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RMFF Round Robin...

Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by Jedi Girl of Corellia, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Working on one right now... It'll go up tonight or tomorrow :)
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    Jul 30, 2001
    It's short, but it'll have to do... I'm stalling until I can come up w/ a good next [face_devil]


    Outside the orbital station Caspian, the standard patrol formation of three Riptides and one Waverunner glided around the perimeter of the station as the angular black and gold freighter glided into the landing zone.

    The pilot on the aft wing of the formation runs the registration identification through his computer. As the name of the freighter pops up on his display the young pilot becomes restless.

    ?Green Three, trim up that wing,? filters into his conscience from the comm speaker.

    ?Aye, Green Leader.? The young officer rights his flight path with the instruction from his captain.

    ?Green Three, switch over to my private frequency.? Immediately following Captain Tallage?s instruction, Lt. Tryashoenu alerts her with an acknowledgment click of the comm. ?What?s the malfunction, Lieutenant??

    ?Sorry, Ma?am? It is just that I recognized the freighter that was just given clearance by Caspian Control.? His voice nearly falters with the strain of his knowledge that his sister is aboard that freighter.

    ?Copy that? Anything I should relay to Caspian Control about it, Lieutenant??

    ?No Ma?am, I just know the occupants.? Taking a deep breath, Yorel strengthens his resolve to maintain the detached attitude of a soldier.

    There is a short pause before the captain responds once more, Understood? Just keep your Riptide in formation and we?ll deal with this information once we reach Caspian Control? Affirmative??

    ?Affirmative. Green Three in formation, Captain.? Switching back to the flight group frequency, Yorel struggles to maintain his focus on the task at hand, and not on the situation that his sister may or may not be in at the moment.

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Still stalling [face_devil] :p


    Entering the cargo bay, Jae Lee Reklaw notices that his friend is quite busy reorganizing a corner of the bay into what appears to be a series of billets. Curious as to the need for such a thing, he decides to question Meesahran about th enature of her task, while offering to help her.

    Careful to project his presence, he calls out, ?Hey, need a hand??

    Meesahran, alerted to his presence and intentions by her friend?s courteous warning, turns to greet the smiling face of her dear friend. ?Jae, um, yeah, I guess so. Just trying to square away these bunks before th-?? Her abrupt mid-sentence stop lets him know he has reached the end of the information.

    ?I know, I know? Later, I?ll find out later, right?? Exasperated by her patent answer, he grabs one of the military bunks and opens it up. ?So, who gets the privilege of a military sleep??

    She stands upright and contemplates her response, ?Most likely?? You, me and Master Mussiri.? She goes back to outfitting the bunk she has already installed, ?I couldn?t ask Xana to give up anymore than she already has, so she?s movin? to the med bay bunk, and? Well, the other cabins are gonna be occupied.?

    Jae pauses for a moment, wondering just when his friend will finally trust him enough to confide in him all these secret goings on, but he satisfies himself with the knowledge that this stone wall is only temporary. And just as he begins to go back about his task, Meesahran puts a hand on his forearm. ?I?m sorry about all the secrets, Jae? But they aren?t my choice. I have to follow my instructions. It?s the only way right now? Can you understand that?? The depth of the emotion in those words is enough to melt Jae?s resolve.

    ?Well, I don?t know if ?understand? is the right word? But I can accept it?? Placing his hand over hers, ?For now.? Their silent accord is seen in both of their eyes and they return to their task at hand.

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Someone seems to have had their creativity jumpstarted, I wonder how.... :D :p
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay, now I promise... I'll quit being evil with the next post... Well, before that post is over anyway [face_mischief] [face_devil]


    As she reaches the outer door, Meesahran stops to straighten her now disheveled hair and re-fasten the collar of her flight suit. While she is preparing herself, Master Falion Mussiri appears at her side. ?You look just fine, young one. No one is expecting a formal welcoming ceremony.? His careful smile lightens her apprehensions, and she gives the signal on the comm unit.

    After a few moments, a signal is returned and a voice comes through the static, ?Are you prepared to receive the ?package???

    Meesahran takes her cue from her master and responds, ?Aye, Sir. Ready when you are.?

    ?Very well, open the outer hatch on my next signal.? The booming voice of Commander Orian can be felt even through the tinny sounding comlink.

    A few more moments pass, and with them Meesahran?s apprehension returns. But, just before she can begin to fidget once more, the comm sounds once again. She begins to open the outer hatch, a much easier prospect than the bay doors. Soon she is swinging open the door, only to find a landing zone in total darkness. Well, that would explain why he wanted to use the hatch instead of the bay, Meesahran thought.

    There can be no record of this event, young one? Every precaution is a necessary one. Master Falion takes a deep breath and steps out of the hatch onto the decking of the security bay. Using only his abilities as an adept, he is able to sense out the people moving in darkness and silence. He is able to sense them as entities, but also as fellow adepts, for they are using the abilities to make their way to the ship. Upon reaching the most familiar of the three entities, Master Falion stops to embrace this familiar presence and to bring comfort where it is needed. However, the moment is short lived, as there is a need for haste on this day, and they all return to making their way back to the ship.

    Once all four being have entered the outer hatch of the SkyDancer, Meesahran seals the door, and gives the signal to Commander Orian using the comlink. ?All right, you?re cleared for take off, so there will be no need for delay? Safe journey to you all.?

    Meesahran hits the light panel on the corridor wall and then keys the comlink on a different frequency, ?Hit it, Jae.?

    Had pre-flight going as soon as the hatch was sealed? Better strap in down in the hold? We?ve got the cockpit.? And he closes the transmission, Meesahran can feel the repulsorlifts activate.

    Motioning for her guests to head towards the inner portion of the cargo bay, ?Please, it will only be for a few minutes? Until we reach hyperspace.? The three immediately follow the lead of Master Mussiri as he departs the hatch area for the cargo bay seating.

    Leaning back to whisper into the comlink, ?Jae, you on headset??


    ?This could get really messy, so make sure you keep Xana in the forward area until I get this thing under control. Do you copy??

    ?Copy that.? Is everything okay?

    Hearing is projection in her head, she is delighted that is training is going so well, but instead of commenting she simply responds in kind, Yeah, just a tricky situation, and Xana would only make it worse right now.

    All right, but you better do some explaining real soon, Kid.

    Noticing that she has drawn some attention to herself, she uses the comlink once more, ?Affirmative, all passengers secure. Make your jump at will.?
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay... I swear I'm not stalling right now... I've just got some writer's block at the moment :(
  7. Jedi Girl of Corellia

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    Sure you do.... :p

    I almost wish I didn't know what's going to happen ;)

    The suspense!!!
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    Jul 30, 2001
    No seriously... I am stuck on how to resolve this little episode :p My mind is so bent on what comes next at the moment, I just can't get it around the present issue :(
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    Okay, now I think I have broken through the writer's block... And I did not mean to keep up the cliffhanging... It just happened that way :p

    EDIT:Helps to paste the story, huh? [face_blush]


    Gesturing to his cabin door, Master Falion Mussiri leads the way for one of the newly arrived passengers. ?I am aware that these accommodations are not what you are accustomed to, old friend, but they are the best that we humble travelers may offer.?

    Looking around the room with an appraising eye, the older woman simply shakes her head, ?Master Falion, I do not wish to displace anyone, least of all yourself. I shall be satisfied to take up a small corner somewhere for the duration of our flight.?

    Catching her eye with his slight grin, ?Speak no more of this, my friend. You shall occupy this cabin, and your companions shall inhabit the other cabin, just down the corridor. I have already made adjustments to the sleeping arrangements of my other passengers, and we are all satisfied with those arrangements. And that is the last I shall speak on the matter.? The two then laugh, sharing in the unspoken joke between them. ?Now that the formalities are done with? I must give you some news.?

    The older woman takes a seat at the foot of the pallet, while Master Falion occupies the nearest chair. ?From your tone, I should expect that it is bad news?? She asks.

    ?That will be determined by your own particular point of view? The child is still aboard this vessel.? Master Mussiri waits a while for the information to settle in for his friend before continuing, ?She managed to hear a broadcast from Hanna City was deeply upset by the events? She has decided to withdraw from the Université will be going on with us to Sanctuary. She transmitted her intentions to her brothers shortly before we left the Caspian.? Master Falion stand from his seat and goes the side of his dear friend, placing a supportive hand upon her weary shoulder, ?I am afraid you will be forced to deal with the events of today much sooner than you anticipated, old friend.?

    With her head bowed in contemplation and dread, she begins to nod, ?Yes, indeed I shall, Master. But how much shall be revealed is yet another problem.?

    ?I understand, my friend.? He takes the woman?s hand, ?But secrets have always had a way of revealing themselves when we least expect, or want them. We must trust in the Will, and pray that we are on the path it has laid out for us.? She places a hand over the one he has lain upon her shoulder and they both nod in agreement.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Okay, just to make sure you guys don't think I really am evil... Here's the next part... And the writing is still ongoing, so there may be another one tonight. :)


    Looking around at her small, and sparse cabin Meesahran speaks to her companions, ?I hope you will be able to make yourselves comfortable during our journey. I know that this is not exactly what you are both used to-??

    She is cut off by the younger of the two women, ?Please, this will be just fine.? The two women place their satchels on the available pallets and each turns as they hear footsteps approaching.

    ?Well, I see that you girls are making yourselves to home?? The older woman walks into the cabin. ?Young Meesahran, I would like to thank you for providing us with such wonderful hospitality.?

    ?Thank you, Ma?am.? Meesahran steps out of the way for the older women to enter the room fully and reach her companions.

    ?Hospitality is one of the few lessons that my apprentice has taken to with great ease.? Master Falion follows quickly behind her.

    ?Some how I doubt that, Master Falion.? The youngest of the women approaches Master Mussiri and embraces him. ?Good to see you again, Master.?

    Smiling with a mirth Meesahran has seen only on rare occasions, as of late, Master Falion responds to the woman?s jibe, ? It is good to see you again as well, but I warn you not to trifle with this apprentice, for I fear she shall be your undoing.?

    Stepping back and taking an appraising look at Meesahran, ?She does not appear to be much more than a girl still, Master. How could she best someone such as myself??

    Chuckling at the question, Master Falion simply responds, ?You should ask Master Rivendi that question when you see him. For I heard him speak those same words once upon a time, and now he only spares with my apprentice in tandem with another Master, to avoid an untimely end.?

    Nodding with understanding, ?Well, if Timaji has that much respect for your abilities, then I shall give you a wide berth, young one.? The three women and Mast Mussiri let out sympathetic and light-hearted laughter at Meesahran?s embarrassment.

    As their laughter filters out into the corridor, a young woman attempts to enter the room when she is awestruck by the sight held within and lets out a scream. Startled by the scream each turns to see the young woman, and that is when Cherié exclaims, ?Xana?!? just as the young woman faints into the arms of the young man behind her.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    And here is that last post for the night :)


    After carrying her to the med-bay, Jae and Meesahran exit the room to allow Ruler Mehand and Master Mussiri attend to Xana. However, this is only the beginning of Jae?s involvement in the events that have just transpired, and Meesahran knows that he is going to need some answers this time.

    ?What in the name of Corel is going on here, Mees!?? There is a bit of anger tinting his voice.

    ?Look, let?s get to the cargo bay, and I?ll try to explain.? She places a hand on his chest to guide him back towards the other end of the ship.

    ?Fine, but I want some answers? No more of this mystery petchuk!?

    Meesahran begins to work out the details of what she is going to say to Jae once they reach the cargo bay. And no matter which way she spins the tale in her mind, she knows that the only way to resolve his anger is tell him the truth, or at least as much of the truth as she can get away with this time.

    Reaching the bay, Jae immediately turns around to find Meesahran closing the doors. ?What, are you gonna launch out the bay, instead of telling the truth this time?? The enmity in his voice hurts Meesahran deeply, but she knows it is warranted.

    ?Look, I?m sorry-??

    ?No more apologies. No more ?wait a while longer, Jae.? No more, Mees! I want some answers and I want them NOW!? Jae is seething with anger now. Meesahran knows that seeing Xana pass out like that is one of the reasons, but she also knows that her insistence that he remain in the dark as long as he has is the main reason for his anger.

    ?Please, just-..?

    ?Just what, wait? Well, I?m-??

    ?Koccic Slung! I am not the osk?y here. And if you will just give me a chance to speak, I will tell you what?s going on. Okay?? She waits for him to take a seat and cool down a bit. When he does, he nods his head and she begins, ?Well, first off, I guess you figured out that Ruler Mehand is not really dead.?

    ?That?s the understatement of the century.? Meesahran waits for him to be finished, ?Sorry, go on.?

    ?The stuff with the Kuati?s goes much deeper than you might think, and right now Niija is helping the fleet prepare for the worst. The problem is, we don?t know who is really behind all this stuff.?

    ?What do you mean?? Jae asks with all sincerity.

    ?Well, you said it yourself? They just don?t have the wherewithal to pull something this large scale off on their own. It affects more than them, we all know how self-centered the Kuati are, right?? Meesahran pauses long enough for that thought to register with Jae. ?So, with everything heating up, and with real attempts having started on Ruler Mehand nearly a standard year ago, the Council felt that something needed to be done??

    ?The ?Council??? Jae asks.

    ?Um, yeah, the leaders at the Sanctuary? Anyway, Ruler Mehand is the one who came up with the assassination thing. She knew the people of Chandrila would not be willing to let her go, and she is needed at the Sanctuary to figure this whole thing out. Plus, she knew that martial law would need to be in affect in order for her people to be properly protected. With some recent changes she?s made, Commander Orian will be the head of the government until the Provincial Governors can convene to nominate another Ruler.? Meesahran feels that this should be more than enough for Jae to digest at the moment, but when he begins to speak, she realizes that Jae, too, has grown beyond her knowledge of him.

    ?Okay, so you and Master Mussiri hatch this fake assassination plot, but where does Higaeri come in on this??

    ?Um, well, Toman has interests on Chandrila, plus he is a Chandrillan, no matter that he can?t set foot on the planet without being arrested. And there?s the matter of interstellar war being something of deterrent to his shipping business.? Hoping that he will now be satisfied, Meesahran waits with baited breath.

    ?All right, that makes sense. But something is still not right, Mees. I know the Kuati?s hate the Chandrillan?s, but their trade is not affected by Higaeri?s business enough to w
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    Apr 9, 2002
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    Well, I've been thinking about this all day.... So, I think I might have the next part worked out now... It might make it up tonight.... Seeing as I am not even a little bit sleepy yet :( :p
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    Part 1 :D


    A silver haired woman carefully wrings the water from the cloth in her hands over the basin. As the last drop falls into the basin, she turns to the unconscious figure upon the bed in the med-bay. Gingerly, she dabs the cloth across the fair-haired young woman?s forehead and cheeks, hoping to bring her back around.

    As she traces the angular and graceful features of the young woman?s face she is contemplating how she will deal with the delicate situation before her now. If she reveals too much, the girl may become angry, but yet, if she attempts to continue hiding the truth from this young woman she may never get another opportunity like this.

    Her contemplations are soon terminated when the young woman begins to stir under the older woman?s ministrations. As she continues to stir from her unconscious state, Elassi Mehand composes herself and prepares for one of the hardest things she has ever been faced with in her life.
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    Part 2 - GOnna have to play with the next 2 parts a bit before posting them :)


    Struggling to break through to consciousness, young Xana Tryashoenu fights the darkness. Her eyes begin to flutter, but she cannot seem to force them to open. Perhaps her fear or sense of astonishment is fighting against her regaining consciousness. Either way, she must return to herself and to the world outside of her own mind. And so she fights the darkness, pushing herself to awaken from this sudden slumber. She turns her head, in the hopes that this will prompt her eyes to open, but alas they still fear the light. Managing to open them but a sliver, the light causes her visible pain.

    It is then she hears a familiar voice, ?Oh, my dear! Perhaps dimming the lights would be wise at this time.? And with the distant, but comforting voice, the lights begin to lower and she finds that her eyes are much more willing this time. First one lid rises for a moment, and then the other. Soon the moments are longer, and then one eye opens fully, followed by the other.

    She soon puts together that she has somehow found her way into the med-bay. Thinking back to the last thing she can remember before she was plunged into darkness by the shock. And that thing is Jae. He looked so worried.

    ?He seems quite taken with you, child.? Xana is shocked again. How could this woman have known what she was thinking? Was I projecting again?

    Chuckling a bit to herself, ?Well, just a little, but perhaps you have not fully recovered from your shock? Just yet.?

    With that, Xana sits straight up in the bed, ?But how??

    Looking puzzled by her question, ?How what, child??

    Thinking about it for a moment, Xana brings her hand up to her face, absent-mindedly chewing on her index finger, ?Well, all of it, I suppose? How can you be here with me, now, and how are you able to hear my projections??

    ?To the latter of your questions: I am an adept myself. Though not a very strong one, I do have considerable empathetic abilities.? Elassi stops for a moment, considering carefully what she will say next. As the thoughts begin to swirl through her mind she finds that she has brought her hand to mouth and is about to chew on her finger when she quickly places it back in her lap. As for your former question? Well, that one will take a bit more explaining, I suppose??

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    Okay, so I wasn't finished writing before I went to bed :p

    Enjoy [face_mischief]


    Her mind reeling from the sheer volume of information now contained within her psyche, Xana sits perfectly still upon the bunk in the Med-Bay, her knees drawn up to her chest with her arms wrapped tightly around them for comfort. In the chair at her side sits the Great Unifier, Elassi Mehand, also sitting still, but her stillness is out of fear for the young woman?s reaction to her revelation.

    Many moments pass before either breaks the eerie silence. And when it is broken it is only a deep sigh escaping the young woman?s lungs. After a few more moments, she finally breaches the still and silent air, ?I had no idea things were so desperate??

    Release the breath, that she only just now realizes she had been holding, Elassi responds, ?Perhaps that is my doing more than anyone?s? I only wanted to protect our people, but in this case I may have gone too far.? For the first time, she has let the sadness escape from the confines of her heart. ?My protective nature has been my greatest strength, while still being my greatest weakness.?

    Releasing the grip on her knees, and straightening herself before speaking, Xana says, ?How can you say such a thing? You have given so much to our people? They would never think such a thing? I could never think such a thing.?

    Those words, meant to sooth Elassi?s troubled heart, sink into her like that of a plunging dagger. Choking back the tears that will have to flow at some point, Elassi pulls herself together enough to thank the girl, ?I appreciate you thoughts on the matter, child?? Rising from her chair, ?I should go, you have had quite a shock today, and I am certain that you need your rest.?

    Xana takes her hand before she has a chance to depart the Med-Bay, ?Thank you? For everything.? Elassi struggles not to look the girl in the eye, fore she knows that she will be unable to hold back the flood gates which are, even now, threatening to burst. So, she nods her head in acknowledgement and heads for the door.

    Nearly home free, she is surprised at the door by her daughter, Cherié. ?Hey, how?s the patient doing?? Not seeing past her mother, Cherié is shocked when Xana responds by standing up and greeting her at the door.

    Elassi, now pinned between the two women, struggles to make the introduction. ?Child, may I present my youngest child, Cherié Mehand.? Taken aback at the introduction, Cherié offers her hands in greeting to the young woman. As Xana takes Cherié?s hands into her own, she appears to have received something of a shock, from the fact that she immediately withdraws her hands.

    Looking embarrassed, Xana tries to play it off, but her mind is now a mass of chaos from the implications that shock has brought. Cherié, sensing her confusion tries to offer an explanation, ?Sorry, it?s been some time since that happened? Must be all the tension.?

    Xana looks up into Cherié?s eyes and deep within them Xana finds something oddly familiar. Something that she has seen before? Something from my past? Picking up on her intimations, Cherié backs away from the young woman, hoping distance will help to alleviate the issue. ?I know you from somewhere, don?t I?? Xana asks with a tenuous uncertainty.

    Cherié stumbles over her words a bit, ?I don?t see how? We?ve never met.?

    ?No, it?s not like that? But I know you? I?ve seen those eyes before, and you have a very familiar presence.? Xana racks her brain for the answer, but she fears it will never come, because her mind seems to not understand the familiarity Xana finds in this woman.

    Shaking her head to deny her argument, Cherié begins to absent-mindedly rub her fingers across the locket around her neck. As soon as she has realized her error in doing so, it is too late. Xana exclaims, ?Where did you get that locket?!?

    Both Elassi and Cherié suddenly look as though they are a couple of nerf in front of the speeder lights at midnight. Looking to each other for assistance, they both try to speak at once.

    ?Stop!? Xana shouts. ?T
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    There has been much drama in this chapter, so the next chapter will have some awesome butt kicking stuff in it... Oh, and some flying stuff too :D [face_devil]

    But, now we have to wrap up some of this drama. [face_devil] [face_mischief]


    Upon entering the Med-Bay, Meesahran find the young woman within curled up into a ball on the bunk. The confusion and pain being felt by her is palpable to Meesahran, and she is struck by the wave of emotions as she nears the bunk. Careful not to frighten the girl, Meesahran projects her presence in a subtle and reassuring manner. Sensing that Xana has accepted her presence, she sits sideways on the bed and places a hand upon the knee of her dear friend. ?I thought you could use an ear, or maybe a shoulder?? Meesahran can feel the slight easing of her friend?s distress, but she is still in so much pain.

    Without taking her face from the crook of her arm, Xana speaks, ?Thank you, but there is nothing that can be done? I must simply adjust to this revelation.? Her words, filled with anguish, reach Meesahran?s ears through the muffled speech fo her friend.

    ?Then I guess I should just ask for your forgiveness and go about my-??

    Swiftly spinning across the top of the bunk to face Meesahran with a dangerous gaze, ?You knew about this?!?

    Meesahran, though frightened of the look on Xana?s face, has committed herself to bringing all the secrets out, and answers the question. ?Yes, when I started on this mission, I discovered what Ruler Mehand was to you.?

    ?So, you haven?t known for very long?? Her tone has calmed dramatically.

    ?No, I had suspicions that she was more than your provincial benefactor, but I was also kept in the dark?? Meesahran pauses to remember the circumstances under which she came by this information. ?And had I not seen that holo of your mother with you and Yorel as infants, I might never have known. It was much like the one you kept in your room on Commenor? It was then I knew and questioned my master about my discovery. He confirmed it and asked that I remain silent until the mission had been completed? For your safety?s sake.?

    Xana begins to weep and shake her head back and forth, ?How can so many people be certain that they know what it best for my safety and never consult me on the matter??

    The truth of her words hits Meesahran like the hilt of a saber against her skull. Trying to find the right words to share with her friend Meesahran simply sits in silence. ?Do not worry, my friend? My anger will pass with time?? Xana wipes away the tears from her own face and rolls back onto her side. ?Right now, I just need to come to terms with what has transpired? If you don?t mind?? Meesahran takes the cue and gets up from the bunk, preparing to depart from the Med-Bay.

    Placing her right hand upon the doorway, she turns back to her friend, ?Xana, I know this may not help? But at least you have, and have always had a family to protect you.? And with her words she is gone, before Xana can turn back to her friend to apologize for her own words.

    Left with those parting words, Xana is forced to come to grips with the knowledge that her mother sacrificed everything so that she and Yorel could have normal and safe lives, only to have that ideal stripped from her during the Great Upheaval.

    That thought immediately brings back to Xana those last moments spent with her mother. Those horrifying and frightening moments during the raid on their home:

    [blockquote]With a child under each arm, Corre Tryashoenu bolts from the house that she has lived in these many years as the walls begin to crumble down around her under the barrage of the mercenaries sent to kidnap her family. Dodging the stray blaster fire, and running towards the neighboring home, Corre struggles to keep a solid grip on her precious twins. Yorel holds so tightly to her neck that Corre fears she loose breath, and Xana weeping so hard that Corre thinks she slip from her grasp from the volume of her tears. Scared out of their minds but obeying their mother?s request to remain silent, the twins are despera
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    Okay, the next post will have some more action in it... I swear... I just had to get a couple more plot points moving along. :) [face_devil]


    Eyes cast downward into the desk, sits a normally proud and preening Xaxan Tryashoenu. His gleaming white under tunic in disarray and hanging over his pale blue pants, his face resting in his hands while his elbows keep his head upright, Xaxan grieves not only for loss of Elassi Mehand, but also his sister, whom he knows will never be able to return to her home. And he grieves in the knowledge that he waited too long to tell her of her true parentage.

    It had always been his intention to reveal the identity of Xana and Yorel?s mother; when the time was right. It had simply never seemed like the right time. Between their schooling and his business dealings as of late, there just was not a proper time to divulge such dramatic information. And now? The good woman is gone. Their grandmother.

    His business in chaos, his life a shambles, Xaxan Tryashoenu must face the fact that he alone is the cause for all of this tragedy. His cutthroat business dealing have put him league with thieves and other sundry low-lifes. His insistence on Commenorian child-rearing principles has left him alone, while his siblings are scattering to the winds of the galaxy. Self-made men many times become self-destructed men.

    Just as he is about to spiral down into complete despair, his aide comes rushing into his office, ?Master Tryashoenu! The Chandrillan?s are making a formal announcement on the transceiver net.? As she reaches the transceiver net display panel Xaxan stands up from his desk moves in for a closer view of the display panel.

    As she keys in a specific sequence, the picture begins to come in, showing just the seal of the Chandrillan Provincial Council. It is soon replaced with the image of an older man in a naval commander?s uniform.

    ?Good people of Chandrila. Today marks a dark time in the history of our world. Not since the Great Upheaval has a single event shaped us so. Today, as we celebrated all that is good on our planet, a dastardly act was perpetrated. Ruler Elassi Mehand was struck down by an assassin?s blow. Along with her fell her longtime assistant Shanielle Chartrund and her faithful, youngest child, Cherié Mehand. At a time when we rejoice in the many gifts bestowed upon us by our world and our way of life we must now grieve. However, although our grief is strong, and our tears are many, we must struggle to go on, for Ruler Mehand would want nothing less of the people she dedicated her life to protecting.

    A short time ago, Ruler Mehand and the Provincial Ruling Council enacted legislation that would insure a smooth transition of power in the event of a catastrophic event, such as the one that has now befallen our great land. As such, and due to the nature of Ruler Mehand untimely death, Martial Law has been declared on Chandrila. Thus placing control of the planet and the government in the hands of the military, until such time as the Provincial Ruling Council may find an acceptable replacement for the Ruler and the people of Chandrila have sanctioned same by a vote of confidence.?

    Xaxan, his shoulders sagging in resignation, ?And so it begins??


    ?As the head of the Chandrillan Interstellar Naval Forces, the burden of leadership falls to me. I shall do all in my power to maintain peace and order throughout Chandrila proper and the space surrounding our beloved world.?

    The angular features of Ruler Vanquar Shesh are somewhat changed by his current and uncharacteristic facial expression; a smile. A smile that would melt plasteel, given half the chance, ?We shall see, my young commander? We shall see.?


    ?The investigation into this heinous act has already begun, including the securing of all trade routes into and out of Chandrila. No ship shall pass without a proper inspection.?

    Shaking his head and looking to the other being in his office, ?Traygar,
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    It is situated at the end of the 4th post from the top (if you have the right settings of "50 posts per page"), but here it is just for reference:


    ?Sir?? The striking, young officer interrupts the Commander?s solitude as he sticks his head into the Command Cabin. ?Commander Orian??

    Bringing his gaze up to meet the junior officer, Commander Silvas Orian answers the young man, ?Yes, Ensign??

    Coming to full attention under the commander?s steely eye, ?Sir, the new recruits from the academy have arrived on station. Would you like to review them, sir??

    The commander strokes his chin in a posture of contemplation before answering the officer, ?I believe that will not be necessary, Ensign? These are all seasoned young men and women who have come here ready for duty, so that is what we will give them. Send their documents to their CO?s and have them placed into the flight rotation immediately.? The commander then returns his gaze to the terminal he was reviewing before this interruption.

    The junior officer quickly retreats from the cabin, and fast steps it back down the corridor to the receiving room and the awaiting Captain. Nearly out of breath, he comes to attention in front of his senior officer, ?Sir??

    ?Yes, Ensign?? The captain continues to review his data-pad.

    ?Sir, Commander Orian wants the orders for each new recruit transmitted to their CO?s and each of them should be placed into the flight rotation immediately.?

    Looking up from his data-pad, ?He does not wish to review these recruits himself??

    ?No sir, he says they are ready and should be used as such, sir.?

    The captain looks at the junior officer for another few moments, before returning to his data-pad. ?Very well then?? Turning to the awaiting young officers, ?Dismissed, take your orders and report to your units ASAP for assignments and quarters.?

    With his words, each of the new officers took the data cards offered to them by the ensign and they depart the area.


    Two of the new officers enter the cabin of their new commanding officer, Captain Orme Tallage. Handing her their orders, they stand at attention awaiting their instructions.

    ?Hmmm, seems everything is in order? You both made very high marks in flight combat as well and strategies and tactics.? She thumbed through the rest of the data cards until she came across something that interested her. ?Lt. Marnith? You are an expert in chemical explosives??

    ?Aye, Captain.? The young woman beams a bit, and it brings a bit of color to her light coffeine complexion. ?My family has owned a chemical plant since my grandfather was a boy. Helps coming from a mining community.? The young woman spoke with a certain amount pride, but not so much as to betray any cockiness.

    ?Very well? Marnith, you?ll be assigned to Bravo team under Lt. Neevar? Dismissed.? And with that she hands the data card to Marnith and the young officer departs the cabin. Capt. Tallage begins to look through the other officer?s data card files when she comes across another interesting tidbit of information. ?Lt. Tryashoenu??

    ?Aye, Captain.? The tall, well built young man answers with perfect precision.

    ?You are Chandrillan??

    ?Aye, Captain.?

    The captain is showing an unusual interest in this fact. ?That is not a Chandrillan name, Tryashoenu??

    ?No ma?am. Commenorian.? His answers are swift and short.

    ?Hmmm, you wouldn?t be any relation to a Professor Tryashoenu??

    The blonde haired young officer pauses before answering, ?Ma?am??

    Looking up at the muscular young officer, ?Speak freely, Lt. Tryashoenu. This is a personal request.?

    ?Aye, ma?am. My mother was a scholar, but I imagine she was also an educator. However, I cannot say with certainty that she might be the same person?? He pauses a moment before finishing his response. ?She was killed during the Great Upheaval, and I was quite young.?

    The captain stops a moment to think
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    Feeling somewhat lost on board the ship, Jae Lee Reklaw goes in search of his friend Meesahran. With Xana trying to form a relationship with her newly revealed family, Jae is not quite sure where he fits in at the moment, and he does not want to be in the way either. Hoping that Meesahran will have something to occupy the time left on their journey to the Sanctuary, he reaches out with his burgeoning awareness sense when he suddenly can feel her fierce aggression pouring out in the cargo hold. As he enters the doorway he knows where the aggression is coming from; he finds her pounding away on a practice dummy.

    Her kicks are ferocious and her punches are enough to make even the strongest man cringe, but what Jae is most struck by are her agile dodges and flips. Meesahran has truly grown into an amazing fighter in his absence.

    Flipping over the dummy in a graceful and fluid maneuver that brings her back into perfect position to deliver a death-blow and to notice Jae staring at her from the doorway. ?Hey! What are you doing there?? She asks, but with not so much as even a trace of her breathing being labored.

    ?Just admiring the show, kid. Where?d you learn that stuff?? He asks as he walks up to her, grabbing the towel on the bench at the doorway and throwing it to her.

    Hanging the towel around her neck, since she is not perspiring in the least, she laughs, ?Well, most of it I picked up at the Sanctuary, but Vic showed me a few moves too? Mostly dirty tricks, but sometimes that?s what you need.?

    Jae blushes slightly at the mention of Vic Orion and the suggested relationship between the only two people he has ever called friends. ?Yeah, well, I can see that? So, what?s with the workout?? Jae tries to change the subject to something a little more comfortable.

    ?Oh, well, when I get to the Sanctuary I usually do some sparring and I like to prepared for the slaughtering.? Meesahran gives him a knowing wink with her answer.

    ?Wouldn?t that normally involve working with something other than a dummy??

    Putting her hands firmly on her hips, ?Well, now that wouldn?t be an offer, would it??

    Jae begins pulling off his boots after he has thrown his jacket on a nearby chair, ?More like a challenge.? He displays his famous cockeyed grin with a gleam in his eye.

    ?That sounds like a guerfel?s errand if you ask me.?

    Tossing his boots under the chair where his jacket is laying, ?Well, you know the old saying don?t you?? Saltan valoramosa n teval mor.?

    Meesahran begins to laugh out loud at his rusty Corellian, ?You need me around too much, if only to keep your Corellian from getting so broken. It?s ?tevalk mord,? you big nerf!?

    Standing up with a puzzled look on his face, ?Really? Hmmmm? Guess that explains why I always get a laugh when I say that line on Corellia.? Pulling his arms back behind his back and linking his fingers, Jae brings his arms to almost over his head in a stretch. After releasing his hands, he hangs his arms down at his sides and then cranes his neck from side to side. Next, he brings each knee into his chest and then rolls each of his shoulders.

    ?Are you ready yet, old man?? I can hear you creaking all the way over here.? Meesahran winks at him with her little jibe.

    ?Yeah, yeah, yeah? You?ll be there soon enough, Mees.? Spinning his torso as far around in each direction as he can, he then shakes his arms out while rolling his neck around his shoulders. ?All right, what are we doing? Street-fighting, grappling, or straight out Corellisi smackdown??

    ?Why limit ourselves??

    ?Okay, but we need some ground rules? If you?ve taken lessons from Vic, I know all too well you could be capable of.? Jae notices the chronometer on his wrist and takes it of, then throws it on top of his jacket.

    ?Fair enough? No low blows, no hair, no eyes sound good to you??

    ?And no Force using?? Jae asks with a cocked eyebrow.

    ?If you insist.? Her wink is s
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    ?You seem anxious, young one? Is there something troubling you? Aside from your recent beating, that is?? Master Mussiri places a caring hand upon his pupil?s shoulder as he questions her mood, but also tries to lighten the situation.

    Looking up into his knowing eyes, Meesahran shrugs, ?No, it?s just that it?s been so long since we?ve been back to the Sanctuary, that I?m a little excited to see everyone.?

    Her anxiety is obvious in her demeanor, but the master can appreciate her excitement. With so many things changing in the galaxy, having the Sanctuary as a touchstone has always provided Master Falion with great comfort. Seeing his apprentice garnering such joy from the mere thought of arriving there lends a tender warmth to his heart. ?Yes, it shall be good to be home? Even it does turn into a short visit??

    Turning in her seat, she faces her master with a puzzled look upon her face, ?Master, do you really think they will send us out again, so quickly??

    Pausing a moment before answering his student, ?My child, there are a great many things developing in the galaxy and I fear peace may not be one of them.?

    Looking deep within herself, Meesahran comes to the same conclusion and nods her head in understanding. Turning her gaze into one of youthful hope, she then says, ?Well, I hope I at least get a chance to spar with Master Bowen while we?re there? It?s been a while since I had a good saber workout.? Adding a wink to last words, Master Mussiri smiles at his young companions jibe and they both a have a pleasant chuckle over the private joke.

    Hearing their laughter, Jae-Lee is hesitant to intrude, but decides that he has talk things out with Meesahran and plunges forward into the cockpit. ?Hey, what?s the joke??

    Stroking his mustachio and turning to face Jae, Master Mussiri is the one to answer, ?Oh, just another attempt to make the old man fell evermore ancient.? Moving aside to allow Jae entrance into the cockpit. ?If you young people shall excuse me, I must attend to my meditation. Good day to you both.? And with barely a whisper, the master exits the cockpit, leaving Jae-Lee to make the first move.

    ?Hey Mees, you got some time on your hands?? He says while shoving his hands deep into his flight suit pockets.

    Not picking up on his intent, Meesahran returns to her instrument panels, ?Yeah, sure, what?s on your mind??

    His silence lets her know that he is after something more than a casual conversation, and so she turns around to face him, ?What is it, Jae??

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    Part 2 of the last post


    As the words roll off of her lips Jae can still see the effects of their recent match in her eyes. They remain slightly glassy from the blow she received to the head. ?Um, hey? Are you sure you?re okay at the controls??

    Unconsciously reaching up for the bump on the back of her head, ?I?m fine, really. As long as I don?t move too fast, the room stays just where it needs to be.? She gives him one of those winks that would probably melt anyone else; anyone who was not Jae that is.

    ?Still, I?m really sorry about that. I just got a little carried away, I guess?? He trails off just bit, biting back the guilt.

    ?Don?t worry about it, Jae. If the table had been reversed, I?d have taken the same opportunity. That?s what happens when you match up. Besides, I?ve had worse.? As soon as Meesahran catches sight of Jae wince with her words, she regrets having said them, ?Look, I?m fine, you?re fine, we?re all fine. It?s done, and I don?t regret any part of it?? She crosses to him and places a hand on his forearm, ?Besides, now when that happens in a real fight, I?ll know how to counter it.?

    Looking into her eyes, and seeing the honesty there, Jae is able to relax a bit. ?Thanks, Mees. That means a lot.? Relieved of that pressure Jae plunks himself down at the navigation station. ?I don?t know, I guess I?m just a little at loose ends right now.?

    Taking his cue, she sits down in the pilot?s chair once more. ?Worried about where you stand with Xana??

    ?Ye-, well no, not really. I never had any reason to think that would work, so I?ve got nothing to lose there.? Meesahran shakes her head at his statement, ?Look Mees, quit the matchmaking petchuk. That?s the least of my worries right now. I?ve got to decide how I?m gonna live my life after this? I mean, I?ve spent the better part of my life searching for the impossible. And even though I know that, it?s really hard to give up on something you?ve spent your life doing.?

    Leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms, she contemplates an answer before she speaks, ?Well, for me, I?d have to ask myself if what I was doing gave me any satisfaction. Really, when was the last time you got any joy out of this search??

    ?I know? It?s just that it?s been my whole life. How do you give that up??

    ?How can you hold on nothing for so long? I gave up finding ?real? family before I even met you, Jae. And what I found when I stopped looking, was better than anything I ever remembered family was supposed to be.?

    Jae is struck a moment by her words. He never realized that by going on this fruitless (and in the end pointless) quest, he has forsaken the only family he has ever really known. All those years of being alone, all that wasted energy. How could I have been so idiotic?

    Years of practice. Jae blushes slightly at Meesahran?s overhearing his thoughts.

    ?Guess I still need to work on not projecting that stuff, huh??

    ?Actually, you?re getting much better? I just happen to be a pretty good empath.? The two chuckle a little at the joke.

    ?Though not as good as some others.? Jae jumps a bit at the surprise visitor.

    ?Hey, Xana? You?re getting much better at that sneakin? up thing.? Meesahran winks as she teases her friend.

    ?Do not even try to play that trick, Meesahran? You felt my presence the moment I entered the corridor leading to the cockpit.? Xana places a hand upon her hip, challenging her friend to own up to the truth.

    ?Yeah, well, there?s that too? Hey, Jae, since you?re here and I got this amazing headache.? She winks at him, ?Can you handle the controls while I catch a few Z?s before we reach the Core?? She gathers up her things and is almost out the door before Jae can respond.

    Standing up to answer her, ?Yeah sure? What?s up with her?? He asks of Xana with a puzzled look upon his face.

    ?Sorry, that was my fault.? His puzzled expression grows. Xana takes his arms and motions for him to take his seat once more. ?I asked her to give us a few moments alone? When I came out of my room, I asked h
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    Working on a new post right now :D
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    Gracefully proceeding along the great corridor leading to her father?s office chambers, Valyr Shesh makes haste to bring her father the final reports from the amassing Kuati Fleet. When the last acknowledgement of Vanquar the Greater?s commands was received Valyr knew that her father would wish to be informed.

    Though she found this latest project of her father?s ambition ludicrous, she also knew that as a dutiful child she must follow his instructions to the letter. No matter how much her Kuati blood boiled at the thought of assisting a Chandrillan in any venture, she trusted her father to not lead his people into an ill-conceived plan. There must be some great benefit in this deal that he has not seen fit to inform his first daughter of in this instance.

    Irregardless, the vessels were even now amassing into a fleet, the likes of which has never been seen in the galaxy. The Chandrillan?s will never suspect such a defeat, and the Corellian Ship Builders will be left scratching their collective skulls attempting to figure out just what the Kuati Driveyards Corp did to outbuild them this time. And by the time they can piece together the new technology themselves, the Kuati Driveyards will have have already taken over all their clients.

    Perhaps my Most Honored Father truly is a financial genius after all.
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