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Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by Jedi Girl of Corellia, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Entering the cockpit, just as her Master completes his conversation with the Commander, Meesahran moves to sit down on the pilot?s seat. ?So, what?s the word? We haven?t thrown off the schedule, have we??

    Taking a deep breath as he places the headset back into its compartment, ?No, we are in perfect position. Plans have changed somewhat, however. We are to continue on to the Caspian Defense Platform, and await the exchange there.?

    With a questioning look upon her face, ?The Caspian? What for and what plans have changed??

    ?It seems that Higaeri?s contractor had some issues with our original plans that Orian felt were valid points and so things have been changed. We shall proceed to the Caspian and await further instructions.? Falion has a troubled look upon his face.

    ?Is there anything wrong, Master??

    ?No, I am just concerned about some of these changes?? Falion turns to face Meesahran, ?It seems we shall be making a larger pick-up than anticipated.?

    ?I was afraid that would happen?? Falion looks incredulously at his apprentice, ?Please, Master, do you think I could let you do something like this by yourself??

    Chuckling at the simplicity of her answer, ?Yes, I suppose you are right. But it does complicate things with the package we are already carrying.? His knowing look causes Meesahran to re-think her position.

    ?You mean we aren?t dropping that package off??? Nodding his head in affirmation. ?Well, that will make for an interesting flight to the Sanctuary, won?t it??

    ?Yes, quite interesting indeed? Well, you should get the course plotted in, we?ll be flying in subspace only as well, to avoid detection. Orian sent the destination coordinates into the computer, so just plot the course for that and take us in.? Laying a gentle hand upon her shoulder as he stands to leave, ?I shall be with our confused friend, helping him to release some of that pent up frustration.? Master Mussiri is about to leave the cockpit, ?And Meesahran??

    ?Yes, Master.?

    ?You shall be piloting alone for the remainder of this leg of the trip. Is that going to be all right with you??

    She turns around to meet his gaze, ?I?ll be fine, but do you want me to seal off the cockpit??

    ?No, that shall not be necessary, I simply want you to use this time to reflect. There shall be precious little time for that once we reach our destination.? His fatherly gaze alerts Meesahran to his intentions.

    ?As you wish, Master.?
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    I really was putting some effort into this thing, that's why I was getting kind of irritating about getting other people motivated... So, hopefully my solitary view of this project will be well received :)


    Sitting, with her back to the doorway, in front of a makeshift dressing table, Master Mussiri finds young Xana Tryashoenu finishing up the last of her primping before her supposed departure. Pausing a moment longer, not wanting to disturb the girl, he waits to interrupt this happy scene.

    Looking up, Xana notices his reflection and turns to greet the older man, ?Master Mussiri, I did not hear you approach. Is there something you need, Master??

    Taking a deep breath before crossing into the room, Falion is apprehensive about what to say to the anxious young woman. ?I am afraid, child, that I have some rather unwelcome news?? Sitting upon the bunk across from her, he continues, ?There are some additional precautions that we must adhere to and there may not be time to deliver you promptly for the speech.? Her face is completely ashen as the words leave his mouth.

    In the air a dreadful silence hangs, until Xana breaks her stare and looks down into her lap, ?Is there nothing we can do? This is ever so important, Master Mussiri.?

    Reaching out and taking her hand in his, ?I am terribly sorry, my child, but it appears that things have continued to deteriorate in Chandrillan space. Commander Orian himself gave the order for us to proceed to the Caspian before we are to be allowed to land in Hanna City.?

    The last glimmer of hope is dashed from her eyes as she lifts them up to meet the older man?s gaze once more, ?I understand?? Her words trail off of her tongue, but there is not a hint of true understanding in them. ?Has the Provincial Ruling Council been informed of my delay??

    ?Yes, child, and they shall do all that they can to await your arrival, but a substitute has been chosen, should you not arrive in time.? She nods her head in acceptance, but her sorrow is seething from every pore of her being.

    Standing up and gingerly replacing her hand to its former position, Master Mussiri puts as much caring and support into his words as he can, ?I shall leave you to your thoughts, my child. And my sincere hope is that we shall arrive in time to enable you to make your presentation?? And with his final words, he is out the door.

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    This one is a little longer than the last ones, but it covers some serious stuff.


    Wandering aimlessly throughout the ship, Xana finds herself moving towards the quarters of Jae-Lee Reklaw. Hoping to find solace in his eyes and warmth in his embrace, she is shocked upon reaching the cargo bay to discover him sparring with Master Mussiri. She begins to wonder if Jae has not changed the course of his life, to be studying with the master after all.

    Deciding that her presence might be an unwelcome distraction, she moves past the hold. Finding herself on a direct course for the cockpit and the company of her old friend. Her grief must be shared, and Meesahran has always been a gracious companion for such duty.

    Finding herself mere feet from the cockpit door, Xana stops. Peering into the doorway, she finds her dear friend standing on one hand with a look of pure serenity upon her normally troubled face. Fear she might prove to be unwanted she prepares to back away, when Meesahran speaks, ?How are you holding up, kiddo?? Her face has not changed at all, and her voice seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

    ?Oh!? Xana is somewhat shocked by the display, until Meesahran quickly crumples into a ball and springs straight to her feet with seemingly no effort.

    ?Sorry, I forget to turn off the projection when I speak in meditation sometimes.? Grabbing a rag from the navigator?s chair and wiping her brow, ?But it?s good you could hear it. It means you?ve gotten stronger. Come on in. I needed a distraction from the vast nothingness of sub-space travel.? Placing herself in the pilot?s seat, she motions for Xana to take the seat beside her.

    ?Thank you? I was just hoping that maybe you?ve received word about any change of flight plans?? Her wistful features are enough to break anyone?s heart.

    ?Nope, sorry, kid. The big man was very specific about the route we had to take, and we won?t even reach the Caspian for another fifteen hours. And then it would be another five to Hanna City from there. We have at least a solid day?s worth of travel to get through and that would put us in Hanna City about four hours too late, at best.? Her words, though true, hurt no less for this disappointed young woman.

    ?I had just hoped that there might have been some word from Unc-, Commander Orian. He was aware that I was onboard, was he not?? The longing in Xana?s eyes is almost more than Meesahran can bear.

    ?Yeah, that was the first thing that Master Mussiri tried, but no luck? I?m sorry my other business took so long, maybe if-.?

    ?No, my Dear Friend, this is not your doing. You were my only hope for arriving at all, so do not take guilt which does not belong to you?? She looks out into the open transparisteel window at the empty space before them. ?Perhaps it was simply not meant to be.?

    ?Hey, Xana, don?t get so tore up over this thing. I know it was a big deal to be chosen, so try to take some comfort in that. Out of everyone, they chose you to make the presentation. That?s gotta be pretty fantastic in and of itself, right?? Mees places a gentle hand on her shoulder.

    ?It was wonderful to have my work recognized, but no one will ever remember that I was chosen, only the person who will be giving the speech. My name will never appear in the scrolls. I wanted that to be my legacy to my mother.? Xana turns away, but not before Meesahran sees the tears in her eyes.

    ?Is that what this is about? Making some kind of mark for your mother?? Do you think that?s what she would have wanted for you? To live with some kind of perceived debt to her memory?? Meesahran?s words speak volumes to Xana?s mind, but her heart still aches. ?Look Xana, I never knew your mother, but I can?t imagine she would have ever wanted you to carry that kind of burden around for the rest of your life.?

    ?You do not understand, Meesahran, my mother was chosen for such an occasion as well. Her name is in those scrolls, and it was one of the finest days in her life. It was the day she met my father. It was the moment
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    NOw that I have opened the floodgates and don't feel so restricted by waiting for everyone else.... Things are really MOOOOOOOOVING along :D


    Going through the ship?s diagnostics one more time, Meesahran tries to busy herself for the long subspace flight to the Chandrillan North Pole and the orbital defense platform that rests above it. Having only traveled half way to their rendezvous point, Meesahran is beginning to question the wisdom of this decision. She knows that her questions arise more from her own discomfort than with logic, but she is still frustrated with the decision.

    Looking at the short-range scanners once more, hoping for almost anything out of the ordinary to occupy her attention. When she is just about to switch it off once again, she notices a small blip on the screen. ?This is so far from the normal spacelanes?? She focuses in on the unknown craft, ?What in the name of Corel??

    As she dials up the power on the scanner and begins to run through a recognition device that she has been working on, she comes to a sudden realization.

    With a devilish look in her eyes, she hits to subspace comm transmitter, ?Gods, I guess the big man is not very creative? Sending us across the same subspace lanes to avoid monitoring, huh??

    At first there is nothing but static coming through the comm station, and then three distinct clicks can be heard. Untrusting little bugger. She reaches over and dials the subspace comm to the indicated channel. ?Is that more to your liking, Vic??

    ?Just checking, kid? How?d you know it was me?? His voice comes over with perfect clarity and a deliberate nature. Just like always.

    ?Just a little something I?ve been working on. You know how I am with my toys.? Her taunt is meant as a goad, getting him to open up a bit. ?Why, you interested??

    ?I?m always interested, but I haven?t got time for toys right now.?

    Oh, well, maybe this one will get him. ?I had a feeling old Toman was talking about you when he told me about his ?contractor.?? Her lip curls up in a smirk.

    ?What made you think that?? Concise and without detail, letting everyone else give all the answers, Vic never lets much slip by.

    ?He said he hired the best, and that Jae knew who he was? And that he specifically left me out of it, let me know for sure it was none other than, Vic Orion, baddest specialist in the business.? Her compliment is meant to draw him out one last time.

    ?Good to know you still have the skills? So, is Reklaw still with you??

    Gotcha! She smiles with her sense of victory over the enigmatic Orion. ?Yeah, I decided to keep him around so I could torture him a little longer? I also hear you guys had a run in recently?? Mees waits for an answer, but when silence fills the cockpit, she continues, ?Hey, how come you never told him that we worked together??

    ?Wasn?t important at the time.?

    ?Gee, thanks a lot, Vic. Maybe I should keep that case of Whyrren?s I owe you.? Meesahran knows that settling a wager is always important to Vic.

    ?Only if you want to be known as a welcher. Besides, I have a buyer lined up for that case? Anyway, what I do is none of JL?s business.?

    And that?s the crux of the situation, his competition with Jae. ?Oh, I see, well, when and where do you want to make the exchange??

    ?What ?exchange???

    Got him this time. ?You think you just get to take the case and move on??? Waiting just the right amount of time for affect, ?Just kidding? You got the tractor still working on that heap you call a ship?? She lets her laughter punctuate her statement.

    ?Don?t go insulting my ship, kid. Especially since you put that tractor in, you?d only be taking yourself down? You think you can make a precision drop like that?? His jibe lets her know that he is done with the bravado.

    ?Better than you, any day.? As she speaks, Meesahran activates the tractor beam and sends a container soaring across subspace at the distant ship. ?Question is, can you catch it??

    A moment of silence follows
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    Okay, so I was working through some stuff and realized I needed to move a couple things around... So, here's another post... With more to follow :D [face_mischief]


    With a fluidity of movement and grace, Master Falion Mussiri puts his body through the rigorous, yet elegant physical routine. Eyes closed, he performs this ritual exercise purely from memory and experience.

    Gently bringing his left arm across his chest to join his right as he swings his back to the left, slowly raising his right leg into the air and rotating as so to create a rhythmic arc with the point of his toe. When his right foot imperceptibly touches the deck, his left begins its gradual ascent into a right angle from his body as he lean forward, touching his right cheek to the left knee, just before he completed the arc with his body in a whipping revolution that was more finesse than speed.

    Reaching the top of the arc, and finding himself once again upright, he spreads his arms out at his sides and then brings back to lie across his chest in a state of repose. At this resting position, Master Mussiri calls to the observer in the corridor outside the docking bay, ?Come, young one.?

    Startled from her silence, Xana Tryashoenu steps forward into the hold, her delicate feet quietly connecting with the deck floor. ?I-I am sorry for disturbing you Master Mussiri, it was not my inten-??

    ?Please child, there is no need for apology.? He opens his eyes for the first time as she stands directly in front of him. ?In a ship this size, even when there are just the two of us, privacy is not a thing to be had. How may I be of service to you, my child?? Lowering his arms to his sides and then holding them behind his back, as is his normal fashion.

    ?Well, I suppose? If it would be all right with you? Could I, perhaps?? Xana is fighting with her words, struggling to ask the Master for his assistance. ?I know it has been many years, and I am not as adept as others, but I have continued to practice your lessons all these years, and I was in the hope that I might be able to convince you to allow me to perform the ritual with you?? Her words come so painfully forward, that master Mussiri cannot help but chuckle at her ill ease.

    ?Please, child. I shall be most honored to have you join me.? He motions for her to stand beside him and he returns to the first position in this ritual, with his arms linked across his chest and his feet firmly together. Xana, somewhat timidly, takes her place and mimics the stance of the Master.

    Soon, they are moving with the same elegant grace of motion, matching move for move. Their movements quickly begin to resemble the wavering grasses of the Alderaanian plains, as they go from one side to the other, shifting in a willowy and harmonious symphony of the beauty of the human form.

    After nearly a standard hour of their symbiotic locomotion, the young woman begins to radiate an astounding presence of peace. Master Mussiri can palpably feel her serenity in a way that he has never felt from any untrained adept. He tries to hide his surprise from the girl, but soon it is too much for him to continue to deny its presence. Slowly bringing himself back to the first position, he takes a deep cleansing breath and then very slowly exhales as he lowers his head. Once the breath has completely left his body, he finds that Xana has perfectly matched him action for action. Looking into the eyes of the beaming young woman, he speaks for the first time since his invitation for her to join him, ?My child, you were not in error when you claimed to have been practicing those lessons.? Xana blushes faintly at his words.

    ?Thank you, Master Mussiri, but I must admit that Meesahran is also to blame for this. Whenever she has visited, she has shown me more exercises and I have practiced them faithfully.? Her face is aglow with pride, satisfaction and that distinct peace of heart. ?It has always been a great comfort to me over the years.?

    Infected by her smile, the Master also releases a small smile of his own, ?And I can see why that should b
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    Anyone's eyes about to pop out yet? [face_devil] :D


    Casually going through the systems checks on the SkyDancer, Meesahran Tofallin reaches the security system and the monitors of that system. One by one, she flips to each monitor and does a quick test of the sensors and the camera mechanisms. Upon reaching the docking bay monitors she pauses. When the bay deck camera shows her a scene that should be familiar to her, yet in some way it is foreign.

    On the docking bay deck, her Master is going through carefully executed ritual, but this time it is different. Not just because she is not at his side, matching him move for move, but because another is there: Xana. The same girl she has shared the ritual with since she was a girl and Meesahran recognized that spark that dwelled within her. Where Meeahran was athletic and adroit in her mimicking of the Master, Xana was lithe and artistic in her interpretation of the Master?s motions.

    Pausing to watch this display of exquisite grace, Meesahran finds that she feels the slightest twinge of jealousy. Knowing that this feeling is ludicrous, but unable to will it away. What is this all about? Searching her feelings for an answer she comes upon the resolution. The look that has fallen upon Xana?s face tells her all she needs to know: serenity, peace, centered. Xana has found that ever-elusive center that Meesahran has never been able to touch.

    Turning away from the monitors, Meesahran begins to reflect on her feelings. So engrossed in her own thoughts, she is unaware when a familiar presence darkens the hatchway to the cockpit.

    Jae-Lee Reklaw quietly steps into the cockpit, and just as he I about to speak, his eye catches on the security monitor. His eye catches on Xana, as she works synchronously with Master Mussiri. Her beauty seems to have transcended far beyond its normal luster and become a beacon to her lovely visage. He finds that he cannot remove his gaze form her, and is almost hypnotized by the elegant movements when his focus is pulled away and towards the sound of Meesahran?s fist hitting the console behind him.

    ?Hey what did it ever do to you?? Meesahran nearly jumps out of her skin at his words and takes him aback as well in her response. ?Sheesh, sorry, kid. Didn?t mean to step on your tail, or nothin?.?

    Catching her breath and trying to compose herself, Meesahran attempts to brush off the episode. ?Sweet Corel, you must be working with Master Mussiri, in order to finally sneak up on me like that.? She starts going through some random system checks to play off her surprise.

    ?Yeah, but that?s not why you nearly came unglued just now? You?re wound tighter than an Alderaani grass painting, Mees? What?s up, kid?? Jae takes a seat at the navigator?s terminal and props his feet up, waiting for an answer.

    ?I?m fine, and would you please stop calling me ?kid??? Her curt response is enough to clue Jae in on her shift in mood.

    ?All right, Mees, then why don?t you stop acting like one and tell me what is kriffin? wrong with you? And I?m tired of being put off, so no more run around, okay?? You have to at least be honest and up front with me about this?? Pausing to think about his words and his tone, he believes he can push just a bit further, ?And you can?t tell me this is privileged information? Not to a friend?? Pausing once more, he decides to give it at least one turn of the screw, ?Or at least someone you once thought was a friend.?

    Hearing the harsh words of her dearest friend cuts into Meesahran with such strength that she knows she can longer put him off. At least not about this, not now. ?Sorry, guess it?s just habit? Being closed off, I mean.? She turns around to face Jae, ?It?s been a long time since I was able to confide in a friend.? Seeing Jae wince at her words makes her immediately regret having spoken them. She did not intend to hurt him in that way, but merely to speak the truth. ?Sorry, I didn?t mean it that wa-??

    Holding up his hand, ?Nah, you can?t help the truth. And neither of us can change the past,
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    Okay these next two are because I am updating the site w/ the whole chapter :D


    Walking into the quarters she has been sharing with Meesahran and the only other female aboard, Xana is not surprised to find Niija there. Though she is surprised to find her packing. Wiping the perspiration from her brow with the towel in her hands, Xana enters the room.

    ?Hey, I thought you noble types never sweat at anything.? Niija sends a joke to the young woman as she notices her enter the room.

    Thinking on her feet, Xana replies, ?We do not sweat, we glow?? She keeps the regal affect just long enough to punctuate the joke, before they both burst out laughing. ?So, what is with all of this packing??

    Niija continues to stuff things into her bag, ?Ah well, this was an unplanned excursion for me, but Mees managed to find me some gainful employment until the dust settles back at my old digs. Although? I may find that this military thing agrees with me? I kind of like the idea of people being required to show me respect.? Niija looks over her shoulder and winks back at Xana.

    ?I am certain that you will find it most enjoyable? Until it grows old, that is? So, when are you leaving?? Xana reaches into the wardrobe locker and takes a fresh towel and a robe from within.

    ?Oh, as soon as we dock with the Caspian. They got someone there waiting to pick me up so I can get to work on a major retrofit.?

    ?My, it sounds like you will be busy for a while then? Well, I should get cleaned up before we reach the Caspian? Just in case?? And with that she departs the room for the ?fresher.

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    And with this we have 45 chapters of the story completed... Marking 160 pages of text :eek:


    Standing his ground in front of the cockpit door, Jae finds that he may have bit off more than he can chew in this situation. Looking into those eyes, so filled with fear, makes his heart ache. Meesahran moves for the door, but stops herself, not wanting to make things worse. She backs off and then turns her back on Jae-Lee so that she might compose herself a bit before attempting to speak.

    Her eyes fixed on a point out in space, visible through the transparisteel window of the cockpit, Meesahran tries to speak, ?Jae, please don?t do this right now.? The words catch in her throat and are barely audible, but Jae hears them none the less.

    ?I?m sorry, Mees, but this is killin? me, and I have to get this thing cleared up between us.? His resolve has not weakened, even with her tortured words.

    She takes a deep and firming breath, ?Then ask what you must? I will try to answer your questions? As long as they have nothing to do with the mission.?

    Jae relaxes a bit with her last words, ?Fair enough? Besides the mission is only consequential to us getting together again.? He takes is own strengthening deep breath before starting in, ?Mees, first off, I want you to know that I know what happened to you after I left Corellia? And I am more sorry about leaving you in that position than anything I have ever been about anything in my life. What happened to you was horrible, and I?m sure there?s more to the story than you have ever, or will ever share with anyone, but I need you to know, that you can count on me from now on. If you need me, for anything, anything at all, I?ll be there, and there?s nothing in the universe that?ll keep from your call?? Jae pauses for a moment, noticing that Meesahran has not turned back around to face him yet. ?Mees, please turn around? I need to see your eyes.?

    There is a moment, one that seems to last for an eternity, before she begins to turn around to face Jae. But she does, and when he catches sight of her face he can see that there are tears streaming down her cheeks. Reaching into his chest pocket, Jae retrieves the kerchief that he has always kept there, the one his mother told him to always keep close to his heart. Looking at it with a wistful smile, he uses it to wipes the tears from Meesahran?s face and then gingerly places it in her hand, where she is currently holding his heart. ?I need you to know that I never wanted you to feel abandoned, and I certainly never wanted you to go through anything even closely resembling that kind of hell. You?re the closest thing I?ve ever really had to a family since my parents were killed.?

    Meesahran takes Jae?s pause as a chance to inhale sharply. Jae waits a while longer to make sure she is not going to speak, so when she uses the kerchief wipe away more tears, he knows it is safe to proceed. ?Look, I don?t want to be a pain, but I need to know you aren?t going to come in for the kill every time I come near you. So, if there is something that I need to be doing to prevent that, please tell me what it is. I?d never break your confidence, but I need to be able to get close to you Mees. You?re all I got.?

    His words reach her well-guarded heart, and as they break through the years of isolation, Meesahran feels a tremendous weight lifted from her shoulders. Sniffling a bit before speaking, ?You just need to project a little before you do anything. It?s the only way I know to turn off the danger sense.?

    Jae relaxes a bit more, and sighs, ?Okay, that?s easy enough? Even for me.? His joke is not ill received when he sees a slight up-turn in the corner of Mees? mouth. ?Okay, now since I can?t ask you about the mission? What is the deal with you and Vic?? He sees the surprise in her eyes, and feels a need to clarify, ?I sort of overheard you guys talking after we left for the Caspian. Sorry.? Jae offers his sideways grin and a shrug of his shoulders to his explanation.

    ?Yeah, well, there?s a history there?? Her cheeks flush ever so slightly
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    Great job, ZOO. I'm really diggin this. :)
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    And I haven't even gotten to the good parts :D [face_mischief] [face_devil]

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    A few more to come :)


    A long stretch of children, dressed in vibrant and flamboyant colors, walking alongside the many hand-crafted creatures and objects, all waving to the cheering throngs of bystanders. Confetti and streamers fill the air as do the shouts of the crowd, for this place is rapt with such a special joy for the people, and especially the children of Chandrila. The Parade of Children is the single biggest celebration for the Chandrillan peoples, and this year it seems to be greater than any other. It has been twenty prosperous years since the last time inner turmoil on the planet interrupted these festivities. Twenty years of peace in the Provinces, twenty years of increased birthrates, twenty years of rule under the kind and beautiful care of the Great Unifier, Ruler Elassi Mehand.

    Her gentle but steadfast attention to the well-being of her people has made her their greatest treasure. They name their children after her, they praise her name before every meal, and they listen with rapt attention whenever she speaks. Today is no different? From the moment someone in the crowd catches their first glance of this diminutive woman, the cheers go up in exultation of her presence. As she makes her way along the parade route through Hanna City, she is greeted around every turn to cries of joy. Though her age is beginning to show, she still walks the route instead of sitting on one of the many beautiful creations brought forth for this glorious day.

    At her side, her youngest daughter Cherié Mehand, a well-respected scholar and something of an enigma among her many adopted children. Cherié has never married and is believed to be something of a mystic among the Chandrillan people. Though she has never professed such a vocation, it has long been rumored to be true. She is, however, terribly loyal and supportive of her mother, and is rarely found to be far from Elassi during one of her many appearances. In her thirties, Cherié is known to be exceptionally athletic and is rumored to be well versed in various means of self defense. Her golden hair is kept well shorn and close cropped, leaving her an almost impish aura, but it is merely an illusion. Holding titles in several athletic endeavors, Cherié is a fierce competitor.

    Following close behind Ruler Mehan is her ever faithful assistant, Shani Toraal. A position she has held since their school girl days at the Chandrillan Academie of Academics. Shani is never far from her dearest friend. And, though she too is beginning to get up in years, she remains as youthful as the Ruler herself.

    Surrounding the Ruler, from all ages and backgrounds are the many children of which this parade is named. The Chandrillan people have long held children in high regard, and with mortality rates being what they are on Chandrila, many of the children find themselves without families at very young ages. It was Ruler Mehand who made the adoption of these children so attractive to the populace of the planet. Before her rule, many of them, when there was no other family to step in, would be placed in group homes where they would live their lives until reaching adulthood. Ruler Mehand felt that in a place where children were so cherished and desired, that all children, regardless of bloodlines, should be given an opportunity to feel that love. And so, she began to adopt many of these children herself. The first being a ten year old girl who had petitioned the Ruler for permission to attend a well-known academic facility, that had previously been restricted to the children of nobles. So, as to allow this child immediate access to that quality of education, Ruler Mehand simply adopted her. It was so well received, and Ruler Mehand, who had been unable to conceive her own children, began finding children all over the land to adopt. With her resources she was able to take twelve children into her home and her heart in those first few years. She and her husband found the joy they had so longed for in the hearts of these children, that they continued to bring more children into
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    How's this one? [face_devil]


    Rounding the corner to the entrance of the galley, Jae-Lee notices that it is not empty. Seated at the small round table, her elbow resting on the table top with her hand propping up her head and absenting stirring the cup of caf in front of her is Xana. The sadness that is pouring off of her is palpable and it nearly breaks Jae?s heart.

    He takes a deep breath and then coughs a bit to make his presence known to Xana. Looking up from her cup she gives him a forced smile. ?Oh, I did not see you there, Jae.? Starting to rise from her seat, ?Would you like some caf? I mad-?? Jae puts a hand on her shoulder and keeps her from standing.

    ?I can get it, you just have a seat?? He crosses to the counter and retrieves a cup from the cabinet and brings it and the carafe to the table. He pours himself a cup and then tops off Xana?s cup as well. ?Just to warm it back up.? He gives her a little bit of his lopsided grin.

    ?Thank you, Jae.? She again makes an attempt at a smile.

    ?So, you?re taking this thing pretty hard, huh?? He says as he takes the seat opposite from her.

    ?I guess so? The Parade of Children should have already started by now? I remember the ones they had when I was a little girl. My mother even let us march in the parade one year.? The mournful look in her eyes is devastating. She inhales sharply in an attempt to wash those memories away. ?But Meesahran helped me to put it into perspective a little bit.?

    ?Oh yeah, does your head still hurt?? Jae winks at her when she looks up at him in surprise and then she smiles, for real this time. ?Sorry, sometimes the jokes are worse than others.? He takes her hand into his as he speaks.

    ?No, I should be the one apologizing?? She puts her other hand over top of his, ?Mooning over this thing has not made me the best company as of late.? She lowers her gaze as she speaks.

    ?Haven?t noticed?? Jae scoots around the table until he is seated right beside Xana. And as he does, she leans her head down onto his shoulder. ?Not at all.?
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    Okay, I've been nice long enough [face_devil] [face_mischief]


    From inside one of the many storehouses on this end of Hanna City, a dark and solemn man sets about his tasks. Loading the ammunition into the long range slug-rifle that he acquired for just such occasions, he is readying himself for a difficult job. Placing the rifle into the tripod, he checks the sites yet again, making certain they are set for the proper distance. Next, he attaches the scope to the rifle. Checking his calibrations against his datapad once more, he then verifies the settings manually. As he stares through the optics he can perfectly make out the center of the city, Triumph Plaza. That is the place.

    The people have already gathered along the sides of the plaza, awaiting the procession?s arrival at the conclusion of the Parade of Children. Making a few sweeps of the plaza with his scope, Vic Orion prepares for the toughest assignment in his career. He catches sight of the spotters, but with his masked position behind the holo-board, no one will be able to pinpoint his location until it is far too late, and that is just what he had planned on.

    The crowd begins to get restless, and Vic knows that the procession is nearing the plaza. He checks his chronometer once more, and then takes a slug from the bottle of water sitting beside the tripod. He stretches his neck by rolling his head from one shoulder to the next, flexes his fingers and hands, wipes the sweat away from his brow with the back of his gloved hand and then takes his position behind the slug-rifle.

    Now all he has to do is wait for his moment. And the rest is his own problem?
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    One little post to tide you over until I finish the next one [face_devil]


    Rounding the final corner of the parade route, the shouts and cheers from the thousands of people lining the sides of Triumph Plaza greet Ruler Mehand and the rest of the procession with such a fury that she is almost blown away by the display. Her daughter takes hold of her mother?s arm, boosting her strength for the procession?s final steps. They slowly make their way to the center of the plaza, with all the pomp and circumstance that the people of Hanna City can muster, the band strikes up and the plaza is filled with cheers, shouts of joy and beautiful music.

    As they near the center of the plaza, they also will be at the center of Hanna City itself. The procession is now surrounded by all that Chandrila can offer it in support and celebration. As Ruler Mehand begins her approach to the steps of the Great Hall, she waves to the crowds of people and then in an instant she is fallen, and soon those closest to her have fallen as well, and a wave of screams and terror begin to make their way out from the center of the plaza, like ripples upon the water. But soon they build and begin to crash like the mighty waves of the planets oceans themselves. The whole plaza has become awash in their fear and terror, as the screams reach outward into the city they can be heard from every street and window, ?The Great Unifier has been shot!?
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    Meanwhile.... [face_devil]


    ?Hey?? Niija calls into the cockpit as she enters, ?How much longer ?til we reach this station?? Meesahran turns to face her incoming visitor, watching her enter the room and take a seat at the console.

    ?Niija, I was just getting ready to call you up? We?ve got just over an hour to go before we reach the Caspian. I?ll introduce you to the Commander, and from there you are on your own. You okay with that?? Meesahran?s voice is tinged with concern.

    ?I guess so? Not like I have a lot of options right now.? Niija shrugs.

    Meesahran looks intently into the other woman?s eyes, ?Look, if you don?t want this, just say so. I thought I was helping, but if you aren?t comfortable with it, I can drop you off anywhere you want after this is over.?

    Niija places a hand on Meesahran?s knee, ?You did a great thing for me, Mees. You barely know me and this is a fantastic chance for me. I would have never been any more than I was back on Kuat? And eventually, they would have found me and I would have been much less.? She sits back and takes a deep breath. ?I?m not gonna lie to you, this is gonna be different? I mean, it?s always just been me. I?ve never had anyone to do my bidding, or even worked with people before. But I think I?m ready.?

    Meesahran lets out a heaving sigh, ?Man, am I glad to hear that? I was just worried that you hadn?t said too much about it?? Meesahran takes on another concerned expression. ?Now, you know that ?officially? you won?t exist? Not for a while anyway. You?ll be acting as a secret weapon of sorts. No one knows who you are, where you are or what you know, and they want to keep it that way. At least for a little while longer. But I can promise you one thing? Silvas Orian is an honorable man of his word and what he says in his command will be taken as the word of law. He will keep you safe and protect your identity with his dying breath.?

    The weight of her words reaches Niija?s mind with all of its intensity, and she nods her head, ?Thank you? Knowing that will make everything a little easier for me. You really trust him that much??

    Meesahran nods her head, ?Yes, and the list of people I trust completely is very short, but he?s on it.?

    ?Well, that?s good enough for me?? Niija rises from her seat, ?Then I guess I better get my goodbyes out of the way now? I?ll meet you in the landing dock when you sound the horn??

    ?That?s the plan? And don?t be late.? Meesahran winks at the woman and then watches her leave the cockpit.
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    Gonna put a couple up tonight... Since I missed a few days :p


    With her chin resting upon her chest, her golden mane lying about her shoulders in a sweep of curls, Meesahran Tofallin sleeps at the controls of the SkyDancer. But the monotony of subspace travel is about to be concluded, as the proximity alarm sounds. Barely stirring as she reaches over to turn the alarm off, Meesahran slowly begins to wake. She then goes through all of her systems check before she activates the ship?s internal comm.

    ?Ten clicks to the Caspian? Time to rise and shine.? Turning off the comm she turns to meet Master Falion Mussiri?s gaze. ?It won?t be long now. And I?ve taken the liberty of shutting down the comm system in the rest of the ship, just for safety?s sake.?

    Master Mussiri takes a seat beside Meesahran, ?Thank you, young one. It could be most disturbing for anyone to access those broadcasts.? He reaches over and activates the sub-space comm. ?SkyDancer to Caspian Control, requesting approach vector.?

    The static fills the cockpit for a few moments before a man?s voice returns across the void of space, ?Caspian Control on line, SkyDancer is requested to hold position upon confirmation of clearance to approach.?

    ?Acknowledged Caspian Control, SkyDancer holding position O one niner on grid twelve.? Covering the mic and turning to Meesahran, ?I certainly hope you have centered yourself, my child. We have arrived upon a most difficult time and it does not appear to show much relief in sight.? His somber tone allows Meesahran to understand exactly what he means and she nods in affirmation.

    ?Caspian Control to SkyDancer, clearance granted, approach vector is marked and if you open your beacon you will be brought in to your assigned landing zone.?

    ?Acknowledged Caspian Control,? looking to Meesahran for conformation, ?Beacon is now open and ready for lock.?

    ?Affirmative, SkyDancer, we have your signal and you are now locked in. Please be aware that you will be landing in a security zone and all weapons must be locked down and there will be no departures without military escort. Acknowledge.?

    ?Acknowledged, Caspian Control. SkyDancer out.? Switching off the comm, Master Falion turns back to Meesahran, ?And so the game begins? If only the path was clear, I might not be so apprehensive.?

    Meesahran contemplates her answer a moment when she comes upon a notion, ?Master, we must trust in the Will of the Force.?

    Her simple words bring him more comfort than he thought possible, Perhaps my lessons have begun to take hold, finally. And he returns her thoughtful words with a careful smile.
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    And here is number 2


    Having left the cockpit for the first time in more than a day, Meesahran walks the corridor towards her cabin. Her steps are slow and deliberate, and filled with the dread of facing Xana with her continued bad news.

    Upon reaching the cabin, she finds Xana gathering up her belongings for departure. Taking a deep breath before entering, Meesahran girds herself up for the confrontation.

    Turning to see her friend, Xana greets her, ?Oh, Meesahran! I cannot believe we made such wonderful time. There is still hope!?

    ?Yeah well-??

    Interrupting her friend, ?They should only now be preparing for the parade. And it will be several hours before they are ready for the final presentation.?

    Seeing her excitement has just made Meesahran?s job that much harder. ?Xana?? She waits for the young woman to face her, ?Caspian Control has us in a beacon lock right now, and they?re sending us to a security zone, which means we?re on comm blackout until we?re cleared from the security zone. But we did get word that the parade had already started.? Waiting for the information to sink in to her friend, Meesahran pauses, ?The Ruling Council sent their apologies to you, but they could not wait any longer.?

    In a flash of misery, all of Xana?s hopes have been dashed with those words. As tears begin to form in her deep blue-green eyes. The sadness that Meesahran finds there burns in her own heart with great pain. She reaches out and takes the young woman into her arms to console her immense grief. ?I?m so sorry, Xana, but it just couldn?t be helped.?

    Though she can sense the young woman?s torment, she can also feel the firm resolve she is now building within herself. Breaking from the embrace, Xana stands up straight and takes in a deep breath of her own, ?I shall be fine? I just need a moment to collect myself? If you do not mind?? Meesahran nods her head begins to back out of the room.

    ?If you need anything, just hit the comm.? Xana nods at her friend as Meesahran grabs a flight suit from the locker and leaves the room.

    Walking down the corridor, Meesahran is struck by the amount of maturing her friend has under gone on this trip alone. So ensconced in those thoughts she almost runs into Niija. ?Oh sorry, I wasn?t paying attention.?

    ?S?cool. So, what exactly IS my new job?? Meesahran notices that the young woman has a bag slung over her shoulder.

    ?Oh, you?re gonna have a title, flunkies, the whole thing. And more ships to work on than you ever thought you?d want to, plus access to the good stuff. Supplies there just for the requisitioning.? Meesahran?s devilish look tells Niija more than she wanted to know. ?I wouldn?t worry about it, Niija. Right now, they consider you something akin to the Great Unifier! When I sent them your schematics they nearly wept with joy.? Meesahran gives her a sly wink.

    ?Well, now that might not be so bad? Flunkies you say??

    ?And ones that are required to salute and say, ?Yes ma?am? with every instruction.? They both laugh at the idea.

    ?Well, as long as you put it that way? I guess it won?t be so bad being legit? At least for a little while.? Now it is Niija?s turn to give the devilish wink. ?Well, I guess the kid is pretty upset right now?? Pausing for confirmation in Meesahran?s face. ?Yeah, that?s why I already packed up my stuff earlier. Just wanted to say my goodbyes, but I guess I should hold off for now, huh?? Meesahran?s nod is the only response she needs. ?S?cool, I?ll just go hang out in the galley until we?re ready to depart? See ya then.? Niija walks off in the opposite direction, as Meesahran heads down the corridor to the ?fresher. A meeting with the commander requires a certain level of dress, after all.
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    Starting to wonder if anyone is reading this thing :(


    Leaning over the cockpit of his ship Jae-Lee is demonstrating some of the features of his craft to Xana in an attempt to distract her from her reverie. ?And this one is for the comm system. Last time I was at Bilbringi I got a new booster for it, so I can send and receive subspace transmissions from nearly anywhere there is a transceiver. Makes those long trips a lot easier, plus it give me a better shot at keeping my info up to-?

    Xana interrupts, ?You can pick up subspace transmissions with this? Like broadscasts, as well?? Her excitement intrigues Jae.

    ?Um, yeah, usually, if the signal is strong enough to breach atmosphere? You got one in mind?? He smiles at her as he starts to fiddle with the dials.

    ?Why yes! They always broadcast the commentary of the Parade of Children as well as the speaker.? Turning to face him, ?Do you really think you could acquire that transmission from here??

    Just as the words leave her lips the sounds of static begin to fill the cockpit, and then slowly, as he adjusts the tuner little by little, a voice begins to come through.

    ?The Ru-shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Coming around-aahaaahahhhhhhhhh? Yes, I can see her now. She is dressed in a most brilliantly colored gown of the most beautiful Chandrillan silks. A green that rivals that of our bountiful seas, and a deep blue that can only be said to match that of our clear and lovely skies. And as always, by her side walks her youngest daughter, Cherié, in a beautifully tailored gown of ivory with long tabards of a most pale green that nearly reach the ground. The children are marching and dancing all about Ruler Mehand in their brightly colored costumes of reds and blues and yellows and greens and purples. No two costumes looking alike. It is making it appear as though the Ruler is walking amidst an ocean of vibrant colors? Looking around at this year?s crown I cannot imagine that there is a single Chandrillan who is not present along the parade route or in Triumph Plaza. Hanna City is literally brimming over with people here for the annual festivities surrounding today?s Parade of Children? And now, Ruler Mehand and her entourage are approaching the dais at the center of Triumph Plaza. You can practically feel the excitement exuding from the people gathered here today??

    ?Sounds like quite an event? I?m kind of sorry to be missing it myself now.? Jae says as he places a hand on Xana?s shoulder. As he does so, he notices that her neck is wet. Turning her face to look her in the eye, he sees that tears are streaming down her face. ?Oh, hey, maybe I should turn this thing off.?

    She puts her hand over his as he reaches for the switch, ?No don?t? I am just glad to at least be able to hear the event. I promise.?

    Jae turns back to her and wipes the tears from her cheek with his fingers. ?If you?re sure?? She nods her head in affirmation.

    ?Oh, my, it looked like the Ruler had taken a bad step there for a moment, but her ever vigilant daughter Cherié was there to lend a hand to her mother. They are now stepping up to the-?? A series of loud reports can be heard from the comm speakers, ?NOOOOOOOO! The Ruler is down. She?s not standing, and where is- Her daughter- Cherié is down too. It?s absolute chaos down there. I can?t make out what?s going on. There are too many people running about. My goodness what is happening down there?!?

    Jae and Xana stare at each other in shock, ?Jae??

    ?I don?t know, but it sounded like-??

    ?Like what?!? She grabs his hand for reassurance.

    ?Like a slug-rifle shot? A bunch of them.?

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    Short one, so I figured I'd just put it up now


    Standing in the corridor just outside the cargo bay doors, Master Falion Mussiri rests a hand on the wall and shakes his head in an uncommon display of sorrow. The broadcast continues to spill out into the corridor as he listens to the descriptions of the carnage.

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    And tomorrow I'll be updating the website with recent posts :D
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    Let's see what can I do next?... How about a chick fight? Nah, that would kill SS ;) What about an appearance by the Terminator? Nah, too Hollywood....

    I could give them all elf ear to cash in on the LOTRmania.... Nah, too commercial....

    Oooooooooo, I know what I can do... But you're just gonna have to wait to find out [face_mischief] [face_devil]
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    Guess I've been a little busy [face_blush] Anyway, here's the next post. [face_devil]


    At a desk in the simple office sits a middle-aged man of reasonable size. At his temples can be found those telltale traces of age, but upon closer inspection the gray seems to have become liberally interspersed throughout his full beard. He carefully scrolls through the data before him on the computer terminal. Pausing a moment to consider something seriously, while stroking his bearded chin.

    Just then a scruffy looking, diminutive mechanic, dressed in a smudged and dirty coverall comes into the office, wiping his hands on a rag. ?Chief? You wanted to see me??

    ?Yeah, what is our timetable on that last arrival of ships?? Toman speaks without taking his eyes off of the screen.

    ?Should be finishin? up wit de last one afore supper time? And then I jes got that group outta Fondor afore we?re done wit de lot of ?em, Chief.? The short mechanic drops into the plasteen chair to the right of Toman Higaeri?s desk.

    ?Excellent worl, Greeb. So, what do you make of this whole mess?? Toman looks up for the first time, and offers the other man a cigarra.

    Reaching across the desk to take the cigarra, Greeb lets out a whistle, ?I?m tellin? ya, Chief, whose ever you got dem schematics from is a fraggin? genius. I?da never found dem alterations on my own. And the difrence dey make is light night from day.?
    The two men take turns lighting their cigarras and then leaning back in their respective chairs. Just as they exhale their first full breaths of the rich and spicy smoke a young man from the comm center bursts into the office. ?Chief! You ain?t gonna believe what?s goin? on now!?

    Sitting up with a start, Toman responds, ?Well, it better be good news for that kind of interruption.?

    ?Sorry, Chief, but as soon as the reports started comin? in I knew you?d want to hear ?em.?

    Toman appears to be confused and intrigued, ?Well, spill it, man! Before I box your ears for being annoying, on principle alone.?

    ?It?s Chandrila, Chief? Someone?s gone and killed the Ruler and her whole blasted family!?


    PS - I figure someone is going to kill me any time now [face_mischief] [face_devil]
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    Okay, this one is a bit longer... Plus it will have to tide you over until next week.... Dount I will have time to work on it until then [face_mischief] :D [face_devil]


    Two women stand in front of a sealed outer door on the inside of the ship that has been their only home for more than a week. The smaller of the two has a large bag thrown over her shoulder and the remote for her repulsorlift in one hand. The other hand is resting against the bulkhead of the ship, supporting her frame as she continues to lie in wait for the green light to show them the outer lock has been pressurized.

    The taller woman, dressed in a freshly pressed flight suit, buttoned to the top of her neck, and without her trademark battered jacket, tugs at the collar of her flight suit. Shifting from one foot to the other in a restless fashion, she is also twisting the end of the uncharacteristic braid in her golden mane. ?You got a hot date or something?? Niija asks jokingly.

    ?What?.. Um, no, just a little nervous? I don?t usually meet the big wigs alone.? Meesahran responds, a little too distractedly.

    ?Yeah, I got that impression? So, what?s the rest of it?? Niija questions.

    Meesahran starts to speak and then remembers that she is under a certain amount of secrecy. ?Um, nothing really? Just lots of stuff going on right now.?

    Niija nods her head, ?Yeah, I?m sure the assassination has everyone a little juiced right now. Plus being on edge about the Kuati Regime doesn?t help, I?m sure.? Niija helps her new friend to change subjects.

    ?Yeah, but that?s what you?re gonna do? Get them ready for whatever they have planned.? They both nod and then the green light illuminates, indicating that it is okay to open the docking bay inner door.

    Releasing the seal, with the same trouble as the last times, they manage to wrench the door open to find a tall man in a commander?s uniform looking over Reklaw?s fighter in the bay. Hearing the door open the commander looks up at the entering young women, ?Well, it?s good to see a friendly face, Young Meesahran!?

    The older man, with the lively step approaches the two women with much haste. Taking Meesahran into his arms for a brief embrace. ?I have not had the pleasure of seeing your shining face in at least a few years, my dear?? Pulling her back to get a good look at her, he exclaims, ?And I see the years have been far better to you than they have been to me!?

    Trying to gather her wits about her, Meesahran responds to the commander, ?Thank you, Sir. And it?s good to see you as well.?

    ?So formal? Must be all that time locked up with the old man that?s given you such manners.? He winks at Meesahran, ?I can remember a time when you welcomed everyone in the same manner.? Releasing his hold on her arms, he takes a step back, ?But as I can see you have matured, I will respect that maturity.? He takes her hand in his and gives it a firm shake. ?Apprentice Tofallin, so good to see you again.? Again he winks at Meesahran.

    ?I wouldn?t go that far, Commander. But thank you anyway.?

    ?Well, now that we have gotten that out of the way? I understand you have a ?package? for me? Is this the ?package??? The commander looks at Niija as he speaks.

    ?Yes, Sir? Comannder Silvas Orian, may I present Niija Myaann, formerly of Kuat, and now at your service.? Meesahran makes Niija?s presentation to the delight of all present.

    ?Well, young lady, I trust that Meesahran?s descriptions of your abilities are not embellished, because you have your work cut out for you here.? Commander Orian takes the diminutive young woman?s hand in his and gives it a careful shake.

    ?Sir, I believe that I can be of some service to your organization. And there isn?t another person in the galaxy who would be able to what needs to be done? Not that would be willing or able anyways.? Her confidence might have seemed like bravado had she not had ultimate faith in her knowledge and abilities.

    ?Then I guess that settles it!? He turns toward the landing dock, ?Lieutenant!?

    Just then a junior officer is at his elbow, ?Aye Sir!?

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