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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Mordan, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Sith : Sith Temple Academy: Korriban
    *Darth Laxon Knelt before the Master, Darth Sidious*
    Darth Laxon: "I will take the task, Lord Sidious"
    *Darth Sidious regarded the young Sith Knight.*
    Darth Sidous: [hl=black]"If you complete this it will be a great victory for the Sith, and all of our brotherhood!"[/hl]
    *Sidious waved with his hand, dissmissing those warriors that were before him. All except Darth Laxon.*
    Darth Sidious: [hl=black]"You shall go to the Commander of the Imperial Remnant fleet- Emperialiis.
    There you will aid my old friend Darth Mordant, in the recovery of the Crystal of Sadow. I shall be exspecting you not to fail us...young Knight! The forces of the New Republic are very apt at laying waste to all we have strived for...and every thing you have learnt will be tested. I am giving you a detachment of Sith Troopers for your command alone. These are to be your personal guard...But remember were your loyalties lay, and do not sqwander your power...All Jedi you encounter must be eliminated, and every New Republican must pay for what they have done to our Empire."[/hl]

    *Darth Sidious summons the Sith Trooper Dectachment. 12 Sith Troopers stand at attention, They are the Brothers of the Darkhand.*

    Sith Trooper- Brothers of the DarkHand

    Species: Unknown
    Height: Unknown
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Affiliation: Sith
    Weapon(s) of Choice: Sith Blaster Riffle, Sith Vibro-Sword.
    While the majority of the battalions now under Sith command are comprised of traitorous Republic forces, they are far from hodge-podges of disorganized troops. Only the strong are granted acceptance into the ranks of the Sith army; those judged too weak to be of use are put to an ignoble end. Traitors may be welcomed into the ranks, but a level of fear is quickly established to make certain they are not so quick to change sides again.
    Functionally, the armor of the Sith trooper is just as protective as most Republic equipment, but it has also been carefully designed to inspire dread. Armor plating is presented more obviously, making it appear more imposing, and the features of the wearer are completely obscured to make them a faceless inhuman entity. A Sith trooper is perceived as an extension of the Sith, and even in close combat an opponent sees only the cold faceplate of the helmet, never the soldier inside.

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  2. millenium_dove

    millenium_dove Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    IC: Ariok nods, somewhat hesitantly, and follows Greedis to his table. "What exactly is it you want transported?" she askes, trying to sound tough.

    "A shipment," he answered, very unspecifically.

    Ariok sighed. "Well then. How much does it weigh, how big is it, and where does it need to go?"

    "It needs to get to Cloud City by tomorrw."


    Greedis nodded and spoke again in his normal language. "Worth...effort," was all Ariok understood.

    "I'll take it," she said seriously.

    Tag: GM
  3. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    OOC: Your geting alittle ahead of yourself [hl=skyblue]millenium_dove[/hl]...Note this post.

    Smugglars : DragonSeed Den : Coruscant
    *The Rodian, Greedis leads you to a small booth, while his eyes jitter from left to right. At the booth you see a droid is busy wirling to itself. Small sparks are coming out of it's casing. It looks like it's seen better days, but is harmless enough.*
    Ariok: "What exactly is it you want transported?"
    Greedis: "A shipment...VERY precious."
    Ariok: "Well then. How much does it weigh, how big is it, and where does it need to go?"
    Greedis: "It needs to get to Tattoonie...My contact there...You must deliver to her...Worth effort."
    Ariok: "I'll take it!"
    *Greedis nodded, then reached over and bumped the droid sitting next to him. It clicked and sparked as it stood up.*
    Greedis: "You take contact in Tattoonie...Parcell inside...DO NOT go BOOM! There many Imperials, and...Hunters after have fast ship..yes? "
    *The Rodian handed over a datapad. He moves his hand to his blaster as he watched a Devaronian, an Arconaian, a Gran and droid walk past. The Devaronian was looking at Greedis suspiciously, it seemed like there might me trouble.*
    Greedis: "Qwick you go!...take droid, and datapad...Find contact...Tattoonie Cantina! She wait for you there...Her name...Ailyn Vel....Datapad is for get creds when delivered."

    OOC: You must leave, if you stay, you might end up in a fire fight...
    TAG: millenium_dove (Ariok)[/hl]
  4. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    CS- Approved

    Name: Kyle Katarn.
    Age: 38.
    Gender: Male.
    Species: Human.
    Homeworld: Sullustan colony moon of Sulon.
    Faction: New Republic & Jedi Order.
    Rank: Master (Member of the New Jedi Council)

    Traits: Tough, Loyal to the Jedi Order, and New Republic.
    Likes: Jan Ors, Jedi & New Republic.
    Dislikes: Dark-siders, Imperials.

    Physical Appearance.
    Height: 1.8 mtrs.
    Weight: 125kgs.
    Skin: Medium tone.
    Hair: Brown.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Scars/Markings: N/A
    Clothing: Combat jumpsuit.
    Armour: Shoulder guard.
    Additional details: none.

    Blaster type: Heavy blaster.

    Modified Bryar blaster rifle.

    Other gear: Com-link, datapad, themal detonators, vibro-dagger, and electrobinoculars.

    The Force.
    Sensitivity: Yes.
    Lightsaber type: Single blade.
    Color(s): Blue.
    Force powers: All of those found in the Jedi Knight game series.
    Preferred fighting form:
    Other force object(s):

    Personal Ship: Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation CRF-156T Fast Carrier.

    Name: "Raven's claw"
    Class: Freighter/Transport.
    Hyperdrive: Yes.
    Sublight speed: 200MGLT
    4 Laser Cannons.
    2 Proton Torpedo Launchers.
    Shields: Yes.
    Crew: 1 pilot.
    Passenger(s): 2.
    Max Cargo (kg): 10 metric tons.
    Detailed description: The Raven's Claw is the chosen ship of the mercenary team Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors following the destruction of their first ship, the Mouldy Crow. Upon completing their mission to the Valley of the Jedi, the New Republic granted them enough compensation that they were able to purchase a new model Corellian courier vessel, a descendent of the same model as the original Mouldy Crow. In addition to a sleeker design and larger weapons armament, the ship is one of the fastest in the galaxy, rivaling Han Solo's Falcon in pure sublight speed and zipping through hyperspace at a considerable clip. The ship boasts a pair of military-grade proton torpedo launchers, as well as a set of lasers that would cause any attacker to flinch. Additionally, Mon Mothma personally authorized the placement of a Holonet transciever on the vessel in order to more quickly communicate with her most trusted freelance mercenaries.
    Other Details: Raven's Claw, is a powerful and fast light carrier that replaced Kyle's old ship the Moldy Crow.

    Moldy crow.


    Personal History: Kyle Katarn was born on Sulon, the moon of Sullust, to a poor but happy family of rural farmers. His mother died while he was very young, and his father, Morgan Katarn, made raising Kyle his first priority. Even though the elder Katarn was still often busy with his job as a local agro-mechanic, his responsiblity to maintain the local geothermal tap, and his secret leadership of a Rebel cell, Kyle loved his father deeply and his only desire was to follow in his father's footsteps and uphold the Katarn family tradition.
    Once he had taken his education as high as it could go on Sulon, Kyle applied to, and was accepted by, the Republic Academy on Carida. Kyle was a diligent student, earning top scores in his classes and becoming a perpetual Honor student. Kyle took a wide range of elective classes during his stay at the Academy, such as martial arts and target shooting, partly to broaden his horizons, and also because he thought such skills might come in handy on the still rugged countryside of Sulon.
    Such rigorous activities prevented Kyle from noticing the changes to both curriculum and policy, as Palpatine's still new Empire gradually took over the Academy. Kyle's seemingly natural talent in cybernetic systems theory and information engineering brought him to the attention of the Imperial recruiting office; a potential asset such as Kyle was too valuable to be wasted as a dirt farmer in the Outer Rim.

    Military History: A long time freelance espionage agent for the New Republic and its predecessor, the Rebel Alliance, Kyle Katarn is responsible for many acts of sabotage against the Empire, including the theft of the original Death Star plans and th
  5. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    OOC: [hl=skyblue]Odd_Ball13[/hl]...You didn't post the not like them???
  6. millenium_dove

    millenium_dove Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    OOC: This is the real dove. I'll be taking over for my cousin.

    IC: *as the Highwind flies away to Tattooine, Ariok is extremely tempted to find out what the droid is carrying, but shakes her head and focuses instead on piloting her ship*

    *arriving at Tattooine*

    Ariok: Where's the contact? *walks around a bit*

    Tag: GM
  7. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    OOC: Welcome to our new player [hl=skyblue]Odd_Ball13[/hl] and the "REAL" [hl=skyblue]millenium_dove[/hl]. *smile*

    Smugglars : Tattoonie : Mos Eisley Cantina
    *Ailyn Vel waits on Tattoonie, in the Cantina at Mos Eisley, for the arrival of the smugglar sent by the now decessed Rodian, Greedis "Da-Smott". The Cantina is filled with random space scum from across the galaxy. Ailyn Vel knows this place can be dangerous, but her trusted blaster is at her thigh and she isn't afraid to blast any-one, that comes to close to her and her companion.*
    Ailyn Vel: "It's a same that Greedis is dead...I never really like the sleazely rodian. But running into those Bounty Hunters was just sheer bad luck...He could of been of some more use to us...Oh well!"
    *A small smile grows across her face. As the reptilain face of the Trandoshan across from her, snakes.*
    Drakssk: "I didn't have to pay them much...His death meanss little to our planss."
    *Sipping on a beverage she scans the room.*
    Ailyn: "That contact better not mess with the package...If they aren't good at their job, I'll certainly fix the problem."
    Drakssk: "Thatss if the Imperialss...or Bounty Hunterss don't get the package firsst. It ssure hass generated ssome interesst...ssuch a powerful Holocron'ss going to get ssome sseriouss credss!!!"
    Ailyn: "Nevermind that...It's mine Remember?!"
    TAG: millenium_dove[/hl]
    OOC: This show help , show were you're going...
  8. millenium_dove

    millenium_dove Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    *Ariok walks into the Cantina and approaches Ailyn Vel*

    Ariok: *holding the droid* You'd be the contact?

    Tag: GM
  9. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Smugglars : Tattoonie : Mos Eisley Cantina

    *As you walk into the Mos Eisley Cantina, The Bartender yells out...*
    Bartender: "HEY...NO DROIDS ALLOWED!!!"
    *Some hoots and garbled noises are directed at you. Ailyn Vel, and the Trandoshan Drakssk, look at you. Ailyn decides to follow you outside, as you leave the Cantina. Drakssk follows closely behind.*
    Ariok: "You'd be the contact?"
    *Ailyn points at the droid.*
    Ailyn: "Only if your've been sent be Greedis?!. This the package...?"
    *While standing outside the Cantina a group of low-life scum approuch Drakssk. They look at you suspectingly. One of them is what appears to be the same Devaronian, that was at the DragonSeed Den on Coruscant. He snares at you, and has reached for his blaster pistol. As have the other three that were accompanying him. A snake like slither shows on Drakssk' s reptilian face.*
    Drakssk: "Lookss like...the package...iss mine...Ailyn!!!...Manoss, Haka...get there blassterss!"
    *The Devaronian and a human, move towards you. Their blasters are pointed at you, while the others cover Ailyn.*
    Ailyn: "You filthy snake...Your'll never get away with double crossing me! I'm the daughter of Boba-Fett. You kill me and your'll have every type of scum after you!"
    Drakssk: "Don't threaten me Ailyn...ssoon you will be bantha fodder...Move and you die!"
    *The Devaronian Manos, and the human Haka, threaten you with their blaster pistols. Suddenly Ailyn draws out her blaster pistol. In a flash of fire, two of the low-life scum drop to the ground. The attention of Manos and Haka are momenterially drawnto the suprise. Ailyn shoves you, standing between the low-lifes and the on-coming blaster fire. She knocks them to the side. They fumble with their blaster pistols. Drakssk is screaming at the low-lifes.*
    Drakssk: "Get up you foolss...I want that Droid!!!"
    Ailyn: "Qwick...we have to make for cover...Take the droid...Come on move!!!."
    *Ailyn fires again with her blaster pistol, as she moves for cover into a nearby inlet of crates. Another low-life falls to the ground.*

    OOC: Your'd better haul it, unless to want to be blastered.

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: millenium_dove[/hl]

    Jedi : Jedi Academy: Yarvin
    *Luke stands at the statue of the three great Jedi...His thoughts are off the past and the many experiences that he has had, and the departed friends that were once with him. He reaches out with the force to sense for His sister Leia and the young Jedi he had sent to Bespin.*
    Luke: [hl=white]"Hmmm some-thing doesn't feel quite right about Bespin. I'm sure Anabel can handle herself, and Leia is becoming a better Jedi every day, But the presence of Calrissian. It doesn't seem right."[/hl]
    *Luke waits for Kyle Katarn to meet him at the statue of the Jedi's.*


    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Odd_Ball13[/hl]
  10. millenium_dove

    millenium_dove Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    *Ariok runs for her life, following Ailyn, with her hand on her orange saber*\

    Tag: GM
  11. Anabel_Skywalker

    Anabel_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 26, 2005
    Anabel Senn

    Cloud City

    Following Leia's gaze, Ani saw the busted up Droid 12 unit, and her hand instinctively went for her utility belt. Pulling out a grubby looking tool, she knelt down and began to fiddle around with the damaged circuitry hanging out of the astro droid's dome.

    [hl=silver]Always carry a hydrospanner around with me...[/hl] she muttered cheerfully to Leia as she worked [hl=silver]...the amount of times my droid R5 has blown up in my face.... taught me to always be prepared...[/hl]

    She rummages around with the circuits a bit more until a blue light flickers on somewhere with the droid's torso.

    [hl=silver]There we go... repulsorlift and anti-grav engines are back online... now perhaps you two can transport Leia to Calrissian?[/hl]

    She looks up at the repaired droid's bipedal counterpart questioningly. Turning to Leia she explains her intentions to go off and find the Captain Laga'aia

    [hl=silver]I am led to believe he may cast more light on the strange situation here[/hl] she explains.


  12. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    IC: Kyle Katarn

    *Kyle walks around the temple watching the jedi train when suddenly kyle senses a destubance in the force.*
    " Ahh i hate these disturbances." *Kyle relizes that luke is requsting his presence. Kyle runs to the room with three large jedi statue* " I wonder whats so important about these three guy?"
    * kyle waits for luke to responed.*

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Luke[/hl]
  13. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Jedi : Jedi Academy: Yavin
    *Luke is standing at the great statue of the three Jedi. He smiles at Kyle as he comes near.*
    Kyle: "I wonder whats so important about these three guys."
    Luke: [hl=white]"Hahahah...Old friend you still amaze me with your humor...Surely these great Jedi have not been forgotten by you?"[/hl]
    *Luke points to the first, with his black gloved hand.*
    Luke: [hl=white]"Yoda was the greatest Jedi there was...The day he died, I felt alone and lost...But his spirit showed me the way. There you see...Obi-one Kenobi, My master and the wisest Jedi I had known...And there my.....Father."[/hl]
    *Luke lowers his head, a sorrowful sound in his voice.*
    Luke: [hl=white]"My Father was once a man of honor and loyalty to the Jedi Order...But the deceptions of Palpatine caused his downfall...He is honored here, for helping and showing us that even those that turn to the Dark-side...Can be born anew...In to the light."[/hl]
    *A smile smile comes across his face. While a moment of silence over comes Luke.*
    Luke: [hl=white]"Kyle. As you know my sister, Senator Solo, was to go to Bespin, to see my old friend General Calrissian. Something doesn't feel right on Bespin, it all could be a diversion to some other hidden agenda...I want you to go to Cloud City and see if the Senator is OK. I've sent Anabel Senn a Jedi Knight there as well, I've not heard from her in some time...and her presence in the force...It's hard to make out...But I think they all could be in extreme danger...Please my friend, we have no time to lose...If the factions of the Dark-side get ahold of the Crystal of Sadow there could be another terriable war. I have a calling to Hoth. I sense that there is some-thing there that might give us a clue as to the Crystal's secrets, I'll contact you from Hoth when I get there...May the Force be With you!"[/hl]
    *Luke puts his hand on Kyle's shoulder, a smile of strength oin his face.*

    [hl=skyblue]Tag: Odd_Ball13[/hl]
  14. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    IC: Kyle kartan, Yavin 4

    "Alright luke but I dont plan to be on bespin for as long as you like I have a meeting with mon mothma in 2 hours but i think i can squezze this mission in." * Kyle walked out and ran to landing bay BA24 where the raven's claw was located.* "alright starting up sublight engines... now.[/color]"* Kyle was in hyperspace and then took a small nap until he got to Bespin.
    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Anabel, Luke[/hl]
  15. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    Jedi : Bespin - Cloud City
    *After Anabel has fixed Droid 12's repulsorlift and antigrav engines. R72D5 begins to whirl.*
    R72D5: "Beep beep beep-oop!!!"
    Droid 12: "Oh my...Thank-you master Jedi. I thought I was nearly a gonn'a. Oh whats that R72...You think we should get a move on?!...Oh you are a bossy one aren't you! Well I'm sure Senator Solo, would like to be taken to General Calrissian...With all these Imperials about, it's hardly a time for dilling about."
    R72D5: "Beep beep beep-oop!!!"
    Droid 12: "I don't think thats apropriate for the ears of a Senator...Shame on you R72!"
    *Droid 12 begins his led towards the location of General Calrissian. His little Astromech friend follows in behind. Droid 12 stops at hearing Anabel's words to Leia.*
    Droid 12: "Captain Laga'aia??? I seem to recall that he is situated in the Security tower. Since the arrival of the Imperials Captain Laga'aia has been on lock down...It's hardly fair that the head of security should not be allowed to leave his quarters."
    R72D5: "Beep beep beep-oop!!!"
    Droid 12: "Yes indeed...The Captain did strongly refuse to be told what to do...I think that the Imperial, Baron Kemplar is a frightful man."
    *Droid 12 continues moving forward.*

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: DJM, Anabel Skywalker.[/hl]
  16. PrincessM

    PrincessM Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2005
    ooc: Hey Mordan I will be on vacation for a week I will
    post when I come back.

  17. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    IC:Kyle Katarn; Bespin

    *Kyle's ship droped out of lightspeed and kyle saw the planet bespin.* " Ok... this is strange my sensor are jammed, i think luke was right to feel bad about this." * Kyle saw the landing bay and most of them were filled with impreial craft, then kyle saw one platform empty and landed on it, then when kyle left his ship a ray shiel impounded his ship.* " There go my escape." * Kyle ran to the streets and saw leia, then on another building kyle saw an imperial sniper ready to assasanate the senator. Kyle made a huge leap with the aid of the force and ignited his lightsaber, with a slash from his saber he cut the head of the sniper. " Luke this is kyle i got a lot of reasons to belive that the remenent are trying to kill your sister, if you truly love her you would sent reneforcement right about now!"

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Luke, Jedi, Leia[/hl]
  18. Knight-Nix

    Knight-Nix Jedi Youngling

    Jun 2, 2005
    IC: Nix Peters; For Hire Club

    Nix listened to the man's requests silently, letting none of her emotions escape from her mind. After her greeting the man pushed a Twi'lek off his lap, landing with a ground with a thump.

    [hl=teal]"Evening...So my pretty, what can I do for you. You looking for work or are you after something else?" [/hl]

    The thin line that was her mouth tightened slightly at the man's words. Pushing down her annoyance she waited and watched the man, who still, apparently, had to talk to the scantly dressed female.

    Listening attentively to the man speak she waited until his attention was placed back on her. Sliding her eyes to the Twi'lek she picked up the expression on her face. 'Damn, What have I gotten myself into?' She thought to her self. A voice inside her head answered the question. Hopefully, something you can get yourself out of. once again her lips tightened, this time in agreement with the voice. Romanov Tanos spoke again and she turned her attention back to him.

    [hl=teal]"So pretty one, I know your not part of the Club as yet. You must of been worth some thing if your here now...Or perhaps your smitten with the great Romanov Tanos? [/hl] For a third time her mouth tightened, leaving it only a thin line on her tanned face. She had an idea that if she was to work for this man then she had better get used to comments like them. [hl=teal]I'm always on the look out...for fresh talent. Though I'd tell you to stay away from Bal, your welcome to take her...Place. You can earn a lot of credits working for me, provided you...have what it takes."[/hl]

    The woman pushed down her disgust once more. The things he was hinting at made her stomach twist slightly, however if the man would pay her the right amount he could get almost all he wanted out of her. Something?s she just couldn't tolerate and the man was walking the thin line with something coming close to grace. The smile that he gave her after his words pushed her guard up ten fold.

    I'll keep that in mind when I meet her again," she said, " My talents are quite good, giving that you have picked my jobs with some care. I tend to....." she paused, choosing her words carefully. " have a quick trigger finger." she finished, hinting at her true feelings. "However you can try, I'd be interested in how far you could get." She left it at that, waiting for his reply.

    [hl=skyblue]Tag: GM[/hl]

    OOC There it is...a little late, but it's here.
  19. Anabel_Skywalker

    Anabel_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Well, like PrincessM, I'm about to go on holiday, but I'll be gone for just over two weeks. So GM please feel free to take control of my character in that time. Just don't kill her off! Cheers
  20. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    IC: Kyle Katarn; Bespin streets

    " well acording to my datapad which dosent seem to work propoerly the jammer must be in that goverment building."*Kyle now runs down into the lower levels and trys not to attract unwanted attention, kyle look up and sees a tibanna gas platform, if i can crash that thing into the training center i might deplepte their forces by alot kyle thought, kyle jump to the platform and place a charge on the levitation station and the platform falls, But the platform tilts to the left and crashes into the main graivty control center witch is the only thing keeping the city from fallin to the planet's abyss. Then kyle hear the backup generators staring up but it wont help to stop the city from tilting left and right. Kyle then begins to fall down from the city as it began to tilt, kyle saw a pole and grabed on to it and he now waits for the city to stabalize.*

    [hl=skyblue]TAG: Luke, Lando, Jedi , leia[/hl]
  21. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005

    OOC: Ok [hl=skyblue]Anabel & PrincessM[/hl]...Thanks for the update;)
    Well players we have near the end of the prequel stage of the game. Thoughthere is still more to cover...Keep a watch as I'll be posting the next replies soon...possiably tomorrow. As I've a Dracula Ballet to attend, tonight...But I am working on the posts right now...I intend to cover some ground so it'll hopefully be worth the read...I'm appreciating the substance that some of you have in your posts, and it's making quite great game-play...:cool:
    [hl=skyblue]Odd_Ball13[/hl]...Try not to get to far ahead in your posts. Your doing fine at the moment...and Every-one will get a I check this game regulary.:-B
  22. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    ill be going to visit my dad in Prueto Rico to day after tomrorrw so ill be gone a month.
  23. Anabel_Skywalker

    Anabel_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Hello... well, I'm back, but I'm now wondering whether this rpg is being continued. I hope it is. :D
  24. Odd_Ball13

    Odd_Ball13 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 11, 2005
    i hope this will contune too.[face_flag]
  25. Darth_Mordan

    Darth_Mordan Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 13, 2005
    Hail players...
    Sorry about the massive delay in this game...hopefully we can begin to pick off from were we left...any questions then please PM me.[:D]
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