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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Mordan, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    [hl=skyblue]Darth_Tyrone:[/hl] Your character is not approved as yet, reffer to the PM I sent you.

    [b]Jedi: Bespin - Cloud city [/b]
    *General Calrissian clicks the switch at the commlink in his desk, Activating a voice at the other end.*
    Calrissian: "Send a protical droid to docking bay 7. The new arrivals must be escorted to me immediately. I want them safe, so be sure to notify Captain Laga'aia."
    *Later a protical droid, acompanied buy two men dressed in Uniform walk up to you.*
    Protical Droid: "Good evening ma'm I have been directed by General Calrissian, to escort you. Please don't be alarmed but General Calrissian, said it was imperitive that we arrive without desturbing the residents. Please follow me."

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Anabel Skywalker[/hl]

    [b]Bounty Hunters : For Hire Club : (Undisclosed)[/b]
    [i]*The Huge black haired Wookiee watched the room as, Jobon walked over to the massive creature and held out his hand.*[/i]
    Jobon: [color=teal]"The names Jobon Mire."[/color]
    [i]*The Wookiee replies, and you find out that his name is Kwoonie. He's looking to have a partner, but is currently trying to complete a contract for Rufus Conman and as yet he hasn't completed it. He also mentions some-thing about another more valuable contract...*[/i]
    [b]Kwoonie:[/b] [i]*Translated*[/i] [color=black]"I mainly deal in local contracts, and the occassional spice run for Rufus Conman. I owe some services to him. He uses my piloting skills, since I don't own a Star-ship.
    Have you got a star-ship to get off world?"[/color]
    [i]*A female Rodian passes the huge black Wookiee, comenting to him cheakly. Kwoonie groans at her as she giggles.*[/i]
    Kwoonie: "You help me, and I'll help you."

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Starwasismyally: Can you speak Wookiee?
    Other Bounty Hunters.[/hl]>
  2. starwarsismyally

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    Nov 26, 2003
    IC Jobon

    Jobon pulled out his translater as he did not know much wookie. The wookie began to give out mysterious gurnts and howls, and the translater got to work.

    "I mainly deal in local contracts, and the occassional spice run for Rufus Conman. I owe some services to him. He uses my piloting skills, since I don't own a Star-ship.Have you got a star-ship to get off world?"

    " Nice to meet you Kwoonie. I have my own ship, but its not one for room. It is a modified Modified RZ-1 A-Wing Starfighter, the fastest on this part of the Outer Rim, but she lacks room.

    Jobon waited for awhile until the Wookie was ready to answer, and of course the wookie answered as he always did, in grunts.

    "You help me, and I'll help you."

    "I'll tell you what, how about you finish up on this assignment, Ill give you some extra credits, and you can go buy yourself a Starship, all I ask is your partnership."

    Jobon Waited for the Wookie's reply, he didn't want to upset the wookie with the offer, but he thought it was a fair deal, some extra credits for a partner.

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Darth Mordan[/hl]
  3. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    Have the Sith Players seen their starting point?

    Jedi : Bespin - Cloud city{Edit: Three days earlier.}
    Baron Kemplar: [hl=silver]"So Calrissian, You cross my path again!"[/hl]
    G_Calrissian: "Your'll never find it Kemplar. Not while the New Republic is strong. I'd advise leaving before the Jedi find you out."
    Baron Kemplar: [hl=silver]"You'll come across me again Calrissian. But next time you won't have the Jedi to save you..."[/hl]
    *The snarling look of Baron Kemplar, showed complete hatred at the blue uniformed General. He turns and exits, closely followed by two red armoured troopers, flanking either side of him.*

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Jedi[/hl]

    [b]Bounty Hunters : For Hire Club : (Undisclosed)[/b]

    IC: Kwoonie
    [i]*Kwoonie thought about what Jobon had said. He was worried that he might not get his cut, as Rufus had already taken a higher percentage before.*[/i]
    Kwoonie: [color=black][hl=sienna]"This current business with Rufus might interest you. He wants one of his previous spice-smugglars dead! I can't bring myself to do it, as the smugglar is still...a friend. But..." [/hl][/color]
    [i]*Kwoonie paused, Rufus Conman was watching the two Bounty Hunters from across the room.*[/i]
    Kwoonie: [hl=sienna]"You help me...Rescue, my friend. Conman is slime!. He means nothing to me, I would rather save a friend than aid that scum any-more...Keep your creds, take the contract with Rufus, then meet me and I will take you to him. But you must take my bounty on Conman's head?!" [/hl]
    TAG: starwarismyally(Jobon)[/hl]>
  4. Anabel_Skywalker

    Anabel_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Anabel Senn

    Cloud City

    Upon landing on docking bay 7, Ani could see the protical droid's approach. Clambering out of the cockpit she ordered R5 to remain where he was.

    The Jedi nodded her head to indicate she had heard and understood the protical droid's instructions, and swiftly she was brought into the quiet streets of the Cloud City.

    She remained silent as she passed the sleeping citizens' homes, but she was nevertheless anxious to meet General Calrissian. With Imperials swarming all the free space around Bespin, she knew that the Imperials may have reached him earlier before her, and put some unnecessarily cruel pressure upon him. As a Jedi, she was a protector as well as an enforcer of the peace. It was her job to not allow this sort of intimidation to happen.

    Eventually she was brought before Calrissian's office. Thanking the droid, she entered to see Calrissian waiting for her inside. She bowed respectfully.

    [hl=silver]'General, my name is Anabel Senn, I am the Jedi Master Skywalker has sent to investigate the current situation of Bespin...'[/hl]

    Force-pulling a chair to her side, she sat down next to Lando and waved a hand to close the doors of his office. Leaning forward in her chair, she began to speak less formally to him, a concerned tone in her voice.

    [hl=silver]Is everything alright General? What is going on exactly here? Do you have any idea what the Imperials seem to have become so interested in here in Bespin? My Master spoke of an ancient holocron crystal...[/hl]

    She waited patiently for Calrissian's answer while feeling through the Force for Leia, hoping her journey to Cloud City wasn't proving too difficult.

    TAG: Darth Mordan and DJM

  5. MagicMissile

    MagicMissile Jedi Youngling

    Jul 5, 2005
    OMG this is great stuff! how do i play!?!!?!?

  6. PrincessM

    PrincessM Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2005
    OOC: Hi this is Darth-Jedi-Master I'm having some problems with my username, so I will be posting under PrincessM

    to answer your question, pls read the game rules on page one copy the CS and PM your Sheet to Darth_Mordan for approval
  7. Darth_Mordan

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    May 13, 2005

    [hl=skyblue]MagicMissile:[/hl] Just folow the rules you will see on page 1, at the top of this thread. Any questions feel free to PM me.
    [hl=skyblue]Darth-Jedi-Master(PrincessM):[/hl] Oh dear, I wondered why you hadn't been here...
    [hl=red]PrincessM is SUB-GM.[/hl]

    [b]Jedi : Bespin - Cloud City[/b]
    Anabel Senn: [hl=silver]"Is everything alright General? What is going on here exactly ? Do you have any idea why the Imperials seem to have become so interested in Bespin? My Master spoke of an ancient holocron crystal..."[/hl]
    [i]*Calrissian, pounders the question.*[/i]
    Calrissian: [color=blue]"I see you are adept at the use of the Force. [/color][i]*Calrissian looks sideways at the door, closed by Anabel's force use.*[/i] [color=blue]But if Luke thinks your'll help, then I trust his choice. Alas It seems the Imperials have already left...They were led by an old nemesis of mine, an Imperial Officer by the name of Baron Kemplar...I'm not certain, but I beleave he was under orders of Xavier Santhe, a once high ranking member of the Imperial Security Bureau. From what Kemplar said to me, he was looking for something like a Holocron Crystal. He's a dangerous man, and I've been at the end of his strikes before. But he is also not to cleaver a soldier, he's usually doing the dirty work for some other higher ranking individual. As for the Holocron Crystal...Hmmm this sounds alot like the Crystal of Sadow, though I can't see what the Imperials hope to get from it."[/color]
    [i]*Calrissian gets up from the table and walks over to his desk. Flicking a switch, a blue hologram appears above the table were Anabel is sitting.*[/i]
    Calrissian: [color=blue]" see the Crystal of Sadow, was once owned by a once great Sith Lord. It had rumoured to have disappeared near the end of what is known as the "Great Hyperspace war". This Sith lord, Naga Sadow, was very powerful in the Darkside of the Force. It is said he had transffered some of his dark force power into an ancient crystal, he had found on the planet of IIum. For what reasons it is unknown. It is also rumored that he planted inside the Crystal, a guardian. This guardian will attack any who try to unlock it's secrets. The Crystal of Sadow, is very large...about the size of six lightsaber crystals combined. It was bigger but though the ages some of it's 'previous owners' have managed to break small peices off...No doubt thinking that they might be able to harness it's power. I've records of some of those said to have owned it...would you like to see?[/color]
    [i]*From over at Calrissian's desk, a small light flashes, indicaiting that there is a message in the Comlink.*[/i]
    Calrissian: [color=blue]"Please excuse me while I attend to this. Perhaps you would like to read these records in private? I can give you the security codes you will require to access the Databank. My droid will show you to your quarters..."[/color]
    Proticol Droid: [color=yellow]"I am happy to serve you in any way possible Master Jedi."[/color]
    Calrissian: [color=blue]"I understand Leia Solo will be arriving soon, I'm looking forward to seeing my old friend. Captain Laga'aia, the Chief of Security might also be able to help you. He's a good soldier, alittle gruff, but willing to aid."[/color]
    [i]*Calrissian attends to the commlink, as the proticol droid asks you to follow. Leaving General Calrissian, you have a sense that something is not quite right. The two security officers standing outside the door look at you accussingly.*
    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Anabel Skywalker-(AnabelSenn) PrincessM-(LeiaSolo)[/hl]>
  8. PrincessM

    PrincessM Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2005
    *Leia is sitting in here mediation chambers, I fell a tremor in the force. I wonder why Luke has ordered me to Bespin and what light can General Calrissian shed on this matter I have a really bad feeling about this whole situation*

    Commander on comlink: Senator we just came out of light speed and we should be entering Bespins atmosphere shortly.

    Leia: Thanks Commander

    Commander: Senator there are two small ships they do not look like there from the republic, what should we do?

    Leia: I see them???. Leave them be, we don?t need to start a galactic war besides it looks like they?re leaving (I wonder what there doing here).

    *The Falcon entered Bespin?s atmosphere Bespins is a beautiful city, the Falcon flew to a tall building and landed on a hanger out side, when Leia and the Commander exited the ship she notice two Driods there to greet her*

    Senator Solo here to see General Calrissian
  9. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Jedi : Bespin - Cloud City
    [hl=skyblue]PrincessM:[/hl]You can attack these 4 Imperials, Though one has already fired his blaster rifle. Have you got an acompanying entourage? Perhaps a retinue consisting of the Pilot, Navigator, 3 guardsmen, and a Commander. I shall post the NPC's stats, for the Imperials and Troopers, after your've replied.

    *At the docking bay two droids are standing idly comunicating to each other. One you can clearly see is a badly worn Astromech Droid. The other appears to be a Protical Droid, but it's torso and legs have been replaced with a circular body that flares out at the bottom were it's legs should be. It is powered by small repulsorlift anti-grav engines, with long stick arms that run around it lower exterior.*
    Droid 12: "Oh my, Senator Solo here to see General Calrissian. Did you hear that R72?!"
    R72D45: "Beep beep beep-oop!"
    Droid 12: "Yes...Yes, I shall acompany them to their quarters. Please excuse my small friend here, I think his circuts are fried. I am Droid 12, emissary of General Calrissian. I and my little friend here have been directed to escort you, and your companions to your quarters. General Calrissian has been waiting for you, and a young Jedi Master has appeared exspecting your arrival."
    *The Droids turn and begin to escort you, it is then that you notice a small squad of 3, Red armoured Stormtroopers. They are being led by an Imperial Officer, dressed in the onymous uniform of the Empire. They have clearly noticed you, as it seems they were waiting for you.*

    [hl=skyblue]Anabel_Skywalker:[/hl] You are able to go to Leia's aid. Alternatively you could find the Wing Guard, and Captain Laga'aia. You can't do both.

  10. Knight-Nix

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    Jun 2, 2005
    IC: Nix, For Hire Club.

    Nix slid her eyes from person to being from the place where she sat at the bar. She gathered the information and stored it, unsure of what this club would mean for her, but up for the challenge.

    She looked over the higher ups that where present. Her eyes moved over each, taking in there faces and names. She never lingered on one of them for too long, however she hesitated slightly on the man named Romanov Tanos .

    The man was a gambler form Coruscant, and looked promising if she didn't look too long with disgust at the woman who flanked him. Why women allowed themselves to group around one man, she would never know.

    With a sigh she stepped of her chair and made her way towards the man. Stopping three meters in front of the man she made a small polite bow to him.

    "Good evening." she said and straightened.

    Tag [hl=skyblue]GM[/hl]

    OOC: My computer crashed, so I'm dead to the world for the time being. It's very sad. I'm using public computers, so if my posts aren't as fast or as long as they should be I apologize.
  11. Darth_Mordan

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    May 13, 2005

    [hl=skyblue]Knight-Nix:[/hl] It's ok, so far your doing fine...No worries, just post when you can.

    [b]Bounty Hunter : For Hire Club : (Undisclosed)[/b]
    [i]*Romanov Tanos watched the black haired Bounty Hunter approach him. His Twi'lek slave girl, Bal-Sheba was sitting on his lap, fawning at his smooth chin. As the Bounty Hunter made a small polite bow to him, Bal-Sheba was pushed of his lap. Her red body falling to the floor with a hard THUMP.*[/i]
    Nix Peters: [color=purple]"Good evening."[/color]
    Romanov Tanos: [color=silver][hl=teal]"Evening...So my pretty, what can I do for you. You looking for work or are you after something else?"[/hl][/color]
    [i]*Bal-Sheba got up from the floor, then bent her tall body over, in a sugestive manner. As she whispered in his ear, a small smile smeared across his face. Her form was barely coverd by the XXXR tight fitting net and black strap jumpsuit, of Corsett, thigh boots, & elbow glooves. You can see that she is a very beautiful female, and shes not shy about flaunting it*[/i]
    Romanov: [color=silver][hl=teal]"Indeed, you shall, my love...But for now Bal, I'd like you to take the other ladies to our quarters. I shall be exspecting you to come immediately back. Do you understand?!"[/hl][/color]
    [i]*Bal-Sheba qwivered as Romanov commanded here to do as he said. The other three females look exspectingly at her. But your attention is drawn to the look on her face as she leaves Romanov....Something in you says 'Help me.*[/i]
    Romanov: [color=silver][hl=teal]"So pretty one, I know your not part of the Club as yet. You must of been worth some thing if your here now...Or perhaps your smitten with the great Romanov Tanos? I'm always on the look out...for fresh talent. Though I'd tell you to stay away from Bal, your welcome to take her...Place. You can earn alot of credits working for me, provided you...have what it takes."[/hl][/color]
    [i]*A slimy smile flashed on the chiseled features of the gamblers face, as he looked you up and down. You can only imagine what this scumball was thinking.*[/i]

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Knight-Nix (Nix Peters)[/hl]>
  12. Darth_Mordan

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    May 13, 2005
  13. Darth_Mordan

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    May 13, 2005

    Bump 2nd night

    Any problems?
  14. Darth-Jedi-Master

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    Jun 2, 2005
    OOC: Hey sorry I've been very busy latley will post very soon :)
  15. Anabel_Skywalker

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    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Sorry Mordan, RL been keeping me busy also!

    IC: Anabel Senn

    Calrissian's Office, Cloud City

    Ani pondered all Calrissian's words thoughtfully, though since the interview had began she had felt a growing feeling of menace washing over her and saturating the room. Unfolding her arms she stood up in her chair and as the meeting ended, bowed respectfully.

    [hl=silver]Thank you for your time General. Yes, I believe I would like to discover more about these previous owners of the Crystal of Sadow. Obviously if the Imperials are after it, the Jedi will seek to gain ownership of it first and neutralise any threat it presents against the Republic...[/hl]

    As she said this, she turned to glance at the two shifty looking security officiers waiting by the door. Frowning slightly she nevertheless followed the protical droid calmly to her quarters, nodding goodnight to Lando as she passed.

    Walking through the streets again of Cloud City, she quietly spoke with the droid.

    [hl=silver]This Captain Laga'aia... I would very much like to meet him, he will give me access to the codes?[/hl]

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw the officiers from Calrissian's office had been silently following her all the time, keeping to the shadows just behind. Ani ignored them, smiling at the attempt that would have been successful had they been tracking any other person but a Jedi. Still it unnerved her that these were Calrissian's own men who stalked her...

    Suddenly other things occupied her mind. As the droid began to speak to her of Laga'aia, she focused instead on the images the Force fed her... Leia had just landed... and she was in trouble. Ani saw clearly in her mind's eye the Imperial raise his blaster rifle and shoot down dead one of the Senator's accompanying handmaiden friends. Her hand moved instinctively to her lightsaber. Turning to the droid she broke abruptly into his explainations.

    [hl=silver]Yes, yes, could you find the Captain now? Instruct him to bring his Wing Guard to docking bay 3 immediatly. We have an Imperial emergency![/hl]

    Without waiting for the droid's reply, the Jedi raced off to help her friend Leia

    TAG: GM and DJM

  16. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    OOC: It's ok Players, I understand all to well about RL commitments. I'm pleased you made it back.

    Jedi : Bespin - Cloud City

    Anabel Senn: [hl=silver]"This Captain Laga'aia... I would very much like to meet him, he will give me access to the codes?"[/hl]
    Protical Droid: "As I understand it Master Jedi, Captain Laga'aia would be happy to assist you in any-way possiable. It is said that he comes from the family line of the famous Captain Panaka, and is the son of Captain Typho. Both were great men, serving the Queen of Naboo as Palace Guardsmen."
    Anabel Senn: [hl=silver]"Yes, yes, could you find the Captain now? Instruct him to bring his Wing Guard to docking bay 3 immediatly. We have an Imperial emergency!"[/hl]
    Protical Droid: "Why, at once Master Jedi"
    *The Protical Droid scurried off towards Captain Laga'aia's office in the Security Tower. But as it dissappeared from Anabel's sight, the two security officers halted the droid.*
    Security Officer01: "Hold it Droid! you are to come with us."
    Protical Droid: "Please excuse me...I have been sent by the Baron Administrator himself to assist the Master Jedi."
    Security Officer02: "No need to explain to us Droid."
    *One of the Security officers fires a droid restraining bolt, hitting the Protical droid directly in his main processing drive.*
    Security Officer01: "Send word to Lobot. The ruse is nearly complete."
    Security Officer02: "Yes sir! What of Captain Laga'aia? and the Senator?"
    Security Officer01: "The Captain...Ha! he's such a blind fool. Even he hasn't spotted the Calrissian switch, and by now the Senator is probly laying dead."
    *The Security Officers parted, one went towards the quarters of the computer liaison officer, Lobot. While the other stowed the droid away, then continued his surveillance of the Jedi Master Anabel Senn.*

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Anabel_Skywalker, & DJM.[/hl]
  17. Darth_Mordan

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    May 13, 2005

  18. millenium_dove

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    Jul 11, 2005
    Name: Ariok
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Species: human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Faction: neither (smuggler)
    Rank: n/a
    Traits: loud, violent, ruthless
    Likes: little children, money
    Dislikes: adults, quiet, being alone, Storm Troopers
    Habits: talks to herself, thinks any human children she sees are her own
    Physical Appearance.
    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: 120
    Skin: tan
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Clothing: loose, homespun shirt, and thick, wool-like pants
    Armour: metal plate under shirt
    Additional details: n/a
    Blaster type: rifle
    Other gear: Datapad, thermal detonators
    The Force Sensitivity: medium
    Lightsaber type: dual sabers
    Crystal(s): one in each
    Blade(s): one each
    Color(s): orange, yellow
    Force powers: mind trick, force pull and push
    Preferred fighting form: defense
    Other force object(s): n/a
    Personal Ship.
    Name: Highwind
    Class: small smuggling ship
    Hyperdrive class: Good
    Sublight speed: medium
    Weapons: two laser guns
    Shields: usually broken
    Crew: one droid
    Passenger(s): one droid
    Max Cargo (kg): officially 10, actually 20
    Detailed description: The Highwind is sleek, but covered with patchwork metal from being shot at. The one droid who is the crew, does not speak. The shields have had a bug in them for years, and the two mounted laser guns occasionally go out. If you ask the law enforcement, the Highwind can only carry 10 kg of cargo, but can really handle up to twice that ammount
    Other Details: n/a
    Biography: Ariok has brown hair, brown eyes, and can usually be found behind the wheel of her ship, the Highwind. She usually smuggles people or lightweight, yet important cargo.
    Personal History: Born on Coruscant, trained as a Jedi until she left to get married at 17, had two children by 20, husband caught smuggling ill-gotten weapons in the Highwind and was arrested. Ariok refused to give him up to the Storm Troopers who came, so they killed her two daughters and then took her husband, Ariok took over her husband's buisiness
    Military History: Jedi training until 17
    Political History: none
    Traumatizing moments: watching her two daughters being killed, having her husband be arrested for smuggling
  19. Darth-Jedi-Master

    Darth-Jedi-Master Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 2, 2005

    *As the Commander and I exited the ship I felt a strange feeling like I was being watched. The Protocol Driod meet me at the dock and I followed him to the Quarters they have prepared for my crew and myself. As I was walking to the entrance I saw two Imperial Offices escorting and older man I quickly looked away pretending not to see them, but it was too late the man they were escourting made eye contact with me his gaze was chilling and I quickly looked up at Commander Leo and he too was looking at the offices. He reached for his blaster and I for my light saber that?s when the blast came form the offices.*

    *We were now in a battle. I quickly ran behind a small ship that was docked there to get away from the blast that came at my crew and myself. Now two more Imperia offices showed up and were blasting our way. I tried to deflect the blast with my lights saber, but I had to reach for my blaster as well.*

    Leia: Commander were sitting ducks behind this ship we need to charge at them if we have any chance to get out of this.

    Commander: I agree but all we have are two offices a pilot and hand maidens their not fighters.

    Leia: I know we are in trouble if only...........

    *Leia tried calling Jedi Anabel using the force...........*

    Tag Anabel

  20. DarthLaxon7

    DarthLaxon7 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 9, 2005
    IC:Darth Laxon walked down the halls of the academy looking at the passing various Sith lord masters and knights like himself,he could sense the dark side swelling on this long lost planet.He looked to his left and saw the army of Sith organized into battle formation.He knew that the Sith were going to crush the republic and the Jedi but he didnt want to say anything to anger the other sith because he knew what would happen.He turned and stared at the army of sith knowing that the future of the galaxy layed in their hands.

  21. Anabel_Skywalker

    Anabel_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 26, 2005
    OCC: This is the last post I can make this week, over the weekend I will not have access to a computer, I will resume posting on Monday.

    IC: Anabel Senn

    Cloud City

    Intercepting Leia's force call for help, the Jedi Senn doubled her pace.

    [hl=silver]I only hope that droid brings the Captain and his men to our aid[/hl] She thought fervently,

    Just then she feels the presence of the officer still on her trail. Whipping round she stares straight at him, delving into his mind and reading all there is there, including the restraining of her droid. A flare of anger makes her momentarily grit her teeth, before it is extinguished.

    Racing up to the man, she drew her lightsaber and ignited it. With her free hand she pushed the man back to the wall and held the silver blade at his throat.

    [hl=silver]Now listen to me and understand, you traitor, since you deactivated my droid you are going to fetch Captain Laga'aia and his Wing Guard for me. You understand! Because if you don't... [/hl]

    She moves her saber a little and leaves the threat hanging. Finally she releases the gasping man to the floor.

    [hl=silver]These are my friends, and I don't want any of them getting hurt while on Cloud City.[/hl] As the man backs away she adds, [hl=silver]and by the way, if you don't do as you're told, I will know.[/hl] She taps her head, winking.

    Then she races on to docking bay 3.

    As she arrives she sees Leia and her entourage trapped behind their ship by the firing Imperials. Slipping stealthily forward she takes the Imperials by suprise from behind. As she chops off the blaster arm of the first and her cover is blown, she moves faster, moving from Imperial to Imperial, her lightsaber a blur as it deflects the blaster shots and cuts the Imperials' weapons off of them. Between cutting the last Imperial's blaster in two, she shouts down to Leia

    [hl=silver]Lovely as always to see you Princess, you can come out now.[/hl]

    TAG: GM and DJM

  22. Darth-Jedi-Master

    Darth-Jedi-Master Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 2, 2005

    Commander: I don?t know how much longer we can hold them off

    Leia: Don?t worry Commander I sense help is on the way

    *Leia and the Commander continue to blast at the officers. She did notice Anabel lurking behind the imperial office that?s when Leia took this opportunity to go after the man she saw.*

    Leia: Commander cover me

    Commander: wait Senator were are u going

    *The officers were being attacked by Anabel, Leia raced past them*

    *When she reach the end of the platform she saw the man disappear into a ship which took off right in front of her. Leia tried to catch her breath before she made it bake to her ship*

    *When Leia returned the Officers were defeated and Anabel was calling for us to come out*

    Leia: Anabel I?m right behind you it?s nice to see u too

    *We exchanged hugs*

    Leia: You were always a promising padwan learner and you are a great Jedi Knight, Luke always speaks highly of you, Thanks for coming to our aid.

    *Leia notice one of her officers was killed and a young handmaiden. Leia was angry*

    Leia: Were is that driod, you come here.
    I demand to see General Calrissian at once
    This is an outrage!

    TAG DM and Ani

  23. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    Sorry players...I'm a bit busy on this weekend...I shall post after. Wellcome new players! Smugglars starting point comming soon...
  24. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Sorry about the delay...This is going great so far, and I hope you are all enjoying it?

    [b]Smugglars : DragonSeed Den : Coruscant[/b]
    [i]*This is one smelling place. There must be every lowlife scum on Coruscant in here. Some have even passed out from their spice tasting. Your not sure about being here, but you need the creds to keep your "Business" afloat. This place should of been shut down, But since the decline of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic, there has been little thought given to those who live in the undercities of the spalling mass that is Coruscant. Your contact should of been here hours ago, and your not sure how much longer you can wait. Scanning the place breifly, you can see no sign of the one known as Greedis "Da-Smott". It's dark in here, and quite dangerous, several patrons are looking at you ominously. Then from a slightly lit arch way of the room you notice your contact approaching. He is a shifty looking Rodian, he has his hand on the handle of his holstered blaster pistol, as he walks across the room*[/i]
    Greedis: [color=green]"You are looking for contract...? I have object...needs transporting!"[/color]
    [i]*His voice is a broken mixture of Huttenese, and common tongue, but you manage to get the "jist" of what he is saying. He looks at you, then qwickly shifts his eyes from side to side.*[/i]
    Greedis: [color=green]"You follow me...We talk...more...come we table. Yes?"[/color]
    [i]*Greedis waits for your response. He seems abit hesitant to be seen with you.*[/i]

    Are you going to follow him?

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: millenium_dove(Ariok)[/hl]
    Jedi : Bespin - Cloud City[/b]
    [i]*With the Imperial Officer and Red Armoured Stormtroopers dead, the Astromech appears from behind a pile of containers were the droids were Hiding.*[/i]
    R72D5: [color=darkblue]"Beep beep beep-oop!"[/color]
    Droid 12: [color=orange]"On my...Oh my. I've been hit. Help me R72!"[/color]
    [i]*From behind the containers you can hear the metallic voice of the strange looking Protical droid.*[/i]
    R72D5: [color=darkblue]"Beep beep beep-op!"[/color]
    Droid 12: [color=orange]"Yes indeed, Help me!...Senator, I would be happy to lead you to General Calrissian. If only my circut fried friend here would assist me."[/color]
    [i]*Droid 12 has been hit by a stray blaster shot, which has deactivated his repulsorlift anti-grav engines.*[/i]

    Are you able to aid the Droid in some way?

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Darth-Jedi-Master, & Anabel_Skywalker.[/hl]

    [b]Sith : Sith Temple Academy: Korriban[/b]
    [i]*The assembled troops stood at attention. Every-one of them knowing orders are to be followed. Ranked in rows, in a pyramid like form. Acolytes, Hunters, Knights, & Lords, with the Master of them all seated at it's head...Darth Sidious...The Master's hand raises as all await his next command.*[/i]
    [color=red][hl=black]"Your studies are near complete, and our goal shall soon be in sight. But first I require something that can give us great power, and eternal strength. Something so important to our order, that many more, loyal Sith have died keeping it with us. The ancient holocron crystal, The Crystal of Sadow...Who will be strong enough to bring it before me???"[/hl][/color]
    [i]*Darth Sidious surveyed the Sith before him...He knew there would be one amongst them who was strong enough in the darkside of the force and could complete this task, Yet many of those standing at attention would not make it back to Korriban...*
    Sith take your starting point from here...

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: DarthLaxon7[/hl]

    [b]Bounty Hunters : For Hire Club : (Undisclosed) [/b]

    Reffer to your TAG'ed posts...It's OK if you are busy in your RL responabilities...Just go from the TAG's.

    [hl=skyblue]TAG:starwarsismyally(Jobon) & KnightNix(Nix Peters)[/hl]
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    Jun 9, 2005
    IC:Darth Laxon heard the comment that Darth Sidious had made and he knew that this was something he must do.He walked down there looking calm but nervous on the inside.He finally got there and drew in a deep breath.he said loudly and firmly"i will take the task,Lord Sidious".He now knew that there was no turning back.

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