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RMFF Round Robin...

Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by Jedi Girl of Corellia, Oct 1, 2002.

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  1. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    It has been a long time since we posted anything, and it looks like it will continue.

    Darth Real Life has struck once again! :mad:

    I've decided to hold off on some of this until the end of next month, for a couple of reasons:

    #1 - School commitments - Several of our authors are pushing into the dreaded final season, so their time is better spent studying.

    #2 - Cory - He'll be back at some point after that and can write for his own character that way (and it's one less character for me to write :p )

    #3 - Motivation - I've lost a little of mine since I am working on 2 writing projects and still looking for work :( Hopefully that will improve soon as well.

    I have been working some here and there, but there's a lot more that has to be done by other people before I can write too much more. I have the main plot all worked out, but all the little details need to be worked in as well.

    So, know that we are still working on this, but that it's not likely to be done until sometime in the Summer.

    Thanks for your patience. :)
  2. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    Good evening readers [face_devil]

    Just thought I would let you know that assignments have been handed out and all but one author is ready to go (he still has school left this week :p ). However, in my haste to get working again... [face_devil] I just wrote the main part of the climax of the story. :D [face_devil] And aren't you all wondering what that will be. :D [face_devil]

    Too bad, you have a lot of reading to do before you get there, but I just had to gloat a little, and maybe even give you a little tease. [face_devil]


    Drawing his front saber with his right hand, Jae-Lee Reklaw drops immediately into an imposing battle stance, daring the mercenaries with his very presence. Looking to his companions, he finds that they too, have taken their own stances.


    Doesn't that sound like it will be very interesting? ?:| ;\ ]:)>
  3. Jedi_Knight_Birr

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    Jun 27, 2002
  4. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    Well, the assignments were handed out.... But no one has turned them in yet :mad:

    I'm hoping that this will be realized as a BIG HINT for them to GET WRITING!!!! :D [face_devil]

    SITH__CHICK Former RMFF CR star 7

    Mar 25, 2002
    Crack that whip!
  6. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    Hmmmmmm, I think someone promised me some writing by Tuesday fo this week... And it's Wednesday now.... So...... What could that mean, I wonder? ?[face_plain]

    IT'S LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  7. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    Finally! :p

    Should have it up in the next few minutes... Just needed to do some editing :D
  8. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    This one was written by [link=]Jedi_Knight_Birr[/link], who is on limited net access right now, so that's why I am posting it :D Enjoy.... There will be much posting to follow. :D [face_devil]

    Meklin Suul gazed out of the window in his office suite. It was midday and he was beginning to grow very impatient. Word was supposed to come down today about his security proposal. And he wanted to know.

    He had little doubt that it would be turned down, he just wanted to hear that it was approved. He glanced over to see a flock of avian take flight from a nearby park.
    His comlink beeped once and he slowly removed it from his pocket. He did not wish to appear over anxious for the call. ?Yes? ?

    [b]?Sir I have the news you have been waiting for.?[/b]

    ?And?? His impatience beginning to show through.

    [b]?Your plan received approval? Full approval? It was a unanimous vote by the leaders? sir! Congratulations sir!?[/b]

    ?Thank you for you quick report, Lieutenant.?

    [b]?Your welcome sir, and again congratulations.?[/b]

    He sat down at his desk, happiness creeping up his spine. The plan was coming together so nicely. Then he noticed a blinking icon on his computer terminal. His grin grew even wider.


    Standing before the group of leaders, Suul kept his face blank and his posture rigid. He had responded to their message to come right away for a meeting, and he new that this was going to be a crucial meeting.

    The leader stood up. ?We have called you here to inform you that your proposal has been approved. As a result you will now be responsible for the outfitting of our defense force. But you will not do this task alone. For each major branch of this new force, a person will be assigned to manage those interests and make certain that it gets off the ground and is running smoothly.? The Minister of Security takes a drink before he continues. ?You will be leading the portion that will equip us with starships and crews for these ships.?

    Breaking in, the arrogant Trade Minister pushes further into the details, ?Another person will be assigned to manage troop recruitment and training. Someone else has been assigned to find and build bases for our troops and ships. A fourth will be assigned to provision all of our forces. And let me make it clear to you, Suul. We have not assigned a leader for our defense force yet, and there is a reason for it. Until it is fully operational, you and the other heads will still report to the council. When the fleet and our troops are ready, a leader will be picked from the four of you. We will determine who that person is by their performance of the tasks we have laid out for them. The council is still the ultimate authority in this matter.? The smug expression on the Trade Minister?s face was nearly enough for Meklin to reach over and knock it off, but he maintained his calm visage, only nodding in affirmation.

    The Security Minister breaks back in, ?Yes, well, you will be getting your assignment details shortly. Please note that we expect everything to be done within the next four months? That is all? Dismissed??

    Mek stepped out of the chambers and felt a little dizzy. They council had never been so quick to make a decision; that he knew of by any account. But he did realize that they now had a lot of things to worry about. He would just have to make certain that they had one less thing to worry about. He would become the leader of the defense force. Even if he would have to have a few necks broken in process.
  9. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    This one is mine :D

    Keeping her strides even and graceful, Valyr Shesh enters the office chambers of the Supreme Ruler of the Kuati people. Her deliberate movements are an attempt to not appear apprehensive about her having been summoned to her father?s office, but her state of mind is not hidden from the man who knows her better than any other being in the galaxy; her father.

    His chair begins to turn around very slowly and his presence becomes known the instant he calls to her, ?How long did you intend to hide your failure from me, my Dear First Child??

    Stopped cold in her tracks by his words, she attempts to recover, ?Honored Father, it was never my intention to keep anything from you? I merely believed this to be something within my power to deal with?? She struggles with the right closing for this admission, ?My failure is only that of the faith I held in my abilities, Dear Honored Father.?

    Nodding his head in affirmation, ?Then you have seen your error, and you intend to learn from it, First Daughter?? His condescension is ripe with every syllable.

    ?As you have instructed, First Father?? She bows her head and awaits his permission to rise and continue.

    ?Very good, First Child? Please,? gesturing for her to take the seat at his right, ?continue to inform me of your plans to deal with this problem.?

    ?As you wish, First Father? I believe that the whelp has left the planet. No one has heard from or caught sight of her since the incident. Also, there have been no reports from our dealers in regards to unauthorized repairs or modifications. As a result, I turned to outside information and discovered that there have been no further modifications performed since that incident.?

    Vanquar the Greater positions his hands in a thoughtful pose, ?And what conclusion have you drawn from this information, my Dear First Daughter??

    ?It is my belief that our problem has left Kuat. However, I also believe that we shall have no further complications from her work.? Valyr speaks with the authority with which she has been instructed to always conduct herself.

    ?And what makes you think this way, my Dear First Daughter.?

    His lack of response makes her believe that perhaps she has made an error. ?For her to continue her work, she will reveal herself to our operatives. Doing so would be much the same as signing her own death warrant.?

    From behind one of the many tapestries hanging in her First Father?s office chamber a sinister and foreboding voice reveals the presence of another being for this meeting, ?Or perhaps her disappearance is an omen of your death warrant, child.?

    As the figure begins to withdraw from the shadows, standing to meet this being, Valyr is struck with the aura of darkness surrounding the visage of the pristine and sultry older woman gracefully stepping into the dim light. ?Who are you, and how did you get here?? Valyr is about to call out for the guards when her First Father raises his hand to motion for her to take her seat once more.

    ?My Dear Lady Lusankya, please forgive my First Daughter her ignorance?? Vanquar the Greater stands with all regality, ?Please, will you join us in discussion of our plans?? Motioning for the woman to take a seat beside Valyr, Vanquar the Greater attempts to salve the situation while hiding his shock at this woman?s sudden appearance.

    Slowly moving to the proffered chair, ?Your plans?? She ends the question with a careful and deliberate raise of her left eyebrow and an icy chill goes up Valyr?s spine. ?It was my understanding that you were proceeding with the plans which I have laid out for you, Ruler Shesh. Have I been misled?? Her words are laced with so much condescension and vitriol that Valyr is immediately uneasy about her position in this conversation.

    ?Certainly, Milady? We have made all of the preparations according to your prescription. The ships are in place and at your disposal. We merely await your request for assistance.? For the first time in Valyr?s life, her First Father actually seems ill at ease. When suddenly it>
  10. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    And another [link=]Jedi_Knight_Birr[/link] post :D

    Meklin Suul walked back into his office. He had been busy working out the arrangements for the fleet with the Corellian Ship Builders Union. They were bothersome people, but they held all the power when it came to negotiating with the various shipyard corporations. As he sat back in his chair and glanced at his terminal, he noticed that there was a priority message waiting for him. ?If this is another shipyard flagging their message as priority, I am going to ban all their sales to the defense force,? he grumbled.

    He started playing the message and sat up right away. This was no ordinary message. It was one of his informants down at the space port. He was a slimy little man with eyes that nearly bulged out of his head and watched everything; judging how much it was worth to someone else. Never good for much else, he did seem to have a knack for finding any kind of illegal activities and reporting them to the person willing to spend the most for the information. Mek had thrown credits at him in the past. Sometimes just to keep his info flowing. And judging by how nervous and sweaty he appeared in the message, this street vrelt might have just earned himself a big bonus.

    [b]?Hey, got some good info for ya. Seems a certain someone is stopping in on his way through the Sector.?[/b] He glanced around so quickly, that Mek half expected his eyes fly out of his head and bounce off the camera at any moment. [b]?A someone you been looking for? He just landed at a certain docking bay. So, I want triple my usual fee. You want the full deal, call me back? I?ll be at the terminal waitin? for an answer.?[/b]

    Mek sneered as the recording ended. This little swamp toad had gotten way to big for his own good. [i]If this isn?t awfully good, I am going to throw that blasted vermin into a detention cell and forget where I put him.[/i]

    Mek called up the terminal, and the little dung beetle answered right away. [b]?So we gotta deal??[/b]

    Mek had to hold his tongue for second. ?First off, since when do you have any right setting a price with me? Second, before I started handing out credits like candy I want something more than someone, somewhere. Spill it, or I?ll have my men pick you up where you stand.? Suul was certain that he would either give him what he wanted or bolt immediately.

    Looking even more ill at ease than would be considered normal for this very skittish man, the informant wipes his hand across his mouth, takes a deep breath and begins. [b]?Look, I ain?t lookin? for any trouble. I jes? didn?t want to be slingin? that name around, lest I knew you was payin?.?[/b] Once more he wipes his hand across his face in a nervous manner, [b]??K, I?m goin? on faith here? Orion is dirtside? One a Higaeri?s pads? And he ain?t gonna be here long? I heard him tell the fuel dealer to step it up, so he could be out in a hurry.?[/b] The scruffy looking street dweller begins looking around again.

    Suul pauses a moment to digest this information, ?You of course have proof? Solid proof and not just your word this time.?

    The man seems happy at Mek?s request, [b]?Lucky, I was expectin? you?d want that and so I got a holo, of him and his ship. That should be enough, right??[/b]

    Mek is now anxious to have confirmation, ?Forward them to me.?

    Mek waits until the images have transferred to his terminal. He studies them while the pest waits. [i]It was him.[/i]

    Mek switched back to the comm. ?Good work. Expect payment the usual way.? And with that he signed off.

    This info meant a great deal to his plans for a certain person. In fact, this could mean the turning point in his plans in general. ?The tempest I could stir up with this individual?? Sitting back in his chair, Meklin Suul contemplates his next move. ?This will require a certain finesse, a delicate touch? I wonder if she has returned from my latest errand yet?? Reaching up to his transceiver, he begins to leave a cryptic message for his unwitting accomplice>
  11. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    And as soon as I get another person's writing assignment.... There will be much more posted :D

    Web site it updating as I type this, so if you prefer reading it that way.... Hit my sig line :D
  12. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    Hmmmmmm ?[face_plain] I wonder who's writing assignment I am waiting for this time? :p
  13. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    ONe month+ later... Still hoping to get an outline... If I don't I'm thinking of finishing the whole thing myself :p
  14. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    If no one else is interested in working on this anymore.. Please send me a list of plot points you wanted covered w/ your characters, and any other items you wanted to come out in the story... In Novemeber I am planning on finishing this one on my own, if I have to... If people still want to work on it, you can let me know that too. I have a ton of stuff floating around in my head & I don't want to lose it if no one else wants to keep working on it. :)
  15. arrowheadpodracer

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    Apr 9, 2002
    Run with it. I cant put as much into it as I used to. Sorry about that.
  16. Jedi Girl of Corellia

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    Jun 23, 2000
    I really do want to continue writing this, but I don't think I'm going to be able to :(
  17. Queen_of_Posts

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    Oct 17, 2003
    Last chances to get your input in on this one... Anything you want your characters to accomplish, anything you want to happen w/ them... I'm going to start in on this next week.... Okay, so I already started it, but it was only some re-writes of stuff I had already done :p [face_blush]
  18. PtrsonsZOO

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Expect at least one new post this week :D
  19. PtrsonsZOO

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay, so I finished one tonight :p

    Seated in front of the dressing table mirror, Barevi Lusankya begins to take down and brush out her long, black tresses. She luxuriates in the feel of her silky smooth hair as a dark presence enters the room. Paying no notice as the figure makes it way casually to her back, Barevi continues about her business.

    Realizing that his dear sister is only ignoring his presence, Lord Corevi Lusankya drops onto the divan beside the dressing table. Letting out a terrible sigh as he sinks down into the pillows.

    ?Was she at least mildly amusing to you, Brother?? Barevi snidely questions him.

    Rolling his neck so that his head would rest carelessly onto his left shoulder, ?At least? Though she is quite in control of her urges? Even for a Kuati.?

    Continuing to brush out the dark locks, ?That was to be expected? She is of the finest Kuati stock? As much as that could mean?? Turning to look him in the eye to ask her next question, ?Were you at least useful enough to guarantee her cooperation in this venture??

    Looking somewhat hurt at her accusation, ?You injure me with such a question, Sister.? He lifts his head from his shoulder and takes an indignant tone, ?She is most conciliatory to our plans. The Kuati wench will be of no consequence to your grace.?

    ?As it should be, Brother.? Turning back to her mirror, Barevi goes back to her grooming, ?It pains me to have to suffer these insipid Kuatis, but it has proven to be a necessary evil. After all, it is their investment which will bring us back into our reign? And we lose nothing that hasn?t already been taken from us should this plan fail.?

    Corevi cocks his head at his sister in confusion, ?You have doubts of our success??

    Not even taking notice of his question in her actions, she runs the brush through her hair repeatedly before answering him, matter of factly, ?With the steps that I am currently undertaking, I am hoping to insure our success. But with the Kuatis, there is always risk that their ineptitude will color the victory. However? Should our next trip prove successful, I foresee a clear path to the throne once more.?

    Corevi stared at his sister for a few minutes in amusement before slipping off to sleep. While he slept, his mind was filled with the questions his sister?s comment left him with: [i]where are they going now and what does she have cooking now?[/i]
  20. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    And another one:

    Staring into the vid-screen for what seems like an eternity, Xaxan Trayashoenu reads the words upon the screen, yet again.

    [blockquote][i]My Dearest Brother, Xaxan;

    I regret that I will be unable to visit with you once more before I begin my first assignment. I have only just now received word that my presence is being commanded immediately for active duty.

    Your support and careful attention during the years following the deaths of my parents has been the foundation upon which I have built this life, and to you I will be forever indebted. It is my hope that my service to the people of Chandrila will begin to repay the debts I have acquired in my youth. And someday I hope to be a worthy member of your organization as well. Perhaps my service will be the beginning of the training that I will require to attain that dream.

    I fear not the turmoil that is brewing in my home system, for I know that these things are necessary to continue the evolutionary process. And even from the greatest evil, good may spring forth. So, fear not for me, because even if my life is not spared in this action, it will have been given freely for a noble purpose. I shall carry myself have you have done, Dear Brother, and in doing so I shall never falter. Nor shall I dwell on the past and what might have been, as you, yourself have set that example before me.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Lt. Yorel Trayashoenu
    Chandrillan Space Navy
    Special Forces - Unit Alpha[/i][/blockquote]

    As his eyes read those last words, Xaxan Trayashoenu begins to weep. [i]How could I have misled him so? If he only knew the truth, his shame would be greater than all of Commenor.[/i]
  21. PtrsonsZOO

    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    HOw about some more?

    ?Sir?? The striking, young officer interrupts the Commander?s solitude as he sticks his head into the Command Cabin. ?Commander Orian??

    Bringing his gaze up to meet the junior officer, Commander Silvas Orian answers the young man, ?Yes, Ensign??

    Coming to full attention under the commander?s steely eye, ?Sir, the new recruits from the academy have arrived on station. Would you like to review them, sir??

    The commander strokes his chin in a posture of contemplation before answering the officer, ?I believe that will not be necessary, Ensign? These are all seasoned young men and women who have come here ready for duty, so that is what we will give them. Send their documents to their CO?s and have them placed into the flight rotation immediately.? The commander then returns his gaze to the terminal he was reviewing before this interruption.

    The junior officer quickly retreats from the cabin, and fast steps it back down the corridor to the receiving room and the awaiting Captain. Nearly out of breath, he comes to attention in front of his senior officer, ?Sir??

    ?Yes, Ensign?? The captain continues to review his data-pad.

    ?Sir, Commander Orian wants the orders for each new recruit transmitted to their CO?s and each of them should be placed into the flight rotation immediately.?

    Looking up from his data-pad, ?He does not wish to review these recruits himself??

    ?No sir, he says they are ready and should be used as such, sir.?

    The captain looks at the junior officer for another few moments, before returning to his data-pad. ?Very well then?? Turning to the awaiting young officers, ?Dismissed, take your orders and report to your units ASAP for assignments and quarters.?

    With his words, each of the new officers took the data cards offered to them by the ensign and they depart the area.


    Two of the new officers enter the cabin of their new commanding officer, Captain Orme Tallage. Handing her their orders, they stand at attention awaiting their instructions.

    ?Hmmm, seems everything is in order? You both made very high marks in flight combat as well and strategies and tactics.? She thumbed through the rest of the data cards until she came across something that interested her. ?Lt. Marnith? You are an expert in chemical explosives??

    ?Aye, Captain.? The young woman beams a bit, and it brings a bit of color to her light coffeine complexion. ?My family has owned a chemical plant since my grandfather was a boy. Helps coming from a mining community.? The young woman spoke with a certain amount pride, but not so much as to betray any cockiness.

    ?Very well? Marnith, you?ll be assigned to Bravo team under Lt. Neevar? Dismissed.? And with that she hands the data card to Marnith and the young officer departs the cabin. Capt. Tallage begins to look through the other officer?s data card files when she comes across another interesting tidbit of information. ?Lt. Tryashoenu??

    ?Aye, Captain.? The tall, well built young man answers with perfect precision.

    ?You are Chandrillan??

    ?Aye, Captain.?

    The captain is showing an unusual interest in this fact. ?That is not a Chandrillan name, Tryashoenu??

    ?No ma?am. Commenorian.? His answers are swift and short.

    ?Hmmm, you wouldn?t be any relation to a Professor Tryashoenu??

    The blonde haired young officer pauses before answering, ?Ma?am??

    Looking up at the muscular young officer, ?Speak freely, Lt. Tryashoenu. This is a personal request.?

    ?Aye, ma?am. My mother was a scholar, but I imagine she was also an educator. However, I cannot say with certainty that she might be the same person?? He pauses a moment before finishing his response. ?She was killed during the Great Upheaval, and I was quite young.?

    The captain stops a moment to think, ?Yes, then I believe she was the same person. I recall that she had been married to a Commenorian businessman. I was barely more than a girl myself, during the Upheaval, but I remember her quite fondly. She was a gifted educator and a well-k>
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Get the feeling I've been thinking about this a lot?

    In the last booth, in the very back of the gray, smoky and dingy tap-caf sits Vic Orion. On the tabletop rests a tall glass of crystal clear water. Vic never embibed when he was working, and almost never any other time. However, since Vic was always working, there was never much of a chance of the latter ever happening anymore. And today was no different, though his patience is beginning to wear thin. Vic never liked to stay in one place for too long, and his contact was late.

    Not unusual for a Corellian, but none the less, Vic was getting irritated. Just then he noticed the man enter the tap-caf from the side door. The man, wearing the typical spacer?s wardrobe, a battered flight-suit and a worn thin heavy jacket, notices Vic and makes his way to the booth.

    Vic drops one hand to his thigh, before the man can even see the motion. [i]Never can be too cautious.[/i] The man drops into the booth, but never slides in too close to Vic. ?Hey, Orion, sorry I?m late? I ran into some? Trouble.?

    ?Whatever? I haven?t got time for small talk, give me the rundown.? Vic takes a careful sip from his glass.

    Looking around the tap-caf suspiciously, ?Yeah, well, we all got problems? Anyway, I need to put you in touch with this guy I know. He might have a job for you? He might not. He just wants a meeting.? The man continues to act very nervously; his eyes darting around the room.

    ?Yeah?? Vic takes one more sip from his glass before tightening his grip on the slugthrower under the table. ?I don?t do third party garbage? And you know it.? Slowly bringing the glass down to rest on the table, he then squeezes the trigger, releasing a silent blast of hot metal into the dingy man?s gut. ?And I never deal with slimeballs like you.?

    Vic stands up from the table, throwing a few extra credits down onto the table. And then, without pomp or circumstance, Vic strides out the front door.


    Walking casually through Treasure Ship Row, Vic Orion can feel the presence of the man attempting to stealthily follow him through Coronet City.

    Vic knows that the man will try to approach him in the first alley he takes, so Vic, already tired of dealing with this kind of rabble tonight, ducks into another tap-caf. The dark man following him, comes casually into the tap-caf just after Vic has ordered another water. [i]If I could just finish one of these, just once? Oh well, guess not.[/i] The man makes his way to Vic?s table and then sits down.

    His jet black hair and chiseled features betray the fact that he does not belong in this seedy part of the city, but his demeanor lets Vic know that he is not unfamiliar with it either. There is one other thing that is setting the hair on the back of Vic?s neck on end, but he cannot quite make it out.

    ?I have a proposition for you, Orion?? He hands Vic a data card. ?There is no need to answer now. We will know when you have answered, and the rest of the credits will be paid.? Vic takes a quick glance at the data-card in front of him, and without another word the dark man was gone. Releasing his grip on the slugthrower, Vic takes the data card into his hand. Turning it over in his hand, Vic takes the glass of water and downs it in one tip.

    Being fed up with the luck he has had on this trip, he decides to beat feet out of Corellia. [i]After all, I have real business waiting for me in Chandrila[/i].


    Warming up the engines of the Death?s Grip as he went through his pre-flight checklist, Vic comes across the data card in his chest pocket. Deciding that it might make entertaining reading material for the trip, he pops it into his data-pad.

    As he begins his ascent into Corellian air space Vic turns the data-pad on and a wry smile comes to his normally somber face, ?Well, I?ll be a Kowakian monkey-lizard!?
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    PtrsonsZOO Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 30, 2001
    And one last one tonight... For good measure [face_devil]

    Pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace in her living room, Elassi Mehand struggles to reason with her youngest daughter, ?Cheiré, you must listen to reason. This not something that I can allow you to do.?

    Exasperated by her mother?s insistence, she has decided that arguing will gain no ground in this matter. So, the fair haired young woman with the slender build girds herself up to confront her very strong-willed mother once more. ?Mother, I will not hear any more of your objections. It is not wise for you proceed with this venture alone. I will accompany you until I have breathed my last breath, and I will hear of nothing else.?

    Seeing her daughter?s resolve, Elassi enlists the help of her longtime assistant. ?Shani, please, help me reason with her??

    The other older woman in the room stands, straightens her dress out in front of her and then carefully steps around the table at the center of the room and takes her place beside Cheiré. ?I am afraid, that I must disagree with you this time, old friend. The child is right, you will not endure this task alone.? Cheiré takes Shani?s hand in hers for reassurance, ?And neither will she, for I have served by your side since before I was her age, and my place has ever been and ever shall be at your side, Elassi.? Standing tall with their conviction the two women are standing up for what they believe in, and Elassi is forced to come to terms with the fact all of this is her fault. If only she has been the kind of friend and mother who subjugated those around her, and not encouraged them to be free thinking and strong in their will, then this would have been easy.

    ?I suppose there is nothing I can say or do that will change either of your minds?? She asks them in a resigned tone.

    ?Mother, I made my promise a long time ago, and I refuse to dishonor the memory of my sister in order to appease you. I will not be swayed.? The young woman is resolute.

    Hanging her head in defeat, Elassi nods her acceptance, ?Then I will have to accept your decisions and make the proper arrangements for the parade. I will have you both by my side during the march.? Elassi walks over to the two women, and places a careful and loving hand on the face of her daughter, ?I would never wish to dishonor Corre?s memory in any way, my youngest child. That would never suit my desires. Please go with Shani and prepare for the Parade of Children.?

    As the two women depart the room, Elassi finds that a solitary tear has escaped her aging eyes and wipes it away. As she turns back to the fireplace, her tired eyes find that most precious holo of her family? Before the dark times? Before they were torn apart? [i]Once again, I must make choices that could tear my family apart? If only I had your counsel, my dearest first child, perhaps this burden would not be so great? If only a great many things were different?[/i]
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    FYI-I have a ton of stuff on back log with this story, now that I have broken the log jam, there will be lots of posts coming this week [face_devil] :D

    Pacing back and forth in his situation room as the holovid transmission continues, Commander Silvas Orian awaits the final bad news.

    [b]?Commander, you do understand that I will not be able to sway them in their decision, do you not??[/b]

    The commander stops and faces the vid-cam, ?Yes, Madam Ruler, however, I must inform you that this will complicate our arrangements on many levels.?

    [b]?I understand, Commander.?[/b]

    ?Are you aware, Madam Ruler, that your speaker is currently traveling with Master Falion Mussiri??

    The was a moment of silence before the Ruler spoke, [b]?That will be an unavoidable obstacle, Commander? You mustn?t allow them to land in Hanna City, detain them at the Caspian.?[/b]

    Clenching his jaw once and then allowing his breath to leave his body, ?As ordered, my lady.? And with that the transmission terminates. ?I just hope that this is not my undoing.?


    With an escort of six armed guards, Vic Orion strides confidently toward the situation room of the high commander of the Chandrillan Interstellar Navy. Upon reaching the doors, he is ordered to halt while the officer in charge awaits orders for his admission.

    [b]?Send him in, lieutenant.?[/b]

    ?Aye, sir?? The lieutenant clicks his heels sharply together as he turns to face Vic, ?Enter, please.? With a look of utter disgust, Vic clips his jaw together to show his disdain for the young officer, before strolling in through the doors.

    Once inside, Vic notices the spare surroundings, nothing in the room that does not have a logical and needed function. [i]Hmm? Simple. Efficient. I must admit, I expected much less from a career military man. I can respect that.[/i]

    Looking up from his terminal, Commander Silvas Orian acknowledges Vic?s presence with a nod. ?Your reputation precedes you, Orion? I?ve just been going over some files that my intelligence people have prepared.? Motioning for Vic to take a seat, the commander continues, ?I also see that you have a near perfect record on assignments. Though I suppose you had no control over that Zabrakian killing your target out of blood lust, but still it was a missed bounty.? The commander is trying to get a rise out of Vic.

    ?Yeah, well, first of all, I never miss a ?bounty?. Second, I don?t collect bounties, I collect pay. Third, I got the Zabrak?s pay and he?s nothing but another sentence in my book of death.? Vic does not take bait.

    ?Very true?? The commander takes a datapad from his desk and then continues, ?Well, now this is what we have worked out for the plans. Please go over them and let me know if you have any problems with them.? Handing Vic the datapad, the commander expects Vic to peruse the details.

    His shock comes when Vic simply looks him in the eye and says, ?I?ve already gone over your plans, I have my own setup for this little job.? Vic, stone faced as always, places a data-card in the pad and hands it back to the commander.

    Taking the pad in silence, the commander goes through the amended plans. Clicking through all of the changes, he begins to nod his head as he reads. ?Excellent, a few of these were points of contention for me as well, and yet others were things I had not considered? I will provide you with the subspace routes into and out of Hanna City to avoid any detection. It will put you dirtside in just enough time to setup for the Parade and allow the reception crew time to get into position. It does call for some last minute adjustments on my end, but that should not affect any of your responsibilities. Everything but one item: you now have three targets.?

    ?What?s the proximity in the field of fire?? Vic?s lack of surprise shocks the commander.

    ?Inches, maybe feet, they will be together throughout the parade. Here is a holo of the last parade to give you an impression of their grouping.? Handing him the flimsiplast holo-image, the commander sits bac>
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    This is a long chapter, in several parts... And since posts are a big deal in this group, I am splitting it up :D [face_devil]

    Jae-Lee Reklaw makes all the proper adjustments as he releases the hyperspace lever at the completion of the inversion bell countdown. However, instead of clear space he finds himself in the midst of a squadron of fighters. Noticing the three to one ratio of [i]Waverunners[/i] to [i]Riptides[/i], and the [i]Whirlpool Class[/i] medium transport off in the distance, Jae immediately knows that he is smack dab in the middle of a Chandrillan Naval Battle Group. Every cell in his brain is telling him to turn around and make a micro-jump back into hyperspace, but every bone in his body is saying he should wait and see.

    Deciding to take the middle ground he flicks the switch on the internal comm system, [b]?Mees, I hope you have some kinda plan, ?cause we just jumped into a nest of Gundarks. Get up here, and fast!?[/b]

    Appearing behind his chair, Jae nearly jumps out of his skin, ?Blast it, Mees!? You gotta stop doing that to me, or at least show me how? So, what do we do??

    Sliding into the co-pilot?s seat, Mees reaches over and opens up the sub-space comm system. ?This is [i]SkyDancer[/i], requesting comm code Alpha-Ricevuto-Niner.? Turning back to Jae, who stares at her in utter disbelief, ?Just wait.?

    Her smile, though disarming, lets Jae know once more, that they have a lot of catching up to do before they can part ways. ?Gods, Mees, what else do I need to know about this mission??

    [b]?[i]SkyDancer[/i], comm code accepted, transmission being routed now. Please stand by.?[/b]

    ?We?ll have to talk about it later.? As the words leave her mouth, Falion Mussiri enters the cockpit. Turning to face him, ?We?re waiting for the big man now. Go ahead and put on the headset, and I?ll patch it through as soon as they connect him.? She turns back around as Master Mussiri does just as she says, while nodding to Jae-Lee.

    Throwing up his hands in surrender, ?I give up!? You guys are impossibl-.?

    [b]?This is Caspian Control, [i]SkyDancer[/i], the man is now on the line. Are you secure??[/b]

    ?Affirmative, Caspian Control, receiving transmission now, and under secure lock. [i]SkyDancer[/i] out.? She adjusts the frequency as she begins to receive the signal.

    [b]?Is that young Meesahran I hear??[/b] The voice is that of a bear of a man.

    ?Yes, Commander Orian.?

    [b]?Well, then I must express my gratitude for that little transmission package you sent me. Quite an enlightening piece of information you stumbled across, my dear.?[/b]

    ?Yes sir, it was. I have Master Mussiri waiting for you on the secured line. He will have all the details on our mission to date. One moment, please.? Meesahran pushes one final button and the Master begins to speak.

    ?Yes, Silvas, all is well, though we are a bit behind schedule. I hope that this has not created a problem for you or your people?? Master Mussiri gestures to Meesahran and she places a hand on Jae?s shoulder as she rises from her seat, motioning for him to follow her. ?I am pleased to hear that, my friend. And have all of our arrangements proceeded according to plan??

    Following Mees out of the cockpit, Jae is still in a solid state of confusion as she leads him down the corridor. ?Hey, wait up,? he calls out to her. ?What?s going on now? You guys are having secured conversations with the head of the Chandrillan Navy out in the middle of nowhere, with an entire battle group waiting for us to drop out of hyperspace. This is way more than I thought we were in for. What?s really going on, Mees??

    Mees looks around, making sure no one else is within ear-shot, ?Look, there?s a lot going on that I can?t really talk about right now. But, I promise you as soon as this part of the mission is over, I will not hold anything else back.? Placing a hand gingerly on his forearm, ?You?re just gonna have to trust me a little while longer, Jae. Can you do that?? Her eyes are aflame with a burning desperation for his answer as she speaks.

    Carefully >
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