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    A new science fiction TV series titled Revolutionis in the works. Sci-Fi Channel and CBS have greenlit production on the story of New America. The premise has ambition. Seems that the new show plays with the idea that history repeats itself. A far-flung colony of Earth seeks independence when Earth becomes too overbearing. The result will be a dramatic 'high brow' space opera. One of the characters is a former military man turned industrialist. The way the report reads I'm of the opinion this new show might be like James Michner's Centennial or HBO's John Adams. It might be that Revolution will fill the gap left by Battlestar Galactica. What about Caprica? Well as you may already know Caprica is not technically classified as action-adventure. It is to be a drama about family angst and socio-political intrigue. So for the count here is a look at what sci-fi based fare is coming to us via the boob tube.

    1. Caprica
    2. Virtuality
    3. Stargate-Universe
    4. DollHouse
    5. Terminator
    6. The Prisoner
    7. Revolution
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    Didn't they do that in B5 already? :-D

    Actually - it sounds interesting.

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