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Rise of the Cylons CG Fiction Pt.1&2

Discussion in 'Fan Films, Fan Audio & SciFi 3D' started by Thunderstruck2012, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Thunderstruck2012

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Rise pt.1

    Rise pt. 2

    Maybe will add a third and make my first trilogy :D

    The story of the cylons .... more based on original BSG...Cr. Glen Larson..
    A CGI Fictional Short based on the battlestar sagas. Tells the story of the Cylons and the race that created them, the Ceylons.

    First off= Did you like the video? The CGI? The Music Mix? The Story or Concept? The Look? Leave a comment.

    My original outlay of the short fictional story based mostly on the original series story and speculations.

    "Many yarhens ago, a race known as Ceylons,escaped from their doomed and dying world. They built machines so their civilization would survive.

    Soon the Ceylons realized they could gain what they had lost...... through conquest. And after generations of this, it became their sole purpose.

    The Ceylons are thought to have died off, no one really knows,but their civilization of machines lives on. And their purpose? Annihilation!"

    Second Perspective:

    "It all started when we discovered a crashed ship of another race.
    The ship was operated by mechanical machines. As we were investigating, several unknown ships attacked our recon team. We soon realized they were of the same type of craft found on the moon.

    The Council of Twelve is alarmed and is ordering the Colonial Fleet to find this race and open diplomatic relations. To soothe over any misunderstanding."

    I was also trying to add some boarding action with the cylon models, but since I can only animate them in R10. I was having a whole lot of difficulty getting things to match up, let alone start animating them.

    I found that I was unsure of what to add next, I got more lines of story I can tell, but
    it just seemed like it needed to end here. And maybe I will do another take off this
    with some colonial action.

    Ironic, that a race built machines to survive, and those very machines turned on them, ...
    or did they? Also, the Ceylons endured a hardship and holocaust and near extinction,
    had they not been advanced enough to travel in their system and colonize, there would have been no survivors of the gamma ray burst and it's killing effects.They had to escape,
    leave their world's behind to their peril. Bent on near madness from this they only knew
    that they had to take and conquer. This they instilled into their machines (Cylons).
    Or did the machines inherit this?

    As far as history goes this is the best accounting of the Cylons. Unknown if their masters still are masters, extinct, terminated or if they existed.We know that when we did encounter them (See Cylon First Contact)
    they had a vast Empire already enslaved to their ideals.