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Star Wars Rise of Black Sun [No Longer Accepting New Players]

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  1. General Immodet

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    Dec 5, 2012
    << Message from Advisor Immodet to the Vigo Council >>

    Vigo Shadow Trooper has come up with incriminating information on Janek Karso. Once Faya and Errai make it planet side, they shall first confront Karso, Darth Master Titus. Once the security officer is out of the picture, the two assassins will complete their job and take out Emperor Palpatine. Meanwhile, the agents of ConservativeJedi321 will make arrangements for creating a diversion. That way, less Imperial personnel can interfere with our plans. When the job is done, Captain Malis has the responsibility of safely transporting everyone off-world.

    Although I would like to take a stand againts Banjeer, there is little we can do at the moment. Hopefully, Bookman Jax Nova manages to obtain information on Scholomancer's whereabouts. Otherwise, we will still have to play along with our enemies.
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    Jul 23, 2013
    Hey this looks interesting, is it too late to join? if so, cool!
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    Jan 22, 2014
    Coruscant: Bookman and Glade Myst

    "I'll see what I can pull up," Glade promised as the holo image of Bookman nodded and flickered off. It seemed black sun was looking for someone on Coruscant and Bookman wanted Glade to use his new found influence to get a few tips. That should be easy enough to do, he figured. He would send out some of the local Crime Family Enforcers to ask around, rough up a few informants if necessary.

    "Yes," Glade said, as he holo dinged and a voice on the other side questioned. "I want to know where they are holding him. Our Black Sun allies are top priority at the moment. I want you to take three teams and ask around real discrete like."

    "Understood," the Grann replied. "I'll let you know as soon as we find anything."


    Coruscant Underworld:

    "Come on Se'Vlin, I know you know." The Chiss women batter her eyelashes almost as fast as her finger twitched on the trigger of her westar blaster. She sat at a bench in the far corner of the cantina with Se'Vlin, the rodian contact she went to for information when the Crime Lords needed to know something. Only now it was only one crime lord... she didn't understand the politics and frankly she didn't care. As long as the paycheck kept coming she didn't care who she was working for.

    "Mariel," Se'Vlin pleaded, hands clasped tightly around his mug of ale. "Believe me if I knew I would tell you!"

    Mariel chuckled and shifted her blaster, which lay out flat on the table, to where it's barrel was aiming at Se'Vlin. "Look... Sev... buddy," she smiled sweetly. "I've always come through for you. I've payed you more credits than I've payed taxes!"

    "That's because you don't pay tax on money you steal..." Se'Vlin shot back.

    Mariel chuckled and tilted her head from side to side. "Well... true... but still. I've never done ya wrong and you have never caught any heat from the info you have sold me. We've always been solid. I'd hate to have to end such a good... relationship. The boss is very interested in this information. Double the regular price." Her red eyes flashed. "And as an added bonus I don't have to pay the bartender extra for cleaning up the mess I'm gonna have ta make if you don't fess up to what ya know."

    "Well..." Se'Vlin chuckled nervously. "When you put it that way." He eyed her blaster nervously. "I have heard some... but I don't know where this guy is you are looking for. All I know is I heard about him being held by someone by the name of Mahwren. Some ex republic officer I think." He glanced around the establishment and lowered his voice. "Last I knew Mahwren was working for Trillian Banjeer. I don't know where they operate out of but I've heard talk of them down in the lower Senta Sectors of the Slums. Just start asking around down there... when you get shot at you are probably heading in the right direction." His Rodian eyes, wide already, seemed wider even yet... wider than looked natural even for a Rodian. "I need to go."

    "Alright," Mariel said. "I'll wire the funds... but trust me, if this info proves to be false I'll be back to collect all those credits."

    "Don't worry, the info is good," Se'Vlin insisted. "It's the job that's bad." With that he walked off into the crowd.

    Mariel looked over to the other two men who had come with her who now sat on the opposite side of the Cantina. She nodded and the Grann got up, following Se'Vlin from a safe distance. The human male stayed there for the time being and Mariel got up to head towards the Senta Sectors. There were five sectors in Senta City, an old complex down in the slums of Coruscant. It wasn't a safe place by any means but Mariel was used to such places. Her tight fitting exo suit, layered with armor plating that was reminiscent of mandalorian armor, her twin westar blasters, and fancy biometric head set with top of the line A.I and interfaces, proved to anyone with sense that she was prepared for almost anything. Her walk and attitude did the rest to convince them she was well equipped to use her effects as well.

    "Contact me if you get anything," Mariel told the Grann. A few grunts came back over the com and then went silent. Mariel nodded and jumped on her speeder, disappearing into the busy streets.
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    Mar 19, 2017
    Can I join this?
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    Oct 2, 2016
    Yo. MandoA101 I'll take Mandalore. Behind that, Raxus, after that, I guess Endor. The Ewoks will rise! Make Endor Great Again!
  6. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    OOC: Technically we are suppose to be in our last chapter.:p
    But General Immodet, and Shadow Trooper will surely be by soon to offer more details.
    A motel near Theed

    Otsisa Frerwalka was pacing in the small room they had rented for the night. "I really wish the Vigo would have given us more details before we agreed to this mission." She mumbled as her gaze fell back on the data pad she had just finished reading. "Disa bigo mission. But wesa can do itsa." Ut-Reb spoke, sitting on the edge of the bed. "The Emperor!" Otsisa seethed. "Are we really going to try and kill the most powerful being in the galaxy!" She turned to face her Gungan friend, only to see him touch his finger to his lips in the universal sign for 'be quiet'. Yes, she supposed shouting their plot from the roof tops wouldn't bode well for their chance of success. "Wesa got da easy job' Ut said surprisingly calm all things considered. "Wesa juste gotta create a distraction. Wesa probably not even bein near da Palpatine when he bein killed."

    Otsisa nodded her head, as she took a seat. "Yes, I suppose you are right. I almost feel bad for Errai..." but she let that thought drift off. "Wesa been doin da impossible every day. An Faya and Errai even morsosa." Otsisa nodded her head, now in deep thought, considering what exactly they could do to draw attention away from the killing of the leader of the galaxy. All they had to do was create enough of a ruckus to draw away most troops from Palpatine, so that the chosen Assassins could sneak in unnoticed, and kill the frail old man. That was the easy part she figured. Once he was dead the whole sector would be on high alert. And it would be nearly impossible for them to escape without being noticed. She really didn't want to think about what the imperial authorities would do to them if they were caught....

    "The best distractions are always multilayered. Spread out, and complicated. That way It will take time for them to realize each one is in fact a false flag." Ut-Reb was listening carefully. "Da Naboo-Gungan relations not always bein muy good. Maybe mesa may start a conflict with some people...." "That's a good plan. But here's a better one. If we can turn both factions on the imperials we might be able to spark a riot. Hopefully multiple, all across the city. We may need some help, but it would certainly would draw attention."

    The Gungan smiled, and with a point declared "Mesa liken it!"

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    Oct 2, 2016
    Vigo of Alderaan in the Black Sun Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher. Sweet! ConservativeJedi321
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Captain Malis received the mission update from Otsisa and Ut Reb. With the distraction planned, all that remained was to remove the security director and the mission would be ready to begin. Malis activated his holoprojector and input the contact information Xizor had provided. As liaison to the Empire, Xizor had known exactly who he would need to get in contact with. The whole plan with the black mail had in truth, been Xizor's. Contrary to what he had told Shadow Trooper, it was not his own intel agents but Xizor who had provided the black mail on Janek Karso. Ever since the Duros had worked with Xizor on Nal Hutta, he had found the man to be surprisingly helpful. He would be a better master than the capricious and temperamental Corellian. Malis turned his attention to the task ahead. He was going to have to be very careful in the next conversation.
    "Greetings Director Isard" the Duros addressed the hologram. "I have come with a warning from your mutual friends in Black Sun."
    "Of course" the man smiled. "What information does Xizor have for me."
    "Our agents have sniffed a plot against Emperor Palpatine. Your security chief on Naboo, Commander Janek Karso is compromised. Agents from Black Sun have been supplying his son with spice."
    "I see how this could be a problem. He will be removed from command immediately. This does raise some questions though. While this is certainly a security concern it is not solid proof of a plot to kill the Emperor? Furthermore, you told me that it was Black Sun who is supply Karso's son with spice. Only Black sun or their clients could benefit from this compromising information? You are not telling me everything. I suggest you provide some answers now or I will have to ask less nicely. "
    Malis smiled, despite the threats. The moment Xizor had promised was now upon him. He had suffered years of abuse and neglect from the Corellian. All of his successes went unappreciated and unrewarded, while all of his failures were remembered and punished in excess. The Corellian had thought he was sending Malis on a suicide mission but he had not known that it was his own death which he had ordered. Malis had gone to Naboo with joy in his heart because he foresaw the opportunity of this moment. Right here, right now, Malis was going to destroy the entire Vigo Council of Black Sun.
    "Very well. Prince Xizor has bid that I warn his dear friend Palpatine of a conspiracy against his life. The traitors Trillian Banjeer and Senator Garm Bel Iblis have commissioned a group of assassins, led by a Jedi, to murder the Emperor when he comes to Naboo. The killers are all members of Black Sun."
    "Interesting. The Emperor shared his concerns about Banjeer but he never suspected that he would stoop to hiring the very criminals he despised. And he has a pet Jedi too. I thought Vader had hunted them to extinction. The conspirators must be truly desperate if they turn to criminal scum and political assassinations. Thank you for this information. Palpatine will be pleased. What reward would you have in mind."
    "Xizor tried to speak against this but he was overruled by the combined might of the Vigo Council. He offers this in good faith and only wishes only for a continuation of our good relations with the Empire. Of course the traitorous leadership will have to be removed, but after this is done, Xizor would like to continue our partnership as it was done before."
    "That sounds very agreeable. After this attempt has played out, we will see about effecting a change in the management over at Black Sun."
    "What do you mean after the assassination plays out. I just told you that the best killers in the galaxy are coming for the Emperor and you aren't going to try and stop them."
    "Of course not. Now that he is aware of the assassins, the Emperor is in no danger. This very public act of rebellion and treason is just what the Emperor needs to justify his tightened leash on the senate and his proscription of dissidents. The word of a criminal is no proof, but this attack will make the evidence of Rebellion incontrovertible. The assassins will be allowed to come, and we will be ready."
    ConservativeJedi321 Darth Master Titus General Immodet

  9. General Immodet

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    Dec 5, 2012

    Emperor Palpatine's visit to Naboo surely didn't go by unnoticed. These days, the Emperor seldomly left the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. So, when he did visit another planet, the occasion was treated as a big celebration. Before entering his shuttle, Palpatine walked through a passageway filled with Imperial troops. Never before had so many Stormtroopers been assembled in one place. Many holonet reporters were present as well, transmitting images of the event all-across the Galaxy.

    A delegation of Imperial commanders would travel with Palpatine to Naboo. Everyone else remained on Coruscant, waiting for the Emperor to return. One of the people allowed to accompany the Imperial ruler, was Trillian Banjeer. Before leaving, Banjeer snuck away from public view. He opened a secure communication line with his aide Mahwren.

    Banjeer: Prepare yourself. I am about to leave Coruscant. If something goes wrong, you release Scholomancer, understand?
    Mahwren: Yes, I do. Don't worry, we have been through the plan a thousand times. I won't mess up.
    Banjeer: Very good, I will surely need your services once I return from Naboo. Senator Bel Iblis will democratically seize control of the Senate. Then, it is up to us to do away with the corrupt regime. Temporarily, those shall be put in charge who are incorruptable. People like us.
    Mahwren: I thought we were returning all power to the Senate.
    Banjeer: Yes, we are... after due time, of course. I don't trust anyone else, besides us, to handle the transition.


    Somewhere else...

    Holonet reporter Isha wasn't pleased. She wasn't pleased at all. Apparently, the Emperor's visit to Naboo was more important than the evidence she recently uncovered about a massacre on Kalee. One of those days, she promised to quit her job. She left the newsroom and decided to go for a drink. As always, she selected a private lounge. After a day of hard work, she wanted to be left alone. However, someone else was waiting for her. Someone she hadn't seen for a very long time.

    Isha: Son of a Murglak, Immodet! How dare you even show your face! Thanks to you I spent five years in prison! Do you know how much damage that caused to my reputation! Nobody would hire me after I was released. It took years for me to get back in the studio. And now, you show up here. Really?
    Immodet: I appologize, Isha. You going to prison wasn't my intention. Yet, I did support your family, didn't I? Thanks to me, your son was accepted in a university where he wouldn't have been welcome otherwise.
    Isha: That doesn't change the fact I am done with you and your criminal enterprises! GET OUT!
    Immodet: A pity. Then, I will give the scoop to someone else. Trust me, you want to hear this.
    Isha: What scoop?
    Immodet: During his visit to Naboo, someone will try to take out the Emperor.
    Isha: Ha! You are joking. Nobody would ever try something like that. Unless, they are insane, or received a hit from a Bantha.
    Immodet: I am telling you the truth. Commander Trillian Banjeer, who was humiliated by Palpatine, wants revenge. He has recruited a fugitive Jedi to carry out the assassination. All evidence can be found on this device. That's not all. What if I say, I can get you a recording of the conspirators? I need you to broadcast the recording live, when I tell you to.
    Isha: Alright, I will look at your evidence and get back to you.
    Immodet: Yes, make your decision quick, or I need to go to someone else. Another thing... You might want to open a bank account under another name, then put all your money on the devaluation of the Imperial credit.
  10. Jax Nova

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    Jan 22, 2014
    Coruscant: Senta Sector

    Mariel's red eyes shifted back and forth and she ducked behind a shipping crate at some building that looked like an abandoned warehouse that had not been used since the clone wars. "Se'Vlin wasn't kidding!" she told herself as she was being shot at. She had been asking around for Mahrwen and Trillian Banjeer quite openly. At this point, though, she didn't care. They had people looking to kill them all the time and no one would know she was planning a rescue for Black Sun through her new boss and the Coruscanti Crime families.

    Mariel let another volley of shots splatter against the steel crate she hid behind, then jumped out and fired off several of her own shots. They were not meant to hit anything really... just to lay down cover while she located her opponents. Her keen eyes did so in a matter of seconds. She ducked back behind her cover just as the return fire sounded. She noted the positions and muzzle flashes, rolled out into the open to draw out her attackers, and... they took the bait. Bolder than before, since she was fully exposed, they emerged and started blasting. She aimed for a kill shot, dropping two with shots to the head, one with a wounded shoulder and following up with a shot to the chest, and the last man... the man who clearly was running this band of hooligans, she shot in the legs... both legs... and the arms. The enemy shots didn't miss their mark, however. Mariel was well prepared and seconds before the shots made impact with her she activated a personal shield generator. By the time the shoot out ended the generator had taken enough hits it was pretty much... well, shot. Mariel stood, chuckling to herself as she walked up to the man lay on the ground in writhing pain. She rested her twin blasters on her arms as she crossed them, walking forwards with fingers still on the triggers. The man reached for his blaster, which had skidded a few feat away from him when he was shot multiple times. Mariel spun her blasters in unison and they each sent an energy bolt into the mans left and right wrists. He called out in pain and recoiled. "You really don't learn, do you?" she said smugly. "Now... you are going to tell me everything I want to know."

    The man scoffed, through gritted teeth as he tried to cope with the pain. "Why would I do that... you are just going to kill me anyways!"

    Mariel pointer her one blaster to the man's finger and fired. His finger was blown clean off and he howled in pain. "I do believe humans, much like us Chiss, have ten fingers and toes... as well as ears, a nose, and other..." she smirked. "Body parts, that can be shot off without killing them. Now..." she pointed her blaster at his hands again as he still grasped where his finger was missing. "Shall I try this again? You WILL tell me everything I want to know!"


    Coruscant: Main City Level
    Glade Myst sat on the edge of his bed gazing mindlessly at his love A'ura. She slept peacefully and he day dreamed of their life together. Everything was going just as planned and soon he could offer her anything she desired. He smiled and ran a finger along her skin, but she stirred and he dare not wake her. Her pregnancy had been rough and she was quite exhausted. He stood to his feet and walked away from the bed just in time to receive a holo call. He picked up, heading to the far window of his large room.

    "So, the new boss face to face, huh?" Mariel's satire flashed to life with the hologram.

    "I trust you have what I seek?" Glade asked.

    "Gotcha covered boss," Mariel said, spinning her blasters and putting them back in their holsters. Glade could see a corps in the background and a lot of blood on the ground around it... as well as what looked like body parts strewn here and there. "I know the location for Trillian Banjeer's base of operations here on Coruscant."

    "Good," Glade said with a stern look on his face. "Send your coordinates and I'll meet you down there with a team." He walked towards his closet. Not his clothing closet, but his equipment closet. He had all the latest and best gear of any kind you might imagine.

    "You?" Mariel queried. "Sure thing, boss. Sending coordinates. I'll sit tight right here."

    Glade glanced back at the hologram. "Why don't you, uh... clean up your mess while you wait?" he gazed into the background of the holo image.

    Mariel chuckled. "Well, if you insist... I thought you might like to see it for yourself. It's almost like art." a wicked smile played across her face and her red eyes seemed to swirl.

    Glade ignored her teasing and grabbed his military gear. "I'll be there in short order. Glade out."
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    Mar 19, 2016

    The cantina Otsisa walked into was unlike those she had seen in her travels on the outer rim. Where most would have up beat, and cheerful music, this one had, what she could only make to be, tunes from a far calmer classical genre. Where others would have the worst lowlifes imaginable, this one seemed mostly filled with middle class individuals who had just got off the job after a long day of hard work. Where one would expect to have narrow slit windows, letting in only the bare necessity's of light, this one had large, and wide wooden frames looking out upon the brick street in the town square.

    To say the Twi'lek was uncomfortable in such a relatively formal environment was to put it mildly. She tugged on the hood of the long green baggy robe she was wearing, hoping she would not be drawing any attention. As she scanned the crowed she saw the person she was looking for sitting at the bar. He was a large, strong looking man, with a slighty tanned skin and brown hair. He had a five o'clock shadow, but he was wearing a decent looking blue cloak that gave the impression he was hardly lower class.

    Otsisa took a seat next to him, and when the bar tender asked what she wanted she nearly choked on her own words as she avoided asking for something strong. "Just a Mon Cala Saltini." She said instead, coming up with the least mind-altering item on the menu. When the bartender turned to grab some items off the shelf behind him she sighed. "You Nabooians sure have a strange concept about what's suppose to make a Cantina." She joked to the human next to her. He smiled, as he looked at her. "Well, I suppose we are just fond of the more classy things in life."

    She scoffed, though let the matter drop. A moment later a translucent blue drink was dropped in front of her. She thanked the bartender, and dropped a couple credits into his hand. Then he was called to the other side of the end of the room to deal with another customer. It was at this point the pretty Twi'lek leaned to her left whispering carefully. "You are Turii Nassel are you not?" He raised his eyebrow in curiosity as he responded. "Who wants to know?" Otsisa looked over her shoulder, and whispered hesitantly. "A friend. Rumor is you know a little something about the..." She hesitated, unsure of how secure this place was. "Cell, I am looking for." It was covert, anyone listening would not know what it was she was referring to, though she saw by the twinkle in his eye he did.

    Hastily Turii abandoned his drink, and with a speedy foot walked out the door. In a heartbeat Otsisa was following behind him. She didn't want to startle the man, though she would not let him escape either. As he walked down the street she was on his tail, and as he turned into an alleyway Otsisa placed a hand on her blaster hidden on her belt under the robe. This could be a trap, but she didn't hesitate to go with him.

    She came face to face with Nassel, who she deduced also had his hand on a hidden holdout blaster under his own cloak. "Yes, I'm connected with this planets Rebel Cell, and you better start talking because all I need to do is shout and you will be surrounded, and shot." he said matter-a-factly. Otsisa decided to make a gesture of good will by placing both her hands out before her, trying to defuse this situation.

    "I have rebel sympathies. And have been on the run for too long." she lied. "I came to this planet seeking solace. It is the Emperors home world..." "He is not one of us!" Turii snapped angrily. She nodded calmly, continuing along with her fabricated story. "So I figured this would be the last place anyone would look for me. Speaking to several residence who are 'in the know' I was directed at you." She stepped forward, as nonthreateningly as possible. "But they also said that your cell hasn't been very active lately. Why is that?"

    He seemed to have lowered his guard somewhat. Though still eyed her suspiciously. "Didn't you hear? The Emperor himself is coming here in a few days. So the ISB decided to do a bit of 'mop up' in the last few weeks by staging several raids, and crushing any sign of resistance. There aren't many of us left." Otsisa feigned surprise with a gasp. "That's awful!" She insisted. Though a moment later she began her real pitch. "But you can't just give up! If the Emperor is coming here, this is our chance to do something big!" Turii crossed his arms, but seemed intrigued. "What are you proposing?" The Twi'lek spoke calmly, trying to walk around the issue while still making her proposal clear. "If we spark some riots, security will be dispatched to deal with them. Taking eye's away from 'his majesties' arrival. I have some contacts who know what they're doing. If you provide the cover, they can put an end to his tyranny once and for all..."

    The human placed a hand on his chin contemplatively. "Sounds like you have this all planned out..." he said trying to lead her on to reveal more, and there was definitely a hint of suspicion still in his voice. But when she did not speak he waved it off. "No, its just not possible. My troops our far to weak. Even before the raids we never could have hoped to organize such an event. Not after..." he stopped, realizing he had spoken too much. "After what?" Otsisa prodded cautiously. "Three months ago." He continued reluctantly "There was a schism in our ranks. A group of local Gungans that had settled in Theed when things were looking good a couple decades ago, they abandoned us to fight on their own. That cut our reserves in half." "Why would they do that?" Otsisa questioned, genuinely curious now. "I'd rather not discuss it. You will need to talk to Gombo, their leader. That is if you can get to him. He's not very hospitable to outsiders these days."

    "Not to worry." she smiled, grabbing a com link from her belt. "I think I know someone he will listen too."
  12. Darth Master Titus

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Orbit-Above Naboo

    Errai sat patiently in the shuttle Titus had given him. He waited for the arrival of Faya, who he'd worked with once before on Coruscant. Errai trusted Faya, and believe she trusted him as well. Given the scope of their mission, they were heavily depending on trust.

    Not long after dozing off, the cockpit began to light up and chirp as he was being hailed. The access codes that displayed on his dash confirmed it was the Jedi. "Latch me in,".

    A tractor beam slowly pulled him towards Faya's ship until they were connected. Errai exited one ship into another. Faya greeted him almost immediately. "It has been some time, mercenary." She offered a hand towards Errai, who clasped her hand. "Indeed it has. I'm glad to see you haven't gotten yourself killed."

    "There's still time for that," Faya joked, even though both knew the possibility was very likely. "So," Errai started, "Do we have any clue as to what we're going to do, and more importantly how do we plan on taking out the..Emperor." He hung on the last word, for the first time really comprehending the gravity of this mission. "Well, that is why we are here before the Emperor. We are going to scout ahead of time. Palpatine will most likely give a galactic wide speech in Theed. That should be our main focus."

    "Wasn't there a person of interest we should've been approaching?". Faya considered, "Janek Korso...I've recently gotten word that he has already been dealt with. He has been forced to reign from his security position."

    With the security head already out of the way, that eliminated one step of the plan. However, it did seem very odd to Errai that they had already removed Janek from his security position. "When will we begin?"

    "Now. The Emperor has just departed from Coruscant."

    The pair made way to Theed Spaceport. To maintain their stealth, they needed to use fake identification cards. By now, the Empire should be plenty aware of at least the people of importance to the Black Sun criminal organization. Fortunately, the I.D.'s worked. Their mission didn't end before it even started.

    Naboo was such a beautiful planet, it was unfortunate it had been tainted by war not long before. Just a few decades ago. Luckily enough, the only damage that had been done was slight structural damage caused by battle tanks navigating the tight, narrow alleyways.

    Gorgeous buildings loomed high, situated along waterways and canals. Theed itself was situated atop of mountain if you will, with the water leading right off the cliffs, creating waterfalls. "Where should we start?" asked Errai. "Hmm, well if Palpatine were to give an address, it would likely be in front of the Royal Palace of Theed. Problem is, each building with a line of sight to the Palace will certainly be manned with at least two Stormtroopers. And if you've noticed, there are a lot of buildings surrounding the Palace. I do not think we will be able to set up above, which leads us to an option of rigging the underground tunnels with explosives."

    Errai pondered this plan. "I don't know. Palpatine is from Naboo, he'd likely know every place to check for a possible assassination plot. Plus, after the Battle of Naboo these tunnels became public knowledge. I am not sure this will work."

    The two did not know where to go from here, but they would figure it out eventually.


    Meanwhile, the Emperor was on his way to Naboo. He would be there within no time. He already sent teams to clear every inch of Theed. As the most powerful man in the Galaxy, he certainly took every precaution necessary. Even though he knew nothing, and no one could take his life. He welcomed the thought of someone attempting to take his life. How foolish.


    Stormtrooper squadrons flooded the streets of Theed without warning. They entered the alleys and buildings alike. From below, Errai and Faya could hear each team; CLEAR! CLEAR! CLEAR! This went on for tens of minutes as they swept each building.

    "New plan?" Faya was willing to hear any of the mercenary's plans. "Um..I was hoping you had one. Let's see, we can sneak into one of the buildings, kill the troopers and disguise ourselves as one of them. While the Emperor gives his speech, someone creates a diversion and one of us take him out. Specifically you as you have the Force to aid you," Errai teased Faya.

    "I've got no better idea. But we have to coordinate with ConservativeJedi321. He is the one we have to rely on to create a diversion. Additionally, Jax Nova has been tasked with finding Banjeer's aid and rescuing Scholomancer. We cannot act prematurely for if we initiate the attack too soon, we put the others at risk. This must be done simultaneously for our best chance at succeeding."

    Errai grumbled to himself, Great debriefing skills Titus. You could've let me know all of these conditions beforehand.
  13. General Immodet

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    Dec 5, 2012

    As the Emperor's shuttle touched down, Queen Apailana began feeling herself very nervous. She, however, couldn't show any signs of stress, otherwise the Imperial security personnel would be alerted. Even with Janek Karso removed, she didn't know exactly who to trust. After all, the Imperial intelligence services seemed to have spies everywhere. So, even her most trusted employees were a potential threat. Realizing there was no way back, she gathered all her strenght and slowly walked to the front. First, the red-armoured Royal Guards left the shuttle. Emperor Palpatine and his guests followed only later on. Although she disgusted Palpatine, she nonetheless kneeled before him.

    Apailana: Welcome, your excellency. Welcome, home.
    Palpatine: You may rise, Queen Apailana. When I enter Theed, I no longer serve as Emperor. Like you, I just am another child who grew up in this magnificent city.
    Apailana: Yes, Theed has lost none of its beauty throughout the years. How was your journey?
    Palpatine: Very tiring, especially for an old man like me. Before enjoying this city's beauty, I must first rest. Have my private quarters been prepared?
    Apailana: Of course, my Emperor. I look forward to meeting you again sometime soon.

    As the Imperial ensemble made its way towards the Palace, Trillian Banjeer found himself in the company of the new security chief. Since the musicians, celebrating Palpatine's visit, were making so much noice, they could talk without anyone overhearing their conversation. Still, they were very careful what they said to each other. No one was allowed to know what they were up to.

    Banjeer: Are you ready for the big celebration, officer?
    Security chief: Yes, I am. Thanks for asking. New security protocols are in place.
    Banjeer: Good. Make sure our mutual friends receive those protocols. We cannot let something go wrong on this glorious occasion, now can we?

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    Mar 19, 2016

    Ut-Reb Chets homeworld was a truly beautiful place, the tree's, the sky, the architecture. Until now he hadn't even realized how much he missed it. Though This portion of the city was hardly as grandiose as the rest. Following the battle of Naboo, of which he was a part, relations between the Gungans and the Naboo had improved significantly. More so then at any other point in their history. And while he was not on planet at the time he had heard rumors, second hand accounts of the steps both societies had taken to capitalize on this age of good feeling.

    One of the major ones was an attempt at integration. A major tour industry was created for his peoples lovely underwater cities, though few if any humans actually moved their as it wasn't exactly the best environment for the air breathers to thrive. But that didn't stop many Gungans from taking opportunities to move in to the human settlements, a place of new jobs, and a chance to take in a foreign culture first hand. This worked out well for the remaining years of Queen Amidala's term, with the two people's recent teamwork against the Traded Federation in the forefront of everyone's memories.

    Though as the years passed things slowly began to deteriorate, her successors attempted to keep things cordial, though culture clashes inevitably breeded resentment. By the Clone Wars relations were very strained, though they came together in the face of a foreign threat when the Separatist conflict approached their home, but with the rise of the Empire things have gone from bad to worse. The human centric imperialists capitalized on this long existing resentment, and now as the Black Sun agent walked through the street, it appeared to him to be more of a Ghetto than the shinning example of the advancing Nabooian-Gungan Relations it was initially intended to be. He supposed they were fortunate the current Queen was still resisting pressures to boot them out of the city completely, though there was little she could do to improve quality of life.

    Ut-Reb carefully pulled the hood he was wearing across his eye's. He remained nervous he could run into someone who knew him, and that would compromise his position. Though as he looked across the dark cul-de-sac, and felt some of his concern subside. Most of those who lived in this area appeared young, their beaks were not fully developed, and eye stocks looked round like lightbulbs. There were a few elders here and there, though most seemed senile and unaware. Though the question remained where the adults were at. Though if Otsisa's intel was correct he could probably guess.

    With a reluctant step he approached an opening I the ground that ought to be a sewer if he was correct. The smell coming from it was rancid, though he supposed that would detour any potential guards from coming near it. He smoothly slid down it, in to the catacombs below. And sure enough the moment he hit the ground he felt a blaster pointing at his back. "Whatsa the passworda?" The Sentry demanded. "Mesa no knowing da Passworda, but mesa being a friend." "Datsa da wrong answera!" The raspy voiced male threatened, though another voice stopped him from pulling the trigger. "Waita, hesa coulda be an asset. Letsa here him out." Quickly Ut-Reb capitalized on the hesitation. "Yesa, mesa beein supporten yousa guys cause. Mesa wanna help."

    A moment of pause occurred between them, and the guard behind him lowered his blaster. The Black Sun Agent turned to face two pasty-orange skinned Male Gungans, both of which appeared to be about twenty years old. "Yousa beein a brother. But howsa we suppose to beein trusting yousa?" Ut-Reb answered in a moment. "Mesa came alonea. An Unarmed." the second part was a lie, though his pocket pistol was small enough he doubted anything short of an Imperial level search would locate it strapped to his shin. The two guards looked at each other reluctantly, and the one who expressed reluctance to blast him on sight spoke up again. "Wesa shoulda bring him to da boss." And reluctantly his companion conceded.

    They led him down a long dark pipeline, and eventually the Gungans could see light at the end of the tunnel. Literally, he could really see light. Ut-Reb placed a hand above his eye stalks to be sure he saw what he was seeing. And yes indeed it was, the tunnel opened up in a near by forest outside the city. And large groups of Gungan Rebels were situated about there. One stood out above all others, a large Ankura Gungan with green skin sitting on a rock issuing orders to the various troops. Ut-Reb assumed this one was "Gombo".

    The leader turned to them and demanded "Whosa dis?" and one of the guards stepped forward to explain him. "Dis es a gungan brother whosa wesa found exploren da sewersa. Hesa claims hesa wanten to be joining our resistance." All eye's fell on Ut-Reb who was desperately thinking of a potential story to lead them down, so as to result in them rejoining with the humans to aid in their distraction. "Howsa did yousa even know to goin down da sewers?"

    And that was the question now wasn't it. Ut-Reb took a second to collect his thoughts, before concluding the best outcome he could hope for also required him to take a massive risk. He had to tell the truth, at least part of it anyways. "Mesa haven a friend, one with connectionsa to da Nabooian rebel cell." A collective gasp was heard, as well as several clicks and moans that sounded like they were coming from aimed blaster rifles. "Wesa wanta notthin to do wit da Naboo!" Gombo shouted in an attempt to silence Ut-Reb, who continued unhindered. "Deysa pointed mesa in yousa's direction. But warned mesa da two of yousa had a falling out. Mesa want to know whysa dat is? Are wesa notta more powerful working together den apart?"

    Once again silence fell amongst the gathered Gungans, and Gombo stood tall and proud, glaring menacely down at Ut-Reb Chets. "Yousa wanna know why? Why it is wesa no longera beein friendsa wit da Naboo!" He shook his head, and spat on the ground with fury."Deysa betrayed us! Deysa been bomben oursa homes. Deysa tinken dey so smarten, like deysa brains so big! But no, dey insisten it wassa an intelligencin error. And wesa accepten dat, oncea, twicen, even tree timesa! But whenen dey leveled da Gungan-Town hospital tent, deysa goin to far. Wesa bein on our own for gooden now. No more mistakens! No more excusesa!"

    Ut-Reb could scarcely believe his ears. And indeed, he was immediately skeptical of the claims. He had no doubt a bomb may have gone off at the hospital tent in the Ghetto, but he couldn't believe the Naboo intended that to be the results. It was all too coincidental for his liking, if what Otsisa told him was true, this all went down only a few months ago, a few months before the Emperor was scheduled to arrive on Naboo. Very suspicious. "If mesa can proven itsa be not da Rebels fault, den will yousa listen to dere offer for an alliancea?" Just then a air horn was heard, and a bright orange skinned female ran out from the tunnels. "Boss, dey Imperials are mounten a search of da Gungan-Town!" Panic set in, and the Gungans began to mobilize for something, it didn't look to be a attack, more like recalling the civilians into hiding, or defending themselves if it came down to it. Indeed, it seemed for a moment Gombo had completely forgotten about Ut-Reb, until he turned to him with a worn look on his face that made him look far older than he must have been. "Yousa get thatsa evidence, and maybe wesa beein friends again."

    And with that Ut-Reb activated his comm channel to report into Otsisa, surely she would know where to look next. With the increased frequency of these raids he feared they were running low on time, they had to hurry...

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    Even after Karso was removed, Garm Bel Iblis did not cease extorting Shadow Trooper's people on Corellia. He was using his position of power over thme to force Black Sun to smuggle guns to his insurgents. Shadow Trooper was therefore very pleased when General Immodet presented his strategy for removing the Senator.
    "I have informed an old contact of mine, the Holonet reporter Isha about Banjeer's role in the conspiracy and have promised her even further evidence. She has said that when we can provide solid proof of all of the participants then she will broadcast it live. If you could record your next meeting with Bel Iblis or his representatives, than we can send it to the reporter to expose him and remove the threat of his Black mail."
    Unfortunately, Bel Iblis himself was unavailable to meet with the Corellian. Shadow Trooper was dealt with by one of Bel Iblis's Lieutenants. The man was a hardened rebel, well experienced in covert operations. He was taciturn and laconic in his speech so Shadow Trooper was unable to get him to implicate Bel Iblis by name. He was able to get the Rebel to transmit seditious and treasonous plans for Black sun to assist in. It would have been better if Black Sun could have gotten Bel Iblis himself but Black Sun were working on a tight time schedule. Hopefully the revelation that a top aide of the Senator was involved would be enough to trigger a paranoid and violent response towards Bel Iblis from the ISB. Immodet warned Shadow Trooper that it was too dangerous to send this information directly to the reporter over the holo net because all members of the press covering Palpatine's event were being closely monitored. They would have to use a courier to deliver the recording to her in person. As Shadow Trooper's principal agent on site, Captain Malis was designated with this responsibility.

    For the second time this week, Captain Malis was headed towards the Royal palace on Naboo. He had thought he was home free after he removed Karso, but he had become a victim of his own success. Shadow Trooper had sent him back into the rancor's den with a most compromising data card. If he was caught with this in his possession by ISB he would surely be tortured and killed.
    Malis breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the sentry was one of Banjeer's people rather than the ISB creep he had to deal with last time.
    "You are back?" the Security agent questioned the Duros. "You are not here to remove another chief are you?"
    "I'm here for more.. personal reasons. A Lady Friend of mine is residing here. She is a holonet reporter named Isha."
    "I have seen her program. She's a human isn't she?" The Security man looked disgusted. "How does your relationship even work?"
    "That is rather personal don't you think." Malis feigned indignation. "Now can I pass now, or do you plan on further questioning me about my personal relationships."
    Malis arrived at the holonet reporter's dwelling without further incident. Isha was expecting him.
    "I assume you are Immodet's man. Do you have the information?"
    "All of that, and more!" Malis smiled. "The tape will only play once before it self destructs, so don't play it before it broadcasts."
    The last bit was a personal modification of Malis's. He was unsure about the reporter's loyalty to Immodet and he did not want her tampering with the recording or revealing his surprise early. For Malis had a little secret; the holo recording that Malis had handed over was unedited. It revealed both the Rebel's plans and the assistance the Corellian promised them in these operations. When Isha sent it out live, Vigo Shadow Trooper, the Corellian would be implicated as a traitor and a rebel before the entire galaxy.
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    Rebel Base
    They rebels seemed to be warming up to her... somewhat, Otsisa thought. She could still recognize traces of mistrust in their eye's, though they were far more open to her questions now. And when she asked about where it was they received their intelligence, they seemed to know exactly what it was she was thinking. "You believe there to be a traitor in our midst don't you?" Turii Nassel responded casually. "Well your following a trail that leads to a dead end, I can tell you now. Our source is air tight, he's a brother of mine at the Imperial Security Bureau here in Theed. He's been handing us intel under the Imps nose for years and hasn't been caught. He would never betray us." Otsisa nodded as she considered his point. Most cultures held a policy of 'blood is thicker than water' and if this man is of relation to Turii it would be unlikely he would willing sell out his relative. Unlikely, but not impossible. It was a lead she continued to press. "He might not have sold you out, but can you be so sure they haven't uncovered him? What if they have been feeding him false intel to get closer to you?" The Rebel leader seemed caught off guard by this idea, and his hesitation was enough to give Otsisa confidence she was on the right trail. "What's his name Turii?" it took a moment for him to consent to give her that info, but he did.

    On The Streets of Theed
    "Presal." the Twi'lek whispered to herself. "Agent Presal Nassel." She ducked behind a corner. Security was tight today. She couldn't be sure, as she was not due to check in until she was ready, but she suspected this meant that Palpatine was almost here, or he already was. She had to be very careful, these wouldn't be ordinary mooks, they probably wouldn't fall for any of the tricks she usually used to just walk in. As she peaked out of her hood she thought for a moment what her options were. And just then she witnessed a couple of humans walking towards a V-35 land speeder, hand in hand as if on a date of some kind. And that gave her an idea, she didn't like it, but she decided it was her best bet. The Twi'lek walked out of the alleyway, and bumped into a single white armored Storm Trooper. And she put on a panicked expression. "Ah! You'll never catch me!" and she pushed the startled man to the ground, and ran towards the land speeder, hijacking it a moment before the couple entered the vehicle. She heard one of them shout "Hey! That's mine!" And the storm trooper guard calling for reinforcements as she sped off in the general direction of the security bureau.

    Before long she heard two more guards on her tail, both on speeder bikes. One of them fired a warning shot that scrapped the side of the land speeder. And for a moment Otsisa was worried she had made the wrong choice. She turned a corner, and ran right into a hastily constructed blockade right in front of a bureau building. She slammed on the breaks, and barely avoided crashing into it. A moment later nearly a dozen troops surrounded her, and with a sheepish grin she raised her hands in surrender.

    Theed Security Bureau Courtyard
    One trooper rather roughly put some stun cuffs on her. "Ouch, be careful." She insisted. "Should have thought about that before you assaulted an Imperial Storm Trooper, and stole a speeder." An officer to her right said. "Fine, fine. But you guys have been breathing down my neck for weeks. I got nervous alright? Please can you let me off with a warning?" She pleaded trying to sound genuine. The Human shook his head, as he looked carefully over her false ID. "Utara Henspacker? Is this you?" He questioned. "No that's my pet Nexu." She answered sarcastically. The officer glared at her suspiciously, and she just shrugged her shoulder. "Of course its me! Man you guys need to lighten up. Look, I'll do my time, just let me do it in a Nabooian Prison Cell. I don't like your Imperial facilities, they're cold and dark." Again he shook his head, dismissing her request. And Otsisa began to feel optimistic this just might work. "So, what exactly is a... specimen like you, doing on a planet like this." The human leaned in, observing her coldly. She just looked to the ground, and refused to answer. The Imperial sighed in irritation, and mumbled something about 'insolence'. Then finally he said "Take her away!" and two guards grabbed her by either arm, leading her into the facility.

    ISB Theed Facility
    As the doors to the lift opened again Otsisa stretched her arms as the recently picked stun cuffs fell on the floor next to the unconscious guards. "All too easy." She smirked. She tiptoed down the hall, looking for a computer system, or something else to hack. But first things first, she leaned in, and pulled in another officer, who was resting his back against a door, nocking him out. And with that she stole his code cylinder. "Thank you for the help." She spoke to the slumped form, as she approached a nearby terminal. It wasn't a top ranking person, but it was high enough to access classified files, and the imps clearly weren't expecting such a security breach from inside the ISB. It took her a few minutes to fool the system, though it did eventually let her in. "Guess Wravachar taught me something after all." She laughed. Information scrolled across the screen, confirming most of what she had guessed. The Imps had been tracking Presal for some time, almost since the beginning of his spying days. They hadn't used him much initially, not really caring, they fed him some small time targets that would cause minimal damage or harm, a 'Brief dose of chaos, to cure the greater disease of unrest' as the file put it. Though when they caught wind the Emperor was planning to come here they used this intel to disrupt the rebels, first turning them against their Gungan allies, then tracking down their leaders, and raiding their bases. Seems the Rebels were lucky that Turii was smart enough never to send messages to his brother via the Comm at his main base, otherwise they would have gotten him too. Otsisa copied this intel onto her datapad, and prepared to go off searching for Presal to evacuate him as she promised Turii she would do if her assumptions proved correct.

    But just then the door to the room opened, and a young agent walked in, he was startled to see it already had an occupant that was clearly not an imperial. In an instant he closed the door behind him and reached for his blaster, he tried to say something but Otsisa was faster, she pulled her hidden pocket pistol out and stunned him. He hit the ground hard. She came around the desk, and after getting a closer look she had a startling realization. Kneeling down, she pulled off the mans hat, which had been covering most of his eye's. "Wait? Presal Nassel?" She recognized him from a picture Turii had shown him before her mission. The human moaned somewhat, and she took that to be a yes. "Well that makes my job easier. Now we just need to get out of here." "Hanger.. down hall..." Presal managed to mumble. "Thank you, you're lucky I set my blaster to stun." she joked, as she pulled him to his feet, and began humbling him in the direction of the exit.

    Rebel Base
    Within hours diplomatic relations had been reestablished between the Naboo and the Gungans, and though their remained a tension in the air, plans were already coming to fruition. Which is a good thing considering that Otsisia had just reopened her information briefs and confirmed The Emperor's presence on planet. They had to act quickly now. She finally sent a simple message to her fellow conspirators. "We are ready."

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    Naboo - Imperial Palace

    When he arrived on Naboo, Emperor Palpatine had deliberately shown himself to be physically weak. However, in reality, he had never been stronger. The whole show only served one purpose: to draw his enemies out of hiding. He requested to be left alone not to rest, but to meditate. During his meditation, he tapped deep into the Force, trying to catch a glimpse of the future. Then, suddenly, he sensed something... Something he hadn't sensed for a long time. In his vicinity, there appeared to be a strong presence of the Force. The true nature of this presence eluded him. On most occasions, he could directly tell whether such a presence was light or dark, but not this time. In this case, light and dark no longer seemed to matter. The presence didn't frighten him. On the contrary, it only made Palpatine more determined to do away with all potential threats.

    Palpatine's meditation was disturbed by Moff Panaka, someone the Emperor had know for a very long time. The Moff expressed his concerns about Palpatine giving a speech. According to him, the Emperor's safety could not be guaranteed. 'The security chief seems to share a different opinion on that matter, Moff Panaka. Even if there are risks, I will gladly take them. The Galaxy needs to see my face once in while, my friend. It reminds the Galaxy's citizens that I continue striving for peace and stability', Palpatine reassured the Imperial Moff. Then, the security chief entered the room. He briefly stared at Panaka, giving him a angry look. Then he turned his attention towards his Imperial Majesty. 'Your Excellence, everyone is ready when you are. Please, follow me', he said. The three people walked outside the room where they were joined by Queen Apailana. They all took place in an armoured vehicle which would transport them to the grand plaza. Three identical vehicles accompanied them, together with marching platoons of Imperial Stormtroopers.

    As the Emperor appeared on the balcony, he raised his hands into the sky. As a result, the people started cheering. It took quite a while before the noise turned down. Then, he started addressing the people. 'Not too long ago, I walked through those streets as a child. Back then, everyone seemed to have a good life. At least, on Naboo. I wasn't aware of the difficulties so many people on other planets had to face. I dare admit even as a Senator I was unaware. But then, the Trade Federation invaded my beautiful homeworld. All the sudden, everyone was reminded how fragile peace really is. Nobody deserved living under such uncertain circumstances. Although I sometimes doubted my mission, I took it upon myself to make the Galaxy a better place. A place where people could live the life I had as a child. Now, so many years later, I have never been closer at making that dream come true. With your assistance...', the Emperor kept on talking while two assassins prepared themselves to strike.
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    Dec 10, 2014
    Theed, Naboo - Plaza

    Theed had become littered with Imperial Stormtroopers. There was almost no inch of the city unmanned. Audience members flocked to the grand plaza to await the arrival of the Emperor. Palpatine was undoubtedly on Naboo. Errai and Faya had to act quick and get into position. They were rapidly running out of time.

    The agreed upon plan was to disguise themselves as Imperial troops, and from a balcony they would wait for the Emperor to arrive. Shortly after he started his speech, Faya would gun him down. Finding the right sniper nest was the key. "One question Faya..what do you plan on shooting him with?" She pondered his question for a moment. "Hmm. Good question. I only have this blaster.." She flashed the pistol blaster towards Errai who dropped his jaw and rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry sweetheart, but do you honestly believe you can snipe the Emperor with that peashooter..? I know you have the 'Force' and all, but even that can't help you."

    Faya grew impatient with his useless complaining. "First of all, I have grown fond of you. Don't make me shoot you with this 'peashooter' for calling me 'sweetheart'. Errai threw his hands up jokingly in response, even though he knew her threats weren't sincere. "We must get going now".

    Using binoculars, Faya and Errai scoped out the city looking for the right building to hit. A balcony overlooking the entire plaza would be ideal, allowing them to have a clear view of all of the Imperial personnel in the city. Faya eventually spotted a good target, and then indicated it to Errai. "Oh, good spot. Hmm let's see. What do you have there, Imps..." Errai immediately looked to the guard's weapons. Two scout troopers occupied a balcony in the perfect nest position. "Oh baby! Is that what I think it is..yes it is, oh yes it is." He couldn't contain his excitement. Faya looked over him, "What are you on about?". The mercenary double checked to make sure he was right, "Yup! Okay, so we have two guards armed with E-11 BlasTech sniper rifles. We're in business. Now this is what you can assassinate an Emperor with!"

    They had already begun their watch. It would probably be a two minute walk to their building, but could take longer given there were squads patrolling the streets as well. They'd have to be cautious approaching.

    Navigating the streets as slowly as possible, they finally entered the building. They worked their way up to the floor and room with the intended balcony. The pair approached the hall leading up to the room. Just as they were turning the corner, Faya abruptly yanked Errai back. Soon after, troopers could be heard talking outside of the sweet. Errai prepared himself to gun them down, but eventually the troops guarding the hall were called to secure another location. The assassins now had no one in their way, just the two guards inside the room.

    While Faya watched his back, Errai began to pick the lock to the room. He slowly opened the door, hoping it would not squeal and squeak. Straight across the sweet was the balcony, curtains flowing from the open air breeze. Shooting them dead on the balcony was out of the question. And them sneaking up behind them on the balcony was also a no-go. They would risk being seen by the other snipers around the city. Faya had a plan in mind already. By the front door was a lamp shade. Using the Force, she toppled it over, causing a thud inside. Both guards were alerted, but only one went to investigate. The other stayed at his post, overlooking the city. Hiding behind a counter, Faya waited until the scout trooper walked past until she pistol-whipped him in the head. He crumpled to the ground. Quickly, Errai stripped the trooper of his armor and then suited himself into it. Faya drug the trooper and stashed him in a nearby closet. She pistol-whipped him again to make sure he stayed unconscious for a while.

    The second trooper reluctantly abandoned post to check on his comrade. Unfortunately for him he was also ambushed. Giving him the same treatment, Errai and Faya both grabbed their E-11 snipers and assumed position on the balcony, overlooking the beautiful city of Theed. Their helmets had comm units in them, which was on the receiving end of the chatter across all of the Stormtrooper units. They listened out for any signs of the Emperor's arrival. Within a minute, they got what they waited for.

    "The Emperor has reached his checkpoint. All units be prepared for anything. Snipers, watch the windows of every building. Foot patrol, keep the crowd under control. Watch for any signs of rogue assailants. Eyes open everyone, Leader One out."

    With every passing second, Errai's heart beat tripled the following second's pace. Here he was, on Naboo, about to assassinate the galaxy's Emperor alongside a former Jedi. He would have been more confident had Pax, Ciro, and Rig been at his side with Faya. This is something he would have wanted them to experience with him, his partners in crime. But he had complete confidence Faya would do her job flawlessly. He trusted her with his life as well. Deep down, however, he had a great suspicion he would not be returning to see Titus, Pax and Ciro again. His chances of survival were about as high as his chances of becoming the ruler of the galaxy. He shook those thoughts out of his head. A clear mind was an absolute must at the moment.

    Their personal comm units buzzed as Otsisa informed them, "We are ready."

    Faya and Errai adjusted their scopes, aiming toward the plaza. "Showtime. Here he is,"

    The Emperor appeared on the balcony and addressed the crowd before him, 'Not too long ago, I walked through those streets as a child. Back then, everyone seemed to have a good life. At least, on Naboo. I wasn't aware of the difficulties so many people on other planets had to face. I dare admit even as a Senator I was unaware. But then, the Trade Federation invaded my beautiful homeworld. All the sudden, everyone was reminded how fragile peace really is. Nobody deserved living under such uncertain circumstances. Although I sometimes doubted my mission, I took it upon myself to make the Galaxy a better place. A place where people could live the life I had as a child. Now, so many years later, I have never been closer at making that dream come true. With your assistance...',

    Errai activated his personal comm channel linked to his co-conspirators. "We have the Emperor in our sights. Ready".

    This was the moment, the fate of the Galaxy would change this very moment at the hands of a group of rebels and criminals. How funny, Black Sun criminals doing the Galaxy a favor. He looked over to Faya. "May the Force be with you." All she could do was smile as she steadied her breath and readied her trigger finger, calling on the Force to guide her.

  19. General Immodet

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    Dec 5, 2012

    Everyone's attention was directed towards Emperor Palpatine. Everyone, except for Trillian Banjeer. He knew the time had come for Black Sun to strike. Soon, chaos would erupt on the grand plaza. Banjeer looked at all directions, but he was unable to tell where the danger would come from. It didn't matter much to him, as longs as the job was done. He activated his comlink and gave one of his agents an assignment: 'Activate the device given to us by that engineer... It will cut off all communication and stop ships from entering the system. That way, we won't be disturbed by reinforcements. Prepare yourself. The time has come'.


    The Vigo Council had been waiting for this moment to do away with Banjeer and his fellow conspirators. When they received word from Otsisa that things were about to go down, the council members contacted Bookman. He would rescue Vigo Scholomancer, so he could not be used as leverage. At the same time, on Naboo, holonet reporter Isha would reveal Banjeer's complicity, probably taking him down once an for all. At least, that's the way the council members hoped everything would turn out...
  20. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016

    Otsisa Frerwalka was impressed by how fast this rag tag rebel band had managed to put a coherent plan together. They were putting the last few touches on it now, mercs were already spread throughout the city sowing the seeds of rebellion. The rebel leaderships was almost ready, as they stood over the holographic display of their plans in the 'war room' of their base.

    "It is essential the attack appears spontaneous." She said calmly before the Nassel brothers, and the holographic representation of Gombo and the Gungan leadership. "Do not bring heavy ordnance. Maybe hand blasters, though ideally most weapons used should be stolen from the Storm Trooper Guards. If this looks staged, the Imps will know something is up and we jeopardize everything."

    "I will not needlessly risk the lives of my troops, nor will I do anything that could turn the emperors wrath on the innocent citizens of Naboo. Are you sure about this?" Turii said with great concern in his voice. She could hardly blame him, this wasn't small time arson they were talking about. "My people are the best." Otsisa responded firmly. Though sincere doubts maintained in her mind. "When the Emperor is... dealt with, the Empire will be thrown into a state of disarray. When that happens, you and all the other Rebel Cells out there will have an opportunity to strike back, declare your independents, or just get your people to safety as you see fit." Of course she couldn't be sure it would all go down like that, but neither did she care. All that mattered was they kept the distraction up long enough for Faya and Errai to take down Palpatine.

    A moment later a female rebel burst into the room with news. "The Emperors speech has begun!" And there was no turning back. "Then now is the time!" Shouted Presal, now dressed in less formal civilian clothes. And Gombo nodded with determination. "Wesa ready to do oursa part."

    The Streets of Naboo

    Of course the list of people in attendance to the Emperors speech was very numerous, though also carefully vetted to advance the notion of 'Imperial Solidarity' only loyalists were close enough for the camera's to see. Otsisa stood well away from the center of the action, though she could hear applause, and some cheering at various points. Storm Trooper Guards stood around the area, checking identifications of anyone who appeared to be going to see the speech, while not so much as glancing the dozens of other people going about their daily lives. She figured most of those not in attendance either had rebel sympathies, or were just indifferent. So when the fighting began they would probably do one of two things, either join in, or flee. She hoped most would do the former, as it would make the uprising seem all the more genuine.

    Soon enough the lively movements of the streets began to centralize around the guards at the courtyard entrance, who seemed baffled by the angry looks. Insults began being thrown. "Imperial Scum!" "Get off our world!" "We don't want you here!" "That tyrant is NOT one of us!" Otsisa knew most of the insults came from disguised rebels trying to stoke up tensions. She also saw many civilians curiously watching the scene, while parents and grand parents quickly shuffled young children away from all of the commotion.

    Otsisa's communicator beeped, and a message came through it. "We have the Emperor in our sights. Ready". The Twi'lek looked at the growing revolts, and another message from her communicator beeped. This one from Ut-Reb. "Thesa Gungans have started oursa's strikes." And Otsisa knew it was time.

    Instantly she whispered back to the Assassins. "It has started. Not sure how long it will last. Hurry."

    And Just as she finished, she heard blaster fire, she glanced up and witnessed as a man she didn't recognize tackled a trooper, and steal his blaster. Reinforcements were already coming as the wave of dissent spread all across the city. Her job was done, she tugged her hood across her eye line, and began to walk out of the growing battlefield. Hopefully she could meet Ut-Reb at their rendezvous near the hanger, and escape before the Imperials locked down all forms of civilian transportation.

    However this ended it wasn't going to be pretty.

    Darth Master Titus, General Immodet, Shadow Trooper
  21. Jax Nova

    Jax Nova Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 22, 2014
    Coruscant: Senta Sector

    When Glade arrived Mariel had cleaned the place up perfectly. He was actually a little impressed but he would never say as much. To a passer by the area would look as though noting ever happened. Even the blaster shots had been cleaned and covered up. He glanced around and said simply. "This will do."

    "Well it better," Mariel said with a satisfied smile and scanning over the area with her eyes one last time.

    "Now where is Mahrwen?" Glade asked, ignoring her comment.

    Mariel rolled her eyes at his seriousness and started walking, guns in hand and a sway to her step. She walked through the containers and over to her speeder. She activated a small holo image and zoomed in on an area of the map just a few minutes from where they were. "Here," she pointed. "It doesn't look all that impressive, really... I mean I've broke into worse alone. With a squad we should be fine." she pointed out a few security cameras as she continued gazing at the blue floating image. "Here, here, and here, are the only cameras. No external security. What they might have on the inside is unknown but I'm guessing by the looks of things they decided to go with the low profile in hopes no one would ever suspect the location... after all..." she chuckled. "It is an old bantha meat packing plant. Cleaver really... It looks like they had crates over here to load the live animals off, run them through the slaughter process, then to packing. That should be our best way in I think."

    Glade nodded. "Looks good enough to me. Let's do it."

    "We are not waiting for the others?" Mariel asked.

    Glade shook his head. "I've got a tip from an informant that they are planning on moving Vigo Scholomancer. We need to go now." With that Glade headed back to his own speeder and the two zipped off to the facility and parked down below the loading platform Mariel had pointed out. To climb up was an easy task, there were old ladders placed originally for maintenance. They avoided the security cameras and stormed
    in guns blazing... or at least that was the plan. When Glade shoved through the door, however, they were met by... nothing. The place seemed abandoned. In fact, it looked as though no one had been in this facility for years.

    "What the..." Glade stopped his initial reaction as Mariel's face seemed equally as confused. "This is the wrong place!" he hollered.

    "I had-" Mariel started to say but then a sound was heard down the hall and they quietly crept over to discover what it might be. Perhaps the facility was simply... mostly unused? The sound was coming from a room at the end of the hallway. As the two approached they opened the door and readied to shoot. Once again, their faces were left cross as a rodent scurried out hurriedly at their intrusion. "I KNOW I had good information from that guy!" Mariel said. "I can always tell when people are lying." She eyed the place suspiciously. "Always..." she repeated softly.

    Glade looked about, a thoughtful expression. Out of curiosity he stopped to look at what the rodent had been occupied with. It seemed like crumbs of food. "Hm..." he pondered the situation as he stood and walked out of the room and down the hallway.

    "What?" Mariel asked, but Glade said nothing. "You said, 'Hm..' Hmm what?" she asked. Still Glade said nothing. He simply walked up to a door in the hallway and pressed the access panel. Nothing happened, the panel was dead. Mariel furrowed her brow as Glade went to the next door and the next. They were all dead. He forced his way into one, glancing about at nothing but an empty room covered in dust.

    "You did get good information," he said, finally. He walked back to the room where they had seen the rodent.

    "None of the other doors work," Mariel observed. "Someone is keeping this door working for a reason."

    Glade nodded. "And this rodent would not have found anything to eat if someone had not been in here recently." He kicked the crumbs across the floor and looked around. Noticing a large crate he examined the floor to find what seemed like frequent slide marks on the floor from the crate. Sliding the crate over he revealed a tunnel that went down. "And that is where target is."

    Mariel stood motionless for a moment as Glade started down the ladder in the tunnel. "Wait..." she spoke thinking back to the holo image. "If they have an underground level there is only one place they could exit." Glade looked up at her. "Underneath the export platform on the other side of the factory is the sewage drains. It's the only opening and it's large enough to fly a one man fighter down. If we go down here the place could be huge and we may never find our way around in time. We should cut them off."

    Glade hesitated. If she was right they would likely miss their rescue... he couldn't fail his first important assignment from Black Sun! If she was wrong... well then they would likely miss their rescue. Either way things were not going as planned. So... he jumped out of the hole and scooted the box over, then rigged it with explosives.

    "What are you doing?" Mariel asked.

    "This way, I'll know if they try and leave this way. My data pad will alert me if these explosives go off."

    "I thought we were trying to rescue this guy, not kill him!" Mariel protested.

    "I didn't figure you as one to have a problem with killing," Glade said, finishing his explosive trap and running back to wards their speeders. "Scholomancer won't be in front. They will have at least a guard or two. They may die but everyone else will be fine."

    Mariel didn't argue. She was pretty sure the trap would not be triggered anyways. They jumped on their speeders and head around the facility to the drain and sure enough, as they arrived, there were three men just loading Vigo Scholomancer into a ship to move him off world.

    "Hurry up!" one man said. "We have to get this prisoner moved! We are the last men out and the boss is going to be cross with us!"

    Glade and Mariel didn't even dismount their speeders. They drew their blasters and with a few muzzle blasts the three men fell. As they approached the container with the prisoner, however, they looked in confusion. This was not Scholomancer... no it was not him at all.

    "Who the heck are you?" Mariel asked.

    "I am Vish Tunn, Aroks chief scientist and weapons designer. Or... I was at least." He hung his head.

    As they stood there Glade suspiciously ignored the prisoner and headed straight for the ship as a man emerged.

    "Well, well... Glade Myst," a voice said as the man walked down the loading ramp. "I guess I always knew this day would come."

    Glade stared at the man with a smile, lifted his blaster and aimed it at his head. "I told you it would..." With that a shot rang out and the man dropped dead. Under his breath in a cold airy voice Glade whispered, "Goodbye Mahrwen."
  22. Darth Master Titus

    Darth Master Titus Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 10, 2014
    Theed, Naboo

    Blaster fire range out, but it was not from Faya. The rebels had begun their distraction, but in all honesty it made her job even harder. As soon as the first shot range out in the courtyard, Imperial troopers scrambled about looking to neutralize the threat.

    What made this difficult was Palpatine's personal bodyguards, the Royal Guards, immediately shielded him while the Imperial commanders who accompanied the Emperor shouted orders to flank him.

    She no longer had a clear shot. Focusing her breathing, calling on the Force to steady her aim and calm her mind, Faya set her sights on the Emperor once more. There would only be a small window of opportunity for her to take a shot. If she were to miss, well that would be game over for them.

    Errai was to her left, staring down his scope as well. Except he was not looking for a shot at the Emperor, but watching the other snipers. He waited for Faya to take the shot.

    Finally, the shot presented itself. A small pocket opened up between two Royal Guards, exposing the Emperor ever so slightly. There was no hesitation, Faya squeezed the trigger and let the Force take over. It would be impossible for the shot to miss its target. The Force guided her, or so she thought.

    Still staring down the scope of the sniper rifle, Faya watched the trajectory of the blast. It followed a perfect arch straight towards the exposed right temple of the Emperor. A grin pursed her lips for she was a mere fraction of a second away from assassinating the Emperor.

    He grin dissipated as her expression turned to horror. Within yards away from the Emperor, the blast suddenly veered upwards harmlessly flying over the head of Palpatine. Her horror turned to dread as she saw the face of the Emperor, staring right at her and cackling uncontrollably like he knew where she was. Indeed he did. His guards escorted him back into the Royal Palace where he was safe from any attacks.

    She felt something so disturbing when she looked into the Emperor's eyes through the zoomed scope of the E-11s sniper. It clawed at her, looking to consumer her soul. It was the dark side of the force. Unmistakable, unrelenting. Faya put one and two together. The shot suddenly changing trajectories, the Emperor staring right at her, the dark side sensation.

    How could it be? How had he gone this long concealing his true identity. There was no other explanation for what she had just witnessed.

    "Confirmed kill?" Errai asked Faya. No response came. He turned to look at her, but her Imperial trooper helmet concealed her face. "Faya!?"


    It was Errai's turn to look on in horror as all of the snipers turned their direction and began shooting. They were met with volleys of blaster fire raining down on them without letting up. The Jedi mercenary stood frozen, not responding to anything. Errai could not fathom what possibly made Faya freeze at a time like this. It took all of his strength to turn and grab her before dropping to the ground.

    For all of their criticism about being bad shots, they connected on multiple occasions. Once inside the sweet and off of the balcony, Errai removed his and Faya's helmets. "What happened out there? Did you kill Emperor Palpatine?" She shook her head, tears in her eyes. "He..." Faya violently coughed up blood as Errai soon noticed she was hit in her stomach.

    Errai pressed down on the armor hoping to stop some of the bleeding, but it was not looking good. The adrenaline prevented him from feeling his own wounds, as he was hit in the shoulder and leg. "He was what?" Errai pleaded with Faya. "The Force. He has the Force". She continued coughing up blood as more blaster fire rang about the sweet. Troopers were undoubtedly converging on their location.

    The mercenary could not believe what he had just heard. Not only was the man a galactic tyrant, but he also had the Force. Now that was just cheating. "Okay. It's not looking good for us, Faya." He chuckled to try to keep sane, but he was panicking as there was no possible way out.

    A series of explicit words later, Errai hobbled to his feet and barricaded the door with the furniture in the room. Faya remained sprawled out on the floor, losing blood fast. The only thing keeping her alive at this moment was the Force, she was just barely hanging on. However, she knew Errai would fight to keep her alive for as long as possible, so she tried to return the favor by propping herself sitting upright on the wall. She clenched her blaster in her hand, aiming it at the door ready to shoot whoever emerged.

    Errai came back to her side, ducking the sniper fire still entering from the balcony. "It was a pleasure hunting with you." Imperial troops emerged on the sweet, about ten in total. They didn't ask for the would-be assassins to open the door, the blew it off the hinges.

    Errai and Faya unleashed everything they had at the door, killing the entire squad. "There's sure to be a lot more coming." Errai crawled on the floor back to where he dropped his stolen Imperial helmet. He put it back on his head just to scream in the mic, "IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT?! KEEP SENDING THEM TO THEIR DEATH, WE'LL GLADLY KEEP KNOCKING THEM DOWN!"

    He looked at Faya with an annoyed expression on his face. They were both bleeding out, and pretty fast. A few minutes passed by with no signs of any more troops, and the blaster fire had completely stopped. "Maybe they took my threat seriously," he joked. Faya gave a slight shake of the head, basically telling Errai he was stupid.

    Without a moment's notice, missile launcher propelled rockets tore through the room, destroying everything in its path. The entire building floor went up in flames as the Imperials decided not to waste any more of their men. Errai and Faya did not see it coming, and they were gone in just an instant.
    Back on Manaan

    Titus sat down next to Pax and Ciro in comfortable lounging chairs. He handed both of the cousins a glass of the finest alcohol he had. They were watching the HoloNet, keeping tabs on what was transpiring on Naboo. Pax listened to the reporter because he was permanently blinded from a previous fire fight. "I can't believe he didn't take me with him," Ciro shouted. Titus didn't say anything, knowing he is the one who asked him to go on this suicide mission. "Let's just hope they complete their mission. The galaxy will be a much better place without Palpatine and this Empire.

    Reporting live now; news is just in that the civilians in attendance for Emperor Palpatine's speech have just started a riot. Oh..shots have been fired. Palpatine's guards are rushing him into the Royal Palace as we speak. As you can see, Theed is in chaos right now. Imperial troops can be seen firing on civilians who are returning fire. By the stars, this is unbelievable. We are just receiving word two assailants have attempted to take the Emperor's life. He is safely inside the Palace, however. The would-be assassins have failed, and are now barricading themselves in the building. This is just unbelievable.

    The room was quiet, as Pax listened intently on the report, head in his hands as he was almost dying in anticipation. Ciro was staring at the HoloNet broadcast, stone faced. Titus looked on as well, eyes watering, praying his friend make it out of there alive. But they all knew there was no escape.

    As you can see, it looks as if Imperial troops are preparing to fire a missile into the room. Oh goodness, this is absolutely terrifying. Wow, they really just fired it...if you are squeamish please avert your eyes. Nobody could have survived that, the entire floor has been decima...

    The HoloNet broadcast abruptly cut off after Ciro hurled his glass at the projector. He stormed right up to Titus, "you sent him to die. I thought you were his friend!" Titus offered no response, the water in his eyes streamed down his cheeks as the tears began to flow. Pax sniffled but offered defense for Titus, "Errai knew the risks. This is what we are faced with everyday in this business. It's no ones fault. Errai would always risk his life instead of his friends'," Pax placed a firm hand on Titus' shoulder, looking to assure Titus he didn't blame him.

    Ciro shook his head and walked over to Pax, grabbing the handles to his wheelchair. They left Titus in his office by himself.

    The silence killed Titus the most. Left with nothing but his own thoughts, he couldn't cope with it. Leaving his office, Titus headed outside to overlook the vast oceans of Manaan, looking to clear his thoughts. He had brought the cousins here because it was a safe place where they could unwind after recent events had left them scarred. Errai had asked Titus to get them away from the criminal organization for good. Coming to Manaan was the first step. They had kolto mining facilities here, but there was no fighting going on here. Manaan was peaceful enough. Titus was all but ready to abandon the criminal life himself. He wanted to start a family, but he wasn't sure if that was possible just yet, or if it would be at all.

    Now with a failed assassination attempt, a target was on all of the Vigos' back. He would not abandon the Vigo Council now though, they had gone through enough. He kept his comm channel open, waiting for Immodet or Shadow Trooper to come calling.
  23. General Immodet

    General Immodet Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 5, 2012

    While most people started running in different directions, Trillian Banjeer didn't move at all. He kept staring at the balcony. Only seconds ago, the Emperor had been standing there giving a speech. Now, the balcony looked all but abandoned. Since everything happened so quick, he was uncertain whether the Black Sun assassins had succeeded in their mission. Then, suddenly, Banjeer started moving. He walked towards the nearest Imperial outpost and informed about Palpatine's fate. Only at that moment did he find out the assassination attempt had failed. All sorts of thoughts crossed his mind. It took quite some time before he reached a decision. The device, given to him by Vish Tunn, would prevent the Imperials from communicating and stop ships from entering the system. As long as the device was still active, no one would probably discover his involvement. Banjeer decided to hide himself in a pre-arranged emergency spaceship, waiting for the right moment to escape. When he got to the hangar bay, however, Imperial Stormtroopers were waiting for him.

    Merely moments after the assassination attempt, Vish Tunn's device had been deactivated by Imperial intelligence agents. That way, all press reports did actually make it off-planet. One of the journalists who managed to gain a large audience with her news report, was Isha. She released information about those responsible for the coup. The long list, however, didn't only include Banjeer's group, but also Black Sun. Isha, after all, had played the message handed over to her by the treacherous Captain Malis. To the Galaxy, it appeared as if disgruntled justice officers and senators had collaborated with a Jedi fugitive and its criminal allies to make a grab for power. In all news reports, the conspirators were put in a bad daylight: didn't they after all threaten Palpatine's dream about a safe and stable Galaxy?

    After the assassination attempt, chaos had erupted on Naboo. Imperial Stormtroopers tried to arrest Queen Apailana and her entourage for harboring a fugitive Jedi. The Queen responded by joining the resistance forces, taking the fight to the Imperials. The fight, however, didn't take very long. Soon, Imperial troops were back in control of Theed. Moff Panaka managed to locate the Queen, but was met with blasterfire. 'If you stop firing, I guarantee you will get a fair trial! There doesn't have to be any more bloodshed. I already took down that damn security chief. I don't want to take down you, my Queen!', Panaka shouted. 'Never! During the Battle of Naboo, you fought for freedom, Panaka! Do you remember? Now, you are on the other side, fighting to oppress your people!', his adversary responded. As Apailana emerged from her hiding place, Panaka did so as well. Then, suddenly, the firefight ended. Both opponents kept staring at each other until Apailana collapsed to the ground. Panaka rushed to her side, managing to hear her final words: 'Deep down, you know I am right, Panaka... It never is too late to change'.

    Inside the Imperial Palace, Emperor Palpatine received an update from director Isard: 'Your Excellence, all across the Galaxy arrests have been made. Soon, all your opponents will be in jail, even those not involved in the coup. There shall be no one left to challenge your reign once this is over. Congratulations! Preparations have been made for your return to Coruscant. The situation on Naboo is once again safe, so you can leave without further delayal. Queen Apailana and resistance leader Turii Nassel perished during the fighting while the Gungans retreated back into the swamps'. The Emperor agreed with Isard's proposal. However, first, he wanted to catch up with a so-called old friend. Royal guards dragged in a beaten-up Trillian Banjeer who was put down right before the Emperor. 'Even though you probably don't realize it, I created you. And now, I shall be your undoing', Palpatine said while he used the Force to crush Banjeer's windpipe.
  24. Shadow Trooper

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Captain Malis was still waiting in the space port for Otsisa and Ut-Reb. The treacherous Duros captain had wanted to leave as soon as the chaos had broken out in Theed but Xizor had given him strict orders to retrieve any survivors of the assassination team. Xizor said that providing some members of the assassination team to the Empire would further implicate the Vigo Council in the treason against the Empire. Malis was relieved when the Gungan and his partner finally showed up at his dock. The two operatives looked nervous and exhausted. They had clearly had a difficult time on Naboo
    "Is that all of you?" Malis asked. He was by himself so he needed to know how many potential opponents he would have to fight.
    "This is our entire group" Otsisa said. "Errai and Faya are still out there but I don't think we can wait for them here. Things sure have gotten too chaotic around here and the ISB have put the whole city on lockdown. Are you sure the Imperials will even let us leave"
    "Oh yes. I have connections with Armand Isard." Malis replied smoothly. "We might have to hide the Gungan though. I heard the ISB has enacted a prohibition against them leaving the planet after the uprising you two sparked." Perhaps if he could convince them to separate, taking them would be easier. "Maybe if Ut-Reb will put on these shackles, we can smuggle him out and pretend he is a slave."
    "You'sa be crazy. I no be doing that!" the Gungan replied. Well it was worth a shot, Malis thought ruefully.
    Malis left the two alone in the main cargo hold as he did his pre flight checks in the cockpit. While he was gone Vigo Conservative Jedi's two operatives turned on the Imperial holo net to try and get a better idea of the situation. They saw the news of Errai's failure and the destruction of the uprising and worried about the Vigo Council's response. But that was not the worst news of the day. At that moment Isha's broadcast went live. The complicity of Black Sun was out in the open for all of the galaxy to see; Vigo Shadow Trooper himself was shown granting direct assistance to Corellian Senate conspirators in the plot to kill Palpatine.
    "Wait jusa moment" Ut Reb said. "Isn't dis de reporter the Duros was supposen ta spake too?"
    At that moment, the cockpit door slid open. Malis stepped out with his blaster pointed towards the two operatives. "I really wished you hadn't seen that. Would have worked out better for everyone if you hadn't. Now I'm going to have to kill you both." Malis squeezed his finger down on the trigger..
  25. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 19, 2016
    Naboo: Hanger

    When Malis informed them that the ISB has prohibited Gungans from leaving Naboo, Otsisa thought it was somewhat ironic that one of the few places in the galaxy the Gungan couldn't hide in plain sight was on his home world. And as expected when the Duro's offered to put the Ut-Reb in chains her friend didn't take it well. The whole thing was a rather amusing really, though one thing didn't make sense. Why would it matter at this juncture? The ISB couldn't scan the ship for a specific species. When they were off the ground there would be no way for them to know about Ut's presence. So what was going on? She raised an eyebrow at her supposed ally, who had gone back in the ship to check on something.

    It was at this moment they saw the tragic results of the assassination attempt, from the reporter... and Ut-Reb verbalized her thoughts a moment later. "Isn't dis de reporter the Duros was supposen ta spake too?" She turned to face him, ready to respond when she heard foot steps down the ramp of the ship. At this moment she had finally figured out what was happening. Her eye's widened in shock, fearful for their lives. But instead of firing right away the Duros went on a rant. "I really wished you hadn't seen that. Would have worked out better for everyone if you hadn't. Now I'm going to have to kill you both."

    This gave time for both of them to catch their breaths and react. "Duck!" Otsisa shouted, leaping to her left behind a large column, as Ut-Reb jumped to the right hiding behind several large crates. They both brought their weapons to bear, though as this was an under cover mission that wasn't much. A pocket pistol each, as well as a shiv in Ut-Rebs hand. They fired several shots in Malis's direction, though the Duros too found cover by some canisters near his ship; yet as time passed he began working his way in their direction, leaping behind boxes and other items to avoid their shots. She had to think of something, and fast before he could get close enough to breach their cover. But the Black Sun operatives also had to be careful, they didn't have a lot of ammo, just enough for basic self defense, in an emergency case. Sadly that also meant they weren't suited for prolonged fights. Which, based on the model of the blaster he was caring, it looked like Malis was more than prepared for.

    The Twi'lek looked across the room at her Gungan friend, who she saw was looking back at her. Ut-Reb nodded his head in the direction of Malis, signaling her to draw his attention. Which she knew meant he was going to try something crazy. There was no guarantee it would work, but nothing could be gained without risk she supposed. Though, with the image of the destruction of the apartment Faya and Errie had been in still fresh in her mind, she just couldn't shake this bad feeling.

    Otsisa took a deep breath. Before lobbing two more shots at Malis "Come out and face me traitor! Malis! Show us that ugly face of yours so I can pluck it full of laser bolts!" At that moment a large chunk of that column she was hiding behind exploded as a dozen shots penetrated it. She ducked back behind it, with her heart beating out of her chest she hoped beyond hope whatever Ut-Reb was doing would work.
    When the blaster shots stopped she peaked out, and saw the Gungan sprinting at the treacherous captain, shiv in hand. Malis seemed to be having a double take, as if he wasn't sure how anyone could be insane enough to bring a viroblade to a blaster fight. And that pause worked in Ut-Rebs favor just the same, as he closed the distance in just a couple seconds, the Duros tried to fire again, though by now Ut-Reb was close enough to use his naturally spry anatomy to leap over him, dodging the shots. Otsisa didn't see him land, but she did hear the Duros growl in pain, and then a loud thwacking sound.

    She moved an inch out of her hiding space, looking at the canisters Malis was hiding behind; terrified beyond belief, as the stress she had been feeling this whole day came to a peak. A moment past, then another. Otsisa took another step in the direction of her friend, balancing her desire to know the result of his maneuver, with the need for her own safety. After another second she saw someone stand, it was the Duros, facing his ship she could see the shiv sticking out of his shoulder, and the barrel of his blaster being held in his right hand, with the grip sticking out to the side. She could just barely see a small amount of a translucent red substance coating the weapon near its trigger guard.

    Otsisa felt tears running down her cheek as she instinctively shouted "No!" which had the unfortunate effect of drawing the Duro's attention back her way. She fired another two shots at him, though she something else caught her attention just then, someone else was shouting from behind her. "Look there's two more of em! Set blasters to kill!"
    She turned to see a group of Storm Troopers standing in the entry way to the hanger. Several more shots we're fired from them, and as the Duro's limped back into cover he shouted "You fools! You're going to let her escape!" Otsisa fell back to the edges of the hanger, far out of range, very thankful for the incompetence of those Troopers.

    Though still she carefully edged forward towards the ship, her only chance at escape. Though she paused as she passed the canisters, as she witnessed Ut-Reb's crumpled form moan slightly. Hope filled her heart, "Ut Reb!" She whispered as loudly as she could. "Ut-Reb Chets! Are you alright?" The Gungan rolled on his side, bringing a hand up to a large gash on the side of his skull. "Ouchie." He seemed to have said." He turned to face her. "Data blasta es harder den itsa looks. But yousa always did say mesa haven a dense skullsa." The joke warmed her heart, and though she had never appreciated the Force before, she quietly thanked it now as her friend was alive. She was tempted to run up to him, and give the Gungan a hug. Though one thing stopped her, a large clanging sound.
    She looked back at the storm troopers, two were dead, with blaster holes burned in their chest. But that wasn't what surprised her, Captain Malis had worked his way up to the front of the hanger, and now stood near a control panel, activating a series of security doors, and locking the troopers out.

    "We need to get out of here!" Otsisa said. The Gungan nodded. And with some trepidation managed to get back on his feet. They made a break for the shuttle, which was still about five meters away, they could make it, they had to make it. But a shot was heard again. Otsisa froze... before turning to see Ut-Reb back on the floor with smoke billowing from his back. Captain Malis's attention was back on them, and only them. Without hesitation Otsisa began firing, letting loose one shot after another four, five, six, seven. She had already thought she had lost her friend once, she wasn't about too lose him again. Not this time. The Duros fired at her too, they both had experience, though their primary difference was the kind of experience they had. She had done ground combat a thousand times, while she knew Malis to be more of a navigator at heart. Assuming he even had a heart she contemplated, as she desperately defended herself and her friend against that crook's treachery. Though their skills were different, they both had to know the difference between life and death was that of just a couple millimeters. And this short exchange was entirely based on that principle. Otsisa was a very good shot, though she also had to duck and weave to avoid return fire. Messing up her aim. One grazed her thigh, though she ignored the pain as she focused on trying to get her own shots to hit home.

    Finally she knew she was cornered, one shot left, and the Duro's approaching her carefully. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of blasters would know she was running low. Malis approached Ut-Reb hesitantly. Aiming his blaster at the Gungan, Otsisa acted on instinct, and fired her last shot, though it didn't result in a kill, it did disarm him by damaging his blaster beyond use. But he would not give up. Instead he rolled the wounded Gungan on his back, and knelt on his chest. Ut-Reb tried to fight back punching Malis in the face, though wounded as he was, he just couldn't escape the hold. The Duros used one hand to hold Ut's right hand to the floor with and iron grasp, and had his other hand around the poor Gungans throat. "Come to me slowly. No tricks got it? And maybe, just maybe, both of you will live through today." Her blaster empty, Otsisa looked around desperately for another weapon. Most of the boxes held plasma shipments, no use to her. The ship probably had weapons, though she doubted they would be precise enough to kill Malis without also hurting Ut, even if she could get to them before he as killed. The Twi'lek began to panic, seriously considering the Duro's offer, though she doubted he would keep his word.

    Finally she looked back at him. Ut-Reb had stopped struggling. Her friend yelled out as loud as he could, though it sounded more like a croak. "Runsa!" She shook her head. "I'm not leaving you!" She saw something in his hand. Some kind of explosive by the looks of it, picked off of the Duro's utility belt. He was serious, she knew it by the look in his eye. But still she took one step off the ramp. She couldn't abandon her friend, she just couldn't.

    A hissing noise was heard, the Storm Troopers had cut their way through the blast doors, and blaster bolts began to fly again, Otsisa ducked. She again heard Ut-Reb shout "Go!" Otsisa tried to stop crying, as she turned to move back up the ramp. The last she heard of her friend was a harsh whisper that carried further than it should have. "Mesa no be taken alive. Nosa again..."

    She sat at the controls, activating an emergency takeoff, and just as the ship began to move an awful boom was heard. She felt sick to her stomach, though couldn't waste time thinking about it. She burst out of that hanger at top speed. Now facing the might of the blockade, though that was the last thing on her mind at the moment. It was easy enough to slip past them, though mentally she was still on Naboo, where everything changed.
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