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Saga Rise of the Sith: Jedi Eclipse

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by sjtabler, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. sjtabler

    sjtabler Jedi Youngling

    Sep 30, 2004
    Well, I am back. Chances are no body cares, but I really do not care. All right in order to understand how the galaxy is doing you must read Life and Death. Since my last story I can only give a few minor details which are: Palpatine after his fall has went missing. Barriss Offee is also missing along with Anakin and Padme Skywalker. Dooku is still around, but other problems are arising for the Republic.

    Chapter 1

    Coldness. A feeling that Jacmi Tafay knew too well, while he awaited the Council to call him for some unknown purpose to some unknown planet.

    "Cold isn't it?" His now former master, The Dark Woman, asked him.

    "Yes master it is." Jacmi responded turning his head in the direction of her. He nevered understood why he must do such things anymore. Ever since four years ago he hasn't been able to see. At times he remebers the battle and the effects it had on him and others.

    Finally the door to the council opened and Jacmi walked in with the Dark Woman, and both of the Jedi took the central position of the room. "Do you know why we called you two here?" Mace Windu asked glancing at the two.

    "Not really, but I guess you could tell us." The Dark Woman responded coldly.

    "We have recieved a report from Malachor station that Count Dooku was seen there." Obi-Won Kenobi said in the usual serious tone he gets.

    "Malachor..." Jacmi whispered under his breath knowing what happened there over 4000 years ago.

    "Malachor station is at the very location of strong nexus of Dark Side energy, and it concerns us that Dooku would be there." Mace told the two Jedi.

    "I was led to believe that the nexus there was abolished, and that the planet its self was gone." Jacmi told the council in his business like tone.

    "No, the echo was stopped by the Exile Remus Teleb, and by the redeemed Darth Traya. However, the Dark Side created by the Sith there was not." Siri Kenobi said in a tone more suitable for her husband.

    Jacmi tried not to think about how much trouble Anakin four years ago went through just to get the code changed. Only to get sent to Dantooine, and then nevered seen again. Before he dissapeared Anakin gave his former master Obi-Won his children. He told Obi-Won that they must become Jedi in the times ahead, and that their names were Luke, Leia, and Shmi. Jacmi at times wished Anakin was still there in the temple, but that was the past and nothing can change it.

    "More concerning it is that Dooku had a person with him." Yoda finally speaking up told the two. Jacmi turned towards Yoda and opened his mouth to speak but was stopped by Mace.

    "Yes, Jacmi it was Knight Offee. She has turned to the Dark Side, and has joined Dooku. Do not let that distract you on your mission."

    Jacmi couldn't believe it, and said "Barriss the Dark Side? No that can't be she would never turn."

    "Like I said do not let that get in the way of the mission. As a matter of fact we haven't even told you your mission." Mace said looking at Jacmi with serious expression.

    "Go to Malachor you will and ask around that station what it was they were after." Yoda told the two Jedi glancing at The Dark Woman.

    "May the force be with you." Mace said as they were leaving. As soon as the two left the chamber Adi Galla stopped Jacmi to talk with him.

    "Jacmi you do understand what happen to her don't you?" Adi asked him.

    "I was to the understanding that she went to Telos and was never seen again until now." Jacmi said moving his head down so he could get a better Force image of the Jedi master.

    "Yes, but do not be fooled she may have turned on our order, but she is still your friend. She loved you, and you loved her. Anakin saw this back at his trial and confronted you about it." Adi said in her usual sweet tone.

    "How did you know that?" Jacmi asked getting angry at the Jedi Master.

    "Calm yourself, I knew because Anakin told me. Then as time went on I to began to noticed it. Eventually the code was changed, and I said nothing about it. Do not let your love for Barriss be yo
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