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    IC: Quorra Flanigan and

    Dwelling place of Nokzen Ziv, Zonama Sekot

    Once Quorra made it to the dwelling place of Ziv, she gasped softly. Why were they all by his place? And who were these three, eerie-looking people? And how were the three Yuuzhan Vongs defeated? So many questions. But the questions would have to wait, because it was time to assist her friends. Glancing over at Skamlös, the Kaleesh spotted her as well. His look turned from anger to awe.

    "Quorra? What are you doing here?" he asked softly. It was surprising to see him speak with calmness towards her in opposite to the others. Perhaps she could convince him that the Jedi were on her and his side?

    The young singer walked over by Skamlös' side and smiled. "Do not worry. The twins and their friends are allies. It'll be alright. Come with me. For your safety. Please." She held out a soft hand towards him, staring up at him with soft, brown eyes.

    The Kaleesh was at first hesitate, knowing that his master wouldn't approve. But then again, these blasted Jedi and their so-called enemies were still trespassing. But he would trust Quorra, since she was the first person to show him kindness. The older Kaleesh began to take her hand and moved back so that Jacen, Zekk, and the others could solve this.

    NPC: Anakin Solo
    Dwelling place of Nokzen Ziv, Zonama Sekot

    The young man glared at the three Dark Jedi while standing by his older brother. The brown-haired teenager made sure to keep his guard up, knowing full well that Dark Jedi could be crafty. Just like Lomi Plo and Welk that left him to die on the Myrkr mission. He then heard his sister speak about the defeat of the three Vongs.

    "You can blame Mr. 'I-just-have-to-go-check-out-a-feeling' for that, too. I really didn't do all that much."

    Anakin grinned at Jacen and Jaina. He was really happy to have siblings like these, even through ups and downs. The young man continued to have his guard up and kept his eyes on the enemies and arm near his lightsaber. He then saw Tahiri and felt relieved that she too was alright. He'd make sure to keep his loved ones safe this time.

    NPC: Malev, Nala and Jarvis

    Dwelling place of Nokzen Ziv, Zonama Sekot

    The one named Jacen spoke first. "Let's try this again. We want to know who you're working for and then we want you off of this rock and out of this system."

    "We could tell you. But we choose not to," Nala said with a mocking grin. Jarvis, on the other hand, was beginning to look nervous for some reason. He was about twenty-years-old while Nala was about twenty-two, who had a little bit of experience than Jarvis. Jarvis was kind of starting out as an apprentice.

    Jaina then spoke, keeping her eyes and one blaster trained on Malev, and the other blaster on Jarvis. "Put those away. This is not going to end well for you. In fact, you might want to find a new mentor." She gave their leader a look of disdain, "This one isn't worth following."

    The blonde Dark Jedi glanced at his comrades nervously, knowing that this was not going to end well for the three of them. "Master... Maybe we should just fall back. Um... I'm sure we can deal with them later." The opposing Jedi Knights didn't know why Jarvis was acting this way, but Malev and Nala didn't care. "You were always a weak sleemo, Jarvis! Always trying to take the easy road out. Let's take them out now!" Nala exclaimed, igniting her lightsaber and running towards them.

    "Nala, no!" Jarvis exclaimed, trying to stop her, only to be Force pushed into a tree and knocked down unconsciously. This was by none other than his own master. "Nala is right, Jarvis. You still have much to learn..." Malev said. He then ignited his red-bladed lightsaber and ran behind his apprentice to engage with the Jedi.

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    We could tell you. But we choose not to.

    With a quiet sigh, Jacen realized that the die was cast, that this was going to turn into a lightsaber melee in just a few moments. Sadly, because he and his sister were both holding blasters, it also meant that the two of them were at a huge disadvantage. And changing weapons right now would only force Malev's hand...something Jacen was trying to avoid. On it's face, the wannabe Dark Jedi had to feel pretty good: they faced about even odds with two of their opponents holding the wrong type of weapon. Unfortunately for them, the five Jedi in the clearing had been fighting in battle melds for about three years now...the Dark Jedi had no chance.

    Master... Maybe we should just fall back. Um... I'm sure we can deal with them later.

    Jarvis was the first to crack. He was probably starting to realize that they had bitten off more than they could chew. Jacen moved him to the bottom of the threat list, realizing that Jarvis was the least likely to attack. Reaching out to his siblings, Zekk, and Tahiri, Jacen quickly formed the outline of a plan. Anakin and Zekk would take take on Nala and Malev accordingly, while Jaina and he would fire for as long as they could at the three wannabes to keep them occupied. Tahiri would stay back in reserve.

    Instantly, Jacen felt her indignation, but Anakin was quick to point out that his brother's plan mainly relied on position and not of ability. Tahiri was simply too far away to be of immediate use. Besides, Jacen added, I'm going to need someone to save my hide. The mood of the meld instantly lightened with Tahiri's understanding that Jacen was not doubting her talents, just using her relative position as an asset.

    Surprisingly, Nala was the first to attack. You were always a weak sleemo, Jarvis! Always trying to take the easy road out. Let's take them out now! Malev pushed Jarvis out of of the way and lit his red lightsaber with a loud snap-hiss.

    Caught slightly off-guard, Anakin was a bit slow getting his sabre out and ignited. Luckily, Jaina was equal to the task. Instantly, she fired off three rounds at the other woman's hands, forcing her to deflect the bolts ineffectually back at the Jedi. Anakin took advantage of the distraction and slashed at the woman's legs. Nala leaped over the attack easily, only to be shot in the foot by Jaina...forcing her to land awkwardly and giving Anakin the advantage.

    Zekk jumped in front of a back-pedaling Jaina and met Malev's slash with his own, the crash of the two lightsabers echoing through the clearing. Grinning, Malev paused to take a look at Zekk. "Still have a soft spot for the Solo girl, huh?"

    Zekk said nothing, but pushed the older man away and the two started battling in earnest. There was no doubt that Malev was talented, in fact the two were pretty evenly matched. However....

    With a loud Crack Malev's left knee exploded in a flash of flesh and blood as Jacen's first round found it's mark. Unable to keep his balance, Malev staggered a bit and his momentum took him right into Zekk's slash. Without meaning to, Zekk removed the leader's head from his body.

    Anakin kept up the pressure on Nala, forcing her to give ground the entire time as she limped backwards, her right foot only partially attached. Anakin feinted high and kicked the woman in the chest, sending her flying backwards, her saber deactivating as it landed a meter away from where she thudded to the ground. Desperately, she tried to scramble to her weapon, only to feel Jacen's green blade centimeters from her neck.

    "Don't." Jacen said quietly. For a long moment, the loud hum of the lightsaber was all that filled Nala's consciousness as she searched desperately for a way out of her predicament. Finally, accepting her defeat by these weak Jedi, she slumped back onto the ground.

    Jacen moved his lightsaber from her throat, but kept it ignited. Nodding at the carnage behind him, "It doesn't have to be this way. We can help you."

    "What if I don't want your help?"

    "Everyone wants help Nala, they just don't know how to ask."

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    IC: Tahiri
    Home of Nokzen Ziv

    She felt a surge of annoyance at being held back from the main battle but was assured by Jacen it wasn't a slight on her ability. As she watched Zekk, Jaina, and Jacen in seamless fashion handle the adversaries, she felt annoyance give way to admiration. Once the dust settled, she made her way to Anakin and suddenly noticed Quorra off to the side with an older Kaleesh.

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