by getting us killed.... I shall make sure that the perpetrator of that explosion meets the business end of my lightsaber before this mission ends..."

    A second Force tug brought his other lightsaber popping out of the bag and slapping into his waiting palm. He brought both hilts together and twisted once, snapping them into a single staff. Celestial then zipped down his coveralls and tied off the sleeves at his waist, leaving his torso covered only in a gray undershirt.

    All of this done while Darth Nexus was putting up his illusion on the deceased courier.

    "Let's go"

    Celestial angrily tore the helmet and goggles off of his head, leaving his handsome features, and his scarred eye in plain sight. His hands reached up and tasseled his own hair back to the spiked variation he was used to.

    There was little point in remaining stealthy at this point, as they were about to have a lot.. of company.

    Nexus took off down the corridor with his guards trying to keep up. Darth Celestial paused before racing after him, a message reaching him in the Force from one of their comrades. After a moment he realized it was Darth Tempus. He couldn't make out the entire message, for no message sent through the Force was 100% clear thought. The best anyone could do was feelings and images. But he got the gist of the message and sent one back that implied rather strongly...

    We know... we are already there... just ensure the others don't kill themselves before we get to them, for compromising the mission.. Nexus and I will handle the rest..

    He hoped that Tempus got the hint that he was very irritated. Had this been a one man show, this kind of error would not have happened. And now they would have to fight for their lives simply to escape the place, when they had originally had a clear path out without having to even kill anyone.

    And with that, Celestial summoned the Force to him and tore off after Nexus, falling into step beside him after a few moments, his body forward and his arms held loosely at his sides, his right hand gripping his lightsaber tightly.

    tag Nexus, Tempus
  8. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Darth Lucarious
    Location: En Route to TRISTAN Bridge Tower

    Darth Revan Spoke and Lucarious took his Mission seriously, clenching his fists. Lucarious walked over to the captain and looked at him; Lucarious?s eyes looked like Death itself.

    ?Captain, Prep my squad of ten. After we have entered the rest of you board. Shoot first, Ask questions later. If you can't get in the Hangar, Make you own entrance.? Lucarious scowled as he made his way to a small ship.

    "Yes Mi Lord" The Captain hesitated calling Lucarious's Squad.

    The squad of ten followed him, guns at the ready and Vibroblades ready to split spines.

    ?This is where the Fun Begins? Lucarious said to himself smirking.

    He stood looking out a door as they passed over the Centurion-class Battlecruiser. Lucarious fell out into the wind and flew through the air. The squad jumped out using Jetpacks to fly their way with their leader. In the small ship the pilot that they were in flew back to the ship that the rest of the army was located. He landed on a ledge which looked into the hangar. The sith ignited his two Lightsaber and ran inside, his troopers following. Republic soldiers started shooting the squad with blasters. In seconds they were deflected by the Red Blade of Lucarious?s Lightsabers. Most of them hit the enemy soldiers wounding them. He stabbed the soldiers, and his squad blasted the security droids rolling in. Using the force he made the Droid fly into the air and he threw them at a Gasoline tank. It blew up, destroying the ship it stood nearby.

    Taking his Comlink, Lucarious pressed a preset button to notify the small army that he had with him. Soon the TRISTAN would be infiltrated by a Sith Army. Lucarious was proud to taking the liberty of taking control of this Battlecruiser. He swung his arm toward the door, to gesture his squad to follow him.

    Oh how I love a good slaughter!

    Attaching his two Lightsaber together, creating a Double-Bladed Lightsaber. Lucarious smiled as he stormed through the Cruiser.
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  9. Azrok

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    Jan 30, 2008
    IC:Darth Jex - Holonet Substation Exterior/Interior

    Jex froze as his speeder had crashed into the wall, and silenced the inner firing of the few soldiers left at their post. He looked at the others and nodded.

    This will be easy.

    The inner hall was still filled with dust. With a flick of the wrist, a gust of air wistled through the front arches and cleared the dust from sight. He began looking at the dead soldiers. They were outfitted like a soldier, yet no technicians were here.

    No suprise there...

    They were likely still in the under levels. Hiding behind some over turned tables and a few more men with guns... Jex stood up, and began to step forward, on into the station...
    He glanced down again, as if something besides himself had made him...

    These are mercenaries!

    The Sith hadn't been seen coming! They simply arrived as another group of mercs were trying to rob the station of its power cores. These days, they were worth thousands in bulk, and the station ran on a multitude.

    "We should watch our backs... There could be more coming..."

    Mercenaries usually sent scouting parties and sent back men to return with the entire gang. This was probably the scouting party's failed attempt into the station...

    Darth Jex walked on, into the station. The power had been cut. So the shadow from the next corridor swept down his cloak as he vanished from sight...

    TAG: Recon Team

    OOC: Very nice guys! Havn't had an RP this fun in a while!
  10. 123xxxSpankyxxx123

    123xxxSpankyxxx123 Jedi Youngling

    Aug 31, 2008
    IC:Sarith, Aurek Station, final security checkpoint.

    Sarith hoped his fireworks had caused a great deal of trouble for his comrades, maybe he'd get really lucky and one would die, but he doubted any of them were that fragile, he only left them a handful of gaurds. This security checkpoint had another two gaurds stationed at it, Sarith decided that they'd have to die, he tapped into their thoughts and stripped away their free will, he convinced them with the force to shoot each other, the two bodys groaned and fell over on their stomachs.

    "Who doesn't love the smell of burnt flesh..."he muttered, allowing the dark side to overwhelm him.

    He always felt like that when he killed someone, it was...blissful, he'd bask in the darkness all day if he had that liberty, but he didn't right now. Now all he'd have to do is disable the weapon systems, but he wasn't sure how he was going to do that yet, he hoped there was some gear heads around, so he could trick them into doing it for him. He turned off his stealth field generator and resumed his engineer disguise, he opened the door that led to a room filled with terminals and gear heads pacing around and some typing away.

    "Sir, you cannot be in here. There is an intruder on board and we aren't allowed to let anyone near these." The gear head informed him.

    "I realize that, but I have urgent orders to tell you to disable the weapons system." The force echoed from his words, as he persuaded the man to do his bidding.

    "H-h-how....strange...okay, disabling the weapon systems now."he stuttered as he turned his attention down to the terminal. A low roar followed his actions, implying that the weapons systems were down.

    "That's a good puppet, now pick up that blaster, and shoot yourself and the rest of these men in the head." He ordered, the words escaping his lips even tasted sadistic and he was going to enjoy watching.

    The man did as instructed and shot everyone in the head, and then himself, their bodies littered the floor, and Sarith stood for a moment to bask in the dead, the dark side forcing itself into him, an intruder, one he embraced. The dark side was like a magnet to evil, the more Sarith killed, the more of the dark side he absorbed, and the more powerful he became.
  11. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Darth Malefice
    Aboard the MIES


    There was a sound on the other side of the door. "What's that noise...?" a Republic crewman wondered aloud, getting to his feet. He went to the doorway and was about to press the controls.

    "No, wait, don't touch the panel!" Another crewman called out. There was only one thing that noise could have been...

    There was a cry as a red beam of light cut through the door and into the first crewman, the resulting blow killing him instantly. The door malfunctioned and slid open, revealing, of course, Darth Malefice, who let out a cruel cackle before he charged into the room, chopping the crewmen into pieces. He was overdoing it, to be sure, but he was having such fun!

    As the last crewman fell into no less than six pieces, Malefice flicked on his communicator. "Squadrons, report."

    "This is Squad A. Have rendezvoused with Squad D, Port Side will be completely overrun within a few standard minutes."

    "Squad C reporting. No sign of Squad B, anticipating slightly more time necessary for Starboard Side."

    "Very well, just be sure to do a thorough job. Remember: There are no survivors." He laughed maniacally as he cut the communique.

    "Which leaves only the command crew, which should be just a few doors down. I do hope there's more fun to be had ahead!"

    TAG: GM (If you could perchance handle the bridge crew, I'd be much obliged)
  12. Inquisitor_Skywalker

    Inquisitor_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 30, 2008
    IC: Darth Nexus, Telos

    Nexus burst into the bustling hangar bay with Force-enhanced speed, Darth Celestial right on his heels, and the thralls huffing and puffing to keep up a few seconds behind the other Sith. All around, couriers were running to their ships, carrying messages for the numerous other orbital battlestations. If even one escaped, the mission was doomed. Karath's fleet would walk right into a trap. Directly ahead, a half-dozen Aurek tactical strikefighters were preparing for takeoff, running through the preflight checks. On one side of the group of Aureks, a Chela-class assault fighter was also prepping, while on the other, a Ministry-class shuttle was already beginning to lift off.

    With a wordless shout of rage, Nexus bent the power of the Dark Side to his will, reaching out and clamping down on the departing shuttle like an invisible vise. The vehicle's repulsors whined in protest as the shuttle was dragged away from the mag-con field holding in the hangar's atmosphere. Closing his hand into a fist, Nexus directed the Force to crush the shuttle's engine block, rendering the vessel useless.

    Behind him, the thralls opened fire on the various personell scampering aropund on the deck like confused rodents. Turning to Celestial, he pointed to the Chela and three of the Aureks, shouting "Take them!" over the din the chaotic hangar. He dropped his illusion once more, igniting his lightsaber and lunging toward the other three Aureks. The first was easy, it's pilot only just then climbing into the cockpit. Nexus dragged his saber across the man's back, cleaving him in two, as he passed.

    He came up on the second, leaping over the rear of the figher to drive his blade through the cockpit canopy, into the terrified pilot's face. As he stood atop the second fighter, the third and final one was accellerating toward the mag-con field. Thinking fast, Nexus drew on his rage, sending a searing bolt of lightning into one of the mag-con field generators. With one of the two generators down, the field was weak enough to trigger the failsafe. Nexus grinned with satisfaction as a slab of neutronium-impregnated durasteel slammed down just in time for the aurek to impact it. The small fighter hadn't been travelling fast enough to do too much damage, but the repulsor had failed, sending the ship to the deck.

    Nexus stalked forward calmly, his thralls covering his back from the sporadic return fire that was quickly increasing in volume. The Sith Lord telekinetically ripped the canopy from the downed fighter craft and plunged his crimson saber into the dazed pilot's chest. That done, Nexus turned just in time to catch a blaster bolt on his blade. Another hyphen of energy lanced out and burned through a thrall's heart. The mindless puppet fell without a sound, dead before it hit the ground.

    Now weaving his blade in a defensive pattern, Nexus glanced over to see Celestial's progress...

    Tag: Radiance, BLem, Telos Team
  13. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Celestial

    Celestial blew through the door right behind Nexus and took in the scene with a single sweep of his eyes. As Darth Nexus began his assault on the Ministry-class shuttle and the rest of the closer vessels, Celestial had already begun to move towards his own set of courier ships before Nexus had even spoken.

    Time slowed down. Sound became dull. Darth Celestial blinked once as he turned his head towards an aurek fighter about to take off, the act of blinking itself seemed to take an eternity. In reality he was moving faster than most beings could follow with unassisted eyes.

    Both aqua longblades on his lightstaff blared to life. An agonizingly slow step brought him two full meters from the spot he had been previously, the Force was being brought full to bear to assist his actions. Anger welled from within him. He let it course through his veins, giving him strength. It made his vision a red-outlined tunnel of clarity. There was only his objective. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    A single Aurek before him started up it's repulsors, trying to lift off the deck. A flash of light was all that was seen from the outside as Celestial passed beneath the vessel, slashing the fuselage line and permanently grounding the vessel in an instant. It dropped back to the deck before it had lifted only a few feet.

    The other two Aurek's lifted off and made a break for the field, racing to get their messages out to the outlying ships. Celestial boosted his legs with the Force and leaped nimbly to land on the nose of one of them. His wrists twisted and his staff transformed into two lightsabers again. Both began rotating at a high rate of speed inches off of his palms. The pilot of the vessel he was on obviously thought that he would be free of the shield and his unbidden passenger as soon as he was clear.

    He was wrong.

    Both lightsabers flew like disc's of pure destruction and severed the left stabilizer of the vessel Celestial was riding on, and the other cut off the right stabilizer of the other vessel flying directly next to the first.

    Celestial Force leaped backwards in an elegant back flip towards the blue glowing energy field, but his feet met the solid form of the neutronium durasteel wall shutting behind him. Both vessels lost control and veered into each other with enough impact to crunch both cockpits into nothing. The ships slid into a heap as they collided with the wall.

    Before gravity could take it's effect, Celestial used the momentum of his stellar leap and pushed back off the wall and towards the now confused pilot of the Chela starfighter. Both lightsabers snapped together again into the staff and began whirling like a disc again, spinning so fast that there was no seperation or pause between the blades and the hilt. No opening to speak of.

    Celestial leaped off the wall towards the deck and sent his lightsaber slicing through the cockpit of the vessel, leaving it falling to the deck in two pieces behind him. The lightsaber kept spinning as if it had a mind of it's own. It spun in a wide arc and beheaded three guards that were angling behind Nexus.

    The first Aurek's pilot, to which Celestial had disabled was trying frantically to restart the engines. Before his lightsaber came back to him, Celestial sent his arms behind him and took one final step forward. Then he threw his arms forward and unleashed a maelstrom of Sith Lightning directly into the downed Aurek. The damaged fuselage sparked with the energy and exploded in a huge fireball, lighting the hangar with orange and yellow.

    Time returned to normal speed and Darth Celestial spun behind him, reaching out with one arm and an open hand to snatch his revolving lightsaber out of the air, both hands met above his hand as the blade spun wildly above him, twirling around his fingers expertly. He brought the weapon down in a flourish and stopped with the staff behind his back diagonally, in a defensive stance, a clenched fist in front of his chest and looking at Darth Nexus, breathing heavily wit
  14. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Darth Lucarious
    Location: Onboard the TRISTEN

    Lucarious walked forward cutting down anyone in his path. His Squad of Ten could be heard shooting what soldiers were left of the Republic Troopers. He used Force Lightning to shock a few of the droids, they crumbled to the ground. The Sith walked over to an Elevator shaft. All of them were shut down, but that was not a problem. Lucarious stabbed one side of his Lightsaber in the Metal door. It made a big hole. He walked inside and started jumping up.

    Darth Lucarious continued to jump up the shaft until h reached the Elevator. Using the other side of his saber he cut a hole through the bottom and the top of the Lift. Then he made his way to the top floor. On Arrival he had to cut his way through the door. There weren?t many troops there because they all rushed to defend against the Army, which had now blown a hole through the side of the Ship. The Three Hundred shot everything in sight, as ordered. Lucarious wanted every Republic Trooper, Droid, or affiliate on this ship Dead. He would make sure that was followed through.

    Darth Lucarious got into the only active Turbolift, it swung him up to the Bridge Tower. When the door opened there were two Assassin droids, and three Troopers. The Sith put his hands up, deceiving them to think he was surrendering. Lucarious swung his arms down and used Force Thunder on the troopers, making them fall to their death. Then he used a force power to disable the droids. The Zabrak specie was very intelligent; a Sith Zabrak could cause much, much damage. He rewired, and reprogrammed the Assassin droids to shoot the Republic.

    Taking out his Lightsaber, firmly gripped in his hand. Lucarious kept it deactivated, so he could Negotiate with the Crew past the door. The Door opened, and guards started fighting the Assassin droids. Then Lucarious laughed and deactivated the droids.

    ?May we? Negotiate?? Lucarious smirked. [hr]
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  15. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Darth Thorn, Interior of Holo-Net substation.

    *The veteran was about to turn. Thorn could feel his hatred of the Jedi combining with his frustration at his current situation. He was confident that the veteran would be added to the ranks of the Sith Troopers, a welcome one at that.

    However, if the soldier were to turn, it would never be known. First, the lights and view-screens had gone out, leaving the hallways illuminated with nothing but meager sunlight. At the same time, blast doors had closed, sealing off the passageway he intended to go down.

    Then from seemingly nowhere, Wrath had appeared, and held that ridiculous vibrosword up to his neck, still in Jedi mode. Normally Thorn would have lashed out and made her a grease spot on the wall, but he detected no feelings of malice from her, or harmful intent towards him, in fact he felt nothing from her...

    By the time he caught on, it was too late. Despite his attempt at moving the veteran out of the way, she had impaled him on that same sword. Letting go of the force grip on his corpse, he watched the body fall, and fury started to wash over him.

    Yet even as he brought the ignited saber in his hand parallel to his body and prepared to strike her down in one fell blow, he relented. She was still green, or at least appeared so, however if she continued on this path she would be dealt with. He deactivated the maroon blade and re-holstered it at his hip.

    Still, the former asserted itself when she spoke, staring at the remains of the soldier as if it were about to reach up and strangle her.

    "How'd we miss him?"

    "I do not know, but we should both make sure that Revan knows of this. And you are lucky it was not someone else that had this victory snatched away before learning valuable information."

    *Thorn of course refered to a Kiffars natural Psychometric abilities, or the ability to "read" inanimate objects, including corpses. It was always impressions and faint images, but with experience, a Kiffar could make a good guess as to what the object had been involved in up to the present moment.

    Kneeling by the remains, he placed a hand on its shoulder and concentrated. He saw images from a faraway world, from the Mandalorian Wars, and from a new group that was associated only to themselves and a contract...

    He stood up, gleaning all the information into a concise thought, and came up with a best guess*

    "A mercenary, and he is not alone, part of either a raiding or a scouting party. We should proceed carefully, more are likely nearby."

    *Walking over to the blast door, Wrath again stated the obvious*

    "We were sealed in when the power was cut. I don't think it'll be hard to fix it."

    *Thorn almost had to physically restrain himself from laughing at Wrath. She would have to learn what he was about to tell her one way or another*

    "Fix? We are warriors Wrath, and we accomplish our objectives as such. I refuse to be reduced to a lowly repai..."

    *He stopped. He had touched the wall and again started in on his natural psychometry. However, he could see very clearly that Wrath was responsible for the loss of power, and that while the primary computer core where the message would be uploaded was close at hand, it was not functioning at a level needed to transmit the signal.*

    "Just stay put you fiz-brain, ill deal with this door."

    *He stauntered up to the door until he was two feet away from it. Then with an authoritative Force pull, the large grip at his left side flew out of its holster and into his hands and was ignited, a huge 4 foot long blade erupting from the extended handle. With another swift motion, he brought the blade down from the top right corner to the bottom left, making a rather large gash in the door but not cleaving it.

    Thorn then transferred the massive blue blade to his left hand in an underhanded grip, then suddenly lept and spun, lashing out with his right leg in a spinning
  16. Mango_Salsa

    Mango_Salsa Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 15, 2006
    IC: Darth Videous, Exterior of Holo-Net substation

    From his perch high atop the tranceiver station, Thunderhead Chav scanned the horizon in all directions, his rifle nestled securely under his arm. When the call came in, he keyed his own comm and replied, "Thorn, this is Videous. Exterior remains secure. Standing by."

    He had little else to say, and was glad for it. The mission was proceeding well.

    Tag: Wrath, Jex, Tremarious, Thorn, BLemelisk
  17. jedipassion

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    Sep 9, 2007
    IC: Darth Venom

    Darth Venom rounded up his section of the army and sent they made their way to the surface of foeros(sp). Darth Venom's communicatior came on and Darth Revan began to speak and he gave him his objectives. Darth Venom then walked to the pilot and pointed him towards the landing spot. They soon did land and the soliders began firing immidiately on the enemy troops. As soon as the landing area was cleared he walked of the dropship and looked at the the troops through his hood, and with a darkend raspyness he gives them orders. "Go, Haunt the docks kill all enemies. Anyone who may seem important you may detain." It was with those commands they then made thier advance onto the shipyards. Meantime he made his way to his destination and preped his lightsabers for combat, all seven of them. He walks up to the ship he was required to capture and opens the doors using the force. Then republic troops come at him and they say to him, "Stop! Who are you? Respond!" Darth Venom then activates two of the jedi colored lightsabers and they thought for a moment they were on their side. Then he activates the other four that he uses for the telekinetic battling. Once they seemed to let thier guard down he sends the other lightsabers into a attack form around him and activates his red lightsaber. He then sends the four of the seven into the troops before him, and the last words they hear before their life essence left them were, "Die..."

    Tag: Foerom(sp) ship yards
  18. Azrok

    Azrok Jedi Youngling

    Jan 30, 2008
    IC:Darth Jex Holo-net substation (Interior)

    Darth Jex made his way into the station. He caught up to Darth Wrath and Darth Thorn. He instantly noticed the dead soldier on the ground, then turned to realize what had happened, simply from the look on their faces...

    "I've come across the bodies at the entrance... Upon inspection... I found these..."

    Jex dropped a handful of dilapidated medals. Some were made from shards of metal, with markings etched into them. Another few were made from teeth, from various species of alien.

    "Those were mercenaries... and their friends will be coming back soon..."

    They both nodded, as if to gesture that they understood. Or already knew...

    Blaster fire began erupting from the lower levels, and the three of them turned towards the door at the end of the hallway. Blaster fire echoed for a few seconds after it had ended.

    "They aren't shooting at us, obviously..."

    The lights overhead began to flicker, then hum. The lights came back on, but much dimmer now than before...

    "Emergency power has been activated." Said a female computer's voice over the intercom.
    " Lock down is in effect." it continued.

    Jex looked back at the other two.
    "We have to get these doors open..."

    Tag: Wrath, Videous, Tremarious, Thorn, BLemelisk
  19. nancyallen

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    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Darth Wrath
    Holo-net substation Interior

    "They probably won't be expecting the Sith," Wrath noted, considering the news she was given, "but the base defenses might make them wonder." With them shut off it would make overriding the lock down all the more important. "I'll handle it." Tess pondered the mercenaries that were here and wondered if that Jedi trick would work on them. "Thorn thinks we can take the place of Revan's specially trained troops and turn the invading forces," she said to Jex, her attention on the cables she slashed. "Once I get the doors open we could try, though it might be easier to just kill them." Echoing Wrath's words she added, "We are warriors, and we accomplish our objectives as such." The work looked easy enough, just a simple matter of reconnecting the cables. Then she saw it. "The focusing lens is missing." It was a vital component of the station, Revan couldn't get onto the holonet without it. "It was right here, working perfectly when I left it." She turned to Thorn and Jex, to the best of her knowledge they were the only ones down here.

    Tag: Thorn, Vidious, Tremarius, Jex
  20. Inquisitor_Skywalker

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    Mar 30, 2008
    IC: Darth Nexus

    ?I ... think.... thats all the couriers... Darth Nexus.. What say you..??

    Nexus turned his crimson gaze to his fellow Sith, grimacing as he considered the rapidly deteriorating situation.

    "We'll draw them to us. Hopefully that'll buy the others the time to finish their parts of the mission." Almost before he finished the last sentence, a fresh squad of TSF troops burst into the chaotic hangar, followed closely by... was that Tempus? Before Nexus could confirm the identity of the being following the soldiers, they opened fire.

    "Remind me later," He continued, batting a stray blaster bolt back toward its source with his still-active saber, "to execute whatever moron it was-" another bolt was intercepted just before it could ventilate Nexus' skull- "that decided to set off a mine-" yet another bolt bounced from his saber, into a TSF officer's face- "during a covert op."

    Tag: Radiance, BLem, Darth_Joesha, Telos Team
  21. Azrok

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    Jan 30, 2008
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  22. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Darth Thorn, Holo-Net substation interior

    "We have to get these doors open..."

    *Thorn sized up the doors again, realizing they were of the same kind that he knocked over earlier. He had re-holstered his linked saber yet again and had pulled the long saber out of its holster with a Force Pull once more when Wrath spoke up

    "The focusing lens is missing."

    *Thorn grimaced when she said that. He knew damn well what that meant. It didn't take a high-level tech to figure out the implications of a missing lens.*

    "It was right here, working perfectly when I left it."

    *Almost as soon as she had finished, Thorn brushed past her. Once again using his natural Kiffar Psychometry, he gathered not only how to re-install the lens, but where it had gone and who had taken it.*

    "You two, stay here. Wrath, keep working on getting power restored, Jex you cover her. Ill go retrieve our lens."

    *And with that, Thorn once again pulled his technique of a quick slash then a massive Force-kick after making his way to the door.
    With his boosted perception while using the Force, it didn't take long to track down the tech who had stolen the lens, and to set up a trap for him.

    As the technician who made the brave yet soon to be futile gesture made his way to the exit, an arm suddenly shot out from an adjacent passageway, not moving as his face slammed into it. With a fluid motion, the same arm grabbed the technician by the back of his collar and hauling him off of his feet.

    Thorn stepped around the corner, saw the bag that contained the Lens, and relieved the frightened technician. Then without a word, Thorn tossed the technician in the air, then drew and ignited his Shoto.

    The cut was small and precise, extinguishing the life of that technician quickly and painlessly.
    With all the Force-assisted speed he could muster, Thorn tore back into the primary computer control center with the lens.

    Slowing down to normal speed, he tossed Jex the Holocube that contains Darth Revans message.

    "Get ready to upload this. Once Wrath has the power fully restored and the Lens is back in place, upload the message."

    *Turning his attention to the primary focusing array, he set about re-installing the lens, which proved to be no big challenge since he had gotten the general idea after his earlier use of his natural abilities. Standing up, he keyed his Comlink up.*

    "Videous, you have the high ground, activate a signal beacon and let our allies know that we're prime for pickup."

    *he then turned to Wrath*

    "How long till we have enough power to transmit Revans message?!"

    TAG: Jex, Wrath, Videous

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
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