RIP Jim Cronin & Bill Panzer

Discussion in 'London UK' started by Lord-Tice, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Lord-Tice Jedi Knight

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    It is with great sadness to tell you all that two people who have had a big influence on my life both passed away last weekend.

    Firstly Jim Cronin, founder of Monkey World in Dorset, died of a short illness at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. Born and raised in NY, Jim has spent the past 2 decades based in the UK rescuing and rehabilitating abused primates across the world. He began by rescuing Chimps in Spain, who were being used as beach photography props for tourists (a pratice now thankfully and rightfully banned). My own adopted Chimp Charlie is a prime example of Jim's incredible work and efforts. Charlie was knocking on death's door in 1989 when his former owners smashed his skull, jaw and teeth and drugged him up. But Jim and his team were able to rescue him and give him a new home in Dorset, and he's now a great character enjoying life. Monkey World has been going from strength to strength, and is now home to Europe's Orangutan breeding programme.
    [link=]Jim Cronin tribute[/link]

    Bill Panzer was the main man behind the Highlander franchise as the producer. While he has many critics for some of the decisions he's made with the franchise, his good work easily out-weighs the bad and to create and continue a franchise that has never been hugely profitable, he ain't done half bad. He died in an ice skating accident, for which a 62 year old to go skating says a lot about his character.
    [link=]Adrian Paul's tribute to Bill[/link]

    Both will be greatly missed

    [face_monkey] @};-
  2. Kassy Jedi Youngling

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    Hey Matt,

    Just thought that you may like to know that Jim was a good friend of mine, I have know him since 1989, small world eh!

    I helped part finance the growth of Monkeyworld when I worked as a finance Broker for Cornhill in 1989

    Throughout 1990 - 2000 when I worked for Sony I supplied him with all his own video equipment and cameras to help shoot Monkey Business.

    From 2001 - 2006 I have helped promote Monkeyworld in my current advertising job.

    He was a great guy, very down to Earth, it's very sad and a great shame to have lost him so tragically young, it's a real wake up call to us all to look after our friends and Family and to cherish every day.

    Jim (even though he was American) had made th UK his home and his loss is akin to Steve Irwin's I feel.

    My heart goes out to his Wife Alison and Daughter
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    As someone doing conservation, I knew of Jim. He was highly praised for his work.

    And Highlaner is a fine film series, Bill did well with it.

    R.I.P. @};-
  4. Lord-Tice Jedi Knight

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    Wow, it is a small world. I would loved to have meet or even worked for Jim. Monkey Business is shown daily on Animal Planet (7:30pm during weekdays) and is easily one of the best programmes ever, lol. I didn't know he had a daughter either, which makes his lose even sadder :(
    I have no doubt the excellent work will continue on at Monkey World, they have a very strong team and the memory of Jim will keep them going I'm sure.

    Aye Richie, although many fans would like to think just one Highlander film exists, he did bring us the excellent TV series and the new comic book & animé series have great potential. In fact the last two years has seen the franchise go into over-drive almost, and the timing of his death co-incided with the final cut of the next film, the Source, being submitted to Lionsgate.
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