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    It is the year 161 ABY. Cade Skywalker, former bounty hunter and descendant of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, is now the Jedi Master on the Council of the Hidden Temple. He also has a 21-year-old son, who is currently working as a Jedi Knight. All is well in the Galaxy.

    But then, a new evil is coming. A Sith Lord, who has been hidden in the Deep Core, decides to fulfill Krayt's vision into placing the Galaxy under the Sith order again. He also needs an apprentice to help him, so they will both crush the rising Jedi, and rule the Galaxy.

    It's up to Cade Skywalker, his son, and others to stop the new threat, before it spreads chaos to the Galaxy...

    You can play as Cade Skywalker, make up a CS for Cade's son, play as the Sith Lord, or the Sith apprentice. You may also make up your own character.


    - PM me your character sheet.
    - No Godmodding.
    - You may play up to 2 characters ONLY.
    - Be kind to one another in OOC.
    - Most of all... HAVE FUN!!!

    Character Sheet:

    Rank: (Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, etc.)
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    GM approved

    Name: Taryyn Jash
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Species: Human

    Appearance: Taryyn is 5'7" tall. He has medium lenth hair that he tends to regularly. His armor is a black flightsuit with cortosis weave forearm and shin guards, and he is rarely seen without his large black cloak that seems to engulf him in darkness.

    Personality: Taryyn is a lone wolf who's vicious attitude in a fight is only matched by his intelligence. He has no need for friends, but will follow his Sith Master's every whim without question.

    Alliance: Sith
    Rank: Sith Apprentice
    Weapon(s): Double Bladed Lightsaber- Red
    Ship: A modified Stealth-X, scavenged from the jungle world of Yavin IV

    Biography: When his parents were killed by street thugs at the age of seven, Taryyn was forced by the Corellian Government to grow up in a foster home. Though the family he grew up with did not mistreat Taryyn, he grew no attachments to them. He was independent from the beginning, never playing games with the other children the family had taken in, or sitting with them during meals. Instead, Taryyn devoted himself to studying the books in the vast library the family owned.

    When he was nine years old, he came across a history book recalling the vast achievements of mysterious warriors called Jedi Knights. When Taryyn decided to ask his foster father of the Jedi Knights, the old man told him of his experience as a pilot, working for Ben Skywalker, grandson of Anakin Skywalker and son of Luke Skywalker. Taryyn felt immediately that to be a Jedi was his calling. He devoted himself to learning all the he could of the Jedi from his foster father and the various books in the library. He even found a book on the ancient art of Teras Kasi, and soon became somewhat comfortable in the art of fighting.

    At the age of 16, Taryyn noticed a strange ship land near his home. When he saw a large figure, draped all in black, walk down the entrance ramp, Taryyn immediately recalled seeing Jedi dressed in similar clothing in the pictures of the books he had read. However, the person's presence was nothing at all like his foster father described being in the presence of a Jedi was like. When he approached and asked if the person was a Jedi, a muffled laugh came from under the cloak, "No, but you are strong, young one. I can make you more powerful than any Jedi, if you truly desire it." Taryyn nodded, knowing that this man would lead him to his destiny. "Good, then you will call me, Master."

    OOC: I left the Sith Master open enough, I hope, so that whoever wants to claim that character can fit him or her however they want.
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    OOC: That's okay with me, mindfreak222. And welcome to the RP. :)

    Name: Norla Vakan

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Species: Human

    Appearance: http://renegade-hamster.deviantart.com/art/Daimida-s-Jedi-WP-72599287

    Personality: Easygoing, Soft-spoken, and Kind

    Alliance: Jedi Order

    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Weapon(s): Single hilt lightsaber with purple blade

    Ship: N/A

    Biography: Norla Vakan was born on Coruscant with her parents, Kylo and Mari Vakan, living on the higher levels. Her father was a wealthy businessman, while her mother stayed home, and watched over Norla. Life was great until one day...

    Pirates raided the family. Her father was to give a ruthless captain a great deal of goods. But Kylo refused. Suddenly, right before Norla's eyes, the pirates killed her beloved family. Luckily, the young girl fled away.

    At the age of 17, Norla met a Jedi named Cade Skywalker. He also had a son, whom she and he became great friends, and did many trainings together. Going to the Hidden Temple in the Zhar system, Norla felt like she had another family that cared for her. But now, a disturbance in the Force is felt. Norla, now a Jedi Knight, must prove her full loyalty to the Jedi Order.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Lord Sirdan Curios
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Species: Hybrid Human
    Appearance: Tall, avering 6 ft on daily basis, slender, 2 1/2 feet long staight black hair, normally clad in black robes with sashes of deep crimson
    Personality: Bent on the finding the location of the hidden temple, as well as his daily furiosity of the complete and final corruption of the free world, Lord Sirdan wreaks in his own havoc, clouding his thoughts and mind in a shroud of malice, hate and power, second only to remneant of The great Lord Sidious's Empire, which serves as a daily reminder of the galaxy's trash and worthless scum, which the disgutable Jedi work so hard to protect and keep free from evil...
    Alliance: To be determined
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Weapon(s): A design of its own, and completely mastered, a tri-ad-lightsaber, complete with three blades, in the shape of a mercedes benz logo, all red except one, which that particluar crystal was mined and discovered deep within the bowels of the Tomb of the desendants of Darth Bane..and it is a blazing white blade, deadlier than any known Jedi Weapon, but also who's power is unpredictable...
    Ship: A restored Imperial Crusier, details to come later
    Biography: To be recorded
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    OOC: Okay. So far, we have mindfreak222 as the Sith Apprentice, and Tooqui_The_Jedi as the Sith Lord. All we need now is a few more players, and I'll start the RPG. Someone can still play as Cade Skywalker or his son too, if you like. :)

    BTW, Cade is 45-years-old in this, just in case someone wants to play him.
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    OOC: Excellent, I can't wait to start this. Hopefully more people will join up soon.
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    LOL...glad i dont have to be on 24/7 for ths one....

    IC: Lord Sirdan
    As the unumbered days go by, Lord Sirdan sits on his ship, awaiting take-off, anxious at the reports of a possible star sytem containg the Hidden Jedi Temple.......
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    SkywalkerShine Approved!

    Name: Seth Durron

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Homeworld: Tatooine

    Species: Human

    Appearance: A lanky fellow at 6'3" and only 135 lbs, Seth has a consistently sickly look to him. His brown hair is beginning to gray, his green eyes are losing their luster, and he's almost perpetually stubbled. He generally wears a grey tunic and black pants, with dirty black boots to match. He's almost never without his brown armament belt, either.

    Personality: Sarcastic and aged beyond his years. He's been around the galaxy more than a few times, and always seems to have one or more groups after his head. He often sounds more like a bitter old man than the middle aged smuggler he is.

    Alliance: Unaffiliated, as pretty much everyone doesn't like him.

    Rank: Smuggler, and a pretty good one in some people's opinion.

    Weapon(s): E-11 Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, several Class-C Thermal Detonators, and a small restored Q-2 Hold Out blaster that he can easily conceal

    Ship: Runner's Bane, a modified YT-2400 so named because Seth originally had quite a bit of trouble keeping it running, hence the modifications.

    Biography: Seth is descended in some way from the famous Jedi, Kyp Durron, on his father's side. Exactly how is unknown, as Seth was never one for details concerning his well-known ancestor, and the fact that the former has no Force potential whatsoever hasn't exactly increased his curiosity.

    Born and raised in Mos Eisley space port, life for Seth as a youth was never easy. His mother died when he was still young, and his father was never around, presumably doing something related to his job, although Seth never asked. Inevitably, he fell in with a less-than-reputable crowd, and became a smuggler for one of the less-powerful Hutts in the region.

    He eventually went independent, but only after earning enough money to buy his own freighter, the Runner's Bane, a "piece of junk" as described by its current owner that was heavily modified just so it would run consistently. It now flies as well as any other YT-2400, but Seth half-expects it to break down at any moment.

    He is still a smuggler, and he still has almost every government in the system wary of him, but Seth occasionally wonders if he's getting too old for his job.
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    Welcome aboard Darthramza!

    The young Sith apprentice paced behind his master like a hungry wolf, ready and eager to strike against the Jedi.
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    OOC: Good to have ya, darthramza! Okay then. Guess we'll start it now. More players are more welcomed to join in! :)

    IC: Norla Vakan, the Hidden Jedi Temple, Zhar system

    The Jedi filled the Hidden Jedi Temple, talking to one another. Some were training. Others were meditating. One girl, named Norla Vakan, was in the Garden, sitting there, on a rock. She thought about her parents sadly. Everytime she did, the pain of their loss grows inside of her.

    But then, she remembered what Master Skywalker, the former bounty hunter, said. "Yes, it's hard to lose the ones you love. But I've noticed something throughout the years. If my feelings cloud my mind too much... well, I'll lose control of myself. Remember that, Norla." Those were his words.

    And soon, after she finshed Knighthood, she would become a Jedi Master. Norla sighed, and walked out of the Garden, heading towards her room.

    Tag: Anyone
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    OOC Welcome ramza...

    The Assasin Red, Unkown part of Deep Core

    IC: Lord Sirdan Curios
    " I sense a great wave of anger and hate within you young apprentice, do not control your self, do not hold back! Emmerse your self in the cloud of hate with....."
    "This is OT-45E, Requesting Contact Lord Sirdan....."

    The infuriated Master and apprentice stopped dead in their tracks, hungry for the words that days of being holed up in thier crusier might quickly bring to a hualt...

    "Go ahead 45, were standing by" The post command officer rappored.

    "We have reports, that a previously unoccupied planet, just a few parsecs out side of the old Yavin System (of course through rigorous torture of one of yourcontacts) has been discovered as the possible location of the Hidden Jedi Temple..."

    *Lord Sirdan turned swiftly towards his attentive apprentice, walking past him, and motioning him to follow*

    "Come Lord Jash, we have many things to discuss..."
    *Turning back for a mere second, his robes swirling with him, Lord Sirdan barked at his command post officer; "This had better be right this time or its their head's!"

    *The officer saluted promptley, followed by a curt nod.*

    Yes Sir!

    *Officer Bardosa eyed the two most feared men in the galaxy as they left the command center, wondering what buisness they had to discuss.*

    *"They running a blind race them two..." he muttered under his breath, a few seconds after the treacherous words left his mouth; the officer dropped to his knees, and fell to a thud on the floor, never to speak again"

    TAG: Jash

    OOC lol...had to kill someone in the first paragraph....

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    OOC: First blood goes to Lord Curios haha

    IC: Sith Apprentice Taryyn Jash

    "Come Lord Jash, we have many things to discuss..." The elder Sith strode from the room, his cape billowing behind him. It had been a while since he had seen his master so excited. Such excitement could only mean that it was time for us to strike at the Jedi. The years of training behind him could still not prepare Taryyn for the adrenaline rush he was feeling now. It was a mix of fear and hate, swirling around inside of him. His master had taught him how to control these feelings, harness them and use them for his own goals. Taryyn followed his master, eager to hear what he had to say and ready to begin the next step in his training.

    Tag: Curios
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    OOC yeah first, but certainly not the last...mwa ha ha

    IC: Lord Sirdan Curios

    Still aboard the old cruiser, Lord Cuiros and Jash walk side by side, a little swifter than usual, but there was buisness to be attented to; as usual.....

    Lord Tarryn, it has been many years since that fateful day back on Correlia, You were so young, but now...yes now, how powerful you have become! But i must confess my son, my protege, that I feel we are being led by a false rumor.

    It is time that we take these matters of "search and destroy" into our own hands, and rebuild and re-technologize our armada.

    It will begin with the money of course! Oh, the sweet smell of an overstocked credit account, blistering with interest, and just....itching.....to be spent. I have secured a small army of about 100 loyal...er...we will call them slaves for now. Do not be confused my apprentice, this army will not be with us while we fly, they will be seperate from our unnumberable empire-driven army we keep today.

    I am putting you in charge of these men and other creatures... I want them to span the galaxy, in fives, searching and reporting at will ANYTHING they find in relavence with the location of the Hidden Temple, if it even exists...we must destroy these squandering Jedi for all thier worth!

    *Meanwhile, in the back of the Masters mind, a tremor in the force ran through him, something or someone was trying to tell him something...something elusive, something...valuable....
    Snapping out of his little day dream, the Master smiled as his well polished apprentice, always seen in the black flight suit, and smiled at him, briefly as it was, it was a warm smile, and it was a true smile*

    You've come a long way Lord Tarryn, and I intent on keeping you that way. Do with this army as you will, just help me find the Jedi, and we will rule this Galaxy in a way no other Sith have ever even imagined!

    TAG: Tarryn

    OOC alright mind freak, lets show these puny "jedi" how us Sith roll....ROTFLMFAO\\
    i cannot not believe this is my first RPG....im enjoying this so much!
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    OOC: Glad to be here!

    IC: Seth Durron
    Near the Duros System

    Flying in close formation, the three Duros star fighters were hot on the tail of one of the more infamous smugglers in the Galaxy. The wing leader was barking orders in Durese: "Okay fellows, stay close to me. He's got about one ton of baradium in that sucker, so we can't risk taking him out directly, too expensive and too messy. Try to force him to land. Remember: crippling shots only."

    A quick roger from the two wing mates caused the wing leader to grin smugly. He wasn't getting away from them. There was no way that baradium was going to fall into the hands of the Hutts, or the Empire, or the Sith, or whoever wanted it. Not on his watch.

    And there was the target, a positively ancient, dilapidated-looking YT-2400 freighter, right in sight. "Open fire!"

    The was an all-too-familiar rumble, and Seth Durron cursed his foul luck. That rumble meant the ship had been hit, and if there was one thing he had learned about the Runner's Bane, it was that he really couldn't afford to get hit.

    He gritted his teeth. Especially not with a storage compartment full of baradium. Especially since he was being paid exceptionally well for this run. He checked his monitors. Three Durosian star fighters, gaining on him. Fast.

    "Seems I've been found out..." he muttered, performing a death-defying maneuver near the remains of an old space station in an attempt to shake the fighters. To no avail, they simply altered course nearly on the spot. Cursing his luck again, Seth dove downward, performing a barrel roll in between some particularly large chunks of space debris.

    Which was when his gravity stabilizers gave out. "This isn't my day..." he groaned, leveling the ship out. Stunts and tricks were out of the question now, unless he wanted to end up a cloud of space dust when the baradium inevitably hit something with a good amount of force. He grimaced. "Only one way out of this..." he said, punching in a random destination in the navicomputer. He crossed his fingers and pulled back on the controls.

    The stars collapsed into starlines. And Seth Durron sincerely hoped he wouldn't end up in the middle of a different sort of mess.

    TAG: Any/>/>
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    Name: Kyle Brand
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Kyle is 5foot 6, brown hair,blue eyes and he has no facial hair. He has grown lean but muscular individual.
    Personality: Agressive, but timid
    Alliance:He works as a smugglers but he is Force Sensitive so Kyle looks to become a Jedi(or Sith)
    Weapon(s):Lightsaber(blue),Modified Blaster pistol
    Ship:Skipray Blastboat
    Kyle works as a smuggler who has no friends or Family. He first became aware of his Force link when he was on a run to Kessel. He some how knew that the Bounty Hunters chasing him would come at a point directly above him. But when they arrived he was ready when he blew them away. When he returned he went to the local cantina where he heard about a dead Jedi's home on Tatooine where he went to explore and consequently found the light saber he now calls his own. Kyle frequntly looks for ways that he can get out of his smugglers job and find a Jedi to train him but he has failed for the time and he will await the call of a master.

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    OOC currently waiting on approval on CS for Cades son, Aiden Skywalker....Ill post as soon as i hear the word...

    TAG GM

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    IC: Taryyn Jash

    Do with this army as you will, just help me find the Jedi, and we will rule this Galaxy in a way no other Sith have ever even imagined.

    Yes, Master, I shall carry out your will.

    Taryyn bowed low and walked to his room. The room was comfortable, with a bed in one corner, and a desk and holo-terminal in another. He sat down at the desk and accessed the records of previous locations where Jedi gathered. Immediately several different planets scrolled across the screen.

    Chandrila, Coruscant, Dagobah, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Hoth, Naboo, Ossus, Tatooine, Telos, Yavin IV

    Excellent. Twelve planets, all teeming with Force energy. The Jedi must be on one of these planets. The Sith took his commlink out of a pouch on his belt. Commander Tirlane, I want you to bring me your twelve best lieutenants immediately.

    A minute later, Commander Tirlane brought a dozen of his lieutenants to the Sith Apprentice. It was obvious to Taryyn that the soldiers were afraid of him. Your men fear me, Commander, as do you. Why?

    You are a Sith, my lord. We have heard stories of the Sith killing their men merely for fun.

    Taryyn laughed. As long as you do your job, your men will be safe. Now, my master demands me to find the Jedi. I have broken down the possibilities to these twelve planets. The Sith apprentice handed the Commander a datachip. I want you to send a reconnaissance team of five men to each planet. Each team will be headed by one of your men you brought with you today. Taryyn turned to the lieutenants. Commander Tirlane picked you as his best lieutenants. I have faith in him, and so I have faith in you all as well. You are to go to your assigned planet and look for any traces of the Jedi. You are not to engage. The Jedi are extremely formidable opponents and are not to be underestimated. If you find the Jedi report immediately back to Commander Tirlane, The Sith turned his head back towards the Commander. Who will then report back to me. Commander, I am leaving you in charge of the distribution of planets. Now go. Taryyn dismissed the soldiers with a wave of his hand, and they all saluted in unison and walked out the door. Taryyn sat down on the floor and closed his eyes beginning to meditate. Soon the Jedi would be in his grasp, and he and his master would rule the galaxy.

    Tag: Curios, anyone
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    Name: Aiden Skywalker (Cades Son)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Species: Human
    Appearance: very fit, very attractive, medium-length brown hair with white streaks, an array of robes and tunics, but his favorite robe, is a Jade Green one had woven in Asion by the Barkli Clan....
    Personality: Warm hearted, caring, and humerous, but well known for speaking his mind. A wuick learner, thinker, acter, and an effective fighter, Aiden had become great in his training, but has conflicts with his inner thoughts, as they are clouded by a secret love and caring for a someone he has yet to reveal....
    Alliance: Jedi Order
    Rank: (Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, etc.) Jedi
    Weapon(s): Single Jade Green blade lightsaber, Durasteel and Titanium enforced hilt. T-16 blaster, and an array of other (aqquired) military weapons...
    Ship: Jedi starfighter, Ferhiuty Tech VTR-6 Edition
    Biography:Although mostly unknown, Aiden is the son of Caden Skywalker. Aiden resdies at teh Hidden Jedi Temple.
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    IC Aiden Skywalker

    The Hidden Jedi Temple, Zhar System

    ""Sigh*, Shes doing it again, Aiden thought, as he watched yet another tremble of emotion go through her body, I just wish she knew that she still has a family, with people that love her, right here in the Temple...

    Aiden's heart leaped as Norla slowly got up, and headed towards the entrance of the Temple from the Garden, with Aiden standing directly in the way.

    "Well, might as well show my self," Aiden thought to himself, and he stepped away from the column he was leaned up against. As she mneared him, he couldnt help but notice how beuatiful she had grown, even over the three years he had known her since he and his Father met with her....

    ]"I suppose you haven't had dinner yet either?" she spoke soflty to him, as she reached the spot where he was standing. Aiden chuckled to himself, "Yeah, haven't really been all that hungry, now that I think of it." He replied, catching a glimpse of his refelction in her eyes. He noticed she had been crying, and hard to...

    "Sigh, I wish you wouldnt let things get to you so often Norla, remember what Master Skywalker said about clouding your head with those types of emotions? Sigh, just...know that I'm here for you too, Okay?

    She eyed him for a moment and smiled weakly, "I understand Aiden", "A far to short sentence for a person of her intelligence", Aiden thought, "Is there something else to say with that?" he wondered, not able to pinpoint the exact reason she was being so alusive towards him that night.

    "Come on, lets go have a quiet dinner, just the two of us, we can talk things over and...well...if theres anything you need to say, or want me to do, we can figure this out okay?" He asked, hopefully.

    Norla smiled, and accepted with grace. Nodding her head, she replied in a sing-song voice; "As long as your not the one cooking..."
    They both laughed together as they left the garden, Unaware of the plans and actions, an initiated hunt for the Hidden Temple that had been set forth just hours before thye're meeting there in the Garden.

    TAG: Norla

    OOC: Aww...*tear*, and then the imperail march plays in my head as i type the last sentence...Bwa ha ha ha!

    and i had to edit the colors out, its getting annoying for me, i'll just do colors with the sith...
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    OOC: I really love the CS on Aiden, Tooqui_The_Jedi. But his age is 21. Sorry. The rest is all good though! :)

    Also, try not to take over other players characters. It gets them really confused and a little upset. Cool?
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    way cool, and is it okay to have samll dialouge? just as long as i dont write thier emotions for them?

    I may need instuction on that, since this is my first RPG, so, just help me through on this one...
    thanks SS...

    oh, hey mind freak...awesome post bub...lookin good, i cant wait to see the looks on master and apprenty's faces when they come back empty handed...(or with a B.S. story...lol....)

    let the games begin,

    and oncce again, S.S., sorry....

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    IC: Lord Curios,

    The comlink buzzed in his own office, and Sirdan answered it quickly,

    "What do you have Lord Jash?" He asked, half-expecting the answer to be nothing....

    "My master, I have assignesd the men you assigned me, to an array of planets known for concelaing Jedi, I also have assigned twelve of my best men, to head the re-con groups..."

    Sirdan sat and thought, "Hmm...already? He exceeds my expectations yet again...."

    "Very good Lord Jash, I await the first report...in the meantime, lets meet up in a while, have some droids bring us some drinks...and dress well my apprentice, we have company coming..."

    TAG: Jash, anyone

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    IC: Lord Sirdan

    Lord Curios adjusted his knobs, punched a few unmemorized buttons, and waited....

    A voice came over the comlink, it was the voice of Commander Tirlene, and he sounded of fear.

    "Yes sir?"

    "I want you to locate a man for me Commander, his name from what I've forseen, is Kyle Brand, a bounty hunter from Tattooine. He's looking for work, and I have strong suspicions of force sensitivity. When you find him, bring him here, to the Conference room down the corridor from me, make him comfortable, and do not let him wonder"

    He ended the communicetion, before the commander could respond his "Yes Sir"....

    He sat back for a monent, thinking about the dream he had the night before, the detailed plans of a treason within the walls of the hidden temple.

    "All I have to do is corrupt his mind, his yearning to be a Jedi, and send him to the temple, as soon as I FIND IT!"

    TAG: Kyle, \Jash, anyone

    OOC we need a Comannder now....
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    OOC: That's okay, Tooqui_The_Jedi. You're not the only one. I also learned not to take control of other player's characters too when I first did RPG. We all have to play as our own characters. But don't feel bad. :)

    And if you need further help, here's a link that'll really help you: http://boards.theforce.net/role_playing_forum/b10328/28399779/p1/?18

    One more thing. Let's post one at a time, so that way we can wait on everyone else and won't get everything mixed up. Just a friendly suggestion.

    IC: Norla Vakan, Walking through Hallway, Hidden Jedi Temple, Zhar system

    The young woman walked alongside with Aiden. He was a longtime friend and a fellow Jedi who was great at many trainings he did. Ever since he and Master Skywalker found her, Norla has been loyal to the Jedi Order. If anything ever happened, she'd be there to protect the Galaxy and the Jedi as well.

    Walking to where the dining hall was at, Norla looked up at Aiden, and smiled timidly. "Hey, Aiden? Thanks. Thank you for cheering me up back there. If it wasn't for you... I'd still be gloomy and hurt inside."

    Norla blushed, and glanced at her side timidly. "Geez, how can I be so shy to say that?! Okay. Just calm down. Aiden's a good friend. You know that. Just... chill!" the young woman thought to herself.

    Tag: Aiden Skywalker
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    IC: Seth Durron
    Somewhere in the Galaxy

    The starlines collapsed back into stars, and Seth's first thought was one of relief in the fact that he hadn't come out right in front of an asteroid or some other large object or planet that would've spelled his demise. He patted the control system jokingly. "I take back anything bad I ever said about you," he laughed. He had made it out of an impossible situation, and he still had plenty of fuel. "Seth Durron: Galaxy's greatest smuggler!" he proclaimed in triumph, glancing at his navi computer. Still functioning fine. He'd be back at the Coruscant rendezvous point in a few standard hours, collect his money, and hit up one of his favorite bars.

    He glanced back at his cargo, more of a force of habit than anything else. After all, if that stuff had been damaged, the Runner's Bane and Seth would've been scattered throughout the hyperdrive route he had followed. Now that he thought about it, what would anyone want with an entire ton of baradium? They were obviously planning on making either a few million thermal detonators or blowing up something very, very big. But they were paying him well. So well, in fact, that he would probably only need to fly a job or two more before he could retire into relative prosperity. He glanced down at his ship. Assuming he didn't need to pay for too many more repairs.

    Which prompted another thought: Why was this such a high paying job? It hadn't been ordered by the Hutts, that he was sure of. So who else in the Galaxy had that kind of money?

    These thoughts and others passed through his mind as he punched in the coordinates for Coruscant and watched the stars extend into lines.

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